Tai Lopez Podcast – Ep 102: Why Studying History Helps You Make Money

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exact and precise way you want the damn thing rebuilt. Health, wealth, love, happiness. Each are these four goals. Okay welcome to episode
102 of the Tai Lopez Show. I’m here with Zack
Cookman, and I’m here with live studio audience, we’re live also. We were live, you’re listening
to the recorded version, but the live version we have
a couple hundred thousand people on Instagram, Facebook,
YouTube and Twitter live. So in the future you can catch me live if you wanna ask a question. We’ve been doing some give aways. My last episode we just
finished recording. Talked about should the
rich pay more taxes. We talked about what I
think is the only answer to that question. We talked about taxes, how to pay less, but do it right. We talked about how to get investors. Now, here’s what I’m
gonna talk about today. Episode 102 is my stories, story version. And one of the problems in
life is that they ruined us when it comes to history. They ruined us. I remember the school
system just destroying, I mean think, what do you
remember of history in school? What did they teach us? The Civil War, what’d you learn Zack? – The lost colony. – The lost colony?
– The original 13 colonies. I grew up in North Carolina
so yeah, they focused on North Carolina history
and the original 13 colonies. – [Tai] Wasn’t it Roanoke?
Wasn’t that his name? – Roanoke, yeah yeah. – Even though Roanoke is in Virginia. But he went in North
Carolina, it’s interesting. Did he end up? – The lost colony, was that in Virginia? I thought it was North Carolina. – Yeah, but I’m saying the city of Roanoke is now in Virginia. – Right but,
– Zack’s mind is blown. (laughing) Zack is going wait a second. – [Zack] But was it Roanoke was the lost, I don’t think Roanoke was
the lost colony was it? – Maybe not. Roanoke was one of the explorers. – Yeah yeah, what did
they carve into the tree? When John White came back? John Smith came back? – All right you can tell we’re
real experts on history here. We’re struggling. But I’m gonna talk about
what I know about history, and history is so exhaustive
you can’t know everything. What I like, and this is what I recommend, for history, focus on what you enjoy. I enjoy war history. Why? Because the biggest struggles in your life are kinda like war. You gotta be smart, you gotta be a general of your own life, whether
it’s a business or not. So I’m gonna share some of
the stories that I know about throughout history that
I think are relevant to you and I today that
are much more fascinating when you hear them told as a story versus the school system ruins it for us. By Civil War is 1861 to 1865, ya know, World War I is 1914 to 1918. Anybody here, I’ll give a hundred bucks if you know the day that
the World War I ended. It’s the year that my grandma was born, she’s still alive, 1918, what
is the day that it ended? – [Zack] June first. – June first, no, that’s closer
to D-Day for World War II. There you go! Eddie’s heard me talk on this. November 11th. I’ll tell you first story, first story. And this is an ethical dilemma. I’m gonna ask you guys your opinion on was this the right thing to do, ’cause someone lost their
life probably needlessly. So the way World War I started in 1914, it’s probably the most
important war in history, or at least modern history. We don’t realize that
’cause they don’t teach much about it in school for some reason. World War I, caused a
man to get pissed off at the end of it. His name was Adolf Hitler. He vowed that one day he
would get his revenge. Almost 20 years later,
exactly, not quite 20 years, he started World War II. What happened at the end of World War II? We dropped nuclear bombs on Japan. What did that do? That freaked out Russia. What did Russia then do? Start stockpiling nuclear weapons. What did that cause? Something called the Cold war. What did that cause? The Korean War, which we
may end up back in now. See, the reason, and
I wanna just say this, that I’m doing this podcast episode. I was just listening to Ray Dalio, one of the richest men in history. I think he’s worth over $20 billion. He manages hundreds of billions of dollars in a hedge fund that he has. He says the way he figured
out how to make so much money, history repeats itself. So he just studies history
and then he can tell what to invest in in the future. He understands the trends, you see. And that’s worth, who
here would study history if you, help you make 20 billion? Yeah, see, school system ruined us. No one wants to study history because they don’t show us the end results. All the people getting butt hurt that I show Lamborghini’s,
Ferrari’s, jets and all that, you’re an idiot. That’s all I gotta say to you. You don’t understand jack
squat about human psychology. Human psychology, you show
the reward before you teach. The school system shows
the punishment first. Study for a test. Woo! Nothing makes me more excited
to wanna learn history than to know I get a test at the end! And it’s like here, do something painful, and at the end you get
something more painful. That’s how the modern school’s, that’s like here, come in the gym, and at the end you’re gonna get fatter. Nobody’s gonna work out
then, ’cause the gym’s pain. No pain, no gain. So imagine if that’s
how the gym system was. Look, they put up posters
of you when you’re fatter. Ooo, come into the gym, work out and at the end we’re
gonna give you more pain. No, nobody wants that. You gotta show the reward first. I’m just showing my actual life, my actual life. Nothing’s a set. The Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s I got them before I ever was on social media. I had my first nice car,
Maserati, in 2000 either seven or eight, I can’t remember. And then a Ferrari right after. I never posted those on social media. I just like fast cars. I didn’t post on fast cars until 2014. I had ’em for almost seven years. So people say oh fake it till you make it, I didn’t fake it till I made it. Shit, if anything I made
it before I faked it. So, back to history. World War I, the most important war. World War I, the most
important war because it caused even things that are going on right now with Donald Trump potentially
going head to head with North Korea now. Did you see this one auto guy? There was an American
citizen just taken prisoner by the North Koreans, by
the time we got him out he was brain dead, they
had put him in a coma. God knows what happened. They said he got botulism
