Opening 200 Frozen Throne Packs – Hearthstone

make money what’s it hello hello Regis Kelvin is the name and hearthstone is the game and it’s finally time to open nice of the Frozen Throne packs this time around I have 200 packs and as you can probably see next to me they are shuttering in excitement every once a while so I’m pretty excited as well I’m going to try to move through these packs a little quicker than I normally do first off because I’m like super excited to see what cards I get secondly because there’s 200 of them and I don’t want this to take like 4 hours so let’s go ahead and jump into these packs and see how many Legendary’s we can get which Legendary’s we can get see how close to a complete collection we can get because as you guys can see pretty much out of gold so these have to count although who knows I might buy some more in the near future there’s a little teaser so here goes pack number one for the Knights of the Frozen Throne oh that’s a sick animation by the way off to a riveting start ok alright cool card see I still have to learn a lot of card names like even though I’ve reviewed each of them at length it’s really hard to render the carnet that is awesome how it freezes and then shatters the first good use of a shatter yet golden Hill the near frost Rider okay it’s pretty cool that’s got to be the best animation yet they knocked out of our first purple okay I live with 200 packs we should get about 10 legendaries for the record so okay the death axe Punisher this is a pretty weak pack those those four cards are variable though there might be okay but the rest looks fairly awful alright standard stuff got some cards we might need those so that’s good I’m expecting to get pretty much everywhere and every comment of course as you often do when you open a lot of packs it’s the purples and oranges Epic’s in the web series that we’re going to be missing on so okay couple blues they’re not bad back so the lives here I think we’re guaranteed to get a legendary our first ten packs though so one coming soon given the new rules which is nice so we know in the next next few packs something good is going to happen I love this one okay another blood razor we’re going to have a lot of blood razors it seems the dead scale night I can’t get over this hacking animation I’m just going to buy us on the packs don’t watch this animation over and over again well there it is number one legendary number one let’s see who it’s going to be what am i hoping for really any of the death Knights are fine as long as it’s not one of the princes and frankly we’re going to get them all anyways so it probably doesn’t matter too much bolívar fire blood cool okay that’s like a good minion like that one happy to see Boulevard the true love King these days okay another good pack here will perform ah these snow fury giants alright good shaman epic maybe we’ll see how that one goes so we got our linear in our first 10 pack so now we’re just you know whatever it’s all up for grabs somebody just opened in our fist I really want to see that myself be nice blue golden blue actually nice and I’ve never opened this many packs in one sitting I feel like I’m gonna have some fatigue I might have to stop hovering we might have to lose the hover because I just realized like I’m not even a tenth of the way through my pack yet which is a good feeling I hope you guys give at least a little bicurious Lee threw me a little bit of you can’t quite get to 200 hopefully you can still have some fun here following along all right to Blues bowling great so boom storm all right Wow feel like we’ve got a lot of how themes already it’s got to be like the for the fit healthy which is I think one of the worst cars in expansion of course it’s all dust it doesn’t matter but so it’s pretty funny that the worst card is the one that’s down showing up so much okay let’s get back the rattling rascal maybe not so good who does the cold race I’m kind of I’m kind of thinking that car might be better than people think I got high hopes for coal great just three minutes three four is in general are powerful so we really haven’t seen that many of the game standard pack another house fiend they’re everywhere it’s got to be the most common target yet we’ve already set a record like forty seven healthy 20 packs 47 out alright so 20 packs down 10 percent of the way there Scott it seemed like a hoping so when you guys that I’ve only said Raziel delay to ver I grew another blood raiser that’s been pretty common for us too nothing here hey better see a purple suit I felt really horrid it would be better of course but can I get an auntie with all these standard packs this is not the Regis gilben way and we’ve seen a lot of dead scale nights as well corpse widow that’s going to be an important one for me I want to test out hunter as soon as possible ooh there’s purple goodies impact another rattling rascal I guess we’re done on the rattling rascal today’s standard stuff golden ash how does