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Looking for a new job? 93% of hiring managers review your social media profiles before they’ll consider hiring you. Are your profiles telling the right story? If not, your chances for getting that job you want might be zilch. The infographic at the end of this post provides a bunch of data that you should know before you start your next job search. Certain importantly , your social media profiles question — a group. Completed you understand that 55% of employing managers go through reconsidered a candidate solely based on no matter what they found the candidate’s social media profiles ? You don’t yearn that to take place to you !

You desire your social media profiles to reinforce your employment hunt, not eradicate it . Plus don’t feel that LinkedIn is the major social media podium that matters as soon as you’re hunting because a profession. 18% of employing managers pre-screen occupation candidates on Twitter prior they however diary an interview !

Yes, LinkedIn is cast off certain oft by recruiters (94%), other than your complete online presence gives valuable evidence that employing managers will scrutinize. Because example, 66% of recruiters explore given that candidates on Facebook and 52% look for on Twitter.

Yet, recruiters in point of fact take into service prepared social media in addition to 79% doing thence ready LinkedIn, 26% recruiting completed Facebook, plus 14% employing completed Twitter. While they’re researching given that candidates plus reviewing your social media profiles earlier than bringing you in for an interview , they’re probing since replies to a class of questions, including:

Yet your power employer is potential to engagement longing at your social media profiles . As the infographic under shows , 41% of employers enquiry current employees on social media sites jiffy 32% purpose quest engines to take tabs on electrical energy workers. Inside essential, 26% of employers submit to fired or reprimanded an worker based on fulfilled discovered surf the net.

No matter what on earth, your after steps should engagement to bright up your social media profiles (if necessary) or make your profiles (if you don’t labor under any yet) . Don’t put in writing questionable contented or accept friends along with connections to remark you or docket you in beside the point pleased. Judge the privacy choices within each social media dais plus accustomed the settings if foremost.

More importantly , Google yourself . Whatever do you observe? Are the consequence representative of the specialist portrait you want to show employers ? Do your social media profiles tell the accurate tale? If not , launch putting in place each other right at the present!


Susan Gunelius is the Founder along with Editor-in-Chief of Females on Affair. She is a 20-year veteran of the advertising sphere also has authored ten books about selling, branding , also social media , coupled with the exceedingly accepted 30-Minute Social Media Selling, Satisfied Promoting for Dummies, Blogging All-in-One for Dummies furthermore Kick-ass Copywriting in 10 Painless Steps. Susan’s marketing-related fulfilled would engagement found on,,,, as well as supplementary. Susan is President & CEO of KeySplash Fruitful, Inc., a marketing communications company. She has worked in corporate promoting roles in addition to ended customer relationships in addition to AT&T, HSBC, Citibank, Intuit, The Latest York Times, Cox Communications, furthermore ample numerous full-size plus small organizations concerning the globe. Susan in addition speaks about advertising, branding with social media at circumstances almost about the globe with is all the time interviewed by tv, visit cyberspace, radio set, in addition to print media organizations concerning these themes. She holds an MBA Management also Tactic and a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing.

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