which is not true. He didn’t, very unlikely. So here’s the deal. November 11th, the last
day of World War I. Now keep in mind there have been about 75 million casualties. Now here’s the nasty
thing about World War I. If you were a soldier,
for every four soldiers three of them got killed or injured. How’d you like those odds? All right guys, there’s 20 of us, 15 of us ain’t making it,
or we’re gonna lose a part of our face, we’re gonna lose a leg, we’re gonna be horribly disfigured. Well, World War I finally comes to an end, there was what’s called an armistice, which is basically we surrender. Germany finally signed an armistice. And they did it before
November 11th, 1918, and it was for November
11th at 11 in the morning. All people were supposed
to stop firing guns until November 11th. But they came to this armistice, A little, I think a little
under a week before that. So first they signed it and then said, three or four days from
now it goes in effect. There was army generals
forcing their men to attack, even though the war was over, but it wasn’t technically over. So here’s my question to you,
an ethical question to you. What do you do in this situation? There was an American,
whoop, there was an American, doesn’t this screw on? No? There was an American soldier,
the last person to die, last American to die, he died at 10:59. His commanding officer told him, charge. Five minutes before the war was over. What would you have
done in that situation? Just keep in mind, if you directly disobey an army officer, your commanding officer, number one you’re breaking
your vow to follow the rules. Number two, you could be shot back then. They didn’t do it often,
but occasionally they would shoot people who disobeyed direct orders. Number three, you could get away with it. But this dude died. Would you, I’m gonna do an informal poll. What would you have
done in that situation? Zack? – Well, did the general
and the soldier both know that it was to end at 11 o’clock? – Absolutely, everybody knew. – Then I would have said
take a hike to the general. – But those generals
said, it’s not over yet. We know it’s over, but we still fight. So you would have not done it? – No, and I think the
general would have been, he could have been, if he tried to, well, I don’t know, if you
said they’re gonna shoot me, – [Tai] The point is, he was a dick. – Yeah, I mean, I wouldn’t have. – [Tai] So you wouldn’t
have listened to him? – No I would have pretended to charge. (people laughing) And then when he’s not looking
I’d, I’d turn the corner, I’d like go around somewhere, or I’d trip. – [Tai] Zack would fall,
pretend he got shot. – Yeah. – Okay, we know a lot about
Zack from this question. Arm in, raise your hand here
if you would have charged. Would anybody have charged? Out of duty? – (laughing) Duty!
– One, four people would have charged. – [Man] Otherwise it’s chaos. – Otherwise it’s chaos. – [Man] Everyone does
whatever they wanna do. – Who says they would not have charged, definitely not have charged? I’m putting my hand up. I’m like put me in jail
bro, this thing’s over. Put me in Leavenworth. – But how do you know? – Because they signed an armistice! – I would have made the argument, it’s the spirit, we adhere
to the spirit of the law, not the letter of the
law in that situation. We know it’s not literally over, but somebody’s on an ego stroke. Never do, or never ask, what is it? Never ask people to do
something you yourself are not willing to do. And if that general was sitting up there saying charge with five minutes to go, no, unless he goes too. – All right so here’s the
practical lesson in life that I take from this,
it’s not what you think. Here’s a practical lesson that
if you understand history, you’ll know this will help you make money. There are complete idiots,
and you already know this if you’re alive on planet earth, but this’ll just drive the point home. There are horrific people
that you can work for in this world. And everybody, even when
you’re an entrepreneur, you got somebody who’s your boss. You’ve got an employee, I
mean you have your customers. They boss you around, they pay you. So you have to know, I think, what Joel Salatin my first mentor told me. You know, I was 19 years
old, I was there on his farm, he taught me about business. And he would have
customers come to the farm to buy chicken and eggs,
fresh like organic type stuff. And one time somebody
came they were just rude. They were just rude. And Joel just said, “Get out.” And some people, you’ll learn in business that they say the customer’s always right. That’s what Walmart, Sam
Walton invented that saying. And Joel said, “I do not believe that.” Why is the customer always right? He said, if somebody’s an
asshole, he doesn’t swear, he’s a religious guy, but he
said if somebody’s a jerk, I don’t care how much
money they have, get out. And I a little bit run
my business that way. There was a guy, there are some people, there was actually a guy
today who tweeted out to me, I should read it. He said, I’m gonna read you this Twitter. And some people were like wow Tai, this is a paying customer,
you replied back. I said, “Well Joel
Salatin told me not every “paying customer is profitable.” Some are not worth it. Just like not every order
somebody tells you should be obeyed if you look at
that lesson of World War I. Some orders get you killed. Anyway, I don’t know if I
can, oh actually I know how I can find it. I put it on my Snapchat too. I think, is the internet
working in here very well? So this is what I said to this guy. He said, “I just bought Tai’s 67 steps, “so far there’s no practical advice “on how to actually make money.” And I said, his name is
Kickoff90 on Twitter. I said, “First off, I can see
why you’re not successful. “You don’t pay attention. “67 steps is about mindset, “it’s not about making money, okay?” And I said, “I have 130,000
happy, paying customers though.” So you can see, there’s one guy, when you guys start a
business, if you have 130,000 happy people and you get one idiot, don’t worry about it. Now if you get 130,000 angry customers, and one happy one, then
you have a problem. But then he wrote back,
’cause these things tend to go on and on. He said, oh actually
it’s still on my Twitter, but he said, “Wait Tai,
you said these are the 67 “steps you used to become a millionaire.” I said, “Yes, think about Scarface.” Scarface said, first you get, the what? The money, then you get the
power, then you get the woman. He had progression. You could believe it or not,
but that’s what Al Pacino said in Scarface. I don’t know if it’s true,