the gold not work on that look that’s not bad it’s got some some actual animation which is always my favorite kind of golden cards and they’re when they’re legitimately moving around and stuff I think they always looked about so sad of you know just like we got some leaves floating in the foreground those are never going to go to golden cards okay Webb we’ve really cooled right that’s cool artwork too by the way what’s really good I think the artwork this expansion you know a little less Goofy’s a nun girl which I think a lot of people resonate with like a lot of people want more serious artwork so obviously just the theme of the expansion suits that nicely but I do also feel like the execution of the artwork is often higher as well so some really good looking cards I mean some of the characters are a little generic looking in a grim deck some answer just generic looking undead person but still the the actual rendering of the cards is awesome reichsprotektor some poor soul just open the prints down below of my friends list it’s always sad okay got a purple pack least it’s not another rattling rattle I’m pretty excited about bait spinner that’s another card I have high hopes for one fast I think it’s going to be better than people think going to be underrated another dakari defender another Howell fiend oh my god those might be the two most common start so far so we’re getting do for a legend area by the way guys you know we’re almost 40 packs in and only one legendary and that one was guaranteed so we’re way behind the curve right now in Legendary’s we should be getting one any minute so I’m getting a little antsy this is a really good pack Wow super good pack another death axe Punisher a golden common burlock which looks cool and a golden rare eternal servitude which looks awesome by the way that sick looking really good oh right on the first hover I knew we were due I knew it was time so who’s it going to be not a prince not a prince Deathstalker rex are nice as identities I really really want to build a control hunter so that’s perfect can’t wait for that one that’s gonna be a lot of fun to legendaries down that’s two I’m going to lose count I know I always forget how to keep dragons numbers right she was hard to count to two so that’s to the legendaries let’s not forget let’s continually put up the head so that we know all right [Music] two blues pretty good pack a little gold in common – gasps the conjurer I think this card is underrated but there Nash righteous protector over clearly going to have all those but I’m still glad to see it i rated that my best card from the entire expansion he writes his protector somebody just got a Malfurion the pestilence I’m jealous both of our fire blooding in so we got a bull bar and recs are so far all of our recs are too let’s go definitely no distract easy to remember when there’s only two but when you get up like six or seven hoping that we do is doing that we do ooh see you later J druid hello again Howell theme like god that’s gotta be ten helpings already it’s gotta be ten alkenes no joke there sharks good to see another awesome example of fantastic artwork even on the goofy side that one still looks like much cooler than some of the younger loggers okay Shikari enchanter it’s good to fill out all those epics almost recorders the way through guys I gotta say I’m not like feeling any SuperDuper legendary luck just yet maybe we’ll close out strong but the first 25% of the cards you know just pretty average pace for legendaries for me another nash gonna get that golden – oh nice that’s a good hang Wow Wow another golden eternal servitude and a legendary this is a sick pack so who’s it going to be I’m going to guess Blood River gold Dan this time around Gold is Arthas what oh my God he’s so cute he was like you look like you slip it a little bit oh my god I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to disenchant that one I guess I’ll have to someday when I get a regular Arthas but until then I might have to that was that is dick oh that was an amazing pack by the way crazy good pack and now we’re ahead of the curve now I’m feeling the regis gilman luck are in jesus is back that was a not even 50 packs and we’ve already gotten three legendaries one of which was golden so we’re doing all right we’re doing okay this is a good pack to known for I do another mountain fire armor man that was a great pack golden know again already oh my god this was gonna be blood river gold and I got a feeling this one’s Blood River gold and for real or maybe it’s a prince maybe it’s Prince callous F I don’t know let’s just see who’s it going to be I don’t believe it another gold holy God like for golden budgetary in my whole life I think that’s to in like three or four packs so not only did I guess who it’s gonna be but it’s another golden I cannot believe it oh my god this is pretty boring Lee golden by the way but that’s crazy that’s only 50 pack the first 50 packs we got for legendaries two