Death Knight Hunter Decksperiment – Hearthstone

make money what’s this hello hello Regis Gildan is the name and hearthstone is the game and this in another deck experiment in which I take a fun a new or interesting idea for a deck build that deck live on the spot and then take it out onto the rank ladder to see it in action and this particular deck was made on day 1 of Knights of the Frozen Throne because of course just like everybody else I’m going to see how good the death knight hero cards are in this time around I was testing the death knight Rex our card that stalker Rex are to be specific just to see how well he would fit into a more mid range or control oriented hunter deck and we’re going to find out how it goes so let’s go ahead and jump into the deck creation process as it was recorded live on my twitch stream we’re going to build a death stalker Rex our deck a control hunter deck right like I want it to be a death rattle II control hunter deck because I also want to play corpse widow a lot but I don’t want it to be super late-game oriented right like more more mid-range because I think essentially desk dr. Rex R gives you a mid to late game answer in control matchups because he’s just constantly drawing you a card and generating extra value so we you know he’s sort of a kind of a back-up plan sort of a release valve for matchups that don’t really go well with the death rattle stuff so we want to try to build basically like a death rattle synergy deck that empowers corpse widow I think maybe we run like one abominable Bo man but I don’t want to run more than that necessarily I want it to have some cap on its death rattle eNOS and we need some fast stuff as well I don’t know about Raptor hatchlings necessarily but we need some faster minions other death rattles who do we want here let’s see we want to make sure we’re very considerate of our curve I don’t want to run Arthas even though he’s a beast in a death rattle I just don’t think he applies enough pressure for what our deck is trying to accomplish late-game death rattles I don’t think we need any of these I don’t think we even want this off like I don’t I don’t think we’re in Azaz deck necessarily we’re afford based death when all my death rattles either summon minions or have some sort of immediate effect on the boys would ya it strikes thanks to twitch prime sub it strikes mesh you guys on a little mini sub train here that’s 123 subs welcome welcome it strikes and again stay tuned your whispers over the next day or so strikes and I’ll send you some details on being a sub and what all that means but I appreciate appreciate you showing your support strikes have you done oh where does I know this long my second deck so I haven’t really done much yet guys I got a little bit of a late start I don’t think we want like shallow grave diggers offices because I think that’s not board based right we want board based death row I don’t even think we want like um bread necessarily uh uh ha yeah I feel like it was not enough death rattles guys for the record looks like I’m go through the list there and it’s like well no no there’s not that many good death rattles I mean play dad I think that’s too hard to run I don’t think for Lawrence knock your hands off stuffs what we want maybe we add in a raptor hatchling just because it’d be a three playoff corpse widow I mean Rat Pack is fine we need a three-drop I guess doesn’t have to be all hunter cards it can be some of these two I don’t actually think blue order fits my plan I think I like egg Napper better and I think I’m kind of like well sonic summoners maybe not bad no artists I’m sorry I just only I can do Arthas that’s too many threes we need two drops instead I guess we’re only orders just because they’re one of the only to drop death rattles geez there’s like a big gap for to drop death rattles what’s the deal they’re good too because they’re free off of corpse lid oh right like you can run the to drop ones totally for free which has a lot of value so that’s all right for is the gap now so like infested turin or twilight summoners I don’t know if summoners apply enough immediate pressure or not make some room by the hot water bottle Ross 27 man welcome welcome pal Ross I appreciate the support bell Ross you guys are on a sub train man that’s a ton of stuff today already that’s crazy guys than that I think that puts us at 124 right so I think it’s one more sub and that’ll trigger a giveaway so everybody who subbed up to that point and the remainder of today will be entered into a giveaway a not to make in a giveaway video for you guys that’s insane you guys are gonna both simultaneously bankrupt bankrupt me and fund me which is awesome so I’m happy to get back as much as I can so bow off stay tuned to your twitch whispers and all the other subs oh my god there it is I think that’s 125 guys per O’Jays man welcome that’s amazing that’s great so welcome for AJ’s thanks again for all the support so all the subs now and like I said any that stop for the remainder of the day so like until the end of the stream because I’m ending at midnight guys all try to record the giveaway video tomorrow morning or maybe even late tonight because it only takes like a couple minutes I just got to gather all your guys’s names in Excel and then do a random drawing and not this exactly because this is an old one that’s been used but 80/20 all about on that gift card will be going to somebody out there so grass guys but I’ll send you there’s like a automated way I send messages through twitch to everybody with a link to the giveaway video when I record it and also you’ll get a you’ll see it posted in the discord channel to which you’ll also get a link to of your new sub so Pelley for 89 cents how am i sub on the app I don’t know for sure but I did add a new button below the stream that says subscribe of the picture of the emot– on it and if you can find that button I think it should take you right to the subscription area so so grass guys basically ever every sub now has like a one and a hundred and twenty-five chance of winning its $1 about on our hip guard guys the grass I wonder who it’ll be well sure we’ll talk about it tomorrow some more might even do this I might actually even do the giveaway stream live tomorrow morning when I get on them how much time I have now I want to have it done before then so I’ll probably have to record it and upload it first anyway back to the deck guys thank you well thanks guys that’s awesome I I wasn’t really sure how often I was going to get to do some giveaways because I wasn’t sure how many subs would grow you know but it’s growing a ton it’s run super fast so that’s great it looks like you guys are going to have a lot of giveaways coming your way so grats how many of us variance is you open since Joseph Gomes ah I think 13 total I think 13 total listeners something like that do you buy packs with money from the stream channel or to come from your own pocket uh that there’s no difference right look I mean stream channel money goes to my pocket right so I mean uh-huh functionally it’s all the same pile of money right like what pile and makes it sound really big but it’s not that big but you don’t a saying like you know it all goes to the same place I use the money I spend on taxes money I don’t have to spend on food or rent or whatever right so I guess it theoretically it comes from the channel certainly there’s enough to pay for packs that’s what you’re getting at yeah I don’t have to go up ahead the but for far as money is concerned I don’t ever like talking about it too much but basically all the money I’ve ever made on