[Hearthstone] The Big Problems In Hearthstone

hey guys how’s it go Cooper in here today I wanna give you guys a bit of an American rant I want to talk about the big issues that Hertz tone is experiencing I think on one hand is just very important to be constantly vocal about these things I know some people might perceive it as complaining and this and that but this is a game that we really loved playing for years and years and I feel many different aspects of it are going downhill all the time and I think being vocal about this stuff creating the conversation is important to at least creating a slightly better situation in a Hertz tone so the first thing I want to bring up I do have a little bit more perspective and knowledge on the subject from the last few weeks of my experiences playing on goro but of course the first main problem headstone is rng rng is a very large problem and it has many different aspects that are worth talking about so one thing to really understand is that in card games orangy just naturally occurs you have a deck with cards you draw them randomly and often when you run out of cards just getting very specific ones that are specific times when you really need them make them break certain game so even if you had a card game with no RNG cards or effect whatsoever in any case you’re still going to have decks that are never going to go a hundred percent you’re still going to have players that are never going to be able to win a hundred percent just because it’s a card game card games just naturally have RNG heard stone design philosophy is that they want to have in addition to that cards with RNG so not only is it the aspect of normal randomness of card games but also that games feel generally different and over the years we’ve seen more and more cards with random effects introduced into the game and I think we’ve actually reached kind of like a problem state so in arena right now we have mage we have array we have paladin and then no one else really wins very much at all in my recent arena stats I have zero or one loss against all the other classes in the last few weeks except for priest because priest does a really good job of killing slow decks and a really crappy job of killing fast decks but you know it’s kind of like polarized and the other the top three classes are just crazy dominant and even though through classes even with priests are heavily controlled by random cards and there’s a lot of issues with this the main the core of the problem comes from the fact that many almost all in fact cards are the random effects have an average random effect that puts the card on a higher power level of like cards so you know we always talk about like shredder versus Yeti in the old time but you know it’s much more expensive than that we have cards that generate random mage spells like one man or one ones or spells from your opponent I guess instead of you know one mana to ones or one man or one threes and the average result of that is just really crazy when you when you evaluate the weight of such a card in the late game it gets even more than that like with primordial glyphs such an insane card right you go from yeah you put primordial glyphs in your deck and the result of that is playing it on turn to your opponent can start to expect one man aboard clears you have to play around a five mana flamestrike let’s play around a format and meteor it’s literally impossible to play around this stuff and that’s the core of the problem core the problem is that hurts them being a strategy game in the very traditional strategy game when you lose you want to have an experience where you learn why you lost either you you know you learn a new type of strategy your opponent used or you gain more knowledge of how to avoid the perils of you know the last experience that you had with your loss it becomes tiresome has become a game where the affects just control all of that so you know if you lose because your opponent had a four cost media from primordial glyph that’s just nothing you just lose right the next time you get primordial glyphs are you going to play around for cost media no you can’t the odds are that you shouldn’t play around any one spell but then your opponent might have the one spell in any given scenario later on in the game and it costing two mana on top of everything else just means that you’re totally shit out of luck and it’s very similar with rogue card generation it’s very similar with paladin card generation larger the discovers and similarly with priests as well I was actually ranting about this topic the other day on stream and as I was talking about it we had priests play a card with a random effect a very impactful random effect seven consecutive turns so you know like how good your deck is matters a lot in arena how good you are as a player seems to matter a lot in arena but you know all all the losses are just bullshit RNG you don’t learn anything from them and more importantly than that it creates a net negative experience because rng has become the norm for hurts down it’s so rare that RNG will create a memorable positive experience however when you lose to rng you get a memorable negative experience and the ratio is not even close to 1 to 1 so the fact that RNG cards exist in the game on average creates a negative experience for the players that play hurts them and I think that is basically all the proof anyone should need to know that there is too much rng in hurts them it just dictates everything and it’s ridiculous and having played hurts them for such a long time and knowing about so many different aspects just throwing all that stuff in the garbage because everyone needs to play random cards because random cards on average have the most powerful effects and random cards basically eliminate all that knowledge and experience from like any relevance and yeah the outcome of the ramus effects just seems to dictate the outcome of almost every game that you play and that’s crap you know especially considering that it is by nature a random game as it is a card game so yeah that is a bit of the issue one more thing that I learned playing his last few days is that random cards are actually the simplest ones to understand I always thought about why it takes less and less time for people to figure out which cards are good useful good in certain situations figuring out the matter all that kind of stuff I’m going has been you know pretty good I mean we’re about a month in and we still have like the rare deck coming up that’s actually pretty strong and that’s pretty nice but still that’s going to be about it you know we have like a 1 month in the best case scenario constructed cycle out of a four month cycle so like right now the metagaming constructed is pretty good there’s a lot of decks and stuff but you know in two months it’s going to be the same thing and four months going to be the same thing and you’re going to be really sick of it don’t believe me just reflect on what happened in the mean streets of gadgets had a few weeks in I was pretty bored of it and people after about a month started realizing the exact same thing and when we all were on like the fourth month of mean streets of gadgets and people thought the game was in the worst state had ever been a large part of this is what one-hand Blizzard really forces archetypes and sin urges and all that but these cards are the reds of effects there’s actually very little thought and insightfulness about these cards and take a card like babbling book on you just kind of way the average spell and that’s it you know how good the card is it’s obviously good you put it in every deck there’s not much in terms of combos there’s not much in terms of strategy you just know these cards are good because it’s so easy to understand the value of a random effect which really kind of cheapens the game we have more cards of random effects that are being played particularly in arena than ever before the top of arena is really screwed up as a result you know in the past we talked about how bad like warrior is an arena how bad is other class an arena is but really it’s how weld top classes perform and have fun it is to play against them and right now it’s really not that fun at all to play against them and a lot of problems come from that the other aspect that I have touched upon in the past that is actually tied to this because I think the main way that you overcome just too much randomness too much of the same thing that the scale state of the game is just by changing cards up changing formats up I think what wizard really could do is just constantly change cards from the base and classic sized cards that a lot of people have just bust them nerf them every few weeks just constantly do it to keep the meta fresh in arena and and constructed you know I don’t know if they’ll ever come around doing something like that but if if you don’t do it specifically on those if you’re just changing other cards or if you’re pumping up more and more cards which seems to be part of the strategy right now it has the other it touches upon the other really big problem in hearthstone and that is the cost associated with it so you know they up the price of packs they made us there’s more legendaries that you can possibly get and they made it so you need to actually have legendaries it’s almost every deck these they they me aggressive decks use legendaries and again that’s a real problem for people who don’t have that much or any money to spend on the game and they’re coming up with no more adventures it’s going to be just packed expansions and they’re coming out with more pack expansion like the overall expansion rate is slightly higher just everything everything everything seems to screw over people who try to play the game on a low or a zero budget and you know that might just be how things are but having played a lot of the other card games out there that is just not even close to how things are in other card games I really think hurts them needs to take a serious look on this and it really it really brought this to light when I saw a poll regarding the statistics of the last heroic brawl so the last heroic brawl is the wild tavern brawl and these heroic brawls cost 1000 gold to enter which is absolutely ridiculous if you ask me the only way you get a thousand gold back because if you get twelve wins that’s it would you like yeah but kripp you know you have to count the number of packs that you get in terms of well yeah if you do that you basically break even playing arena at like two or three win you know give me a break that’s not how you do that at all the the hero tavern brawl is just ridiculous people wants to play these things people want to explore hearthstone but they are literally prohibited by cost this is the Paul I was talking about you have to keep in mind that this poll was done for reddit users and you have to think that people who visit the hearthstone reddit actively are probably more informed and better than the average player because they are more informed so even with that audience which you would imagine would play a competitive format 60% goes legally ignored it 24% didn’t play it watched a ton who cares right six percent it was awful and 2% at the end it was okay and the good ones 3% it was great 3% it was absolutely amazing and you know if you’re like the optimist you’re like hey look at that some people really enjoyed it maybe some people just didn’t have the cards to play but you really have to think about hearthstone in in in its core there’s sort of a very high variance game where someone who’s really bad can just go in tournament style format and just win by chance if you’re below average player you’re still going to beat a good player 30% of the time 40% of time you move 20% of the time if you stack that up against you know six or seven consecutive games people who don’t think they’re very good at hurt stone might try heroic tavern brawl and get like ten wins because they just got really lucky because that should tell her that works to go to this polls like yeah it was great so basically what this tells me is the few people that got really really lucky and did like couple abroad at best just we’re really happy with the results of doctor tavern brawl was good basically what I’m saying is nobody thinks this tavern brawl is good nobody people people are interested in it they’re watching people play but they do not want to participate you’re the reason that could be is because it costs too much whoever is in charge a blizzard of trying to balance the value and the entertainment and the pleasure people get for playing the game versus how much they should spend in terms of time and money to play the game is really failing like big-time and this is a big problem because the main way that you actually fix a lot of the other problems in her system as I talked about is by changing up and introducing new content and it seemed to be kind of missed a mark with all of those things so yeah if there’s been a good game yeah it’s a pretty good game well sir it’s not a better game in the past yeah I think so I think arena right now is in quite a lot of trouble I think arena still okay I had a lot more fun playing arena in the first month of the expansion the amount of time you have playing the first month of anything is just outstanding her soon when the expansion comes out it’s the best game ever I lose sleep being excited to play the game I mean that is crazy right and then you know six weeks go by and it’s just okay and it’s nothing special so her stone needs to create more of those scenarios where people are excited to try new things because actually new things to try and they need to do that while it doesn’t cost them more and more and more and more so yeah let me know you think I think I’ve laid out all the issues hit and hurt stone at least in the last little while so hopefully you guys can comment on it and maybe add a bit – it kept you guys enjoyed my rant [Music]

Hearthstone: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

the madman Hey well tell a bit of a we’ll give you a bit of a story and background on the new hot deck on the block I don’t actually think it’s very hot right now in terms of popularity but I thought it was good enough to bring to the hero Tavern hero tournament I brought this little guy Jade elemental shaman now known as the jelly shaman the big change that happened with the caverns blown er was that Jade spirit became an elemental and this enabled the Jade and the elementals to cross better now the deck is really really strong against Agra which is why I chose to bring it against the local tavern hero tournament I think those local events tend to attract more aggro players and I was right I got into the semifinals but single elimination and all that you know this deck isn’t that good against control that I just kind of get out valued I suppose even though it looks like there’s a lot of value here there we go that new Jade spirit elemental still be good depose a hunter and that should be really good for this deck since it’s really strong against aggro deck hope to crush some pirates or some token druids a little boy and that’s right here uh it makes me not want to play constructed it’s like I have to slog through all of these ranks in order to get to like a good level play why when I reset down all the way over here oh I can’t even showcase the genius of the deck because the opponents are running blood puddin Raptor first step this is actually a big part of why don’t you like link constructed Rises I come on I don’t want to be fighting you bring Katie and I’m sure these rank 18 players don’t want to be playing against me the purpose of matchmaking should be to match you against the in a equal level opponent or are tempted unless this is blizzards way of telling me oh no come on rate a team player if we just imagine that he played a crackling razor Mullin to you on an empty board it was basically Blitzen Raptor so it’s all good if we just imagine that this entire game make sense at least I can claim that this is a metaphor a trite 18 minute counts of something look at how good this curve is the elementals have always wanted to be played the elementals are such good anti-ager and the jeans are always so good again control so it’s like a really good middle of the ground deck which is slightly worse against control because control has better more value option way better against aggro to the power of tar creeper hot spring Guardian genuine or seed grants will appear stone sugar but I’m unable to demonstrate the brilliance of my deck against the full master shield bear combo and so I just there and while giving a few of these games played up legend rank few good highlight game it would be pretty good it’s so much work to climb from rank 18 to legend I mean I don’t think it’s fair to it would like it can be done obviously it will be done I believe this that could make it but it’s so much work when we could be playing black survival or [Music] you know darkest dungeon says and that’s why I stopped playing constructed I guess because the decks are mostly figured out and we could be like Chris and you know show the sex beating level 18 people and being like oh this deck is pretty good but not as good an actor [Music]

[Hearthstone] Joke-Warrior Is No Joke!

you guys have a going crane here today I want to give you guys a video about arena warriors now I know that it’s at like the end of an expansion but I think the general lesson here is actually a very valuable one so we know that in this expansion in journey to an Goro Warrior has been sporting about a 30% win rate in arena which rivals the all-time lowest priest think a couple expansions ago where it was like the only time any class ever dipped below 30 now it’s like yeah whatever you still a warrior well some of us like to have a little bit of fun and in the exploration stages trying to learn these classes and try to do well with them I actually was struggling with warrior even at times a warrior has been really bad in the past like TGT bolster times you know holy crap was that bad for warrior I still had like you know six seven one average of warriors yeah I was bad but it wasn’t like a disaster well my results when I actually try to do well with warrior were a disaster in this expansion we’re talking like or maybe a little bit higher than that average wind plain warrior the whole expansion no actually trying to do well with the class well now we have this like three week period where you have 3 arena runs and you actually incentivize to play the free during runs because you get packs from the upcoming expansion and because I really don’t care about winning or losing I want to play stuff I won’t normally play so well it turns out that’s when I play warrior so I played a lot of warrior lately and when I play worries in this because I care about doing well I just pick like dumb face cards extremely high variance decks because well not like warrior is going to beat up most decks toe-to-toe and lo and behold I’m averaging like seven wins with warrior somehow so the lesson here is when you have a class of extremely bad in arena you can still play it but you have to play and draft very differently you basically have to increase the amount of variants the deck of capable of if you want to do anything at all you have to keep in mind like just how bad some classes are in arena sometimes it’s not like constructor it’s not like well this class only has a 44% deer for nobody plays it noted in arena some classes have a 30% min rate while others have like a 60% win rate but it’s not like you have you know twice the win rate I mean it is if you just compare those numbers but in reality it’s not that at all it’s you have majors that can actually win at 7 wins against other good decks and you have warriors that can’t win at 2 wins against bad decks so like for you to have a 30% like average across all of our ena with a class that class is absolute shit so you really have to take that into consideration if you want to play it and roll the big dice if you want any results whatsoever enjoy the clips today it’s going to be basically how I made it work in this expansion and maybe it’ll guide you and how you can make it work in the next there’s only one real way to play Garrosh it’s a smart way that does not smart oh I guess it gets through a ton this way fine I like to play she’ll shark to buy you an extra turn best hero all right unlikely we’ll have an empty hand still looking for actual weapons I guess that’ll do for now extra damage think I’ll take the taunt taunt Buster rule actually Eggman for probably hits for three anyway – at worst that’s kind of a weapon sure I was probably won me a game or two Oh another game or two looks on that looks like I’m at like three wins now do I need fours oh that’s a good one that’s terrible mmm see my list fledgling egg Napper River croc kinder it was pretty good you can go zoo bye there we go oh yeah all right this is actually shaping up to be a pretty damn good deck well for a joke face warrior you know all things and all things considered I have a lot of two drops and keep that it’s really good if I get an exhaust first mate basically if a class has a 30% win rate it means that it can’t even be beat bad players with bad decks can’t do it not even good enough for that oh man I’m not saving it it’s warlocks NES a bad opener we have to just play max tempo every turn pretend like the next turn doesn’t matter like standard all over again yes this is really strong though okay all right well now board clears don’t work and I don’t see how he’s going to play it taut big enough to survive and I guess sports there’s work not well enough though try blizzard said it only benign hero cards could be like a neutral Arthas sounds good to me but yeah I don’t I don’t know about that if I said it instead of publicly so someone else can answer your question I don’t have any inside info on that whatsoever I’d also like to point out that if I had insight info I wouldn’t really be able to share that I’m flying this because it uh it’s a little bit harder to kill like five burst on three is really hard and if I get this bust up and then play a fledgling he might use removal on the frothing instead of the fledgling like a double threat no flapping no flappy all right I’m going to play this and I need to kill one of those because I don’t want to I want to get rekt here just have to think do I want them both at three health I don’t think so I try face it’s not not face yet I can’t kill both of them there’s a good chance I can play that into a taunt and get like the extra attack value so best three hold on second Oh [Music] the maximum temperature oh shit I might be a zero cost reference its civil bros just a free apply version of the Abdallah club yes also welcome new five dollar club efendi’s okay we have lots of twos and threes so not have that many ones you want to keep all the ones for sure that’s a really bad hand nose warrior s3 and zero warrior is a little bit different than the typical warrior but you can say about the true death knight any ideas what that might be they’ve come up with some crazy stuff so crazy stuff we have to be something completely different than the other heroes and it would be something marginally outside the existing game mechanics all right here’s an idea what if it was like absolutely bullshit overpowered but every turn you lost the mana crystal instead of gained one leaked actually like this I don’t need armor don’t face column actually counters worrier now column can I get the tempo of that is turn which is actually relevant because I have execute and cliff leaked if I guess it would be purely chance so no way can get any trouble and there’s some chance I won’t play the Reaper so I think I’ll save the weapon hit here nice little glass yeah I think next turn there’s there’s no chance that but I don’t do that look taro gar you can’t even say Mork I I’m pretty sure it was really bad but I guess he was dead anyway you can’t put technicals firms overall magic in go and second again no at first and last one I have to draft arena for more classes I’m thinking of doing that for the remaining classes once they become relevant like how to draft warrior is not useful to learn how to dress classes that are basically subpar I get that to damage back on the frothing Valley so um explain those misplace can be costly like right now if he has flame strike I’m going to be one day image awfully huh yeah nice try I have lots of two drops I can probably bank on getting one again it’s hopefully better and Mulligan increases my chance of a one yeah I’m checking it you’re also six and two unaware you want to beat me to 12 sounds like a fun game obviously never happened I mean that assumes that even just one of us will get to 12 wins oh well stealth is on the menu how do we go for one of those yeah design Gazette always get and rip tentacle from our fair basically to Sarah right now [Music]

