Hearthstone: New Evolve Shaman 2017 – Frozen Throne!

instrument garden 11 mana giant so that’s another utilization so it’s already good cards why would you want to place don’t you now I start to see how good this is going to be it is this or rascal or see giant is all I’m trying to find out or Jade speed I don’t know how to play it should I play soccer match by Ajit speaker should I play rock culture by Tracy giant and confused what do you think of the major definite it goes but it’s only good in one deck at least until now so that might be an issue like it’s not very so it’s not really worth crafting or is not that works across this I might be hold by the way it works on it looks good pretty juicy what I think of carousels ooh look I played yesterday enjoy my video my Twitter if you wanna see the list I played calluses death knight mid-range zoo lock and it was good I climbed quite a bit was all I press deck in the game Viper’s fine it was good enough what is sleev I’m good and they put up just hero power until that big guy on board and I have a boy battler I think I wasted this should have kept it a bit more yeah I miss play sorry yeah by here a parting is also the form on and I could go this plus it rolls hero powers better and then I could get then I would play the patches or less like all this you can throw pass it and then that’s a bad thing but on the average case situation my play was not correct let’s just avoid them life is led do you think meaning in Germany they were going to see play again ever in the next ten years probably right now definitely not but not enough damage here by the way have you bathing as much for a lot of things like define with direct is back now but it should placement you should play differently against war like you should play smarter it doesn’t what extend like I always did against pot-a-porri because he has known immobile if they will start playing brawl I’ll play differently I think if you play smart against warlocks even defy is not that bad this should be lethal I’m not gonna counted I was like careful with this because we see personally that I will just stay with okay one more wind and then I can play some fatigue bags or should I play ah I could have played a party click for the legend game shit and then just boost oh it’s good if you do it I don’t want the nature to do it match up i want to cleanse the ladder from druids and then play my fucking deck by the way I don’t think I lost any game since I cut downhill obviously I’ve been doing really well not feels better to play without stone shit in the deck Oh hill I didn’t draw I don’t know clashes that much so it’s also helped this opponent is great I have enough to be average with while still having double for jail the only thing I need now is devolved for the fight one of bullshit that song as the one-fives and then I’m good to go ok ok it’s actually pretty good holy shit once I pound beast for two months hopefully bring this I’m going to excuse powerful soon one-five style for to honor the word destroy stock Android yeah I also hit a draw Duvall I have dope olive oil which is super strong oh no shit what is really now okay we are eating I’m highlighting quite hard right now and I still might lose name uh-huh perfect why is Mikey barking it don’t want a minion to be healthy doesn’t parties meaning to be healthy guys giving junk food I my dad I want to watch normal day ah he kills my name is you hate to see that okay go huh average out there I cannot complain not like complaining helps it’s not like bitter is going to be like we’re so you missed our review yes not eating mana at least what the fuck is that sorry that he doesn’t play this is anyone devolve can I be living mana with the world innovate innovate 100% I hope so I took one of them is more than this and he told that leaving mana is not good Oh bleh if I get seating yeah that’s how we played this game now he’s out of mana the thing is they can all without death night yeah just like Jade spigot or another star tonight or this plenty of cards you can play if you tend to play some party that plane is now okay I’ll play the mage it

[Hearthstone] 5 Important CHANGES in Knights of the Frozen Throne (Fandral, Hallazeal, Kalimos)

