Hearthstone: Dead Man’s Hand Iron Juggernaut

took the weapons that’s good anchoring around the war axe i 100% get works maybe even to war axe boom-boom draw two cards equip war axe turn to now worries has an even higher chance of always having war axe on sir – okay well last too many weapons I’ll equip one thank you I mean eat like punch face a little bit here probably not lovely lovely eyes yeah I mean I can lose the charge why not you clearly didn’t want to use what doesn’t have removal for this just fine maybe taps we we are we having we Oracle anyway the theory does what do you do go on tap it yeah tap last mo Kerala we got two tongs often not very good one so Tyler Tyler care and read don’t want to use this charge the weapon here to kind of a really weak minions Mancow news overlay overlay the armor brand that’s good according to Ferrara call by article 9 thing shields are nothing from oh let me run for a treat next time right that’s a plate too many cards we can so we don’t have a draw and then we do I think we do dead man’s hands first series got big so you’re going to get two cards back into his hand so you can have ten cards needs to play a one drop are you know like what’s what’s a good combo in six nine I can’t do that you got ten cards by the way you fool you did not count get on my deck you delicious cards you oh-oh-oh-oh get that filthy use away from me you monster Oh take that Reno away I did dead man’s hand showing my cards my stuff Oh doesn’t okay [Music] plenty more where I came from I got my Brownback battle rage so we know we shouldn’t have any more weapon removal left I don’t need to battle rages that’s two too many let’s just use one now two blood warriors that’s pretty sick in fact that that’s too many as well that’s too many Terry is a general oh the point of the combination so I have rough face in there for fun but goddamn the ing ugh damn Anton combo two deadly combo he no it’s like oh shit but overdraw me again we please please don’t draw me again hey we just play raw face why our first time playing out let’s see what goes down see now we have some twisting nether that’s pretty damn good right I’ve got two of these because I a dead man’s hand but back into the deck so you have to do a little bit of a nether and then he needs to drop himself a lovely to drop most expertise pretty funny how I enjoy good but you’ve got no Reno to birth it got two lovely bombs in his death you could try tap off the bomb you could try perfectly ever drawn out for the bomb that’s possible I wonder Hellfire doom Oh Delmont and again like became one time through latex I would I would pretty waited but okay okay okay okay okay okay okay I’m not going to dead hand I’m looking at that found the Acolytes pass I’m going to draw cards then dead hand it back I like I like this deck it’s it’s pretty fun maybe maybe needs a Emperor flourescent possibly possible doesn’t need well flood warriors is in control it’s like it’s crazy because I could I could like use this on Brannon and I enjoy going off goodbye call baby wait wait wait yeah I should that one time not skin evarro face boom probably got for me it’s pretty fucking good oh oh the bomb is actually fun I’m gonna be playing this more often keep your fucking down right oh all right we have here so yeah not that good because it’s a combo doesn’t work with brawn so you can’t like deal double damage makes the card a lot weaker glory of a new song a new sound hmm mine blast come on baby I think I nearly died here and nearly did but then again whoa what do we have here you have a dead paladin if a dead paladin you go I can safely say but it’s not very good [Music]