but that’s what Scarface said. So what I told this guy, I said,
“First you get the mindset. “Then you launch the business,
then you get the money.” See, the 67 steps did help
me make a million dollars or much more than that. Because first they gave me the mindset. Then I took the mindset
and I had to understand how to launch a business. That was a separate skillset. And then, then, only then,
do you get the reward. This guy wanted to go straight to Tai, just tell me how
to launch a business. I’ve tried to help
people launch a business. If your brain’s not on right, you’ll always make the bad decisions. I’m not gonna be there to be there and give you every decision. So you need a decision making
mechanism in your brain, okay a decision making
mechanism in your brain. If you think about it, every
part of life is decisions. Some people suck. In fact scientists have devised a scale, called a HEXACO scale, which
is 25 human personality attributes, it’s way more accurate than Myers-Briggs bullshit. I know all about Myers-Briggs,
I just went through a damn certification,
it’s not that accurate. I’m ENTP, it’s a little,
it’s about 10% accurate. But what’s very accurate, Dr. David Buss, one of the leading
evolutionary psychologists, he wrote the text books
used at Harvard and Yale. He said, Tai, use the HEXACO scale. So HEXACO has five main
personality attributes and then it has underneath each it has four or five sub-facets. So one of them is called
conscientiousness. The only scientifically proven
mental mindset attribute that’s related to being
successful and making money is something called conscientiousness. Now, what is conscientiousness? It’s, underneath conscientiousness,
is four subdivisions. Now, some scientists
have added a fifth one. If you wanna write this
down, it’s very important. She shoulda taught us this in school. Like I said, this is all coming
off this lesson of history which leads to other
conversations that I have on my podcast as you can tell. So, one of the facets is perfectionism. You ever met somebody who
just can never do things with attention to detail? They always gotta, like
they can get the big picture but no detail. You gotta be detail oriented
when you need to be. That’s perfectionism. Number two organization. You can’t be sloppy all the time. Especially when it comes to making money. Number three, somebody said mindfulness is greater than conscientiousness. Well, I suggest you listen sometimes, not just give your opinion. I’m telling you what
Dr. David Buss told me. And he spent 40 years of
his life studying this. Have you done trials and studied tens of thousands of people? No. One thing I don’t like about comments, people talk out their ass, do not know what they’re
talking about, based on nothing. Mindfulness is semantics,
because conscientiousness is mindfulness, but it’s
an actual explanatory way of saying it. Mindfulness is bullshit. What does that mean? Focus? That you can meditate? That you can be in the moment? No, a better way is conscientiousness. Because it explains how
to be in the moment. Number one, as I said, perfectionism. Number two, organization. Number three, and this
is a very important one, is something called prudence, prudence. Prudence is the ability
to make good decisions. We all have a friend, there’s
two girls they can date. Or ya know, we got another friend, there’s two different guys. One of them’s a pure reject
and one of them’s awesome. Who are they gonna date? The reject. Who has a friend that
always, no matter what, is gonna make the stupidest decision? Two jobs are offered to him, one of them’s awesome, one
of them’s some hair brained, oh man, I can’t tell you. I had an employee work for me. I won’t say her name. This is years ago, back in like 2013. And now he knows, he looks
back, but this guy had, he was working, this was when
I’d moved back to California had a smaller company,
so he was getting to work for me, with me in person. He wanted to learn from me in person. Now I have a bigger company,
I don’t get to spend as much one on one time
with individual people. So this dude gets that. He comes to me one day,
Tai, I got offered a job. These guys are gonna make a ton of money. They’re trying to do what you do. And it wasn’t a bad break,
I was like sure go try it. Sure enough those other
dudes were out of business in three months and then
he’s like can I come back and work for you. I was like ahhhh, no no no no. I wasn’t mad when you
left, but every action has an opposite and equal reaction. Why would I let somebody come work, me invest my time in you and know that you have no prudence. Anybody comes to you with
some hair brain idea, you gonna leave again. And sometimes you gotta
learn the hard way. And I wasn’t doing that to be mean to him. That’s how I actually felt. Well, prudence is powerful. And some people just don’t have that. Maybe you had idiotic parents. A lot of parents suck. I know it hurts people’s
feelings to hear that, but you know my grandma told me, my grandma’s father,
grandma’s from Germany. He was a psychoanalyst
back in the very beginning like with Freud and you know,
just a long time ago okay? And she said her favorite
saying of her dad was parents are usually the
worst things for their kids. If you go through planet earth in America, what’s the worst thing? What makes most people idiots? Idiotic parents. Like father like son,
like mother like daughter. And so if you’re somebody who grew up and that particular employee
or former employee of mine, I’m gonna set this over here. That former employee of
mine had a bad upbringing. And the reason that I didn’t
bring him back in also, is because that’s how you learn prudence. You make a stupid decision one time, and it comes back to bite you in the butt and then the next time a decision comes up you’re like ehhh. That’s why I say even
though I’m all in favor of how Twitter everybody
complains about stuff, at some point you wanna live in a world where people have personal responsibility. Like you can’t coddle everybody. Sometimes you have to coddle people. Sometimes you gotta pay it forward. Sometimes I do give
aways, stuff like that, but sometimes I tell people tough luck. You gotta do it on your own, ya know? And it’s a balance that
you have to strike. What’s very interesting is, you know what politics is all about? It’s not about truth, it’s
about personality types. In America, Democrats for the most part are people who represent,
they’re kinda like a mom. A little kid falls and
the mom comes and says oh, are you okay? That’s a philosophy that
