10 Work At Home Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals!

Work from home jobs and ways to make money online. Scam-free!

By Anna T.

If you’ve been putting off signing up for FlexJobs, popular e-courses for work at home training, or even website hosting for a blog, today is the day! There are a ton of fantastic deals going on today (some of these run through Monday) and I have them all here for you! Check them out below. Continue reading “10 Work At Home Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals!”

Top 7 Companies That Help You Start The Personal Styling Business

Fashionistas of the world, this is your chance to become a personal stylist!

Styling help is more popular than ever as more people become beauty and fashion bloggers and look to impress others on their Instagram accounts.

As a personal stylist, you get paid to piece together tops, bottoms, shoes, bags, and accessories to create awesome outfits for your clients.

I won’t lie and say that this is an easy career to get into. Continue reading “Top 7 Companies That Help You Start The Personal Styling Business”

How To Incorporate A Nonprofit Organization Checklist

The information that I’m about to provide you in this article on How to Incorporate a Nonprofit Organization is not intended as legal, tax, or financial advice. It’s for general knowledge purposes to give you some insight as you prepare to talk with your lawyer, accountant, or licensed professionals who can address your legal, tax, and financial situation and questions.

Generally, nonprofits have a mission to serve a public or charitable cause as opposed to making financial gains for business owners, shareholders, or some other entity. Continue reading “How To Incorporate A Nonprofit Organization Checklist”

Should I Incorporate Year-End Or Next Year?

I applaud you for thinking proactively! Not only is choosing the right business entity type for your business a critical decision, so is determining when to file your forms with the state.

Depending on the state in which a business is located, there may be two options to Incorporate Year-End or Next Year that allow for an effective date of filing in early 2019.

Fortunately, most states offer the option of a delayed filing, whereby business owners either complete a field on their business registration form or add a provision to request an effective date in the future. Continue reading “Should I Incorporate Year-End Or Next Year?”

9 Ways To Become A More Powerful Public Speaker


Whether you’re standing on a stage in front of hundreds of people, in a boardroom pitching your business idea to investors, or on the phone trying to sell your product to warm leads, how you present yourself can be the difference whether you close a sale or bring in investment money.

Powerful speakers hold everyone’s attention; weak speakers put people to sleep. Continue reading “9 Ways To Become A More Powerful Public Speaker”