Seth this guy’s toast so with the new Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion coming right around the corner Blizzard has gone ahead and dropped a big update in preparation for it and with it came quite a few significant changes to existing gameplay interactions there are quite a few cards that work a bit differently from how they used to and this video is to simply keep you guys informed of these changes so you’re not caught by surprise number one we have no more infinity with all can I show priests in the past if you had an off night show priests on board and give yourself with either mistress of pain or with the flame bumble bristle you will be caught in an infinite damage loop and die this is no longer the case okay so in the past whenever you had optimized so priests on the board and you attack with your mistress of pain what happens is it calls like a feedback loop and instantly kill you since then Blizzard has changed this interaction so it no longer happens you just take the one damage and the dents there so no more killing yourself if you have a keen eye on the board plus the live schedule manually with the introduction of a whole bunch of life new minions in the Frozen Throne the possibility for this to happen would have dramatically increased which is why Blizzard had to disable this interaction which I agree with because it would cause a lot of confusion for new players who are wondering why they suddenly just died for no reason this change was noted in the patch notes number two we have you can’t attack again after switching heroes in the past if you transformed into another hero like jaraxxus of Ragnaros you were able to attack them with a weapon even if you already attack that turn as another hero this is no longer the case but what the latest patch that’s no longer possible because of the new death knight bureaus right head learning transform this change was again in the patch notes third we have poisonous now works with death rattle so in the past if you gave a explosive sheep the poisonous affect the death rattle would do the damage and do nothing else the new hearthstone patch poisonous will now work with death rattle even if the minion dies so if we give sergeant Sally whose death rattle says deal damage equal to this minions attack all enemy minions and we give her poisonous and we trade their end the death rattle would you damage to all minions and apply two poisonous effect now oh well actually what and this doesn’t just work with minions either and now we’re going to test if poisonous works with death-rattle weapons so we a plot and venom weapon to our deaths bite and we see is the one damage early actually ends up killing everything this is a pretty cool change and it might make new cards I talked to Garrow and plague scientists a little bit more interesting however this change was not in the patch note number four we have Hilal vo and Callum elves no longer working together so in the past if you dealt damage with Kali Moses battle cry while you had a lousy on board you would get healed for the damage dealt even though halal vo is supposed to work with spells only so it has fixed this so this doesn’t happen anymore and this was a pretty straightforward bug fix but again not noted in the patch notes either do not work which i think is the right interaction as you can see and no longer use you as it was intended but again nowhere to be found in the patch notes finally we have the big one Fandral stat helms new interactions sandro no longer combines to choose one effects into a brand new effect now he applied the two effects separately which allow you to do things that you couldn’t do before like killing an argent squire with a divine shield elves are separated into two separate portions then something like a divine shield minion can be killed with new Fandral wrath then not to mention the fact that Sandra will now get double the spell power bonus instead of doing five damage with wrath and will now do overall six damage it also means triggering certain minions ability twice such as acolyte of pain frothing berserker bitter tide Hydra and much more alright the first one is yes and the second one is from the wrath draw and then the third one is from the act like taking damage well it’s dead so we get three draws due to the new changes to fan drill overall I like this change a lot to make things easier to understand and it’s more consistent so during my testing I had to reach out to ben brode the hearthstone game director to ask him if this new interaction was intended which he confirmed but I should have to ask Ben each time an interaction was changed Ben shouldn’t have to take time from a schedule to answer these questions a change like that should have been documented in the patch notes in the first place more than half the interactions changing this update was missing from the patch notes and I talked about this in my patch notes video but I just want to say it again in order for everyone to know what is a bug and what is intended lizard needs to communicate to us what they changed so we know what’s report if we find something wrong all right guys that’s going to do for me hope you are all super excited for your expansion coming soon there’s a lot crazy effects and interactions I can’t wait to try out definitely keep an eye out for those new videos on the channel this week thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys soon take care [Music] hey lights out

