Why This Nurse Made The Switch To Medical Coding And Billing

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A few weeks ago, Tricia Mitchell left a comment on one of The Work at Home Woman’s Facebook posts about how she quit her nursing job and is now working from home as a medical coder and biller. Continue reading “Why This Nurse Made The Switch To Medical Coding And Billing”

How To Start A Big-Time Business In A Small Town


Do you dream of quitting your corporate job in the big city and moving to a small town to start, say, a charming antiques store, a winery, or an artisanal cheese shop? You’re not alone: For many people who want to become entrepreneurs, starting a business in a small town has a lot of appeal.

If you’re ready to turn your small-town startup fantasy into reality, you’ll want to check out WalletHub’s new list of the best small cities to start a business. Continue reading “How To Start A Big-Time Business In A Small Town”

Businesses That You Can Start With Little To No Capital

With the state of the economy, you might be surprised to learn that more and more people are opening small businesses. Why are they doing this? Well, simply because it is becoming increasingly hard to survive on just one income. In most cases, the small endeavors are usually operated out of the home on a part time basis in order to supplement income. Continue reading “Businesses That You Can Start With Little To No Capital”

22 Best Places To Sell Your Custom T-Shirts Online

Have you often had an interest in fashion design or even shopping and looking at stylish clothes?

Do you need an easy way to make some extra money to cover your rent or utility bills?

Then you’ll be happy to learn that selling t-shirts online is a great way to add some extra cash to your wallet!

As many as 2 billion t-shirts are sold every year worldwide so you’ll have plenty of company.

You can easily make some money to add to your bank account by selling t-shirts from the comfort of your home.

You can find a wide range of websites online that will help you make and sell personalized t-shirts. Continue reading “22 Best Places To Sell Your Custom T-Shirts Online”

Really Important Personal Branding Tips For Women Entrepreneurs

Every single woman entrepreneur who has an online presence has her own personal brand, similar to what large corporations use these days. Every single blog post, photograph, tweet, and status update that is shared will become a part of the cumulative brand image of the woman. It’s really important to be sure that personal branding is strong for all women entrepreneurs, no matter what business is done or industry the woman works in. Continue reading “Really Important Personal Branding Tips For Women Entrepreneurs”

20 Characteristics Of Successful Entrepreneurs

While we’re all unique as business owners, you’ve got to admit that we share certain characteristics that help us have the drive we need to succeed. Which of these do you have?

How characteristics of successful entrepreneurs do you identify with? Are there other characteristics you’d add?

We know entrepreneurs! Let us help you start your next business or register a trademark for your brand.

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