Death Knight Hunter Decksperiment – Hearthstone

make money what’s this hello hello Regis Gildan is the name and hearthstone is the game and this in another deck experiment in which I take a fun a new or interesting idea for a deck build that deck live on the spot and then take it out onto the rank ladder to see it in action and this particular deck was made on day 1 of Knights of the Frozen Throne because of course just like everybody else I’m going to see how good the death knight hero cards are in this time around I was testing the death knight Rex our card that stalker Rex are to be specific just to see how well he would fit into a more mid range or control oriented hunter deck and we’re going to find out how it goes so let’s go ahead and jump into the deck creation process as it was recorded live on my twitch stream we’re going to build a death stalker Rex our deck a control hunter deck right like I want it to be a death rattle II control hunter deck because I also want to play corpse widow a lot but I don’t want it to be super late-game oriented right like more more mid-range because I think essentially desk dr. Rex R gives you a mid to late game answer in control matchups because he’s just constantly drawing you a card and generating extra value so we you know he’s sort of a kind of a back-up plan sort of a release valve for matchups that don’t really go well with the death rattle stuff so we want to try to build basically like a death rattle synergy deck that empowers corpse widow I think maybe we run like one abominable Bo man but I don’t want to run more than that necessarily I want it to have some cap on its death rattle eNOS and we need some fast stuff as well I don’t know about Raptor hatchlings necessarily but we need some faster minions other death rattles who do we want here let’s see we want to make sure we’re very considerate of our curve I don’t want to run Arthas even though he’s a beast in a death rattle I just don’t think he applies enough pressure for what our deck is trying to accomplish late-game death rattles I don’t think we need any of these I don’t think we even want this off like I don’t I don’t think we’re in Azaz deck necessarily we’re afford based death when all my death rattles either summon minions or have some sort of immediate effect on the boys would ya it strikes thanks to twitch prime sub it strikes mesh you guys on a little mini sub train here that’s 123 subs welcome welcome it strikes and again stay tuned your whispers over the next day or so strikes and I’ll send you some details on being a sub and what all that means but I appreciate appreciate you showing your support strikes have you done oh where does I know this long my second deck so I haven’t really done much yet guys I got a little bit of a late start I don’t think we want like shallow grave diggers offices because I think that’s not board based right we want board based death row I don’t even think we want like um bread necessarily uh uh ha yeah I feel like it was not enough death rattles guys for the record looks like I’m go through the list there and it’s like well no no there’s not that many good death rattles I mean play dad I think that’s too hard to run I don’t think for Lawrence knock your hands off stuffs what we want maybe we add in a raptor hatchling just because it’d be a three playoff corpse widow I mean Rat Pack is fine we need a three-drop I guess doesn’t have to be all hunter cards it can be some of these two I don’t actually think blue order fits my plan I think I like egg Napper better and I think I’m kind of like well sonic summoners maybe not bad no artists I’m sorry I just only I can do Arthas that’s too many threes we need two drops instead I guess we’re only orders just because they’re one of the only to drop death rattles geez there’s like a big gap for to drop death rattles what’s the deal they’re good too because they’re free off of corpse lid oh right like you can run the to drop ones totally for free which has a lot of value so that’s all right for is the gap now so like infested turin or twilight summoners I don’t know if summoners apply enough immediate pressure or not make some room by the hot water bottle Ross 27 man welcome welcome pal Ross I appreciate the support bell Ross you guys are on a sub train man that’s a ton of stuff today already that’s crazy guys than that I think that puts us at 124 right so I think it’s one more sub and that’ll trigger a giveaway so everybody who subbed up to that point and the remainder of today will be entered into a giveaway a not to make in a giveaway video for you guys that’s insane you guys are gonna both simultaneously bankrupt bankrupt me and fund me which is awesome so I’m happy to get back as much as I can so bow off stay tuned to your twitch whispers and all the other subs oh my god there it is I think that’s 125 guys per O’Jays man welcome that’s amazing that’s great so welcome for AJ’s thanks again for all the support so all the subs now and like I said any that stop for the remainder of the day so like until the end of the stream because I’m ending at midnight guys all try to record the giveaway video tomorrow morning or maybe even late tonight because it only takes like a couple minutes I just got to gather all your guys’s names in Excel and then do a random drawing and not this exactly because this is an old one that’s been used but 80/20 all about on that gift card will be going to somebody out there so grass guys but I’ll send you there’s like a automated way I send messages through twitch to everybody with a link to the giveaway video when I record it and also you’ll get a you’ll see it posted in the discord channel to which you’ll also get a link to of your new sub so Pelley for 89 cents how am i sub on the app I don’t know for sure but I did add a new button below the stream that says subscribe of the picture of the emot– on it and if you can find that button I think it should take you right to the subscription area so so grass guys basically ever every sub now has like a one and a hundred and twenty-five chance of winning its $1 about on our hip guard guys the grass I wonder who it’ll be well sure we’ll talk about it tomorrow some more might even do this I might actually even do the giveaway stream live tomorrow morning when I get on them how much time I have now I want to have it done before then so I’ll probably have to record it and upload it first anyway back to the deck guys thank you well thanks guys that’s awesome I I wasn’t really sure how often I was going to get to do some giveaways because I wasn’t sure how many subs would grow you know but it’s growing a ton it’s run super fast so that’s great it looks like you guys are going to have a lot of giveaways coming your way so grats how many of us variance is you open since Joseph Gomes ah I think 13 total I think 13 total listeners something like that do you buy packs with money from the stream channel or to come from your own pocket uh that there’s no difference right look I mean stream channel money goes to my pocket right so I mean uh-huh functionally it’s all the same pile of money right like what pile and makes it sound really big but it’s not that big but you don’t a saying like you know it all goes to the same place I use the money I spend on taxes money I don’t have to spend on food or rent or whatever right so I guess it theoretically it comes from the channel certainly there’s enough to pay for packs that’s what you’re getting at yeah I don’t have to go up ahead the but for far as money is concerned I don’t ever like talking about it too much but basically all the money I’ve ever made on YouTube has gone back into the channel somehow whether that’s like new lighting or new supplies or giveaways I bought a new computer recently which was great which has made my video creation process 10 times easier so I think that’s what you’re getting at with that question I don’t mind answering that at all so no I I make enough to pay the tax basically is the answer to your question so actually back to the death rattle hunter here I still would like another four drop I think or maybe not we can probably get by with with fewer than that what I think we probably need now are support cards we haven’t actually looked at any supporting cast kinds of cards because we do need others than just strictly that’s rattled like practically raised about such a good card animal companion is a good card I don’t think we want bear shark crackerjack man yeah for sure thing dude your packs if hereby didn’t bless crackerjack I don’t know we need a kill command necessarily what unleash the hounds usually makes sense maybe somehow masters makes sense taunts are valuable I don’t hate the idea of swamp king dread but I don’t want the deck to get too expensive right what else could we run actually like this better than this what about justice Prince tell us that now we need to two jobs now we can’t do it none of this looks too exciting bloodworms intriguing but I don’t think it’s worth it about hunter cards here this tracker I actually like a lot Oh this tracker is pretty cool it’s it’s hard draw but and it doesn’t get us it doesn’t get us a Rex are unfortunately so maybe not I mean bloat that could maybe run one bloat bat but I don’t really think I like this card this much what do you guys think is a both bat worth it maxed out that’s right the blobfish naxx is out man that’s right four drops and five drops looks like where we need to go maybe a nesting Rock would be good and that’s the rocks a good idea well maybe it’s Tundra right now Tundra right now would be nice that’s 30 cards I kind of want a little bit more card draw I think if you do have to find Rex our writer it’s not worth it Oh tracking is perfect now I’ll give this to a Rex our sometimes okay so we got a couple early game options got strong two drops three drops good death rattle cards you got the corpse WeDo kind of just looks like a mid-range hunter list up to corpse Widow and then suddenly we got some crazy new confusion of frozen throwing cards I feel like we don’t really have that many frozen throwing cards though right just just kind of corpse widows the wrecks are in a Bowman so I need more frozen throne cards guys like am i doing it a disservice I guess we could run one Arthas I think it’s too slow but it’s a golden artist for God’s sake like Regis plus my fast before your next game sure thing fire load your packs have hereby been blessed of course egg Napper an abominable domain are not good you know that may be the case but I still want to try them I don’t think egg mappers bad at all I think egg mapper is going to be good for us bow man I think might be a tad too slow but we’ll see running one orifice isn’t a good choice should I run – look what they run – I don’t know the corpse razor which one is corpse Rainier can never remember I don’t a good idea to try that I kind of I kind of think I want the nesting Rock though and not a tundra right now so only corpse we can try corpse razor make some really good trades with like rat packs and stuff I’m not sure I like rat pack for the record seems a little slow they also cut a hound master which makes it way worse we could try like a Hoover on two but it seems to slow still and terascale stalker also seems to slow now maybe stalker is actually not it’s a free drop right we need a three job yeah let’s run let’s run a stalker instead of rat packs now we’ll grab one rat back in one stalker that’s a pretty good curve that’s a pretty good good I like I don’t like where this is at one rat pack probably one how mass or one rat pack I think that’s fine they’re not any removal though do we if we fall behind well only sounds is kind of removal if we fall behind we’re going to fall really far behind but corpse widows actually kind of Swing II could play a lot of stuff at once let’s just try it guys let’s see what happens let’s see I don’t think it’s going to be good though I’m going to say this does not feel like a tight list to me right now I think there’s a lot of room for improvement here on this list but we’ll try our best see if we can make it work you’ll extend 110 pack and only got two legendaries 28 10 worst dust worth of duplicates around 350 Commons that is that possible you looks only at two legendaries and 110 tax I guess technically it is wait no it shouldn’t be possible right you get you get a legend your first ten packs right and then you should get one every forty packs thereafter so you should have got a guaranteed legendary at ten fifty and ninety based on my understanding uh that’s not a great curve he doesn’t want this off yeah I think the sauce weirdly enough is too slow and none of our death idols have taunt makes me nervous for the sauce stuff might be wrong though like I said I don’t think this is the best version of this list I bet it’s going to get way way better over time so I have a feeling we’re not not even really close there yet El Tigre won thanks to the follows orbit Alex thanks to the follow over boot killer freak thanks for the follows guys peel appreciated everybody I think I’d missed Melvin cog a villain Fross both zero I think I missed you guys for the follows as well so appreciate it guys thanks for hopping on if you’re watching on youtube and you didn’t know guys you can also watch on Twitch and if you follow on to it’s your name will pop up on stream and I’ll talk about you it’s really nice nice little bonus for twitch folks you should try wild exit simple oh my god I can’t even imagine wild Dex yeah that’s too much too much to process I think I’m just going to play on curve instead of play the razor ball now this this pops up these these are beets it’s very very likely a beast gets to survive here and we couldn’t do a 4-minute play it makes sense ah ah ha I think I’ll try the roll poisonous here instead of hitting the egg Napper I don’t really want to trade the egg Napper in because I like the resiliency of it you know in other words I don’t I want to have a death rattle for multiple reasons one is corpse raids are that kind of stuff and it just means my board’s more likely to survive for this nesting Rock on five actually getting activated that’s the problem though I don’t know if we can play nesting right now we simply not master though but the mirror will just trade the nagging operational trade they cannot pray in any way now and go face with the rest I guess I didn’t play around meteor very well I’m not really thinking about that kind of stuff today just trying to learn cards and have fun should still think about it of course because this is a good meteor corner over here oh I like ghastly conjure I think the songs about our cards and people realize not very gonna get some leash down so for the record but we won’t unleash we’ll just high main here and I think I’ll just leave the conjurer alive you have a lot of damage going face here so I like that better halo of Pinero Lu nas walls the brewery poncho guys thanks for the follows I guess you made the move from YouTube to twitch it sounds like appreciate it well that’s not very nice is it now is it we gotta wait though this is a so much better play we just have to wait we know it’s not my identity so we can play this sure aah-ha-ha curve isn’t beautiful so far guys really really good wine Arne is off I just think it’s a little too slow like we have deaf soccer Rex ours our wind condition I’m not sure that’s right by the way I just think that with the corpse widow it’s a little bit more of like a tempo oriented death rattle kind of list I might usually make it stuff up to tell you the truth I don’t that sounds a little bit made up to be honest with you just sounds a little bit made-up maybe it is that was a pretty savage line strike but we’re still in such a great position afterwards then I don’t think it matters I guess we’ll test vaporized first oh yeah man actually that’s our X R Plus hounds would be amazing if we could do it but we can’t let’s just test this barrier okay ah we could have played this first arguably but this want to be worth quite a bit of damage it’s not this is for seven I don’t think any of this matters I’m going to play this I don’t think it matters I think between hounds and the hero power we shouldn’t be able to find some sort of lethal year hero power should be sufficient right but I’m sad that I didn’t get to play Rex Aria that’s a lot of mana that’s a big man a commitment so you actually have the net the other Glock that’s pretty chill aha because if you played against the control warrior not yet really no not yet um aha oh I might of goofed a little bit there crap I just lost my hero power shoot I just lost my hero power I didn’t even think about it we got a home still but there’s such a chance we can’t do the damage Dale grabs I got so excited lyrics sorry just said yeah we don’t need that we don’t need that when do you normally stream so steel uh monday to wednesday at 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. currently will 7 p.m. for me it’s a little after 6 years so you know starting 12 hours than earlier than right now or 11 hours earlier than right now monday to wednesday and then thursday nice actually at 7:00 p.m. so pretty too and I’d be starting normally that might be changing a little bit in the near future by adding a day or two for the record ZK Eagles Donkey Kong that’s right it is ok we got to try this regardless right like I don’t I don’t know what his deal is over there but if we screw up and now he’s gonna the ice barriers do we have enough 500 we still do ok we can still get through a barrier hope I didn’t do the math wrong I might have just messed up the math a little bit I think we’re going to leave them at 2 now right oh no we can’t I can’t I don’t be out enough we don’t have enough crap charge ah come on easy chief charge aha oh cool that’s fine oh that looks fake outz glowing that’s awesome anything that yet that’s nice nice beard softness those nips rages and he beat Lord America yet no I haven’t done the adventure I’m saving it I’m saving it okay when I was cool charge this is nice on command or not quite on command but close to on command ting guess what you doing over there – yes dude I’m watching you saying bad things about me on YouTube chatting you think I don’t see it you think I miss it shame on you tengas traitor why don’t you horn Bo I don’t know just I don’t we tell what light on removal hoping to control the board and then course there are many secrets for that extra Center G or anything so it’s probably fine like I said numerous science already I don’t I’m sure this is not the ideal version of this list right like there’s going to be ways to make this way better like I legitimately think arcus is a bad choice why does all that stuff pop up oh it shows you all eight of the spells for Arthas that’s awesome four cards I should say some weapons he’s probably in class watching off that makes him twitch is blocked at school so saying is yep somebody called it somebody called it these are they stirring up trouble though that’s that’s my problem pingas is causing a rebellion it sounds like is the freebie K you get from the adventure always a non duplicate I think they said that it would be I think they revealed that it should be a non duplicate so a couple ways this could go good probably the worst way to go this can also go good so we’ll try it first oh lucky guys we’re so lucky guys I’m going to trade this for swipe right that is a good drawn fine on coins coin into that ZX ol says hey reason still don’t love you YouTube videos Thank You ZX man appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to say that dude it’s really nice that feels like a good play to me look at this next turn guys Jaime and egg Napper if this can live which I think there’s a very good chance it lives here swipe kills it I guess but that’s about it that’s good do those but this is a sick play oh my god give me something cheap to play to give me stuff to give you that guy that’s fine I’ll eat the house doesn’t help I wish when you play our pets as well but I’ll take highmane into egg Napper that’s cool that’s a pretty sick turn five pretty sick certify playground meteor yet this is the levite earr player on board how do you like tech steps dr. rex are I don’t know USB X is only my second game so I’m still very very new with it it’s hard to say at this point for me I mean I guess this is okay you know it’s not going to clear but it’s going to do a lot of work to the board and we’re already running a little light on cards oh it was cool I guess technically we could silence this with an iron be cowl so I’ll trade it into this one instead I think I can probably hold instead of thinking this trade I might want it to be alive like my trade now and then he trades it might die for the hounds so let’s give it a live where you just hate our stone yeah I do hate car stones that’s why I spend hours every day making videos about it two of your videos are awesome sissy Alessandra thanks man that’s really nice really really nice you two say well we got a desktop we got to build a beast right guys we gotta build a beast this guy’s taut or brutal you know a hazard ox is coming by the way you know it we have five me and it’ll work with so I guess we’ll take a swing it’s pretty cheap adapt should be cool but it only leads you to mana to work with it doesn’t seem good I’m gonna take it Oh take it on so that’s like I’m not going to have seven health and four attack that’s not too bad not too bad come on four seven with a pretty cool death rattle that’s not that’s a pretty good minion I would play this minion of it we’re in the game that’s for sure and I suppose we’ll kill this thing I don’t love it but that’s pretty good many guys to go in command it’s a bad talk through it well diesel these aren’t very good with Hydra knocks right did they actually they work probably but that’s pretty good though shoot we’re gonna need some place guys I need some please here oh my god we keep throwing these plates out what we want six mana to work with uh actually dire wolf alpha with hounds could be really clutch for us but we only have one mana to make it work but we could kill this and do some damage to that and play it you know or we could just wait and play all the other stuff like an art this and I’ve been a couple patriarchs so let’s get the dire wolf alpha and a grizzly because we’re going to take a lot of damage we need you to carry on grubs fine might be a four seven this would be a five five times five actually lines up poorly against the five three but we’re going to be trading into that a lot of that stuff theoretically because it’ll have already attacked so the iron fur Grizzlies okay and then this term will disco this round hopefully Arthas gives us something useful if I really think this cards too slow for a decade I think it’s going to be our problem card it’s Justin sit in an ad a little while okay it’s fine this is still a great play eight Manito a lot just got way better though it’s got way better jeez but we are almost dead and that’s well actually this could give me a really big taunt but we have to take this line because I think it’s really way we live right and this math unfortunately is really wonky five health doesn’t do enough to the board and this is going to summon me five pounds so the only way we stay alive though this is basically just for it doesn’t ever matter that it does five so it is eyes to every trade as well so however we make these trades shouldn’t matter too much we’re not really going to have enough here haha unfortunately we have to kill this because we can’t actually kill anything else so you got a cards if we can get some big toss off the bill the Beast you got a shiny you know shot oh he’s not out of cards man how would you fix Arthas ah just give them more stats I don’t know or let you discover one of these or something discover read definitely your card well you couldn’t really discover on a death rattle I guess that’d be weird but so the question is are we better off going for death grip or for a build abuse we could do both let’s step through first I’ll leave us 8 mana to make a decision with the build of ease oh you’re fine hey we were looking for it on hey that’s not that either but we need to saw it probably even if we do play this hey easy game that’s bad event that looks bad I don’t know what it means but I bet it’s bad I bet it’s really really bad that’s that’s bad we’re going to take three damage to the face a it looks like shoot we don’t get any taunts off our army of the Dead is the problem oh we’re just literally dead two is the second problem we’re just literally dead ah man I felt like that wasn’t a great deck we played but we almost got to beat it I don’t know what went wrong for us or where he just I think it was just a ramp right he just ramped up too fast got some really big stuff and we couldn’t answer it right away you need heal in the deck what would you recommend more once you time what’s a great healing for hunter curious what you think would be a good fit that’s the solid hand with the coin really really saw his