Hearthstone: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

the madman Hey well tell a bit of a we’ll give you a bit of a story and background on the new hot deck on the block I don’t actually think it’s very hot right now in terms of popularity but I thought it was good enough to bring to the hero Tavern hero tournament I brought this little guy Jade elemental shaman now known as the jelly shaman the big change that happened with the caverns blown er was that Jade spirit became an elemental and this enabled the Jade and the elementals to cross better now the deck is really really strong against Agra which is why I chose to bring it against the local tavern hero tournament I think those local events tend to attract more aggro players and I was right I got into the semifinals but single elimination and all that you know this deck isn’t that good against control that I just kind of get out valued I suppose even though it looks like there’s a lot of value here there we go that new Jade spirit elemental still be good depose a hunter and that should be really good for this deck since it’s really strong against aggro deck hope to crush some pirates or some token druids a little boy and that’s right here uh it makes me not want to play constructed it’s like I have to slog through all of these ranks in order to get to like a good level play why when I reset down all the way over here oh I can’t even showcase the genius of the deck because the opponents are running blood puddin Raptor first step this is actually a big part of why don’t you like link constructed Rises I come on I don’t want to be fighting you bring Katie and I’m sure these rank 18 players don’t want to be playing against me the purpose of matchmaking should be to match you against the in a equal level opponent or are tempted unless this is blizzards way of telling me oh no come on rate a team player if we just imagine that he played a crackling razor Mullin to you on an empty board it was basically Blitzen Raptor so it’s all good if we just imagine that this entire game make sense at least I can claim that this is a metaphor a trite 18 minute counts of something look at how good this curve is the elementals have always wanted to be played the elementals are such good anti-ager and the jeans are always so good again control so it’s like a really good middle of the ground deck which is slightly worse against control because control has better more value option way better against aggro to the power of tar creeper hot spring Guardian genuine or seed grants will appear stone sugar but I’m unable to demonstrate the brilliance of my deck against the full master shield bear combo and so I just there and while giving a few of these games played up legend rank few good highlight game it would be pretty good it’s so much work to climb from rank 18 to legend I mean I don’t think it’s fair to it would like it can be done obviously it will be done I believe this that could make it but it’s so much work when we could be playing black survival or [Music] you know darkest dungeon says and that’s why I stopped playing constructed I guess because the decks are mostly figured out and we could be like Chris and you know show the sex beating level 18 people and being like oh this deck is pretty good but not as good an actor [Music]