of which we’re golden don’t even need to open anything else the rest of the expansion I’m good to go my luck has been fulfilled oh my god to Golda Lindsey that’s crazy that is just absolutely not chess people are chatting both angry and happy that I’ve gotten to Golda legendaries already it seems like that is just bonkers I’ve never seen anything like that in my life I mean it’s usually months between opening golden letters for me just months and months there was just a few moments there’s another good Packer filled out on Dirk re enchanters that’s good I’m just we should probably go 40 packs here without anything good just you know cruise out to the pitty timer that’s what we deserve after that crazy luck I do not have not earned the right to open another legendary yet that’s for sure goldendeath revenant that’s awesome we’ve got a few deaf resonant so far gold in gold and that’s for lesson Aries – Golden’s guys that’s crazy yeah I honestly wasn’t feeling that lucky today but now golden Dreams soul that looks awesome oh that’s a sick golden car taking about an Asian nice a little good friend okay standard stuff here another how themed of course pretty much every pack is guaranteed to have at least one Hal team I think Blizzard saw how much people were down on the garden and was like no we’re going to make sure everybody gets a full set of how themes we want everybody to have forty-five how fiends rub it in he’s better than you think guys you have to play with him we’re going to make sure everybody builds a housing back the final it’s good to see two blue Rehan blue doomed of our tunic golden doomed apprentice so I’ve been getting a pretty fair and sorban a golden card so far – okay simulacra I’m happy to see that line breaker looks good I can go to this animation – it’s really cool no pun intended which I feel like people have said a thousand times arrogant Crusader golden it’s nice the runeblade there looks awesome probably getting just disenchanted for the record but oh my god another purple as I feel like we’ve had so my god a golden purple golden epic bring it on it’s not a bad-looking not not going to be using that one I don’t think so okay card it’s certainly not a great one exercise okay a phantom freebooter another purple so fury giant we’re done there we’ve gotten like seven dark resonance – that’s the most common retard I think we’ve gotten so far okay so I mean we have gone on a little dry spell here for legendary thank God it’s only just we were at a hundred and fifty in it so it’s been about twenty so I mean just a double check there weren’t more but come on go on that’s crazy this one’s gonna be print skeleton this is going to be prints Kellis s for sure mu Robbie Robbie school I really want to try free shaman so I’m glad we got that one that’s five Legendary’s and seventy packs so far not even seven eight quite but I’m sure it will be seventy shortly without another legendary so we’ll just say five and seventy because I can’t do math any better than that it was really five and sixty nine which that’s gonna enjoy that shadow essence cool and I there’s so many packs to go guys so much has happened already my brain can’t handle at all okay they absolutely can’t process all these oranges a standard stop only there only just barn Jesus is already blessed us so greatly today I’m a purple it’s a good pack oh that’s a whiff we already have two of those that’s a West man getting repeat epochs already that’s not like wasted you know dust epics that’s that’s hard to pull off we’ve seen a house being in a while so what’s called housing I can’t remember the name I’ve seen it a thousand times yeah of course oh of course what else would I expect there’s our confirmation immediately immediately oh my god here is again the healthy we’re almost near animal eighty packs golden keening Banshee looks pretty sick I just like the golden cards have gotten better over time that’s for sure if you go back and look at some of the like classic set golden cards they’re pretty lame the sunborne Valkyr and that one looks a little lame I mean it looks cool it looks majestic it sounds like really awesome what not that animated or anything I liked the the Banshee better because her hair was kind of leaving a nice color scheme bloat back in desperate stands and right baby packs down five lesson areas right make five and two Golden’s so we’re way ahead of the curve you’d expect five and about a hundred packs you certainly wouldn’t expect to golden ones ever so so we’re way way ahead of the curve purple another snow fury giant Nina we’re going to burn that one – that’s just 100 us we need fresh epics guys not dupes give me the fresh epics golden blah blah ooh that’s creepy he’s wiggling too much I say I like animation but I don’t like that that’s that’s gross I don’t like worms especially not blood worms that sounds particularly intimidating ok can’t believe we got a jerk re defender without getting a healthy so when was the last letter we opened