So That Just Happened!! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep. 486

he’s dead if I could fire I just happened ha ha ha no way oh is it easy [Music] all [Music] [Music] [Music] right no come on [Music] with [Music] I just choose you [Music] am I gonna get Yahshua oh my gosh your Raj am I gonna be Yash Raj again holy shit that must be really lucky right crazy we planned it up is that what’s up my dad on that chest I’m not that I am that horrible thank you game of that shit all right whatever I kind of want to put it easier secret in the day I’m walking like a just small either do it [Music] wait really nevermind this killed me again [Music] should I think about it because sir our would have saved me from it got me but we get none you live a spectral casual we get that in the chat guys a spectral system for you well I don’t [Music] animated like a pie maker will support them he does have a time what does it here for us ah I’ll choke man easy [Music] what what the hell am I worried about [Music] I was about to get worried for a second and I was wait just a double ice barrier okay 60 weeks we hit him 446 to the fame [Music] [Music] well we’re basically living all illusion guys a oh another mediocre [Music] you got [Music] we don’t really care with the finish of Westar focused to a row from race 23 to the tournament found the friends [Music] even land it perfectly that was beautiful didn’t you need editing that was beautiful to come today Adam cash the belief radio evening did it well it won’t seem like it there Miami this one no way no way [Music] alright get up and build on it Eve draw new cards Mira the Legion clean enrage some of the one on the red to protect this minion six men are sick sick that’s kind of all right anything and Rach effects getting a woman so kinda like order with one month with needs to end rage but Mira’s pretty easy to enrage so you will erase this really open yeah with Mira six live to be and being able to so easily and Rachel do you think that’s in the UH not another dimension your chair dreams seizing on you yes [Music] oh my god what is happening undo undo let me get rid of a newt – you guys cool for what she touched on all right also I will pin the best comment when this video is 15 hours old edited it at a TV [Music]