How to Make Money Fast when you’re Broke (The BEST Way)

[Music] hey everyone I’m Peter Khulna golgotha and today I’m going to show you guys how to make money fast the absolute best way but quickly before that make sure to subscribe because I’m going to be uploading some of the most awesome and valuable content you’ve ever seen I’m planning to release videos about online money making methods psychology tricks to make you a master at influencing people secrets about growing YouTube channels that other big channels simply won’t tell you and so much more cool stuff additionally this animated format is what I’m going to be mostly using from now on so if you liked it please comment below so that you’d do it more in the future now let’s talk about the absolute best way to make money fast this method is a very simple structure and I will go through these three easy steps starting now step one the fiber buy spend a little bit of money on Fiverr to acquire an awesome product that you’re going to sell to other people I personally think the best product to buy for this specific method is an e-book how this works is that you go to and search for ghosts right ghost writing is a simple service where you hire someone to write a book for you and you get to claim that you wrote it you own all the rights you own everything and you don’t have to say that you’ve got it go straight pretty awesome right when you search for ghosts right on Fiverr lots of results are going to show up and prices will vary widely search thoroughly to find the best price for the most words and order his personal service for example I was recently able to find someone who is offering $5 for 500 words and they had well over 100 good reviews try to pick someone like this and make absolute certain that after they write the book you own 100% of the rights to the book oh and by the way I know that you have to spend a little money to do this but trust me that it is worth it every smart entrepreneur knows that you have to spend money to make money it’s a crappy truth but it’s true anyway so you might as well work with it get your ghostwriter to make the book between sly thousand and ten thousand words this is perfect for a viral ebook and finally the most important part of the book make sure it has a viral niche what does the viral niche you ask a viral niche is something that everyone in the right mind would want to buy for example an e-book about chess is not a viral niche because only a few people would want to buy that on the other hand an e-book called how to reach your goal in a year or how to get motivated in three minutes is going to be great these are perfect examples of a viral niche make sure to tell your ghostwriter that you want this title and subject matter after you get the book written which should not take very long self publish it on Amazon is the number one ebook site and everyone buys them it also you can publish your book completely free it costs absolutely nothing open up another tab and search for how to publish my book on Amazon it’s super easy and should realistically take you less than an hour step 2 reviews get all your friends and family to give your book good reviews on Amazon books are rated on a scale of one to five stars and if someone on Amazon sees that your book has good reviews they’re much more likely to buy it now some of you are probably not comfortable with asking people you know to review your book and that’s okay because you can also buy five-dollar reviews on simply search for Amazon book review on Fiverr and you’ll find plenty of people generally these people will give honest reviews but will usually give you a good rating too you only need about three to convince people your book is good enough to buy once your book is written has an awesome catchy title falls into a viral niche it has some good reviews you’re almost done now it’s time for the cash to flow step 3 sell sell sell selling viral niche ebooks is probably ten times easier than you think and can make you a crazy amount of money all you have to do is do what every other successful startup business has done use the phone find a stone book for a heavily populated region like me or to start calling people and asking them whether they’re interested in your book search online for an easy selling script and use it or you can use the completely free script I provide in the description below all I ask in return is that you liked the video and if you find this content to be useful to subscribe because more videos like this are coming here’s an important rule to remember an entrepreneur learn fast and don’t get discouraged it’s pretty likely the first 10 people you call won’t want to buy your book but that’s fine because this is a numbers game excuse the pun price your books between 10 and 20 dollars so that people will be more convinced your book is high quality but will still be willing to spend their money imagine how many people you could call in 8 hours of grinding for your business if you can call around 40 people per hour and manage to sell on 10% of the calls you’re making between 40 and 80 dollars per hour even if you don’t like selling much this prospect is pretty tempting here’s another cool strategy to sell and it’s called remarketing once someone has purchased one of your books write down their phone number and keep them in a list with other people who have bought your book then simply get another book dosed written published and call them up again your chances of selling are much higher for people who have bought from you before and that’s pretty much it folks it takes a lot of hard work but this is the standard business blueprint that successful companies use and what separates the winners from the losers is your ability to do two things learn as you go and grind like hell thank you for watching this video and be sure to subscribe for more awesome content on this YouTube channel [Music]