Shadowreaper Anduin Is Pretty Good!! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep. 497

we have a video to show you guys some of the mechanics or at least maybe show you some of the fun things about the hero including some of the emotes okay those are logics we love the hair into it this is a big pageant of the quality of car it’s myth ex it’s like my plate she’s the mind class cool but it has its own animation for the hero power as well which is really nice olia salsa at all the drift up chuka so much [Music] [Music] I actually want this car now you realize oh wait this is not gradual often it wraps around drying fire potion don’t do it jesus fucking christ man like how can I not be upset [Music] I think I just feral rages thing for took off [Music] what the hell do [Music] where do you even get that I’m not even the frickin Paladin you make one single seeing come on kid in key then so John [Music] I can know all over them like their poor guy I’m just gonna do it for the meanies no over him you draw your patches I kill you as the science off Lisa I’m an Amish on a police with some claim owner how do you know what which total on prime my list is my call Jordan a promise into holy Nova [Music] it’s so good in business fear I was gonna ask what counters do it pick it and for tricking be like everything Connor is good guy I oughta oh oh my heart Roman silence for our fallen friend the Phoenix moment of silence for our fallen friend rip in pepperonis I missed the charge play because I was too excited moment of silence for life stupid [Music] [Music] you didn’t enough you didn’t enough don’t don’t do much more that’s fine [Music] you’re ready for a comeback hey Google Play I have the tiger alright I have the tiger by survivor here it is [Music] 18:22 legal right six plus seven we win easy right you use it 23 12 12 the six is 18 plus 4 is 22 plus pink oh wait oh wait oh wait oh wait fuck my bad [Music] [Music] [Music] fire no books yo yo my man no you sample son [Music] true to them sure to master [Music] my hands good number Oh right there are other dragons and if we’re no longer friends [Music] yeah it was so bad he’s like by throughout sir maybe I’ll oh my God my baby positioning oh holy shit I’m so lucky right now if I was creeped right now my plane would’ve had media and cuz they always had media creeps upon us always I’ve made a quesadilla and I were to go punished for it oh that’s really bad I’m sorry I feel really bad right now I mean I gonna do oh I will pin the best comment when this video is 15 hours old edited at a tea [Music]

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