YouTube has gone back into the channel somehow whether that’s like new lighting or new supplies or giveaways I bought a new computer recently which was great which has made my video creation process 10 times easier so I think that’s what you’re getting at with that question I don’t mind answering that at all so no I I make enough to pay the tax basically is the answer to your question so actually back to the death rattle hunter here I still would like another four drop I think or maybe not we can probably get by with with fewer than that what I think we probably need now are support cards we haven’t actually looked at any supporting cast kinds of cards because we do need others than just strictly that’s rattled like practically raised about such a good card animal companion is a good card I don’t think we want bear shark crackerjack man yeah for sure thing dude your packs if hereby didn’t bless crackerjack I don’t know we need a kill command necessarily what unleash the hounds usually makes sense maybe somehow masters makes sense taunts are valuable I don’t hate the idea of swamp king dread but I don’t want the deck to get too expensive right what else could we run actually like this better than this what about justice Prince tell us that now we need to two jobs now we can’t do it none of this looks too exciting bloodworms intriguing but I don’t think it’s worth it about hunter cards here this tracker I actually like a lot Oh this tracker is pretty cool it’s it’s hard draw but and it doesn’t get us it doesn’t get us a Rex are unfortunately so maybe not I mean bloat that could maybe run one bloat bat but I don’t really think I like this card this much what do you guys think is a both bat worth it maxed out that’s right the blobfish naxx is out man that’s right four drops and five drops looks like where we need to go maybe a nesting Rock would be good and that’s the rocks a good idea well maybe it’s Tundra right now Tundra right now would be nice that’s 30 cards I kind of want a little bit more card draw I think if you do have to find Rex our writer it’s not worth it Oh tracking is perfect now I’ll give this to a Rex our sometimes okay so we got a couple early game options got strong two drops three drops good death rattle cards you got the corpse WeDo kind of just looks like a mid-range hunter list up to corpse Widow and then suddenly we got some crazy new confusion of frozen throwing cards I feel like we don’t really have that many frozen throwing cards though right just just kind of corpse widows the wrecks are in a Bowman so I need more frozen throne cards guys like am i doing it a disservice I guess we could run one Arthas I think it’s too slow but it’s a golden artist for God’s sake like Regis plus my fast before your next game sure thing fire load your packs have hereby been blessed of course egg Napper an abominable domain are not good you know that may be the case but I still want to try them I don’t think egg mappers bad at all I think egg mapper is going to be good for us bow man I think might be a tad too slow but we’ll see running one orifice isn’t a good choice should I run – look what they run – I don’t know the corpse razor which one is corpse Rainier can never remember I don’t a good idea to try that I kind of I kind of think I want the nesting Rock though and not a tundra right now so only corpse we can try corpse razor make some really good trades with like rat packs and stuff I’m not sure I like rat pack for the record seems a little slow they also cut a hound master which makes it way worse we could try like a Hoover on two but it seems to slow still and terascale stalker also seems to slow now maybe stalker is actually not it’s a free drop right we need a three job yeah let’s run let’s run a stalker instead of rat packs now we’ll grab one rat back in one stalker that’s a pretty good curve that’s a pretty good good I like I don’t like where this is at one rat pack probably one how mass or one rat pack I think that’s fine they’re not any removal though do we if we fall behind well only sounds is kind of removal if we fall behind we’re going to fall really far behind but corpse widows actually kind of Swing II could play a lot of stuff at once let’s just try it guys let’s see what happens let’s see I don’t think it’s going to be good though I’m going to say this does not feel like a tight list to me right now I think there’s a lot of room for improvement here on this list but we’ll try our best see if we can make it work you’ll extend 110 pack and only got two legendaries 28 10 worst dust worth of duplicates around 350 Commons that is that possible you looks only at two legendaries and 110 tax I guess technically it is wait no it shouldn’t be possible right you get you get a legend your first ten packs right and then you should get one every forty packs thereafter so you should have got a guaranteed legendary at ten fifty and ninety based on my understanding uh that’s not a great curve he doesn’t want this off yeah I think the sauce weirdly enough is too slow and none of our death idols have taunt makes me nervous for the sauce stuff might be wrong though like I said I don’t think this is the best version of this list I bet it’s going to get way way better over time so I have a feeling we’re not not even really close there yet El Tigre won thanks to the follows orbit Alex thanks to the follow over boot killer freak thanks for the follows guys peel appreciated everybody I think I’d missed Melvin cog a villain Fross both zero I think I missed you guys for the follows as well so appreciate it guys thanks for hopping on if you’re watching on youtube and you didn’t know guys you can also watch on Twitch and if you follow on to it’s your name will pop up on stream and I’ll talk about you it’s really nice nice little bonus for twitch folks you should try wild exit simple oh my god I can’t even imagine wild Dex yeah that’s too much too much to process I think I’m just going to play on curve instead of play the razor ball now this this pops up these these are beets it’s very very likely a beast gets to survive here and we couldn’t do a 4-minute play it makes sense ah ah ha I think I’ll try the roll poisonous here instead of hitting the egg Napper I don’t really want to trade the egg Napper in because I like the resiliency of it you know in other words I don’t I want to have a death rattle for multiple reasons one is corpse raids are that kind of stuff and it just means my board’s more likely to survive for this nesting Rock on five actually getting activated that’s the problem though I don’t know if we can play nesting right now we simply not master though but the mirror will just trade the nagging operational trade they cannot pray in any way now and go face with the rest I guess I didn’t play around meteor very well I’m not really thinking about that kind of stuff today just trying to learn cards and have fun should still think about it of course because this is a good meteor corner over here oh I like ghastly conjure I think the songs about our cards and people realize not very gonna get some leash down so for the record but we won’t unleash we’ll just high main here and I think I’ll just leave the conjurer alive you have a lot of damage going face here so I like that better halo of Pinero Lu nas walls the brewery poncho guys thanks for the follows I guess you made the move from YouTube to twitch it sounds like appreciate it well that’s not very nice is it now is it we gotta wait though this is a so much better play we just have to wait we know it’s not my identity so we can play this sure aah-ha-ha curve isn’t beautiful so far