Work-Life Balance Tips For Women Entrepreneurs

Does blending work with your personal life amount to less balance in your life and more stress? If you don’t create boundaries and instead, mix your life and work, things can easily get out of hand making you ineffective. Women entrepreneurs may find balancing family life and a home office a bigger challenge than their male counterparts simply because they traditionally take on more responsibilities related to the home and raising children than men.

For many people, it’s less stressful to work based on a schedule that offers fixed hours. Continue reading “Work-Life Balance Tips For Women Entrepreneurs”

Marketing Trends That Show No Sign Of Slowing In 2018

In the last few years, marketing has been increasingly moving toward a full-fledged dialogue with users, professing the value-oriented approach. According to the forecasts of leading experts, in 2018, we can expect further development and improvement of these trends. We’ll also observe an ever-increasing integration of mobile devices into people’s lives, which compete on equal footing with computers for users’ attention. Continue reading “Marketing Trends That Show No Sign Of Slowing In 2018”

6 Business-Boosting Benefits Of Incorporating Your Company

One of the most critical decisions you will make as a business owner is choosing the business entity type for your company. Sole proprietor or partnership? Limited Liability Company (LLC), or corporation?

Decisions, decisions!

For many of the entrepreneurs that I work with, incorporating offers a variety of advantages legally and financially over operating as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or LLC (Limited Liability Company). Continue reading “6 Business-Boosting Benefits Of Incorporating Your Company”

The CPA’s Guide To Assisting Clients With Business Compliance Issues

You need to exercise caution in responding because your insight shouldn’t take the place of proper legal counsel or human resources guidance. But having a working knowledge of diverse compliance topics can help you aid your client’s understanding of certain issues and steer them to the right resources.

Businesses that violate the hiring, employee relations, and safety rules of the United States Department of Labor and other government agencies put their companies at risk of serious penalties. Continue reading “The CPA’s Guide To Assisting Clients With Business Compliance Issues”