about 130 we’re getting – sort of – oh my god double how things and the howling commander not was the howl pack I owe golden Knight howler oh that’s sick that’s cool he really is animated that’s awesome so we’re about due for a legendary event I expect we’re going to hit the penny timer this time I’m just you know we’ve had too much good luck I think we’re going to ride it out to the pity time or we’re going to go to like 100 packs before we well I think the pity stammers gonna be like 90 so maybe we go all the way to 90 before we see another orange I think that would be right that would make me feel more at ease with this pack opening cuz sometimes I’m a little guilty three blues wow that’s a good bag we get packs like this I don’t even need legendary it’s just an awesome pack okay boring blowing another helping of course can’t get you can’t open it you cannot open afros thrown back without Alfie no that much I know one thing so far about the expansion require each oh my god that’s the third epic that we’ve gotten a third one up I don’t know feels a little broken like I’m getting suspicious now no fresh epics if this is another duplicate epic I swear oh no it’s not as a golden treachery cool that’s pretty awful that’s a good pack he was to say alright to blood raisers getting close to the halfway mark guys it feels like I’ve been doing this forever in a good way somebody else just gotta move Robby roll the bone doesn’t like I haven’t seen that one yet its standard stuff no not standard with regular and golden spell Weaver nothing too fancy their venom strike trap narrowing in on a hundred we’re definitely overdue for a legendary at this point based on just pure random chance right not based on any sort of justice in the universe Gold and ghastly conjure that’s awesome but you know just based on random chance we’re like 30 cards and I think without a legendary right now so we’re oh there it is so this is number six right number six yeah alright um this is gonna this is going to be shadow Reaper and Owen gang shallow river Anduin mouth URI in the pestilent I like that one that’s good I really want to play mouth period so that’s six legendaries in the first 99 packs pretty good guys you’d expect five out of 100 oh we got six out of 100 which is far better than average or not far better but marginally better than average and two we’re golden way way better than average so now we’re moving into the second half pretty much every pack has something cool extra blue purple golden those we’ve had very few just total dud packs you know like like this one for instance like that exact example here you go so that was eerie was it like what pack 101 ourselves we should we should get one by eighty assuming random chance we might just go for our dry spell they’re just going to turn off my pity timer they’re gonna say no no no you’ve had enough sir we’re cutting you off for the day open more back tomorrow if you want more orange you’ve had enough orange you’re gonna have a vitamin C overdose give it four inch in it that’s a good bag happy Google another known ferati oh so I think we have two of those we’re getting so I bet we’ll get a third known for Radu what do you want to bet something’s broken and it’s just giving you all the same affection all the time third gnome for rock – incoming next purple is going to be a gnome for a – other bear shark a lot of blood razors – blood razor and helping the all-stars of the expansion okay Perry for Seder Nan Goldin that’s good we might get to just dust that stuff I get to that’s like golden one for some extra dust no pirata incoming I don’t actually understand now I’m legitimately suspicious that something’s broken that’s weird guys that’s weird we are only getting like every time we open an epic after we get two of the same epic it’s like it ends up being the third of that epic that is really suspicious that is weird I mean I believe me I understand random chance I really do and it’s 99% just random and no big coincidence I happen to notice I’m sure it’s just coincidence but man that is crazy that is weird that is absolutely weird double spirit lation like that somebody else has got a Deathstalker rex are that’s awesome I think he’s going to be one of the most fun bet nights I think they knew they had a really fun death night that’s why they revealed Rex art first because he looks the coolest he has the most unique throw power of all this really the rest are kind of just mechanics we’ve already seen you know and just increase in power level basically but Rex R is like what that’s crazy unlike any it’s here of our Elmer okay so we’re we’re getting they’re getting close to legendary time really any day now that’ll put us at seven legendaries so we’re going to start a fresh set of epics here now we’re going to be drawing spectral pillagers Tilly until we get a duplicate that’s a new rule get our third spectral villager in no time golden dark conviction that’s awesome it’s really cool I didn’t even notice