[Hearthstone] An Amazing Frozen Throne Adventure

hey guys how’s it going crane here today I want to give you guys my experience playing the Frozen Throne winged one the expansion has just come out and we got to experience the prologue the story mode of Lich King for us nicely frozen throne is not just a pack expansion it seems to have about 350 60% of the content of an adventure in addition to being card expansion and at least what we’ve had this week the first entry week with the prologue and the first wing it actually is very well done the encounters feel very polished the mechanics are very different and the encounters are difficult enough that you actually have to build decks to beat each one this is an experience we haven’t had since honestly League of the Explorers like it’s been so long since we’ve had PvE content of this caliber and today I want to highlight my experience encountering it for the first time keep in mind this is some heavy spoiler ship if you haven’t played the adventure and you’re really into her it’s done you should probably do that it’s it’s really great content there’s a lot of surprises twists and being able to just adapt to what your opponent’s throwing at you is that is really the true adventure mode I desire from headstones so check it out check out the clips and I’ll see you guys in a bit I will annoy your league juice and juice in turn 2 oh okay yes I am bro I know you’re trying to get your vengeance here because I already did that to you like 12 times but you need a chill okay you need a chill like a good deck choose your cards carefully you have been dealt your own loss maybe she ate a mullet Falana steer my car so if you didn’t – – cool alright dude chill hello your pleas for mercy ring hollow have no fear champion we are on our way behold my power [Applause] that’s my opener this isn’t even my aggressive deck but almost there how are things going good no that’s good okay let’s start doing some work on the middle one I guess your rating will suffer that champion have faith that Providence will deliver in your time of need okay all right there I have faith okay join the living will tremble and the dead will obey terrible at this game gonna try came Tirion Fordring not so legendary from my oh my god I bet you’re he’s gonna play the Silver Hand here right Thank You rose and I was wrong okay deals no damage while attacking wow that is really fine terrible tank good alright waits for a needy hunter the attack said according your hand all yours – come on that’s more surprising than anything shrimpy now the power of the knock all right well if it can’t attack I want to see what more amazing cards he has in his deck here Wow I’m going to need some better adventurous nodded I think you’re good all right off you get whoa dude that’s not decent card you stop this is not okay bro shake it broken did oh man oh I know it’s lethal I want to see what kind of garbage he has infected I think he deserves his deck reporting for duty I hope you like my invention i sender guess that useful I need a sacrifice one more [Music] oh wait what it adds to your hand oh you’re sharing are you afraid to arms men damn I like his opener a lot better that’s what you got I don’t even know all right dude aren’t you got it Wow it just tells okay pretty good overkill I was knocking them back that does a pretty weak defense shield you will is your own turn against the Lich Kings call we must resist Tyrande versus lord muruga a new one give me strength none may injure the master sign Joan fine let’s run with it deny apply or better yet maybe I’ll just play into it anyway sure boned burgled oh hi they have am I getting myself in trouble here three to four okay like it you like I’m okay okay I can grab that done it’s Jean okay fallen burglar you wanna – I’m okay let me change your me by 12 and just off of me so here the last is rage coffees through [Music] what is real that’s looking good looking real good bone burgled okay my air versus yes bring us our thing none can escape my view let’s cook them to bounce on my garage name-o more pale friends my power only grows hey speak to me let’s just get some tempo plays out there nothing too crazy [Music] [Music] I don’t know if I want to go oil mode right now slide on my cellphone which King are you can’t attack whatever you want like that yeah I don’t know if I should invest in this weapon that much seeing if faced on my charge my rage is made fresh what are you doing here don’t worry I can’t attack you I get crushed that is a worthy weapon but yeah we’re going to have to do this instead [Music] I’m not killing frost Martin sure mama the minions can’t attack that’s his passive can only take damage from weapons we got another one I want to come across more gold and Frostmourne was my favorite legendary now I have to toss him for something better we got it this time right this how we got it this time ago knowledge is power what is this disturbance my work is not complete I could good shape I think I’m going to play archaeologist right away because I want as a low of a chance as possible to actually draw into ice block apparently if you toss this it does doesn’t work the issue of just having a lot of heels is he has a lot of Tom’s think you’ll play around vaporize I have my doubts that’s basically guaranteed to cards you are the shadow perfect you Jeff does not scare me Oh kind of bad actually I don’t want I don’t want my sorcerer apprentice coming out ahead of time I’m just going to drop a dooms here to get some some hand this guy’s not smart [Music] me tip might break this join me has no AO it I think I can probably make this work it draw a little bit I need need the other sorcerer princes and their like at the bottom right now it seems I probably just play our page now if I play arc measure might mill the other stores I don’t know if I get this spell now I don’t hahaha haha haha well next turn I have seven before so my hand stop toying with them and finish distant whispers why isn’t arcane explosion in your deck she [Music] yes Mayumi deathwhisper we content that your defeat was it you seek to turn my power against me whole week even week I mean that’s a big week craving look at it room forever shroud this world so in two weeks we’ll get the lich king encounter presumably and we’ll get like Arthas skin actually pretty good [Music]

[Hearthstone] Knights of the Frozen Throne Review 5

hey guys how’s it going Corinne here coming at you with review number five of the upcoming expansions cards nice of the Frozen Throne is launching on the 10th that’s really soon and actually realized how many cards I hadn’t reviewed on YouTube I review them every night on stream when I start up at 11:00 EST and you know I kind of just forget sometimes that I’m behind like I don’t like 30 cards or something and we’re going to get like 50 some more in a couple of days there’s going to be lots of card reviewing which is good because right now the current state of hearthstone is well kind of played out anyway kicking it off we have the shaman death knight card through all the deaths here cost 5 which is really the most striking thing in terms of the hero cards it is the cheapest that we’ve seen and it transforms your minions I ran and one of the cost – more so like a double evolution effect not as good as double evolution because double evolving you can often get use out of charging minions in the intermediary between the first and second evolve but it’s pretty close and you get five health so like double evolve and five health for five that worth it yeah I think it is so I think just by itself is a good card and you have to keep in mind that with every death night hero card you also change your hero power and in this case it becomes transmute spirit and you basically get two single target evolve something this is a really big deal of course it’s going to have some extremely high variance games constructed is okay with high variance games though I mean typically most of the decks out there that do well are extremely high variance the reasons good is if you have a medium to big minion you hit something it’s an injured medium to big minion when you transform it you essentially heal it up into a bigger minions even though you might not get a more powerful minion it’ll be more powerful eventually because we’ll keep going up and up and up in meta cost and each time it does that it’s getting healed so I would say this is approximately at least a slightly better priests hero power so overall it’s a very solid your card tomb lurker five four five three absolutely abysmal stats this is like bad for three man orthostats and as a detriment died this game to your hand so it’s a random death rattle it’s not discovered or anything so it can be really bad like if there’s aggressive decks playing and aggressive decks running death rattle minions you typically are it can really screw over your strategy even though you might design a deck around this card it just might not work it just seems like it cost too much but who knows if the only people running death around other control decks and you’re playing a control deck rolling around this card I imagine it’s pretty damn powerful it just seems very situational righteous protector and this is probably the card that I think annoys me the most out of the upcoming expansion so Arjun Squires basically a neutral version doesn’t have taught and that have seen play and every medicines the game came out it’s an extremely powerful one drops and extremely powerful one drops basically ruin the game so this is an extremely powerful one drop on top of the existing extremely powerful one drops so it’s just a mind-blowing ly insane game swinging early game card for paladin basically this is what they needed to have the divine shield swarm aggro minion deck work so just because this card I imagine that type of work this cards obviously insane I think it will be playing a lot of decks the only kind of like good thing I guess it kind of ruins the Stonehill defender discover options because there’s another taunt paladin class card discovered getting 400 percent boost you’re not going to see as many Tyrians and ship but you’re still going to see a lot and this card honestly is is so good for tempo on one you’re not even going to feel bad when you see it as one of your options with discovers rune forge hunter for cost 5/3 during your turn your weapon doesn’t lose durability yeah it’s just it just feels like it’s not powerful enough it’s obviously some weapons that you might want to just extend the turn or two but as long as it exists cards like these are just not going to be great they might be good but they’re never going to be great corpse raiser 5 cost for a 3/3 the battle card gives a friendly minion death travel brief some in this as a really powerful effect some people said it’s worse than ancestral spirit just be shaman to cast spell the same effect and I buy that I think it is likely worse than that but you have to keep in mind that was a shaman only card and shaman revival mechanics or overall pretty weak digit just kind of hard to make them work given the class relies so much on board control you go all-in on the menu a death penalty and just give Texas over right so I think there’s probably some potential for this card to work really well in other classes and other just crazy combo decks and you also have to keep in mind that with ancestral spirit it’s just like a totally dead card if you’re in top deck mode it’s really bad if you don’t get be specific card you’re looking for because it doesn’t have any value by itself this is still a 3/3 body which I would say if I obviously not strong but it’s not irrelevant okay so card for card even if this is about a dozen trigger if you’re playing like a major in arena it will trade with most for drops with your hero power it’s that’s big advantage over ancestral spirit and I think in terms at least at arena it’ll actually be a more powerful card corpse Widow five or six beast your debt rental cards cost too less this is a really powerful card you can do this and then play a form and a high main basically the way I have to look at it is if you have detrimental in your deck anyway you might consider playing this card if you think your deck should excel in the mid to late game now as a hunter you generally want to excel in the early the mid game which is the only complication of this card but you really have to think of the advantages so if you’re playing just one death-rattle card so this and one deathrattle card while this effect is happening and you can probably do it on the same turn it pretty easily I imagine so that’s basically like a three cost for six beast which is crazy so it’s a crazy card if you can play that style of a hunter but time will tell that devourer mind copy three cards in your opponent’s deck and add them to your hand so it’s like pasta plus one it’s in line with card drama Kanaks the way card draw is valued on cards is the first card that you draw is worth one mana every card after that is worth two mana that’s why you have like cycle effects are like nothing and then arcane collected like one plus two and a nurse is plus another two then sprint plus another two so this is kind of like the nourish just as arcane intellect this pot steal devourer mind is nourished so it’s it’s good it’s fine usually when you’re playing thoughtful as a priest it is fairly late in the game anyway so getting even more value out of it I imagine would actually be even better in some cases so I imagine this card probably see some play at some point glacial mysteries it cost mage spell put one of each secret from your deck into the battlefield now the issue that I have with this card is it costs a lot for what it does in the end so for this card to be really powerful you need to be playing at least five decent secrets for mage that’s where the problem is a lot of Secrets cancel each other out like you know you have you have like copy effects and potion of polymorph but they’re both nullified by your opponent playing a bad minion there’s a lot of just clunkiness and do you really want these supers in your deck normally it’s not exactly secret paladin you’re playing a very different type of deck if you’re including this it’s obviously you know if you pull five cards and play them all it’s in the same value but because there’s so much cancellation and because a lot of the mage secrets just absolutely blow this is probably a little bit worse than it looks but who knows a few good secrets and this card is suddenly the meta right we’ll see in the future but for now I’m not so sure simulacrum 3 cos mage spell copy lowest-cost minion in your hand so this card becomes a copy of the minion I imagine that’s okay I think in terms of like otk combos and some cool stuff like that that is something that you can do it’s just a little clunky and obviously built only for that reason villian boss Lilian boss sorry at the rogue legendary minion for cost for five decent stats replaced bells in a hand with random spells from your opponent’s class so this is obviously a really bad card when when you consider the current and past versions of rogue decks that basically rely on having very specific spells to burst the opponent before running out of cards and health which adds a rogue usually happens faster than you’d expect so obviously this is a really powerful card it just has no place in any type of rogue deck that we’ve ever seen but doesn’t mean it’s not going to see any play with each expansion there’s a lot of potential for new decks to rise and cards like these might make that happen I have my doubts but it is not a bad card by itself like this is a great arena card standalone it’s pretty good but yeah it might screw over your combos and that would make a terrible constructed card but you know if you can design a deck that can do relatively well just by itself you don’t happen to draw this card would like rose petals and shit but then you do draw this card you make your rose petals into like actual cards and get out of control yeah it’s okay you know that’s okay I have my doubts though unwilling sacrifice three cost warlocks spell choose a friendly minion destroy it and a random enemy minion so it’s like deadly shot – but sometimes it’s good to destroy friendly minions just very rarely yeah yeah I don’t know it seems pretty bad burlock – cost 2 – battle cry freeze enemy warlock alright I guess I mean some constructive ex played the Glacial elemental whatever it is and that’s I’m just slightly better car than this you have to weigh the fact that merlok tags are really big and the merlok wind condition is getting more minions than your opponent and this effect helps you much more than it does as an elemental deck so it’s okay I think I think this might be good I just kind of think the whole monologue shaman thing as a whole is kind of dead but we still have a bunch of cards to see so maybe not treachery 3 cost user friendly mean and give it to your opponent so I have been waiting for an effect like this since since we started talking about custom cards like three years ago this is a really cool effect the is a few issues here though so the main issue is it’s a control effect you don’t you’re not going to place in an aggregate I can play this in the mid-range attack you’re going to play this in a control deck and it’s sadly balanced around dooms there so you play dooms there you give it to your opponent it goes off before he can do anything and that’s a 5-man of two card clear any board that you want and that’s a really good combo right but I couldn’t actually think of any other card this would be great with given the card and mana investment of those plays so basically the sad case is because doom seer is a thing and this card is not worded to exclude dooms there it’s otherwise really terrible so I don’t know might see some play but I think control warlock still needs more help than we’ve seen so far from this expansion and we have the rogue death knight 9 cost 5 armor battle crown gives stealth until your next turn that’s a pretty big deal so you can’t be targeted when you have stealth of course you can still get hit with like AoE damage effects now if you even even get like one health gaining the 5 armour there’s there’s almost nothing that would kill you very very fringe cases where you could actually die like the filter potion + hellfire something like really rare so typically this is going to mean you get an extra turn but you kind of used up your whole turn playing the card so the main way are actually going to gain an advantage is if you have a gigantic weapon so you have a gigantic weapon you your phone in the face then you get an extra turn any extra turn gives you the advantage of getting the extra weapon attack in the face so that good yeah that’s all right I don’t know how realistic it is to get to turn nine and rogue because rogues usually cycle out their hand with cheap spells and stop there’s going to be a dead card for a long time in the rogue deck that I’m imagining but who knows you also change your hero power to deaths shadow as a passive hero power and during your turn to get a shadow reflection to your hand with the shadow reflection that’s a shadow reflection so each time you play a card this shadow reflection card turns into a copy of that card so let’s say you ply like a minion this becomes that minion say playing another one of the minions you don’t to do that maybe you eviscerate your opponent’s face this becomes an eviscerates okay yeah I want to destroy my opponent of the face again and you get this it was started every turn so it’s it’s overall a really powerful effect the main drawbacks are the main synergy is gigantic weapons which get savagely countered in hearthstone and 9 mana which is not something roads are familiar with speaking of high mana cards we have the druid crazy high mana card 10 cos ultimate infestation deal 5 damage draw five cards gain five armor and summon a 5/5 ghouls so this cars is ridiculous remember early in the video how I talked about the value in card draw sprint is draw four so if you want to draw five cards balanced around the old you know card draw mechanics it would be a nine cost card that would draw you five cards there’s a ten cost card that draws you five cards but it does five damage gives you five armor just kind of like a holy fire and puts a 5/5 ghoul and play which is in my opinion about let’s say three and a half to four mana by constructive standards at least so you basically do 18 mana worth of stuff and it’s all on one card so it’s kind of in terms of value and all that you’re doing about 20 to 22 mana worth of stuff that’s absolutely insane now the drawbacks are it’s all on one card it’s druid the druid late-game one condition are not as well defined what I’m saying is a lot of the other classes have some really broken as extremely powerful combos and control cards right now and while this is extremely powerful and way off the power curve drew it’s kind of struggle to be that control class and now they have much higher competition this might be blizzards attempt to kind of balance druids Clifford J druids of course with the other control elements of the other classes but basically what I’m saying is I don’t think it would lead the meta I think it might kind of match some of the other control decks because again it seems like control late-game cards or getting the power creep they basically have deserved for the last few years and we have the desperate stand to cost paladin spell gives the minion deathrattle return this to life with one health so this is basically what Redemption did when secrets could trigger on your own turn like three years ago and that was an extremely powerful effect when considering mid to late game divine shield minions especially things like argent commander where you’d play it attack something it’d still be there the next turn you’d play Redemption or this card now I guess on your argent commander attack into something kill off your arch commander to come back right away you’ll have the divine shield charge again attack again and you know you get the idea it’s really really good effect I don’t know if it’s good enough to meet the divine shield swarm aggro paladin which I’m pretty sure is going to be a deck it’s just this is still kind of borderline in that deck I feel it can be very powerful but I don’t know if that deck will include mid-late game divine shield minions I suspect it’s largely going to be small ones which would make this card a lot worse shadow ascendant to cost priest card whoa how about that and it kind of sucks so two mana tutu is pretty damn bad it buffs other friendly minions so you need other friendly minions just kind of the problem playing priest if you play a priest one drop it’s probably not going to compete with opponents one drops on or this card’s good but if it’s not this card sucks and to card early game combo is a little optimistic when playing priest I think the best use for this card is it’s okay and arena and probably best off playing two of them or just with another to drop on turn four which again is not great it’s just an okay card skulking beast so this card has been the talk of the town on reddit six costs were six boat ride destroy all one cost spells in both hands and decks so this obviously completely destroys J druid and I think it’s really stupid to actually counter a card this way I have to keep in mind Blizzard designs expansions two expansions in advance so we’re getting this card to counter J Drew’s with problem two expansions ago much like pirate warriors or a problem two expansions before that when we got Galaga crawler so I don’t like this form of rebalancing those cards are obviously broken they create not fun gaming environment within the game that we love honestly those cards should just get nerfed and this is a really crappy way to change those cards specifically this one I don’t think this card is going to be as useful as you might imagine unless you can create a deck where it’s good if you remove your one cost spells from your own deck and also if people are playing combo decks with one cost spell which they might be and then this card might be okay but because the six cost card with poor stats for that mana cost it is just on a very low power level so if the effect isn’t very good then well it’s a huge weight to your deck now people talked about well you know you can just if you just discard any one card from your opponent’s hand that’s like removing a draw which is kind of puts this card in the balance but you have to keep in mind if your phone is just playing like whatever for one cost spell let’s say they doesn’t actually need to win the game whatever cards let’s say you discard one from his hand which it has one less card in his hand that’s pretty good right but then the other three not going to drawn to them and generally you don’t want to draw into one mana spells in the late game so you’re kind of doing them a favor as well I think that actually kind of balances that so again I think the main way you’re going to use this card one if J dude complete out of control they won’t be because this card exists so I guess kind of mission accomplished I guess but the main way you’re going to use this card in a normal circumstance where you can use card and feel good about it rather than just a stupid way to counter a stupid deck is if you are playing a deck you do not want to draw your one drops in the late game so for example you can be playing priest power work shields holy smites and let’s say potion two madnesses all really good cards in the early game but all very poor cards in the late game and cards you don’t want to draw so what you do is you play two of these you play two copies of each of those you use up all your one cost spells from your hand and then you remove the crappy one drops from your deck so you can only draw good cards we have that’s kind of the idea and I think that can work I just don’t know how yet or if it really will for sure you have ice fishing to cast drop to murlocs from your deck that seems pretty good several ways to play this card you can just play like a Murloc shaman or you can play with very specific murlocs and try to have some kind of like combo wombo like if you just have charge murlocs and buff murlocs maybe you can get like a blood left combo that’s obviously a bad idea but you just to illustrate how you might want to use it differently I like I like this card because it’s fairly open while still targeting a specific card that generally don’t see a lot of play roll bones to Castro card draw card if it has death metal cast this again so I played in his off road obviously as I play every mazhab deck they’ll play death rattle packs decks definitely packed rogues specifically in this case and they don’t have that many death rattle minions so I mean for this to be a good card you’re going to have to draw at least one and a half on average right yeah so free to draw one and a half on average half your deck needs to be death rattles at your neck is not going to be death rattles maybe there’s some redemption for this card if you’re playing close to that and auctioneers but then auctioneers don’t really work it’s kind of a mess acolyte of agony priest early game card and it sucks again so it’s a three men a 3/3 which in arena is pretty good because it gives you consistency when drafting because it’s going to have a massive occurrence bonus it’s a class card it’s a common you’re going to see it so frequently that you are rarely going to be lacking three drops playing priest in arena which is a good thing but the coordinate self is not not really that good life skills is a pretty good mechanic but it’s not going to turn three because I’m turned three you’re usually not missing that much or really any health three threes not going to make a big impact in the late game so it kind of sucks they’re basically think about it when is this going to be better than earthing farce here so if you play it and it gives you six health so if it attacks and then attack second timer gets attack that’s just so rare it’s so rarely better than or the ring Farseer and Farseer is flexible and still not really include in any pre specs I can recall require a defender 3 cross 2 8 pot overload 3 oh that’s a huge cost so if this had like one more attack it basically be the I don’t know it’s called a tree thing six costs 3/8 taunt which is a pretty solid arena card now if you compare it to like MOBA Sean – one – one for four it obviously looks really bad but I think shaman doesn’t struggle too much to buff the attack of its minions it kind of focuses on that actually so I think if you can make a deck that regularly busby attack of your minions this is actually a really good card the downside of that is if the meta is a mid-range to control that still won’t matter because if this is like a four eight control still won’t care so there’s a few challenges there but it’s possible this card can overcome all and actually rule the matter like if the meta is fairly aggressive decks have rarely over for health minions this card is insane so we’ll have to see follow us on cleric to cop21 friendly minion plus one plus one current the shadow son effect but you can’t have as many one drops as you can have two drops particularly marina with this kind of a played it’s a little bit worse even though it’s on a slightly higher power level it just doesn’t work with what you’re typically going to get in an arena deck priest that night this is an interesting one so it’s eight cost it cost this fine you can usually do something with two mana and battle print destroys all means is five or more attack so might be for this is priest if you play just a fairly controlling priests you kind of beat other control decks anyway so having that effect having like a third death or maybe fourth death if you can hit two of it is not really that big of a deal but again the meta is going to change so maybe it will be a big deal now the potential big deal is what your hero power becomes it becomes void form so it’s deal to damage but also after you play a card refresh your hero power so by itself it’s just pretty good but when it gets really insane is if you have played Raza so if you played Raza this is going to cost you zero so basically every time you apply any card you can deal to damage to whatever you want for free that’s when it gets completely batshit insane so just because of the hero power is this might actually be a really powerful card but we’re going to have to be looking at singleton priests and the consistency might be too big of a challenge this is something we’ll really have to test but I think it’ll be fun testing play dead trigger death death rattle for one it’s pretty good drop down to high main one mana to two twos pretty good just depends on how much of your deck is death rattles right now not very many after the expansion possibly enough good car but it needs a pretty strict requirement death speaker 3 cost two for battlecry give a friendly minion immune to this turn it’s quite as ridiculous this is slightly worse than argent protector Arjun protectors basically included almost every single deck and carry the hell out of Paulo in arena the reasons not quite as good as argent protector is because I can’t imagine where an immune effect is actually better than a divine shield effect when played proactively on your turn because except for like abomination hits or something it’s just it’s just the same thing but with divine shield you can stack it for a tempo play so if your opponent has no minions and you have a minion and you can aren’t your protector that minion having the divine shield carries over the following turns but this effect is only until end of turn so that’s why I don’t think it’s quite as good as argent protector but again being neutral really opens up what’s going to happen and what’s possible I can see this card being played anywhere and everywhere it’s just an extremely powerful card even in control decks mid range necks even Agra decks I think this is pretty good it’s not a high cost to play that maybe not like face decks but like scarily aggressive let’s say mid range neck I can see this being played into those we’ll have to see though this might be a bit of a problem rattling rascal for cost to to some of the 5:5 skelton death Bell sometimes one for your opponent so you can have two silences would get around that effect pretty powerful though I mean it’s for mana 7-7 just you have to be really ahead it’s definitely a wind more card and some decks really work off of that so that might be good enough how fiend 3 cost 36 demon when this minion takes damage discard or rent guard oh man that’s a ridiculously high cost but the really funny thing about this card is it works very well with the Warlock and works unbelievably well with the clutch from other legendary so if this card has taken like three four hits and every time its landing on the clutch holy crap that thing is going to get way out of control really fun card I think it’s I think it’s going to be a relatively weak but I can’t wait to try it out frozen clone new mage secret after your opponent plays a minion add two copies of it to your hand so in in just a standalone card that’s pretty good you gain value game cards you can’t hand-sized nice card but again this gets countered by applying a small minion mirin tea gives countered by your opponent playing small minion potion of polymorphs gets countered by your opponent playing a small minion so these cards have extreme negative synergy with one another seeker decks are still kind of struggling with that pretty hard at least as majors concerned if shadow essence six costs on a five five copy of a random minion in your deck this can get really crazy if you only have very few and very specific minions in your deck like if you’re running the new of a Lydian destroyer crazy-ass Priest card and Justin is off two out of three times you’re getting one of those the other time you’re getting in the sausage all right but yeah this can be very strong then we have rotface eight cost four six warrior legendary when this minion survives damage some other random legendary minion cost eight is pretty difficult to set this up if you play this and it gets one shot at it’s absolutely terrible so we are looking at extremely high requirements very very challenging to pull this off but who know that’s a powerful effect might be worth it breath of sindragosa for one mage spell deal two damage to a random enemy and freeze it is a really high power level card major survives off of these and I don’t know if it’s good enough to lead a new wave of tempo mages but who knows we’ve been surprised with cards like these in the past then lastly for today I have bone Drake 6 cost 4 6 5 dragon when it dies add a rain dragon to your hand so this card’s absolutely bonkers in arena and probably good enough in constructed I mean it’s a dragon crazed can probably run it and to death rattle so pretty good probably but it wouldn’t dissolve and a few other death rattle interactive cards overall pretty strong stuff expansion spice enough more card reveals gets me hyped up even more there are a few problematic cards that I see but time will tell and have to experiment and see when the expansion comes up for now hope you guys enjoyed my review [Music] you [Music]

