What I Eat in a Day | Paleo Meal & Snack Ideas | February 2017

hi everyone today I am going to be sharing with you another what I eat in a day video so I’m just going to cat you through what I’ve been loving for breakfast and lunch and dinner as well as some snacks and that sort of thing all grain free and dairy free and all kinds of stuff like that so let’s get started so I am starting off my morning this morning with some lemon water I don’t have lemon water every morning but it’s a nice mineral rich way alkalizing way to kind of start your day and I love just taking a few minutes to just look outside wake up so for breakfast this morning I am gonna be making a pumpkin porridge and I have been eating a ton of this lately and there’s quite a few variations that you can do today I’m going to be putting some apples in it so I just chopped up an apple I have here some organic pumpkin puree I do a few spoonfuls of that this is by Pacific and I like it it’s very delicious and then I just throw in some of my homemade coconut milk as well and some cinnamon and some shredded coconut and I also like to put in some pasture-raised gelatin in there too this is the one that I use by Great Lakes it just helps to kind of thicken it but it’s also really rich in protein and it’s a good source of collagen as well so it’s great for your joints great for digestion so I just give it a little stir around and then I add it to the stovetop and I’m going to let it simmer for a few minutes so because I have apples in this one I like them to soften so I’ll let it simmer for a little bit longer than usual and then once the apples are softened I’m just going to add in a banana and I’m going to mash it up a little bit and this way it kind of helps to give it that added thickness and chunk to it so it’s more like a porridge sometimes I put this in the blender though and I make it completely smooth and then that’s it it’s so tasty there’s so many variations of this so we need to put ingredients that you could add to it yeah it kind of looks like diarrhea but it’s friggin delicious if you’re interested in the recipe you can find it on my blog so for lunch today I’m going to be making myself a pretty basic salad I have here some spring mix and some cucumber I’m going to put some chopped beets on the side and I have a can of tuna as well and the dressing that I’m using is just one of my homemade dressings really easy it’s olive oil balsamic vinegar some honey and what else that I dream is dropping oh yeah lemon juice as well so very very tasty and I’m also going to enjoy some grapes I could literally eat an entire bag of grapes so for a little snack something that I have been really kind of obsessive lately it’s just basically a bowl of sliced cucumber and sliced avocado and some olives I have these ones here by Acropolis organics they’re delicious kalamata olives and this is me trying to get them out of the container so that I can slice them up I just love olives I used to not like them very much at all and now I could I just eat them all the time almost every day and I’ve also got some cultured carrots here these are by green table foods they’re really good and then I just splashed on some apple cider vinegar on the top a tiny little snack that I’ve been enjoying lately are these fruit leather spiced if you go and it’s literally just varied spinach apple sweet potatoes I can eat like ten of them so for my dinner tonight I am making a most delicious shepherd’s pie and so I’m just going to sauté up some garlic and onion and I’m going to throw in my grass-fed ground beef into the pan and let that cook up a little bit and in the meantime I’m going to just chop up my veggies so I’ve got some broccoli some celery and some carrots as well once the meats all cooked up I’m just going to throw in my veggies and give it a little stir around and to season my shepherd’s pie today I’m going to be using some coconut aminos I love this stuff it’s such a good alternative to not only soy sauce but as a marinade as well so this is one that I’m using here by Coco Natura and it just made with coconut sap there’s some garlic in it so simple and so flavorful and I’m going to be using sweet potatoes today to put on top of the shepherd’s pie instead of white potatoes mashed cauliflower like a cauliflower mash is also really really good with this too and I’ve thrown in some peas in there too and rosemary as well just so delicious and I like to thicken it with cassava flour which is a great grain free nut free everything free flour basically and now it’s time to mash up my sweet potatoes and it’s going to put all of the ingredients into a casserole dish and put the sweet potato on top and if you want you could broil it in the oven for five minutes if you want to make it a little crispy on the top too and voila a delicious shepherd’s pie this serves probably about four people if I’m making it for myself it allows me a few days which is nice you can always pack it the next day for lunch so that’s it for my what I eat in a day video I hope you guys enjoyed it of course every day is very very different usually in the evening sometime after this I will enjoy some sort of snack and eating a lot of dates lately so sometimes I’ll make little desserts out of I hope you guys enjoyed this video and be sure to give this video a thumbs up if you did and we may comment below and I will see you guys very soon bye