(Hearthstone) An Embarrassment of Liches

you might still be done bed yeah all right good is ech just a mage then we’ll keep these done of a golden coin anymore while these number of cards in my deck all right spirit lash I don’t relish my deck right now perhaps I should this looks for your lashes at holy Nova one of its kind of mediocre great lash only does one damage like unless you have spell power you need like you need spell power or more like wild power mystic spear latch really do that much work spell power was obviously the best name there’s not that much we want to bail power for and one of these times you have the prologue mission is always Janna versus which game I believe so I’ll assume it is from a story perspective Jaina and artists have you know a thing we need to play Jan you can see what are this is a card right now there’s a listing but like it’s not like Carla pizzica not remember what about Lich Regina does he have a thing to Lucchino that would make sense and the hunt show makes the sub welcome welcome to Dragon army [Music] Gina and married are really nice and brace darkness is good in this necklace how much I mean the moon as I have well I think around 21 Arthas was like one of the Lich King oh really be my guess just everyone’s in their early 20s and other games that’s true in medieval times you’d all be married at 14 release the girls terrifying I would not have made a good what if they’re 14 I would have been eating a lot of pizza bagels playing on PlayStation I think this potion of madness this in the best when you go through each other first he’ll be one after this now shadow visions new card card effect enemy apart right now I was looking for to our mind which is a also new card but thinking like this one good times Western age secret now he’s playing Kazakh skinning out of the test well guys my money destroy plan our word shield is really unattractive ok composite and I don’t think so I think I want to get more cards from stack here at the dark show card King well what’s being eternal servitude is very nice UNH come with a youtube series called delish King oh man my cooking show right now would be like okay let’s make dinner what’s in the fridge throw it in the pan up put some stuff on it here you go we good well maybe be great are you by my potion of madness I can’t feel this like a tag here some of those you know decorated feel approaching this of the games greater healing potion play maybe the pledge game oh yeah so he gives you a random gentleman brand ethnic card which are the immature not the death Knights not like hero cards definitely cards are different than the hero cards yeah a little bit confusing is all the aircraft to that night and I also thought it worked that way when I first saw the enters office actually so the death knight cards I knew for a list links trick with spell Tucker is pretty bad yeah okay alright well yeah look at that woo so chilly this way okay that’s really good with Lyra so there’s all like unique to this card well our fish also gives you one this big as you won every turn Wow our versus death Road GGG a melon section c-137 fact to go let’s get real excited about so say something here that does sound exciting you’re feeling you’re going to get a broom there’s rods ownership right well let’s this will give me a go come actually probably should have taken this because you assess but I do Maya into aunty magic shell which seems difficult for a mage to really defeat don’t know anything anything so I was interesting because lit out I can I can lie bruh auntie magic shell which give me a seven seven can’t be targeted Raza gives me a fool and gives me a Lyra is seven health Gabi targeted actually think I killed this first and putting kill this guy [Music] I don’t know I did I just didn’t feel it I’m not going to do this and then don’t let me just own it thanks to the sub conan’s thanks to the sub get to the five-seven untargetable IRA okay nope not going to work not gonna work untargetable IRA touching with your icy touch you touch my face first let’s see what pain gets me from higher up well mind games mmm cancer called healing all these that that is something that can heal them yeah what’s my games again God oh I’m a bird a card now but you got there got your golden image King yeah and my untargetable I are at a target Raza the targets which will Allah I hope we don’t burn it shadow we can do it that’s like the one thing I want to I don’t want to have happen I’m just all I do is burn them sindragosa all right and this cinder go set up mad combos with this sure okay we’ve also devour mine that’s fine how much at 11:23 25 we can shadow madness this 2627 gonna dust i guess you start with nothing sinister I have too many things many things I mean this is an elemental I want to get rid of this make it I guess I can just cuz this shadow S&C a 5/5 let’s go burn cards the bummer can you want a shout-out on the subway well now I can’t I can’t actually do anything I put that shadow we could play like this and nothing really if you like this that’s why actually the draw card well no I don’t never mind thing at army head too many cars the Lich King put blunder is just wait unity cards eternal eyeshadows played this and the glocca okay polymorph the Lich King robot pirates okay there we go city in statue all I lost the new card looking again well also embraces darkness bows so unless my foot killed it actually I actually want to kill them everyone’s going to gain life for tagging you saw some reviews though did my kind of ones been braced on at least cuz it’s all so funny don’t steal it don’t mind yeah like I have any up let any possibility to double you think that [Music] guess it let’s go sake go I guess I might as well kill D so I met but I can’t hang them I guess I have this so I don’t know this is just so weird well I don’t want to kill I don’t want to kill these what kind of town my hood gets a lot of the legendary oh yeah you don’t want that mr. Figg oh I’ve so many cards but unkillable why you could have made him burn a card as he desired no I killed both dance no I would’ve had total high cards get a draw I did play the card or play two cards we have two more cards left with two more questions disco [Music] another secret okay well the volcanic does mean excuse me that I’m not going to speak there goes to 12 your community is another block its Kazakh stack so I got this from a tension barrier I think it’s I mean it doesn’t really matter I mean I guess if I got this this feather tech like that would be this could be thankfully serious need any charity I really good so I’m one of people with just shadow madness and try get lethal it’s like a death grip know how the fuck it’s just Kazakh Kazakh still be cautious for one for each other I had way too enticing but we won all it took was a stolen lich king in part untargetable IRA and yeah didn’t man doin that I did not identify haribol game was it was a worthless keep going you