Why Do Customers Leave? 3 Reasons Why You’re Losing Business


An air-tight customer retention strategy is the secret sauce you need to increase your profits. But trying to increase customer loyalty without first understanding the reasons behind why your customers are leaving is like trying to eat tomato soup with chopsticks—you may be getting a little taste, but chances are you’re not really catching any of the good stuff. Continue reading “Why Do Customers Leave? 3 Reasons Why You’re Losing Business”

Benefits Of An S-Corporation

We recommend anyone earning $50,000 or more through self-employed income (whether paid as a 1099 or through your own business) to speak with their tax preparer about the benefits of an S-Corporation. The S-Corporation allows self-employed individuals to protect their business separately from personal assets. Along with greater asset protection, the self-employed individual (filing as an S-Corporation) may receive a benefit from the Reasonable Salary Requirement. Continue reading “Benefits Of An S-Corporation”

5 Key Steps To Follow Before Taking Your Business Abroad

If you own a successful business, sooner or later you’re probably going to consider expanding it into new markets abroad. Beginning business ventures in overseas markets can be a thrilling prospect, but stepping into uncharted territory means you have to be well prepared. It’s vital to collect information about the target foreign market as well as put a plan in place in order to assess your business’ potential for a successful expansion. Continue reading “5 Key Steps To Follow Before Taking Your Business Abroad”