Hearthstone: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

the madman Hey well tell a bit of a we’ll give you a bit of a story and background on the new hot deck on the block I don’t actually think it’s very hot right now in terms of popularity but I thought it was good enough to bring to the hero Tavern hero tournament I brought this little guy Jade elemental shaman now known as the jelly shaman the big change that happened with the caverns blown er was that Jade spirit became an elemental and this enabled the Jade and the elementals to cross better now the deck is really really strong against Agra which is why I chose to bring it against the local tavern hero tournament I think those local events tend to attract more aggro players and I was right I got into the semifinals but single elimination and all that you know this deck isn’t that good against control that I just kind of get out valued I suppose even though it looks like there’s a lot of value here there we go that new Jade spirit elemental still be good depose a hunter and that should be really good for this deck since it’s really strong against aggro deck hope to crush some pirates or some token druids a little boy and that’s right here uh it makes me not want to play constructed it’s like I have to slog through all of these ranks in order to get to like a good level play why when I reset down all the way over here oh I can’t even showcase the genius of the deck because the opponents are running blood puddin Raptor first step this is actually a big part of why don’t you like link constructed Rises I come on I don’t want to be fighting you bring Katie and I’m sure these rank 18 players don’t want to be playing against me the purpose of matchmaking should be to match you against the in a equal level opponent or are tempted unless this is blizzards way of telling me oh no come on rate a team player if we just imagine that he played a crackling razor Mullin to you on an empty board it was basically Blitzen Raptor so it’s all good if we just imagine that this entire game make sense at least I can claim that this is a metaphor a trite 18 minute counts of something look at how good this curve is the elementals have always wanted to be played the elementals are such good anti-ager and the jeans are always so good again control so it’s like a really good middle of the ground deck which is slightly worse against control because control has better more value option way better against aggro to the power of tar creeper hot spring Guardian genuine or seed grants will appear stone sugar but I’m unable to demonstrate the brilliance of my deck against the full master shield bear combo and so I just there and while giving a few of these games played up legend rank few good highlight game it would be pretty good it’s so much work to climb from rank 18 to legend I mean I don’t think it’s fair to it would like it can be done obviously it will be done I believe this that could make it but it’s so much work when we could be playing black survival or [Music] you know darkest dungeon says and that’s why I stopped playing constructed I guess because the decks are mostly figured out and we could be like Chris and you know show the sex beating level 18 people and being like oh this deck is pretty good but not as good an actor [Music]

Warlock is BACK! (Hearthstone Stream Highlight)

sorry to rain on your parade please remember you’re playing ranked 19 and they don’t get excited about will up just yet let’s to see how much is on a you mature yes I rely I will I’ll try not to get too excited I’m just enjoying playing wall at one it’s been a while since I played warlock and it’s actually felt good to play obviously gonna feel better in to the lower ranked players okay oh my fast fear there’s my mic that night love it fucking love this deck twitch up okay subjects are fear easy game it have to be my hair of this healed so I can’t heal up my Boyd Walker I seem to be getting the the Farseer it’s a happy girl on to turn 3 a lot more than I was expecting to get paid get laid make a lemonade haha the copter sub to a swiftstream– it’s just one with Donald’s meal set I’m just too stingy maybe I’ll stop to write Jackie one day haha oh oh I can’t help oh my god I just realized what we’ve grown our hand but it’s absolutely disgusting twist yeah oh it’s brutal [Music] see the good ii warlock is going to be very good against any deck the any deck that has a lot of minions because we’re just playing a lot of removal in this and even our minions are lots of removal like you’re growing bethel enforcer you’ve got the four five there’s one damage to all india turn you have the six six oh there’s one damage swarming is the battlecry which has never really seen much play but in this kind of deck could actually see play because there aren’t many good demons right now outside of like the discard demons and so the six six battlecry minion i think could actually finally see some play I’m pretty sure Jackie is the best top Decker in the world huh dead confirmed Opie so I it wasn’t we were playing a rank 19 guy it wasn’t it wasn’t allowed to be Opie but now we’re ranked 18 are we allowed to call Oh Peter ha ha Joe fer oh I can help I hear and it clears everything meet whoa lucky but my kids good other lumen I’m enjoying roll-ups right now he’s on nine health maybe we should leave around a bit this is the right highest ranked jockeys overview ah those bad man I’m gonna play this instead of shadow growing shadow i’m not developing anything I mean I could have gone double double to job spell divers bring him into the drain something again you’ve got to take your deck there to meet that having does the minion have to have letter take the wagon I want more wraps you want more wraps CC twitch chat join me I do more wraps Yossi see if you see my I did an Amazon wrap I did a promotional Amazon coins wrap if you haven’t checked my YouTube feel free again once that does another level since since the meet walking around meat wagon wrap but would you guys like me to do more reps oh whoa this is actually really bad against yes warmers and giving this Jade Stila minion from your printer technicality and not no more wraps okay no more reps those bad man stealth returned made stealth of them protect you from Hellfire [Music] yeah till the end of the monitor been longer huh whoa it means that very threatening so I don’t want to play anything that does AoE so I don’t you want to play this card because this G is a huge at this point if I play this it’s I’m getting the four or five thing that pops all is dude so I can’t I’d any moving again play it lethal how’s it lethal six seven this can only do it you go on a minion it’s going to be under my name seems good well that was pretty good it’s good for me that these are so slow like he’s getting Jesus huge but thankfully they’re so slow ma’am that please sign this with really like you can handle them to make fun of them so you have to play the mimic pod this turn line girls mine I’ve used one health flying it’s fun where the Hellfire I need to file actually the file would be amazing do I please this here I probably played this now I have not that many demons die but I think I play it right trade in here give it another four five dude and the four five doodle finishes off I’m playing that many demons okay I guess it’s quite a few against is quite a few all OH I had two of the ones with deal one damage for everything our crap I forgot yeah no this won’t damage there I could have triggered my in two three and after five blue – can you clean up yeah I need can accept one where I’m going to be no you can’t kill the four five hoho just about made it yeah we slightly miss laser the end but still those close one those kind of close [Music] you


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