those kind of purple lines in the normal artwork but that really brings you to life all right standard here ooh dark pillagers a room stone for now already no a golden cryostasis that’s awesome support us car but the the shimmer effect of a nice really did make it look realistic that’ll cool kind a lot of depth to it okay we broke the rule at least maybe epics aren’t broken after all golden venom strike trap a lot of snake mobility there another Padres report haven’t seen a helping in a while I swear to god is not pre-recorded no sooner than I said haven’t seen a healthy in a while the next card I clicked is the housing he’s like he has ears he just hears you and he shows up whenever you talk about him that’s so funny that’s so funny so we’re in six legendaries right and we’re going into seven or we’re overdue we’re over to here come on give me a double legendary pack I want to see two oranges give me both those oranges all right now there’s a file standard stuff for a while here we’re you know we’re regressing to the mean basically as far as our luck is concerned here standard stuff once more we’ve already high rolled so much the rng gods have decided no more for you no more 130 packs down almost what are we at word six legendary so you’d expect actually six out of 120 pack so we’re actually a little bit behind the curve right now I think we’re on less than average right now that’s that’s not where I like to live I like to live much higher than average I like to be I guess the new gold is regardless no matter where we finish that’s that’s a high roll okay shadow asset only six I can’t even remember guys I told you I’d lose count I absolutely knew I’d lose count to Purple’s that’s a nice pack simulacrum and tomb lurker okay I knew I would lose count every time it happens every time without fail anytime have more than like twenty fact I can’t keep track well maybe that’s because I open like five legit 20 facts normally I guess uh I guess I have pretty good luck on small pack I’m out tends to bundle itself all up into a single pack opening give me some crazy results that’s for sure and we’re on at rice ball guys we’re getting close to the pity time ride that didn’t we say we were expecting a packet like eighty oh there you go I knew we were getting close because I feel like it was like 82 or something we were expecting a legendary so here’s this golden spell Weaver’s nice nice blue as well I think this is going to be I think this is going to be delicious the Lich King rocked face instead boy your legendary rock face pretty cool okay let’s I think that seven legendaries in 140 packs right I think that puts us back to normal that’s about average well again golden aside golden legendaries aside we’re back to normal everybody’s excited over here on my friends list to sing green revelers times two that has cool artwork to the sanguine Red Alert those kind of blood moving outward this is a nice bag chain gang corpse widow and glacial mysteries I think that’s two glacial mysteries so there’s no question we’re going to open a third glacial mystery is very soon no question Wow perfectly symmetrical panic here along the diagonal Isis like it nothing fancy 140 packs down there’s the nice artwork we were talking about again golden happy ghoul I think that might say that for some reason I feel like thank happy gilmore be playing golf or something it’s just that happy gene found we’re gonna have a lot of dust guys I’ve gotten so many extra comments I mean it’s clear that we’re filled out on Commons obviously and probably a handful of Blues as well and I already had 25 KDOT so I think I’ll be able to finish the expansion very very rapidly if I want to may not craft every card this all probably open more packs it wouldn’t be very efficient to just copy everything but alright somebody just opened a Blood Queen Lana fell wooo alright so we can open a black bean let us all know I think this is going to be Prince Caldera Prince how they’re in for legendary number eight close the scripts Keller Seth instead okay that’s probably the least offensive of the princes I think so that’s eight legendary than 150 packs that’s that’s above average again cool that’s what’s relational mysteries game what are you doing you bugged out and didn’t bug out on it who somebody who’s got a golden prince ballon are I am a little bit sad for them but also happy cuz it’s golden so at least they can turn it into something good at least they can turn it into something nice that’s always the great part about getting a golden terrible card you can do something with it at least so 50 to go guys 75 percent only there eight legendaries of course of course we got a golden al and I love it that’s actually pretty cool too it will fire the background that like slice of fact sounds nice we’re not going to keep him now he’s gone he is nothing more than dust to me ok so I would like to get at least two more legends right I said I wanted to get the tin tin is average for 200 tags and