How to Make MONEY on Youtube WITHOUT any Subscribers!

what’s up guys fire world or au here back at it with a new freakin video this time with 1000 subscribers wow what a time to be alive we’re at 1,000 subs to be a yours whoa I know 1000 subs may not seem like a lot to you but for me it’s a lot so thank you to everyone who watches my videos I fucking love you guys and tell me what you think about my videos in the comments below give me feedback tell me how you’re fucking anything I like talking to you guys so if you’re watching this video you better come or else and before we get started on this video make sure you smash that like button just like you’re smashing your crush go all in just so I could know if you guys actually like my videos or not and please don’t forget to follow my twitter account at viral world it’s right there you’re looking at it on your screen I just started posting on this account and I’m at four measly followers let me sit back and cry to be honest you guys are not putting respect on my name or better yet let me drink bleach my link is in the description so follow me so you can get updates and also be having q and a’s in the future so also follow me to ask questions and girls haha you know what to do slide them ideas yikes okay now how do you make videos on YouTube without any subscribers is that even possible let me tell you from experience yes it’s very possible to make decent money on YouTube without any subs now will this money be enough to buy you a Lambo to stun everyone no will this money be enough to do the money phone pose no I wish will this money be enough to buy you your daily meth fix fuck yes I’m just joking kids don’t do drugs or else you won’t make that YouTube money but yes making money on YouTube without any subscribers won’t make you millions but it can make you anywhere from 10 bucks a month to a thousand dollars even more if you invest money and work hard okay it’ll basically make you enough for Netflix and chill membership and then some so how can you do this well first off let me state the obvious to make money on YouTube you do not need subscribers in fact you can have a video go semi viral meaning you can get 50,000 views plus in the first week or so and halfs your subs and still make money on that video if it was monetized of course now you’re probably thinking to yourself no shit Sherlock this isn’t something new kill yourself faggot drink bleach lllll chill I got you fam that’s only one way to make money on YouTube trust me there’s more in this video I’ll be revealing one that most big youtubers use aside from making money on views you can also make money on affiliate commissions now what are affiliate commissions both basically selling someone else’s stuff and then making a commission off that sale and every website usually has an affiliate program so you can basically sell anything and I mean anything all you got to do is search famous brands or product on Google with our affiliate program after and you’ll get the absolute best affiliate program for beginners has to be Amazon because everyone in their mom purchases from Amazon so sign up for Amazon Associates program but first you’re going to want to think of a video idea if you’re going to be promoting a physical product I suggest you do a video review on it so what’s good about doing video reviews is because you’re attracting buyers meaning the people that are going to watch your videos are going to most likely buy now to do a review on a product of course has to be in your hands obviously so either order the product off Amazon or if it’s a product that you already own that’s even better this product could be some tripod camera or anything or for girls that could be makeup basically anything that you vouch for or recommend you want people to purchase this product because they will benefit them in some way okay so obviously you’re not going to promote some shitty product with one-star reviews so now you have a product in your hands now you make a video reviewing that product the pros the cons and all that bullshit after you make a video go to your amazon associates account that i talked about earlier and search for the product you just reviewed after you find the product you just reviewed on your amazon associates account you want to select it and it’ll make a unique link for you so whenever anyone visits that lincoln buys you make a commission so when you upload the video you want to place the link in the description what’s great about Amazon is even if they don’t purchase that specific product you link to whatever they buy on Amazon within 30 days you get a commission of now following this method I can guarantee you will make at least one sale within a month and if you don’t just come strangle me I’m serious just come strangle me ok so just try reviewing popular products that people would want to buy so that your videos will rank in the youtube search now this is just for physical products you can also promote digital products like ebooks software both digital products you won’t be doing product reviews or you can but you’ll make tutorials for example you can have a tutorial on how to build a website and in that tutorial you can tell them that they need this plug-in for the website to work and without it the website won’t function correctly so you can put the affiliate link for that plug-in in the description and when they do purchase it you get a commission you see for these methods to work doing two things creativity and providing value you need to be creative on how you promote the product honestly you don’t need to work hard for the shit to work all you got to do is work smart all right whether it’s a product review tutorial anything and for value you’re providing value with the reviewer tutorial you you have these two things no doubt you’ll make money on YouTube without any subscribers because as long as people are finding viewing your video they’re going to the link to purchase and you’re making money so if you do make money with these methods make sure you thank me early send me a fucking nickel or something or even better yet a Netflix and chill membership I’m kidding but if you did enjoy this video please make sure you fucking break that like button from clicking it too much and comment down below on what video you want me to do next

