NEW Expansion OP Shaman Card!! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep. 490

[Music] what’s it gonna be Robbie whenever another minion is frozen how to copy the to your hand a little more Robbie gameplay yeah cryostasis oh yeah so this is her earlier whenever she damages as a minion she freezes a shaman deck has freezing your own top Megan right can be a good play right yeah yeah double stacking will actually work with mom okay okay yeah okay yeah all right all these new combinations are now possible what you’d only have to brand the beast on the top deck only top that that kills me as eaglehorn bow jeez stop give me [Music] yeah that works I’ll take it [Music] oh he comes to my site he loses that does eat all right guys I need everybody to put up a little bit of a bear right now [Music] my beautiful I mean terrible but I’m thinking as we mean you you would have played I don’t know why it will just like this no way no you don’t have it no no no fuck me why do I do that I like I think too fast and then I immediately I realized I realized immediately like I wasn’t thinking before I played it I was thinking afterwards oh my god the corners oh let’s chat why do you laughing toasting you think these guys those mrs. Bebo anymore [Music] kenapa years defense is plainly perceived it’ll spread never ticketed the stupid tour de Moura the Foggy Bottom New England minute and pollution and my earth [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay [Music] I don’t know [Music] dammit and blasted my mind right there [Music] watch [Music] I mean that guy’s clearly not played arena before right [Music] ah non Portugal my daughter Tim Brava Benson I got season Bravo very tender [Music] Oh [Music] we’re all right [Music] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] so for second [Music] little far I actually like hitting the – to enjoy this buffs up quite large but oh this is to next level NATO is deep I’m so good at the game fucking wish-tv where I’m going to run headfirst into this damn microphone because I’m not used to having one dangling above my head I have to lock my chair because right now keep swinging back but hold on in seconds it’s in seconds hidden be my pledge pleasure pleasure to welcome you to day nine TV where today I’m in a great mood I’m in a grand spirit I’m currently down at Blizzard Entertainment’s [Music] you guys cool for watching hearthstone bad baddie bad bad finally I found a car where I get to say I think it’s bad the card sucks it’s not good get out of here see a card hell no plague scientist you can take your little shitty 2/3 stat line and go to another game I don’t care about the plague scientist his art is cool but he’s a tool he ain’t doing anything nice maybe an arena yeah but guess what day 9 doesn’t play arena oh my god this guy oh yeah he sucks he sucks so awful he’s the worst is the very first time I’m gonna look over and my card monitor you’re gonna hit me with a zero mana 1/1 neutral I mean let’s just no traces I I’m sure the cutest art in a set it’s got to be I think your head will we see any snow flipper penguins die in videos today you know I let’s don’t tell me there’s more than that is it gonna end or is it gonna cut off because if it does that’s like what local news done right they show the two cars come in each other and they go bullets into it’s oh my gosh and then what’s gonna happen it’s so awful oh wow look at that oh it looks a WoW we’ve had some behaviors being urged on there right let’s spread it let’s read the scarrans it’s a kind of the perfect scenario for the girl let’s see it frost lit Jana do you want if this kills me what [Music] [Music] and this year a lot of attention so you know in terms of you know Harsin are always has great UI referencing when you hover over Jana say all your helmet she doesn’t as I will pin the best comment when this video is 15 hours old edited at at at TV [Music]

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