hands I’m not even finds playing that on three bloodborne is the only heel we talked about blood arm a little bit but I don’t even know how good of a heel that is and then Tech technically has dealing with Deathstalker XR because you can get blood worm off of your build abuse I think I probably said that a little bit snarky but I didn’t mean to I didn’t mean to make that sound sarcastic I meant like legitimately what heel did you recommend and 674 people watching right now on YouTube plus 150 on Twitch guys that’s a lot of dudes dudes everywhere is it’s the same guys No ah normally poisonous would be cool but it’s probably just going to die to the zero power so divine shield it is to bind shield the data’s probably guys if you are watching on YouTube I say just a lot so people are going to get tired of hearing it but I’m also streaming on Twitch I tend to read twitch chat a little more so if you want to do want to be heard switching over to twitch and following would probably be a good way to do swipe hero power would give them a bit of an advantage on the board it’s going to I mean normally in a hundred deck I wouldn’t take that trade I’d just go face but remember we’re not really like an aggro hunter or even like an aggressive mid-range hunter were we’re willing to play a little bit into the late game so I was a tad more hesitant than usual to just hammer the face this is not an ideal trade for me but it’s okay we’re still applying a lot of pressure nesting rocks great we even have a follow up on six the loot orders will be some good hard wild cuties not I won’t be playing anybody else’s decks today I’ve been focusing all on my own decks today you’re welcome to send to me on Twitter and I’ll happily take a look at it aha but won’t we plan it today use a different card back such a common complaint my card back I do hate guard back that’s a true aspect Regis doesn’t care about guard backs guys he just doesn’t care see this face card back true I don’t like it that much I’m either fine I like they look cool don’t get me wrong I think they’re awesome just I don’t ever care about so changing it that much ah dude chill out with the answers we’re trying to build a board here trying to build a board man still a good turn sticks like I said they still want obscene a terror scale soccer we did see a corpse Ranger I think but I don’t think we had a chance to legitimately play it Oh baby the only problem of this play is the card draw aspect right like I wish we had more death rattle cards all like do you even run polluted order in this list for instance like that would be me we finally thought guys the ultimate infestation gruel and fester no don’t innovate me dude no he actually got innovate off of it oh that’s brutal that’s really good you did not know that was coming he made a pretty brave decision there ultimately plus tree attack is fine those all suck plus one plus one I could still kill that thing I guess that’s probably worth it let’s draw first though just to see yeah I don’t think we draw anything that matters but that’s good that’s a great next turn play he’s very likely going to have a board we’ll also be able to get off one hero power which is nice because we’ll have a card will be a card ahead basically the rest of the game on zombies which is pretty awesome yeah if you guys are looking for a link to me on Twitch its below the YouTube stream just in the description there you’ll find it man this guy is burning through his deck right now cheese chillin out this is the perfect answer to the board – Wow perfect answer to the board all right I guess we want something big and nasty right like something well well actually giving him bananas isn’t too bad you might have a full hand wow 10/10 stealth sure no we don’t semana oh no it’s only eight mana we have to be at Manor for this is there something else we want to do though like a six six charge it’s not bad either we could play an egg mapper alongside it I think I’d rather just have the charge well it’s only for mana geez we got tons of mana left over we can make a new one and play both of these I was thinking luke’ll was five million for some reason does any meta formula I mean there is a meta forming all the time right but it’s certainly not one of significance just yet that’s for sure oh that’s a good charge now all of a sudden I get these guys running Jade on day one give me that guys can we get skulking Geist out of the zombies that would bring justice to the universe that’s for sure so we’ll see what we get in here just in case the changes probably won’t but uh I mean bear sharks a lot of stats I don’t know it looks fine oh that was sort of a gross gross pic I think fortunately we’re not burning any of his cards so he just kinda gives a nice boss he’s a couple nice buffs there sadly yeah this I mean this is okay minion a66 but we’re not getting like active stuff you know like we should solve swipes you never know oh my god swipes dead we’re going to lose pressure we need stuff that like actively affects the board right where are the battle cries and the legendaries and stuff we might be seeing some consistency issues with the zombies already cropping their ugly heads I think that innervate is what cost us the game though when he innovated out the kill on the corpse widow that was really tough for us to recover from maybe eight mana to work with silenced is nothing raptor hatchling doesn’t do much dire wolf alpha plus hounds is aren’t great because it’s multiples of two and everything is odd number so that’s not great we already ran into that one we’ll take that just for stats oh yeah I feel like we’re getting some really really bad picks on the zombies collections this is not a great minion I mean it’s a cinch and shield master was upside I guess that’s like if it’s not a terrible minion heroine I don’t think we can beat these jeans though leash the hounds is not a great jade answer got better with that trade though for that attack not I kind of wish I’d taken the dude so you have either eight mana or you know five mana for the unleash the hounds here pterodax hatchling everything nothing code oval right now so we’ll have 5 min Alessa if you take the Hat if we take the hatchling we have 2 mana left to fit in hounds as well I just need the big time what did we all remember what I picked first oh my god what did I pick but I think hatchling plus tag it on have eight health it could give it more health with the thing questions do we play this now or do we have now I don’t think we house it because we have a good trade anyways so let’s just play this now what do we adapt into +1 +1 I can’t move okie remote 5 9 5 doesn’t really trade into anything we care about death-rattle might just be more valuable and I think we’re in a tough spot what are we writing about penguin a right opening the riots alright guys sorry guys no penguins my apologies any J’s like your happy experience today right back atcha dude how’s it going I’ve missed them some follows here JJ w mucky wild to these Cisco piak Rachael thanks to the follows guys away I think I also missed Vic’s a file though you must have refold the Exel mr. duck Theo Verushka average guppy burns thanks to the follows guys love the twitch follows oh she’s annoying aha give me the skulking job somebody needs to start typing in skulking guys still writing so we can get rid of this stuff let’s just he’s already played eight Jade idols is that right or no three of those haven’t been played yet three of those seven played okay blow phat is intriguing but really expensive so I don’t think we’ll have time for that Plus how do we kill it before we’re daddy is insane amounts of damage on board I think my only hope is to go for max stats and a taunt say really really good monster minions really good stuff how to do this first where we were going to lose a hound aha I think technically I can live like this right in 1718 damage available after making this trade aha I don’t there’s no way to win the game but we’re not dead this turn I think nudist beef says I want to be on the stream but you just got your name red that’s where something free just don’t lose that’s Andrew that’s right yeah you know no we’re chicken dinner up for grabs you know I’d be alive okay sleeve six damage we got to do we need it we use a beast that does 16 damage nope we’re just add two innervating it great and he’s actually not the deck himself but when you’ve got Jade who cares who cares did I lose because I didn’t take the penguin guys is that what happened that’s the logical ha that’s the logical explanation I suppose okay let’s wait for a sec you actually know what we’ll do we’ll go have a chat that’s working we’ll go have a chat with our in Jesus at shadow pulse Forge nose he’s up he’s up here in heaven we’re gonna have a chat with our Jesus please our Jesus no more Jay druids anything but Jade true is God why no buyers are Jays it’s day one leave me be send away the Jays give us that give us that q luck what a good cue earthen ring and priestess of Elune you know yeah we want our fist he’s in the deck he sauce with he’s here random just for you guys cuz he’s golden he’s so cute AHA I don’t even play hearthstone but you are so entertaining Regis thanks Aslan man I appreciate it that’s a that’s actually a pretty big compliment I feel like our stone would be really boring to watch if you don’t play it so thanks to for the kind words hey men are in Jesus you guys what you guys want me to engage major sellout mode or not should be shifted into high gear on sellout mode for our in Jesus because if you guys didn’t know look at this I got this ready I am selling shirts with rnjesus autumn this is the artwork on the shirt right here it’s like a nice little framed legendary print you know it’s just not a shirt but you know it’s a legendary frame of ben brode rnjesus available on the regis philbin Burke shop now that is Mac sellout mode engage sellout mode to the extreme I’m taking 20 shirts high gear plug mode yep I’m not yours for only $49.99 not really though it’s too expensive but it’s less than 49.99 I’ll tell you that ha link to the shop below the stream oh man it’s fun to make a shop just so you can sell out like a boss that’s for sure is that you Regis modeling the shirt with no beard yeah that was me didn’t you guys see this is obviously me that’s that’s my high school photo that’s just my eye school photo just change a little bit over the years that’s all why aren’t you would be steerer turtle why aren’t you be speared turtle this gets stolen by priests but if I do this then he can’t he can’t actually kill it after stealing it probably so like I guess I could have traded and then bossed I don’t think about that also I could have done that but I want to play our festive this is fine [Laughter] that’s a wrap god do-do-do-do-do-do okay guys I found the best bill the Beast penguin plus ultra sore that’s bad that’s bad that’s bad news well that’s a new card that’s a new card that’s the problem that makes me sad all that worked we went into artist and he’s just gone he’s just gone he made his best friend my but he’s not man says friends at all so what is died does any beast I just Raptors I don’t know that’s probably too slow anyway so we just want to death soccer Rex are here now I mean things got too much help I just traded trades probably okay just played another I mean like so much value who’s getting here maybe we uh Cisco face or make a value trade so I give all you trade just shadow Reaper into an ellipse keying and the C’thun feels good man yeah Regis if you play through the new solo venture levels yet no nope not yep oh yeah I’m making a remix of water you abuse your eternal oh I would actually like to hear that that would be great that would be fun to hear that’s for sure this direction might be good with these two sort of chip in trades or not or not this could be a pretty nice eye roll let’s let’s try this well not really actually no it’s fine oh we might just bowl me in here he’s got high mains in the pool now let’s try it let’s see what happens we kill this where do we just go I think we just still face right a little bit susceptible to some removals put about 40 facts going to have some luck Regis as an Elan sure thing in your packs have hereby been blessed as a lon go out there I only open 56 packs I got four legendaries that’s great quiet Cody man nicely done very well done love it I love zombies play your XR Regis we got a hyena back okay so it was like a really really crappy savannah highmane what as where we landed on that one engage old hunter mode right now put this guy on a tight clock between this death rattle in the hero power we should be pretty good to go on damage that’s for damage we assume heals the seven if you play some minions we’ll probably have people whoa no no that’s so good crap that’s gonna heal for 12 we can make it heal for a little less with that sucker wreck so I guess okay so we can leak we can mitigate this a little bit Oh what why I thought he’s actually in a pretty good spot no I don’t think I would have conceded there I don’t think I would have I don’t think I want to give that one up I thought we were in a tad bit of a tough spot to answer that guy he was gonna heal for a ton and destroy my final minion – so I don’t I don’t know that seemed questionable to me and we shed hundreds of people every time I don’t understand it you AFK for 30 seconds and literally 150 people just vanish they disappear into the thin air out of breath just ran how’d it hurry had to run what is that cup with the title tea on it that’s a good question you’ll have to ask some regular stream people some regulars who do wash your hands or you just always wash my hands we’ve talked about that before religious hand watcher in fact I almost feel like I need to use a wet one again I have a wet one stash right next to the computer thoughts on a golden treachery um I don’t think it’s a playable card I actually got a golden treachery – weirdly enough I do think it looks cool I’ll give it that it’ll kill a great strategy great strategy captain sorry I have no idea honestly – it’s whatever the natural this the normal setup is on the store I don’t handle that stuff it’s all whatever like you know designed by humans whatever their setup is is what it is I have no clue what those things are I think it’s free shipping to America when I ordered them I got free shipping anyway so I’m not sure I can’t tell you the answer there tt followed TT sounds good right now toaster man Jakob Swezey for Jakob probably maybe who kill a shadow pulse Fazzio thanks for the follows guys appreciate it please flex are right at six well we’ll see what the board states like I mean I’m high mean as well so it’s 100% going to depend on the board state alright so we’ll just kill the megasaur there’s a debate to be made to kill the rock pool instead but I like the megasaur a little better because I’ve won one – then threaten the divine shields but let’s draw first we’ll see what we get first I don’t think anything changes um it’s not going to be super great on its own it’ll be fine we can play the hatchling with it if we don’t decide to nesting rock but missing rock might also just be the place so we’ll have to wait and see what’s your favorite that’s my hero I don’t know yeah I don’t know oh yeah this is totally fine we’ll kill this bad boy we’ll pop these divine shield and think we’re good to go this guy is going to be great soon wrecks are might actually be good next turn depends we’ll see see all these trades go but well as my pack now and once again in two hours of you’re still alive true thing let’s issue a pack listening to like everybody all at once guys hear hear your packs this is so cringy every time I hate it but if you’re like aware of the cringe it makes it a little less crazy right right but anyway your packs of hereby been blessed guys go out there and open some shiny new legendaries the broad on high has has deemed it so I mean def soccer r XR is not terrible here I wouldn’t call him good though I think I’d rather just develop the board well maybe we just nesting rock with corpse right now it’s not enough baby we just how master that the taught here does he ever equality in that scenario maybe he does but even if he does like we can still we can we can actually deaths our directs our in a future turn as well to really or maybe we just smoked one of these to actually pull clear all the other murlocs I think I like that better makes it slightly more likely that wrecks our confer that finja cos kill something but oh actually it’s going to guarantee that he can kill something shoot gives it time that’s what it’s going to happen eventually anyway we don’t have a way to deal with that so let’s just minimize the risk of a you know a dude coming out war leader trying to save or mega for that kind of stuff like take as many murlocs off the board as possible okay those are fine I just feel like that shouldn’t get bumped if it’s on the right it’s on the right that to me means it came out they came out a little later this apply autumn is a Miss play just a reconsideration I’ll give you that this becomes free but we don’t really get a use advantage out of it being free Rex our dude if you did three damage you’d be sick here absolutely sick but instead you don’t I’ll actually corpse raisers pretty good on this nesting Rock it will not come back with taunts but it will come back as a four seven which I kind of like I think I want to do that guys quickly I think you have to kill the finja instead of the sight dollar here because I want them something like endless streams of merlocks right do you it means yeah of course maybe that is a meme I don’t know maybe you’re saying a meme and I just didn’t know it just one script but now this is much better thanks Oscar dude appreciate it so don’t kill me right now no dude don’t no don’t kill me right now bro don’t kill me right now dude not cool so somebody’s going to be the interaction order here I think if I attack into this and use deaf soccer Rex ours that D stay alive right yeah they would stay alive they would go down to to help so think we have to kill this first and then deaf soccer Rex are and then hopefully taught one of these bad boys as well I’ll shoot those are still at three crap I forgot they’ve been transformed I thought they were both going to – oh god it’s fine doesn’t matter but aha I just thought they were both going to freaking – [Music] Plus taun taun yeah it sounds fine how the baby should be gave it to the 3/2 but it’s better against consecration this way because then we can stall out even more and perhaps get more talks off the build abuse right who just you just subscribe some Boston previously even math bro no sitarist one thank you the twist fries description salt RS I appreciate it man it’s so kind of you you’re also going to be entered into the subscriber giveaway that was triggered today because we got to 125 subscribers you’re number 126 but all the subs for the rest of the day will still make it into tonight’s giveaway or really be tomorrow morning but all the subs that are subbed by the end of the stream essentially will make it into the mi itself grats on your your entry into the other way and good luck $20 bottle that gift card giveaway the all switch Stubbs how do we can actually play both of these but we’re probably just dead if we do is the problem that would be a super cool play though so I think we have to get a taunt here synthetic odo is also really good Cotto we can give a thought on top of this a to mana taught are there any we might be screwed if we do this it doesn’t matter we have to try with these are both awful so no crap I think we’re dead oh that’s fine oh good cool it actually worked out if this is trolling but I worked out favorably for it so are we actually dead yeah we’re actually that we’re legitimately good so what we actually should have done is grab the angry chicken we should have grabbed the angry chicken a mistake it on right I don’t think there’s any to bana tots are there any beef talks that are 2 min or less I think I think there’s not right aha nail Oh seal would have been good nail would have been perfect yeah yes sorry guys I thought it would have given us an out so we would have removed some damage and talked it up behind us 7 health dude that would have really really helped I think I think though the better play was to take the cheapest thing possible on the first half and then try to get the taunt in the second half instead of thinking and moderately expensive thing because like you thought we had to toss they were just too expensive to play so I think we would have been better off more likely out taking the cheap thing and then the taunt instead of the cool thing and then the taught the students yeah right so point make some room by the hot would yeah hey certain geoduck 19 man thanks for the sub certain geoduck I appreciate it welcome welcome and thus a team your whispers certain I’ll send you a welcome message on Twitch and your whispers with some additional details and also you will be hearing from me fairly soon tomorrow morning probably with another giveaway as I just mentioned that’s probably why you subbed or at least maybe push you over the edge for the sub but I’ll be coming soon as well the first time I think we’ve drawn this in many many games many many games alright by the way guys this will probably be my last Deathstalker Rex our game I want to try more new decks of course or I keep rolling through your new decks I think we just play on curve here nothing fancy manatees making the angry chicken plus they get on yeah that would have been great I think we stayed on would have died I don’t think he would have gotten a ton of value off this or we would have gone I don’t think we would have gotten a ton of value off that the angry chicken part of it but we would have lived which would have been nice not being dead was certainly an upside to that line I can confirm not being Dead’s great top find Roper soul Terrace thanks to the follows guys you subbed and followed almost simultaneously hilarious that’s awesome – thank you what a what a sign of support Angie Johnson with the follow as well thank you Andrew Johnson president Andrew Johnston a quiet not quite one letter off right I missed the first hour what sex if I played so far we tested a death knight Luther and now deaf night Rex are oh he did have repentance you’re right you’re right I was dead as a seekers anyway I forgot about that we triggered we might have had enough mana though right you know we still could have tested for repentance I think with the secret we wouldn’t have known I probably wouldn’t have that would have been too good of a play I don’t think I would have been that aware good I am ah but that theoretically would have been a pretty good play so I’m gonna play this egg Napper no maybe not I don’t know I don’t want him to stray too much because I really want to coin into death soccer Rex are and light up this dude’s board I’m afraid he’ll like clear the egg Napper if I play it is my problem right maybe he won’t it’s fine like we could just hear a power be super greedy but we’ll just do this cy Areej is about to open some taxes can I have a blessing and hopefully you see my name pop up a few times at the bottom of the screen should you – – – Thank You Justin stars man thank you for the tier II appreciate it and sure thing dude your facts have certainly been blessed more than anybody’s pact you get like the super duper extra awesome mega super PAC blessing I think I said super about seven times there and you know we’ll keep an eye out I guess you’re on my friends list I didn’t even know but we’ll keep an eye out if you get some cool stuff we’ll call it out on Street and that’s for sure what about me reads it’s gilben Jorge you give it have a packed listing to me I don’t mind oh oh my god that’s dr. Rex are here a bro I love it oh it’s so good who wanted me to play Rex are up sticks what about Queen five how about that so good and five armor like give me a break perfect I mean on six is fine might also just do kindly grandmother stalker come on i’ll we need to build a beast i guess but not really we have good cards so could just plant curves and build abuse later we’ve pretty much display drechsler for the clear not really for the build the beast right we just needed that clear regions with the value gasm yeah it’s the perfect example that’s a perfect description how sorry this dude man hate the hate when the packs don’t go a while that’s always the worst wow he went for the ones one I wonder if that was because it was the best or because that was the only option he had god I mean is just a little bit too slow I think guys I think we need multiple smaller minions I think we’re going to do this instead seems a little weird I guess but we need to make multiple trades right unless we hit it on Leestown so then we’re probably good to go but and a little bit worried about divine favor as well because he’s played a lot of low-cost cards like everything is it logos so if we can move multiple cards