a, of course sometimes it’s the opposite. But let’s just stick with
traditional gender roles for now without somebody being
too butt hurt about that. But mothers have more
estrogen, by the way, for those of you who wanna
argue with me scientifically. I did a test, a blood
test with my cousin Maya. She has testosterone of 28,
I have testosterone of 1197. Anybody tell you men
and women are the same, uh do a blood test. ‘Cause when I got my
cousin’s blood test back, I was like you need to go
back, they broke the machine. So we called the lab, they’re
like no that’s normal. Women have 28 testosterone. Then her estradiol, which is
a measurement of your estrogen in your blood, is like 14
times higher than mine. So oftentimes, going back
to this, mothers estradiol, by the way, if you take a
man and you pump estrogen into him, he becomes more feminine. What do I mean by that? When a little kid falls,
a more feminine response is to go oh, are you okay? Now if you pump testosterone into anybody, a man or a woman, their
voice will get deeper, their muscles grow and they get meaner. You ever heard of roid-rage? You go to a gym, a big dude on steroids, you go punch him in the face, that might be the last thing you do. He might tear you limb from limb. Because testosterone when
it’s pumped in your body, some of these steroid body builders, their test is up in the 2000s, 2200, 2400. Makes you more aggressive,
so when a little kid falls the testosterone will
oftentimes make the father be like, toughen up son. And you know what? That’s a healthy balance. That’s how people should grow up. And so the good news about
America and other countries is when you have people
who, philosophy on politics is more feminine like
Democrats go we should have Meals on Wheels for example. This is a big thing. Donald Trump cut Meals on
Wheels which provides meals to elderly people who are hungry, okay? The feminine approach, which
again I’m over simplifying and I’m over generalizing, I get it, but just follow the
goddamn train of thought, if you’re not an idiot. ‘Cause it’s a smart train
of thought if you listen. The more feminine approach
is to say let’s help the Meals on Wheels. The more masculine approach,
I’m not saying which one’s correct or which one’s
wrong, I’m just saying the more masculine is to go, well shit, you 70 years
old, you had 70 years old to save up your money. Why do I have to take my life savings that I’m trying to save up till I’m 70, so I’m not poor, why do
I have to give it to you in the form of taxes? And you know what, I see
both sides of the equation. Because when you’re
smart you see both sides of the equation. When you’re an idiot you go
no, only Democrats are right. And that’s why we have
grid lock in Washington. And that’s why people can’t talk. Because people are dumb
and you can’t fix stupid. The answer for where politics comes from is rooted in personality types and things like masculinity, femininity. Not necessarily, there are some women who are very masculine, some
men who are very feminine. – Yes, as Tinder will show. – As Tinder, and some are both! Some are you know
masculine-feminine simultaneously. So, anyway going back to
this whole kind of rant that I’m doing is that when
you begin to become smart, things start to make sense to you. You can make good decisions. Who should you vote for
in the last election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? I mean a lot of smart people
didn’t wanna vote on either. And I’m kinda like, I get that. If you’re smart it’s like
eeyah, we got two extreme ones. Donald Trump, I think Donald
Trump gets a unfair rap in the media, but I do think
he does a lot of stupid stuff. I mean he just, if you have a brain, you know sometimes Donald
Trump does stupid stuff. And more often than not. But you also know that
Hillary Clinton was a disaster in many ways. And so when you’re smart, you start seeing through the lies. It’s like the Matrix. You’re taking a different pill
than the rest of the world. You start to understand
what’s going on in the world. And that allows you,
going back to this guy who tweeted to me, talking
about the 67 steps. That’s what the 67 steps was about. It was about how to understand life. And once you understand life, then you start understanding politics, you start understanding business, you start understanding how to make money, you start understanding
who to be around you and who to keep away from
you and things like that. So, it’s time for a break! We’re talking about
the lessons of history, how you can apply them to success today. Remember Ray Dalio, worth
$20 billion says his secret to making money, easy, he
just knows that history repeats itself, so he studies history and he knows what to invest in. – It’s like technology,
technology is cyclical. – It’s not cyclical Zack. People aren’t using horses
and buggies anymore, unless they’re Amish. Is fashion cyclical? You got your bell bottoms?
– Fashion! Yeah fashion actually is cyclical, yeah. – It’s not that cyclical. People ain’t wearing Victorian
dresses, hoop dresses from the 1700s. Did you know a common
cause of death in the, I think it was the 17 or 1800s,
Joel Salatin just told me this time I was out there. – [Zack] Trampled by horses. – No, women would have
those huge hoop dresses, and they would be near a fire place, and they would just be like la la la. ♫ La ta ta ti ta tah
– Dancing around. And then they would,
it would catch on fire and it was so hard to take off, that by the time they got it
off they were burnt to a crisp. – That’s what quickly changed fashion. – [Tai] That quickly, so
that fashion is not cyclical. – So with this man-bun
fashion the moral of the story is I should walk around
and light them on fire so that guys will stop with
this whole acorn hair cut thing they got going. It’ll change the trajectory. – [Tai] So I’ve got a question for you on you critiquing other people’s fashion. Zack, who is one of your idols in comedy? – I’ll say Norm McDonald. – [Tai] He wrote a show you like. Called Seinfeld. – Oh, Jerry Seinfeld, yes. – And who else wrote,
– Larry David – [Tai] Larry David. What does Larry David
say about people like you who wear sunglasses inside? – He says only two types of people wear sunglasses inside, blind
people and assholes. – [Tai] So you’re not blind, right? – No no. – [Tai] So what does that make you? – I was actually voted, it’s funny, I was voted in high school as most likely to be an asshole. – [Tai] Really? – No. No, but they’re prescription. I need them. I’m sensitive to light.
