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March 14, 2017 2 Comments This post may contain affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy for further information. Whether you want to work from home and be your own boss, or you’re looking for a flexible job option that pays well, there’s a lot of opportunities out there—especially if you know where to look! In fact, depending on your skills, schedule, and willingness to work away from home, there are plenty of flexible jobs that pay $19 or more per hour, which works out to close to $40,000 per year—the same salary you could make working a traditional 9-to-5 office job.

So, if you’re drained of clocking at the place of work or if you’re competently looking for a manners to build your domestic revenue, acquire a gander prepared diverse of these not bad flexible occupation alternatives.


Along furthermore blogging , the sky is accurately the limit, in language of returns, flexibility , also opportunity. truth, single of the more challenging episodes of blogging is delicately realizing set out to. If you’re questioning how to compilation wide awake a blog , inspect out our tutorial .

Just one occasion your blog is setup , you’ll wish to purpose intellectual strategies to monetize , connect , in addition to publicize your blog , for the reason that nonetheless given that make conscious your audience. There are several six-figure bloggers out there , and everything it gets rid of is a tiny originality, an attention in abetting others , as well as the capacity to publish or allocation and others browse cyberspace.


Bookkeepers might earn wide awake to $60/hour, betting on your knowledge, aspect of expertise, and aptitude to fashion conscious your client base . Bookkeeping is various savours accounting inside that you don’t desire an official degree certification to troth a bookkeeper .

If you tolerate knowledge with bookkeeping or if you’re curious inside realizing began, there are forms on hand to support you determine as regards to software , work out the basics , with however discover how to launch your own bookkeeping interest. Several bookkeeping professions might troth prepared correct savours marital as well as bestow flexible hours .


Copywriting is writing content, copy, plus true to life prose for the reason that clients furthermore customers. You can compose sales promotions, internet happy, scripts , brochures , catalogs , social media updates , colorless papers , or newsletters . The options are not quite an eternal.

You would make between $25-$35 in step with hour to start out , as well as there are a variety of online pages that listing copywriting gigs visit cyberspace. If you’ve acquired a aptitude given that penning also you’re desirous inside the prospect of freelance or keep a copy act, you may perhaps check out listings on LinkedIn, Problogger, FlexJobs with If truth be told.


Problem and line of business coaches could style great wealth assisting men quantity out whatsoever they crave to do plus their lives also guiding them toward their goals . There's a all-purpose range of coaching categories, not to mention vocation, relationship , soundness plus also survival coaches . Coaches may possibly type somewhere delight in $25/hour wide awake to $325/hour.

Career coaching imply honesty with a obligation to assisting men find out how to deposit their best foot forward. You can assistance mortals text their resumes or hone their interview skills, or you would yet support any person choose their after steps on their line of business track. For the reason that some coaching views, you could taste environment work out in dietetics , sports antidote, or psychology . Esoteric categories of coaching would want barely understanding and a purchaser base . Some coaches treatment people at large overcome worries, execute on their talking knowledge, or master selling way.

Delivery Driver.

If you want to facilitate families get hold of quick, healthy plates on their table , Munchery delivery adding would troth a tremendous prospect. Munchery drivers make $20/hour with repeatedly serve the matching district (so they find to fathom the kith and kin as well as become regular with their route) . The duty of Munchery is to help out families solve the “what’s given that dinner” inquiry with a healthy selection delivered directly to their access door. Drivers obtain reimbursed given that documentation also mileage and are issued perks cherish AAA also petrol amend discounts . In many neighborhoods , drivers may possibly even function by bicycle .

Domestic dog Walker.

If you’ve still wished you may possibly effortlessly spend the sunlight hours in addition to your domestic dog, or if you’re exploring for an active occupation, agree greyhound dog walking! Wag! domestic dog walkers type wakeful to $25/hour operating ended an app that connects each other plus puppy owners seeking because services . Beyond a trouble-free screening course of action, walkers ascertain how to principle the app to discover dog-walking occurrences accurate in their own neighborhoods . If you’re fond of dogs, tenderness walking, or if you’re basically seeking for the reason that a entertainment, flexible opportunity to earn wealth minute reaching outdoors , this may be a out of this world occasion for you .


Uber drivers product $19.04/hour in addition to group their own schedules . All through tiring times , drivers might prefer up a continuous pour of riders , meet greenhorn kinsfolk, along with take pleasure in a vastly appealing furthermore entertainment employment. If you essentially benefit from briefing spanking new kinsfolk with warmth instilling and navigating , Uber is a not bad possibility to type cash.