out of our hand that could make divine favor a lot weaker what how do you have room for that I just got so little over my keyboard is an excitement Oh didn’t even spill it it’s just like you know kind of like kind of popped up cop-out though tidying here do a little tidying [Music] invisible keyboard yep it’s invisible it’s now it’s true it’s now this is looking as green on it that’s that’s true that makes sense I like that logic so we’ll try to hit like a I don’t know something good here let me get try to hit something good here that’s five mana leaves me enough to zombies can try this first like if we hit poisonous we can kill that plus three attack will also kill it fine it would be a little less efficient because we could plus three attack this but just in case if the poisonous will go here and then we’ll probably just nesting around but look for poisonous aha plus three tackling so that’s fine too we want to kill the big guys minimize the amount of damage we take in let’s be sure we play this on curve or on time yeah we couldn’t kill this instead no this is so we’re still just playing from behind a little bit a good zombies will get me out of this corpse widow would be a sick draw after nine but not before that don’t want to see Arthas I don’t think that’s fine good trades for me really not too bad mmm that’s good ha what is this debt nude body was all aggro but he actually is a ton of late-game cards like a ton ah I guess we’ll just high me after Savannah I mean high main and jambe so let’s see what zombies forget it doesn’t have to be playable right now necessarily buzzards definitely not at Wolf’s is the most average value I think and grisly abuse six six seven minutes on I mean we might need a taunt we’re not I mean after the rag hits we’re going to be at twelve assuming the ragheads can also just do a six five four six mana sort of a bad high main to build our own savannah highmane I don’t know the top might be more valuable than the death rattle at this point I believe this now that we saw absolutely then I guess we trade here I think a smart line for him and just trade it into the I mean he gets to heal the rag back up and he is nine mana to work with we’re playing from behind super hardcore right now there’s a build-your-own I’m in these your man’s good luck her no usually bad without Europe in fact one face Wow you lost the heal value there I don’t know how I feel about that I don’t know how I feel about that guys fortunately for me I can’t really kill it without rolling exactly the right stuff like we could try to roll hopper here and kill it that would be pretty good the other one would help me kill it if I get like a cheap charge off of this let’s just see what we roll that’s going to change our line of play okay so we can kill it with hopper and play the other high main I think that’s fine it’s a lot of sass on the board he gets a pretty good train here too to activate a divine shield but probably on a 1/1 you could line it up to you know sacrifice the one one then trade into something that needs a divine shield right but we’ll see bone there I guess to be bad again bill to be penguin a penguin you can’t get penguin a ping on unfortunately but a zero mana to two would be sick that would be crazy good regions if you tried to beat the single-player no not yet not yet well that’s pretty slow no divine favor in the stack obviously he’s he’s all over the place when it comes to mana curve here he has to take it’s right here has to oh my god guy he never trades she’s a god he is a god he just never trade so how master is almost definitely going to be the play on the high main probably trained into a couple of these little dudes might even kill the acolyte I know it seems crazy but I don’t want him to get like a buffed acolyte that becomes a problem but let’s let’s do this first all our fish is it worth it he doesn’t run merlocks oh I don’t think hungry crabs worth it maybe bear shark with a taunt would be sick not really against paladin oh because it’s all like you know qualities and stuff anyway let’s grab the orifice our fizz plus no flipper a33 Arthas is way better but we might need to taunt actually but we have a big talent now we’re going to take the time it’s a seven-man of five five taunts not great but okay we’re just going to be okay can i really afford to trade into that acolyte I’m not going to I’m going to trade into this though because I I’m fine with all three of those getting into Vine field I’m not fine with like a lich king getting a divine shield right so it’s okay aha just need to live if so many times like I think we’ll be able to stabilize it’s nice how consistently you get time so I got to say that I think that really helps you stabilized late although it hasn’t done it a lot just yet penguin please everybody wants the penguin of course no flipper never gets to play this would be a better awareness so you’re worried about not that bad he denies the acolyte extra value he has to take trades here right there’s no way he’s going to go face again double blessing kills me so that would be a good reason to go face that would be one reason or you know bone mayor same story same kind of story so thank God we have another taunt we’re getting close to our consecrations lethal though so that’s scary that’s actually totally fine tracking what would we track into guys I don’t don’t really think we’d track into anything right now that would help let’s just hold that tracking let’s see what zombies forget this was fun by the way whatever else about this it’s fun to constantly build a beast I’ll tell you that I’m like Rat Pack it’s just a good starter thing another talent would be sick til Rebecca arcsine all good I have to find guard so we’ll clear here and just play this on beast here the festive Wolf’s version I guess we could go ahead and track now corpse went out would be pretty sick I think uh race from all might be good if you give me a talent that’s fine we threw away some pretty weak cards too so we’re okay so what kills me here quality consecration um probably not a lot else I kicked him through the minion but he’s taking a ton of damage right now geez dude what do we have four damaged six this could take me to nine think of the quality is he oh no he’s just loading up the board okay that’s fine now that I understand alright that’s eight so we can probably zombies first and see what we get we don’t there’s a chance that unit lethal I guess right how much should we have six eight we need for charging damage to hit lethal not even that we would only need a little bit let’s try to get a charge instead of a taunter this time let’s try to get a charger no charger shoot another taunts fine big growth time god these taunts are crazy so I guess we end up clearing here right we just clear the two four threes and play these zombies here do we want to try to adapt one of these and just see or do we want to try to adapt to this guy to make it harder to kill I think I’m actually just going to adapt this guy it’s a little weird looking but all right we still got for help still getting there we’re chipping away at this third tip of the way I mean inequality is going to probably kill a soonish oh that’s scary I don’t like that that’s probably a Tyrian crap this is not bad against Tyrion though oh shoot dude that’s a lot of guys he’s getting up killing himself though if he’s not careful you have six on board right now I can play this and this but we should try to find lethal I think right because if we if we if we don’t we’ll just play the zombies here that’s fine we can do that we know so let’s just try to find lethal any any any damage in a charge we’ll do it right razor ball also gives us a chance to do it we cannot find a charger oh but if I oh man if I do this I don’t have a taunt guys I can’t I have to play the taunt just to be safe I’m sorry well what are the odds we win fury and +3 attack getting lethal instantly but if I don’t do it I’m just dead or probably dead you only live once right doesn’t know so now when I’m dead the consecration shoot I thought we had it guys yeah I really thought I’d get it I am so we’re pretty sure that Syrian I didn’t really get myself good answers to Tyrion but I gave myself some cheat plays we could kill Tyrion it would just suck so yes he only needs 2 damage we’re dead we’re dead – consecration like me and I did get a penguin and you weren’t even watching that’s sad I think we took the best odds there because wind fury +3 and does that just mean he’s dead no he gets life steals oh no wait listen he just said to the board that must not have been Tyrion because he just said to the board god I don’t know I don’t know II love that game holy crap just thought after talk after taunt off the zombies that was crazy although I gotta say that was really cool I think that was the Yuppie Chan we picked the penguin and we finally won again we think that we think the penguin did we finally won a freaking game that was nuts guys that was really really cool so like I said that’s gonna wrap it up for me in the hunter I don’t know it wasn’t but I think we probably went about even there didn’t we I feel like we had about that same number of stars when we started I wasn’t tracking it super closely but it didn’t feel terrible I’m sure we could make some changes like bow man was too slow its socked I don’t think the corpse razor was important I think artifice was too slow to your skill soccer we had a couple good turns with you could build a better list with some better cards in here just you know random small cost stuff probably or submitted cost two or three drops but I felt like our list was solid we want like you know maybe a deadly shot maybe a bow just more consistent kind of removal pieces maybe a tracker who knows that kind of thing though that would be a slightly better list at that and frankly we still still did all right on the first take so I was really enjoying building the beast that was incredibly fun and they have it that was my Deathstalker rex our death knight hunter deck I don’t know that it was the most successful deck ever but man was building zombies ever crazy fun and I do think there might be a list in there that makes a little bit of sense with a little more refinement somebody who’s maybe a better deck builder than me could find a version of this deck that’s really successful on the right bladder I know I won’t give up either so I want to play more depth soccer wrecks are because that was some of the most fun I’ve had in hearthstone in a really really long time and I’m having a ton of fun in our zone all the time so all that said if you guys have any thoughts kind of as questions on the stack of course feel free to leave them in the comments below but until then thank you so much for watching and until next time game on

Freeze Shaman Decksperiment – Hearthstone

make money what’s this hello hello Regis Philbin is the name and hearthstone is the game and this is yet another Knights of the Frozen Throne decks pyramids where I take all the crazy and fun new ideas from frozen throne and then filled them live on the spot and test that deck out on the ranked ladder in this time around I’ll be testing out freeze shaman because shaman got a ton of new freeze cards in this expansion and I’m curious how they’re all going to work including the legendary mu Robby of course so let’s go ahead and jump into this deck creation process as it was recorded live on my twitch stream let’s go on a Frozen Throne oh definitely getting some verlox golden burlock aah crowd stasis for sure I don’t even know I want to run ice breaker which might sound crazy because it’s a freeze shaman deck and it’s obviously a freeze card but it’s actually good but well oh I got a golden boot actually let’s run her for the first week here before I doesn’t chance all these Golden’s because you guys know what’s coming just get ready for it it’s going to happen does this have to bite the bullet frost rider sure any other good freeze cards here guys mmm no no no I mean yeah you just gotta run them right I think Amy Dex is going to be a little bit control Orion since you just got to run them today it’s like you just toss them at everything it doesn’t matter just toss them in everything um freeze make sure we didn’t miss anything okay and then standard cards too we don’t just want frozen to roam carts like glacial shard has to be included frost elemental has to be included do we want to run a frozen crusher I don’t think so I don’t think so I think I know what like targeted freezes and stuff targeted freezes mostly targeted freezes oh you guys want to priests I’m sorry we’ll do free snacks let me move freeze to the list next let’s see free shaman and then definite priests hold up just one second you guys can’t see what I’m doing I realize but doing something important okay all right so this is a really good fries core like no Robbie freeze values nice just tempo freeze values nice I guess we do need to keep the ice breaker for removal that’s fine ah okay what else since what else energizing look freeze anything frozen literally just rings up every foes enthroned garden okay so standard cards why are we only seeing the Soaker a giant oka so what else might we want with this freeze shaman deck I think we need like you know just standard good shaman cards those are always helpful so hex is a sort of thing Maelstrom portal uh hex probably need a lightning storm just control the shaman pieces right I don’t think we want to think of room for the Jade stuff here I think you have to go elsewhere in our deck right now we actually do have quite a few elemental cards as well right is it possible to sort of build an elemental Jade shaman or freeze shaman Susie so like you know earth alleys maybe a Calibos sort of go freeze elemental because you know glacial shard and frost elemental sort of combine those worlds and this is just all big stole stuff if we do that do we want to abandon anything else is this enough of an elemental synergy card to make these other ones worth it I don’t think ours elementals worth it what other elemental cards we have to see if elemental freeze the right way to go guys does anybody else so anybody else tried this out yet if you guys seen any other of like you know pros or bladder warriors make it making it freeze elemental deck a thing I’m really curious their engagements pretty bad in shaman I don’t think we want that fireflies are good in general but I don’t think they’re strong enough for what our deck is trying to do I think we need bigger cards value cards actually servants of cala MOS is going to be really good for us because it will generate a lot of late-game value so we have a ton of taunts a lot of big bodies some link gain value generation curve looks all kinds of three drops right now that’s a concern four drops would be helpful cheat lightning no no any four drop elementals that are good fire plume phoenix i guess it’s not bad i mean what how are you going to utilize the frees portion of our deck other than icebreaker and move robbie and just stalling like i guess i like the idea of stalling out a board with freeze and then hitting it with lightning storms and maelstrom portals so maybe we need like one volcano you know maybe a volcano would help a lot I think maybe we cut the Hilton our frost writer like yeah I know it has freeze it’s good at the move Robbie but doesn’t really suit exactly what the decks trying to accomplish right so maybe we tossed in a volcano and then what’s our wind condition just like in control and value to stick in big bodies and Robbie card generation that sort of stuff I wouldn’t mind something like analyse you know or white-eyes some kind of card that just you know gives us extra gives this stuff to work with like the Sevi combo says that the Robbie does that Elise gives us even more so our wind conditions just out valuing our opponent it’s winning the long game is there any um any other frozen throne cards that really fit our needs or fill in our curve or still light on four drops none of these look certain chain gangs okay probably aren’t this maybe not terrible shallow grave diggers of three drop but it wouldn’t be the worst corpse taker would be pretty good if we added in Alec here Alec here isn’t Elemental guys but you know Alec is Alec you’re good enough to run in your deck I don’t think it is I don’t think it is it’s burlock a good enough for to run right now I don’t even know that is good enough I don’t know let’s play it you know I’m curious like I said I don’t think this is going to work necessarily well but I do want to test it to see how it feels just to see what’s going on you know like is this is just going to make any sort of sense can use the decay his power is good in control decks yeah I guess it’s not terrible do we have enough minions to really make that work as l+ I don’t want to kind of just build it I don’t want to just toss the DK into every deck today just because they’re there you know all stone hills a good idea stone he’ll defenders always forget about stone l it’s just such a good guard crazy should not be this good what can I cut for stone hills I mean I really don’t think some of these free cards are good necessarily but they’re there so we’re going to run them what do I cut for stone Elma star creepers breaks up my elementals a little it I have fire plume servants frost Ellie’s glacial shards maybe one tar paper I don’t want to give up the avalanche think that’s really important icebreaker is important for value we don’t really have any healing though for this icebreaker can we afford to take a ton of damage let’s cut an icebreaker guess I really don’t think it’s going to be that good even in a free thick okay let’s take a look at that list one left I buy I think I think I like this stone hells we’re good multiple freeze effects I like this we’re going to do some work with me Robbie guys me Robbie’s going to be good take out the burger lock I do think verlox fairly weak but it’s important to test the deck right like part of this is just learning more than trying to build the best necessary deck but Beth deck necessarily at any given point let’s see if this works or not nope still bugged it’s really annoying more time yeah work I don’t know why this is acting so weird today there we go alright sure crystal shards cheap will keep it can you fly please try a priest quest deck yet I will after this one we’ll do it next we’ll do it next for sure add hot spring for healing oh that’s actually good idea that would have been a good example of a good healing elemental card that ties it together yeah I like hot I like hot spring a lot we can still get them off stone nails and everything so we’ll probably be fine either way cryostasis with the totems is actually really intriguing because you know the totems aren’t attacking anyway so it’s like yeah okay make it way to turn that’s fine you know what I mean it’s kind of cool that it chills out chills chills out guys I did it I said chills out why is it gone paced the stream don’t freak out it’s pink don’t bring out I think I’m fine to throw this body away just for the just for the mana utilization get some big cards incoming maybe we can bait out a death or two before we play the dalish King here where’s my mu Robbie that’s all I really wants to Robbie there must always be a Lich King yeah bolívar nowadays do you think alder or FX plus freeze would be too oaky for shaman you mean freeze something and give it one attack yeah that’d be I mean those things kind of go in odds with each other right like it has one attack why do you care if it’s frozen but yeah it would be good I would put in fire flies evolved in decay well then you kind of got a you know token shaman deck but we already know and love so I’m sure you know I don’t know if it’s a freeze deck necessarily like I said I’m mostly just trying to play a freeze deck not necessarily play the best list because I don’t really think ice breaker is good I don’t really think burlock will cryostasis or great cards I think oh boy this this seems like it’s going to be bad yeah of course that makes a lot of sounds let’s let the card you that [Music] there we go guys we throw something we did it that’s our whole goal right there we froze the minion we are ballers screw you did don’t heal my stuff back up no I need a lift you can live here you’re going to use a bath he’s only you know 11 cards speed the decent shot we get to stick a lich king here okay Death Grips probably very very good mood enhancer + cryostasis yes cool combo get a huge dude huge talk dude it’s not raid against priests necessarily but if he uses another death he did it he took this black guy what a baller countered absolutely countered boys we just got rekt give me something good huh sure I’ll take this ice to meet you you what mate you what mate I thought that means good so there are obviously too many good cards available to bring straight dragon really dragon anybody we have a dragon anybody somebody get me a dragon stab please I don’t think we have a way to kill that Lyra hex I guess off the top maybe is there any sort of Callum Mo’s play that gives me an answer to a Lyra any elementals I don’t think so I guess we just gonna have to let it go I don’t know what else to do we can try to Hyrule these with a spell damage but disaster I don’t get to play double calamus right yeah I guess we have to try we probably just leaves the game outright if we don’t yay yay I don’t think that’s ever going to get cheap in our neck sighs I don’t know what to do sure I don’t know skinniest priest right um Anna Venus is Bill Davis we’d be fine he has a full hand is the only upside against this liar but he also tinman oh so you probably very easily still play stuff and like just one minion put some ad for the wire of the whole time oh wow that’s actually really gonna help me probably maybe most likely oh my god he doesn’t care about Lyra he says through it this is seven time I think this is fine I get another Rafael a year let’s white eyes also actually I think I think the thing from below is going to be better here on average because it’s like a high-tempo play of the hopeless wing the board at some point although Dragon Fire potions a possibility he’s like a Raza Dex only has one Dragon Fire but he can also get it off of shadow visions um you really have to play that many totems yet either so like this will take the way that myra is too good for a nose she just leave him she’s no Elise that’s for sure regis can you bless my facture saying i’m in your packs have hereby been blessed go out there and open some legendaries dude you got this I have a golden hat door knocks yep the truth legend er do you think it will get played I don’t know I can’t say it too early to say hmm oh god oh god rats crawler aha that’s a good place jeez Louise this is broken this is absolutely broken which is exactly why I gave it five stars and named it my third best card in the game third best car today well everything I do is just going to die down hero power anyway so what what difference does any of it make right now what difference does it make you need to play sir McCallum most now we’re fine we don’t have to because we’re going to end up stalling and freezing before this ever matters brutal we are so screwed maybe just Elise in the hexer I don’t let that potion goodness that’s broken it’s absolutely broken that’s all I know legitimately broken as I feared it would be maybe somebody will sort it out it will be that bad but I opened a golden snow flipper penguin it’s my favorite golden card well obviously I mean any time we didn’t no no that’s awesome dude snow flippers pretty funny I just did my first twister you today and you’re my inspiration start watching you start off thanks man says attics are they’re nice dude good luck with it hope you enjoy it and find lots of success so guess what we’re just dead right man that feels bad to lose two feels really bad to lose ooh whoo that was rough his rock face any good at all I don’t know yes all rough I haven’t tested it I mean I think it’s okay probably in the temple where your list if temple worries good it can be good if simple Warriors not great then I don’t know it’s gonna be tough it’s gonna be tough oh great another priest we’re living the dream guys so I’m two triangular fries I gotta test this deck first but yeah I don’t expect to spend a whole lot of time on this deck because I think it’s going to be tough to make this one a success I really do want to see move robbing an action that I’ll say that much I want to see if my Robby can ever do something cool whoa its quest freezed awesome that’s the change dayeon did not go to bed the Scourge just called his name that’s pretty funny all right I’m just actually going to icebreaker that you know good old three mana lights justice here not even less justice the rusty hook the three mana rusty hook great play Georgie Smurfs thanks to follow the nitro melon also thank you for the follow-up appreciate it guys if you’re watching on YouTube guys who still haven’t followed on Twitch can hop on over and follow on