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welcome ladies and gentlemen to a new hub don’t deck guide let’s help some expansion Knights of the Frozen Throne is finally out so it is time for some crazy good new decks after the first few hours of play up looked over a bunch of interesting ideas and one of the strongest for now can be found in a reinvented control wall of deck that is featuring the new wall of death knight Blood River gold on the following deck was created and played by Jackie Chan who reached the fantastic score of 26 wins 2 to the weeds so far on the ladder with it the star and key card of the decks of course the new death knight well done is costing you 10 mana will reach summon all friendly demons that died this game and gives you an incredible new hero power which will live steel so you can apply both pressure and heal back at the same time to make them work you of course kind of forced to play some decent demons but let’s be honest there are bunch out there that will fit perfectly into the deck Jackie Chan choose to pick demons that are capable of providing you with AoE damage on the other hand I am also pretty sure left other versions with a different demon build will emerge as well in the future one new demon from night of the rod roll needs our special attention and that’d be despicable dreadlord who is an excellent 5 mana unit with 4 tech and 5 defense he’s not only damaging once in the game but instead at the end of each of your turns that’s an ongoing threat for your opponent that needs to be addressed and if you drop two of those units later with the cooldown it is even more fun besides go down you are by the way looking at another powerful and game tool with a new legendary the Lich King who is an 8 mana creature that will give you a random death knight card at the end of your turn these death knight cards have a very wide range of different tools from single target removal to unit buffing or card feeling this will allow you to create ongoing value if the Lich King survives multiple turns plus as a taunt he’s also a great defensive tool and fits the strategy of the leg perfectly one other car that that we needs to be addressed is the new spell defile which is working especially good with the tainted zealot when you play the defile you will deal one damage to every unit on the board and if at least one unit dies you will replay the spell again in combination with attain zealot you can deal at least I’ve damaged as long as one unit dies and the first effect is going off that’s an incredible additional damage opportunity for you and does not need too much setup to function so all in all we are looking at it already very capable control packet that is surely getting refined over the next couple of weeks so be prepared to see more of the controller in the future well now I will conclude with two gameplay sessions if you have questions join the discussion in the comment section and also don’t forget to hit that little follow button to see more content all right guys so our first matchup will be against the mage the major seeing the new death knight from the mage as well I’m not sure if the white Walker is cool on health science cyber soul get the keeping shadowbolt might be useful early on and what we’re going to share about the zombie the only cars we are placing the ala to see what else we can find the despicable dreadlord input the file the file of the really cool card special our deck with a lot of small damage dealers that we have and of course first one will just be the void worker in most cases so that’s really really another play here you don’t want to use coins but the file you don’t want to use Co anomaly to play the live step and opponent is not doing anything anyway also got a mistress but I guess we are waiting a bit with the mistress avoid progress and Susannah just better if he’s instantly killing the mistress we are not getting anything if we play the mistress a bit later we can use at least the live sub two times and then here better than mistake collages so he’s me just playing a freeze mage you could match one of those get a drain soul here as well yeah another fan of playing that right now we’re just using live tab getting digital cards get the bat internal into the middle hey I just grow them in to drain soul on the next door and kill the ecologist especially if he’s just using the ecologist ampere fire blast here to take care of the white Walker he’s going for the Kirin Tor match can play a secret for free and because he at least got one from the ecologist that means that he can play one he has at least one so everything’s fine for him and we know our bit in trouble but not too much of course that we can use life still here to hit the control matter then terrain but we can for example play the defile which would kill everything I keep it stronger just as that account of style and of course that the file is not really helping us we mention try hit another face or no reaction and go try another file see no reaction from that one we are cleaning the whole ball because of the special effects from the defile and we will not drop with the mistress maybe that is reacting here so there we go mirror entity which just means that we are getting back before life doesn’t matter if you just trading here it’s just waiting for both back to full life covering cabal crystal runner which is a 5/5 and we also got the model color which is excellent combination