guys really really good wine Arne is off I just think it’s a little too slow like we have deaf soccer Rex ours our wind condition I’m not sure that’s right by the way I just think that with the corpse widow it’s a little bit more of like a tempo oriented death rattle kind of list I might usually make it stuff up to tell you the truth I don’t that sounds a little bit made up to be honest with you just sounds a little bit made-up maybe it is that was a pretty savage line strike but we’re still in such a great position afterwards then I don’t think it matters I guess we’ll test vaporized first oh yeah man actually that’s our X R Plus hounds would be amazing if we could do it but we can’t let’s just test this barrier okay ah we could have played this first arguably but this want to be worth quite a bit of damage it’s not this is for seven I don’t think any of this matters I’m going to play this I don’t think it matters I think between hounds and the hero power we shouldn’t be able to find some sort of lethal year hero power should be sufficient right but I’m sad that I didn’t get to play Rex Aria that’s a lot of mana that’s a big man a commitment so you actually have the net the other Glock that’s pretty chill aha because if you played against the control warrior not yet really no not yet um aha oh I might of goofed a little bit there crap I just lost my hero power shoot I just lost my hero power I didn’t even think about it we got a home still but there’s such a chance we can’t do the damage Dale grabs I got so excited lyrics sorry just said yeah we don’t need that we don’t need that when do you normally stream so steel uh monday to wednesday at 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. currently will 7 p.m. for me it’s a little after 6 years so you know starting 12 hours than earlier than right now or 11 hours earlier than right now monday to wednesday and then thursday nice actually at 7:00 p.m. so pretty too and I’d be starting normally that might be changing a little bit in the near future by adding a day or two for the record ZK Eagles Donkey Kong that’s right it is ok we got to try this regardless right like I don’t I don’t know what his deal is over there but if we screw up and now he’s gonna the ice barriers do we have enough 500 we still do ok we can still get through a barrier hope I didn’t do the math wrong I might have just messed up the math a little bit I think we’re going to leave them at 2 now right oh no we can’t I can’t I don’t be out enough we don’t have enough crap charge ah come on easy chief charge aha oh cool that’s fine oh that looks fake outz glowing that’s awesome anything that yet that’s nice nice beard softness those nips rages and he beat Lord America yet no I haven’t done the adventure I’m saving it I’m saving it okay when I was cool charge this is nice on command or not quite on command but close to on command ting guess what you doing over there – yes dude I’m watching you saying bad things about me on YouTube chatting you think I don’t see it you think I miss it shame on you tengas traitor why don’t you horn Bo I don’t know just I don’t we tell what light on removal hoping to control the board and then course there are many secrets for that extra Center G or anything so it’s probably fine like I said numerous science already I don’t I’m sure this is not the ideal version of this list right like there’s going to be ways to make this way better like I legitimately think arcus is a bad choice why does all that stuff pop up oh it shows you all eight of the spells for Arthas that’s awesome four cards I should say some weapons he’s probably in class watching off that makes him twitch is blocked at school so saying is yep somebody called it somebody called it these are they stirring up trouble though that’s that’s my problem pingas is causing a rebellion it sounds like is the freebie K you get from the adventure always a non duplicate I think they said that it would be I think they revealed that it should be a non duplicate so a couple ways this could go good probably the worst way to go this can also go good so we’ll try it first oh lucky guys we’re so lucky guys I’m going to trade this for swipe right that is a good drawn fine on coins coin into that ZX ol says hey reason still don’t love you YouTube videos Thank You ZX man appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to say that dude it’s really nice that feels like a good play to me look at this next turn guys Jaime and egg Napper if this can live which I think there’s a very good chance it lives here swipe kills it I guess but that’s about it that’s good do those but this is a sick play oh my god give me something cheap to play to give me stuff to give you that guy that’s fine I’ll eat the house doesn’t help I wish when you play our pets as well but I’ll take highmane into egg Napper that’s cool that’s a pretty sick turn five pretty sick certify playground meteor yet this is the levite earr player on board how do you like tech steps dr. rex are I don’t know USB X is only my second game so I’m still very very new with it it’s hard to say at this point for me I mean I guess this is okay you know it’s not going to clear but it’s going to do a lot of work to the board and we’re already running a little light on cards oh it was cool I guess technically we could silence this with an iron be cowl so I’ll trade it into this one instead I think I can probably hold instead of thinking this trade I might want it to be alive like my trade now and then he trades it might die for the hounds so let’s give it a live where you just hate our stone yeah I do hate car stones that’s why I spend hours every day making videos about it two of your videos are awesome sissy Alessandra thanks man that’s really nice really really nice you two say well we got a desktop we got to build a beast right guys we gotta build a beast this guy’s taut or brutal you know a hazard ox is coming by the way you know it we have five me and it’ll work with so I guess we’ll take a swing it’s pretty cheap adapt should be cool but it only leads you to mana to work with it doesn’t seem good I’m gonna take it Oh take it on so that’s like I’m not going to have seven health and four attack that’s not too bad not too bad come on four seven with a pretty cool death rattle that’s not that’s a pretty good minion I would play this minion of it we’re in the game that’s for sure and I suppose we’ll kill this thing I don’t love it but that’s pretty good many guys to go in command it’s a bad talk through it well diesel these aren’t very good with Hydra knocks right did they actually they work probably but that’s pretty good though shoot we’re gonna need some place guys I need some please here oh my god we keep throwing these plates out what we want six mana to work with uh actually dire wolf alpha with hounds could be really clutch for us but we only have one mana to make it work but we could kill this and do some damage to that and play it you know or we could just wait and play all the other stuff like an art this and I’ve been a couple patriarchs so let’s get the dire wolf alpha and a grizzly because we’re going to take a lot of damage we need you to carry on grubs fine might be a four seven this would be a five five times five actually lines up poorly against the five three but we’re going to be trading into that a lot of that stuff theoretically because it’ll have already attacked so the iron fur Grizzlies okay and then this term will disco this round hopefully Arthas gives us something useful if I really think this cards too slow for a decade I think it’s going to be our problem card it’s Justin