[Hearthstone] Kripp’s Top 10 Frozen Throne Cards

hey guys how’s it going cranium so I thought a lot about what I want to do for you guys in terms of summarizing what the good cards are in the upcoming Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion and I think that rather than re reviewing all of them now that we have more information from seeing all the cards and knowing how kind of the class archetype will work out like what classes have more options for powerful combos or powerful decks and all that what kind of cars is really high power level that we have to acknowledge will likely be in a lot of decks and you know we can get a slightly better picture but I thought instead I just give you a list top ten most powerful cards the most relevant meta cards I believe we will see from the upcoming expansion now I have a little bit of an asterisk so I think some of these cards might take a little bit to see play it might even be in the you know expansion after this I think some of the cards that were implemented in this expansion are very powerful aggro cards but there are a lot of control cards so one would think that was or just kind of figure out a way for control to take over with just enough healing taunt measures and all that so you know maybe Agra will be a thing but it doesn’t mean the Agra cards we got in this expansion aren’t ridiculous so let’s kick it off here number 10 on my list is actually the Lich King so some people think this is just the best card in the set and you know it could be but you have to keep in mind that this card is really only going to see play in a slow deck so if you’re playing a mid-range deck often enough you’re going to have at least one or two big cards you’re going to pick over it now with the launch of hero cards there are just heavier cards in this one and most mid-range decks rely on the very few but extremely powerful late-game cards so basically King might be an auto including every single control deck but we have seen some of the easiest control cards we’ve ever seen hearthstone history in the upcoming expansion so while I think the Lich King is way above the power level of previous late-game cards in general it is actually competing with a lot of spots at least for non control decks and yeah you are going to see it quite a bit in control decks that’s why it’s 10th on the list a very powerful card we have corpse taker so this card just looks really good and if you really think about it it just is really good like if you’re playing paladin and you got a the burned bristle whatever his name is wicker flame this is going to be a 4 mana divine shield taunt lifesteal just if you have one of those in your deck that’s just ridiculous I don’t know if you guys have tried it but if you just play divine shield taunt minions in your deck it actually does a really good job stopping most aggro it’s just there’s usually slightly better ways to do it but this is a much better way to do it and it’s in that same Department so I think we are going to see a lot of corpse takers especially in the mid range and control decks maybe even in the aggregate decks honestly then I have skalamander I think I have praised this card more than anyone else people seem to doubt its power I don’t doubt its power I think this is the single biggest board cleared deny card we have ever seen and I think it’s stata dwell enough that we’ll see play so I think if you’re running unaggressive – on aggro like an aggressive maybe a zoo deck and you’re up against the control deck usually turn 5 6 7 is when board clears start dropping on your board and you know you start losing and you need chargers and burst and all that kind of crap well if you have a pretty good board and on turn 5 you play this your opponent I would say it’s a mage he cannot Blizzard you because he’s probably just going to die it does really well against doomsayer I think we’re going to see a decent number of doom there’s even though yeah priest has a number of counters for this potion of madness doesn’t really punish it that hard I mean yeah it punishes pretty hard but not as bad as you think because the priest doesn’t get your 8/8 may just be able to five drops again pretty strong but still the main weakness is the priest and it’s not like you’re going to lose the game if it gets potion amends much like other cards with similar effects from the past if you can have any kind of taunt activator if you’re using like the bone mayor if you’re using a spiked Ridge steed like imagine you speed this play this your parents just going to leave it play speed on it for eight taunt and when it dies you get an eight eight and two six thought to protect the eight eight like it’s just absolutely crazy crazy amount of stats for the mana and that’s why I think it will see some play the main answer for this is silence removal but from what I have seen it seems like silence removal is the main counter to priests so there’s a lot of sounds removal going on you know maybe it’s actually still okay to play this because you’re not going to run up against that many priests which are going to have slightly more efficient counters against you then I have the shaman hero card for all deaths here it may not look like you know the craziest card ever but it’s a five cost hero card with a really powerful effect so if you play a four drop and your four drop attacks something let’s see if I can injured four drop you play this it upgrades it to a six drop on turn five and then your hero power just pushes the board constantly it gives you armor which lets you use weapons more in the mid-range deck without having to run healing it’s just a really really high power card and I think it fits into possibly even fairly aggressive shaman decks certainly in mid-range certainly in control it’s just I mean this card the only way this card density play is if shaman says no play and I have to think that won’t happen then we have a despicable dread lord cost four five demon the one damage to all enemy minions at the end of turn I think this card I think people people saw this or like yeah that’s a good card and then just moved along I think it’s worth taking a second look I think this card is a lot stronger than the first look would suggest it denies so many plays from your opponent you know the the end of turn effect happening again and again and again is just it’s just ridiculous against fast decks and it’s a pretty strong mid-range card it carries its own so demon which works with the the new warlock hero and a few other options as well it’s just it’s just ridiculous then we have dead man’s hand in number five so I’ve been a backer this card for a while I know a lot of people haven’t shown it much support but it I think it is the single card that enables control warrior once again and I’m I’m Toland firm on that I think even even like the the warrior hero card I only has a good control warrior card but we’re going to have at least a few control decks working out and control order being able to go incident and keep in mind J druid has a counter now so you know seems like this might be the absolute top dog of control it’s possible and I think that demands some recognition now we have the new one drop on cop21 and it gives a friendly minion +1 attack permanently it’s kind of like what abusive sergeant kind of was in the past and yeah Jesus art is a ridiculous card so this is a ridiculous card and you know there’s some chance a growing zoo might be completely dead in the upcoming expansion I highly doubt that but whenever an aggressive or zoo deck pops up in the meta once again I have a strong feeling this is going to be part of those lists number three is the Warlock hero card I think this covers what control warlock decks were missing all of this time it the hero power that you get deals three and heals you for three so much single target removal so much constant healing exactly what control warlocks were missing they had the big board clears they had the efficient giant plays and all that this is the only thing they were missing and they got it so I have a really strong feeling that warlock is going to do very well and I think this card is going to take them pretty far number two is defile one damage to all minions and if any die cast is again so I thought this card was pretty good I mean it’s obviously pretty good but when we saw in a few of the demos considering some of the cards that people are playing even control decks are playing a lot of cards that just you know that they have to die like two or three times to follow just ridiculous at removing them and it’s it’s better I feel than most other removal options and even warlocks previously had so that’s saying a lot warlocks had amazing early to mid-game board clears and this is better than the past so think control warlock is going to be a thing but we’ll see number one you’re ready for it it’s a one drop yep righteous protector this car is just obviously bonkers I talked about it I think it’s the car that annoyed me the most because it’s clearly a card that’s way above its power level in the one drop slot so I think this card is going to supply in every single aggro pally as long as it’s in standard it’s going to see play and every single mid-range power lead every single buff pally in every single control palette even it’s possible right like it’s so insane even if you’re playing like a combo oriented paladin deck dropping this and then using whatever to turn set up combo that you might need might actually get it to work for a one cost card that’s also insane against every other deck because you can play it on turn one it’s card it is crazy there’s there’s really not much to say about it overall this expansion while my list has 10 it really took me a long time to get down to that I think there are easily 25 extremely powerful cards certainly so I’m not on this list and I think more than any other expansion I’ve mentioned before there are an unbelievably high number of high potential cards cards that could be amazing could not be amazing and those cards I feel are what really make the game fun for me I get to test them out there’s so many things to test try experiment and try to push out some crazy decks out there more so than any other expansion we’ve seen before and that’s pretty exciting any other game might stay fresh for more than typical two to three week period maybe we might get more than a month out of this expansion and I can’t wait to try it out let me know what you think share your excitement the expansion and let me know what card do you think I may have missed on the top [Music]