5 Ways to Make Money Using Your Phone!

guys they just casually like da tricks [Music] what is up you guys welcome back to my channel or if you’re new here my name is Emily welcome little disclaimer I don’t know why my face looks white and my body looks orange when I look in the mirror I look normal one color but then on camera I’m like oh today I’m showing you some ways to make money using your phone this is really cool to me I’ve made a lot of favorite iPhone app videos in the past you guys really enjoy them but I thought today I would focus it mainly on making money because it’s summertime we all need a little extra cash we all always need a little extra cash and anyone can do these things know like age limit you don’t have to be a famous youtuber like none of it okay let’s hop right into this go my phone will unlock okay app number one is called feature point I’ve talked about it in a few other videos in the past but I thought I’d bring it up again this is like my holy grail for making money I’m gonna run through it kind of quickly so if you like a lot of you guys might know it already basically when you open it up it gives you a list of apps to download when you download these apps and usually you have to like open them up use it for 30 seconds or something like that and then you get points which can be redeemed for gift cards I always get the PayPal gift cards because that’s basically just money and I think we all want money here you know this app isn’t in the App Store I don’t really know why but I’ll link it down below so you can get it on Safari it’s completely safe and everything I have made hundreds of dollars from this so I definitely trust it also if you want 50 free points when you sign up use my referral code I’ll have it right here okay app number 2 I actually just found and it’s so cool then we pull it up on my phone so I can make sure I explained it all correctly this app is called Ebates and it’s pretty much weightless fund it it’s a cash out back what it’s a cash back app so basically here’s a list of apps and what percent you get back so for example if you shop at champion you get six percent cashback and all you have to do is click link and it will link it to your credit card or debit card and then when you buy anything from that website you automatically get that percent cash back so I don’t get why you wouldn’t do this I don’t know how I didn’t know about this it has like everything I’ll have this linked in the description as well okay the third app is another one I’ve talked about before for sure but I love it actually talked about it like a few videos ago but in case you missed it this app is called be pop and it’s an app where you can buy and sell old clothes well when I say old that sounds gross but like previously owned clothes you know it’s like thrifting but in an app and you can search for everything which makes it a lot easier so if you want like a champion hoodie you can search champion hoodie and then a ton of them will come up okay but that’s not like the money-making aspect you know that’s a wasting money well not necessarily waste it but losing money so I made my whole closet purging cleaning out video and then all the clothes that I found that I didn’t want anymore I listed on the pub and people will buy them it’s honestly pretty easy like you don’t need a following you don’t need a youtube channel we’re like hey check out my beep op most of the people buy my items have no idea who I am they just like randomly search for some item and I happen to be selling it which is really cool like you don’t need followers who just kind of randomly gain followers you don’t have to do any promoting or anything like that you can check out my bebop if you want to but not the point of the video at all if you have a deep out though commented in it the comment section and maybe I’ll check it out because I like buying stuff if you’d rather sell your clothes just to people you know so you don’t have to ship out or any of that I’ve seen a lot of people at my school making second instagrams where they list the clothes they’re selling and you can just promote it on your main Instagram and people you know will likely go over and follow and maybe buy some of it can give it to them in person whether it’s at school or like bring it to their house ok the final thing is for all of you who have YouTube channels but what’s cool about this is you do not need to be a big youtuber at all you can have like I mean I don’t know if you have like a thousand subscribers you can totally do this or you could even do it if you have a zero subscribers as long as you’re posting a video you can try this out and maybe it’ll work you can make money through affiliate links and I know a lot of times like you think of those like this person sponsored by the brain and then they get an affiliate link when people click on it they make more money but I recently found out that you can do this without a sponsorship or even working with a brand at all they don’t need to know who you are the one I’ve used is through Amazon so all you have to do is sign up then just put your YouTube channel link or you can put an Instagram atwitter like a blog if you have that so then you can make a video talking about some product and then if people go and buy the product through your link you get a share of the money that the company makes it is so so cool in my opinion and I’m being real like I’ve made a good amount of money through there actually I can make even more than my Adsense money which is pretty crazy okay so those are my ways to make money online and on your phone if this helped you at all if you found some new way to make money be sure to give the video a thumbs up subscribe to my channel if you’re new here press the bell icon to turn on my post notifications and if you want to check out my social media I try to post on there pretty often and of course leave video requests down below and I’ll see you all in my next video bye [Music] we just again and Brazil