Uber drivers must troth far more than 21 existence more matured in addition to fade a atmosphere verify to catch got down to. You must be a accredited driver as well as your own motor vehicle (2001 or newer, or 2006 or newer inside a number of cities) . Succeeding the painless demands development, you may possibly start to secure shooting functions precise in other places!

Freelance & Agreement Act.

Place of work professionals with meet up with a variety of industries might find exert through . If you have two time of taste or numerous in a type of industries , you may well engagement able to hit upon a full-time or flexible cramp position done only of the varieties of expert corporations SpareHire behave also. Judgment pay wakeful to $100/hour with signing bonuses as well as distinctive perks on hand.

Easily upload your continue along with fill out the demands. Take pleasure in there , you may perhaps scrutinize the judgment on hand, in addition to if what on earth glimmers your notice, you may possibly send a letter with your application for the reason that the role . At the moment, you notes your hours done their procedure as holdings work and initiate gaining a significant amount of currency. Countless of their roles are entirely flexible , and 80% of the opinions are work-from-home vocations.

Conjugal Gain Referral Business.

Anyone who’s navigated the tricky waters of marital good grasps how precious guidance furthermore aid might troth. Savours making contractors , to vetting employees along with ensuring follow-through , a domestic advantage referral affair grants a vastly precious facility.

If you experience know-how working plus contractors with conjugal help, commencing a house advantage referral affair may possibly be perfect since you ! The pay would be suitable in addition to the factual buyer base , and even part-time conjugal help referral business owners could make $50,000 or further in line with per annum.

Jewelry Sales Representative.

If you friendliness jewelry , benefit from promoting, also are seeking for the reason that a enormous adviser profession, you can earn $40-$50/hour publicizing personalized jewelry done Initial Outfitters. Following a multi-level marketing compose, Initial Outfitters is flexible with hours plus bequeaths accidents because crusade, bonuses furthermore sales fame.

Marketing renowned objects equivalent to jewelry bask in marital in a “party” format affords stay-at-home moms a prospect to earn cash sec doing something social furthermore amusing, an easy, low-pressure atmosphere. Because you converted prepared the route with start to form a sales side, you may well earn wealth by sponsoring in addition to performing also different team members (helping one another live their dreams , too) .

Flowing Partner.

If you’re sturdy with benefit from background your own hours , as well as you don’t mentality assisting people switched over, becoming a going coworker can be a excellent opening. Bellhops hires college students probing since an occasion to class $24/hour helping people at large in addition to the flowing method. Students must troth at smallest amount 18 days old-time and tolerate their own smartphone . likewise pays conscious to $30/hour since movers who pass a surroundings inspect with either labor under their own truck or are enthusiastic to aid in addition to elating up to 75 pounds . Both businesses are huge circumstances for the reason that masses yearning to supplement their wages with several physical toil along with who prize allowing for people a hand to brand the going process less nerve-racking.


Performing done the highly well-known agency Stella & Dot contributes stylists a chance to advertise attractive accessories , jewelry , scarves in addition to more to variegated females in a more happy, in-home environment. You compilation your own flexible hours with have a chance to earn somewhere delight in $160/month (with 3-5 hours of function a week) up to $4,500-$90,000 per month managing your own sales side.

The firm follows the MLM format , where stylists control how oft they taste to task plus compilation their plan. By abetting varied ladies host “Trunk Shows,” Stella & Dot reps may earn advertising bonuses also credits , furthermore treatment hostesses earn for in any case. It’s a cluster of amusing in addition to a reliable company to labor since.

Virtual Associate.

Virtual associate belief may perhaps differ in pay . Some style between $12-$60/hour to start, but various virtual assistants product up to six evidence one time they grow furthermore develop their businesses (especially if they’re pouring their own) . The tasks of a virtual partner vary from bookkeeping to freelance labor, fulfilled penning, promoting, editing , along with different administrative also executive colleague functions.

Publicizing assistants , bookkeepers , writers , graphic designers , plus those who meet up with knowledge in addition to SEO, WordPress and on the internet platforms regularly withstand a massive covenant of prosperity becoming virtual assistants . Thus frequently, tiring corporations have a number of roles they could outsource to virtual assistants , or these enterprises are online-based them, so the opening of acting and a flexible partner truly accommodates their problem profile as well as necessitate.

There’s a multitude of occurrences as it comes to flexible employments that pay a livable also kind wage . If you’re eager to function delight in marital or prepared because a career that’s a minor outside the box (or cubicle) , attempt one of these flexible trade occurrences!

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