Hearthstone WTF Moments Ep.181

actually we had this we had this printed out here and I wanted to show you first and then show the screen so here’s this new check it out here’s the news those cards are exciting are they I think you’ll like this I think you’ll like this one tada that’s it we’re done product or watch ice to come and that’s what we’ve revealed the Earth Day subscribe this is good we need cos August please don’t burn it not please please please please I beg of you oh no no no no no no this is going to end very very poorly not please don’t do it to me you’ve already gone through [Music] bandura [Music] [Music] what ah fuck that I didn’t play your outfit [Music] nice as ball chemist and potions now I do this well but this is still there I can kill this first and then they may be done Wow what what I’m gonna go all right so my bet by the by the way is going with no I don’t think it works I don’t think it works but we’ll see I was wrong [Music] wait what wait wait at the tougher it’s not good enough like the padishah the only survives sponsor if it’s New York I get the traitors and a weird with mama [Music] the world believe me [Music] at this point I don’t think Sonny is going to be able to keep up and it to you Sarah Wow daddy you might be behind but you know what yeah this was huge wow what a moonshine [Laughter] there is my whole strategy has come to this moment business put a four-three shadow warned that also damages adjacent minions hero power is deal one damage to all minions that’s pretty good okay that was cool world and I believe you all right kneel before me I get some get some Oh squares I know I can’t look it’s six cards at the huge justice and John was really hard oh sure that’s dramatic hi alright here we go guys ready [Music] [Music] [Music] well not to do bear [Music] Oh [Music] Wow [Music] Dora yes they’re not there to support you [Music] oh boy yeah [Music] my score is gorgeous oh my god that’s right we’ll add a random death knight cut well this makes me more likely to get that night so this not a deadline here oh that’s a that’s a new heaven oh my god that’s great no it’s gotta be the best animation uh I can micro rank yeah you could toomerang it in a little bit of that again right uh and I don’t know about you but like just leaving experiencing Umbra on the board things like that and I we’re going to do meringue yeah and then it could smack it again alright that’s cool well great great so we’re off the top quality concentrate another one you know he’s a cow he’s at five women you probably said that because this is was a third tentacle now we know how to turn it out another one no way no poor yeah he has pores my good teacher why a card that he’s still holding on to you webinars right right what is such a thing even happiness I was gonna be back cool right away so you played necrotic guys and geomancer and death speaker and make necrotic ash with me oh sure you gotta make kill medicine mean – okay so you play two deaths features right and you make the geomancer and the necrotic guys immune so now the boat can’t die and if I was doing three damage due to dispel power so your summoning a two – cool which that’s the file or tribute the file and kill the two – cool and so you got and if infinite loop going on here right and once you get that infinite loop going you play your wicked skeleton which would be a four manner infinite infinite [Music] you