Twitch hang out with Chad over here probably a little more chat happening on Twitch I would guess and also you can of course get your name read which is cool I can I kill it of it but message of that was safe if you should back face they’re dead innocent kill just destroy any frozen it’ll be damaged by this do you think I should buy the one Nitin cares on expansion I really can’t make recommendations about stuff right now I’d love to it’s just I don’t I don’t know what’s going to be good it’s really really hard to say it’s very very challenging to know what’s going to be good stuff always changes so rapidly things you think are going to be good and it being terrible vice versa it all changes over the course of an expansion let’s kill our own spell damage totem so did that this ok it does get to attack next turn that’s going to say because it lost its attack phase that turn because it once it got the bucket was able to attack so that’s a really important distinction that makes cryostasis considerably better who exercises just opened an to it have fun rocketing up the ladder pretty sure hunter is still going to be a tier 5 plus class just a toe claw i’ll even okay with it tonight I felt like we were struggling a little bit I felt like we were playing from behind a lot I’ll say that much but aha I didn’t think it was absolutely awful whoa that’s my Apuleius dude that is completely unchilled ha of you well we’re gonna play around Abhilash I can tell you that flaming out avalanche is the opposite of meteor kind of hard to play out a little bit though because you don’t want your big thing frozen either oh well you can’t build a deck go to hearthpwn says IG gaming zone with a lot of oh wait guys wait wait wait I can’t tell the deck guys wait wait wait wait wait wait sick bird do that’s such a sick bird Wow I can’t build a deck oh my god I guess I’m just going to sit here all night like this then because that was a sick burn dude great job well done dude you nailed me dude you got me how can I ever keep laying how oh shoot I coulda killed it I forgot oh crap that’s what you should be making fun of not the deck building Regis has Crim’s yeah like that was an intentional cringe it off let me tell you super super not intentional cringe it’s not self-aware at all 100% unsellable where yeah we screwed up we could have killed that I’ll say I don’t want to take six damage to the face but in reality we just forgot we just forgot where’s the Ole Miss play face yeah yeah we do deserve that hold up hold up hold up this place everybody excited miss play not only is the Miss places now we get this sick lightning storm Oh actually Kalos is just objectively better talus is strictly better regis that was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life sick burn LOL thanks dude appreciate it there you go guys get the Miss plays in there get them in there yes I miss my skillet the Miss play face I hope we get a new Miss Lee face every expansion right I got the goal finally dumbest goofy’s look a dude in the expansion and make it a misplaced boo do hexa right off the top no big deal that’s actually a pretty good target to destroy in the scheme of things what actually killed our elite obliterated obviously yes yes okay and the scheme of things I kind of think we made the right call with the not attacking that dragon dude we saved a lot of help we still killed it easily in a future turn I don’t know why are you running the shaman DK I just didn’t want to throw a DK and every deck just because I don’t think it really necessarily fit our jihad like it would’ve been fun don’t get me wrong I wish I was playing it but I want it I want to serve justice to the previous I’m afraid that you’ve been destroyed delete you channel and quit our zone forever right right that’s how I feel destroyed helpless lost and alone oh we hit it good for heaven most of the one he already saw uh I kind of want a hack but how Calibos is not terrible we can do eight damage to his face not that helps a lot like tree volcano also most of the time works out for us technically there’d be sixteen health on board so he could keep that drink alive I’d be bad a delay it also makes some sense for now but I don’t get to play an elemental if I do that so that doesn’t really help me I’m just kind of like elbows guys we’re not going to be able to trigger it again for a while the question is do i what do i do right like I there’s a couple options going face probably doesn’t help us much because I don’t really have a ton a ton of waste did you damage directly so I think we’ll just kill that glimmer root and go face here see it about wrap to you thanks for hanging out tonight put them in slow slice up each time you miss play that’s the goal that’s the plan when you needed a boat with miss play bass yeah I think we can arrange that someday oh shoot right now we don’t have a face at all there we go that’s the plan right every time we miss play just make light of it put the face up so I can hide my shame behind the ticking abomination that is the miss plays all right save 9 damage my nice arms looking way better I feel like there’s probably a good avalanche play here too but oh there is just I have a lightning storm in an avalanche space oh great that’ll be just fine here in situ clear and we get to freeze the idiot here who freaks the idiot he’s still not the classic West yet I mean he’s probably gonna headed amara and we’re not going to be able to kill him rights a lot of his face damages is valuable but until he is like we got a try just in case like maybe he doesn’t have the mana right so maybe we killed this turn so he adds the mana unfortunately here comes Amaro we can hack there and trade into the dude or we can’t do that we can hex her look fiction up legends angular gonna be tough to win from here we need to set off an elemental chain we need card draw that’s one thing we didn’t put in the stack they didn’t we didn’t run nearly enough card draw we’ll have hardly any cards on the stack so that’s an issue right on Simon Robby made a huge just in time ah so there’s a chance that we don’t kill the egg right like there’s actually a slim chance here in fact maybe we should play this instead do this first just for fun guys I don’t think it matters we’re probably going to end up killing the egg and P absolutely wrecked Oh God I don’t even see what total we ended up with healing totem great it was all of this at one didn’t heal one first though so maybe we had a maelstrom portal and still be bad now because of this guy I think we’re just doomed Stanley does actually find me a window here finds me a little bit of a window maybe we’re probably still dead because of the zero power and it’s insane but I got it I got a shot I got a window we’re gonna have to have a robbery value so just one name is spells guaranteed lethal you just has to take one minute fill every time guaranteed lethal oh no it’s not because he doesn’t have Raza yet never mind about at Raza but it’s not Ganges people no Raza yet so we’re technically alive okay so we could actually copy that kazakh but we have a to Stonehill defenders in hand so that doesn’t help us any you have to heal out of the reins of the hero power somehow seems impossible or maybe not well I mean we’re technically alive I guess no he see I didn’t break right yeah how’s an expensive equality Shadow Claudia right technically alive that’s the problem technically still alive oh right dead technically done God voidform guys it’s crazy it’s so much the image it’s actually bonkers how crazy voidform seems to be okay guys I need a FK for like 43 seconds I’ll be right back though we’re gonna play some more free shaman alright boys straight to the bottom with free shaman here we come straight to the bottom all the way to 10 let’s bottom out oh okay I don’t think we’ve played against a road at all I think this is legitimately the first road we’ve played quest Rogen coming but that wouldn’t that be something you’ll be actually ready to a quest Road right now that would be nuts the zach man says you’re afk makes me mad I don’t know what that means does that stand for something but does that mean mad AF that what you’re trying to say either way I’m curious why does AG man why does it make you mad first of what is math and what does why does it make it that way but let’s dive into this that was 1 minute and 33 seconds yeah I decided to take a quick pee I extended my my away time hey Alex Moo how’s it going dude wow that’s the best card he got off hallucination geez that sucks he just got a raptor and a half it’s two plus three equals six uh-huh see what’s the worst legendary of this expansion sindragosa I think sindragosa personally I don’t know I mean it who knows mas dancer manly as Frank who’s very manly now that makes sense mass equals nap so I’m bad at it then all right that’s pretty good Phoenix kaboom Road at least we know what what he’s about now like that helps soon we were to use a hex so we’re going to have to save that second hikes for c’thun share isn’t felt like a good hex it feels a little worse now I feel like Cheers in Anika tuned act like you have enough low cost guards and it gets in Dec to activate chairs and consistently he knows this list better than ideas I knows but so really good mails from portal but then I lose my elemental activation right that kind of sucks maybe we just freeze a lot of trade the other two gets to get the elementals rolling next turn weaken servants and maelstrom portal the heel here means that you know it feels like a bit of it it’s pronounced Leviosa the piazza seaman is powerful again I guess we’ll find out I don’t know well you need that we need to worry about bleed if Athenian it’s a cool card it gets big stuff so Jade lightning okay that’s great for a minstrel world so I don’t mind any of the things 5 it’s pretty good for us I think ooh interesting betrayal blockage whoo Kelly moves good next turn to six we’re gonna hammer this guy got to do six to the face probably we’ll see what he plays of course a lot of board clears though voodoo Hector’s never really felt like a great turn yet I’m sure there are going to be great turns for who the heck sir I just don’t feel like at all that component Farsight maybe fun or maybe a prep into Farsight that is crazy that’s the first for me I might actually just go one once here think I’m going to go for one one the six attack doesn’t seem to help much there six to face doesn’t how much to either the board doesn’t help much let’s just uh let’s go one one you might have Fannin eyes I don’t know but we’ll try six ones ones pretty good on Nick Xia here or do you thought to the rogue DK I haven’t really seen it used much yet but it seems cool I like it it’s really neat design I don’t know if it’s good or not but neat design to say the very least ultimate infestation off crystal in the work Wow that is good oh man he’s clearing these the hard way that’s a good side so really really good sign so these two together next turn looks okay it’s a nice and weapon value just build the board ooh-rah b-plus burlock interesting huh I think we wait on Lou Robby though right like make sure we can guarantee an avalanche and probably a voodoo hex err but do we want to save the burger lock oh yeah let’s save the bar lock that’s pretty good for me Robby I think it might be able to freeze two things here pretty easily maybe I’ll regret that with the Avalanche but mu Robby’s give me cocoon this is not very good for coming up though it’s only eighty so freeze move Robby can you freeze notices other minions you can’t freeze me Robby that’s amazing though infinite mu Robby’s he looks cool mu Robby you’ll get there Fire Lord hey Duke always a big dude it’s good to freeze I don’t really need one but I’ll take it ah man our board is too full crap crap crap crap shoot I guess we could add Vilanch it but the burlock is so much better I do not think it matters where I play this but ah mica foods going to get huge being hilarious to be actually planning a suit and I froze the kaput copy tickets dude play nigga sued like a super guy and I gave myself another c’thun that would be the dream what was that gonna be Sapp backstab probably looks like I don’t know yeah he’s gonna back that me Robbie double fan of knives just kazoo to get a home oh my god please let me get a kazoo King oh my god haha opens the right place but I don’t care get this insanely bud holy crap oh dude that’s great that’s so great oh oh I love it does rhiness go to the bathroom really like a ginger kick kim jeong-hoon I was I’ve got a bathroom fight tonight I can usually go for a three-hour stream without peeing but if I know I’m gonna have like you know more than three hours I’ll definitely oh no no she’s still dead though that’s quite a bit of damage on board yeah I think he still does turn at me and I repeat we wanted to combo I thought he was going to freeze that one too so that we could like you multiple cathedra subs and what did that gave the last longer just for this shenanigans for that anything else I just got to do one a game with my free shaman that’s the first there are so many highlight lifts guys I’d probably not going to be able to do how that clips on YouTube for a while because basically like the deck videos has to have enough time to get views and stuff and if you both new videos on YouTube and they kind of like take over the momentum of the old video it can be a lot of problems oh all right good hand there really good hand Mulligan at all that’s a little better oh man all these cryostasis it seems like the worst card in the deck to me fives if I’m making a statement hmm sure okay how nice to to freeze the warlock because I’m worried about his weapons doppelganger off of evolve II I know right it’s the worst the opposite don’t let your dream to be means it’s always a good good word of advice honestly can’t go wrong with that one ah yeah let’s go for some Max synergies an entire hand to freeze dude is tapping like a madman so far now some portal here I’m sure medicine portals ever going to get much better than this whoa boots go least got like your ex guys we’ve got bodied by defile what’s your favorite class and Wow paladin that’s what I’ve been playing I started out in Legion with a warrior but then I switched to paladin and that became my favorite awesome now this actually is the perfect example of an avalanche turn alternatively we could burlock I kind of think avalanche is great icebreaker would be a cholesterol at this point honestly but we can freeze it up for a long time so we should be okay this I’m six this any other time Wow another one also frozen so that was going to be frozen for a while so let’s just freeze that one everything’s frozen freeze everything anyone have any idea on the better decks now I don’t know yeah best thing we played following our paladin’s still but I don’t even know if it was the hero so much it’s just paladins good colleges good cards after 15 years of wow I finally tried a warrior so fun I was missing out sorry to hear that not sorry to hear that you tried one I’m sorry to hear that you were missing the house should specify spell damage Healey great so I think will lightning storm just to kill this maybe efficiently the hits were three I don’t know basically what one of the mountain giants and Vista hit for three that way we can trade trade and burlock the other mountain giant I think is what we want to do alternatively we could just trade here trade here and place or mikelis but that’s to 8/8 that makes me really nervous so let’s try those okay so that actually worked out solid let’s do it this way okay should be fine the cold never bothered me anyway that sounds familiar when I read that before it’s almost this isn’t we’re song almost as if and if anyone’s got a prince I’m so sorry I was literally scared I’d get one I got to I got calluses and fouled there um I think I don’t even remember is that you what a jerk dude it’s really rude oh all he plays about in joining us I guess we know what this guy’s texts about here’s good it’s good I don’t think I want to cryostasis anything yet it’s all away Joe legends got two princes as well not socks dude I got valemar and I’m so sad it just blows my mind how bad they seemed to be I just can’t understand it they seem so bad like like to the point where I just it it doesn’t make sense how bad they seem all right we can do this guys we’re going to get there we can Calibos next to maybe after cities like clean up the trains a little bit here I know to be soft we’re you know we’re stalling out these Mountain Giants really nicely Phil record but that’s the problem we kind of needed that to take a trade that load them up play three more I don’t care low vol yeah keep going please I love it so trade here trade here and kill us looks pretty in keep going I’m gonna I’m on a train here because of Bob I might actually cry oh stasis this by the way just to prevent this train but I don’t want to get a good mortal coil you think he runs mortal coil he may not he’s only got void walkers and mistresses maybe we’ll just cryostasis that and call today can we afford to take six to the face alternatively or do we not want to leave him the ability to kill a calamus as a next question like I hate making his minions stronger but we might just have to now I think I’d rather take six than just make it stronger oh that’s perfect perfect it’s exactly what we needed James I forgot and Irwin rec Sarge animu Robby and golden Roffe a switch King the three mana prints and sindragosa that’s a lot dude that’s a haul all done maybe put in blood loss for burst damage and everything’s frozen I hope my whole boards frozen and then we’ll cool bloodlust whoa I don’t even care that’s fine gives me all the initiatives give me that initiative baby he’s clearly going to hit gold an at some point very soon uh howls eels really the only good option there the rest honestly sucked we do have like a volcano and lightning storms and stop so we can get some value out of this maybe he’s a tin cards man I woulda been cool be burned gold in now he’s not running gold Dan is he maybe enforcer Boyd walkers he doesn’t really have that much in the way of um we just used his second size and soul isn’t this the best time to use Lich King truly it is I kind of wanted to freeze right but what’s gangs always always Trump’s the freeze that might be good and the four cards I beat Marik Merrill gar with an aggro more luck paladin I haven’t even tried it yet don’t spoil it for me I want to try it on Wednesday it’s going to be a while before I get to play it so I want to see what I’m up against oh man double faceless manipulator in this Tuesday that is not cool in my opinion 100% uncool actually we can’t afford those uniform across station I think I’m a mountain of damage I think we just have to frost le ice break go face 412 its you’re a better line I don’t think we can get lethal or anything and this is even pretty risky as is we get a second spell Lich King card put him on a site classier for lethal the heal negates this guy pretty well death coils great perfect okay we can even heal off of it like super with towel deal so we need any minions to survive here and him not to heal up a tonne gold Dan would be bad because of the double voidwalker deaths like that’s too many taunts you can kill Arthas straight up or Lich King excuse me what I’m not sure I’d have lethal I probably would with cryostasis trade death coil minion if he plays golden know he gets five armor to so I still be short and be like three damage off I think I’d be three damage off if he plays gold am enforcer that’s all you’re crying what’s going to happen next death coil or I mean add the file titles pretty sick actually shoot he’s dead though defeat the files which is good mortal coil that breaks his defile chain so that’s not it he’s dead to the board right now emily has a desk oil on the end let’s get it off and if I like a good win I think we really got some freeze value that game guys how we felt better we’ve won two in a row we’re on an upswing on the freeze shaman here will you get throught the morning today we already got at once we played it in a warlock didn’t Lee yeah yeah because all we summoned was a totem we killed a 0-2 totem and that’s it after he got destroyed we got like 10 face damage out of it though it was really good James dude was going to win that gift card good luck dude there’s 133 subs right now so you got a 1 in 1 3 3 chance but that I think that means I’ve gotten like a ton of new subs today’s 10 or 12 or something crazy yeah Cracker Jack man go out there and open a good pac-man you got this I got faith I believe do it Cracker Jack how long does old gods have until April of next year so like 8 months still probably about 8 months roughly April right I mean depends on the expansion release but that’s been the schedule thus far April 6 was the last rotation right that’s one girl came out did the rotation happened before the experiences are just right when the expansion came out I really can’t remember I’m gonna Firefly and hunter that makes me nervous probably just a more aggro hunter still makes me wonder a little bit well Robbie did my stuff show up on your side it’s actually weird on my side like a big time delight oh I thought you were already some James ooh welcome boys make some room by the hot water see yourselves RJ rajeesh yeah I don’t have to say your name magician but thank you for the sub RJ really appreciate it dude Logan welcome and stay tuned your whispers RJ I’ll send you some details on being a sub and what that means well cramp I mean avalanche sort of okay like I could pop this out first Emily ash would be sick can I think this was damaged though oh my god this curve dude Emily it’s just really really good make some room by the hospital think we have to try Saltz England ooh thank you for subbing salts England geez you guys are rolling tonight this has been a sub train day I mean not like oh it once but so many subsidies so salt England of course welcome thank you for support and as always stay tuned to your whispers I got a lot of whispers to send out to all the new subs on Twitch so James dude I’m not sure what you mean I thought you sucked a long time ago James ‘van am i insane I thought you did I don’t know maybe I’m great hard for me to remember like some of you guys who were have been supporting us for so long you know whether you’ve been subs or not never really mattered so when you solve like it’s not that I’m it’s not like I’m you know so this is great so like I’m forgetting all about you it’s just you know how this is even better though welcome boy make some room by the hot maxy maxy a MACD 360 king welcome MACD appreciate it man welcome welcome thanks for the sub and of course watch out you’re here whispers man I love how you guys show up in such a bright orange I made an orange cuz I figure subs are legendary they deserve like the legendary colors so I wanted to give you guys a lot of love with the pop-up god we’re getting close to 150 subs at 150 guys that’s when I do another giveaway we already figured the 125 and now we’re up to 136 that’s not so I have to avalanche you could just hex I want to hex the high mean though I have take a lot of damage Savile it’s successfully though if I do have a lance don’t I just avalanche the middle one because I’m going to end up attacking the future side anyway so why not just avalanche the middle one I was thinking I would avalanche the future side but then that would leave a one-one tabby cat if I violates the middle one I can still kill the future side and then he has a frozen minion instead of an active minion I think I kind of have to I kind of wish I have a lanced the previous turn and save my lightning storm because it put me on overload really hard like we had a beach of Aveline so I probably should have taken it I think that was a Miss play then we could have done are we just going to double kill commanded right now get out no double kill come in suck Mac D thanks the kind words dude really really appreciate it and thanks to the support of course it won’t let me do what you do the read is about James ooh oh no dude sometimes twitch subs are weird I’ve heard and no worries if it expired for a little while do you nobody cares it’s totally fine of course I forgive you you don’t need forgiveness though it’s not a problem needs more heal well I don’t think he’ll what made a difference in that game I don’t necessarily disagree with you on principle well we might need more healing we might need some heels the emotes look good to rub it in a little bit change of a chat spamming emotes at you man so guys I don’t don’t tell the people what’s on YouTube right now I don’t wanna make them mad this is they’re not going to hear but I think I’ve decided to move forward in the very near future with the think I’m going to move forward with the twitch partnership soon I’m not saying yet but essentially that means I won’t be able to stream on YouTube anymore of course I’ll still make a million videos like a ways YouTube’s never going to go away this YouTube is