Hearthstone- Frozen Throne Moments – Funny and lucky Rng Moments

[Music] [Music] and golden lich king we did all right we got to select the next golden car that we want can innovate this song and then I get it on the war there we go oh yeah Devils are really effective your ser huh oh all right all right I see [Music] together all 40-foot and we so the question is play the fourth Horseman and we got one two three and this important one let me kill the here [Music] Oh Oh so the strategy of south enforcement back in your hand and maybe salad [Music] [Music] and there’s some chance you have it [Music] [Music] a [Music] I’m making a reddit post would Oh flip that shit ago what the fuck is this like this this card : Plus mother died to trigger the bowels again here we go grim patron thank you good file okay now the file happened and then someone and this if all happens but is it master all right no because if someone happens before this is not it wait is it yes it is [Music] [Music] there we go it how’d I love the powers such a cool like thinking man’s card super badass oh no we give up legendaries whatever do that I didn’t think about that loadout chat and it is a thinking man’s card but I probably should – oh okay [Music] oh shit me some desert it changed some gathering but not like this I’m never clean with the engine so random luck that the positions important because we want the flexibility of buff either that or that or it gets mixture so the only real counter here is a Hellfire other than that I don’t really see what would really punish me even like even something really bad like stark I’m obviously really bad but you can recover from that [Music] oh my god well that’s really bad [Music] look at me I am the warrior that night you [Music] my one [Music] [Music] [Music] if you save certain amount of card to about a thousand one month what’s self-confessed that all would only look me hungry you yummy this has already been confirmed all right yeah Wow [Music] and so there’s something up there much I’m luckier than me alright so we do two damage right okay well then then we do like for damaging right then we do we do like what eight damage right sorry and then I’m going to do like eight damage again right [Music] and then we do me damage again with penguins fifipenguin and we kill for sixteen and then when you eight damage again I get it Cabo Wabo it’s amazing [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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