then our golden cards will mean that we were pretty darn lucky so so we can get to ten it’s gonna be a good day gonna be money well spent money well spent anyway because it’s new hearthstone cards and that’s always a great thing to me but look purple I didn’t even hover in time ooh the second spectral villager guys are on our way and it goes into a car a defender pretty boring just arrows flying in his head you know it’s actually not that one let’s go Lisa looks like something’s really happening regular old patch once if I’m a header behind the curve for epics it seems like we’ve gotten a fair share of ethics that’s for sure I don’t actually know how how common they’re supposed to be but it doesn’t feel like I’m getting ripped off I know that much another helping join the army sir have an army of housings if i disposal dominate the Frozen Throne meta with just all howl fiends this is 30 housing deck all right whose it’s gonna be this is what I get for trashing Nome Parata and making so many people mad as I get forward on Parata to give you that fresh epic game gold and voodoo hexer that’s awesome I love the water flowing up behind her that’s cool nother number otto here provider number five no blackguard that’s awesome really wanted to get that one excited to test my car normal packs once the tin to lose nothing too exciting though so great cards alright we’re going to be we’re gonna need a legendary soon to get to ten guys because you know once we get down to twenty or so it’s like I don’t think it’s going to happen legendary number nine on the way anytime soon would be nice I need to be paying more attention to the card names like I said I don’t know the names very well I couldn’t have told you that cards name couldn’t soldier this cards name probably a me maybe my really sat and thought about it especially some of those cards that were dumped on the last day it’s like oh god I didn’t even get to ever think just cooked it so fast I thought it was adorable pack rinsed out there oh no the only good news about getting this card is that it’s like you’re never going to get it again right you can’t be disappointed at any future pack so that’s nine legendaries at one hundred and one hundred and sixty-seven packs so we’re ahead of the curve once more one more letter you put us right on pace and we’ll be good to go that’ll make me happy not the most exciting all around cuz we’ve gotten two princes so far but we’ve gotten a few death Knights gotten a few class legend areas to bring it on I think we got a golden one of those that might actually be worth quite a bit to us so you can disenchant the golden one safely i was so i so little faith in that legendary that I just clicked it just assumed it was another common card it pretty much was it was one of the princes that’s what it was my brain told me like oh this card’s gonna be garbage it didn’t even offer have time to think is it love garbage I knew instinctually it was going to be bad 173 packs down because you have to check my math quite often here golden icewalker all right it’s not bad-looking every gold is nice dust for me so go back and complete those old expansion haven’t seen how theme in a while so this is the healthy impact no doubt whew that’s a really good pack icewalker again obsidian statue okay pretty excited about this guard and this is gonna finish off our prince trio guys we’re gonna get the third Prince right here no question now Blood Queen Lana fell awesome okay not super excited about that particular guard but still happy to see it so that puts it to ten right I think that’s ten legendaries with 25 packs to go somebody else just opened Blood Queen planet oh that’s really good timing so I guess basically we’re good to go anything from here on out as far as legendary is concerned is just crazy all all freebies Golden Bear shark I like okay so 23 packs to go happy with the results good to go could be all just standard packs from here and Regis to fill out together so you know what that means is we’re gonna be like three more listeners right took that that basically mean two or three or Legendary’s is probably coming our way that’d be great the final 20 packs that would be amazing but all all the extra blues here couple handful of epics would be nice all that just to make sure I have enough – because you know I have like 25 mm up to craft what probably 17 less berries or something like that somewhere around there I would guess good purple so there’s a chance I don’t actually have enough dog oh my god oh my god that’s the fist don’t get to what is the fire that thing too many no Ferraris oh no it can’t be right it absolutely cannot be another known ferrata there is no way it’s another don’t pirata okay lights are oh that’s fine that’s fine surprised it wasn’t a golden dome to Rocky well that would actually be good that’d be a ton of dust I could be happy I’m happy if this was a golden number ah – but who a golden abominable bowl man instead that’s pretty sick not the