so my my primary drives but I may not stream on YouTube forever maybe moving to twitch I’m a loon by the hot water hmm is it working now there it is James uber you found it – that’s the trick whatever you did that did the trick so this is a great that’s a good menu – if I was a good turn thanks James do Batman appreciate it so as I was saying guys you’ll probably be getting more emotes and stuff as subs on Twitch before too long I have pretty clearly satisfied the numbers the twitch requests or suggests for for subs and stuff for a partnership I mean so we’ll see I haven’t decided yet will you get more money no not really I mean theoretically I’ll get some ad revenue off twitch but not necessarily not inherently so no yeah we do not have a term for at all are you serious I can karana stasis a totem I guess fine same gleam revolute this is not going to get to attack for a long time though for the record because it doesn’t have an attack phase yet so it’s going to be frozen next time into its attack phase right and then we’ll get to attack basically two turns from when we froze it with socks but it is spell damage so at least it has some passive benefits avalanche never good here kind of want to save it just because this spell damage makes the floor really really really meaningful can you play DK Rex our next yeah I already hit DK r XR the video will be on YouTube in the near future so if you want to catch that I’d be the best way to do so I strongly suggest and you build Highlander priest you put in the dragon package with bone drink but not scale Bane interesting a little curious as to why that is aa trade here avalanche this guy maybe it goes to one health oh that’s not not great turn of Li I could trade here and fire flu Phoenix in just trade a year save the Avalanche hero power maybe had a healing totem healing Tom healing self-healing total got it taught him loved it I think it’s going to custom cheer mo yeah I think there’s a lot of stuff that comes with it basically subs get a lot of cool benefits cheer moats and loyalty badges I think maybe am not sure how that works but some cool stuff we’re doing work with this guy absolutely doing work yeah well this actually looks like a decent Avalanche turned to me we don’t really resolve the elemental but we have time we’re just kind of buying time freeze it hang out seven more dudes it’s a little risky because we let itself get bigger but if it ever gets too big we just hex right I think we’re OK are you going to go to blitz cons no not not going to go to Blizzcon I really want to go to tell you the truth I’ve in my past in my career have had to go to a lot of columns and shows and stuff in the toy industry specifically and it’s just exhausting man going to Comic Cons and like Toy Fair it’s just when you have to go for work it’s really really exhausting it basically kills me I just hate it it’s hard to enjoy that stuff at that point and what’s going on would be super fun obviously because it’s free and Blizzcon right it would be great but it’d still be a lot of work and I need to be able to I need to be able to work I need to be able make videos and you know do reviews and stuff like that so I think at the end of the day I’d much just rather stay at home and do all the videos I want to do and make the content and stuff so you should play the role it’s super fun I have not done it yet it probably won’t have time today but Oh crossroads a lot of damage we’re getting close to kill this guy so it’s really good news in fact can we kill him now probably not yet oh man they just get frozen forever it’s great how long everything gets frozen is this gonna come back as a 44 with taunt no because it doesn’t have the keyword so no obviously gonna face this puts us on a really tight it puts them on a taut turn basically exactly that’s good that’s going to get through the taunts spell damage death and decay is broken crazy good his fiancee to get jealous of the girls doing cosplay plays God now she wouldn’t she’s a nerd she she would think they’re hot – probably I might a big thing I think I have the other concern my loser to the girls because we’ll it was come what happens what happens nothing good he said he tried who’s a good play he went for the death rattle he had to but he’s super dead we’re pretty good win guys so let’s do what let’s do no actually I think yeah I think that’s probably gonna be the last game we finally want some games I don’t the fries package seem kind of okay I didn’t hate it we started doing work there with fries guys and they have it that was it for my fries Xiamen it got to a rough start but actually won some games they’re late and it felt like the free stuff was actually making a really powerful impact so I’m definitely going to keep an eye on this mechanic throughout the course of this expansion I wouldn’t be surprised if free shaman become some sort of possible archetype er if there’s a little freeze package in there to finds its way into the meta but all that said if you guys have thoughts comments or questions on this deck of course leave them in the comments below but until then thank you so much for watching and until next time game on

Death Knight Paladin Decksperiment – Hearthstone

make money what’s this hello hello Regis Gilda is the name and hearthstone is the game and this is my latest experiment where of course I’ll take a foreigner interesting idea for a deck and then build it live on the spot and test it out on the ranked ladder and this time around Knight to the Frozen Throne has just released so I’m going to be building a ton of new nice to the Frozen Throne deck starting off with this one which is a control palette of deck centered on the new death knight hero card for palette and Luther of the ebon blade of course I want to see how well that card can actually work so let’s go ahead and jump into the deck creation process as it was recorded live on my twitch stream the deck I want to build first is actually death knight Luther so let’s go ahead and craft a definate Luther nice samples Regis don’t joke about that it’s not like that and it’s so nice to see a fresh clear deck left here no decks so how we build is definitely third deck guys I’m sure there’s some good lists out there everybody else is going to be smarter than me when it comes to all these new decks I think we’re just going to add a lot of control style cards right to build ourselves basically a control Paladin I don’t think we have to add in Bulevar even though you know it’s new that would be fun I don’t think it necessarily fits our mindset that well for this deck because it’s going to be a control paladin right I think we need to be able to survive for a long time and then utilize our hero power to either win us the game outright or really just you know assure a lot of long-term value so our makes a lot of sense true silver or silver so quite often that many new cards which is a little bit sad but when we have available for paladin let’s do what we’re interested to see your build of decays are compared to mine bTW you are number one a chess dreamer no doubt so take the rest of my bit Thank You Santa LAN dude I appreciate it I’m serious too because I again do not know what the texts gonna look like so who knows what we’re going to end up with but appreciate the kind words and a bit the rest of your bits in fact that’s really really nice of you so we could make mr. Prince Kelly sets deck guys so how many two drops yet our hero power is going to fill in for two a lot I don’t know if we need that necessarily but let’s let’s try a corpse taker we actually are going to have to create one of these unfortunately because I want to run too so let’s run the corpse taker which means we need to run a wicker flame burn Bristol for sure let’s go to all cards here worst wicker flame there is we also have no tearing yet why don’t I have a tea room in my deck we go rag light Lord should be good we’re 19 cards should we go ahead and run the howling commander currently gets me Tyrion and wicker flame we don’t really want to draw them though with the corpse taker but life feels really good with the blackguard so what kind of life steal cards do you have access to what your flame is up first we want neutral life seals now how do usually look that good do they we can just run the chill blame peon I guess but we are so crowded at 4 already I don’t think we can afford that so we do need healing from the blackguard we have rag light Lord for healing the life still on ether ceiling this is healing one other one other he’ll do we have access to aha just to make sure that our every night might be good whatever your hero is healed yeah and so my every night but it might also get us new spells and stuff forbidden healing would be cool maybe just one forbidden healing because we do need equality’s and wild Pyro’s still I think and maybe even doomsayers quality where the wild Pyro’s at guys easier to go this route quality complication well pyro doomsayer do we have any card draw not exactly yet you might need a little bit of card draw anything new that’s good any new cards that would fit oh we might want to run a lich king in a stack shoot yeah it’s just a good big control minion that makes a lot of sense obviously I don’t think we need our fists though we had a lot of four drops any five drops right now haha are there any good new neutral five drops it makes sense for us I’m not I’m missing a lot of chat guys I know I know blue border hydrologist astrology is always a good suggestion yeah one lay on hand interesting it’s a good idea I want to build a DK new subject but I’m short on pally alleged Aries I only have 3500 dot so I’m going to wait till the meta settles I think that’s a good idea coverage I like I like that logic a lot reaches when I made the second wait for a corpse taker lifesteal heal deck great sustain capabilities I feel like we’re kind of going there every night rag wicker flying we got healed we got one forbidden healing do we not need maybe we don’t need two black cards maybe we just need one because right now I don’t know if we have enough healing utilize them maybe we do just add more healing uh standard cards you know like even a Turing Farsi or something true silver is actually healing as well aren’t any Kings could be some healing about five drops though we really what we really need is freaking antique healbot that would be perfect that would be the dream I don’t think we need like a lease is a late game when condition we have enough here so Billy is looking for one more card what other like big Legendary’s to be include whether new or old whether new or old what is the missing oh we got a prince god guys we can almost run a prince tell us that in here just for giggles because all we well I guess so you need to well PI out sever – we can we can’t do that none of those look particularly useful dark conviction only we need that that’s what’s and it’s kind of cool I guess we could run one chill blade instead of a five drop we don’t have any five drops but we can combo some stuff out I like the idea of chill blade champion we don’t have any buffs for it that might be a downside spike receipt actually we do yeah okay it works with blackguard we’ve got Luther which is the real test case here we just really want to see how Luther works because I have not seen any yet at all only one eye every night now I like do I think we have a lot of six drops I guess though don’t we shoot one two yeah we had a lot of six drops people we cut the ivory nice and add in another forbidden healing so we even really need the righteous protector I guess it is good for the corpse taker as well as a sort of back-up plan that’s not a bad idea one more forbidden healing forestall just to keep us alive forever and maybe maybe we add in one ivory night that’s fine which is a lot of six drops makes you nervous no five drops I wish we have a five man every night it was like a 3/3 okay fuck so this is DK ether Donkey Kong out there all right I mean I don’t know guys looks fine to me we’ll learn we don’t know anything about the meta or these cards so we’ll learn to see what works I’m sure some of you guys have already made lists that you think are functionally better I believe it but we’re going to try this one out and see how I guess because I’m going to try to eat a little bit oh so no the fender crap we gotta run Stone Hill and paladin oh shoot I forgot I’ll have to go add it after this game because definitely some hell makes a bajillion time sense to me it’s got to be amazing with the new Lich King rip Regis yep we’ll play one game without it but Mike Ramsey feel like it didn’t use to save the class name up there am I crazy maybe you did probably crazy probably crazy okay easy play you forgot so Neil – yeah that’s easy to forget it’s just been around so long Agnes Mungo sits high from hungry hey Agnes didn’t have to kill him is this the first second Smith yeah ragnarok it is oh that is so good God drew to the storm is a nuts card guys nuts I think it’s my number four or five card on the expansion I don’t remember exactly I don’t know what this decks going to be about is it taunt or is it like token that’s what we need to know looks like it’s slower if it was token he’d have way more to play on turn two than just the here power I think this little wrote a little bit because you have the true silver and we have two true silvers so I think we need to get one out sooner it like I want to have an incentive to play one of those oh my god so it drew it is annoying already you can tell that oh sure this looks better instead it’s going to get taught divine shield and lifesteal actually none of those are very helpful right now are they now forget it we’re not going to do that this is definitely going to gain more health than what we can deal with currently so let’s just do this let’s just try this he’s eating a meal prepared but with love and devotion that’s right I like you’re eating voice reaches to the change-o deck tracker yeah we can do that too of course of course everything’s hard so you guys seen my meal still I don’t know if it’ll still look pretty or not I’ve kind of scared of flipping it over but it’s chicken comeback tomatoes and ravioli really insanely good actually like insanely good oh is it pink yet not yet no the pink is coming though I’m assuming the deck tracker still works fine so hmm it does I was being messing up about the deck tracker consecration here actually we can’t kill the Crypt Lord yet but swing it close we can’t conservation doomsayer yet unfortunately so we just want to wait a little bit maybe maybe we just commit to this attack and doomsayer no I don’t know he’s 5 on board dooms here is not very exciting yeah we’ll do this it looks a little weird right like why attack if you’re planning on the dooms here to go off but I’m actually not planning on the dudes here to go off I think that dooms here is going to die Americans say tomato funny we do how do you Sao Australians I knew this would be a deck I knew it would these talks of buffs are just sick I knew this would be exact it’s brutal it’s getting your face we’re actually going to Hanoi cup box will have the truce over it true silver nuclear again might actually be just fine six deck to me tomorrow gonna have me a tomorrow no I can’t do it straightly Chile like this in a history nobody says tomato what do you guys say tomahto please say tomato I don’t know tomato tomahto right it’s a famous famous saying we’re starting up a cliche here really nicely guys Wow savage roar again or we’re going to run build boss goes goes good we’re going to wreck this is an insane turn tomato there it is from on high if the text-to-speech lady says tomato that’s how it’s pronounced tomato tomato tomorrow let’s call the whole thing off that’s right Connick it I don’t know what that’s from about there it is so marked oh oh that seems like a problem I think rag light Lord will be fine here though I think we could out race that hero power guess you could trade but raggle do a lot of work through it probably a trouble removing rag is my guest toilet mate oh well that’s totally fair MELAS that’s not an insanely good play or anything looks nothing of the sort not at all all right you’re going to broken stop we’re gonna do broken stop screw you did you think I hate that rag might himself oh yeah there it looks good go ahead and use that dub vicious fledgling Oh whoo yeah or you just stopped going to be reassuring it scariest name no we had it that is insane by the way those were going to heal for like six each Wow Wow that was good stuff – that was good stuff much like my chicken ravioli I’m still very self-conscious if out loud I probably am eating but that’s okay you guys are here because you love me not because I’m not gross I’m starting to think the righteous protector maybe doesn’t make sense Oh Stonehill Wow guys I forgot Federico got it Nick the Greek got it Bucci got it white robot says to lenses and six-packs that’s crazy white robot that’s amazing and thank you for the for the cheer white robot that’s awesome dude appreciate the f40 bits redstone help guys to remind me again you got to remind me before the game ends you got to say it you know like a minute or two before the game is over not even a minute like 30 seconds before the game is over before the game is over this would be sure we could have got once a salmon safely probably like 97% of the time but just to be sure a little bit unnecessary about the only play we have some who else was from Europe and asked to wait another five hours as Lobosco spat socks dude I don’t know why they do that I guess they really oh I need to put my dickless up I have it up but not for you guys I forgot this food is really distracting don’t freak out don’t freak out guys okay I’m back I’m freaked out I just want to see this real fast while I got the stream thing up your promise I sniffles he’s freaking it out uh I love it sure this is good don’t really need well actually the heels going to work for wicker by little that is beautiful Regis oh thank you you must read this back I am back right I’m Bo I’m Bob you have me a little just scared for thinking there that I wasn’t actually back um this is this is a sick way oh it doesn’t work those I’m not actually going to get healed that’s sad but it’s would be sick it would have killed one of those it’s still a good play don’t get me wrong it’s still what I want to do but not as good as it could have been what’s fun this is really cool he actually should debate whether or not to hit space right because I haven’t healed now I get to do to damage to a minion and I actually do have a heel so we’re going to do it and we’re going to hopefully kill something right uh Kings feel like that was good too but it doesn’t actually kill all the minions so there you go perfect perfect they’ll say I’m not a nice guy so I never say I never give you nothing re Jesus bless your packs to help me bless his mind as well I hope so to tell you so beget something awesome region is this the first expansion where you’re streaming I’m sort of I I started streaming right when a girl came out but not nearly with the regularity that I am now and certainly not for the duration that I am now I’m planning to stream for like the next seven hours guys so in some ways yes some ways no zhulong as good as crackerjack I’m holding all reservations on what’s good for at least a little while I don’t believe it you could just Kings this you know Kings and Al Gore this goes back up to three when you al bore it unfortunately right thanks Bo it’s a little couple good things this but I think keeping us a lot the guy life has a lot of value you maybe I’ll kill it mister six eight only eight on board you get fella killer he wants to but if it’s to be sending all that stuff into a seven nine I’m fine because he taken seven damage to face probably if you played a single hidden plant a new card yet he’s just playing straight up token shaman that makes me a little sad for him he’s probably doing it because he wants to rank up and that’s totally fine it’s a reasonable thing to do is just sad that he’s not going to play with the new cards any card surprised you so far this is my second game of the expansion corks faker was clutch less game better than I expected that’s all I can say so far blackguard has been pretty good so far – I think how did he kill his cousin what happened you just don’t we trade it up oh that’s fine sure no no it’s usually a pretty good but Regis you said you’ll post on Hillen I will when this game’s over yeah I just forgot do I forget again we didn’t start a new game didn’t know we’re good concerti open packs we just I did I opened 200 there on YouTube currently you can watch the pack opening on my youtube channel and i just opened 50 on screen which will be on youtube later so yeah you can find some packs for sure I’ve got a good weapon clear here it looks like we should be able to remove the flame song can maybe a blackguard Al Gore as well we want to save a little bit of life but I think we’re okay to take that we have quite a bit of healing in the deck now maybe not actually that will put us down to 14 maybe we just Al Gore that piece is at 17 I guess put a lot of those on one side of the flame tongue there that’s a tad weird he probably knows its dad so it doesn’t matter but it could have mattered ah actually I think just uh pyro equality here is better right can we quote we don’t have another spell so we just speaking just pyro equality here it’s not the best one in history maybe we need to save this actually for doppelganger since we know we can remove now let’s just save that how we might be dead the bloodlust though we’ve got a seventeen he’ll have five minions on board times 3 is 15 plus 2 is 17 18 19 yet we’ll be dead to bloodlust if we’re not careful so I guess we’re going to wildfire equality we kind of have to just in case crispy she says blood loss column bloodlust yeah that’s why we just in case I haven’t really been one he oh he’s had a card in Hanson’s turn one up there so that’s blood lust no doubt right of all or thrall there’s this new card there’s the new card I’m not really that greater results you know no scheme of things I’ve seen better results than that so what clear this one will debuff this one and probably just by courage deed it doesn’t kill the Raven unfortunately maybe we actually just blackguard can save the seed for a bigger minion later well if we’re not dead here but we’ll see we might be remember I mean speed that the bloodlust he can buff this one but I’m more worried about the damage right we’re nothing dead right now so I know our Jiabao is going to get wiped away that’s fine I just want to live man we barely live cheese here he goes oh that’s so good for you oh my god I think I just peed right that deathrattle goes off first so I’ll pop out at two six it looks like to me right because I can think this is six it’ll die because it’s going to do 16 total damage to go to 14 alternatively we could just equality trade kill everything and then hero power spike ridged it’s bad against evolved though this bandit and I lose the equality pyro for later so even though this is kind of worse on the surface because we lose the speed it still protects you with the time and it saves me with another board clear so I think I’m going to take this line instead instead of equality pyro or just equality quality would be fine equality trade would do the job oh I thought this went to six why is it it only go to oh my god this whole time oh that’s bad oh shoot not dead thought it went to six thought I went to six I don’t know why I thought I could just make a trade only ones like them I forgot oh oh oh put this up put that up it’s a missplay guys everybody say mystery let’s let’s talk to Aaron Jesus – so that we feel less bad what’s bad about this truly sad guys it’s really sad there it is all the best plays all miss plays come back come back for future bride oh oh why does that happen I shot on there my overlay messed up well three plus two equals six guys remember three plus two equals six that’s what just happened what really happened is I just wanted to go add the Stonehill sooner aha I just thought it was going to do six and kill that I don’t know why no idea why I thought that three plus two equals six you got it so what we cut here I’m going to kind of chill a champion we don’t need it and maybe we’ve got one of the seeds particularly out of shame for our miss flyer apparently I don’t know how to use them anyway thought it was going to six I don’t know why I thought it’s going to six I was thinking how they’re thinking I guess I’m just thinking to be buff normal recruit it goes to three right or maybe I thought the black card was for I don’t know new card math is hard new card math is really hard but clearly clearly I was wrong give me a slice of bread that’s pretty good Casilla to be toasted a little bit could stand to be toasted with some garlic and butter I said that for Miss gilman yeah no it’s actually pretty good it’s good dipping it in the sauce of the ravioli in particular