sit in an ad a little while okay it’s fine this is still a great play eight Manito a lot just got way better though it’s got way better jeez but we are almost dead and that’s well actually this could give me a really big taunt but we have to take this line because I think it’s really way we live right and this math unfortunately is really wonky five health doesn’t do enough to the board and this is going to summon me five pounds so the only way we stay alive though this is basically just for it doesn’t ever matter that it does five so it is eyes to every trade as well so however we make these trades shouldn’t matter too much we’re not really going to have enough here haha unfortunately we have to kill this because we can’t actually kill anything else so you got a cards if we can get some big toss off the bill the Beast you got a shiny you know shot oh he’s not out of cards man how would you fix Arthas ah just give them more stats I don’t know or let you discover one of these or something discover read definitely your card well you couldn’t really discover on a death rattle I guess that’d be weird but so the question is are we better off going for death grip or for a build abuse we could do both let’s step through first I’ll leave us 8 mana to make a decision with the build of ease oh you’re fine hey we were looking for it on hey that’s not that either but we need to saw it probably even if we do play this hey easy game that’s bad event that looks bad I don’t know what it means but I bet it’s bad I bet it’s really really bad that’s that’s bad we’re going to take three damage to the face a it looks like shoot we don’t get any taunts off our army of the Dead is the problem oh we’re just literally dead two is the second problem we’re just literally dead ah man I felt like that wasn’t a great deck we played but we almost got to beat it I don’t know what went wrong for us or where he just I think it was just a ramp right he just ramped up too fast got some really big stuff and we couldn’t answer it right away you need heal in the deck what would you recommend more once you time what’s a great healing for hunter curious what you think would be a good fit that’s the solid hand with the coin really really saw his hands I’m not even finds playing that on three bloodborne is the only heel we talked about blood arm a little bit but I don’t even know how good of a heel that is and then Tech technically has dealing with Deathstalker XR because you can get blood worm off of your build abuse I think I probably said that a little bit snarky but I didn’t mean to I didn’t mean to make that sound sarcastic I meant like legitimately what heel did you recommend and 674 people watching right now on YouTube plus 150 on Twitch guys that’s a lot of dudes dudes everywhere is it’s the same guys No ah normally poisonous would be cool but it’s probably just going to die to the zero power so divine shield it is to bind shield the data’s probably guys if you are watching on YouTube I say just a lot so people are going to get tired of hearing it but I’m also streaming on Twitch I tend to read twitch chat a little more so if you want to do want to be heard switching over to twitch and following would probably be a good way to do swipe hero power would give them a bit of an advantage on the board it’s going to I mean normally in a hundred deck I wouldn’t take that trade I’d just go face but remember we’re not really like an aggro hunter or even like an aggressive mid-range hunter were we’re willing to play a little bit into the late game so I was a tad more hesitant than usual to just hammer the face this is not an ideal trade for me but it’s okay we’re still applying a lot of pressure nesting rocks great we even have a follow up on six the loot orders will be some good hard wild cuties not I won’t be playing anybody else’s decks today I’ve been focusing all on my own decks today you’re welcome to send to me on Twitter and I’ll happily take a look at it aha but won’t we plan it today use a different card back such a common complaint my card back I do hate guard back that’s a true aspect Regis doesn’t care about guard backs guys he just doesn’t care see this face card back true I don’t like it that much I’m either fine I like they look cool don’t get me wrong I think they’re awesome just I don’t ever care about so changing it that much ah dude chill out with the answers we’re trying to build a board here trying to build a board man still a good turn sticks like I said they still want obscene a terror scale soccer we did see a corpse Ranger I think but I don’t think we had a chance to legitimately play it Oh baby the only problem of this play is the card draw aspect right like I wish we had more death rattle cards all like do you even run polluted order in this list for instance like that would be me we finally thought guys the ultimate infestation gruel and fester no don’t innovate me dude no he actually got innovate off of it oh that’s brutal that’s really good you did not know that was coming he made a pretty brave decision there ultimately plus tree attack is fine those all suck plus one plus one I could still kill that thing I guess that’s probably worth it let’s draw first though just to see yeah I don’t think we draw anything that matters but that’s good that’s a great next turn play he’s very likely going to have a board we’ll also be able to get off one hero power which is nice because we’ll have a card will be a card ahead basically the rest of the game on zombies which is pretty awesome yeah if you guys are looking for a link to me on Twitch its below the YouTube stream just in the description there you’ll find it man this guy is burning through his deck right now cheese chillin out this is the perfect answer to the board – Wow perfect answer to the board all right I guess we want something big and nasty right like something well well actually giving him bananas isn’t too bad you might have a full hand wow 10/10 stealth sure no we don’t semana oh no it’s only eight mana we have to be at Manor for this is there something else we want to do though like a six six charge it’s not bad either we could play an egg mapper alongside it I think I’d rather just have the charge well it’s only for mana geez we got tons of mana left over we can make a new one and play both of these I was thinking luke’ll was five million for some reason does any meta formula I mean there is a meta forming all the time right but it’s certainly not one of significance just yet that’s for sure oh that’s a good charge now all of a sudden I get these guys running Jade on day one give me that guys can we get skulking Geist out of the zombies that would bring justice to the universe that’s for sure so we’ll see what we get in here just in case the changes probably won’t but uh I mean bear sharks a lot of stats I don’t know it looks fine oh that was sort of a gross gross pic I think fortunately we’re not burning any of his cards so he just kinda gives a nice boss he’s a couple nice buffs there sadly yeah this I mean this is okay minion a66 but we’re not getting like active stuff you know like we should solve swipes you never know oh my god swipes dead we’re going to lose pressure we need stuff that like actively affects the board right where are the battle cries and the legendaries and stuff we might be seeing some consistency issues with the zombies already cropping their ugly heads I think that innervate is what cost us the game though when he innovated out the kill on the corpse widow that was really tough for us to recover from maybe eight mana to work with silenced is nothing raptor hatchling