[Hearthstone] Frozen Throne’s 35 Legendary Deck

hey guys how’s it going cranium frozen throne has arrived and as is always the case with the new expansion the absolute first neck we got to try is the new version of 35 legendary deck so the all legendary thing has kind of been like a theme every single time there’s a new expansion I’m curious how well this deck will do and over time it has improved because over time Blizzard has routinely introduced better and better early game Legendary’s making the deck a bit more viable now I tried different different style a few different classes and seems to be fun experimenting and a few of my friends seem to have the same idea and we get to have some pretty fun friendly matches so today I want to introduce you guys the Frozen Throne expansion through its legendaries enjoy the games guys and I’ll see you guys tomorrow if you’re challenging me you’re doing 35 legendaries ok don’t don’t screw around with your new wild deck using some of the new expansions cards run 35 legendary games right now I’m missing Kazakh I am NOT I kinda want to keep lich king it’s a tough keep so late but let’s try it oh maybe not so late now Sargent Sally is is on the weak side but it is it is a three drop so I’m taking it free-to-play deck I think the coin has much more value than trying to tempo him out against the 1/3 okay that’s kind of bad well five drop battle-cries flying up that many pretty bad is one damage off from clearing my board I can’t take the random polymorph from Maine okay okay okay I have no time for games tonight akela I have to live a minyan because we’re gonna have to push King next turn true terror I thought it was hand as well so all the minions in my deck okay give it a try suppose has a nice lift guys yes yes it’s out next ramus is live okay it’s life goodies got like frost worms flying around in the background the only issue would be if you put black knight in the sec whoa no really Oh what Prince Malik is our black knight okay I missed it didn’t scumbag me he didn’t like willfully put it in all right let’s give us a try I guess oh I seem too good turns out even in death lich king can win mm that’s okay well my deck is all minions so what’d you expect Oh mah dragons okay this might be a little difficult to take in but I’m pretty sure this is a play because the main way that he stays alive is Deathwing but if he plays Deathwing the boombots might have something to say about it much damage is that I think it’s safe to say Lich Kings single Henley just absolutely wreck that [Applause] pretty good he thought it was arena did you need to step off those drugs there they’re messing with you a bit good much [Music] try to make some tempo plays old strong decklist here yes it’s true in the EU it comes on the Levin but it’s like eleventh over there so it’s not exactly eleventh you can call it a compromise I’m pretty sure I took that out did I not yeah I did I did take that out now cuz our had other plans it seems tonight a tale terrible tragedy a lot of minion removal against not very many minions though oh okay I did give them bananas I guess pretty strong no there’s no lethal here no that’s the good one yeah this card is pretty strong when you’re winning okay replacements have arrived the legendary games are generally pretty fun it’s just they get really snowball a if one player has an insane draw mostly going first but that’s just so unlikely so most the games aren’t good keep our face the arena I’m waiting with this sorry bro I think we can be in charge here [Music] it doesn’t activate but yo uh two two and a deck that has very few two drops okay [Music] I’m going to go for the office a few of these death knight cards are pretty weak but I need 35 legendary games they’re generally pretty useful second Golden Goal down at the same and there’s better stuff to hit I imagine what’s this whole cooldown thing and I have a lot of messages to beat the dragon thing with palem from earlier oh man I gotta get rekt by Lich King again now okay fine these are just one more us that’s risky and they’re not that risky I have no time okay oh I’m dead not much of this damage like Alec here okay so we can actually give me a top this way let none survive I dream should I bet on bit on lich king hydra to get the talk back yeah but yeah yes sir right now I think I’m gonna try didn’t have to damage last turn so there’s 40 percent chance that you can’t kill me and if you can’t kill me I can get Lich King into Lich King which is a really big deal gonna heal me yeah I can heal me okay okay that’s good it’s a high-risk play for sure but I’m such a such a bad spot I think this is a spot where I can win okay all right see here we kill that off then we killed that off to get the Lich King back we deal five there one there Brina I’d rather have the 1 1 so let’s attack shame a great comeback I’ve ever seen legendary match ok fine this jungle hi that’s okay that’s not okay come on the weak side okay we fix the turtle okay fixed missed three drop yeah but we fix the other cards my life [Music] [Music] yeah what eyes would have been better [Music] wow that’s ridiculous get to save it with the hero power okay [Music] [Music] I’m running pretty low on cards due to my adventurous Hemet play that’s kind of bad [Music] harvesting servos get ourselves an evolution match [Music] hmm oh that’s a good hit Wow what a top deck okay did you get taunted nope oh my god I had to get really lucky to win on that one but I did [Music] you [Music]