it’s a pretty heavy hands but we’ll keep this truesilver odds of this being a pirate Lady Gaga’s husband sadly hoes cut the righteous to somebody yeah but what about this board it would be insane against this word for instance like well pyro coin righteous protector would be a bunkers turn oh my god we have the Wildfire a coin anyway that is ridiculous pirates I just feel bad for these people there’s something wrong with it playing pirates you know if you want to rank up that that’s what you’re into are some poor then there’s nothing wrong with it not at all but I just feel bad that he’s not getting to have fun with the new cards I feel sorry for I have more than anything so your flames fine here quite a bit of healing coming out you may not be able to kill it honestly dooms there now it’s a weapon deck but we don’t want to play doomsayer into arcanite reaper turn four would be the right time to do it now let’s do this in seven let’s do this instead I still haven’t seen Huether guys he’ll be out of the deck see actually there I need to add the deck looks back it’s done bugging out be pretty funny if I left this up accidentally for hours at a time there’s going to be some point in the future when I put this up and I forget it’s there then I do a whole stream of just taking abomination on that set so that actually worked out exactly as we had hoped I don’t know if I want to save this charge or just go face I’m going to save it there’s something wrong playing pirates oh there is something wrong playing pirates it’s a matter of principle three people out you want to be treated that’s actually good logic maybe you’re right that makes more sense perfect so now that he’s committed to the Reaper we could play the bristle and hopefully yes use the Reaper to get through it right so it actually has like five health or maybe even ten health right I’d be insane but between the Sun keeper the Tyrian and the forbidden healing and the every night I looks like we’re going to be able to say the lies pretty safely here this might be good on the on the Sun keep on the wicker playing even to set up a trade oh my god it’s you’re not going to pop the divine shield all God in heaven please so he is okay okay it’s still we’re still going to take this trade right with sun keeper because we’re going to get a nice 3/3 will even kill this dude – it’s totally fine and have a nice 3/7 on as well so all good all good in the neighborhood so I want to just there’s an argument I could trade here to you right and save even more health but again with all the defensive tools we have I think we’re fine let’s just do some pressure killing Josh 139 says amigo face thank you for the 60 bits here Josh I appreciate it man that’s awesome hey guys thanks for the followers ridah word Daniel de Vos ad guide has a 50th ex-raf Dec Cox a serious global mage brew man chewy Milo’s Pucci seal through lune re dr. sharks yes thanks for Fall Fest well it’s a loom by the hollow now we’ll just look this I don’t know and something else I don’t know what yet why trade the life steel I trade with wicker flame why not I don’t there’s a reason not to instead of going face you guys beam I don’t know I mean what have you using something else to clear officially we need to kill that minion later I don’t know this is bad to trade some of these guys explain the logic to me maybe a little more clearly I’m not sure I’m seeing again no thanks it’s kind of pricey kind of pricey I want something play this turn aha could have traded with a dude you got a 3/3 hero power didn’t we trade it what did we leave all we left oh oh I don’t you say I understand what we’re saying now I got you I got you you’re saying I could have had another toss up oh it seems we changed our line obviously as we went I mean yes yes you guys are correct we could have had to taunt stop at a lifestyle that would have attacks multiple times presumably it wouldn’t have not actually might have healed one extra time I got you I got you it’s because we changed our line originally remember I was planning on using the weapon I was going to clear with a weapon so we had we traded the Wicker flame I guess it wouldn’t matter we still should have traded with the what the dude I don’t know I don’t know I think you guys are right I’m basically saying I’m pretty sure you guys are right five times two against six socks right uh is there any way for me to lose this game right now don’t think so I don’t think there is this is insane she doesn’t have lifesteal but my god do you need it do you even need it at this point this is just brutal how about this alcohol freezer yeah definitely oh you guys want to see stuff you guys want to see the missplay guy in here okay I guess he is going to be up forever tonight gonna be up forever tonight I can’t believe this dude has a theory oh there it is that’s the one that’s the one there’s the missplay really already excuse me to concede we’re looking for let me try to add this this pink again I don’t know why it’s being weird obviously not the right thing being added one second guys one second come Alliance maybe have to get into a game maybe I have to restart it I don’t know always ask chat for permission before making a play you’re right that’s the better strategy I tend to pay less attention guys when a game feels inevitably like we’re going to win I’ll say that much like he’s gonna drink a soda guys oh my god this this is an actor hold up hold up can’t do it for this you guys don’t know what it’s like to use a beer image and try to try to make this work I got this new thing to you guys whenever people ask about subs oh oh crap I missed themselves I forgot we got distracted hold up I missed them subs I forgot Nana lon thank you for the twitch pride subscription Ceylon and the kind of it’s already today man appreciate it so much and welcome welcome and stay tuned to your twitch whispers Anolon I’ll send you some digital details also mr. sprout tastic thank you for the twitch prime sub appreciate it mr. sprock tastic again same story welcome welcome and stay tuned I’ll send you some additional details guys that points me in 118 concurrent subscribers right now guys when we get to 125 skin current subscribers so 7 new subs away excuse me that ravioli is making an appearance when we get 7 more new subs then aha then I will be doing another subscriber giveaway I’ve read every 25 new concurrent subs I do another giveaway so 7 subs away from another $20 Blizzard gift card giveaway so all subs that are active when I hit that threshold just automatically get added right into the giveaway and if you subscribe right now in the next seven subs you’ll be entered as well so Oh lotta loops that sounds that sounds like too many princes dude true it is gives out drew is good at least that’s a lot of princess boy some loom by the hot water ah fixify basin swiss prime set up right on command right there right as I talk about it so thank you for the support there fixa flicks a file let me show you get that right now let’s Vic safai that is right EVIC safai welcome welcome and stay tuned to your twitch whispers to fixify personal additional info carbon boom yet yeah I get two dollars and fifty cents from a twitch prime sub I think we can go ahead and do this that’s quite a bit out there kind of want to keep that alive just in case it was clutch whoops sorta clutch I’ll kill it because the flames like denim but that was sludge that made the clear so much better yeah course taker so far has been amazing I did not know if I was gonna like it I thought I think I gave it like three or four stars I thought it was solid card but it has been far better than even I anticipated ah this could be a good doom saver doom singer turn he’s had three cards in hand since the beginning of the game so like thrall evolved Doppler gangsters an option if he decided to keep that so maybe we do say her into his six and just Stone Hill to protect it even more because we don’t mind throwing away the stone mill right Drake is definitely best to get summon easy pick mixer prices came from your YouTube channel you’re my new favorite hearthstone player thanks fixify dude thanks for the support already that’s awesome man you don’t get full payment from a twitch friend stuff no you don’t get full payment for mini subs which takes the share of all of them basically wow that’s a high rolled evolved dude that’s too great devolve results do we want a son keeper yet no it’s fine we’ll just do black card what grid looks good here like our two silvers pretty good well we haven’t thinking damaged so it’s really not that good yet but we’ll see yes guys it is nice now with with bad legendaries that’s that’s very true what ellipse is that you don’t have to get them ever again you can hold on to them and ensure that all future lives areas in a way I think that encourages people probably to buy more packs right like because in the past if you got bad ledgers you’re like oh god I could just keep getting bad ledger as I’m never going to buy packs but now it’s like no actually so we heal first unfortunately is what sucks here right so we’re not going to activate our blackguard a bit of a wonky interaction but a bit of a wonky interaction even my favorite hearthstone youtuber since gadgets and says tumblr morals thanks to appreciate it guys if you’re watching on YouTube right now which 539 if you are if you didn’t know I’m also streaming on Twitch and you’re welcome to come join us on Twitch – of your a twitch watcher in general ah that’s going to be a 5 dude that comes out so we could just trade in here we’re going to heal for 2 so it’s going to hit either aya or a Firefly or a flame elemental which would be cool now get even rag light Lord – and it’s going to hit something even bigger I think we can maybe there’s a good chance we can guarantee that clear here right oh no the 2 is going to happen first so what happens if it hits here and it kills it like what if I were to attack here in the 2 heals me and then this kills it because it happened – I don’t know it almost just there’s a 1 in 4 here just don’t hit this one okay so I don’t know what would have happened but I have reset the attack I think there’s some other interaction like that isn’t there feel like there is so we can actually ensure a clear here right no no this has damage so it’s not insured so we can’t take that trade because there’s a chance rag heals a minion here and it doesn’t heal face and then we don’t kill the 5 5 if this was full health we could have guaranteed that we killed the 5 5 after trading but instead we’ll just kill aya does this have an attack phase or not did it go off into turn Aeon it should be able to attack you don’t attack if it dies toasted it okay good to know he’s always good at good at testing that stuff raises Kelvin has a much more welcoming personality than other streamers like Trump toast and crimp off fake shell crap I do feel sometimes like streamers are a bit inaccessible probably not necessarily by a fault of their own but still I can feel that way I don’t really mind that so much a blood loss just to kill a rag light Lord he had to basically though right because otherwise we were just going to heal like insane amounts of heal uh sure you can kill Siri and it looks like but that’s okay I don’t know this my kids evolved aha that’s fine probably we have a lot of good cards still coming so so it’s just good with Nutella on it that’s funny I don’t get how people lose this game just like get them to zero health yeah that’s good strategy generally speaking see yeah Agnes mango thanks for stopping by son keepers going to do some work here I bet honestly primordial Drake could do some work do we just want a primordial Drake like we don’t even have the Sun fever right like if we do some fever we can trade ah ah raid trade trade he’d still have a three-three up after we Sun keeper but we have a 3/3 Tyrion because hero power dude to make it a 3/3 as well trade trade that keeps this alive oh shoot we got to kill this first though hope I’m doing this right I always get this I always mess this up a little bit that won’t make a difference oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god that’s fine that’s fine I might have messed it up but I think it looks alright Regis I told you the right play trades of three five in the totem and then the one ones into the four four and then Drake well yeah that was the other line I liked that as well but we just saw it evolved pretty recently right so hopefully this board well even if it’s W them all that’s not that bad evolve again Oh begins not bad against my board but he’s instead so let’s go we finally get to see the lich king well how you doing says dragon hello Kai pretty good man want some games with our paladin so far it feels like I think we’re doing okay maybe not playing perfectly but winning winning a lot of games nonetheless I’m so happy the pally looks good this expansion well that’s not exactly new I don’t disagree little mr Dixie says Regis is like a horse tone daddy holding my hand while I climb the ladder using YouTube videos and streams as guidance oh that’s so sweet that’s the sweet why didn’t you play the Lich King I want to that literally the first time we’ve drawn ether I don’t think we’ve seen him yet I built this monster ether that can eyes legit don’t think we’ve seen him I just don’t think it’s happened guys I forgot to set a timer I wanted to make sure I didn’t play any one deck for too long how long have I been playing this deck does anybody know can somebody tell me a timer I need help to somebody to set like a a one hour timer whenever I start a deck read is what are you going to make the budget decks or an ice to the Frozen Throne um just over the next few weeks I like the let things settle in a little bit see what’s good what’s bad and then go from there I don’t like to do it too soon I know long I’ve been online moobot and to its PC it because I can see that but I don’t know how long it take to open those packs so I’m a little off on the timer right I’m not really sure now just this thing is fine gives me a good corpse taker probably you guys fell off on your time hey SBI’s with two hours but the stream is only been live for an hour well I know it’s not two hours I can tell you that much for sure but this card guys this is a good card I think have you done the PvE content no I haven’t I skipped it I’m going to do it like Wednesday skipped it for now we’ll catch up with it later I am going to make budget text yeah just it takes a while you know it doesn’t happen immediately for me now this is not ideal but we can at least play some cards here see this lifesteal action where you just please give me a shout-out sure thing Fire Lord 5 10 min no worries oh the tracker is still gone that’s right sorry Santa lon there it is it’s working now I don’t know what happened to it oh I bugged out like that that was weird what have I just left it pink guys what have I just for like hours on a at the time it’s not why isn’t it I guess I am leaving it think there we go there it is god I love corpse taker wicker flame just makes this card insane Tyrion doesn’t hurt pranksters protector doesn’t hurt but man just on its own so good you guys probably liked it better when it’s all pings don’t have probably liked it better with somebody just open a golden are fists like I did grab to that random person coin rag is probably good brawl is a bit of an issue but we’re going to trade in some dudes so should be okay will lead up to two three well good just go son keeper or so no I mean she’s plots on keeper because that’s the car do you always get off of it regardless right it’s just always fun keeper I kind of like the idea of straining into the stone hill here instead of the assassin first off because it takes an extra mending off the board but it also makes the rag more likely to live and I know we don’t really need the rag right now as far as healing is concerned that makes it a bit questionable I guess we just play the toe nail screw it maybe we got a Syrian here it makes the world better place oh yeah cry streets better than bog creeper flightless health but still going to kill the stone Hillier she has to have a wild pyromancer to be good paladin on ladder I don’t know maybe it’s pretty good with the quality it’s pretty good of consecration to sometimes just to do like three you know Alden heals primordial Drake that’s not that bad for make sure okay I can live with that we just son keeper here just here a power Solanki portrayed that’s a pretty good minion to debuff really yeah I think it’s fine I’m fine with this that’s a good board why no beer no plus 2 times hydrologists for surprised otk I haven’t even played ether yet but you have to played it it’s kind of crazy at this point that we have yet to play an ether I don’t understand it it’s getting weird we have not drawn in we’ve seen up in the Mulligan one time but we haven’t actually played it I’m just setting up for the Grand Street here hopefully it’s a big heel rag good job plus one health to a minion will you make videos the new solo adventure missions I will yeah I will do them on Wednesday so like 5 days from now and I’ll put a video up of it for sure alright sure let’s just over commit now now let’s do this we don’t want to over commit too much we’re not going to play around we are going to play around brawl by not hero powering as well good Neil rag let it go she’ll turn off you’re famous now you’re famous why is he famous good job on the brawl Regis oh that’s a good roll divine shield Ragnaros turns out it’s pretty good lending guys I don’t see how this guy can go toe-to-toe with us at all all that is awesome that is so awesome not here we’re powering intentionally by the way case anybody’s askin who that’s going to be good against a control warrior pretty much everything’s going to begin okay he’s got the quest on that’s the problem for our eighth Health guys a little bit but we’ll be okay finally Wow you got to play it right like obviously just to get the zero power rolling we can actually coin a hero power holy crap hmm that’s cool all the puns intended since we have so many weapons left in decade like a Tyrian incoming I’m gonna go ahead start using this weapon even though we don’t need the lifesteal haha that’s awesome that’s like an animation dude nazgrim is cool it’s a real war characters what’s so cool about it like it’s the new death knight so you recruit a while oh a second army that our new art the sorta mean army of the dead that’s a little bit risky though in a control matchup like this especially with brawl so we may not be able to play this one I forgot the death grip but we can do it next turn should be fine execute on something no just another brawl wow that’s both roles I can do this now seriously he won the freaking brawl he doubled brawled they can’t have any more removal right but what are we gonna pull Oh dudes there though no we can’t because it is there like this up screwing ourselves so we definitely don’t want to do that Tyrion Plus here well actually what’s death grip now we get to but we don’t have to hero power necessarily well here power so good let’s just here power but with both brawls gone these guys should be able to go nuts soon Inquisitor white mane that’s awesome I love it this game is so skillful yeah that brawl was lucky but I think we’re still in a great position to win here we have a lot well presumably we have a lot more of like value generation than he does right he hasn’t used his is a thing yet though so I don’t know it’s weird me out a little bit let’s see what we get here just puts us at nine cards hey that’s solid I’ll take it I think we can go pretty wide on the board now that we know now that we know he has both brawls on so we should be able to just go Han don’t army what is army mean is this cold army I don’t know what you mean just got our Vincennes it good uh I don’t know I’m plating it no instant wind condition for me AHA anti-magic shell but you could have waited to play that right what I don’t know why you played that guys I don’t understand why you played that sure mother Tyrion seems good oh yes a steam go – you got nazgrim again do they always go an order I’m assuming like you get whichever one you haven’t gotten before that whoa Drake’s coming down sleep with the fishes and stuff okay this gives me so much damage though and another Tyrion where is I going to hit Oh I’m thinking we have lethal with double consecration yeah it looks like it yes makes me a little sad because I haven’t thought what spot of the heroes are right but can’t lose the game essentially goddamn awesome I love it guys I want to be just like you there all the time all I want that was great that was a fun game I loved it I’m gonna try to see what happens guys I feel like it takes to like the chat needs to stay up even if I’m not on the screen maybe there’s a settings it basically I have to wait for the chat to like popular even though you guys are currently typing it takes a minute for it to catch up and then it’s like now I’ve been a game already and like only four messages came through like that’s not compelling I guess my chat needs to be a little faster maybe that could be the yeah the big difference I could be the big Divis the Train is the stream is so choppy since bananahammock I have a feeling that might be a bit rate issue on your end however anybody else say that maybe I’m wrong maybe other people are seeing it too but I think it’s because I stream at a really high bitrate and FPS for maximum qualities that could be the issue 677 people watching right now on YouTube that’s crazy guys I put this over 800 total people watching currently I love it guys if you are watching on YouTube and you didn’t know you can also watch on Twitch that’s how things like those messages in that chat box and the pop ups for new follows that’s where that stuff scum comes from so if you follow on Twitch you can get famous for a brief moment very brief moment your name will pop up much like trying to try little mr. dizzy Lev on the zoning Dmitriy Petrovsky kill ffred Dark Lord asabi 93 CRO hazard all of them follow I think I might have even miss Twitter word and maybe even Daniel DeVos so they so the follows guys I really appreciate it welcome welcome everyone guys I like my deck so far I don’t know that’s good but man I’m having about the only one trying pally I think it’s fun by the way guys though I’m probably going to play for another play pally for another 20 minutes or so I think we’ll play another 20 minutes or so then we’ll change it up because I do want to play a bunch of different decks but I have to say I liked it I like the feel of this one so far it feels like a really good deck I mean it’s just kind of controlled pallidum it’s a new cool stuff but skiing is strong but there is strong it looks like I felt really good to play them course taker is pretty crazy good I kind of feel like righteous protector a lot even in this you know more control list I think it makes a lot of sense though so no lifes deal there but did either you know an entire turn that’s fine maybe we just do this again it was okay black cards coming up next oh hey who just followed tai Kaede thank you for the follows the horror thanks for the follow sweaty lemon thanks for the follows guys I appreciate everybody welcome welcome aha more follows maybe you already read those I think I did let’s just catch enough I see it before you guys ooh I think this is just a solid concentration turn I mean I don’t know what this mage has in his deck I’m guessing there’s going to be a Jena eventually but I doubt there’s going to be a scenario where we get a much better consecration than that right so let’s just do it just go for it even though we lose the black card we could have killed two things with a black card too but I think this will still be good later in the consecration may not be as good later so make it count while we can maybe count while we can oh that’s sort of hard to kill we can’t also heal my face right now so I guess we can just debuff it right and just hero power probably is okay just playing the black card doesn’t feel great I was feeling the section I have sindragosa in it next turn we can just art this though pose we could have played around meteor a little better probably easily for him to meteor anyway but technically I think we could have Rock the volcano still though it’s going to play still doable but I can tell you joking now so that’s funny that’s pretty funny try warlock please regis let me see what’s next on my list guys like I said it’s all the twenty more minutes or so with this deck go about the six o’clock my time so at twenty five minutes next I have death knight hunter and then death knight warlock so I’ll do death knight hunter next I really want to try zombies they look like so much fun to me I’m a simple man I see the Lich King are late I play the Lich King I’m actually going to take this trade just because I know the pinging exists and we could take a value trade here but I’d rather this have full health gives things like Blizzard for