doesn’t do much dire wolf alpha plus hounds is aren’t great because it’s multiples of two and everything is odd number so that’s not great we already ran into that one we’ll take that just for stats oh yeah I feel like we’re getting some really really bad picks on the zombies collections this is not a great minion I mean it’s a cinch and shield master was upside I guess that’s like if it’s not a terrible minion heroine I don’t think we can beat these jeans though leash the hounds is not a great jade answer got better with that trade though for that attack not I kind of wish I’d taken the dude so you have either eight mana or you know five mana for the unleash the hounds here pterodax hatchling everything nothing code oval right now so we’ll have 5 min Alessa if you take the Hat if we take the hatchling we have 2 mana left to fit in hounds as well I just need the big time what did we all remember what I picked first oh my god what did I pick but I think hatchling plus tag it on have eight health it could give it more health with the thing questions do we play this now or do we have now I don’t think we house it because we have a good trade anyways so let’s just play this now what do we adapt into +1 +1 I can’t move okie remote 5 9 5 doesn’t really trade into anything we care about death-rattle might just be more valuable and I think we’re in a tough spot what are we writing about penguin a right opening the riots alright guys sorry guys no penguins my apologies any J’s like your happy experience today right back atcha dude how’s it going I’ve missed them some follows here JJ w mucky wild to these Cisco piak Rachael thanks to the follows guys away I think I also missed Vic’s a file though you must have refold the Exel mr. duck Theo Verushka average guppy burns thanks to the follows guys love the twitch follows oh she’s annoying aha give me the skulking job somebody needs to start typing in skulking guys still writing so we can get rid of this stuff let’s just he’s already played eight Jade idols is that right or no three of those haven’t been played yet three of those seven played okay blow phat is intriguing but really expensive so I don’t think we’ll have time for that Plus how do we kill it before we’re daddy is insane amounts of damage on board I think my only hope is to go for max stats and a taunt say really really good monster minions really good stuff how to do this first where we were going to lose a hound aha I think technically I can live like this right in 1718 damage available after making this trade aha I don’t there’s no way to win the game but we’re not dead this turn I think nudist beef says I want to be on the stream but you just got your name red that’s where something free just don’t lose that’s Andrew that’s right yeah you know no we’re chicken dinner up for grabs you know I’d be alive okay sleeve six damage we got to do we need it we use a beast that does 16 damage nope we’re just add two innervating it great and he’s actually not the deck himself but when you’ve got Jade who cares who cares did I lose because I didn’t take the penguin guys is that what happened that’s the logical ha that’s the logical explanation I suppose okay let’s wait for a sec you actually know what we’ll do we’ll go have a chat that’s working we’ll go have a chat with our in Jesus at shadow pulse Forge nose he’s up he’s up here in heaven we’re gonna have a chat with our Jesus please our Jesus no more Jay druids anything but Jade true is God why no buyers are Jays it’s day one leave me be send away the Jays give us that give us that q luck what a good cue earthen ring and priestess of Elune you know yeah we want our fist he’s in the deck he sauce with he’s here random just for you guys cuz he’s golden he’s so cute AHA I don’t even play hearthstone but you are so entertaining Regis thanks Aslan man I appreciate it that’s a that’s actually a pretty big compliment I feel like our stone would be really boring to watch if you don’t play it so thanks to for the kind words hey men are in Jesus you guys what you guys want me to engage major sellout mode or not should be shifted into high gear on sellout mode for our in Jesus because if you guys didn’t know look at this I got this ready I am selling shirts with rnjesus autumn this is the artwork on the shirt right here it’s like a nice little framed legendary print you know it’s just not a shirt but you know it’s a legendary frame of ben brode rnjesus available on the regis philbin Burke shop now that is Mac sellout mode engage sellout mode to the extreme I’m taking 20 shirts high gear plug mode yep I’m not yours for only $49.99 not really though it’s too expensive but it’s less than 49.99 I’ll tell you that ha link to the shop below the stream oh man it’s fun to make a shop just so you can sell out like a boss that’s for sure is that you Regis modeling the shirt with no beard yeah that was me didn’t you guys see this is obviously me that’s that’s my high school photo that’s just my eye school photo just change a little bit over the years that’s all why aren’t you would be steerer turtle why aren’t you be speared turtle this gets stolen by priests but if I do this then he can’t he can’t actually kill it after stealing it probably so like I guess I could have traded and then bossed I don’t think about that also I could have done that but I want to play our festive this is fine [Laughter] that’s a wrap god do-do-do-do-do-do okay guys I found the best bill the Beast penguin plus ultra sore that’s bad that’s bad that’s bad news well that’s a new card that’s a new card that’s the problem that makes me sad all that worked we went into artist and he’s just gone he’s just gone he made his best friend my but he’s not man says friends at all so what is died does any beast I just Raptors I don’t know that’s probably too slow anyway so we just want to death soccer Rex are here now I mean things got too much help I just traded trades probably okay just played another I mean like so much value who’s getting here maybe we uh Cisco face or make a value trade so I give all you trade just shadow Reaper into an ellipse keying and the C’thun feels good man yeah Regis if you play through the new solo venture levels yet no nope not yep oh yeah I’m making a remix of water you abuse your eternal oh I would actually like to hear that that would be great that would be fun to hear that’s for sure this direction might be good with these two sort of chip in trades or not or not this could be a pretty nice eye roll let’s let’s try this well not really actually no it’s fine oh we might just bowl me in here he’s got high mains in the pool now let’s try it let’s see what happens we kill this where do we just go I think we just still face right a little bit susceptible to some removals put about 40 facts going to have some luck Regis as an Elan sure thing in your packs have hereby been blessed as a lon go out there I only open 56 packs I got four legendaries that’s great quiet Cody man nicely done very well done love it I love zombies play your XR Regis we got a hyena back okay so it was like a really really crappy savannah highmane what as where we landed on that one engage old hunter mode right now put this guy on a tight clock between this death rattle in the hero power we should be pretty good to go on damage that’s for damage we assume heals the seven if you play some minions we’ll probably have people whoa no no that’s so good crap that’s gonna heal for 12 we can make it heal for a little less with that sucker wreck so I guess okay so we can leak we can mitigate this a little bit Oh what why I thought he’s actually in a pretty good spot