[Hearthstone] The New Frozen Throne Deck Recipes

hey guys how’s it going brain here today we give you guys my first look through the new deck recipes the other day when the Frozen Throne patch went through before the expansion was released but the patch went through it had the new deck recipes we can kind of see what Blizzard was promoting cuz a lot of the players who pick up parts on pick it up during this time and they pick it up using the advice they see into the game and the advice is seeing the game has a certain direction or flow to it it can be a pretty important deal to them and I find it pretty interesting to see what kind of deck recipes Blizzard comes up with traditionally about half of them have been quite good and half well not so good and this time around it’s very similar but I thought it was a bit more interesting probably led on by the fact that the cards themselves from the upcoming expansion are overall more interesting than in the past we have very few dull cards we have very few cards that are clearly underpowered and most cards are in that range where they might just be really good but you know you have to you have to try that you have to test them you have to see how well you can synergize them with other cards and yeah having an overlooked for the first time it’s an interesting experience and I wanted to share with you guys that today so enjoy it and I’ll see you guys tomorrow no pain no gain well I don’t have to look at the deck list because it’s a warrior hero card deck oh come on come on I mean seriously this is the worst card in the expansion so let’s say you have this and then and then you play this and it’s like wow combo wombo four mana 5/3 wow that’s really good whoa why not try Yeti it’s free after all what else we got overload giants Robbie oh wow that’s that’s pretty good synergy if you can play a bunch of giants and then freeze them if you can replay them what’s Banshee if you can replay the mill full cost of zero xers pretty good avalanche two freezes ice breaker is I mean this tech might be terrible but we have no idea it’s so different I want to try this this looks like a fun deck that’s a pretty good curve too I have a feeling this is a strong curve the defenders a good card it maybe it’s not a maybe it’s not a really good card but it’s a good card I think if you stick this in any shaman deck in the next expansion you’re not going to regret it so that’s just fine if you think this card sucks aggro is still going to exist hi Sean deck is potentially quite good well I’m in like it what do we got the sauce valera slayer bone baron okay orifice yep how many death threats are there yeah one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen thirteen so roll the bones is draw 1.4 cards for two I think that’s still worse than novice engineer yeah some of these cards just really low power level and that’s one of them alright when we got here Arjun Squire Arjun Squire 2.00 bench is the for cost five five that you discard cards so that cards good to any time but that’s going to be a really good arena card by the way that Banshee card is better than yet in arena hundred percent one hundred percent no doubt about it that card is going to be like an eighty point arena card man she’s great and constructed obviously sucks but constructed is about overpowered shit synergizing with other overpowered shit so that’s different conversion hydrologist wow that’s a really aggressive curve I was going to talk the deck but actually with a curve like that it can probably cycle through very well I think this is probably a more powerful deck than I realize no hero I think it’s fine so aggressive think bomb is pretty good Elway they get to deck recipes wait do all of them get to that recipes oh so one recipe is like mostly the previous expansion and one is like the new new expansion yeah that’s how it is but the hunter one is very different like it’s missing seven cards okay it’s probably been orifice oh it’s a beast and if you could stitch the track or our fists very good so there’s actually very few minions in this deck it’s running a shitload of traps so I think the idea is that you get cloaked Huntress to have insane value with secret keeper and you can get a stack on when you’re cloaked huntresses because you have few minions and you could get it would stitch the tracker future sides pretty good I think it’s Beck’s luck but it looks really interesting I probably give this a go the eternal hunt the sauce well it’s pretty bad with high main it’s fine with that wait how does how does that gain attack what what is that supposed to pull validated doomsayer for mana 7/7 the egg huh okay all right it’s very different I can’t say it’s bad without trying it Hydra knocks Lich King no Furion and we basically saw this deck in their card reveal demo there’s same decent it’s like if you play the deck right now it’s obviously insane but it’s going to be up against really strong control deck all the classes are getting rid of strong control decks will you discard from Oh yeah I don’t know about that go own the mayor meat wagon bone man is pretty good down there on Devil’s Touareg is really good that’s three week that’s good oh man this is like a really cheap deck this is going to be a scary deck surprisingly they don’t have a control or lock deck Center the fire and ice and it’s basically what I said those cards really good elementals but like six cards from this expansion I don’t see how it keeps up with the incoming new decks so I think that’s probably too weak cool this one is missing ten oh wow yeah this is very strong probably want to try that myself shadow Reapers revenge so what do you play circle healings those things you got the two radiance you got Lyra oh yeah that’s basically what I imagined this would be wait what well if you have if you have shadow Reaper in play okay if you take this deck and turn it into one with Raza to make your hero power zero I actually think it’s a good deck so if you play villain and then play that your hero power is dealing 8/8 that’s like you play to zero cost spells and hit your opponent for 24 that’s not bad I told you guys that card might see some play you can quote me on that all right so like you know half of those vectors shit but you know wizard made them so that means nothing um but almost all of those X are really interesting almost all those X are awesome you’re gonna have a lot of fun in suspension [Music]