[Hearthstone] Knights of the Frozen Throne Review 6

hey guys had to go and Crane him so we finally got the card dump the remaining 40-ish or whatever cards out of the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion and well they’re pretty cool there’s some really cool cards I think more so than any expansion I’ve seen so far there are a lot more cards that are like maybe good and then maybe good cards are what creates the adventure the discovery the deck testing and deck building and all that but I really love kind of why I enjoy these releases and also there’s like the fewest dumpster tear text lifts cards that we’ve had an expansion so far certainly a few bad ones but they’re very few all right I’ll kick it off get a lot of cards to go over first off web we’ve 5 cots one two one two poisonous spiders well that’s pretty okay they were saying how at for cost this card was one of the best cards in Druid so at five is probably balanced well probably but balanced card don’t usually leave the meta so I’d have to say it’s a good arena card and likely about that’s all it’s going to do Saturday night chain-gang for cost to three battle cries I’m going to copy this minion this is a pretty powerful card if you think about it shaman runs the Strasse wolves for a three cost overload – this is four which in my opinion is about the same but this has two advantages first off if you bust it you get you know twice the effect of that bus like the hand buff mechanics that is and if you’re playing evolutions it costs two more mana than the Frostwolf so even in shaman if you’re planning evolution the shaman this might be better than for all schools so that’s actually very good this is quite a powerful card happy ghoul three cost three three cost zero if your hero was healed this turn so yeah i’ll pad I mean if you’re playing priest you just heal your hero if you took some damage on turn one or turn two there may be wet first against you to mana three three pretty good tempest a little bit later pretty good it’s a pretty good card pretty good cards are notoriously not included in most constructed decks but who knows maybe there’s going to be a lot of decks that heal a lot you’ll see as the card to get revealed here that there are a lot of control cards but the only real control mechanic that’s new and powerful in this set is the life skill mechanic so that might be more widespread than we think despicable dreadlord 5 comma 4 5 demon the end of your eternity oh one damage to all enemy minions so I think just when you play this on 5 it is about as good as dread infernal slam on 6 but it has an end of turn effect so it’s repetitive and the repetitive effect is probably going to push this card / dread infernal level dreadful is near the top of arena 4 warlock so this is going to be one of the best warlock arena cards and if it’s one of the best warlock arena cards and it’s a demon we have some demon synergy and it’s a repetitive effect to counter aggro well it might actually be constructed level of power forge of souls to cost draw two weapons from your deck well as you know with the new warrior hero that has absolutely nothing to do with this card well it’s interesting there are a few weapons synergies it’s difficult to make a deck solely based on weapons but if you’re playing like a faced warrior deck this is going to give you a lot of face damage snow fury giant 11 cost 8/8 first giant bat we’re seeing here that is a shaman card now I actually thought this was an elemental but you know I guess not this is an official image from Blizzard so guess it’s not an elemental what is interesting is yet once again it’s shaman giant haven’t had a class giant before the overload mechanic is really interesting there are some cards that have extreme overload numbers we’re talking like elemental destruction which is a three cause of overload five you can really cheat out this minion in some situation and you know in if you don’t in mid to late game a zero cost eight eight is usually what wins games so it’s I feel it’s maybe a little bit clunkier than arcane giant but depending on what works and were and in Xiamen maybe not rattling rascal for cost to to battlecry some into five five death rattle some is on for your opponent so I thought this car to Mike yes alright you know you get a four man oh seven seven but you know then your opponent gets five five so it’s really a four minute to two but you get the tempo lead which kind of makes a little better than that so a little better than four Manitou to you know when you look at it that way it’s probably not that good but it was including a lot of decks they played on stream when they were reviewing the cards and I have to say that it’s actually seemingly good there’s a lot of effects that can manipulate the death rattle and in a lot of cases you can just push for the board and it’s difficult to punish this card without punishing others as well as you’ll see we have it the warrior hero card scourge Lord Garrosh it cost game five armor just like all the other hero cards and you equip a 4/3 shadow morn that also damages adjacent minions the here power that you get is one damage to everything and there’s some positive synergy on your side if you build a deck around it and it generally is pretty decent to keep doing that effect against your opponent so you know it’s it’s pretty good my main concern with this card is so we know control warrior as the all-time dominant warrior deck now I know recently it’s kind of lost his crown to like pirate where and all that but agri decks come and go control warrior has generally stayed since the beginning of hearthstone so I look at this card I don’t see it as a nag record I see it like a control type of card losing the armor up is a really big deal you also to keep in mind that the control warrior deck at least traditionally runs your opponent out of resources your parents not going to play a whole bunch of stuff all at once because if they do they’re going to lose your brawl so if you’re not playing a whole bunch of stuff war wildung is board is not that efficient you know if your phone is playing one card at a time your your power is just pretty bad hero power like I would say the worse than armor your upon playing one minion at a time you generally don’t have that one synergy with your own minions is a bad hero power so how good is eight cost for three shadow mourn with AoE attacks and five armor that’s okay but I mean are we talking about an eight cos okay card well I don’t know about that obviously it could just bring out a whole new self damaging back there’s a lot of cards that do that so maybe that’s really good but it looks like a sintered synergy required like late game tempo deck forward I just don’t see it but who knows Drakkar e enchanter three cost one five your end of turn effects triggered twice well that’s pretty insane there’s some of the most powerful effects the entire game or end of turn effects now a lot of them are in the wild format with Emperor and Ragnaros and all that so you know maybe this card won’t be that big of a deal right now and standard but you know even then it might be there’s still some very powerful in turn effects but it’s really going to shine wild so there get bored of standard playing the expansion head over to wild and try some drew carey enchanting should be pretty good doomerang wrote cards throw your weapon at a minion that deals it’s damaged and returns to your hand so I think some people didn’t really understand this card I think the main way that you use this card is if you have a weapon that’s a high durability weapon you can basically extend its durability and use all one mana removal so just let’s talk about assassin’s blade three damage for durability card you can attack three times before attacking the last time you do Morang one mana hit something for three and the fact that you returned that weapon to your hand is a positive effect then this card is really powerful now I actually Twitter tweeted about this card you know I’m not sure if it’s good or not if we see this many rogue cards that are weapon centered so like it’s just so easy to counter weapon based decks that I just don’t feel they’re ever going to topple the meta just face decks with crazy early game but you don’t see the rogue deck doing so yeah it’s a good card in a long chain of pretty good weapon manipulative rogue cards but I just saw for nothing night howler so this is probably as as no text as it gets in this expansion for cross three for when this main takes damage game to attack so like okay so let’s see it gets hit once and survives then it’s like a four mana 5/4 and yet in in fairytale magical land where it gets hit twice and is still alive it’s just it’s a seven whatever is left on its health Wow you know give me a break is terrible all right skeleton however is really interesting so five cost to to death rattle if it’s your opponent’s turn summon an eight eight skeleton holy moly so this is a card like a few others that not only punishes your opponent clearing the board which i think is the main thing that it does like if your opponent has like in a volcanic potion or Blizzard is just not able to play it that is huge but again that kind of favors mid range or aggressive deck control decks kind of need you board clears effectively and they’re not going to be able to if people are playing this card now in terms of constructed it might even be good enough but in terms of arena it’s just going to be insane this is this is going to be one of the biggest anti mage cards that I’ve ever seen it’s so ridiculous it’s also pretty good if you can grant them tot if you’re playing like argus or sunfury again a lot of those kids are playing like a zoo kind of aggressive deck it’s a really really powerful new card wicked skeleton for cost 1:1 battle cry gain plus on post one for each minion that died this turn overall not bad i mean again if your family kazoo acted replying arena it can be okay it’s pretty easy to drop three minions or like all at once and yeah if you do that it’s fine you can do more than that better than fine it’s alright as an Iranian card ya dead scale knight one cost 1/1 merlok with lifesteal yeah not much to say about that sure wretched tiller one cost to one one when this minion attacks look to damage to the enemy hero so it’s kind of like a 1 mana 3:1 except the trades worse is that good now really we have spectral pillager 6 cost 5 fine the combo deals damage equal to the number of cards you’ve played this turn now I am not sure I think it’s a combo effect the combo fact I think triggers before the minion actually gets technically played so I think it would not include this card so if you played one other card then you play this it deals 1 damage not 2 so that’s kind of weak it’s on the weak side but there’s probably going to be some BEC that finds a way to play just insane number of cards in one turn and do a massive spectral villager you know what I might be the kind of person to try out that deck so I’ll keep you guys up to date tell scar fisherman to cost 2 3 battle cry as a friend the minions bill damage + 1 this is a superb arena to drop in terms of constructive spell damage has been a pretty big deal in the past but we’re starting to see some next level on the power scale of endgame so I’m not sure if buffing your spell by a little bit I don’t think I don’t think that counts as liking anymore so I think if this card came out like two expansions ago might actually be constructed quality but I have my doubts about the future of that and constructed but again as far as rain is concerned really solid and we have 3 cost for for the bow chronic freezes all of your other minions that’s not a bad ring card if you can find a way to take advantage of freezing your own stuff and we’ve seen a few cards but they seem a bit clunky to me so again I kind of doubt the constructed viability of this card but it’s a solid arena card is kind of a funny one grim necromancer to cost to for summons to one one skeletons so again a pretty low power level for drop but it’s different you know if you’re running a deck that you really just want to fill the board constantly churning an arena deck we just want to get some kind of face damage this is a pretty good card so I very much prefer cards like these to text with garbage so this this is good this is situationally interesting arrogant crusader for cost five two and when it dies on your opponent’s turn it gets a 2/2 ghoul so two tables not that big of a deal but a four cost five two is relatively powerful I don’t consider it that strong of an arena card because it’s so easy to kill and palin’s most about having a board not not so much you know pushing for damage but in constructed that can be very different you have a lot of divine shield effect I can see this being pretty powerful you have what a hand bus I can see this being pretty powerful as well so we’ll have to see but it looks like a little bit underpowered death axe Punisher for cost three three gives a random light steel minion in your hand plus two plus two so let’s say that it does that it’s like a four cost five five with like negative tempo because you get the tempo in a later turn just kind of bad so I don’t see this card being good unless we’re talking about some like serious combo wombo actions that I haven’t imagined yet grape Chandler for cost for for when your weapon is destroyed gain plus one plus one it’s an elemental which makes the elemental synergy kind of keep up with the prior expansion which is really good I think this is a solid shaman and rogue card as far as arena is concerned but everything else probably on the weak side bone baron v cost five five the death row adds to one one’s going through your hand the rogue card and the reasons to row card is there is a little bit of the expansion focusing on playing a whole bunch of stuff in one turn and this helps you get there but yeah five cost five five that’s pretty hard to see that being played exploding bloat that so a really cool-looking card but again power little seems on the weak side for cost to one beast and FL deals two damage to enemy minions it’s going to be a delayed effect unless your opponent is playing like a grow or zoo they’re going to be able to play around this but again there’s just a ton of Agra and zoo decks and I guess this is really good so who knows now we have a card very much like egg Napper three cost three one the death rattle if it’s your opponent’s turn which again they’re generally going to have a bit of an issue the three cost three drop you get a 2/2 Ghul so fine it’s very similar to a previous card but it makes use of a new mechanics oh sure why not this is an interesting one six caustic six not what you want but it discards all weapons from your hand and gains their stats yeah I don’t see this card being that good because it doesn’t have any other ability to really push the fact that it’s a big minion like if it has cannot be targeted or hopefully not like you know stealth or charge or something like that but you know it just it just needed a little bit extra and it doesn’t have that and just big Binion’s that do nothing else I’m never really going to work in constructive unless to cost the river less mana so yeah it’s an arena card six – six six for a class without weapons is fine and possibly for a class even with weapons sometimes you get stuck on too many and it’s actually pretty decent so it’s probably a like good arena card toxic arrow I really love this card – cos honor spell deals two damage Dominion but you can hit your own and if it survives you give poisonous and you can kill an even bigger minion so really cool a flexible remove I mean this is this is basically how control decks work but again my my issue that is most of the classes already has cards that kind of follow that that theme and hunter is is pretty behind this might this is probably going to go a long way but I’m still not so sure about control hunter keening Banshee for Cox 5/5 when you play a card remove the top three cards from your deck so again that’s that’s really not a big deal especially your playing arena you don’t really care about losing cards from your deck because you’re just never really going to go to fatigue and you’re in control of that ability so actually it’s a pretty good card arena for mattify 5 is strong and constructed not that strong so the reading card death revenant 5 cost 3/3 the battlecry gives it plus one plus one for each damaged minion so I saw this in the in the demo game earlier today and I’m like wow that card kind of sucks but then they set up a board they played it and it was like a five cost eight eight and didn’t seem like that spectacular of a board so it seems like if you’re playing like that warrior deck where it just does small damage constantly to stuff it’s actually a pretty good card but I don’t know how consistently you can set this up for it to be a good card because if you’re just top deck moding and there’s like nothing on the board that it triggers off with it’s really terrible venomancer i cross to five poisonous so it’s pretty strong card you might not think so but we had the legendary two eight four six my eczema all that time ago and that was pretty good card that cart is really annoying to deal with this card is decent bit worse than that but it’s an int in the common slot you know again five mana card doesn’t be very much for constructed it’s not saying played but in terms of arena i think i think we’re going to see a lot of this card this card is going to often trade with the three or four drops survive and treat them to another thing and that other thing might mean that your opponent doesn’t play they’re good six drop on twenty six so it has really high power level in arena spell weaver sticks off four four plus to spell damage so that’s pretty interesting but it caustics mana I don’t know no no yeah I talked about spell damage I don’t I don’t know if spell damage is the future of late-game yeah it’s on the weak side you really need to spell damage use evolve kobold if you really need like a big minion you play another big minion this is kind of a compromise but it doesn’t really fit any extreme role and construct it is generally about pushing the extremes Nach three cost Drude card give you a three attack and three armor things pretty pretty bad but whatever in arena removal is premium that’s your mobile dark conviction to cost paladin cards to the minions attack and helped three so it’s not bad often i mean we played with keeper room on in the past does a really good job of dealing with big minions gonna see a lot of big minions in this expansion particularly in arena because so many of them are common so it’s probably a pretty high power level card it’s just buffing your own stuff using a card to do that so imagine me how to one one with good abilities would you include this or would you include other buffs like the trade-off flexibility with this card for a lower power level but i don’t know how much flexibility counts if you’re playing a one-dimensional paladin deck difficult to say tainted to zealot to cost one one divine shield spell damage +1 so yeah people played really janky spell damage meetings in the past and this is definitely better than cobalt if you’re playing cobalt to cost to to spell damage plus one this is straight-up better blanco bold you are playing it for the spell damage effect not for its stats you want to stick around the board as long as you can and sometimes you need a combo it for two mana this does the two mana combo part and it does the sticking around part better because it has at least two health so divine shield is at least one health and it has the one health as well so i think is actually a pretty strong card well if spell damage kind of is required in that at least bloodworm podcast for for beasts with lifesteal interesting card again I don’t know how prevent life still going to be but if life skill is not used I don’t see how control decks going to stop Agra decks so I imagine life scale is probably stronger than we realize so this card might just very well be a lot stronger than we realize and it’s in the comments lot so maybe makes a big impact in arena it is an interesting one just one cop21 and it gives a friendly minion one attack so if you guys remember abusive sergeant uh it’s kind of like that right it’s better to play on turn one because a to one rather than a one one I’ll often deny your opponents to drop which is actually very powerful and the effect is permanent so if you’re playing like life skill stuff if you’re playing cards that really are much better if they’re bust so like the new shaman taunt a to a taunt you just make that three eight time something that’s a really good card for that mana cost that’s just perfect follow-up because you’ll be overloaded for three on turn four on that so you know I think this card might see quite a lot of play cards that are considered good one drops always make their way into some kind of aggro deck and I do believe this is one of those cars and even that he’s good enough to see play in arena arena people are worried about one drop they really take only the premium ones but I believe this is close or is a premium one drop office for cost to tube beast and death rattle adds a random death knight card to your hand so when I first saw this I’m like oh my god you couldn’t get another deck not you’re going to get a hero card no it’s not what you get you get one of these eight puppies yeah Frostmourne which is absolutely insane yep I get army of the Dead which is not really that insane most of the time you get doom pact which yeah and if you plan to control battle maybe not that insane most of the time you get death grip which literally takes the minion out of your opponent’s deck which can honestly nullify a control Beck’s or a combo decks win condition that’s like dirty rat level right yeah death coil which is extremely high power level 4 – given its flexibility you have a obliterate which is pretty pretty high tempo removals not bad you have anti magic shell which is absolutely game-winning if your opponent doesn’t have a board credential playing cards that you know void some board clear as well that’s a big problem death and decay also very strong you can tell a death knight cards are on average extremely high power level my main issue that is they do such different things and some of them are pretty damn awful some others are just absolutely insane it feels like you know cabal chemist level stuff if you get like the 1 in 10 or in this case 1 in 8 that wins the game it’s kind of a cheesy way to win but who knows I don’t know how good these cards are going to be because I think silence might rise up again and I think priests are going to be pretty viable and I think every priests going to do like double potion of madness so arthas’s is going to have a new owner a lot of the time I imagine I think it’s going to get a bit countered but it’s a really cool card and I’ll certainly be playing it anyway and then the other way you get death knight cards the Lich King so which King has it pretty insane entrance he like freezes up the board and has like all these cool effects and they did him justice alright I I thought that her stone would like cartoon if I the Lich King I’d be really pissed off about that because that really was the highlight for me playing the Warcraft games in the past but III think I think he is well represented in hearthstone and I think it is a pretty damn strong card so you get the iron bark 8.88 tot not bad right we also get the end of turn effect to give you death knight cards so even if it only gave you just one death knight card I think some decks would play that but it gives you repetitive death knight cards this is insane you know the little king is super-powerful card it’s really good in a control deck because it also has taught so it does well again Agra decks so like basically the Lich King is going to see play unless a Grove just completely demolishes every other deck that’s about it other than that Lich King is going to see play so if you like the card give it a try warlock hero ten cost battle cry summon all friendly demons that died this game so it’s kind of like ghouls off I like it I like it a lot I wonder if it is actually a way to combine the zoth with ghouls ah so you could have the doubles up counter you get the idea it’s a really cool card I mean if you have like one like eight cost beam and then you play this card you get five armor you get the eight cost demon back and it changes your hero power into deal three damage game three life right so like this card is crazy so like anything but an aggro warlock would include this card any other warlock now as we’ve seen in this expansion that might not mean much there might be the case that no warlock is viable and that would be sad but I’m going to be playing it anyway we have it via druid hero it looks relatively weak but again it seems like these are just good cards it seems we compared the other hero cards but what does that really matter it’s seven cost which is kind of a weird number you get to choose if you want to poisonous guys or to taunt guys poisons guys are one to talk either one fives I believe you get the five armor and your hero power is okay you get three attack or you get three armor choosing between the two of kind of lame because on average like 1.5 attack 1.5 armor there’s like not even just a card level of a buffer your hero power so on the weak side but Blizzard said how some of the druid cards and to be tuned so I imagine drew it as a whole kind of works in some way we’ll have to see what that way is Luthor the even blade man this is insane so you get a 5-3 life’s your weapon you get the five armor so right away you can gain 10 health for nine you still have your five to life still you just hit your opponent in the face and you’re here power is bust to something to two guys so it’s like just the car effect I mean this is a really powerful card if if those two tubes make it you just win the game I mean that’s pretty ridiculous right your opponent has to constantly put pressure on your board kind of what they have to doing out the palem anyway but this is like next-level stuff I feel this is an extremely powerful card and it solidifies paladin as a control deck so keep that in mind we have paladin control decks we have paladin mid range next we have paladin tempo decks I believe we actually have paladin combo aggro decks with divine shield bullcrap so paladin’s going to be good alright people someone going to play palette on the ladder next expansion blackguard six cost three nine when your hero is healed without much damage to your random enemy minion pretty powerful card if you’re using a lot of heals wildlife steal stuff it’ll trigger a lot which make it very powerful stat wise it’s actually pretty strong three nine is a lot better than six six if you balance out the stats against aggro mid range or tempo which is usually most of the latter so it’s actually pretty damn good stats about boulderfist level stats with a really potentially really powerful ability drew the swarm to cost one too can become poisonous or it can just gain a bunch of health and be taught pretty staple druid card I imagine but we’ll see a lot of drew cards spawn a whole bunch of stuff so maybe the bigger game swinging card is going to take over the small ones like this one strong shell scavenger for cost you three battle crown gives you Tommy s plus two plus two remember druid it does a pretty good job of swarming the board with all low attack high health top minions so if to to buff might be extreme we powerful but yeah cute is buffing one thing it’s on the weak side I mean you need to do better than how a master level of power for this to be worth it because it’s a two three with nothing else going for it avalanche shaman cart freezes the minion and deal three two adjacent ones love any card that focuses people on the positioning of their minions are you care subscribes gonna be good I imagine it is going to be quite good but regardless I love these cards and I really appreciate that Blizzard keeps making them now and then finally we have drain soul to cost warlock card to damage to a menu with life steel so this is better than deal to gain tube because if you have any spell damage effects you can gain more than two so if you have like three spell damage its deals I’ve gained five it’s not like bumping up a drain life which is then deal five still gain two so it is a pretty damn high power level card its removal and warlock really needs those heels so I think this is very strong and probably a staple to anything but a zoo deck overall we’ve seen an insane number of very interesting cards again as I said at the start of the video more so than any other expansion so it’s going to be a lot of exploration there’s going to be a lot of fun hope you guys join me on expansion launch day all beyond ready expansion comes up opening I don’t know thousand plus of Amazon coin packs and all that so I hope you guys join me in seeing these cards and I eagerly await your opinion on your favorites have you guys enjoyed my review and all [Music]

