Bolvar’s Inquisition (Hearthstone Deck Showcase)

[Music] hey what up legends how’s it going Kiwi in bacon here today is a brand new day with the expansion that just came out I’m pretty happy about that but before we do anything giveaway is going to happen at 5k information about it in the description just make sure to subscribe if you are not already because now make that grow faster bar from that today I created a deck called ball VARs Inquisition it is a divine shield deck but of course brand new bolívar fire blood a bunch of weapons luthor of the ebon blade but not for the hero power mostly for the weapon because it’s so fantastic and of course a ton of divine shield I think it has some potential and I am sure it will be a lot of fun to play I’m going to give it a try on the ladder of course and I hope you guys enjoy if you do enjoy the video just leave a like on the video and now help out a lot that’s pretty much it let’s get into it goal of ours Inquisition Arda Vectis welcome to the frying pan I’m glad that you are part of the crew now that’s nice new bacon bit okay we start a game with righteous protector righteous protector is a fantastic guard oh and light soil I don’t know if I want to keep light sorrow corpse taker is going to be great here I’m going to keep everything gonna turn one to coin out turn three and then blight sorrow for turn four put a cat that’s trying a jump on my desk here gonna show her app this is Mikey eet she’s really cute she likes hearthstone she really really likes hurts them okay so turn one a good righteous protector turn two we have hydrologists turn three is going to be corpse taker of course and turn four whoo okay that’s good coin out I’m gonna I’m gonna change what I said here a little bit redemption is great look over at redemption I’m gonna change what I said I think we Redemption is really good so he’s going to tack into this or something like that something’s gonna happen Oh interesting well crap that’s not what I was hoping for I did not know he was gonna play Myrna Loy’s absent fortunate well Arjun Squire budget squared there we are going to play reinforce I’m going to attack here just so I can play light sorrow next turn I’m assuming and I have a argent square come on don’t kill the archer Squire please don’t pop the divine shield he is going to pop the divine shield all right well in that case I’m gonna play corpse taker actually that’s a good card that’s like a giant Bern bristle I like that also you can get them out of stall hell defender which is pretty cool also well see I don’t know now does he want to trade here because if he does that sucks because of light sorrow I really need to play this card I also need to get my ball var like this is a fantastic card and just just look at it it has so much text so many so many words on there okay unfortunately for you my friend actually don’t just don’t it’s a waste yes there you go all right thank you very much I’m going to play light sorrow and trade here there we go we get a bigger life sorrow and that’s fine with me I don’t mind that at all is that it’s right here I have to trade like this okay fair enough a fledgling that’s a little scary well then I do heal for a bit okay I’m gonna play corpse ticker I’m also going to play hero power this becomes a three for next turn I also kill at least four six which is good um and the next turn I can last in the jungle into spy courage deed this becomes a three four three four weapon is all right I mean you don’t you can’t attack with it immediately when you play it which is kind of annoying but Ali please kill come in so you just have to heal me all right don’t bust this please it’s damaged ouch ouch ouch ouch I do not like that um boy uh I mean it could be super greedy but I can’t really I’m gonna take this I don’t really want to take six damage from a fledgling that’s way too much that’s like way way too much okay fledgling you know what I’m okay with that that’s fine plus I can get some heels and divine shields and everything off of this downhill defender which is great and I can steward of you know steward of dark Shire into hero power for more divine shields right so we’re at work we should be okay here on come on bring it in dude bring it in okay you killed that fine kill back which is fine grandmother okay so let me play stone hell we get a burn bristle burn bristle which will be very very helpful I’m going to kill this kill this I’m going to play the steward of dark Shire and hear of power I’m not going and then trace it here we’re going to new sub I can’t read Russian I’m sorry here lick or whatever it’s called I’m sorry but welcome to the crew I’m glad you’re here alright or ad done now this is a little dangerous we’re playing dangerously here but um if we clear as minions which shouldn’t be too much of a problem for us we will be able to play burn okay let’s play burn bristle into again hero power we trade this here this becomes a for to we drink this here we go face now we have we kind of have to go face a little bit right because we’re at eight this is a for two now um after trading two minions already now it’s a for two still that does not kill me but it’s still a big weapon big ish so I don’t think I’m dead I think we got him here because we’ve got enough minions for needle with the Sun keeper so oh yeah there we go we win perfect sweet you have to peel us tonight and here is odor I’m not gonna play you tur because you know he’s not required to play with this but uh and we win the games due to our lights or oh cool card I like it all right I like my deck it’s pretty fun anyway I know that was a short video and all I just wanted to start showcasing the deck so it could you know gain attention so people could actually see how it fares and you know make them want to play it I think this potentially will have a an impact on the meta I’m not sure if this version of the deck or another version of that deck that is similar will be better but I’m pretty sure pretty sure this will be you know quite good and that you guys are going to have a great time trying it out of ladder so that’s pretty much it for me for now thanks for watching of course make sure to watch the other videos that are coming up this week and subscribe to the channel and apart from that I’ll see you guys in the next one [Music] you