– Lemme tell you the true story. Before we get into history, I
wanna talk about just history of about two weeks ago. So two weeks ago, we’re
talking about prudence and good decision. Zack’s been my friend since I was 14. So we go to the NBA final
game, game what was it five we went to? – Four. – Four, we go to game four. We got seats, I got seats, two sets. One behind Lebron James,
one behind Steph Curry and Golden State. We fly out to Cleveland, we
get out there to Cleveland, Zack comes along, ’cause
Zack likes basketball. So we get out there, da da da, get in the night before. Next day we wake up, boy
this is gonna be a good game. Zack goes, I’m gonna watch the game, then I gotta head back, I
got some people visiting me in Los Angeles, okay, so we
got him a flight to go home the day after the game. So the game comes, boom. We thought it might be the final game, it might be a sweep,
Golden State the first team in history to sweep
through the NBA finals, but no, Golden State went nuts. They hit more, they had 40, was it 49 or? – Cleveland went nuts. – I mean Cleveland went nuts. 49 or 50 points. – 49 in the first quarter. – 49, in fact, my snaps
got on the snaps story. I got six million views on my Snapchat. Because it was me behind the bench going, and then right when I was recording, who was it? It was David West from
Golden State, big ass, stood up in front of me. And so you couldn’t see, I’m
filming this big six foot, What is he? Six nine?
– And JaVale, they both, – And JaVale McGee, they stood up. Anyway, so we’re on the snap story. One of my snaps got two or three million, there was three of ’em got
on the official snap story. It’s like six to nine million views. So it was a good game
and Golden State loses and is going back. So, next day, I wake up
and Zack had already left, headed back to LA. We were gonna continue
on to New York City. So I get a text from Maya,
my cousin who was with us. She was like, Zack missed his flight. Oh okay, he missed his
flight, that’s not a big deal, catch another flight. Get another text a few minutes later. Zack’s on a train. He missed the flight
and took a 55 hour train instead of just getting another flight. Not because he wanted to go on a train, but because Zack thought
that he couldn’t get on another plane because
he had lost his ID. But, when you have good prudence, as we were talking about,
decision making ability, you don’t get stopped
at the first obstacle. You know that if you lose your ID, you can tell them you lost your ID. They’ll do a secondary
way of screening you. Literally the TSA will
check your like Facebook. And Zack doesn’t look like,
Zack looks all American let’s just face it here. And we know the TSA’s
probably a little bit racist, just to be honest. Okay, Zack’s the whitest man in America. He ain’t getting stopped. – That’s why I grow out my Taliban beard to equal it out, balance it.
– You have a red beard. You have a red beard. They’re never thinking you are ISIS. So instead of Zack, and by
the way, his train ride, he booked it last minute, so
they didn’t have a sleeper. So he got to sit up straight
like this for 55 hours! – [Zack] No they lean back,
it leans back a little. – It leans back! It’s like an airplane. He got to lean back. He was having neck problems at the end. He lands in LA, Tai my
neck doesn’t feel good. Well 55 hours on a train.
– I got a hemorrhoid! – One of my favorite stories, not to belabor this
point, but this is funny. Zack is afraid of airplanes. I’ve helped, like if any of you have– – Well, not speci, like I don’t see them, and I’m not afraid of an airplane. I don’t run if I see one. – You’re afraid of crashing.
– I don’t like to fly. Yeah, I don’t wanna fly. – [Tai] Okay yes, thank you
for the technical precision. He is not afraid of the
machine called an airplane. He’s afraid of getting in
one and going up in the air. So Zack goes, he says to me, this is a few years ago. It was cool, I remember
this ’cause I got tickets to the red carp, we gotta see the premiere of what movie was it? Interstellar?
– Interstellar yeah. – Interstellar. This was 2014 I think, December 2014. So, Zack goes I’m going
back to Texas for Christmas. I go, okay, you gonna fly back? No I’m gonna take the train. Why? I’m afraid of a plane. First of all probably
more people die in a train than a plane, because have
you ever seen the people on a train? These are mass murderers. – What? (laughing) – And on the Greyhound bus. So Zack, so anyway,
Zack has to leave early. – [Zack] Mass murderers? – Remember on the Greyhound bus? A guy chopped, on a Greyhound
bus a few years ago, I used to live with the
Amish when I was young and they don’t take airplanes,
so they would take the bus. A guy started chopping people’s heads off in a Greyhound bus. – [Zack] Which is why
I don’t take Greyhound. I do the train, Amtrak. – You know the Amish live
a very sheltered life, they’re awesome people in my experience. And the Amish,
– Poor Amish. Aboard a bus?