no I don’t think I would have conceded there I don’t think I would have I don’t think I want to give that one up I thought we were in a tad bit of a tough spot to answer that guy he was gonna heal for a ton and destroy my final minion – so I don’t I don’t know that seemed questionable to me and we shed hundreds of people every time I don’t understand it you AFK for 30 seconds and literally 150 people just vanish they disappear into the thin air out of breath just ran how’d it hurry had to run what is that cup with the title tea on it that’s a good question you’ll have to ask some regular stream people some regulars who do wash your hands or you just always wash my hands we’ve talked about that before religious hand watcher in fact I almost feel like I need to use a wet one again I have a wet one stash right next to the computer thoughts on a golden treachery um I don’t think it’s a playable card I actually got a golden treachery – weirdly enough I do think it looks cool I’ll give it that it’ll kill a great strategy great strategy captain sorry I have no idea honestly – it’s whatever the natural this the normal setup is on the store I don’t handle that stuff it’s all whatever like you know designed by humans whatever their setup is is what it is I have no clue what those things are I think it’s free shipping to America when I ordered them I got free shipping anyway so I’m not sure I can’t tell you the answer there tt followed TT sounds good right now toaster man Jakob Swezey for Jakob probably maybe who kill a shadow pulse Fazzio thanks for the follows guys appreciate it please flex are right at six well we’ll see what the board states like I mean I’m high mean as well so it’s 100% going to depend on the board state alright so we’ll just kill the megasaur there’s a debate to be made to kill the rock pool instead but I like the megasaur a little better because I’ve won one – then threaten the divine shields but let’s draw first we’ll see what we get first I don’t think anything changes um it’s not going to be super great on its own it’ll be fine we can play the hatchling with it if we don’t decide to nesting rock but missing rock might also just be the place so we’ll have to wait and see what’s your favorite that’s my hero I don’t know yeah I don’t know oh yeah this is totally fine we’ll kill this bad boy we’ll pop these divine shield and think we’re good to go this guy is going to be great soon wrecks are might actually be good next turn depends we’ll see see all these trades go but well as my pack now and once again in two hours of you’re still alive true thing let’s issue a pack listening to like everybody all at once guys hear hear your packs this is so cringy every time I hate it but if you’re like aware of the cringe it makes it a little less crazy right right but anyway your packs of hereby been blessed guys go out there and open some shiny new legendaries the broad on high has has deemed it so I mean def soccer r XR is not terrible here I wouldn’t call him good though I think I’d rather just develop the board well maybe we just nesting rock with corpse right now it’s not enough baby we just how master that the taught here does he ever equality in that scenario maybe he does but even if he does like we can still we can we can actually deaths our directs our in a future turn as well to really or maybe we just smoked one of these to actually pull clear all the other murlocs I think I like that better makes it slightly more likely that wrecks our confer that finja cos kill something but oh actually it’s going to guarantee that he can kill something shoot gives it time that’s what it’s going to happen eventually anyway we don’t have a way to deal with that so let’s just minimize the risk of a you know a dude coming out war leader trying to save or mega for that kind of stuff like take as many murlocs off the board as possible okay those are fine I just feel like that shouldn’t get bumped if it’s on the right it’s on the right that to me means it came out they came out a little later this apply autumn is a Miss play just a reconsideration I’ll give you that this becomes free but we don’t really get a use advantage out of it being free Rex our dude if you did three damage you’d be sick here absolutely sick but instead you don’t I’ll actually corpse raisers pretty good on this nesting Rock it will not come back with taunts but it will come back as a four seven which I kind of like I think I want to do that guys quickly I think you have to kill the finja instead of the sight dollar here because I want them something like endless streams of merlocks right do you it means yeah of course maybe that is a meme I don’t know maybe you’re saying a meme and I just didn’t know it just one script but now this is much better thanks Oscar dude appreciate it so don’t kill me right now no dude don’t no don’t kill me right now bro don’t kill me right now dude not cool so somebody’s going to be the interaction order here I think if I attack into this and use deaf soccer Rex ours that D stay alive right yeah they would stay alive they would go down to to help so think we have to kill this first and then deaf soccer Rex are and then hopefully taught one of these bad boys as well I’ll shoot those are still at three crap I forgot they’ve been transformed I thought they were both going to – oh god it’s fine doesn’t matter but aha I just thought they were both going to freaking – [Music] Plus taun taun yeah it sounds fine how the baby should be gave it to the 3/2 but it’s better against consecration this way because then we can stall out even more and perhaps get more talks off the build abuse right who just you just subscribe some Boston previously even math bro no sitarist one thank you the twist fries description salt RS I appreciate it man it’s so kind of you you’re also going to be entered into the subscriber giveaway that was triggered today because we got to 125 subscribers you’re number 126 but all the subs for the rest of the day will still make it into tonight’s giveaway or really be tomorrow morning but all the subs that are subbed by the end of the stream essentially will make it into the mi itself grats on your your entry into the other way and good luck $20 bottle that gift card giveaway the all switch Stubbs how do we can actually play both of these but we’re probably just dead if we do is the problem that would be a super cool play though so I think we have to get a taunt here synthetic odo is also really good Cotto we can give a thought on top of this a to mana taught are there any we might be screwed if we do this it doesn’t matter we have to try with these are both awful so no crap I think we’re dead oh that’s fine oh good cool it actually worked out if this is trolling but I worked out favorably for it so are we actually dead yeah we’re actually that we’re legitimately good so what we actually should have done is grab the angry chicken we should have grabbed the angry chicken a mistake it on right I don’t think there’s any to bana tots are there any beef talks that are 2 min or less I think I think there’s not right aha nail Oh seal would have been good nail would have been perfect yeah yes sorry guys I thought it would have given us an out so we would have removed some damage and talked it up behind us 7 health dude that would have really really helped I think I think though the better play was to take the cheapest thing possible on the first half and then try to get the taunt in the second half instead of thinking and moderately expensive thing because like you thought we had to toss they were just too expensive to play so I think we would have