with the shadow bolt we can just use Shadow Ball T we can a mortal coil it’s the cobalt which one are we additionally drawn also card help fire oh yeah Wilson next time we might then use the coin to either go into the dreaded phone or the size and soul if we do not need that we probably just played a despicable dreadlord so there is another secret and I do not like to give them a unity a strong unit it would be cool to get something else and I think I just drawing them another brain so watch the same pattern if we drop a huge unit now there is a decent chance that we just using another entity and is getting the indent on the ball as well glue so Amy’s discovering a spell reducing its cost by two and that is always painful you cannot be sure what he has there so it could be a pile blaster full of AIDS and again again he’s not playing anything shall we just try the despicable dread lot here at sweeter than a grad infernal think we’re doing it if he’s copying it prior to for five is copying it right yet later as expected to be honest so this one is getting one damage now because of our despicable dreadlock now medium we can easily kill that next time so we have a shadow bolt here already another problem island portal that was not created by the glue so there is still might be more incoming that is the faith dinner so I’m not sure the death rattle is happening here potentially not do not think that is happening so how we how we playing metal to kill I’m going to now supply drain soul and we can play mortal coil it’s good so we’re flowing little boss plus we are life stealing so we are back to 25 then living the unit gets an additional cartridge the enforcer would have loved to play the enforcer instead of all the spells we could have played it for that coin and then the mortal coil would have been able to kill everything as well second the chronology who is getting another secret so far we have only seen the mirror entities and you should play on the staff as well counter spells you call the ice gloss one of those ladies valet hitting on the face we could just go hellfire we could just go in people and force I think being false a little bit strong if he so is now not able anymore to drop the mirror entity if that was not created by the be very unlikely which just means if you play the Hellfire there is a decent chance that it’s just countering that so we would then need to play the coin for that thing we want to just try the important thing both you know everyone can three point of damage and that we ending the turn the video okay this is created by the glyphs to know and I think we would just try to waste the coin here instead of wasting something else for your Walker oh yeah we are trying the coin oh let’s see that again counter is getting counted the ego which just means then that we are going for the surface of killing if unity an event drawing distance up and thank you and the white Walker with 12 cups ago have not seen any of the key caps or no Lich King and not all that night getting another secret for free to playing a to comfortable of the federal agonist of cold getting fast at the end of the turn so we could just go off on other side and so there is a really a decent chance that he is running another counter spell now so we might play drain so first if he’s not countering it we can just play drain cell and then the abyssal enforcer let’s see countering it again he’s countering it again okay in that case we will then go for the silence earlier and clearing the unit go on an additional tab and have fuel costing vo just good so we can play that as well down to three cards now we still have a bunch of tools in hand Barcelona for Bureau it’s good for them the other unit might still be dying now for profit or not and we can also do not kill it at least for this zone you for skill play the equivalent for Tonya although each of Secrets so if we go pluck Veera yeah then we definitely want to drop more diamond on the bodies out of cards now we are going for the bezel and forth if we go hellfire here and then dreadful we are killing everything besides khabar Tristana and let the me not healing they kind of wants to heal as well that sees it better another thing so let’s go and forth and with an auto dropping the opening for you back on the next door we might just play the Blood River Goes Down which is our crew there’s no such thing as 10 we’re getting 5x trauma is something awesome plea demons a dices turn at this game of the story and of course when you hear power like spear pretty good go down to 11 now the thing is just need to see how greeny we are because if we just play the Blood River here we cannot play anything else let’s turn we go down the other and just play the file clearing everything on each side and we still keep the boots on water than just feeling a bit and that should also be very very cool but I think that’s what we are doing here and could also draw an additional card let’s see I don’t think we want to draw an additional car to be honest we have we are way ahead right now and I just want to hear back and not get too much damage there’s always the chance that he is running a pyroblast and then you just killing us because these are top dragon yep just violent fall okay that should be oh it’s hitting the face Wow he’s getting a doom god seriously oh man let’s go for him we will then you cannot kill them right that is we that is one off it’s just for damage so we’re 13 