instance warlock is so good says mattis that’s awesome to hear what do you think about the new changed interactions like Fandral and the death rattle poisonous I don’t actually know the deaths are no poisonous interaction I’ve heard a few people mention that but I’m not sure yet what that means to tell you the truth I guess I don’t know if I just didn’t read it or what what what is this specific change but death rattle and poisonous usually I see these things but I felt like I just missed that one too no I think we can just death and decay and blackguards fine but I think the fans will change is good that’s more consistent with the wording so that’s a great one but again I just don’t know the other one it wasn’t in the past oh maybe that’s why I missed it no one has explained it yet though I don’t poison on death rattle AoE kills everything Oh interesting so like abomination that’s poisoned will kill everything that’s a good change I think that’s consistent with the wording then I like that alright so I think we have to win this game sooner rather than later because that’s going to overwhelm us right that’s going to overwhelm us we have not applied nearly enough pressure for this to an hour honestly our hands socks really bad like an equality with how this probably gives them a water elemental if I’m not careful so you can trade ping I don’t really want that but again I just don’t have a good play I guess they can wild pyro consecration but that also gives them a water elemental that doesn’t really help my here my hero power sucks against his your power that’s for sure I lose a bajillion times the value there alright let’s try this I guess but I don’t the problem is I don’t have anything to reload with myself like even if I do land this like what do I play next just in case I don’t want to give them another one in case you can remove it right Jana’s trailer artwork is better than her card artwork yeah I agree with that sentiment I don’t think this is bad by the way a lot of people think this is terrible but I don’t wanna think it’s terrible and it’s a perfect answer to my board it’s incredibly annoying perfect math dude perfect math hey let’s get card I think I’m not even sure not back right here but something whoa it’s going to be hard to out value this directs the zero power could be tough for us we can but we need any quality soon we’re going to need a big swing turn does Johnny crow says I sell your channel on YouTube feed a few days ago I’m still watching your awesome thanks Johnny man I appreciate it it’s really nice to swing by and say thanks for taking the time to share that sentiment aha we got a hidden equality or we can’t want just has to there’s no other path to victory here I mean it sort of helps but only sorta this has been like the ultimate counter to me it’s crazy perfect counter I don’t know what secret this is either that’s a bit of a problem it’s that one ah this doesn’t really do anything we’re in a tough spot guys we’re in a tough spot ginger equality only a soother yeah I’m still I convinced frost machine is good just because of what game I hope it is so many people interpret my reviews where I say this card’s going to be bad and they say oh Regis hates the game we just doesn’t want anything to be good he’s so negative Regis shame on you how could you say the games gonna be bad like no guys come on you obviously haven’t been around very long I love the game I want every card to be amazing don’t be silly I just I just don’t think some are going to be good it’s not a not a sign that I hate the game what that’s not a card you expect to see in maids I know I came off the dude but that’s funny so this got added into the pool and now suddenly oh my god we have a garbage chair so I want to kill that or just I kind of don’t want to leave my boot upright like I but I can’t hero power if I kill it and my heel is useless so I don’t know we just never had any quality something we could land and now both Pyro’s are gone emanated conservation equality doesn’t even help I don’t even think we can I don’t think we have an out anymore tutus don’t beat three sixes in this scenario and we just keep getting frozen so my weapon is useless it’s not a good spot for us to be in Oh blood green Lana though she’s actually pretty bad off the violence portal I think do you think it’s possible to paladin DK becomes a viable daikyo definitely not but this hand we’re going to concede guys it’s actually going to take her a while to win so let’s just end it we’ll play we’ll play like one or two more games I think we would have been all right there we’ve ever hit a good removal turn or gotten a good threat we were kind of in the middle where he just had disparate pieces essentially there’s no bad or good cards only bad or good players oh I don’t agree with that then then run a silverback patriarchy instead of stone health defender tell me why silverback HRT’s better so i think you might have been joking Marco I can’t tell look like you’re being sarcastic but either way I don’t agree with that sentiment Joker series where you just paste our stone hashtag yeah yeah that’s a good-ass tag all over Twitter I want us to see I want to do that trending on Twitter guys what are you gonna play after paladin I think we’re gonna do hunter try to make a control death rattle that stalker hunter something like that we just you should try mid-range shaman with Jade and the death knight yeah I’m well eventually but frankly we’ve seen enough of those to know the deck we’ve seen a lot of those so far and I don’t know it’s kind of the same stuff we saw all last expansion right I wanted to try more new cards like so far every other 16 is just evolve token shaman that we’ve known the entire time and they just add in a Thrall depth here so does name for all that’s here that’s all we’ve seen so far check your Twitter mate I will after the stream but I don’t have time to read doing stream too much but I’ll kitchen how long is the stream going to be the plan is roughly I don’t know another six hours or so I want to play a lot of decks guys want to play a lot of decks today I want to learn the full expansion Revis what do you think about the rogue hero card it’s cool I don’t think it’s going to be a carbon see all the time necessarily but oh I don’t even mind that man that’s going to help us later for sure we have a lot of good targets for hex a lot of good hex targets you might have to devolve some stuff to in there though so kudos can it reclaim me how the Paladin hero card works like to the horsemen have to be on the board at once yeah all Thor has to be there well if you had trouble with the last one maybe you know a couple of this loans don’t want to give them too much value up this man decided I know that but we just already after that why does your always get the expansion later I don’t know Riyadh now I’m going to do deaf sorry hunter next hangout for another 10 minutes or so 50 minutes and we’ll be doing it so you only get to see that one very very soon I kind of don’t hate just blackguard here he doesn’t really die to the fire elemental that we can see you might have another fire ality to set up that trade but then this lives we can only spiral equality get out of any mess some keeper doesn’t look bad either honestly like trade sun keeper we have a 3 7 and a 3 3 against 2 3 threes it’s not the worst but i kind of want to save this for like a doppelganger evolve so i guess we’re just going to blackguard things okay not necessarily that we’re planning to heal much off of it we could but forbidden healing if he decides to go face instead of making a trade here I think we could but not really the plans I just kind of liked it that it’s there Oh props dude mad respect bro I love it well done playing new cards plenty of new cards that’s what it’s all about we could be quality pyro for been kneeling shields me with full and clears the board and leaves you with a pyro pyro dies to the Icebreaker just for free you don’t actually have a second equality activator which is a bit of a problem but we do have some keeper for like really big emergencies so the quality pyro for business I mean this is a board for clearing it’s getting too much mana tide value these guys are kind of nasty I’m just going I’m going to do it kind of do it hey read this you also find the strains that they released the Frozen Throne expansion during the summer instead of during the weather yeah that’s true I guess they do typically release an expansion in December but depending on what part of the world you’re in I guess if you’re in Australia now is the kind of end of winter right am I mistaken in that my crazy so I guess you could make an argument that depending on where you’re at maybe they didn’t sounds quite a reaction yeah clearly not too happy about this one uh Chandler sucks now protect yours probably okay it’s not ideal but it’s fine I mean twin Emperor it’s not bad either but just doesn’t do much what is the protector actually accomplished now eats an ice breaker hit and pops the divine shield that’s just as good as anything else I suppose thanks for streaming while away for frozen thrown it helps a lot I can’t contain my hype sorry humbler dude no I know what he meant anti I thought I said it’s summer and it’s not winter but I think it’s winter in certain parts of the world right so I think it matches up somewhere just not here well it’s trained me up for watching app and streams yeah yeah there will be both Avadh on Twitch and I’ll be breaking up parts of the stream into videos for YouTube so all these decks will be decks parents on YouTube essentially new day 1 decks pyramids and such so AHA they’ll have a lot to enjoy quality does actually clear multiple things here consecration doesn’t really help much it kills a couple small things quality kills a couple 5/5 son keeper doesn’t really do much I guess just like equality trade trade wicker flame hero power I don’t know we’re way behind that had some we just need our power cards like we haven’t hit any really good cards in a while got a lot of this early junk right now could you see quality consecration I guess I didn’t even see the consecration that’s actually good to it gives me this board and we can play liquor playing yeah let’s just see quality alteration it actually doesn’t hurt our board at all for once which is rare for any quality concentration this is obviously the best way just pay attention to the cards we just we just look at the cards how long is it away I there’s no built-in delay it’s just you know there’s a little bit of a delay like sending the stream over and all that stuff probably 20 to 30 seconds at max but I don’t want to delay I run it with minimal delay just part of the process so guys talk to 119 subscribers now which is pretty awesome getting close to 125 that magic number up to 4,000 followers on twitch thats crazy ooh this is good perfect actually perfect timing for this really really good this way the full clear as much as we can we lost all that lifesteal value but that’s okay all right so this is good great vengeance is the name of this weapon I’d evidence all happen that’s awesome looking that’s really cool all right fuck keeper here is is actually fairly good will hero power son keeper train into the earth elemental well first we’ll trade into the 0-2 so we don’t buff it accidentally and tearing is not bad either but I think this is better we’ll trade it in here so we don’t think that of three three axes it only and then we’ll son keeper oh we’re going to give them this three three though let’s find one two three three taunted dudes it shouldn’t be a big deal Tyrion gives them too much value with that ice breaker maybe can also just Albert PC for that and hang out but I think it’s fine to give him one three three I think it’s okay hey Regis a Jordan note how’s it going just racking it operative two Lich King oh that does sound nice hairy chest equals hey Regis okay whatever can open sixty more faxes Jam four zero zero four please bless my fax your thing Jam man good luck out there what does it give away anyway I give away a twenty dollar battlenet gift card every time my active subscriber count on twitch hits a new twenty five subscriber threshold basically so essentially you know this would clear wouldn’t it because we take six we deal five and it would do one damage basically do five do the remaining amount of damage but we could also just here e in it but if we do see really kind of give them some value back this way thinking about this hero power blackguard trade well-heeled for five will take six heal for five this will get hit and die so it basically allows me to do that it does can instead of five damage to that minion which is fine maybe this base another hex to yeah that’s pretty cool plan and we always took one damage so yeah I dig it what was I talking about them but so every 25 subs a new $20 bottle my gift cards give it away so 199 right now so it’s six more subs another giveaway and you just all subs automatically be entered in stuff so keypads that face is great dude that’s funny that’s pretty funny I don’t know if I put it on a t-shirt via t-shirts guys that’s a good segue not to be a sellout too much I never want to be doing it itself but I do have a legit it’s going to take too long because this is all a bit of a cycle but there is actually for those of you who are diligent viewers and attentive and notice notice things in the second you’re going to see this switch over to show you and maybe not in a second there it is there it is are actually some Regis gilben t-shirts available guys among with other merch and there’s a link below the twitch stream if that’s something you’re into so keep an eye out there there’s sort of a chance to get rectifying like a devolve here but I don’t know we got a lot of good stuff even if we get devolved like this goes to five this goes to seven e01 that’s fine I like that frost regions yep that’s delicious limited edition t-shirt guys it’s only going to be available until the next expansion comes out so so get it while it’s cold as they do make some room by the hot water that’s not that bad he took a sticks to get a nice weapon like weird it’s gonna be threatening legal here shortly we are presenting lethal now he’s one off a rear wall and God were one horsemen off to shoot oh my god we haven’t even seen mograine yet cool how these are great that they gave them all such like famous or characters current with the world of warcraft storyline and they all have incredible artwork too like they did a great job of these how fantastic for hoarsely people can we do it boys aha is he going to wreck us don’t concede you jerk let us have it what the surface would please all we want let us have it no what is it let us have it me in no no I’m happy for the wind but I wanted to see the Four Horsemen lethal because that’s going to be my last game with a DK ether that’s going to be our last half and there you go that was my death knight paladin deck pretty fun one seemed like it was pretty successful too so I wouldn’t be surprised if this is an archetype that we continue to see on the ladder in the Frozen Throne era but if you guys have any thoughts comments questions about this deck of course feel free to leave them in the comments below but until then thank you so much for watching and until next time came on

Opening 200 Frozen Throne Packs – Hearthstone

make money what’s it hello hello Regis Kelvin is the name and hearthstone is the game and it’s finally time to open nice of the Frozen Throne packs this time around I have 200 packs and as you can probably see next to me they are shuttering in excitement every once a while so I’m pretty excited as well I’m going to try to move through these packs a little quicker than I normally do first off because I’m like super excited to see what cards I get secondly because there’s 200 of them and I don’t want this to take like 4 hours so let’s go ahead and jump into these packs and see how many Legendary’s we can get which Legendary’s we can get see how close to a complete collection we can get because as you guys can see pretty much out of gold so these have to count although who knows I might buy some more in the near future there’s a little teaser so here goes pack number one for the Knights of the Frozen Throne oh that’s a sick animation by the way off to a riveting start ok alright cool card see I still have to learn a lot of card names like even though I’ve reviewed each of them at length it’s really hard to render the carnet that is awesome how it freezes and then shatters the first good use of a shatter yet golden Hill the near frost Rider okay it’s pretty cool that’s got to be the best animation yet they knocked out of our first purple okay I live with 200 packs we should get about 10 legendaries for the record so okay the death axe Punisher this is a pretty weak pack those those four cards are variable though there might be okay but the rest looks fairly awful alright standard stuff got some cards we might need those so that’s good I’m expecting to get pretty much everywhere and every comment of course as you often do when you open a lot of packs it’s the purples and oranges Epic’s in the web series that we’re going to be missing on so okay couple blues they’re not bad back so the lives here I think we’re guaranteed to get a legendary our first ten packs though so one coming soon given the new rules which is nice so we know in the next next few packs something good is going to happen I love this one okay another blood razor we’re going to have a lot of blood razors it seems the dead scale night I can’t get over this hacking animation I’m just going to buy us on the packs don’t watch this animation over and over again well there it is number one legendary number one let’s see who it’s going to be what am i hoping for really any of the death Knights are fine as long as it’s not one of the princes and frankly we’re going to get them all anyways so it probably doesn’t matter too much bolívar fire blood cool okay that’s like a good minion like that one happy to see Boulevard the true love King these days okay another good pack here will perform ah these snow fury giants alright good shaman epic maybe we’ll see how that one goes so we got our linear in our first 10 pack so now we’re just you know whatever it’s all up for grabs somebody just opened in our fist I really want to see that myself be nice blue golden blue actually nice and I’ve never opened this many packs in one sitting I feel like I’m gonna have some fatigue I might have to stop hovering we might have to lose the hover because I just realized like I’m not even a tenth of the way through my pack yet which is a good feeling I hope you guys give at least a little bicurious Lee threw me a little bit of you can’t quite get to 200 hopefully you can still have some fun here following along all right to Blues bowling great so boom storm all right Wow feel like we’ve got a lot of how themes already it’s got to be like the for the fit healthy which is I think one of the worst cars in expansion of course it’s all dust it doesn’t matter but so it’s pretty funny that the worst card is the one that’s down showing up so much okay let’s get back the rattling rascal maybe not so good who does the cold race I’m kind of I’m kind of thinking that car might be better than people think I got high hopes for coal great just three minutes three four is in general are powerful so we really haven’t seen that many of the game standard pack another house fiend they’re everywhere it’s got to be the most common target yet we’ve already set a record like forty seven healthy 20 packs 47 out alright so 20 packs down 10 percent of the way there Scott it seemed like a hoping so when you guys that I’ve only said Raziel delay to ver I grew another blood raiser that’s been pretty common for us too nothing here hey better see a purple suit I felt really horrid it would be better of course but can I get an auntie with all these standard packs this is not the Regis gilben way and we’ve seen a lot of dead scale nights as well corpse widow that’s going to be an important one for me I want to test out hunter as soon as possible ooh there’s purple goodies impact another rattling rascal I guess we’re done on the rattling rascal today’s standard stuff golden ash how does the gold not work on that look that’s not bad it’s got some some actual animation which is always my favorite kind of golden cards and they’re when they’re legitimately moving around and stuff I think they always looked about so sad of you know just like we got some leaves floating in the foreground those are never going to go to golden cards okay Webb we’ve really cooled right that’s cool artwork too by the way what’s really good I think the artwork this expansion you know a little less Goofy’s a nun girl which I think a lot of people resonate with like a lot of people want more serious artwork so obviously just the theme of the expansion suits that nicely but I do also feel like the execution of the artwork is often higher as well so some really good looking cards I mean some of the characters are a little generic looking in a grim deck some answer just generic looking undead person but still the the actual rendering of the cards is awesome reichsprotektor some poor soul just open the prints down below of my friends list it’s always sad okay got a purple pack least it’s not another rattling rattle I’m pretty excited about bait spinner that’s another card I have high hopes for one fast I think it’s going to be better than people think going to be underrated another dakari defender another Howell fiend oh my god those might be the two most common start so far so we’re getting do for a legend area by the way guys you know we’re almost 40 packs in and only one legendary and that one was guaranteed so we’re way behind the curve right now in Legendary’s we should be getting one any minute so I’m getting a little antsy this is a really good pack Wow super good pack another death axe Punisher a golden common burlock which looks cool and a golden rare eternal servitude which looks awesome by the way that sick looking really good oh right on the first hover I knew we were due I knew it was time so who’s it going to be not a prince not a prince Deathstalker rex are nice as identities I really really want to build a control hunter so that’s perfect can’t wait for that one that’s gonna be a lot of fun to legendaries down that’s two I’m going to lose count I know I always forget how to keep dragons numbers right she was hard to count to two so that’s to the legendaries let’s not forget let’s continually put up the head so that we know all right [Music] two blues pretty good pack a little gold in common – gasps the conjurer I think this card is underrated but there Nash righteous protector over clearly going to have all those but I’m still glad to see it i rated that my best card from the entire expansion he writes his protector somebody just got a Malfurion the pestilence I’m jealous both of our fire blooding in so we got a bull bar and recs are so far all of our recs are too let’s go definitely no distract easy to remember when there’s only two but when you get up like six or seven hoping that we do is doing that we do ooh see you later J druid hello again Howell theme like god that’s gotta be ten helpings already it’s gotta be ten alkenes no joke there sharks good to see another awesome example of fantastic artwork even on the goofy side that one still looks like much cooler than some of the younger loggers okay Shikari enchanter it’s good to fill out all those epics almost recorders the way through guys I gotta say I’m not like feeling any SuperDuper legendary luck just yet maybe we’ll close out strong but the first 25% of the cards you know just pretty average pace for legendaries for me another nash gonna get that golden – oh nice that’s a good hang Wow Wow another golden eternal servitude and a legendary this is a sick pack so who’s it going to be I’m going to guess Blood River gold Dan this time around Gold is Arthas what oh my God he’s so cute he was like you look like you slip it a little bit oh my god I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to disenchant that one I guess I’ll have to someday when I get a regular Arthas but until then I might have to that was that is dick oh that was an amazing pack by the way crazy good pack and now we’re ahead of the curve now I’m feeling the regis gilman luck are in jesus is back that was a not even 50 packs and we’ve already gotten three legendaries one of which was golden so we’re doing all right we’re doing okay this is a good pack to known for I do another mountain fire armor man that was a great pack golden know again already oh my god this was gonna be blood river gold and I got a feeling this one’s Blood River gold and for real or maybe it’s a prince maybe it’s Prince callous F I don’t know let’s just see who’s it going to be I don’t believe it another gold holy God like for golden budgetary in my whole life I think that’s to in like three or four packs so not only did I