– No their experience of non-Amish people is
Greyhound bus people. So a lot of people go, a lot of people go do the Amish kids grow up
and wanna leave the Amish? I’m like no! They go on a Greyhound
bus and they look around, people chopping motherfuckin’
heads off and all this stuff. But anyway so Zack, didn’t
you have to leave early? You didn’t get to see
the whole Interstellar. – [Zack] Right right right. – So he misses, we’re in
there with only the media seeing Interstellar. Zack takes the train. During the movie, I get a text. And I’m like, what is,
or right after the movie I think it was. He goes Tai, I think I
might have made a mistake. And it’s a picture of
a man with no shirt on, – [Zack] A large, – No pants on, about
300 pounds over weight, sweating and literally had his man boobs, and he’s sitting next
to Zack and had taken, it was hot apparently in the train. So my boy took all his clothes off. And Zack got to spend,
how did he smell Zack? – Then, not only that,
so his shirt was off, and he proceeded to eat two cheeseburgers and a pizza all by himself. And he had just had open
heart surgery I think, three weeks prior to that. (woman laughing) Or had just gotten out
three weeks prior to that from open heart surgery. – All I could think was hey man, you play with fire, you get burned. You go on the train. So the moral of the story is
Zack’s decision making skills. – Well, the whole thing about the ID, who in here who heard Tai
explain you don’t your ID to fly that they’ll do secondary type of checks, knew that before Tai said anything? – But who wouldn’t have asked
and would have instantly gotten on a train? – My whole life, every time
I board they go I need to see your ID, so I just thought
you have to have ID to fly. It made sense to me. – Is it not, okay, just
to play devil’s advocate, I see kinda Zack’s side of
the story, but not really. Has anybody ever heard
of the concept of asking? (people laughing) You just ask. You’re at the airport, you
went through, you are there. Zack, here’s my impersonation of Zack. Do you have your ID? He looks through, doesn’t see it. (Zack laughing) Turns away, walks off. – I don’t even answer.
– Never to return. Doesn’t even answer. – [Zack] Or give them a chance to say, but you don’t need it. But sir wait wait! – So here’s my theory on
Zack and then we’ll get back to history in a second. Zack needs a wife. So if any of you, I
just saw, I saw a tweet. No no, now I can look
there, we’ve got a camera. So I look there. I saw a tweet by 50 Cent, it’s funny, it’s a little bit offensive
but I’m gonna say it anyway ’cause I didn’t say it. 50 Cent said, “I’m gonna get
me one of them foreign wives.” He goes, “They got low expectations. “Oh, a nice clean glass of water?” (people laughing) So Zack, my advice to Zack
and no offense to people not from America, ’cause I love to travel. My grandma’s not from America. (sneezing) My grandpa’s not from America. Zack needs a woman to take care of him because in the last month Zack
has lost his glasses, okay, – No they broke.
– They broke! So what would any other
human do in this room if you lost your glasses? Here’s what, Zack goes well,
I gotta schedule appointment, it’ll take a few weeks for
the optometrist to get me in. I said no you don’t, you
just go to any LensCrafters and they have doctors in
there that just do it. Zack didn’t know that, so
he’s been wearing sunglasses in movies and he’s complaining
that he doesn’t understand the movie’s storyline. He’s like I got lost! He’s in a horror movie, you
know how they’re always dark. He’s like, I just didn’t
get that movie. (laughing) – I had to elbow somebody
and go, who said that? – No, so he lost his glasses,
didn’t know he could do that. He lost his, didn’t
you lose your passport? – Yeah. – He’s lost his passport, he’s lost his driver’s license now. What else did you just recently, oh! Yesterday we went to see,
we went to see a movie, we saw Despicable Me 3 with his mom. Sure enough, come back
at two in the morning, what’s the text on my phone? Uh, have you seen my house key? He lost his keys! – I found them by the way. But I didn’t have them
at two in the morning. – Who has a friend like Zack? I need to know. Besides Zack, besides
Zack, Zack doesn’t count. I’m gonna talk about a
very controversial one. And I’m reading a book on
the story of the Vietnam War. Lemme put this Vietnam War in perspective. The Vietnam War, by the way,
is an outgrowth of World War I, and then came World War
II, it’s all a continuation of the same war. If you wanna understand,
today, North Korea with Donald Trump is a
continuation of World War I. Who knows what happened
in 1917 in the world? The revolution in Russia. You know why? ‘Cause what was the
name of that revolution? The Communist Revolution. What is North Korea? What is China? What is Russia even
now, not so much so now, Russia’s a complicated
hybrid of god knows what you would call it. Can you press cancel there? But China’s still a
real communist country. North Korea is a
dictatorship slash communist. So 1917 you had the Bolshevik Revolution where you had the reds and the whites. The reds were the communists
and the whites were the old guard they called them, of the Russian, who were
like old school of the 1800s. And they came together and they fought. And they won and a man came out of that by the name, well first was Lenin. Okay, you probably heard
of Lenin, not John Lennon, from the Beatles, okay. Lenin, and then you had two other men who were under Lenin and their
name was Trotsky and Stalin. There was other people. In fact, Trotsky was at the
beginning, above this guy. Now if you don’t know
anything about Stalin, two men have killed more
people than anybody in history. The answer is Mao Zedong in China. Mao Zedong probably
killed 100 million people, under his regime. Hitler killed maybe
under 10, so this dude, number two is Stalin, is theorized, no one knows exactly how
many people Stalin killed. Biggest force killed people
in modern times is communism even though there’s many people who would advocate that communism
was on the right track. Although many people would say it wasn’t. Mao Zedong killed the
