Cover Your Ass: Foolproof Excuses for Any Occasion is a hit humor book available on Amazon, the Apple Bookstore, Google Play, Barnes and Noble and other online bookstores. In this article we interview the author, Manly M. Mann, since to how he came conscious plus the guidelines, how he received the e-book created, as well as his insights on how would-be authors can top generate as well as broadcast their own e-book .

AllBusiness: Might you enlighten us a modest grain concerning your surroundings?

Manly M. Mann: Anyways, since I proclaim in the work, I am a Innovative York Times best-selling person behind, receiver of the Nobel Be pleased about inside Literature, auditor of the Pulitzer Apprize, with labor under sold over 100 million copies of my essay 125 nations (including Zimbabwe).

AB: Wow, that’s wonderful!

Manly M. Mann: Yes. Furthermore, of way, none of that is remotely correct. Then again since my essay is near to comical excuses , I suffer a satisfactory pretext as to why I designed that conscious. You will tolerate to get the e-book to obtain the solution.

AB: How prepared you come wide awake with the suggestion for the essay?

Manly M. Mann: I really responded to the hints for a print essay variant life ago as well as completed a whole book design. I telephoned it “The 999 Biggest Excuses Eternally Invented.” I sent it to 15 publishers as well as acquired 16 rejection letters back . I subsequently shelved the instruction for the reason that a spilt second, as well as after that was determined to resurrect it for an e-book since of the relieve in establishing as well as administering e-books .

AB: Why made ready you choose to do the book for an e-book as an alternative of flowing to a traditional print publisher ?

Manly M. Mann: Traditional print publishers are relaxing and implement onerous expressions on authors . Also they do very small, if any , promoting of your textbook unless you already are an established best-selling person who wrote it. I was resolute to note for an e-book primarily, plus at the moment for the reason that a print textbook after a minute.

AB: Consequently whatsoever publishing dais ended you function and why ?

Manly M. Mann: I gave the impression into various alternatives also resolve on Pronoun, which is at the present allotment of the gigantic publisher MacMillan. The Pronoun dais let me grand flexibility , very good interesting vocabulary, also the ability to instantly search out on Amazon, the Apple Bookstall, Google Mess around, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, along with variant spots. They yet taste a measure of advertising tools in addition to an browse cyberspace dashboard that allows me to get your hands on day after day reports on my e-book sales . As well as I was able to stock the copyright to my job, which most traditional publishers will rebuff.

AB: Say to us a minor numerous with reference to the contents of the book.

Michael M. Mann: The concept is that we the whole thing acquire in drawback. We are behind schedule. We obtain wedged speeding . We don’t search out our training in on season. So this work presents you amusing, foolproof excuses since any condition to “cover your ass” (hence the title) .

The e-book includes pop skill illustrations furthermore scenarios . Examples of chapters include:

AB: What on earth positive info might you confer to aspiring authors ?

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