How To Run A Successful ‘Beachfront’ Or Seasonal Business

While many businesses tend to ebb and flow into different seasons, businesses like beachfront businesses, ski schools, and summer camps have defined seasons when they are open and doing business. Owning a seasonal business requires a business owner to be skilled at budgeting, great at hiring and training people, and especially adept at managing the financial implications of fluctuating cash flow. Continue reading “How To Run A Successful ‘Beachfront’ Or Seasonal Business”

Credit Cards Vs. Short-term Business Loans 

As most entrepreneurs and small business owners know, there are times when the cash you have on hand can’t cover the expenses essential to growth. It’s at this point that you’re confronted with the question of funding: Do you go with an SMB lender, or do you try credit cards?

SMB lenders know that you’re in a jam and that you want your money as fast as you can get it. This is why you’ll see many lenders emphasize the amount of money you can get from them and the supposedly lightning-fast time between filling out your application and the money showing up in your checking account. Continue reading “Credit Cards Vs. Short-term Business Loans “