been better off more likely out taking the cheap thing and then the taunt instead of the cool thing and then the taught the students yeah right so point make some room by the hot would yeah hey certain geoduck 19 man thanks for the sub certain geoduck I appreciate it welcome welcome and thus a team your whispers certain I’ll send you a welcome message on Twitch and your whispers with some additional details and also you will be hearing from me fairly soon tomorrow morning probably with another giveaway as I just mentioned that’s probably why you subbed or at least maybe push you over the edge for the sub but I’ll be coming soon as well the first time I think we’ve drawn this in many many games many many games alright by the way guys this will probably be my last Deathstalker Rex our game I want to try more new decks of course or I keep rolling through your new decks I think we just play on curve here nothing fancy manatees making the angry chicken plus they get on yeah that would have been great I think we stayed on would have died I don’t think he would have gotten a ton of value off this or we would have gone I don’t think we would have gotten a ton of value off that the angry chicken part of it but we would have lived which would have been nice not being dead was certainly an upside to that line I can confirm not being Dead’s great top find Roper soul Terrace thanks to the follows guys you subbed and followed almost simultaneously hilarious that’s awesome – thank you what a what a sign of support Angie Johnson with the follow as well thank you Andrew Johnson president Andrew Johnston a quiet not quite one letter off right I missed the first hour what sex if I played so far we tested a death knight Luther and now deaf night Rex are oh he did have repentance you’re right you’re right I was dead as a seekers anyway I forgot about that we triggered we might have had enough mana though right you know we still could have tested for repentance I think with the secret we wouldn’t have known I probably wouldn’t have that would have been too good of a play I don’t think I would have been that aware good I am ah but that theoretically would have been a pretty good play so I’m gonna play this egg Napper no maybe not I don’t know I don’t want him to stray too much because I really want to coin into death soccer Rex are and light up this dude’s board I’m afraid he’ll like clear the egg Napper if I play it is my problem right maybe he won’t it’s fine like we could just hear a power be super greedy but we’ll just do this cy Areej is about to open some taxes can I have a blessing and hopefully you see my name pop up a few times at the bottom of the screen should you – – – Thank You Justin stars man thank you for the tier II appreciate it and sure thing dude your facts have certainly been blessed more than anybody’s pact you get like the super duper extra awesome mega super PAC blessing I think I said super about seven times there and you know we’ll keep an eye out I guess you’re on my friends list I didn’t even know but we’ll keep an eye out if you get some cool stuff we’ll call it out on Street and that’s for sure what about me reads it’s gilben Jorge you give it have a packed listing to me I don’t mind oh oh my god that’s dr. Rex are here a bro I love it oh it’s so good who wanted me to play Rex are up sticks what about Queen five how about that so good and five armor like give me a break perfect I mean on six is fine might also just do kindly grandmother stalker come on i’ll we need to build a beast i guess but not really we have good cards so could just plant curves and build abuse later we’ve pretty much display drechsler for the clear not really for the build the beast right we just needed that clear regions with the value gasm yeah it’s the perfect example that’s a perfect description how sorry this dude man hate the hate when the packs don’t go a while that’s always the worst wow he went for the ones one I wonder if that was because it was the best or because that was the only option he had god I mean is just a little bit too slow I think guys I think we need multiple smaller minions I think we’re going to do this instead seems a little weird I guess but we need to make multiple trades right unless we hit it on Leestown so then we’re probably good to go but and a little bit worried about divine favor as well because he’s played a lot of low-cost cards like everything is it logos so if we can move multiple cards out of our hand that could make divine favor a lot weaker what how do you have room for that I just got so little over my keyboard is an excitement Oh didn’t even spill it it’s just like you know kind of like kind of popped up cop-out though tidying here do a little tidying [Music] invisible keyboard yep it’s invisible it’s now it’s true it’s now this is looking as green on it that’s that’s true that makes sense I like that logic so we’ll try to hit like a I don’t know something good here let me get try to hit something good here that’s five mana leaves me enough to zombies can try this first like if we hit poisonous we can kill that plus three attack will also kill it fine it would be a little less efficient because we could plus three attack this but just in case if the poisonous will go here and then we’ll probably just nesting around but look for poisonous aha plus three tackling so that’s fine too we want to kill the big guys minimize the amount of damage we take in let’s be sure we play this on curve or on time yeah we couldn’t kill this instead no this is so we’re still just playing from behind a little bit a good zombies will get me out of this corpse widow would be a sick draw after nine but not before that don’t want to see Arthas I don’t think that’s fine good trades for me really not too bad mmm that’s good ha what is this debt nude body was all aggro but he actually is a ton of late-game cards like a ton ah I guess we’ll just high me after Savannah I mean high main and jambe so let’s see what zombies forget it doesn’t have to be playable right now necessarily buzzards definitely not at Wolf’s is the most average value I think and grisly abuse six six seven minutes on I mean we might need a taunt we’re not I mean after the rag hits we’re going to be at twelve assuming the ragheads can also just do a six five four six mana sort of a bad high main to build our own savannah highmane I don’t know the top might be more valuable than the death rattle at this point I believe this now that we saw absolutely then I guess we trade here I think a smart line for him and just trade it into the I mean he gets to heal the rag back up and he is nine mana to work with we’re playing from behind super hardcore right now there’s a build-your-own I’m in these your man’s good luck her no usually bad without Europe in fact one face Wow you lost the heal value there I don’t know how I feel about that I don’t know how I feel about that guys fortunately for me I can’t really kill it without rolling exactly the right stuff like we could try to roll hopper here and kill it that would be pretty good the other one would help me kill it if I get like a cheap charge off of this let’s just see what we roll that’s going to change our line of play okay so we can kill it with hopper and play the other high main I think that’s fine it’s a lot of sass on the board he gets a pretty good train here too to activate a divine shield but probably on a 1/1 you could line it up to you know sacrifice the one one then trade into something that needs a divine shield right but we’ll see bone there I guess to be bad again bill to be penguin a penguin you can’t get penguin a