cannot kill him that means we were just rate them and like a la block reversal gun get every demon on the board so you would need to clear the whole board otherwise is dying next turn and we have eight life here so potentially in most cases we are just winning the game if he’s drawing a fireball you cannot kill us is drawing a file and pork we cannot kill us so we both need the pyroblast now Vittoria can give them a parable but that is not good enough the light wheel yet without we’re just winning we can easily use a hero power we can just push everything in the face and the game is over power off cooldown is waiting out the game game to this one is a wall on versus Shemin maybe we were seeing the new adjustments on the channel maybe not you will never know so we are just keeping everything it’s a pretty good starting ant and we might just keep the coil and then play it on – – with the coin and the Salahi which is increasing these spell damage so the coil can be a to damage and we’re still drawing a card line if we’re killing a unit so if I have not seen the chemin des not in action so I kind of hope that we’re seeing that here the last few games I’ve faced with a against the chemin or just see token champion but without the death knight oh well make me a waiting I mean we could just play mortal coil and kill the unit together and we could also just wait here and then kill the blood and water which is a bit stronger if it’s better well it’s just a 2 points of damage that we’re taking to one extra point if you would have killed the patches here through one last point of damage fine I’ve also got the file would clear the whole board I think right now we want to save that we are just dropping the C note here going for the coin to lay the mortal coil draw an additional card kill the unit at the mistress which rule so you can then just easily heal back if you know use it a follow that feeling to damage your means and any dice you’re casting it again so that’s really powerful combination allows you to kill white a lot looks like is no trading he’s afraid of our unit and Rome is losing patches there was some small fries on the board we would just draw another card get some damage to lay the mistress then we hit him back to 29 he’s potentially just using the Jade cloth for kill so he’s known to 10 for 27 and we are back to 29 he’s killing us with this one point of damage here and then we add 28 and the power the vial is just getting bigger and bigger so right now we could clear the whole board but again there is also the point in just waiting T loss it will increase the power even more or we could just wait think we’re just waiting drink you’re not interested it’s just waiting guys leave your pick point of damage are we playing it there was it interesting so the death knight here transforms all his minions into animals that cost two more and of course as a new human partner that allows him to transform 20 minutes at random one that costs one more so it is evolved an ongoing evolve and we can just sort of apply the seal out here we are killing this one then we are killing our unit so we are clearing everything no problem go for it the file is coming one kill that is another kill and then we are connecting there you go so very powerful blow if you have the sealer on the board and then you plug the file it is still so powerful he is now dropping the premium totem and we also see transformation on the smaller guy given Rockpool hunter and I think and we are blood favors also coming we’re just going for the drat eternal leaving one point of damage down next time we don’t want to play the abyss 1/4 and 1/8 potentially just Lich King cheat lining so I think he’s trading here and then using a few power on the jet : make the most sense but I’m lucky for them you’re just getting a unit that is getting crushed by a bit enforcer anyway so walk again click it again and this your power is only good if they used on the board so you need power on the board to get more power on the board you have the double gangster you can definitely do something are you getting here bucola my name euclid is if we use siphon soul here we can kill the mukla we can play the happy group for free on the other hand we could also just play the Lich King here and get some some nice little stuff in our hand as well that would be another option and I kinda want to take this one so we others trading here and then we are dropping to the Lich King which is giving us a rent deston ID card and lands which are very powerful can’t see what we are getting and still a minion from your opponent’s back and add it to your hand but that can be powerful but can also be cuddly shit if you’re getting stuff that we are not really interested in playing well now he’s getting ones that aquatic guys whenever one of your other minion dies I’m gonna to to Google okay I might help them he giant a boy looks like a tiger for the size and soul so we need to kill the necrotic guys of course what else are we doing do we need to save the enforce are we just trading I guess we’re just reading keeping our cards for now let’s just kill this one and then the size of to take care of the join you can imply the happy boolean for free and we have two episodes so that’s even better killing is long as well double practically becoming and let me also playing the death grip maybe find something getting color front of the automatic or unfortunate is just clean you [Music] you [Music]