(Hearthstone) The Double Death Knight Dance

good okay so we’re look I’m actually going to keep this entire hand kind of hedging if he’s Xue I really want to have swatch burglar backstab par creeper against like the controlling mid-range type decks I definitely want like wow fun [Music] next looks like he’s probably know much certainly when she’s hit backstab this we didn’t get life from neither get you his warlock is a robe you’re stealing which is warlock cards and were like cars like the worst cards hmm we’ll just talk creeper I’m gonna punch out maybe she just been played by a lot of cherry hazel try Elvis will make perhaps yeah maybe may I’m not really sure how little be screaming Marty I’ve already streamed like well past my usual in time but [Music] I care about hitting this really actually plays like dreadlord doesn’t kill the sky song pek right now maybe here we go the guy [Music] just like he’ll find us now ooh yeah he file I should thought about that should not have played the – – that was mistake that’s definitely a mistake having the last crystal now I guess on a place for damage you’re at least you gross yep I’m pretty dead maybe you are necessarily Oh that’s entertaining that’s very entertaining I can like coin this out next turn and get the better of your power all right I don’t need even die I don’t think incredible I’m shadow [Music] it’s funny though I mean I have what 311 12 damage right now well that’s kind of a waste now I mean I get it that’s right how much times but he gained bunch of life yeah all right I guess just doing that is a hypocrite [Music] you [Music] so wait 15 like a backstab vile spy vile spine [Music] are you dead we thought that killed my guys yeah now now you’re dead all right I’d like you to go that way but I will take it I will take it you

Hearthstone: The Lich King Responds to Comments

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(真的留言) Billy W:感謝《爐石戰記》 這遊戲真的越做越好 史上最棒的卡牌遊戲 噢,說得太好了! Sanjay B:巫妖王回來了,大家都嗨了 巫妖王從未離開,孩子! 對吧大夥,對吧?擊掌?
不要嗎?好吧,繼續… Jeffrey H. 說:垃圾 等等…什麼? 我會讓你知道輕視我的代價,Jeffrey! 有點口渴。來點水好嗎? 這是溫的! 你竟然讓巫妖王喝溫開水? MaRco C:天譴軍團會吞噬你們 這傢伙很內行 Dominik K:阿薩斯人呢? 暴雪?他人在哪啊?! 嗨~ Non istra: 阿薩─薩─薩─薩─斯 呃,耶…超酷的 Vlad R:Jason對新資料片的內容感到很酷 酷… 我們把這張留起來。我的新嗜好是做剪貼簿 Kristian W:感覺超黑暗,我超愛 整個熱血沸騰,等不及要面對巫妖王 沒錯…熱血沸騰 讓你受詛咒的靈魂
在沸騰的血海中承受永恆煎熬 直到你被吞噬-幹嘛? 這什麼意思?叫我加速? 你要我快一點? 碰鼻子才是快一點的暗號 一群業餘的… Nguyen R:巫妖王后萬歲! 什麼?這是什麼… 我是巫妖王!不容質疑 ContextualData:死亡騎士總算登場了 拖有夠久的 真假?大家都這麼沒禮貌? 如果他們是我手下 我一定會蓋個酸民地牢 你在直視我的眼睛嗎? 不要直視我的眼睛! 你會被冰凍的! 白癡!

Hearthstone – Best of Frozen Throne First Moments

Hearthstone Best of Frozen Throne First Moments | Knights of the Frozen Throne Moments – Best of Hearthstone Funny and Lucky moments!
Frozen Throne Hearthstone best WTF Moments 2017, Funny Moments, Rng and Salty plays!
Amaz, Kripparrian, Trump, Disguised Toast Pro highlights! KotFT!

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(Crusaders 1 – Johannes Bornlof)
(1:47): https://www.twitch.tv/disguisedtoasths
(Cool Down 3 – Martin Landh)
(2:09): https://www.twitch.tv/steelohs
(Dinner Chatter 2 – Magnus Ringblom)
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(Do Right By You – Johannes Hagger)
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(Ladies Lounge 3 – Jan Chmelar)
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(Slo Ryderz 1 – Martin Landh)
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(Bad Hair Good Groove 8 – Stefan Netsman)
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(Catch A Way – Everet Almond)
(9:29): https://goo.gl/GLSUcj
(Lucky Day – Jingle Punks)
(10:15): https://goo.gl/u27qB7
(Bustin Loose – Audionautix)
(10:53): https://www.twitch.tv/disguisedtoasths
(El Que Quiera Bailar 5 – Martin Landh)
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Hearthstone – Best of Death Knights

Hearthstone Best of Death Knights Heroes | Knights of the Frozen Throne Moments – Best of Hearthstone Funny and Lucky moments!
Frozen Throne Hearthstone best WTF Moments 2017, Funny Moments, Rng and Salty plays! DK!
Amaz, Kripparrian, Trump, Disguised Toast Pro highlights! KotFT!
Best of Thrall, Deathseer, Deathstalker Rexxar, Shadowreaper Anduin, Frost Lich Jaina, Uther of the Ebon Blade, Bloodreaver Gul’dan, Valeera the Hollow, Scourgelord Garrosh, Malfurion the Pestilent