[Hearthstone] Opening 1000+ Frozen Throne Packs

it gets have to go on cocaine here today I wanna give you guys is the experience of opening around a thousand packs now I did get half of these myself but the Amazon coins sponsored the other half so keep that in mind opening packs is quite a bit of fun the pack opening animation is something you can’t really get sick of one of those little things that we kind of take for granted with hearthstone pulls through from time to time it’s a long video so brace yourselves and keep in mind of course you need to buy a thousand packs to enjoy hearthstone but sometimes when you can why not oh told you okay okay I guess doesn’t one second it’s out its out its out forget the shield block what’s that it’s out its out it’s actually out really really windows clock has never ever lied okay so I’m gonna get I’m getting eight right kf2 that’s three that’s four five six seven and eight alright that is the easiest pack purchasing experience I’ve ever had on launch day okay more after let’s see the first pack first pack it’s super sad alright well apparently we’re supposed to get legendary in the first 10 that’s why we we see all our friends opening legendaries right now we’ve got another super sad pack we really only care about golden cards but I like I like just looking at the cards at the start well we got a golden defile that’s pretty sweet certainly stood in that before yeah so expansions out servers are really good because I guess Blizzard trolled you guys have faith in the Windows clock guys oh here we go what first legendary rotface uh well everyone else seems to think it’s good so whatever maybe it’s maybe it’s not too bad humor train pack opening animations really awesome of a tainted zealot a lot of people had this card much better than I did bone mayor be an interesting card and arena at least possibly constructed a lot of junks before ya Garrosh first legendary oh oh okay then gold s speaker I wonder how widespread the death speaker is going to be what are we supposed to get a hero card in the first 10 packs or is just a legendary is the hero card from the requesting that what it is plague scientist combo wombo Sargent Sally apparently prologue is not up well maybe the prologue will be up in two hours I don’t know just the legendary okay not much there he requires prologue came to bad scalamaster I am betting on skele man’s two guys you guys you guys are hatin I think skele master is legit okay spreading plague arenas sucka opening necropolis for the first time o golden despicable dread lord we’ve got some really good golden cards not high rarity but ones I imagined I’d be using very very early on my testing phase very interested are not bad should have waited prologue that way you get no dupes you mean for Legendary’s well the thing is like new expansion launched and waiting don’t really go hand-in-hand I got my first night howler yeah like I opened Lich King I want to see my first golden legendary is going to be I think I’m going to like I just got a golden Prince you just got two princes well the princes go well together guys we’re a locker pally for new arena you’re way ahead of me right now I think we’re locks gonna be a surprise class no no oh here we go and yet Jaina it’s not bad the Jaina card is one of the strongest ones by itself but elemental mage didn’t really get anything in this expansion so it’s difficult to understand how well it’ll actually perform like it’s an insane standalone card but the synergy just wasn’t there gold an icebreaker still hard to figure out how that cards supposed to work like at best so one extra charge poisonous weapon right more tiles so I was at like 5:00 5:30 three four packs so we’re still in pre-order mode right now when we hit 480 is when we delve into the the cash packs okay a good thing I bought the packs early because the store is completely frozen right now I don’t know if that’s a pun or if the store is actually broken okay well I think I opened them about 300-400 packs an hour but the first few are a lot slower so hopefully the store is back up within a couple hours but in all reality it probably won’t be this is a textbook card you guys said there’s no Texas cards in this expansion we got a snow flipper penguin not bad stores busted seems like doors busted for some people but not everyone East is text sure gastly conjure I almost included this in my top ten I think it might actually be top ten because I think quest mage is going to be awesome but I think if I did that I’d lose like all credibility in some people’s eyes but um yeah I’ve got a bazillion stature we haven’t gotten that many golden cards though we’ve gotten some good rarity cards like a decent number of legendary decent quality on the high rarity cards you’ve gotten but not that many golden I already lost the credibility and yeah we’ll see we’ll see I honestly think I’d do better on the reviews and most people yeah still on the weak side compared to reality a terrace veteran Charis like chocolate a chairs two chairs it’s probably a word I just don’t I was done oh I don’t know what that means all right the gang is very good but it’s hard hard to say it being topped here I was like my 12th best card a Karass why is that a Karass but chocolate of chocolate still got that CH golden bull bar I take gold and legendary anything right now even a prince hopefully not a prince but I think golden the rock face all right scale them answer again because English blows okay ice-fishing should be pretty interesting there’s so many cars in this expansion you have to try to make them work that are probably very good in specific decks there we got the Knitting turin that’s a good goal remind you get that kid in school he has nothing going for him except he’s really good at a stringed game oh we got a gold night howler awesome I think you can’t get three of a common card in the same pack or twenty legendary we’re taking guesses for golden legend news all right we can we can do it a bit a bit more fair I’m betting the next golden legendary would be in the Xerces position top of the pack followed by rares on each side holding up a heavy legendary card that’s my prediction this is the last of the pre-order packs I would normally check how many legendaries I got but I’m honestly afraid to exit the pack opening screen I’m pretty experienced with launch day woes and that is one of them but what do we get we got rotface we got a prince then we get like one other thing we got three right what’s the other thing we got Rock faith Prince Jaina that’s right Jaina oh here we go Blood Queen Monaco on attack for each card you’ve discarded this game doesn’t seem too bad but then probably going to be victim to its own synergy on the discard we will see about that Adventure is not open yet well they did say the full like they’re expecting the launch to be like two hours from now maybe that means they’re expecting all the features to be available two hours from now so we’ll have to check a little bit later but doesn’t really matter because like all the opening packs for the next three or three or so hours I imagine so it’s alright you don’t really care that much we can take our time I must be curious to see what part of the Adventure we get right away you got thrall another very good card I’m curious to see if we if we get the Lich King right away because that is what I would like I like Lich King has so much content on them right probably not Lich Kings probably at the end of his adventure almost certainly I’d say but when one can dream that’s BPA I’m not getting Lich King Charles not good I think for all is very good the fact that it costs five makes it very good to miller occur mmm that’s the card I’m not so sure but you’re surprising Callum death knight is in my top 10 it’s the final mission the Lich King something it’s the pallet and death knight is obviously really insane I just feel it’s not going to be the make or break of control paladin while a lot of the other cards are I think make or break on the decks are included in like if control palette is going to be a deck I feel like the palette and death my card is just going to make it slightly better it’s most made an insane heal card doesn’t really care you in any other way man I want some his golden legendary got a golden spell Weaver pretty chain key card I think what’s that gonna open some packs all right come up with some packs are you ready how lucky have you been today not at all what are you doing opening packs I’m safe okay all right what do you got for us I just got a golden boundary that’s not that you can’t just take credit for that I totally opened that myself got to bring it on in these cards are pretty good we want the legendaries for the dust value and we want the the golden cards more importantly we’re not thinking we’re not going to judge your first few okay I mean you got to warm up right it might be a little laggy apparently the store is broken so it was so broken the pack opening experience might not be too bad so when do you think you’ll get your first legend name because I haven’t gotten legendary for a while make your pity timers gorgeous so let’s go not this one the one after Oh what do you get Mel Furion okay well last time we celebrated cards we didn’t have but now they have legendaries can’t be the ones that you already have in your collection so you’re safe from blizzards wrath of RNG we’re still looking for golden legendary gold and legendary you might be here while are you comfortable I mean you really don’t look comfortable at all okay all right I’ll hold yeah I’ll hold yeah it’s worse okay won’t hold you up yeah but we want schools and cards what the gold and purple all right you sit down you sit down oh I’ll do this I’ll go on my knees sup guys hey guys comparing here I’m right here guys hi but why are you pushing into two decks you’re just met are facism the set and you didn’t get in okay chill out with that attitude you’re not getting in a mex expansion either and it’s really uncomfortable all right fine fine I’m good now I’m good it’s a cool golden animation well I missed it did we get a gold card what do we get what do we get okay Oh what do we get what do we get I got the world lock one sure well we’re easily going to get every legendary because again you only get ones you don’t have we want those golden legends oh there we go that’s the solid card golden infestation gold and epic all right that’s the best poll so far all right if we get a golden card we should look at it should appreciate the shininess and the movement in the graphics all right it’s alright opening tax the only loser is is us credit card bills going to kill us in the end for like other than that if you can’t you can’t do wrong here you’re good here we go here we go right again okay another death what’s that they are pretty fat a little fat ask are you beating it up one let’s click for dodges okay why we feeding them at all that’s insane buy more packs on a regular basis ten more packs alright you did pull the best card so far we got the gold in the gold ethic but overall at least as far as golden cards are concerned we’re on the weak side of things Despina I think you’re opening until 4:23 you can open for 22 to get a bonus one you’re calling PETA guys if the dogs get hungry enough the bigger ones eat the smaller one they won’t starve to death that’s nature taking its course it’s not cruel oh yeah okay all right I’m still here guys right here hello right here next doesn’t approve of kripparian here all right you got two more that end two more okay you’re right but only cause I’m bonus pack I think you’re like pretty far in your pity timer I get gold skill answers nice soap in a few market let’s end on a legendary so we can kind of feel good about it even though we’ve gotten a lot of Legendary’s and I think we’re still missing two princes if you get a prince we’re not gonna be too happy but and it doesn’t really matter got a golden sudu hexxus interesting all right I don’t know how deep we are in pity time anytime our still 40 I believe but I think it’s been pretty reasonable oh that was packed 420 we didn’t we didn’t give any special notice to pack for 20 that okay always 420 sure Bruin and then sorry they’ll be more for 20s will stock up again let her open the next 420 okay link city timer is that like high 20s right now that’s cool legit cool a golden cart we got a look at the shinies most people in twitch ad don’t get to see the shinies in their own collection okay okay okay okay okay okay open up and open them gobbling the packs knock it yeah alright alright we’re seriously edging out the the pity timer here we’re demanding a legendary legendary or a refund how many are we didn’t get in your last tens in like 33 oh there we go what do we get it is a prince yes that’s really good this is one of the most talked about cards in the whole expansion no all right thank you thank you for appeasing the viewers given us the female factor do you want coffee didn’t she have some coffee do you want water hey guys coffee do you think this make you pee no I don’t want things will make me pee I’m going to shrivel up dehydrator until I’m done opening packs over here combo prince still no golden legendary we’re a 131 packs deep right now got like pink to golden epics one goal mythic no-go legendaries that is on the weak side another gold in the web we’ve cool one yeah all right five percent legendary drop right yep that’s about right but I mostly care about the gold cards and I think the the gold cards are still a little bit unknown double epic and let me like she said the furnace fire Colossus might not be too bad I’m not so sure about that but alright I’m not going to say no treachery friend just opened Lich King I guess I have a lot of friends opening a lot of packs right now what I want is my own golden Lich King okay that’s really three golden Webber’s already three golden Webb we’ve not even 150 packs Wow another golden death speaker that is pretty weird there we go okay that’s a solid pack alright that’s that’s the best pack so far I’m sure we’re going to have better but this this is the score to beat here we are golden rare rare good epic and it’s not Prince okay it’s not Prince level dusted garish I wouldn’t dust anything right now until you’re done done opening packs and because you’re getting like three free packs you’re probably playing a lot in this next week I wouldn’t dust a single legendary until like a week or two past especially because some of those Legendary’s might end up being good like the worst thing you could do is like dust the legendary right now because one it could actually be a good legendary in a week we don’t know I think there’s going to be a lot to explore in this expansion oh wow and also if you dust the legendary you can pull it from your pack again that’s another thing that’d be pretty careful of already dusted bulb our own baron with the bone baron sure you can disenchant the princes once you’re done opening packs and 90 packs not a single hero mm-hmm that’s unfortunate shadowblade not bad no new tearless is up on Hertz arena all right well right now it’s pack opening season the schedule of the day is open packs and then go to over to the android client to open amazon packs we’re about a hundred and sixty in of about a thousand so we have a long pack opening experience ahead of us once we’re finished up with that oh here we go we get Bulevar all right there’s some hope for bolívar but not much prolong is that okay don’t spoil it I guess after pax we will do sequel to the prologue and probably after that we’ll do a some new 35 legendary deck matches I think after that I’m going to try drafting a deck we’re going to have a little bit of a contest to see if you guys can guess the deck score and I don’t know I’m going to start playing some cool stuff there you go now you got lich king i mean it’s inevitable we’re going to get all the legendaries i guess once we have all the legendaries once we have all the legendaries we we can start betting on which ones we’ll see again HK yeah so if you missed it if you haven’t I mean if you’ve been under a rock and you haven’t lifted it yet you cannot open a legendary that you already have that’s why I think it’s a bad idea to dust anything right now because if you dust it and then you decide the game’s pretty fun so you play in the next few days you get like six seven hundred gold you open six or seven more packs you might just get the legendary oh you dusted a second time it’s only for Legendary’s though roll the bones it’s interesting animation so if you get a bunch of epics you have like five of one epic or something of course if you have some epics or rares you think you don’t ever want to play then yeah sure I still wouldn’t really recommend it but certainly more so than disenchanting Legendary’s if you have all the legendaries I imagine you just run into duplicates okay we got golden epic here we had a golden abominable bow man looks like he’s in space okay how do we get Valkyr soul climber my opinion is a pretty weak card but mostly even a lot of the weak cards they have some though very limited potential just played a wild warlock at zerozero well okay you’re probably going to play a lot of wild vex if you play arena i imagine until the wild decks get flushed out it’s probably not going to be a great experience but um we’ll see it’s not going to be as bad as normally as it’s not like we had a whole rollout you still know what to play around it’s just some of these decks might be a bit more stacked they would otherwise spirit lash you’re forced boomerang and one golden you brings epic right goal net because I’ve been spirit trash okay I don’t I don’t know I’m not not saying it’s bad it doesn’t look good I can’t say it’s bad like spew I kind of want to try scale um answer in my first few decks I think I want to try like a mid-range paladin skele man sir you got a gold and Anduin damn I’ve still yet to get golden legendary is the shop open again Gold Creek Lord what pretty cool legendary 2pac ratio on average about one in 20 packs will give you a legendary the first 10 has a guaranteed one and a pity timer in my as far as I know is still 40 packs they can never go more than 40 consecutive taxes go to legendary I think the fact that you can’t get duplicate Legendary’s is a big deal getting like you know for legendaries and three of them are the same it’s just super lame that cannot happen right now unless you disenchant them in between getting each one crack Robbie it sounds like a name that’s familiar but I don’t I don’t specifically remember a murabbi in a world of warcraft is there a murabbi and world warcraft hi guys I’m sorry but exclamation mark pax does not actually put tack on to your battlenet account doesn’t actually work there’s a Boston Gould Rock Oh blood raiser huh blood rage is a pretty good card I only played World of Warcraft starting Burning Crusade so I didn’t really experience the classic content as much as most people head I went back the gold ruck just do the achievements in there and stuff but that’s about it first rank game face pirate warrior well I think I mean honestly a lot of people are like asleep right now with their alarm set for one and a half hours from now when Blizzard said the expansion is likely going up yeah Oh goldrock is rattle ish King Oh that other one then this is the old rock right something I forget so grub oh there we go that’s the one and it’s been too long all right come on man hit me up with some golden Legendary’s I want the bling I think in the last the expansions we got about four or five golden Legendary’s and a thousand packs we’re about 200 deep so we should be do here another golden Valkyr math machine pulling Lich King and ready for a match for Oleg doesn’t work for you well that’s alright I got at least like 40 minutes pack opening even on this cycle so we are in no rush go and wire a bunch of times think only like twice hey I just got Lyra the card itself a bunch of times and golden pal fiend I don’t think that cards completely useless a lot of stats stats demand respect and hurts then Golden Blood River something there’s Arthas Arthas doesn’t seem as good to me as it seems most people I feel like I got another goal luminous I feel like our