Entrepreneurs like you and me struggle a bit in the summer—trying to balance our desire to be great business owners—and great parents. While I love (and truthfully look forward to) having my kids at home during the summer months, I confess it’s getting increasingly harder to keep them occupied while I’m hard at work. I know this is a struggle we all face—how do we give our kids the attention they deserve and concentrate on growing our businesses at the same time? As business owners, we’re lucky to be able to set our own schedules. If you make effort at an administrative center or chain store, may perhaps you acquire different work-at-home life? Would you institute summer Fridays at your headquarters, allowing for yourself furthermore your workforce every abundant Friday (or Friday afternoons) off ?

If you finances in advance (as in now) as the summer , you won’t squander dear point in time every daytime surprised (or worrying) almost whatsoever your adolescents are up to . This will improved enable you to pay attention on building your responsibility.

There is not a one-size-fits-all answer given that balancing your kids’ with your company’s demand. There are a motley of variables at play—the ages of your youth, how self sufficient they are , their cares, your financial statement, your spouse’s workload , also the bid of your affair. If your adolescents are of age ample, require each other in the decision securing. They’ll engagement several feasible to participate inside any deeds they remedy plan. Also don’t panic—with a modest planning, you furthermore your kids may perhaps undergo a outstanding summer .

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