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(Gotta Get Back 1 – Martin Landh)
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(Joachim Nilsson – Mohawk 3)
(3:51): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZC5DcXPl6Y
(Let’s Get Cozy In The Kitchen 5 – Victor Ohlsson)
(4:19): https://goo.gl/NNpLWR
(Glitz At The Ritz 3 – Gavin Luke)
(5:12): https://goo.gl/uuKT5B
(Wasted Education 2 – Anders Bothén)
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(Wah What’s Up 1 – Anders Bothén)
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(Glitz At The Ritz 1 – Gavin Luke)
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Best of hearthstone plays and funny moments, best of, best of Death Knights, death knight, hero, best packs, Hearthstone Funny, Hearthstone best, Hearthstone Best of, hearthstone lucky, hearthstone fail, hearthstone luck, hearthstone daily, daily, hearthstone daily moments, hearthstone moments, hearthstone funny and lucky moments, wtf moments, Hearthstone epic plays, hearthstone epic, Hearthstone rng, kripparrian, amaz, trump, rng, wtf, fail, explorers, arena, entertainment, trolden, video games, summoned, yogg-saron, evolve, barnes, devolve, tortollan primalist, dirty rat, medivh, gadgetzan, un’goro, Elise the Trailblazer, free from amber, knights of the frozen throne, frozen throne, sindragosa, moorabi, lifesteal, thrall, deathseer, valeera the hollow, frost lich jaina, deathstalker rexxar, thrall. gul’dan, hadronox, the lich king, best of the lich king, expansion, kotft, KFT, wow, review, gameplay.

Exodia Paladin (Hearthstone Deck Showcase)