Phasis too low of a tempo play and the main problem is that some of the some of death my cards are actually not very good yeah well they’re all very powerful but not all of them fit in every deck that you play them in so you’re playing a control deck a few of them are just bad you’re playing an aggregate other few or bad didn’t get an artifice time to uninstall and Sudoku okay penguin get ready for penguin priest put a low legendary card rate well it is pretty low when compared to other card games but in the past you generally didn’t need legendaries for your decks I kind of changed in the last few expansions a bit but still the main thing is legendary cards and hearthstone mostly are fun cards so nice what does penguin proof so the priest hero the hero power deals two damage for two but it resets every time you play a card so the idea is you play a Raza to get your hero power to zero and then you play hero power and to Velan into hero power for four and two copies Ellen with a mirage or the new Prince then you hear a power four eight and then you play a penguin then you hear power for eight and you can play a whisk then you can hear a power for eight and then your opponents dead not a golden epic not a grant one I don’t think tuned liquor is that good but you know I know it sounds confusing but all this like crazy crap we’re going to go through it and we’re going to see if it’s any good and have some fun doing it all that oh you all the images for well that’s very nice I’m gonna have some HD thumbnails golden bone mayor that’s good that’s a must craft for arena golden cards gas makan drew yes we Conger is going to be one of the most underrated cards of the expansion for sure the card opening animations fast and nice I I’m not sure it’s any faster than any previous expansion it is nice though I like how the card pack like freezes and cracks open very Lich King ish 50 packs giveaway nice try guys nice try think we’re still missing a print I think we’re missing a few like junk neutral legendaries I would have the the hero cards I think we’re missing priests and maybe a couple others I’m also sure they can give away gold marabi dude I like golden anything yeah some people are saying that the adventure is not available to them right now some people have the option to go in some don’t it’s available if you restart yeah I don’t think I want to put myself through that right now we start a client became available again I’m not so sure I want to put myself through that right now profess your future side on the weak side but let’s have a look the thing about hunter secrets as opposed to like mage secrets is the actually of the cooker they actually cover a wide range of potential actions so many of the mage secrets get challenged on the same plays when you restarted there was a queue to get in oh boy that sounds fun I believe the adventure is free don’t you guys know soon still looking for those gold Legendary’s man that bummed out haven’t gotten one I think there’s a I think there are pity timers for the golden cards as well but they’re just obnoxious right might be like 500 or something ah okay well it’s still a golden legendary all right if if by some strange chance some card in my hand is not golden and also a spell it will probably become a golden spell that’s value all right yeah I think you has to wait another I don’t know it is a seven eight nine hours something like that sorry about that guys you logged in and out instantly I am not willing to take on that risk right now I basically have no faith in the server’s keeping up at any point so while I can open packs I am going to open packs well yeah we’ve experienced no lag or anything blizzard cast misdirection super effective servers stay up I don’t know what’s going to happen in where we go oh there’s the last print alright I don’t know it’s going to happen on the time that Blizzard actually said the expansion is going live also um I don’t know what times they gave up for Europe or Asia or whatever but I would try logging in a couple hours before or something it might be a little bit earlier than you think I am in Canada that’s right yeah anti-magic shell is really absurd but so many of the cards are not quite so good mountain fire armor there’s no way they do that for the other regions okay I don’t know if I’d go no way on that one but all right Ben you crest Rahl well that’s on you I I think the best advice really is to just crack nothing right now well I guess you craft a few things but crafting Legendary’s has often been regrettable to surly and also as opposed to other expansions I think disenchanting especially disenchanting legendaries is going to potentially be very regretful you think Lich King is a safe craft hmm it’s one of the safer ones I think there’s so many cards that could potentially form their own deck right now that nothing is safe as it was in the past like you know what when Main streets came out kazakh s– was pretty damn safe aya pretty damn safe like they built a whole expansion around like couple cards basically so you know it’s not like that it’s not like that at all Golden penguin spacecraft sure I don’t think our facism I don’t know I might be wrong on that but it’s a death rattle it’s not a battle cries on end of turn effect like Lich King it’s a really weak body for for like we’re talking about one cost and stats for four man a super weak hadron ox okay golden corpse razor as well not bad I got a golden legendary of the rogue card which to it I don’t know what the road card is called by the way not not the hero I haven’t gotten the rogue hero actually another golden scale um answer we’re nearing about one third of the pack opening experience I’m going to speed up so we’re likely going to be done about hour and a half I imagine well when you open a thousand packs you don’t really care if you’re going to get duplicate legendaries because you are just going to get duplicate legend news I really only care about getting duplicate golden ones but maybe only got into one golden so far as the chances that is really low Tex Tex picks Robby boss is one you have to interrupt constantly yeah I think I remember that night howlers spacecraft yeah I don’t know about that I can get two of those now director thing is a good card it’s just difficult to see control hunter working out I mean it might but it is difficult and you get duplicate golden visionaries well we’re going to do our best to test that and hopefully we’re unsuccessful in testing it I don’t know zanya everything long-hair crypt yearbook pick the yearbook one ah no I think she has did you see my long hair in my yearbook I showed you my yearbook long hair really pretty sure I didn’t they’re at my dad’s place and we’re cleaning up and stuff so like crap all golden again well I’m not planning on crafting all Golden’s there’s some cards or obviously basically worth nothing in terms of arena and anything else lights are Oh golden after a friendly minion loses divine shield gain well attack seems okay it doesn’t shine one legendary that you don’t have gold I think you guarantee you don’t open a duplicate golden Oh oh that is some next-level stuff so well okay but then the issue with that is I’d want to disenchant a legendary that would be bad but then I would get a golden legendary of that well I guess not because eventually I’ll just get that legendary as my next one anyway so I could just disenchanted legendary that’s good and keep keep opening packs until I get get it again that’s very clever I hadn’t thought of that at all sorry idiots typing packs thanks well packs the main disadvantage to that is I won’t be getting additional like random Legendary’s so I won’t have excess legendaries and if they nerf or buff one I’ll lose out on a lot of potential dust maybe I’ll do that once I have like let’s say three golden legendaries then I’ll start doing that sindragosa we’re still opening new legendaries right now I believe there’s 26 maybe 28 Legendary’s in the set which means on average you need about 500 packs until you get all of them forcefully so we should have just about every legendary at the end of this locker cards unless we’re getting screwed on the legendary occurrence but I think on the sample size that Vegas should even up so week one there’s 23 really just back okay so from Lich King yeah I think which King is probably one of the safest legendaries of the set still not sure to go about crafting it right away but it is a good one no doubt you’re leaving cuz you didn’t win anything porch of souls to my second one yeah again I don’t really know why they have staggered release times for different regions it doesn’t make much sense to me but I think it’s just a systemic to do it for every game every launch no exceptions there’s a message about Arena drafting but kind of got scrolled off there I will be doing a test draft maybe I’ll play like the game but I won’t be playing much arena in the next week or so I understand this is the best time to play arena if you want results just absolutely crushing noobs but it is it is the absolute best in my opinion the only really enjoyable time to play constructed so I am not missing out on that ooh excuse me try to get enough sleep yesterday but still didn’t manage to so restarting the client did fix your shop well people tell me that if you don’t see the prologue or if your your shop is screwed up restarting the client seems to work but I just want to warn you guys that restarting your client on launch day this early it’s generally an extremely bad idea that carries the risk of not being able to play for the next few hours so take that advice as you will there’s Anduin I’m still missing the rogue hero card and I’m sure there’s a couple other Legendary’s I haven’t haven’t thought of you went all the way to pity time before you got a legendary that’s a bummer tainted zo lot golden not bad not bad very good card does that better do adventure first is it I think if you open packs first you have a better chance that a hero card because you don’t have any and then when you do the adventure you’re guaranteed a hero card right oh or the adventurer can give you a duplicate right oh so you want to do the adventurer first they don’t get a duplicate hero okay that’s probably the case so you should probably do the adventurer first well there’s valeera I’m not so sure there are anymore legendaries that I need so the adventure will not give you a duplicate well if that’s the case you probably should open your packs first there’s only some cards that are not all that good yeah your fourth golden snow flipper uh sorry to hear that golden prince caleche cryptic capitalist capitalist Perry in here today we’re going to give Blizzard a lot of money for fancy looking pixels in a card game online just as we do three times a year correct advice is to risk it and reload right now apparently the cue to log in is fairly long right now okay well running low on packs maybe we’ll do the the legendary games because I should have all the legendaries and probably most the cards at least spirit lash gold number two at the end of this oh but I do have some extra packs I think I get some gold packs all right it’s not over yet not over yet yeah we only have a hundred and six to go guys only 105 now oh my god I like that a little bit of the billion well I’d have to relock for the prologue oh oh all right we didn’t have that guy Benedictus interesting mm pretty sure I have a alright I’m gonna I’m gonna do some risky business here please my crash please on crash okay that’s my first duplicate Prince talu um I think I’m going to let the duplicates flow until I get at least another golden one cannot exceed fifty five K gold another five K gold sure another five K gold there we go restocked got opens back okay did I buy the lucky ones well you’ll have to see alright sit on your turn guys give me a second please it is the mic on guys it looks like it’s on Anna blasting a case back opening good Yuri subject Yuri presses it the ears of headphone users mm-hmm I’ve been giving him secretly call friends I think paste in his coffee so he goes to the bathroom very frequently so I get to open packs but don’t tell him all right also since comes back you’re going tentativeness I got like three golden letters I don’t think this stays go I like this artwork the ravine readings from like the full art form is just the cards artwork around the cards it’s really nice Gosei it’s on the user the press press something Center already you just missed continously just miss it are you trying to snipe my pack opening see I got this guy I got this dude are you going to eat the dogs president me that she’s going to eat the dogs decision star pack opening what is most golden legendary I got 10 mature look like the best one is here psychokinesis yeah why is pronounced heat I get love crazy so small so small I shrink him crypts not impress you the better job better huckleberry that’s less pure ski guys how are you think again I didn’t I guess if you were contagious half of your heart from the Cask opinion does she you actually didn’t get me gold imaginary but all right when I was Rania whyphy famous youtuber known for bunny garden videos you check around YouTube Runyan add the doggie videos whatever you know own dog in nude oh yeah those one alright that’s a nice one so we only got one golden legendary so we had we had 53 for the pre-order on golden bench it should look at that thing keep in the pre-orders I bought four hundred eighty that’s 533 I just bought 150 so that is 683 so we have opened 470 packs one golden legendary Tam got rekt okay what’s that little doggie has been sleeping for a while she’s going to like claw my eyes a full of energy you know god this is going to be a scary experience good you got three Golden Legend in the hundred packs that is unbelievable girl okay and they’re yours star now famous Corgi see we got completely foggy there okay she’s kind of sitting here it’s not bad their necks got a lot of energy hate going to a little dog is a lot bigger than last time it’s not just that she’s closed through the camera she’s also put on a lot of weight oh god that’s my stomach where you going no you don’t have to follow him God my stomach ah hey you’re stuck with me forever oh god no chase him oh God I’m fine fine I’m not letting you jump from here yeah yeah yeah yeah there go go go go go go go don’t leave will help me don’t leave without me big doggie big dog yep coming up coming lookin a little shitty corgis all right back back to the serious business those epic saying is it Jana’s okay okay okay I guess so we’re opening a little over a thousand packs I bought 683 so far and I have 50,000 or just under because we did a test purchase before the stream so however much that gets me my region’s got 10% tax so I think that’ll put me just over a thousand so just over a thousand my main account is the goal so um has anyone try to log in recently like how long is the queue I’ve been told there’s a long queue but long queue doesn’t tell me anything if you want to know more about Amazon coins I got a little widget below the player if you’re planning on purchasing more than just a few packs you can get a better deal if you’re at a participating region no queue four minutes less than one minute it sounds pretty reasonable but for me to log on the mobile client I have to log off and back on so I’m thinking I’ll just do that then instant login from mobile well I mean this seems to be the smoothest launch I’ve seen and it is it is surprising I can’t say I expected the smoothest launch today I mean it’s a it’s a pretty huge expansion after all so just off memory you guys can watch the Amazon video just go to the link gives yo lien for but off memory the participating regions for Amazon coins are USA the UK Australia Italy Spain Japan and I believe there’s one more European country so if you’re from there and you plan to purchase more than like 10 packs or something you can buy coins in bulk which gives you a discount up to 25% and then use the coins to purchase packs I’ll show you guys how that works when I do that in a few hundred tax Germany everyone if you’re only going to buy like 10 packs or something it’s not worth it but if you want to buy a few hundred it’s definitely worth it so people are saying France has it as well sounds about right for you to get back in I’m hearing good things about this 0q I still think even of both its no-kyu and pretty stable right now my chances are still going to be better in about 15-20 minutes so I think I’m going to probably do that in about 15 or 20 minutes I got a duplicate rock face yep I have all Legendary’s right now so I’m going to start getting duplicates that’s okay I just don’t want to duplicate golden legendaries once I get another golden legendary I’m going to keep a slot open maybe I should just keep the Lich King slot open fine let’s keep the Lich King slot open let’s try this because it’s obviously a good card and it’s not a card that’s going to get nerfed I don’t think and it’s not a card I think we’ll get bust so disenchanting a whole bunch of Lich Kings is probably fine and eventually we’re going to get a golden Lich King this way it had to be the next pack okay okay so we’re going to check this one too and it’s gone we’re showing that early disrespect what’s uplifting you want a piece of me bro welcome to dust ville you can never get rid of Lich King there will always be a Lich King now which p.m. at ribi ribi where’s this king where’s yet it’s okay Dex I got him I got him let’s king down Dex is fine all right Dex next out the new Lich King there’s a new Lich King there’s a new one and I know I got I got alright fine if you mentally oh well I I do open thousands of her stone packs every expansion so I don’t know there’s probably some chain soon yes okay being mentally ill is not so bad when you have a full hurt stone collection okay all right so some of you guys it probably is like what crip what are you doing where were you just why are you doing that why are you getting rid of Lich King alright this there is a reason to this and the reason is eventually I’m going to get a golden legendary and that golden legendary is hopefully going to become the Lich King forcefully because it’s the only legendary I’m missing that’s the idea we’re gaming the system here we’re going to righteous protector that’s their only a card I don’t plan on disenchanting first on the nerf list alright since I’m different chanting Lich Kings it seems like I’m getting legendary a lot more often that said I do not recommend you disenchant your Lich King and before golden legend airs don’t count yeah banned for hacking too late disenchanted it on my back top 20 hacks for hardstone by Krypton sexual and that’s not like a great title I’m losing a bunch of dust oh I’m going to get weak Legendary’s anyway I’m losing potential dust by not getting Legendary’s that might end up getting nerfed later on but I’m not sure that’s ever going to happen so I don’t think it’s that bad not this time around I mean I certainly wouldn’t do this with patches rolling around like if this happened for a mean streak that is how long have you been opening packs for one hour and 26 minutes we are past the halfway point so we’re actually open them very quickly I think possibly the pack animation is faster than the last few expansions you got bulbar two seven seven really quickly it’s pretty good certainly a lot of cards that we thought were really bad are actually pretty decent get cool down from prologue I wonder if you have all the cards to even get a hero card off the prologue or might just like reroll a legendary for you golden lich king pack 51 okay yeah golden Arthas is that good well that’s what I’m hoping to get eventually at some point and hopefully there is a pity timer for gold legendaries because we need to hit it only decayed some prolong how many packs are you in city exodia paladin impressed on how does that work epic soft golden one second short crafting session it kind of like this the fact there’s no orange in in Legendary’s and I only get Lich Kings I know I know it’s dumb I know it makes absolutely no difference because they disenchant them all but imagine imagine just feeling good that you always get a decent legendary