most people in history. A solid 60 to 100 million people. Joseph Stalin was number two. He’s a Sagittarius. Who here’s a Sagittarius? We got, you got ice in your blood. (people laughing) – He looks like a young Stalin. – What was Adolf Hitler? What astrology sign was Adolf? – Ares. – Mmm, Adolf Hitler’s
technically a Taurus. He was born on April 20th, on the cusp. Why do I like astrology? ‘Cause I can remember
everybody’s damn birthday because I use association
memory techniques that make, and people go oh, you’re smart, you believe in astrology? I’m smarter than you, ’cause
I bet you can’t remember Adolf Hitler’s birthday,
or Joseph Stalin’s. See you gotta learn how to use your memory which is association techniques. You associate, it’s too
hard to remember dates. It’s easier to remember stories. So Adolf Hitler’s on
the cusp, he’s a Taurus. But we’re talking about
why you need to know this, why does it matter? What they should have taught
us in school is how to use history to your advantage to
be able to tell the future so you can make more money
and not make so many mistakes. Ray Dalio, $20 billion net worth. How does he pick what he invests in? He says I study history. So, I’m reading this book about Vietnam. And by the way, that’s the
bi-product of what happened in 1917, Bolshevik Revolution starts, guess what, 50 years later,
1967, the late 60’s, early 70’s, America is in the conflict with Vietnam. Now tell me if you knew this, why did America not go
full crazy-ass on Vietnam and drop more bombs? America dropped more bombs on Vietnam than all of World War II that
we dropped on all Germany and all the Pacific
Theater, Japan everything. Why didn’t we drop even more? And China doesn’t want
people on their border, so Russia was somewhat back, Russia supplied the arms. So here’s what happened, the Viet Cong, which is an order in Vietnam, they said guess what we’re about to do. We’re gonna surprise the Americans. On the day of the Tet Offensive, which is a big holiday for the Vietnamese, we will attack every
single city simultaneously, every American base from within. They smuggled arms in, and guess what. That Tet Offensive was nasty and it basically got America out of there. And the interesting thing about this book, oh yeah, lemme try to find the book here. It’s called, if you wanna read it, this is only for people
really into history. Can you guys scroll through my Snapchat and see if you can find it? It’s one of a couple books. This one’s kinda dying. You could just go on my
Snapstore and find it. It’s from the other side of the story. And one thing that’s hard to do, and it’s the mark of
an intelligent person, is to be able to see
both sides of the story. Why do I hate politics? Because everyone who likes
Donald Trump only argues Donald Trump’s side of the story. Everybody who loves
Hillary Clinton, Democrats, Bernie Sanders, they only,
they’re so small minded they can’t expand their
mind and see the other side of the story. And Charlie Munger, one
of the guys I look up to, the billionaire business partner, and Bill Gates says he’s the
smartest person he’s ever met. He says you’re not
allowed to take a position in an argument until you
can argue the other side better than they can. See, if you wanna be a
badass, you be able to argue that Donald Trump side better
than the Trump fans can. And if you’re a Hillary
Clinton or Democrat or Bernie Sanders fan, you should be able, or I’m sorry, if you’re a Trump fan, you should be able to argue
for Bernie Sanders and Hillary. It’s a mental exercise. We got all these people
trying to get six packs. We got PE motherfucking
90X, we got all this. Where’s the people with big brains? Because the hardest exercise
you can do in weights is lift a lot of weight. Do something that’s hard. What is, what’s the, Ronnie Coleman. Says everybody wants to be big, but not everybody wants to live
motherfucking heavy weights. Rome, you saw him yesterday on my snap, he can lift heavy weights. He’s out here repping 500
pounds on a bench press. And he’s got big muscles. Same with brain power. We got people with no brain power. They only see their limited world view and they can’t expand. So this book is fascinating. Because it shows you, it’s not completely on the Vietnam side, but
it shows why the Vietnamese fought so hard, because America was out here slaughtering people. At one point, we were on
like a 200 to one ratio. One American soldier would be killed, we would kill 200 North
Vietnamese, Viet Cong, villagers, all these people. And they wouldn’t give up. And here’s why. And Lynden Johnson was
not a student of history. George W. Bush also was not
a great student of history. Another guy that didn’t know history and got his butt kicked
was Saddam Hussein. Saddam Hussein didn’t know
that if you mess with a man from Texas he might shoot you. And he ended up hanging from a rope. Now George W. Bush didn’t
understand on the flip side, George W. Bush didn’t understand
do not have a land war in Middle East. His father, I like George W. Bush, – [Zack] Herbert. – Herbert, George H, thank you. George W. Bush didn’t study enough. George H. Bush, he had a war, it’s called the first Gulf War. What did he do? He took Colin Powell, he
said we get in and out of this bitch in a month. And they got in, and they whooped people, and they got out. Because he had studied history. The Russians when into Afghanistan, man I was reading stories, the Russians, you know America gave
the Afghanistanis these special rockets called stingers. You could put them on your arm. And you could shoot down, I
think they were either heat seeking or radar, I
think maybe heat seeking, these huge like Chanook
type, they weren’t Chanook, that’s an American helicopter. This is not a good
connection for the future. And so the helicopters
that the Russians had, they had the huge transport. They’d have 50 guys in there. And they’d be going through
the Afghanistani valleys and one dude would sit there, boom! And shoot ’em out of the sky. America was supplying them to ’em. America was fighting back at Russia through the Afghanistanis. Okay, the same thing, what