[Music] hey what up legends eyelid going you in bacon here new expansion new day gonna have a lot of fun today actually but before we do anything I just want to mention that we’re going to be having a giveaway at five thousand subs which is coming really really shortly so I need your help to push me up above the threshold if you want to do so you know description is going to help you out it’s going to tell you what’s going on but get away at five J so yeah that’ll be there for you in the meantime of course today we’re going to be playing XO d a paladin how does it work well let me explain you Luther of the ebon blade gives you a fear power which summons a to two horsemen if you have all four horsemen so after four hero powers you win the game you have to be all on the board at the same time though so to help you to do that we’re going to play oxygen master beardo which after you cast a spell refreshes your hero powers you can play another dude and we have the Burghley bully to give us coins so we can proc beardo with it anyway let me just give this a try hopefully we actually managed to make it work I can guarantee you a hundred percent there will be a little difficult to pull off but when it will will be so satisfying so let me just jump into a game here and hopefully you guys enjoyed if you do you can either click on the subscribe button cuz I’ll make videos like these every day for the new expansion and of course like on the video cuz that’s pretty cool alright let’s do this paladin versus paladin I will fight with honor okay come on the light so let’s keep going here not everyone knows the expansion is out yet so maybe that guy Dec didn’t change much from what it was earlier okay Berkeley bully will help us out we need to drop the whole combo to make it work so we need two coins from Berkeley boo okay cool righteous protector really good guy bright alert we need two coins from Burghley bullying we need beard though and we also need gala cuddles all right we also need luther of the ebon blade okay alright so how do we do this I know doomsayer will be very good secret huh okay okay um well I don’t really have much to do here great okay so he’s going to trade here he’s going to trade here I need my doomsayers definitely soul okay friend crystal is in good shape here that’s that’s good for me um hydrologist spine of course hydrologist and we can also play a Redemption I guess and I’ll play getaway koto to drop in hydrologist bang I get the redemption so it comes back that’s really good on this card actually Wow it gets a free righteous protector that’s good blade Oh boys playing the deck that I made he’s playing my deck oh we’re gonna get screwed here oh man um okay that is not good all right burg be bully oh wait no we have to play outdoor peacekeeper here Lord this player ologist noble stack is okay I think is that defeats ores every time there’s no way we can can make this work if he has bolívar we’re so screwed I mean we have of course consecration eventually but doesn’t seem like this is going to be working at the moment unfortunately so Berkeley boo okay so if actually Berkeley bully doesn’t kill everything and then what I can do is wild pyro if you need to board clear of course I could wild pyro into redemption for some know for example and then and then play and then play equality to clear everything so that’s feasible does you have the format a one for weapon here that would be pretty good actually not going to lie in this situation the weapon would be fantastic all I want to do is to get to the late game okay then he doesn’t want me to okay all right let’s do this so while pyro into of course redemption then quality everything dies and then we play Doom share if he kills doom Sara we get another doomsayer back but I mean it’s gonna be at one but that’s okay and then I’ve got a Ragnar roast which I could play next turn to survive a little bit more which is good so you can attack my face here he’s going to take my face here no he’s not okay good well in that case I can play Regnerus lay on hand is going to help us out with a card draw also doesn’t heal us a little bit he has a lot a lot of damage in his hand I presume so I’m kind of scared about that still looking for our cards although a peacekeeper carps take care it becomes okay no more life steal on that so that’s good what if I place my courage deed on here I don’t really want to and I guess every night every night and I think divine shield is okay they I’m sorry divine strength doesn’t do much but let’s attack here to pop it here power he heals himself okay that’s fine we need their combo the only issue is that if you don’t get anything from the if you don’t get coins from the Burghley bully you can’t otk you have to do it in two terms which is a little annoying but it can work and then if something is this menu has consecration and all it might be difficult but we can definitely win with the hero power that’s for sure alright but we I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to have the board until then that’s not too big of a problem that’s kind of unfortunate I should not have your powered and stupid oh man okay well then that’s okay quickly what’s he doing here trade trade trade oh nice okay so let’s go quality trade this play our Burghley bully play her hero power now if he wants to kill it he has to play a minion or play a spell if he plays a spell I get the coins and I’m happy for that I don’t mind that at all how long did it take you to get golden Luthor I want them so bad that if you are a long time it took a long time okay let’s pop this let’s play spy courage steed let’s trade and then and then noble sack here power so it doesn’t technically die not yet at least all right we’ve got Luther of the ebon blade very shortly it’s gonna happen nope you have to play a spell to kill it give me a coin dude I need your coins give me coins now okay then I’m going to heal it I’m going to treat here I’m going to wait first I’m going to attack this and then I’m gonna feel it alright alright I did should work right this should be fine this is I mean okay the idea behind this is that you want the coins how much is it how much is he gonna heal himself for QED you would need to heal himself for three and then let me see or heal the do blackguard for three and then that would the tight you know you would send that into the burly bully which then I mean most of the time when you healed you have to play a spell so I’d need it I get a coin all right or not extra is that at random that’s at random to random enemy minion so it could affect this seven on this right here yes all right perfect all right so I’m going to attack how do we do this I’m gonna attack this it’s annoying then I can play wicker flame and I can play like a light then I can play hero power and pass now he has to attack my stuff and I don’t mind if he actually manages to kill the Burghley bull you know that just means that won’t Oh TJ him but I mean like nothing could be done about that currently it won’t let me I can’t actually Ock but I can still win with the hero power 100% very easy especially since like you know you can buff your your dudes that’s not too bad steed I did together did get the coin though that that helps we get the coin for that okay attacks which is fine he took his sweet-ass time for this turn I have please got one coin so it will be a little easier for me to go ahead with that is that of consecration and is unfortunately consecration I did draw a second card here though Wow that’s good okay so I can’t peacekeeper dance peacekeeper this place by courage deed on this draw cards another acolyte that’s that’s okay [Music] yeah eventually I mean eventually I’m going to get a lot of value from ether so that’s like ether next I think I should play with their next day I think we should play with their necks turn even heal the silver hand recruit what is he doing there dude this deck is so fun to play my cards the eight cards right okay I can’t actually burn a card or anything like that or else I’d that’d be pretty bad if I did burn a card the menagerie useful if you’re right here okay just heal whatever I mean that doesn’t really matter currently we’re not going to kill him with the you know with the health we’re gonna kill him with the hero power so it’s fine okay heal himself that’s quite all right with me um okay give me one second we’re going to play consecration learn of a true soldier and here part right we’re going to attack this first attack this and we are going to pass I don’t know what a secret is this isn’t really matter to me you have ten cards I have six okay where are we at truesilver okay she’s going to kill this he’s probably going to trade into the outdoor which I guess is okay like rich steed that’s pretty annoying actually however it lets me kill it if I place on keeper which is why okay I’m gonna play acolyte repentance so that’s fine into sun keeper now I’m able to kill as Ragnaros that’s done with all right good good good good uh-huh I’m gonna have to kill that Lich King that’s for sure okay let’s kill the Lich King I’m going to take a lot of damage here okay let’s kill the Lich King let’s play with their life right let’s play with their we gained five armor you smack smack him in the face q45 kill the Lich King here comes a doomsayer now our supreme rain of auction master beardo commits or does not commence okay never mind then we shall lose the game because we are going to take a million damage that’s not cool that’s definitely not cool okay let’s split this Lee Stone Hill crime Street protector orab domination I think I think we’re going to go with Prince Street and then every night bless champions just for the health take a pass auction master beardo is here like I mean he’s there we did lose that’s really good actually we did loser our healing mechanism so that’s definitely not good for me however I’m almost out of cards okay so the last card is beardo so I’m gonna play doomsayer with Graham Street protector you can’t kill it then you know hopefully he can’t kill it so now I hope he lets me play what I want to play right please please don’t hurt me I’m missing a coin I know Ben dear though is the last card of my deck I know what is he going to do my question is what is he going to do here quality trade trade trade there’s beer though so consecration four horsemen we get tourists role bein and then truesilver champion heal us off a little bit okay we’ve got one of her dudes on the board if he lets it live he dies well shit question is does he smacked me in the face he smacks me in the face so then we just win right you play auction master beer though here power coin that’s darion mograine other horsemen which is Inquisitor white mane other and there we go first game got him oh we got him ah he wants to be my friend he wants to be back oh my god yes hey nefarious what’d you get to say that’s that was amazing where is he he’s in here anyway say hi to the video dude you gonna be on YouTube alright thanks a lot for watching everyone that game was absolutely fantastic I am happy that you were there to watch it that’s pretty much it for me for this video and I do hope of course that you have a great time subscribe to the channel if you have not already because I’ll be making more you know decks like these every day and of course I have a great time with the nights with Rosie [Music] [Music] you you