Jewish King guys lasts like seven legendary splish Kings keep looking god okay well let’s evict this Lich King as well I should probably have like a copy-paste Lich King thing hmm it’s a really good pack actually always getting Lich King guys there must always be a Lich King okay we already went over this that’s an interesting card obviously mostly a wild card but I appreciate all game modes I’m going to do the single-player stuff but we’re probably about one hour away from that single players broken I heard if you restart fixes it but again restarting is possibly a really bad idea unless you have to but I’m going to have to pretty soon here so we’ll get to see what that’s like what am I going to play when I’m done I’m thinking Prolog then I’m going to draft we’re going to do the whole her Serena Logitech giveaway thing you guys try to guess the score of my first deck before I even select a class what dude I am over 600 packs and I have one goal legendary oh man that’s rough those are must not like me and the last set of show matches ben brode said that he does not control RNG single-handedly at home with levers I’d like you guys to know that that is the exact thing that’s someone who does that would say so pretty sure ben brode is actually laughing it up right now manipulating the RNG with his mind okay oh come on one second too much Kings in a row dude I’m disenchanting him so when I eventually get a golden legendary it will be the golden Lich King because that’s one I definitely want to craft and save me happy ghoul difficult card to read I’m guessing over healing doesn’t work but if over healing does work have eagles probably a crazy card hmm golden Lich King we did it all right we got to select the next golden card that we want okay did it that’s how we did that all right what’s the next golden car that we want let’s have a quick look here No No maybe nope nope maybe definitely not so what if we disenchant golden Lich can get another golden Lich King we’re not going to do that Arthas I think this card is pretty bad I don’t want to do it officer um I think Shadow Reaper Anduin has long term wild potential as the meme deck forever so I’m thinking shadow Reaper schooled on cool down might not be good I think it’s going to be good but you know I think like 80% the time is going to be good that might not mean anything Luther I think there’s a bit questionable as well I think and one is even more questionable and standard but in wild it’s definitely definitely the card to go for so let’s let’s do shadow Reaper and doing sindragosa gives the two golden guys yeah but sindragosa seeing play is very low chance you got a summon golden horseman ooh I didn’t think about that maybe we’ll do a sir I like the golden horsemen idea a lot they’re all here of golden evolution I don’t play much shaman I don’t like Shawn on that much as a class to me like the whole toad I’m saying a whole overload thing the high variance because low card dry I don’t know I play a lot of paladin I play a lot of warrior I played a lot of priests decent amount of warlock there must always be an end ‘when he and then strike Christmas otk and wild yeah I think there’s definitely some crazy stuff you can do with race in the wild now the next golden legendary queue is the priest hero card I I honestly think it might see no play when the meta has settled no play it might it’s possible but I think more than likely it’s not going to see any place but I think long term in wild decks it is going to be really good so I’m going for it it’s also a really good card in a 35 legendary deck wild deck well some wild XR so much fun I just play them again and again like I’m still playing memmer on mage one of my most played decks I can craft all the cards the opening one pack all the cards golden now no way not a bad pack of no golden Anduin and do later now malkos our bridges that a 30 to 35 I want to complete my logins before 20 minutes when probably a mass of people are going to start logging in but I keep disenchanting the poor guy I want to get them golden man we got to honor him we’re going to get golden legendary eventually we’ve gotten to so far in 670 packs exactly so that that is on the low end right 250 packs when you’re missing one legendary wow that’s ridiculous gameplay all right I got to go buy the packs or Amazon but will will open them after the prologue ok prologue is the next mission after we we purchase the remaining packs I hope I don’t get screwed in the Magan but we’ll see thanks number in the corner all right give me another Anduin at least on disenchant the guy no no and win so he hits 683 packs before this now we have 320 and I put this over a thousand or ready to go we did get an extra pack after all all right try to get through these we’re super efficient I think we got about thirty minutes ahead of us Arina well maybe we can talk about the logitech thingamajiggy oh wait wait I forgot n to an end to an end ‘when you’re right whoops we have to murder n doin murdered so the reason we destroy Anduin is so we can only get an doing because I have all the other legendaries and we’re going to keep doing that until we get a golden and do it eventually our next legendary will be gold the reason and gold Anduin is I’m actually not so sure it’ll be very good in standard play but I think it’s a card I’ll play around with it for a long time particularly in a wild put the pack in the middle without clicking if you press spacebar spacebar to close and put the packet I’m a pack opening pro guys I mean I’ve seen it all I have done this maneuver like maybe as much as ten thousand times like a purchase probably like six seven thousand packs like twenty thousand arena when yeah over ten thousand for sure whoa and doing dust are you a pro and it’s gone what are you doing summation run pack for for nothing 300 pack gold necklines pretty good not that’s me turning more heroes to dustman Arthas yeah okay thank you guys all for subscribing I do want to mention that I’m not doing brofist today or for the next couple of days that’s why we have the on screen donation things on-screen subscription things there’s just a lot of you guys I really thank you really appreciate it but I want to focus on the gameplay today and for the next few days I will be streaming 2 hours early for the next few weeks to try to devour the expansion’s content and I might as well remind you guys if you do subscribe with the twitch prime sub the free coin that’s not automatically renewed you got to send it every month monthly reminder give me those coins look at those subs breaking thank you guys yeah we have we have a few subscription perks you can get subscription checks if you use the twitch desktop app I try to hook up the subs with a little bit when I can comes this friendless spot certainly no guarantee you know we got thousands of thousands of subs and I got like maximum 200 spaces try to give you guys some codes when I get giveaways I try to hook you guys up and do in where’s it yet rip and win Oh God is advertising us again whenever I talk about sub chat on the twitch app the regulars get scared the invasion that usually happens for shooting he played four games on ladder into the mirror against Jay drudes seems kind of normal honestly I think I’ve gotten a pretty fair number of legendaries and all that but I think we’ve gotten pretty screwed on the number of golden cards we received so far today’s FAQs have not been all that lucky and nonetheless turns out I just need to complain a little bit that’s a pretty cool-looking card claims always worked before I know right okay quick disenchanting intermission here rip into it yep I got the prologue and first thing done pretty cool stuff so there is a new feature in the Elizabeth few new features but one of the new features for the pack opening is you can only get legendaries that you don’t own now I have all the legendaries so I would just get random ones but if I own all but one I will get that one so what I’m doing is I’m disenchanting and doing whenever I get them so every time I roll a legendary in my pack becomes an doing with the idea that I eventually get a golden legendary it being gold and Anduin hopefully yeah I believe these rules apply to all the packs now then I got a golden penguin I didn’t realize he was surfing on a little piece of glacier there are penguins in Northrend from I remember and world Warcraft well themed oh it’s a nice tank all right guys so here’s here’s the schedule the end of the Anduin after we open these packs I’m going to draft a new arena deck I’m going to retire my old one and you have until that time so the countdown is when we finish opening packs you have until we finish opening packs to guess what the deck score will be of the deck that I will draft and if you guess correctly you will roll also with other people that guess correctly if there’s more than one for a full logitech hookup so they’re given away headset keyboard mouse mouse pad webcam just everything basically it’s kind of what I’m using and I don’t know what class I’m going to pick I’m not going to like pick to win or anything I think I’m probably going to try more of the new cards than I normally would so maybe that influences your guest it’s an to in oh yeah and well I’m here on Twitter you can just also smash that follow button why not okay I hold on hold on apparently they they deleted the first tweet and we’re putting another one up so if you put a guess on the first tweet instead put a guess on the next one here this is this is hopefully and make sure to be the last of the tweets one second one second all right so the whole Kurth arena contest guess the two your score thing that’s up again that’s the one that you retweet the one posted four minutes ago that one you guess there sorry if you retweeted the original one I don’t know it must have mixed something up I mean legendaries that I find so I don’t know it’s impossible to track basically I have to go back and check I have to see how many and doin’s and Lich Kings I disenchanted right all right one second trying to figure out this whole cart steering thing they just put clasps in the thing just hold off on your guesses for a couple minutes got another Anduin more angeling more and doin’s know this chain with back-to-back opening alright so there’s a bit of miscommunication in the whole giveaway thing you just have to guess the score you can guess the class too if you want but it doesn’t matter if you guess the class right or wrong it doesn’t matter we’re going off of the scores or an doin’s man we’re getting a lot of Anduin s– right now but we’ve got to get the golden ones as posting in chat doesn’t doesn’t do anything for you on twitter twitter blow generally deck scores okay so the lowest deck score I’ve ever gotten was like a mid 50 like a 57 or 56 something like that but that’s really extreme I mean it’s very unlikely it’ll be below like 64 the best thing I ever had was just over 78 but with every expansion it seems the card quality goes up so if I had to guess the range is probably like 60 to 80 if I had to guess too many packs wait what we can have too many packs it isn’t enough okay Lauren doing getting a little bit tedious I want my golden legendary man oh yeah I’ve grace use my left flick I don’t I don’t get that hand sweat very much my pro Mouser damn I heard gold and legendary that’s such a troll it does work for golden we got golden Lich King there’s a seventh in a row as long as I keep killing and ooh and you’ll keep coming back Hertha Rena works with one decimal so it’s two numbers and then one decimal so in an example of a deck score would be like sixty five point five so if multiple people guessed correctly you guys roll for it line rate curve and do it oh no I should go do some chin into it okay how about we do this we’ll end the submissions after one more Anduin one more Anduin is how much you got left to submit a score one more pack well it could be 37 more packs it could also be one pack I meant to be good for adventure bosses people are saying that it wasn’t working in some cases so it probably doesn’t work with passives I guess I don’t know well that’s why I round with it I feel that with some of the cards we’re getting from this expansion there’s some like absolutely ridiculous energy cards so much so that you can probably just beat any boss by going around the mechanic like I did in the last one you have to guess by retweeting the tweet guys on my Twitter I’m not running the distribution of this thing so they’re running it you have to guess there where we’ve think that’s probably the most car I have gold cards of these are the Amazon coin packs I’d mention that again amazon has generously dropped about 400 something packs on me as they do in most expansions you can say by getting your packs through Amazon coins especially if you buy a lot I’ve got a link for that below if you’re interested and we have not seen an doing in a long time think we’re at like mid-twenties right now when we see an doin we’re closing entries for the guests the deck score giveaway and then all right why don’t we have more tax pack opening time but I am I am ready to draft whenever they give me the go-ahead let’s kick that a few players for me what happens if you use an alternate hero and then use the best my card and like a death my hero card oh it’s just like jaraxxus like it didn’t matter what class you were when you played directly he just became directive all right guys it’s happening so wait before we do this let’s see let’s just have a quick gander at at the the new legendaries so we got the heroes what did I just do okay heroes mages paladin’s the feeling pounds going to be really good oh I don’t have an doin oh all right let me let me get n doing real quick just going to get a quick and doing guys I think race is probably one of the better full legendary deck choices not so sure about like quest priest or whatever just crash the golden there we go we got it we’re done alright end with Donna music using alright let’s slam them oh wait I got to decide which potentially gold legendary do I want I forget it we’re just going to get a priest cars definitely crazy yeah maybe I should run flounces my deck thinks ounces are probably a bit underrated now like if at any time one of those cards failed them he would have lost he was missing even one of them they would have lost if it hit the bad thing on the board with the death rattle he would have lost like that deck is really good but it’s like really on the edge of staying alive and if it fails at any point it’s over for him mass dispel I don’t mass this about usually silent stuff going on do it like one time but I’m thinking if a lot of people are playing priest a lot people playing paladin people are playing zoo like me maybe a few more soon enough I imagine shamans really good because it devolve devolve is just like the ultimate mass dispel effect I press spacebar to automatically open silly involved that’s the only of golden now forget about priests goal I’ve gotten two golden Legendary’s in nine hundred packs thanks Rudy unlike no fury giant shaman I don’t know possible gold death knight Lich King count now yet ten drops can evolve now because there’s an eleven drop giant with the new shaman giant 26 legendaries and 420 packs is not that much the average is 1 in 20 that’s 21 plus you get the free just 22 it’s actually only a little bit lucky the prick spec was good it’s a bit weak against transformer mobile though as one would expect so I don’t know yeah once you have all the legendary start getting dupes gold Arthas living are for sex I think artist is possibly the worst legendary in a set and I’m aware Prince’s exist the to drop Prince I think is solid and that Zoo Dec I was playing I think the three drop Prince is potentially good in a combo deck possibly one we won’t discover for a while and I named a four drop one is just okay and a deck that doesn’t rely on strong for drops I feel like Arthas is just not good in anything orifice is good in hunter I mean just because of the Beast doesn’t doesn’t move it up the rankings that much man the shaman freeze legendary oh that one all looks really bad but I don’t know I feel like Arthas looks really bad and is actually hopeless the other legendary is some of them certainly look really bad but I think there’s some hope for all the others the death rattle puts it over in your mind what is the cadra knock yeah a clunky new droid card huh no oh yes gold and Jana that’s the back I want to try Wow very solid tax Prince Calderon another cold web with yes if Arthas was battlecry it actually be playable because it could be like a last resort card unlike turn eight or something the fact that the death rattle makes it really bad I think our purpose would be playable that it’s three drop but four cross to two is just garbage do those so many Legendary’s today what do you guys want I mean I think I’m seeing like sixty legendaries today oh my god oh my god oh my god I just got Prince Alda round number three mana cost guys third time today I can’t believe it holy moly what a lucky guy am four hundred us yay you guys you guys are watching the wrong stream if you expect me to blow up over to the 60th legendary of the deck on the fourth copy that I have sorry guys I have to explain about the golden Gina that’s pretty sweet it’s pretty sweet too golden avalanche awesome rate shaman or rogue neck and I don’t know the thing is I I just like playing right now there’s a lot of decks that are clearly worth exploring at the very least but they require a lot of time and like figuring out the deck so I’m staying away from control warrior for now I want to play control warrior but I feel if I actually try to make a good control warrior I’m going to be on the deck building screen for 45 minutes I’d rather just play right now there’s so many good decks all right let’s try an elemental mage deck I don’t know mage DK yet I think it’s next up ok Dexter Oni that’s hard to craft in this expansion your timing is off bro you’re asking unlike not even they climb the first day really I mean we haven’t even had a day if you’re asking what you should craft in the first 12 hours you have to expect that you’re not going to get very good advice the Lich King does seem strong but honestly even tomorrow there could be like an aggressive deck that takes the meta by storm and then the Lich King is totally useless even in even in the Grand Tournament expansion as obvious as it might be it took three days before people learned about secret paladin so a lot of the control cards looks really good until people started playing secret paladin but then half the people playing lighter started playing secret paladin so all those control cards of people crafted were a waste I think more than anything this expansion has very very complex cards I think it will take more time than in the past to figure out what the great decks are even though that system is so optimized with the community being so I don’t know how I should say it well-oiled with that effort look I also feel Lich King as a pretty safe craft but I wouldn’t I wouldn’t say anything close to a hundred percent we’re probably around a thousand right now double Club and I really worked on a golden legendary I was think I’m doing priest but I applied priests and while the card is really cool I don’t know let’s only have 16 packs right now sindragosa sleep lay freezer control nage I think sindragosa is the slowest card of the entire expansion it doesn’t mean it won’t to play but that does mean it’s very unlikely to see play bone Drake is dominating an arena I imagine so it’s a very good card might crash most of the golden cards at least the ones I use regularly in arena fairly soon but today is not the day I do that I’m still a little bit up in the air about the warrior legendary minion the rock face or whatever I don’t think it’s good but both times it’s been played against me it’s just got big legendary after big legendary after big legendary and I lost because of it so I don’t know maybe it’s better than I think that’s something that sucks but I don’t know it’s hard to argue with such crushing experiences Rock safe haven’t gotten legendary in a while must pack a bit here at least not what your requirement