was I just talking about Rev, I lost my, I was talking about, (man speaking faintly) Oh yeah, George W. Bush. So, George W. Bush studied the history and said, Russia got their ass kicked by these
Afghanistani villagers, America didn’t get the memo. And I don’t mean to
discredit any of the veterans and people who have
lost their lives ’cause you were following orders and
you were doing what was best. And I salute that, I salute the troops, but I also know that Presidents
gotta make good decisions. Because if not a lot of people die. And George H. Bush in the first Gulf War. What year was that, 01? – [Zack] 91. – 91, sorry, 91, thank you. Zack’s great with years. In 91, almost no Americans died. We went in, I mean it was,
they say that in that battle, not one Iraqi airplane even
warmed up their engines. We had jets sitting up there,
hit them from 35 miles. The second the heat seeking,
you know the engine turned on, (imitates rapid gunfire) and no one died. I mean, except the Iraqis. Okay, well we can, not
being a student of history, George W. Bush, it was a big deal. Lot of people lost their lives. There was a lot of disabled veterans. And I don’t know if it was right or wrong, but I do know it you’re the president, you need to know history. And if you’re a citizen, and
especially for all of you watching, ’cause you wanna
know how to make money, You know how you make money? You invest also in foreign stocks. If you know nothing about history, you don’t know what to invest in. Cite my sources? Are you asking me did
George H. Bush start a war? And end it very quickly? And you want me to cite the sources? Wikipedia and Google. – [Zack] I’ll cite a source, history. (laughing) – This dude, cite a source. Okay, anyway, here’s the
lesson that’s practical for you and I, in Vietnam,
this book that I’m reading, the reason America was never gonna win is because the Vietnamese had
been bullied by the French for 50 years before America
ever stepped foot in there. And so one of every single
North Viet Cong person had already lost their
grandfather and uncle to foreign invaders, so
they were pissed off. So when America came in
they took all their anger against the French and they
said we will never give up. And they didn’t and we had to leave. So, study history so you
don’t make stupid decisions. If Zack had studied
history, he would have known that he needs to marry a foreign bride. – Like how you brought that around. – Full circle. – 45 minutes later. I’d completely moved on. – Yeah, so thank you
for all of you watching. If this is interesting for
you, leave me a podcast review. I know there’s no podcast
like the one I’m doing. Is there? Been any podcast like this? – [Zack] Any podcast out
there named Tai Lopez podcast? Anything at all?
– No no no. Especially with the good voice. – No but the subject matter. – [Man] No. – Love me or hate me. – [Zack] Somebody said you
wrote the Wikipedia page. That’s your source. – Yeah, I wrote the, I
literally wrote that America won the first Gulf War quickly. All the hundreds of thousands of veterans that went through that
aren’t good enough testimony for this guy. You beat people with hoax. People are like how do you
know man was on the moon? Okay, well we’ve got a lot of video. Ya know, people went to the
damn moon and came back. No they could all be
lying, were you there Tai? Do you believe China exists? Yes. Why you ain’t never been there. You can’t use that, conspiracy
theorists crack me up, because they’re like I won’t
believe it unless I see it. You invent a time machine
and then you can prove it. Or else you’re gonna have
to take other people’s word for it a little bit. Okay, someone said you should
be my business teacher. Do I believe myself? No, sometimes I’m wrong. And sometimes I’m right. But I’ll tell you what will make you right more often than not. Read, study smart people who
know what they’re talking about and then you can
absorb their material into your brain. Yeah, the earth is flat. The earth is not flat. You think the earth is flat? – [Man] Not at all, no. – Lemme tell ya why I
know the earth’s not flat. I’m gonna blow this theory, just lemme, did you know, here’s
another history thing. I forget which physicist
centuries ago proved things like the world isn’t
flat and that it revolves. He shot a cannon ball
straight up in the air, and it landed in a different place, not back on his own head. Things are moving, the earth is revolving. Come on man. It wasn’t the wind it
was a damn cannon ball. You could, I got a question for you. And this is the final one. I’m gonna give a hundred
bucks to the first person who correctly answers. This one gonna go quick. This one’s gonna go quick. Somebody said it shot him in the crotch. No, it shot straight up. Okay, question for you, you
go to the top of a building. Empire State Building. You have, and we’re assuming
it’s completely non-windy. You have a penny. Or let’s say you have a rock this big, and you have a 500 pound weight, you drop ’em, which hits the ground first. Ready, go! There we go, right there. YouTube, Kevin Gill. Sheesh, people gotta get
with it on these other ones. The answer is they hit the
ground at the same time. You know that, this is
what I wanna tell you, this is a funny story. Did you know people argued over that and were gonna hang people? This is like in the, and
then one guy just did it. Anybody could have done it. One guy, they go no! They argued over no it’s not possible, one would hit, and then
one guy just went bloop! And they landed at the same time, and everybody was like oh. That’s how I feel like the world is. People will argue with you,
people will argue with you and then you just show
’em and they’re like oh. And I’m like, five minutes ago you were the most sure person. – [Zack] You were willing to hang a man. – You’re willing to excommunicate me from the Catholic Church. Okay, thank you for being on episode two. Guess what, we ain’t over. ‘Cause I like to record
all my podcasts at once. And this is going on Sound Cloud, iTunes, leave me a review when this comes out. You guys watching live,
you’re watching it ahead of everybody, but yeah, okay. (hiphop instrumental music)