(Hearthstone) Top Tier Quest Showdown – 2 Games

alright where’s Rex Aravalli request maybe to be keeping Ally blade but I want like early minions well this is horrible and full were like one drops in my back and then draw an e4 to drop some addictive drug oh my god maybe I won my quest it’s a quest enough shang-chi edge of the sunwell coat oh my god you better not trade off turned out cute cat [Music] okay lychee trading off ugh okay that’s passed once weird devil sir egg he could like a tack here and kill command it but otherwise like not going to be easy for him to deal with this way we even profit well I see I may have missed some of these subs over my fan of sound crazy unicorn or whatever turncoat wookie out lot twelve and Aiden as a sub any thirteen was a we sub welcome back smell breaker no little way arch-nemesis well back for more it’s a good perfect you can’t keep a good head down knuckles of God he smorc but he also trade kind of like protection also attack great all right well this egg is being receded up he’s gone through a lot okay going on no oh my god oh my god no no no oh God he’s more any also attack do you say I gotta kill this so fixing on me actually completed quested he’s kidding to look hot too all right so we’re hoping to have the devil Touareg survive my doomsday oh god maybe that’s not gonna happen right now he’s not killing this they make it feel to kill me correctly that’s his meals a lot of damages we’re ten but we’re tearing on an empty board we have stone hills that can get liquor flam we also have wicker flame obviously just in our deck that’s the pretty good one oh my god please don’t have no nose [Music] you’re not with your flame your Rickard flame you so tell me this turn no-kill commands well there’s his quest he’s already spelled record me Vanessa I remembered una uh everything went so wrong for me that game I lost a hunter quest to be fried it was utter quest I lost to hunter I lost the killke of it the preach I was gonna play one last game and here we are divided like one like 20 in a game or a bird keep sacrificing on your knees [Music] is the khari attacker 100% sure to get a first turn all the quests are yeah I grass now I must give me rekt when I play my merlok my discard merlok gar Mort Thank You rocks to the sub welcome to the dragon army wife stand hill medic Stone Hill is good in this deck to get you additional Akari fell hounds I actually unconvinced this don’t help lot will be in the deck it’s been somewhat unimpressive like all of the non found options often end up being quite poor get resort of tap mistress own tab in which they can against like a breeze it’s really valuable to have against them really good too I’m sure to disarm a good cons assume starve on this cocoa foot [Music] not this car goodbye this way thankfully defens not really a car that you’re generally interested in having to get the free spec anyway usually you would rather have like twisting that there’s your board clears actually the next start probably is going to tap and click Reaper or potentially just like corrupting this the name of my opponent does rather than play out a doodle guard because wanna be able to play in front the young guard is very powerful especially in this little controller matchup but can i that there’s kind a jumbo a lot thanks to the sub welcome well the splitting there is the corrupting mist okay let’s place our creeper is there card to recover discarded cards there is cruel dynam answer which the card that I have had in some versions of this deck but I’ve ended up cutting from some of the inversions it’s possibly it should be in my neck over stone hell I’ve become less and less interested in Stone Hill defender the more I played the list your axis which is one of the present many sources of scars we’re just hitting in my think he liked it this hit this dragon fire he wants which does come on board that’s not really particularly productive for him kind of dealt I mean if we can protect our jaraxxus it’s our best Guardians pretty to jewelley is it’s really going first damage okay interesting so several times away I think I still just want to go ahead and to do garden we run the risk of losing our jaraxxus [Music] bummer you pretty requests right now [Music] neither the quest online were actually resilient to dragon fire potion because if two five seven and then we’re gonna start another portal a next turn we still have both first siphons both to our twists in our deck it makes the nether portal extremely strong okay over another point obviously right kill this guy you can see place down go boom that was the four six you can primordial direct coming here which is kind of a bummer promoting actually clear my board however does that for tagging his term but this is for tagging my training can also attack if the dragon fire find the way we can with very much [Music] there’s twist so we’re pretty stable here generating threat kind of tempted to just person or thing right now though I reckon right earthen rings I’m actually pretty bad even working directory Detective Mode I want to tap like tap I’m getting closer to like a lease – remember reason – plenty more my discard cards no I mean for instance if this retire lurker it would just be you know I just have to mana floating because really know I’ve been advantaged given the state of the game and what I’m looking to be doing I’m taking this over today to our library with us because that’s corrupting this to kill these just isn’t that big a deal that crowd has been licensed turned one this is a resilient crab it’s got a thick shell there’s actually a K in that thick I’m sure [Music] it’s really trying to get so many cards in my hand actually filled this guy because this can be healed up he doesn’t like some sort of divine version and again what is hammering something there isn’t any of anymore so I’m try to either cytosin dragon fire [Music] look it’s a little bit of us draws right look medic [Music] so we do have primer strike in hit here or hit here during to the viscous force of drag but I still have my mine others portal iPhone has two cards from my deck one card from the deck yeah he’s one card to my neck because he still has already the site insults oh yeah he’s one card on my back please cookies about okay hit with Internet make sure this ralphing wall goes through your own court pack all right attack I’m going to play two deaths that one of them was discover from shadow visions to play – dragon fires on skype and soul they’re pretty a pretty good result here by the way let’s just kill those guys in place while King Drive succeed really good result fuckin dread King mosh devil legendary like really high powered card twist that beetle berries are my favorite interestingly definitely did not get taught by swamp and red you still playing live away I’ll find skating survives the Dragon Type O should be somehow the third turns out as I said if I won the game clearly quest customer lock on the top tier deck and I won so over 50% win rate quest where lock number one you

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