[Hearthstone] Sniper Guild Exposed

hey guys how’s it going crane here today I want to give you guys it’s not a joke okay it’s a sniper expose piece and I think you guys would enjoy this or maybe get a bit of insight into the crazy crap that happens to streamers right so you guys know I try to take arena pretty seriously I try to get on the leader board and to do that I have to do my best to avoid snipers but at the same time you know I got a stream I got to entertain so there’s got to be some kind of compromise between what I have to do if I really don’t want to get sniped this won’t stream but you know I would rather stream and do slightly worse in arena than otherwise so it is what it is but I have been experiencing in the last few months even with my efforts playing at the same players every night in some cases I threw out almost a full month like a quarter of my losses were to the same person right the same guy queueing against me like every day or every second day just absolutely ridiculous and it was a month raise a bunch of sponsoring kind of plays that many arenas that’s why you know once a day something like that it was possible and you might think it’s like wow kripp that’s quite a lot you probably made it up didn’t make it up but you have to keep in mind few things I changed my username on on battlenet several times even throughout this period and I do often not always but almost every day I stream with a delay now the delay is fairly short rarely do I have it over ten seconds but you know if I have like a five second delay one day and then the next day I have like a 20 second delay then you’re just not going to be able to queue against me because you don’t know when I’m cueing right I mean you just you can’t know that difference if I queue now and you queue in seven seconds we’re not going to play each other unless it’s maybe at like 11 wins and there’s no one else really playing right so just with those measures among a few others that I’ve done it seems almost impossible to play a specific person almost every day that I play and you know a few of my subs have gone contact with some of these guys and this is basically all they do they play an arena all day until I get really good decks and they wait until I get a deck that’s a week to it so if they get like a really good tempo rogue well wait until I play priest but doesn’t have much early game and then on top of that they’ll know my hand they’ll know my deck and all my answers and I’m expected to actually do well against these people that’s pretty hard to do okay and it started really frustrating me to the point where I realize there’s something going on there has to be people on my friends list that are telling people when to queue up against me because otherwise the stream delay should have worked I mean yeah I understand it I’ll play against someone they realize it’s kripp they’ll watch the stream I’ll get snipe whatever the odds nights going to happen never going to get rid of that I accept that but I’m playing the same people almost every day there is some shady ass shit going down right so basically I purged my entire friends list and try to figure out what was going on and I had a very good suggestion from one of my subs and he said why don’t you try adding one of these guys that are clearly snipers after the game and there’s actually a feature in battlenet where you can see their friend list I’m like damn that’s a really good idea so I’m like well this guy’s probably not dumb enough to accept my friend imitation well he was so I checked out his friend list and there was only one person on his friend list now his battle tag was like sniper Oh 23 or something I’ve been sniped by sniper out 17:09 Tino 23 or 23 you wouldn’t you can’t even imagine this crap all right you cannot I’ll show you in a sec so um there’s only one guy on his friends list so basically I’m like hey why don’t try adding this guy and see what his friends list looks like and this is just a little piece of his very long friend list just so you can understand this is this is one guy’s friends with who seems to be dictating this type of stuff and since then we’ve basically infiltrated the sniper guild and we basically run them out of operation for now but how crazy is that this is a little bit of the chat that had with one of the infiltrators to the sniper Gill to kind of see what’s going on kind of the early stuff it’s pretty crazy turns out people organize in large groups more than dozens in fact to get random friend spots on me to figure out when I’m queuing despite stream delay to queue against me with decks that they’ll know they’ll almost certainly win against a lot of fun for me and I think it’s important to give you guys this message so you guys can understand this crap because I know I come off as a paranoid asshole you know what I’m talking about you know my opponent being snipers and all that and now I’m losing the game must be a sniper I know we damn right I’m paranoid this type of shit is actually going on right it’s crazy so it is what it is and today well the other day I was playing without delay cuz I did a sponsored game that I kind of needed fast chat interactions so I dropped my delay for a day and I had a pretty interesting moment or all the regular snipers just suddenly jumped in on me once I admitted there was no stream delay so I want to give you guys a clip of that so you can see what this whole dumb process is like and ya got to be careful out there hope you enjoyed it see you guys tomorrow what about me something in our deck frozen crusher would a three mana 8/8 that gets frozen every other turn be good yeah I think so even storm one night would a two man up to five charge be pretty good I think that would be pretty good hello is there a chance guys no delay no delayed call Bob he’s playing on sniper account 0:27 Bob Joe Joe no delay wake the fuck up time to go I’m go go I got him Saturday one got him I thought though don’t fuck this up like last time he’s vulnerable [Laughter] bro you’re too trigger-happy should have waited to see my draw nice place scrub the shit out of here Bob’s fucking it up again did is fucking it up he’s going to be fired from sniper guilt damn dude nice try fucking pop sure can can I like yo it’s not even that good here yeah this is worth it [Music] these are engines don’t don’t let them happen don’t let them have that you know what I’m talking about nope don’t give it to him do not let him have the P cards again silence it did if you got your own spell breaker fucking drop that shit and that’s fine I’m just going to get it back no keys okay alright looks good seems to be working pretty bone value right now probably just saved put your faith in my wife that’s not exactly what he says all right Lance top game we’re basically hoping to draw this section of the deck pretty soon it’s a plan or this this section I would actually prefer this section Oh did Bob had weapons of mass destruction here this deck reporting for duty I call this hand snide proof toss click the top yeah almost but not quite there so many good cards left in my deck this is really bad this is really bad but like every other card is insane seriously though this guy’s deck you think these guys don’t save these necks you’re dreaming do you know how rare it is to get it back this good Wow yes Bob you’re fine [Music]