best gold in artwork necessarily but still nice card that might fit in control hunter I’m going to test it whether it fits or not right so we’re going to make it it that’s for sure 14 to go this is more like a normal pack opening moving forward you know 15 20 packs oh my god I clicked so fast I didn’t even see I did it again I have no faith ahran Jesus why do you continue to reward me what I have so little faith oh you’ve little faith sindragosa that’s awesome that’s 11 legendary guys so we’re definitely ahead of the curve on both counts of legendaries and the two Golden’s obviously uh but it’s way over the top not super excited about sindragosa personally but as a card but I’m very excited about her as a card to open in a pack I’m like I said sure we’ll get another bonus legendary maybe even one more who knows like I feel like we’re not done yet it might just be one more waiting although you know which impact is not very likely not very likely in fact incredibly unlikely given my luck so far here you go here we are final ten another known pirata incoming nope dead man’s hands assignments freaking definitely want to try fatigue warrior so I’ll be using that one shortly somebody got a shadow Reaper and alone I’m a little jealous I’ll be honest I want to try a raza priest basically known for a to number 48 blackguard that’s our second blackguard that’s awesome filling in those collection holes already I can tell so the epics it always gets you oh there are purple waves and then our conviction they see it now Sackett golden doom to princess that’s bonkers oh that’s like a tax bill Oh blue alright final five guys final five is there one more legendary in store I really I don’t know I feel like there could be but I don’t think so another dead man’s hand right away that’s cool I think that’s only two good news okay so we only have like two more chances guys two more chances at another legendary can’t be depressed I might sound a little sad if we don’t get one but legitimately in my heart I know we’ve done just fine we’ve done just fine so probably one last chance here cuz you know the last facts not going to have one you know that’s not the case it looks like we’re done on the legendary journey today one final pack is going to have a golden dome for a two and a legendary what do you love that nope just the standard pack like always Oh slightly above standard a golden dead scale night okay so that was 200 packs finished a little softer than we started but still started like Mad Men the first thing I want to see how many helpings we got it only goes to 9 plus I guess we’ll never actually know can we tell my how many we disenchant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 slow 12 plus 9 so I think 21 how things guys plus the golden so 22 total out B’s so we average the helping only every 10 packs it seems higher than that man it seems like we had a healthy everywhere but that’s uh that’s still a lot of how things but now let’s disenchant everything regular oh my god 666 1 2 5 but still oh god that’s scary that’s going to be over 30k regardless which is not so it’s actually that’s over 32 K so we have enough to craft 20 legendary so I think we’ll for sure be able to to be able to finish off frozen throwing to be what to not like I said I’m not going to yet oh look at that back off just looking through our golden cards here I’m not going to disenchant any golden cards in this video the golden RFS I almost forgot that is so amazing not so good I’m going to wait a little bit just to disenchant these but I wanted to take a look through them all real quickly just how many golden got there’s there’s quite a few quite a few and then the last thing I want to check is missing cards from frozen drone so we can see what we’re still missing Oh double holes of infestation that’s roughly we didn’t get those still missing slot of epochs as you can see now actually we got epics for paladin and mage a lot missing from priest rogue missing a handful of stuff not too bad though really a little a lot of neutral epics missing of course and the Lich King well I guess if we’re going to craft anything right away just to cap off the video with one more glimpse of orange I think we have to go ahead and just craft the Lich King it is the Knights of the frozen throne of course is the ruler of the Frozen Throne so the Lich King welcome to the collection good sir I hope you uh you lead your army of howl fiends well okay guys so that’s going to wrap it up for me at this 200 pack adventure pretty crazy little journey there eleven legendary is 12 if you count the crafted Lich King an army of how fiends an army is known for ratu’s I forgot to check the count but there was an absurd amount of known Ferrante’s but a ton of fun all that said so you guys have any thoughts comments questions reactions to these 200 packs of course I’d appreciate you leaving your take on in the comments below but until then thank you so much for watching and until next time game on