I can’t believe 2017 is upon us. But it’s even harder to believe the news from a recent Capital One study: 44 percent of small businesses still don’t have a business website. Also of the 56 percentage who do , barely 53 fraction say their site is mobile-optimized , making their webpages less than effective as today’s listeners.

This class of statistic makes me want to drag my hair out . If your small business doesn’t meet up with a affair web page, here are several of the many ways you’re absorbed out:

Away from the entirety these ingredients, one motive to form a business site is that there’s no longer an alibi not to . It’s more inexpensive furthermore easier than always previous to group only up for certainly pennies a day. Everything you tolerate to do is visit single of the several one-stop services that give information superhighway hosting , world wide web blueprint and/or DIY web content templates you can intention to produce your own site. As a bonus , immeasurable of these services class it easier to broadcast your online page by helping you with rummage around engine optimization , local quest directories , furthermore added only once your web content is wide awake in addition to surging.

Your affair web page doesn’t labor under to engagement flamboyant, either . If you own , express, a local dry cleaner , a spouses of pages plus your vital evidence (hours, address, cell phone number) , perchance a Articulation Us page , along with links to your responsibility elsewhere surf the net (social media , evaluations, etc .) are in truth the entirety you need.

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