guess who it’s gonna be but it’s another golden I cannot believe it oh my god this is pretty boring Lee golden by the way but that’s crazy that’s only 50 pack the first 50 packs we got for legendaries two of which we’re golden don’t even need to open anything else the rest of the expansion I’m good to go my luck has been fulfilled oh my god to Golda Lindsey that’s crazy that is just absolutely not chess people are chatting both angry and happy that I’ve gotten to Golda legendaries already it seems like that is just bonkers I’ve never seen anything like that in my life I mean it’s usually months between opening golden letters for me just months and months there was just a few moments there’s another good Packer filled out on Dirk re enchanters that’s good I’m just we should probably go 40 packs here without anything good just you know cruise out to the pitty timer that’s what we deserve after that crazy luck I do not have not earned the right to open another legendary yet that’s for sure goldendeath revenant that’s awesome we’ve got a few deaf resonant so far gold in gold and that’s for lesson Aries – Golden’s guys that’s crazy yeah I honestly wasn’t feeling that lucky today but now golden Dreams soul that looks awesome oh that’s a sick golden car taking about an Asian nice a little good friend okay standard stuff here another how themed of course pretty much every pack is guaranteed to have at least one Hal team I think Blizzard saw how much people were down on the garden and was like no we’re going to make sure everybody gets a full set of how themes we want everybody to have forty-five how fiends rub it in he’s better than you think guys you have to play with him we’re going to make sure everybody builds a housing back the final it’s good to see two blue Rehan blue doomed of our tunic golden doomed apprentice so I’ve been getting a pretty fair and sorban a golden card so far – okay simulacra I’m happy to see that line breaker looks good I can go to this animation – it’s really cool no pun intended which I feel like people have said a thousand times arrogant Crusader golden it’s nice the runeblade there looks awesome probably getting just disenchanted for the record but oh my god another purple as I feel like we’ve had so my god a golden purple golden epic bring it on it’s not a bad-looking not not going to be using that one I don’t think so okay card it’s certainly not a great one exercise okay a phantom freebooter another purple so fury giant we’re done there we’ve gotten like seven dark resonance – that’s the most common retard I think we’ve gotten so far okay so I mean we have gone on a little dry spell here for legendary thank God it’s only just we were at a hundred and fifty in it so it’s been about twenty so I mean just a double check there weren’t more but come on go on that’s crazy this one’s gonna be print skeleton this is going to be prints Kellis s for sure mu Robbie Robbie school I really want to try free shaman so I’m glad we got that one that’s five Legendary’s and seventy packs so far not even seven eight quite but I’m sure it will be seventy shortly without another legendary so we’ll just say five and seventy because I can’t do math any better than that it was really five and sixty nine which that’s gonna enjoy that shadow essence cool and I there’s so many packs to go guys so much has happened already my brain can’t handle at all okay they absolutely can’t process all these oranges a standard stop only there only just barn Jesus is already blessed us so greatly today I’m a purple it’s a good pack oh that’s a whiff we already have two of those that’s a West man getting repeat epochs already that’s not like wasted you know dust epics that’s that’s hard to pull off we’ve seen a house being in a while so what’s called housing I can’t remember the name I’ve seen it a thousand times yeah of course oh of course what else would I expect there’s our confirmation immediately immediately oh my god here is again the healthy we’re almost near animal eighty packs golden keening Banshee looks pretty sick I just like the golden cards have gotten better over time that’s for sure if you go back and look at some of the like classic set golden cards they’re pretty lame the sunborne Valkyr and that one looks a little lame I mean it looks cool it looks majestic it sounds like really awesome what not that animated or anything I liked the the Banshee better because her hair was kind of leaving a nice color scheme bloat back in desperate stands and right baby packs down five lesson areas right make five and two Golden’s so we’re way ahead of the curve you’d expect five and about a hundred packs you certainly wouldn’t expect to golden ones ever so so we’re way way ahead of the curve purple another snow fury giant Nina we’re going to burn that one – that’s just 100 us we need fresh epics guys not dupes give me the fresh epics golden blah blah ooh that’s creepy he’s wiggling too much I say I like animation but I don’t like that that’s that’s gross I don’t like worms especially not blood worms that sounds particularly intimidating ok can’t believe we got a jerk re defender without getting a healthy so when was the last letter we opened about 130 we’re getting – sort of – oh my god double how things and the howling commander not was the howl pack I owe golden Knight howler oh that’s sick that’s cool he really is animated that’s awesome so we’re about due for a legendary event I expect we’re going to hit the penny timer this time I’m just you know we’ve had too much good luck I think we’re going to ride it out to the pity time or we’re going to go to like 100 packs before we well I think the pity stammers gonna be like 90 so maybe we go all the way to 90 before we see another orange I think that would be right that would make me feel more at ease with this pack opening cuz sometimes I’m a little guilty three blues wow that’s a good bag we get packs like this I don’t even need legendary it’s just an awesome pack okay boring blowing another helping of course can’t get you can’t open it you cannot open afros thrown back without Alfie no that much I know one thing so far about the expansion require each oh my god that’s the third epic that we’ve gotten a third one up I don’t know feels a little broken like I’m getting suspicious now no fresh epics if this is another duplicate epic I swear oh no it’s not as a golden treachery cool that’s pretty awful that’s a good pack he was to say alright to blood raisers getting close to the halfway mark guys it feels like I’ve been doing this forever in a good way somebody else just gotta move Robby roll the bone doesn’t like I haven’t seen that one yet its standard stuff no not standard with regular and golden spell Weaver nothing too fancy their venom strike trap narrowing in on a hundred we’re definitely overdue for a legendary at this point based on just pure random chance right not based on any sort of justice in the universe Gold and ghastly conjure that’s awesome but you know just based on random chance we’re like 30 cards and I think without a legendary right now so we’re oh there it is so this is number six right number six yeah alright um this is gonna this is going to be shadow Reaper and Owen gang shallow river Anduin mouth URI in the pestilent I like that one that’s good I really want to play mouth period so that’s six legendaries in the first 99 packs pretty good guys you’d expect five out of 100 oh we got six out of 100 which is far better than average or not far better but marginally better than average and two we’re golden way way better than average so now we’re moving into the second half pretty much every pack has something cool extra blue purple golden those we’ve had very few just total dud packs you know like like this one for instance like that exact example here you go so that was eerie was it like what pack 101 ourselves we should we should get one by eighty assuming random chance we might just go for our dry spell they’re just going to turn off my pity timer they’re gonna say no no no you’ve had enough sir we’re cutting you off for the day open more back tomorrow if you want more orange you’ve had enough orange you’re gonna have a vitamin C overdose give it four inch in it that’s a good bag happy Google another known ferati oh so I think we have two of those we’re getting so I bet we’ll get a third known for Radu what do you want to bet something’s broken and it’s just giving you all the same affection all the time third gnome for rock – incoming next purple is going to be a gnome for a – other bear shark a lot of blood razors – blood razor and helping the all-stars of the expansion okay Perry for Seder Nan Goldin that’s good we might get to just dust that stuff I get to that’s like golden one for some extra dust no pirata incoming I don’t actually understand now I’m legitimately suspicious that something’s broken that’s weird guys that’s weird we are only getting like every time we open an epic after we get two of the same epic it’s like it ends up being the third of that epic that is really suspicious that is weird I mean I believe me I understand random chance I really do and it’s 99% just random and no big coincidence I happen to notice I’m sure it’s just coincidence but man that is crazy that is weird that is absolutely weird double spirit lation like that somebody else has got a Deathstalker rex are that’s awesome I think he’s going to be one of the most fun bet nights I think they knew they had a really fun death night that’s why they revealed Rex art first because he looks the coolest he has the most unique throw power of all this really the rest are kind of just mechanics we’ve already seen you know and just increase in power level basically but Rex R is like what that’s crazy unlike any it’s here of our Elmer okay so we’re we’re getting they’re getting close to legendary time really any day now that’ll put us at seven legendaries so we’re going to start a fresh set of epics here now we’re going to be drawing spectral pillagers Tilly until we get a duplicate that’s a new rule get our third spectral villager in no time golden dark conviction that’s awesome it’s really cool I didn’t even notice those kind of purple lines in the normal artwork but that really brings you to life all right standard here ooh dark pillagers a room stone for now already no a golden cryostasis that’s awesome support us car but the the shimmer effect of a nice really did make it look realistic that’ll cool kind a lot of depth to it okay we broke the rule at least maybe epics aren’t broken after all golden venom strike trap a lot of snake mobility there another Padres report haven’t seen a helping in a while I swear to god is not pre-recorded no sooner than I said haven’t seen a healthy in a while the next card I clicked is the housing he’s like he has ears he just hears you and he shows up whenever you talk about him that’s so funny that’s so funny so we’re in six legendaries right and we’re going into seven or we’re overdue we’re over to here come on give me a double legendary pack I want to see two oranges give me both those oranges all right now there’s a file standard stuff for a while here we’re you know we’re regressing to the mean basically as far as our luck is concerned here standard stuff once more we’ve already high rolled so much the rng gods have decided no more for you no more 130 packs down almost what are we at word six legendary so you’d expect actually six out of 120 pack so we’re actually a little bit behind the curve right now I think we’re on less than average right now that’s that’s not where I like to live I like to live much higher than average I like to be I guess the new gold is regardless no matter where we finish that’s that’s a high roll okay shadow asset only six I can’t even remember guys I told you I’d lose count I absolutely knew I’d lose count to Purple’s that’s a nice pack simulacrum and tomb lurker okay I knew I would lose count every time it happens every time without fail anytime have more than like twenty fact I can’t keep track well maybe that’s because I open like five legit 20 facts normally I guess uh I guess I have pretty good luck on small pack I’m out tends to bundle itself all up into a single pack opening give me some crazy results that’s for sure and we’re on at rice ball guys we’re getting close to the pity time ride that didn’t we say we were expecting a packet like eighty oh there you go I knew we were getting close because I feel like it was like 82 or something we were expecting a legendary so here’s this golden spell Weaver’s nice nice blue as well I think this is going to be I think this is going to be delicious the Lich King rocked face instead boy your legendary rock face pretty cool okay let’s I think that seven legendaries in 140 packs right I think that puts us back to normal that’s about average well again golden aside golden legendaries aside we’re back to normal everybody’s excited over here on my friends list to sing green revelers times two that has cool artwork to the sanguine Red Alert those kind of blood moving outward this is a nice bag chain gang corpse widow and glacial mysteries I think that’s two glacial mysteries so there’s no question we’re going to open a third glacial mystery is very soon no question Wow perfectly symmetrical panic here along the diagonal Isis like it nothing fancy 140 packs down there’s the nice artwork we were talking about again golden happy ghoul I think that might say that for some reason I feel like thank happy gilmore be playing golf or something it’s just that happy gene found we’re gonna have a lot of dust guys I’ve gotten so many extra comments I mean it’s clear that we’re filled out on Commons obviously and probably a handful of Blues as well and I already had 25 KDOT so I think I’ll be able to finish the expansion very very rapidly if I want to may not craft every card this all probably open more packs it wouldn’t be very efficient to just copy everything but alright somebody just opened a Blood Queen Lana fell wooo alright so we can open a black bean let us all know I think this is going to be Prince Caldera Prince how they’re in for legendary number eight close the scripts Keller Seth instead okay that’s probably the least offensive of the princes I think so that’s eight legendary than 150 packs that’s that’s above average again cool that’s what’s relational mysteries game what are you doing you bugged out and didn’t bug out on it who somebody who’s got a golden prince ballon are I am a little bit sad for them but also happy cuz it’s golden so at least they can turn it into something good at least they can turn it into something nice that’s always the great part about getting a golden terrible card you can do something with it at least so 50 to go guys 75 percent only there eight legendaries of course of course we got a golden al and I love it that’s actually pretty cool too it will fire the background that like slice of fact sounds nice we’re not going to keep him now he’s gone he is nothing more than dust to me ok so I would like to get at least two more legends right I said I wanted to get the tin tin is average for 200 tags and then our golden cards will mean that we were pretty darn lucky so so we can get to ten it’s gonna be a good day gonna be money well spent money well spent anyway because it’s new hearthstone cards and that’s always a great thing to me but look purple I didn’t even hover in time ooh the second spectral villager guys are on our way and it goes into a car a defender pretty boring just arrows flying in his head you know it’s actually not that one let’s go Lisa looks like something’s really happening regular old patch once if I’m a header behind the curve for epics it seems like we’ve gotten a fair share of ethics that’s for sure I don’t actually know how how common they’re supposed to be but it doesn’t feel like I’m getting ripped off I know that much another helping join the army sir have an army of housings if i disposal dominate the Frozen Throne meta with just all howl fiends this is 30 housing deck all right whose it’s gonna be this is what I get for trashing Nome Parata and making so many people mad as I get forward on Parata to give you that fresh epic game gold and voodoo hexer that’s awesome I love the water flowing up behind her that’s cool nother number otto here provider number five no blackguard that’s awesome really wanted to get that one excited to test my car normal packs once the tin to lose nothing too exciting though so great cards alright we’re going to be we’re gonna need a legendary soon to get to ten guys because you know once we get down to twenty or so it’s like I don’t think it’s going to happen legendary number nine on the way anytime soon would be nice I need to be paying more attention to the card names like I said I don’t know the names very well I couldn’t have told you that cards name couldn’t soldier this cards name probably a me maybe my really sat and thought about it especially some of those cards that were dumped on the last day it’s like oh god I didn’t even get to ever think just cooked it so fast I thought it was adorable pack rinsed out there oh no the only good news about getting this card is that it’s like you’re never going to get it again right you can’t be disappointed at any future pack so that’s nine legendaries at one hundred and one hundred and sixty-seven packs so we’re ahead of the curve once more one more letter you put us right on pace and we’ll be good to go that’ll make me happy not the most exciting all around cuz we’ve gotten two princes so far but we’ve gotten a few death Knights gotten a few class legend areas to bring it on I think we got a golden one of those that might actually be worth quite a bit to us so you can disenchant the golden one safely i was so i so little faith in that legendary that I just clicked it just assumed it was another common card it pretty much was it was one of the princes that’s what it was my brain told me like oh this card’s gonna be garbage it didn’t even offer have time to think is it love garbage I knew instinctually it was going to be bad 173 packs down because you have to check my math quite often here golden icewalker all right it’s not bad-looking every gold is nice dust for me so go back and complete those old expansion haven’t seen how theme in a while so this is the healthy impact no doubt whew that’s a really good pack icewalker again obsidian statue okay pretty excited about this guard and this is gonna finish off our prince trio guys we’re gonna get the third Prince right here no question now Blood Queen Lana fell awesome okay not super excited about that particular guard but still happy to see it so that puts it to ten right I think that’s ten legendaries with 25 packs to go somebody else just opened Blood Queen planet oh that’s really good timing so I guess basically we’re good to go anything from here on out as far as legendary is concerned is just crazy all all freebies Golden Bear shark I like okay so 23 packs to go happy with the results good to go could be all just standard packs from here and Regis to fill out together so you know what that means is we’re gonna be like three more listeners right took that that basically mean two or three or Legendary’s is probably coming our way that’d be great the final 20 packs that would be amazing but all all the extra blues here couple handful of epics would be nice all that just to make sure I have enough – because you know I have like 25 mm up to craft what probably 17 less berries or something like that somewhere around there I would guess good purple so there’s a chance I don’t actually have enough dog oh my god oh my god that’s the fist don’t get to what is the fire that thing too many no Ferraris oh no it can’t be right it absolutely cannot be another known ferrata there is no way it’s another don’t pirata okay lights are oh that’s fine that’s fine surprised it wasn’t a golden dome to Rocky well that would actually be good that’d be a ton of dust I could be happy I’m happy if this was a golden number ah – but who a golden abominable bowl man instead that’s pretty sick not the best gold in artwork necessarily but still nice card that might fit in control hunter I’m going to test it whether it fits or not right so we’re going to make it it that’s for sure 14 to go this is more like a normal pack opening moving forward you know 15 20 packs oh my god I clicked so fast I didn’t even see I did it again I have no faith ahran Jesus why do you continue to reward me what I have so little faith oh you’ve little faith sindragosa that’s awesome that’s 11 legendary guys so we’re definitely ahead of the curve on both counts of legendaries and the two Golden’s obviously uh but it’s way over the top not super excited about sindragosa personally but as a card but I’m very excited about her as a card to open in a pack I’m like I said sure we’ll get another bonus legendary maybe even one more who knows like I feel like we’re not done yet it might just be one more waiting although you know which impact is not very likely not very likely in fact incredibly unlikely given my luck so far here you go here we are final ten another known pirata incoming nope dead man’s hands assignments freaking definitely want to try fatigue warrior so I’ll be using that one shortly somebody got a shadow Reaper and alone I’m a little jealous I’ll be honest I want to try a raza priest basically known for a to number 48 blackguard that’s our second blackguard that’s awesome filling in those collection holes already I can tell so the epics it always gets you oh there are purple waves and then our conviction they see it now Sackett golden doom to princess that’s bonkers oh that’s like a tax bill Oh blue alright final five guys final five is there one more legendary in store I really I don’t know I feel like there could be but I don’t think so another dead man’s hand right away that’s cool I think that’s only two good news okay so we only have like two more chances guys two more chances at another legendary can’t be depressed I might sound a little sad if we don’t get one but legitimately in my heart I know we’ve done just fine we’ve done just fine so probably one last chance here cuz you know the last facts not going to have one you know that’s not the case it looks like we’re done on the legendary journey today one final pack is going to have a golden dome for a two and a legendary what do you love that nope just the standard pack like always Oh slightly above standard a golden dead scale night okay so that was 200 packs finished a little softer than we started but still started like Mad Men the first thing I want to see how many helpings we got it only goes to 9 plus I guess we’ll never actually know can we tell my how many we disenchant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 slow 12 plus 9 so I think 21 how things guys plus the golden so 22 total out B’s so we average the helping only every 10 packs it seems higher than that man it seems like we had a healthy everywhere but that’s uh that’s still a lot of how things but now let’s disenchant everything regular oh my god 666 1 2 5 but still oh god that’s scary that’s going to be over 30k regardless which is not so it’s actually that’s over 32 K so we have enough to craft 20 legendary so I think we’ll for sure be able to to be able to finish off frozen throwing to be what to not like I said I’m not going to yet oh look at that back off just looking through our golden cards here I’m not going to disenchant any golden cards in this video the golden RFS I almost forgot that is so amazing not so good I’m going to wait a little bit just to disenchant these but I wanted to take a look through them all real quickly just how many golden got there’s there’s quite a few quite a few and then the last thing I want to check is missing cards from frozen drone so we can see what we’re still missing Oh double holes of infestation that’s roughly we didn’t get those still missing slot of epochs as you can see now actually we got epics for paladin and mage a lot missing from priest rogue missing a handful of stuff not too bad though really a little a lot of neutral epics missing of course and the Lich King well I guess if we’re going to craft anything right away just to cap off the video with one more glimpse of orange I think we have to go ahead and just craft the Lich King it is the Knights of the frozen throne of course is the ruler of the Frozen Throne so the Lich King welcome to the collection good sir I hope you uh you lead your army of howl fiends well okay guys so that’s going to wrap it up for me at this 200 pack adventure pretty crazy little journey there eleven legendary is 12 if you count the crafted Lich King an army of how fiends an army is known for ratu’s I forgot to check the count but there was an absurd amount of known Ferrante’s but a ton of fun all that said so you guys have any thoughts comments questions reactions to these 200 packs of course I’d appreciate you leaving your take on in the comments below but until then thank you so much for watching and until next time game on