[Hearthstone] Knights of the Frozen Throne Review 4

hey guys how’s it going crane here bringing you guys another card review from the upcoming nights of the Frozen Throne expansion now I’m just going to go where I left off if you want to see my other reviews for the cards preceding these ones you just go back in order and the cards are going to be in the order that they were revealed in this last I don’t know four day period or something there’s been a lot of cards and kind of a contrast to what we’ve seen the last few weeks of releases it reveals I suppose these cards are actually somewhat good at least a decent number of them we’re starting to see some extremely powerful deck and meta defining cards and some of them are really exciting you know when the expansion was first revealed the hype level was relatively high because it’s you know Lich King stuff and then we saw the cards and we saw the second batch of cards and then was actually pretty low but once we started seeing these cards in the last few days things have been on the up and I am actually pretty excited to try some of these kick it off we got animated berserker 1 mana 1/3 that’s like oh no no more of these it’s for warrior o pirate over here but then after you play me and deal 1 damage to it is like wow that’s really crap in like just you know a curved deck you have to have massive synergy for a card like this to be good in an early game deck otherwise you’re using this for extreme combo activators and more of like a mid-range warrior list I can’t really imagine what that would be like but the effect is powerful a lot of the time you’d see control warriors and mid-range warriors wasting cards like whirlwind just to do one damage to the stuff that you’re playing now with this card you can basically do that as well and you have something on the board and it’s a threat to continue doing damage to your own minions which might not be a threat really but I think you can design that around that that would make sense that would actually have this card kind of like the key point of the deck kind of like Malc as our amp is to a discard warlock we have sanguine revealer another one drop warlock battle cry destroy friendly meaning gain plus two plus two so yeah it’s like a one-man of three three and some minions are pretty damn disposable but it’s not always the case that you can do that so it’s a bit of a clunky card it’s a pretty interesting though I think the best case for this card is you have like a divine shield or like death rattle II garbage minion in turn one you play this on turn two and a 3/3 on turn two plus maybe another one drop is actually a gigantic lead on the board I think it could help Zhu Locke certainly going to help warlock in arena a little bit not a lot but a little bit and maybe that’s good enough to see a bit more warlocks in that game mode and howling Commander 3 cos 2t a battle cry draw divine shield mending from your deck so this card is pretty powerful you get a card draw for three for a 2/2 that alone is fair I wouldn’t call that good but it’s fair all right people get all excited about you know drop it all man you play dis you get your tea really so what it’s going to have more divine shit and divine shield minions and tearing your deck you might not get Tyrion and even if you get Tyrion you definitely turn on the next turn you just had a crappy tempo play you can’t play this on turn 10 and then plate in because that’s a lot of mana this is like to cost zero one with that battle cry I think that would actually be stronger so it’s it’s interesting but you’re really going to have to make a like a deck full of divine shield minions full of shields everything for this to work and you basically are working off of the fact that you might be playing a deck with a lot of low drops a lot of divine shield minions and the fact that you’re sacrificing tempo to play this can kind of be made up almost immediately not just oh it’s Tyrion again but fairly strong card still venom strike trap when one of your minions is attacked some in a 2/3 poisonous Cobra it’s not that this is a pretty good secret a lot of people just lost their minds over this is nothing to lose your mind about it’s obviously a strong secret but when you’re playing a poisonous Cobra into a board that your opponent controls it’s often not going to be as good unless you’re running a lot of top minions you’re playing hunter running a lot of top minions I’m not so sure that’s going to work but who knows in the expansion new deck types and all this might actually be a much stronger card than they realize but I think it’s just – it snow flipper penguin yeah another one of these it’s a beast of Time shadow blade 3 cost 3 – lose the robe weapon and the battle cry gives your hero immunity for the turn so if you think about it on turn 3 may be responding to your opponent’s turn 3 you’re kind of like saving 3 damage attack into something be like for damage off the immunity effect there’s kind of like a mini truesilver it’s a little bit less of that because the truesilver sometimes you you can attack your opponent’s face and that to heal actually saves you from dying to burn damage so it’s a little bit worse than than true silver it comes out earlier in the class 4 has quite heavy weapon competition so it’s pretty tricky um could be good but mmm I have my doubts defile this is one of those really exciting cards you’ll one damage all minions if any die cast this again look at that so this card is obviously complete trash if your opponent is playing mid-range minions and upwards but it’s just it’s disgusting versus aggro decks like if you just think about most agra decks or most zoo decks or most like early game to mid game decks and they have like curve play style so they’re usually playing like a 1 or 2 health minion turn 1 2 or 3 health minion on turn 2 3 or 4 health mean I’m turn 4 this is like kill that one kill the next one kill the one after that kill one after that like wow it’s really good like Saul knows to get that first bump to deal to on the first draw card that another one card is ridiculous against those deck types obviously it has a lot to do with how many people actually playing agra decks but if the last like 3 years of kristen has taught us anything a lot of people are going to be playing at ago decks so there’s a really good card and it might be good enough to just the warlock on the map in many more States than just a control deck cryostasis talked about this card in want to yesterday’s videos how Freese works and all that it’s a lot better than it seems you can use this auto be played in the previous turn to attack with it so you kind of get like a form and a three-five with an ability card but it works off of your hero power so you have a dead turn it recovers you from a dead turn that’s some flexibility with freeze mechanics it can just be used as a freeze to stop your opponent from attacking the specific minion can be used with BGH so it’s it’s probably not like crazy good but it’s not bad and it definitely looks bad so you know be optimistic about this card to give it a try I think you’ll probably be impressed and yeah another freeze minion thing for shaman whenever another minion is frozen add a copy of it to your hand it’s six mana though and it’s 4/4 that’s huge huge drop in stats from what you expect for six mana six mana is a lot shaman has gigantic minions for the mana costs so this is not up against like boulderfist ogre this is up against some of the best minions in the game so oh man I don’t know we’ve seen some really crazy combo shamans in the past we’ve never seen them at Tier one so I mean this just feels as good as it might be as strong as it might be you feel like it’s not as consistent or strong as other purely combo oriented shaman decks and those have never been at the top of the ladder like ever except maybe for wild with like debt realm is lost but we’re talking about standard and rain and mostly and I don’t see it happening there it’s potentially a very fun card and it might it might create like a tier 2 deck who knows eternal servitude for cost discover a friendly minion a diverse game and some and oh my god this card is bonkers obviously you have to make a very specific deck you have to make sure you have very few minions and it always lands on a minion over for mana hopefully one way over for mana and the tempo lead ends up giving you the whole game extreme synergy with Barnes just crazy powerful effect but that whole deck is really weak against transform removal so again it’s going to be a meta defining deck hard to say that it’s going to be tier 1 because if you have everyone playing a deck works around this card then Shama I’m just going to run devolve in hexes and your decks going to be garbage so it creates a very powerful deck but that deck is very easy to counter and that’s really important to understand in arena though those counters are not always available and this card is probably going to be stronger in arena than constructed even though a lot of the time it’s going to pick up some pretty bad minions because you still have to curve out in arena it’s just that in arena if you can play like a five drop and maybe a six wrap and then read the five drop and a six drop with this card maybe even sneak in a hero power or something you know it that’s just that’s so hard to come back from if you’re playing against the priest so we’ll see doomed apprentice mage card three men at three to the opponent’s belt cost one more nothing crazy looking but I feel this effect is very powerful spells are generally fairly well balanced at their mana cost and your opponent will generally save very key spells for very key moments and you can predict that and screw that up I don’t know how strong that effect is overall because we haven’t really messed around of the effect that’s kind of like a marginal up in the cost of spells but I think this effect maybe not this card this effect is very powerful Princeville in our forecast for for battle cry if your deck has no four cost cards game life stone taught it’s it’s not that difficult to make a deck with another four drops we’ve seen like mid-range hunter kind of like aggressive shaman decks a few other things that just naturally don’t have four drops so for mana for a 4/4 lifesteal taunt and kind of like a curved minion based deck yeah that might not be not be too bad it’s it’s difficult to see this card carrying any deck but you know if you happen to open it in your packs don’t feel bad if you open the other princes you can feel bad but if you could open this one and you’re kind of like a free-to-play player you can probably drop this in a few decks and it’ll be pretty good dead man’s hand this is probably the most exciting card I’ve seen in the expansion so far so it’s a to cost warrior spell that does basically nothing in waste the card what it does though is allow control warrior to go infinite if you just have a control warrior deck and you’re like at zero cards you have a hand with like seven cards and you have two of these in your hand you play one of them and the other six cards go back in your deck but one of the other six cards is the other dead man’s hand and then you can even wait until you have ten cards and double up on some of those and then use one of the two dead men basically if you use this card while the other one is in your hand you will never run two cards in your deck unless somehow your deck goes missing and I guess it might be possible you’ll see in the same okay so that’s ridiculous the reason that’s ridiculous is because the control where your archetype has actually done pretty well against Agra decks it just has I don’t know how to say this failed miserably against the modern control decks I have extreme card generation control where it just doesn’t have the card generation it doesn’t have the card value that it used to on a comparative level to the other control decks but this changes all of that you can play controller and run a ton of draw you can play controller and run a ton of wasteful card just give you armor like that other card that was released my last review you know ten armor and reduce the cost of your close minions hand by two it looks really crappy well this is what with that it’s pretty good those are you’re printing a card now I can totally see this deck working and this is the heart of that deck so I think I’m gonna have some fun with that spreading plague pot cost drew spell summon scarabs with toss probably beasts and you basically match how many minions your opponent has over you so if you have what two things your opponent’s four things this summons two of them I think it’s decent value if you summon two obviously not if your opponent has big minions but Jen this is an anti agri card as you can imagine it’s very good if you can you know bust them all with like plus one plus one even that would just be gigantic so is there with you combo that you can pull off with druid to make this really spectacular naturally really spectacular against aggro it just going to get a really flexible card on a high power level like if your opponent has five things we have none you’ve got 25 health worth of taunt you get a +1 +1 to buff on those that’s 5 to 6 tops your opponent might just never get through those might just instantly win the game from that so it really is pretty crazy even effect this is the hero card for mage frost glitch Jaina I think it was leaked a few weeks ago people didn’t think it was real well turns out it’s pretty real 9 cost 5 armored battle cry summon two three six water elemental and your elementals have life steal this game holy crap I also change your hero power that’s your hero power then nuts yes that’s not so if you hit something that your power and it dies you sum the water lentil wire lentils that elemental and it has life steel so I think this card is absolutely insane I think people are not realizing just how good this is so if you have a few elementals employee let’s say you have 10 attack worth of elementals you play this you heal for 10 and you gain 5 onwards you like seal for 15 it’s not a dead turn you know healing for 15 and playing a 3 6 water elemental and having like enormous threats on the board and on the following turn like that’s not small at all this card is crazy now the issue is we see a lot of very powerful control cards with the dead man’s hand with warriors with this it’s just that right now crazy control decks still get pretty countered by like quest mage so while these decks might be really powerful they might just get meted out still so we’ll have to see ice Walker 2 cos 1 3 you’re here power also freezes a target I don’t know how good that’s going to be but this is gonna be really annoying oh my god like in arena and value oriented game mode you play a big minion it gets frozen by this you play another small minion it gets like removed the big meaning its frozen again just being able to constantly stall out a favor abort to the position for board clears it’s just insanely powerful and the card and constructive is going to need a lot of work to try to understand the meta and make it work in that sense but I think in arena clear cut this Hart is going to be just super powerful with other board clears you know we talked about card sanitizing other cards this has super synergy with board clears it’s just ridiculous any board clears and you’ve played mage there’s quite a few to stumble upon meat wagon for cost one for mech death-rattle somewhat a minion from your deck with less attack than this minion so obviously if you don’t bust this card it’s not very good there’s a few exceptions but very few and not really exceptions they’re just kind of okay not too bad but the idea is you play this you give it like a cold blood and suddenly you can get a malygos from your deck and if you can do that unlike turn five well you’re sitting pretty yeah yeah that’s about it this is an extremely dangerous card in specific decks so much so that I think we’d actually maybe see play in adventurous combo deck probably in the tier 2 area very weak arena card though and cronic can guys but I know it’s not I don’t whatever okay the name is what it is six five thirty one of your other minion dies from the – – ghoul and presumably when the ghoul died they summoned more – two ghouls so extremely steamroll e card pretty powerful but just coughed a lot of mana and has no health so it’s difficult to imagine these cards in constructed play but it’s obviously fairly powerful arena card especially in what I imagine would be like a zoo like deck maybe like a temple rogue or maybe like a zoo warlock cobalt scale Bane 5 cost five five dragon in the common slot so another spices story in arena at least we’re going to get a huge bump and we’re just going to see a lot more of this card just being your expansion common slot play arena you’re going to end up facing this the end of your turn give another friendly random minion plus three attack so it’s kind of like five four and eight five it’s not anything more than that because it doesn’t actively buff it but if you can target the buff on specific guys it’s powerful this is a powerful card I don’t know maybe dragon priests maybe the extra dragon will help the old really powerful dragons with the discovers and stuff I don’t know other than that I’m not so sure but it’s very good marina known for a 2/2 cost two three battle crowded with the top card from your opponent’s deck so this might look innocent this is not innocent this is a really powerful card I mean I’m excited to see this effect but I’m also a little terrified that are sewn going this direction I really want to try it I think we’re going to have some amazing moments with cards like these but I just feel like if people like it Blizzard might make like 10 cards like this and then we’ll have another level of RNG to our games what cards is my opponent removed from my deck if I try to play it so but it is really interesting if you think about it if you played a lot of the control decks when you have very key combinations or very key cards that you required actually win the game having even one of those removed to just end it not think about playing against like freeze mage you see an acolyte and you know you can give them like three cards but if it discards one if you can draw three for them by like triple painting and acolyte just to mail one of their cards that’s often worth it it’s often a play you’ll do you’ll see like an tonightís mill their seed Alice draws a mill you actually win the game from that play just because getting rid of a very specific cards completely nullifies your opponent’s chance to win in some cases and depending on the meta that can be in a lot of cases so card like this can be very powerful my only argument against the card like this is that warlock is kind of like a very brutish class especially if you’re playing zoo like minions seems to be like a zoo like minions so if you think about it like you know if you mail a lost rasa when playing a freeze mage you’re still going to lose to the freeze mage because you’re playing the lock against freeze mage same with like an tinnitus you know you might you might not take an extra six or seven or ten damage but you’re still probably going to lose that match the zoo warlock decks generally do pretty badly or completely crush their matchups and that’s especially true for combo and control next so I think if this was like a priest card I would lose my shit but this is a warlock card and it’s actually pretty balanced I’m just a little bit terrified that there’s going to be a lot of cards as mechanic in the future but who knows welke your soul claimer three cost one for when this meaning survives damage survive not take damage survive damage some 1/8 – to Google so a powerful effect you know if you can get one ghoul it’s not bad but if you intentionally damage it yourself that’s not the same as absorbing damage you know so if you play like that one drop that build damage to your own stuff as you play it and damages this it’s kind of like playing a three mana 4 a 1 3 and a 2 2 and maybe a little bit of value after that but it’s pretty unlikely 3 health means typically die off so it’s it’s very unlikely you’re going to get more than one ghoul and if you self inflict that damage to get the one ghoul you’re looking at 3 metaphor 1 3 + 2 – that doesn’t like to break the game or anything I don’t know if there’s a if there’s like a specific use for the ghouls that could totally change that maybe there’s like some ghoul consuming card I mean it’s like the Lich King and shit after all right it could happen I don’t know but as a standalone card I think the power level is quite low stitched tracker 3 cost 2 – battlecry discover a copy of a minion in your deck this is pretty strong as a hunter card you can a fish for the very few other minions you have included in your deck and that might be a really big deal would be I think a bottle bow man that’s death rattle summons a beast random beef and dice game this is not a beast so you could run very few beasts maybe around like one other beast and two of the obama bow man’s and with this card you could actually make that work and line it up so your gigantic beasts get revived throughout the game and i like it i like a combo enabler on a fairly mediocre power level a decent Arena card for a class that’s kind of in the middle I think this is a very well designed card sunborne Valkyr five four five four neutral give a JSON minions plus two health that’s pretty good in arena though over talk about arena because this is obvious not good never consignment but in arena getting a little bit extra health and pushing that tempo is a really big deal this is certainly a valuable card probably in a similar level to dark iron and dwarf it’s just a little bit trickier to set up so if you’re playing a spell have you made your priest deck which often are it’s not going to be as good as like dark iron dwarf but if you’re playing a minion heavy deck probably more of the likes of paladin’s or druids or you know warlock there’s a lot stronger because if you can have two minions trade up at the same time as well as playing an attack oriented static card that is a huge tempo boost to the board so should be interesting and I like the fact that it again encourages people to think in advance or positioning even I’ve screwed up a lot all of us do it’s something that good players will often win more from than in newer players and I appreciate that okay so this is the priests legendary people lost their mind over this card they really did battlecry shuffle a copy of your opponent’s deck into your deck so that’s really insane it’s just that like if your opponent playing an aggro deck this card is like worthless so discard like you know often we talk about a card being good or not based on how the meta happens but there’s usually still some innate worth to the card so you know card like pretty good but it could be really good if the meta kind of makes it work well this card is just total ass if your opponents are all playing agar it’s just horrible unplayable it will lose you the game if you don’t play it it’ll lose you the game if you do play it horrible against control matchups you will go from probably close to a 50/50 to nearly automatically winning so it is one of the most polarizing cards based on the meta that we will see that’s what makes it basically impossible to really analyze but I did have a few other thoughts on the card as a whole I think it’s just overall going to be a really fun card very meme card having a ton of cards in your deck you see like Prince vs. Prince legendary matchups when you play this and you have like nearly 70 cards in your deck or maybe you can bounce this and constantly play it to have even more than that you know just some really crazy moments are going to happen and I love me cards like that the other aspect is I have a feeling that deck trackers are going to make this card a bit unfair and I worried that I really like deck trackers to be honest I think that Blizzard might take a stance on deck trackers because they are actually abusable with this card so think about it you know if you have a deck tracker and the deck tracker can actually track the cards in your deck I don’t know if they can do that but I’m pretty sure they can that could be a problem because if just by playing the game normally you can’t see that well that could be an advantage however that might not be the case it might be one of those cards where you can just hover over the effect on the left and you can see all the cards that went into your deck so it might be pretty fair but I think it’s something that Blizzard should have in mind hopefully it did have it in mind when coding everything embrace darkness another face card spell epic choose an enemy minion at the start of your turn take control of it so it seems like a powerful effect it’s it’s not as good as mine control you might think well it’s like mind control except your opponent injures the card more that’s not true it’s worse than that so if you’re playing this card compared to mind control yes you save for mana but one your opponent is going to injure that minion the best it can that’s a reality so it’s gonna it’s going to be like pre attacked that meaning is also going to kill something that you had in play most likely your opponent’s next turn after you play this is going to be set up in a way where he can kill the minion that you just took from him and also because you play this it does nothing then you take the menu on your next turn it won’t get charged so it will still do nothing it’s basically like a to turn delay on being able to use the minion versus mind controls one turn delay there’s a lot of disadvantages and honestly six-man is a lot kinder than 10 but that is a pretty stacked list of disadvantages against using this card now if we see just like some really hyper control meta that probably won’t matter just playing this just be as good as playing a mind control and maybe you’d want to do that because it’s slightly better in terms of curving up so you know maybe you’ll actually see play but it is a very clunky card and I do not think it’s better than mine control it it’s at best about as good just at the meta might make that a decent case then we have phantom freebooter for cost 3/3 pirate battle cried game stats equal to your weapons so a neutral card obviously unlike arena is pretty difficult to bank on weapons but if you’re playing rogue it’s at worst for for a 4/4 which is okay disadvantage is a pirate because it can get Galaga but that’s not too bad in the end obviously some pretty crazy combos but it’s still a minion that has a silence of effect it’s a pirate and has to wait a turn to attack make you some stats and it’s just stats so it’s not going to not break the game or anything then we have mind breaker 3 cost to 5 hero powers that are disabled man it looked like a custom hearthstone card without ever seen one I like it though it’s a different dynamic it’s a different approach to your game plan playing hearthstone and I have no idea how strong this is going to be I imagine it’s designed to be played against decks that rely on the hero powers that they’re granted from their new death knight hero version of hero cards because you know if you have like a normal hair powder on your phone has a really Opie Opie here to power then this card is really good 3 cost to 5 on curve that’s pretty good so yeah overall that might be all right now we have Crypt Lord 3 cost one-sixth taunt not bad after you summon a minion game plus one health so another one of those cards where it could just be so good if it had a little bit better attack but it’s still not bad three four one six taht is gigantic for that stage in the game it’s another like crazy anti agra card which seems to be the theme for Drude and of this upcoming expansion so far but again we have no clue how well that would fit into the meta all I can say is it’s a fair arena card for the moment hope you guys enjoy my review and that certainly looks like the cards are heating up and looks like we’ll actually have quite a lot of awesome decks awesome moments and just some really cool stuff coming so hope you guys are adding the increased hype and excitement and wait you [Music]

[Hearthstone] Frozen Throne’s 35 Legendary Deck

hey guys how’s it going cranium frozen throne has arrived and as is always the case with the new expansion the absolute first neck we got to try is the new version of 35 legendary deck so the all legendary thing has kind of been like a theme every single time there’s a new expansion I’m curious how well this deck will do and over time it has improved because over time Blizzard has routinely introduced better and better early game Legendary’s making the deck a bit more viable now I tried different different style a few different classes and seems to be fun experimenting and a few of my friends seem to have the same idea and we get to have some pretty fun friendly matches so today I want to introduce you guys the Frozen Throne expansion through its legendaries enjoy the games guys and I’ll see you guys tomorrow if you’re challenging me you’re doing 35 legendaries ok don’t don’t screw around with your new wild deck using some of the new expansions cards run 35 legendary games right now I’m missing Kazakh I am NOT I kinda want to keep lich king it’s a tough keep so late but let’s try it oh maybe not so late now Sargent Sally is is on the weak side but it is it is a three drop so I’m taking it free-to-play deck I think the coin has much more value than trying to tempo him out against the 1/3 okay that’s kind of bad well five drop battle-cries flying up that many pretty bad is one damage off from clearing my board I can’t take the random polymorph from Maine okay okay okay I have no time for games tonight akela I have to live a minyan because we’re gonna have to push King next turn true terror I thought it was hand as well so all the minions in my deck okay give it a try suppose has a nice lift guys yes yes it’s out next ramus is live okay it’s life goodies got like frost worms flying around in the background the only issue would be if you put black knight in the sec whoa no really Oh what Prince Malik is our black knight okay I missed it didn’t scumbag me he didn’t like willfully put it in all right let’s give us a try I guess oh I seem too good turns out even in death lich king can win mm that’s okay well my deck is all minions so what’d you expect Oh mah dragons okay this might be a little difficult to take in but I’m pretty sure this is a play because the main way that he stays alive is Deathwing but if he plays Deathwing the boombots might have something to say about it much damage is that I think it’s safe to say Lich Kings single Henley just absolutely wreck that [Applause] pretty good he thought it was arena did you need to step off those drugs there they’re messing with you a bit good much [Music] try to make some tempo plays old strong decklist here yes it’s true in the EU it comes on the Levin but it’s like eleventh over there so it’s not exactly eleventh you can call it a compromise I’m pretty sure I took that out did I not yeah I did I did take that out now cuz our had other plans it seems tonight a tale terrible tragedy a lot of minion removal against not very many minions though oh okay I did give them bananas I guess pretty strong no there’s no lethal here no that’s the good one yeah this card is pretty strong when you’re winning okay replacements have arrived the legendary games are generally pretty fun it’s just they get really snowball a if one player has an insane draw mostly going first but that’s just so unlikely so most the games aren’t good keep our face the arena I’m waiting with this sorry bro I think we can be in charge here [Music] it doesn’t activate but yo uh two two and a deck that has very few two drops okay [Music] I’m going to go for the office a few of these death knight cards are pretty weak but I need 35 legendary games they’re generally pretty useful second Golden Goal down at the same and there’s better stuff to hit I imagine what’s this whole cooldown thing and I have a lot of messages to beat the dragon thing with palem from earlier oh man I gotta get rekt by Lich King again now okay fine these are just one more us that’s risky and they’re not that risky I have no time okay oh I’m dead not much of this damage like Alec here okay so we can actually give me a top this way let none survive I dream should I bet on bit on lich king hydra to get the talk back yeah but yeah yes sir right now I think I’m gonna try didn’t have to damage last turn so there’s 40 percent chance that you can’t kill me and if you can’t kill me I can get Lich King into Lich King which is a really big deal gonna heal me yeah I can heal me okay okay that’s good it’s a high-risk play for sure but I’m such a such a bad spot I think this is a spot where I can win okay all right see here we kill that off then we killed that off to get the Lich King back we deal five there one there Brina I’d rather have the 1 1 so let’s attack shame a great comeback I’ve ever seen legendary match ok fine this jungle hi that’s okay that’s not okay come on the weak side okay we fix the turtle okay fixed missed three drop yeah but we fix the other cards my life [Music] [Music] yeah what eyes would have been better [Music] wow that’s ridiculous get to save it with the hero power okay [Music] [Music] I’m running pretty low on cards due to my adventurous Hemet play that’s kind of bad [Music] harvesting servos get ourselves an evolution match [Music] hmm oh that’s a good hit Wow what a top deck okay did you get taunted nope oh my god I had to get really lucky to win on that one but I did [Music] you [Music]