ping on unfortunately but a zero mana to two would be sick that would be crazy good regions if you tried to beat the single-player no not yet not yet well that’s pretty slow no divine favor in the stack obviously he’s he’s all over the place when it comes to mana curve here he has to take it’s right here has to oh my god guy he never trades she’s a god he is a god he just never trade so how master is almost definitely going to be the play on the high main probably trained into a couple of these little dudes might even kill the acolyte I know it seems crazy but I don’t want him to get like a buffed acolyte that becomes a problem but let’s let’s do this first all our fish is it worth it he doesn’t run merlocks oh I don’t think hungry crabs worth it maybe bear shark with a taunt would be sick not really against paladin oh because it’s all like you know qualities and stuff anyway let’s grab the orifice our fizz plus no flipper a33 Arthas is way better but we might need to taunt actually but we have a big talent now we’re going to take the time it’s a seven-man of five five taunts not great but okay we’re just going to be okay can i really afford to trade into that acolyte I’m not going to I’m going to trade into this though because I I’m fine with all three of those getting into Vine field I’m not fine with like a lich king getting a divine shield right so it’s okay aha just need to live if so many times like I think we’ll be able to stabilize it’s nice how consistently you get time so I got to say that I think that really helps you stabilized late although it hasn’t done it a lot just yet penguin please everybody wants the penguin of course no flipper never gets to play this would be a better awareness so you’re worried about not that bad he denies the acolyte extra value he has to take trades here right there’s no way he’s going to go face again double blessing kills me so that would be a good reason to go face that would be one reason or you know bone mayor same story same kind of story so thank God we have another taunt we’re getting close to our consecrations lethal though so that’s scary that’s actually totally fine tracking what would we track into guys I don’t don’t really think we’d track into anything right now that would help let’s just hold that tracking let’s see what zombies forget this was fun by the way whatever else about this it’s fun to constantly build a beast I’ll tell you that I’m like Rat Pack it’s just a good starter thing another talent would be sick til Rebecca arcsine all good I have to find guard so we’ll clear here and just play this on beast here the festive Wolf’s version I guess we could go ahead and track now corpse went out would be pretty sick I think uh race from all might be good if you give me a talent that’s fine we threw away some pretty weak cards too so we’re okay so what kills me here quality consecration um probably not a lot else I kicked him through the minion but he’s taking a ton of damage right now geez dude what do we have four damaged six this could take me to nine think of the quality is he oh no he’s just loading up the board okay that’s fine now that I understand alright that’s eight so we can probably zombies first and see what we get we don’t there’s a chance that unit lethal I guess right how much should we have six eight we need for charging damage to hit lethal not even that we would only need a little bit let’s try to get a charge instead of a taunter this time let’s try to get a charger no charger shoot another taunts fine big growth time god these taunts are crazy so I guess we end up clearing here right we just clear the two four threes and play these zombies here do we want to try to adapt one of these and just see or do we want to try to adapt to this guy to make it harder to kill I think I’m actually just going to adapt this guy it’s a little weird looking but all right we still got for help still getting there we’re chipping away at this third tip of the way I mean inequality is going to probably kill a soonish oh that’s scary I don’t like that that’s probably a Tyrian crap this is not bad against Tyrion though oh shoot dude that’s a lot of guys he’s getting up killing himself though if he’s not careful you have six on board right now I can play this and this but we should try to find lethal I think right because if we if we if we don’t we’ll just play the zombies here that’s fine we can do that we know so let’s just try to find lethal any any any damage in a charge we’ll do it right razor ball also gives us a chance to do it we cannot find a charger oh but if I oh man if I do this I don’t have a taunt guys I can’t I have to play the taunt just to be safe I’m sorry well what are the odds we win fury and +3 attack getting lethal instantly but if I don’t do it I’m just dead or probably dead you only live once right doesn’t know so now when I’m dead the consecration shoot I thought we had it guys yeah I really thought I’d get it I am so we’re pretty sure that Syrian I didn’t really get myself good answers to Tyrion but I gave myself some cheat plays we could kill Tyrion it would just suck so yes he only needs 2 damage we’re dead we’re dead – consecration like me and I did get a penguin and you weren’t even watching that’s sad I think we took the best odds there because wind fury +3 and does that just mean he’s dead no he gets life steals oh no wait listen he just said to the board that must not have been Tyrion because he just said to the board god I don’t know I don’t know II love that game holy crap just thought after talk after taunt off the zombies that was crazy although I gotta say that was really cool I think that was the Yuppie Chan we picked the penguin and we finally won again we think that we think the penguin did we finally won a freaking game that was nuts guys that was really really cool so like I said that’s gonna wrap it up for me in the hunter I don’t know it wasn’t but I think we probably went about even there didn’t we I feel like we had about that same number of stars when we started I wasn’t tracking it super closely but it didn’t feel terrible I’m sure we could make some changes like bow man was too slow its socked I don’t think the corpse razor was important I think artifice was too slow to your skill soccer we had a couple good turns with you could build a better list with some better cards in here just you know random small cost stuff probably or submitted cost two or three drops but I felt like our list was solid we want like you know maybe a deadly shot maybe a bow just more consistent kind of removal pieces maybe a tracker who knows that kind of thing though that would be a slightly better list at that and frankly we still still did all right on the first take so I was really enjoying building the beast that was incredibly fun and they have it that was my Deathstalker rex our death knight hunter deck I don’t know that it was the most successful deck ever but man was building zombies ever crazy fun and I do think there might be a list in there that makes a little bit of sense with a little more refinement somebody who’s maybe a better deck builder than me could find a version of this deck that’s really successful on the right bladder I know I won’t give up either so I want to play more depth soccer wrecks are because that was some of the most fun I’ve had in hearthstone in a really really long time and I’m having a ton of fun in our zone all the time so all that said if you guys have any thoughts kind of as questions on the stack of course feel free to leave them in the comments below but until then thank you so much for watching and until next time game on