Eighteen Ways Scholarships Can Help Influence New Entrepreneurs Like Hunter Hobson to Succeed

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Scholarships are great ways to help pay for school. Moreover, they can also be sources of inspiration for entrepreneurs like Hunter Hobson. By offering financial assistance and opportunities to network, scholarships help entrepreneurs get their starts and achieve their long-term goals.

About Scholarships

Not only do scholarships help pay for school, but they also connect you with influential people who can further your career. They are investments in your future.

Some are based on need. Others are based on things like your grades, your interests, or how you plan to use your education.


There are many different types of scholarships. Here are some examples:

  • Academic: These are based on your grades and test scores.
  • Athletic: These are given to students who excel in sports.
  • Minority: These are given to students who belong to minority groups, such as African Americans, Native Americans, and Latinos.
  • Need-Based: These are given to students who have low incomes.
  • For Women: These are given to women who want to pursue careers in traditionally male-dominated fields, such as engineering or science.

Helping in Eighteen Ways

Here are eighteen ways that scholarships can help new entrepreneurs succeed.

Financial Aid

Scholarships can provide the financial assistance needed to attend school and get a degree in a field related to entrepreneurship. This can help entrepreneurs gain the knowledge and skills necessary to start and grow their businesses.


Scholarships can be sources of inspiration for entrepreneurs. By seeing others who have received them and gone on to successful careers, entrepreneurs can be motivated to achieve their own goals.

Forming Connections

Scholarships can offer opportunities to meet other students who are interested in entrepreneurship. These connections can be valuable when it comes to starting and running a business.

Meeting Mentors

Scholarships can give entrepreneurs access to mentors who can provide guidance and advice on starting and growing a business. These mentors can be valuable resources for entrepreneurs as they launch their businesses.

Developing a Support Network

Scholarships can help entrepreneurs develop support networks of people who are interested in and invested in their successes. These networks can provide valuable advice, resources, and connections as entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Building Confidence

Scholarships can help entrepreneurs build the confidence they need to succeed in business. By investing in entrepreneurs, scholarships can show them that they have what it takes to achieve their goals.

Improving Time Management Skills

Scholarships can help entrepreneurs improve their time management skills. These are essential skills for entrepreneurs who need to balance their academic commitments with their business goals.

Gaining Real-World Experience

Scholarships can provide entrepreneurs with opportunities to gain real-world experience through internships and other programs. This experience can be invaluable as entrepreneurs launch their businesses.

Learning How to Raise Funds

Scholarships can teach entrepreneurs how to raise funds for their businesses. This is an important skill for entrepreneurs who need to secure financing to start and grow their businesses.

Developing a Business Plan

Scholarships can also help entrepreneurs develop business plans. This is a crucial step in starting any business and can help entrepreneurs secure funding and resources.

Opportunity Exposure

Scholarships can provide funding for travel to attend conferences and networking events related to entrepreneurship. This can help entrepreneurs gain exposure to new ideas and connect with potential customers and partners.

Funding Projects

Scholarships can offer funding for research projects related to entrepreneurship. This research can help entrepreneurs develop new products or services or improve existing ones.


Scholarships can pay for memberships in professional organizations related to entrepreneurship. These memberships can keep entrepreneurs up-to-date on industry trends. Moreover, they connect entrepreneurs with other professionals in their fields.


Scholarships can provide funding for internships with businesses in the entrepreneurs’ chosen industries. This experience can allow entrepreneurs to learn about businesses’ operations. In addition, it builds their skill sets.

Start-Up Help

Scholarships can cover the costs of starting a business, including purchasing supplies, equipment, or office space. This can help entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground without incurring too much debt.

Economic Assistance

Scholarships can offer financial assistance for living expenses while entrepreneurs are starting their businesses. This support helps reduce stress. In addition, it allows entrepreneurs to focus on growing their businesses.

Insurance Coverage

Scholarships can provide coverage for health insurance premiums while entrepreneurs are starting their businesses. This coverage helps protect entrepreneurs from unexpected medical bills that could derail their business plans.

Child Care Assistance

Scholarships can offer financial assistance for childcare while entrepreneurs are starting their businesses. This support helps entrepreneurs balance their parenting responsibilities with their business goals.


Scholarships can provide a variety of benefits to entrepreneurs who are starting or running businesses. These benefits can include funding for research projects, internships, start-up costs, and financial assistance for living expenses and childcare.

Scholarships can also help entrepreneurs build confidence, improve their time management skills, and gain real-world experiences. By providing opportunities for networking and education, scholarships can help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and achieve success. If you are an entrepreneur, then consider applying for one to help you reach your goals to become successful like Hunter Hobson.

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Your Guide to Identifying and Reaching Your Target Audience

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When a business is developing its marketing and promotional strategies, it is essential to focus on building brand awareness with the right target audience in mind. Getting your products and services in front of thousands of people is excellent. However, the effort is moot if those people are not interested in what you are selling.

Do you have a fantastic product and want to ensure optimal sales results? You need to focus your marketing efforts on attracting a target market that benefits from your products and/or services.

If you are unsure of the steps to take to reach your target audience effectively and convert potential customers, you are in the right place.

What Is a Target Audience?

A business’s target audience is the people who will purchase its products and services. For example, if you wrote a children’s book, your target audience would be children and parents. If your book were specifically about ocean wildlife, your target audiences would be families that live near the water, children that enjoy water and wildlife, and parents who want to educate their children on marine life. These groups of people are most likely to buy your product because they have a specific interest and will find value in what you are selling.

Finding your target market is one of the first steps in developing a solid promotional marketing strategy.

Why Is Identifying Your Target Market Important for Your Business?

Identifying your target audience has enormous benefits for your business. Knowing who your potential customers are can produce a stronger return on investment (ROI) and lower overall marketing campaign costs.

When you know your target audience, you can concentrate your efforts on targeting consumers who want to buy your products and services. The many benefits of knowing and reaching your target audience include the following:

  • It makes advertising easier.
  • It is cheaper than attracting groups of people who are not interested in your services.
  • It shows you understand your customers on a more genuine level.
  • Your business benefits from attracting repeat customers.

80% of marketers involved in a research study said, “Target audience-tailored content on social media is more effective than non-target audience-tailored content.” Do not waste your marketing budget on people that are not going to buy your products. 51% of consumers in a report by Marketo Engage said that brands send too much content that is not relevant to them. This can sometimes be frustrating.

How to Find and Reach Your Target Audience

A lot of strategic planning goes into finding the right target audience for your business. Here are a few things you can do to find out who your target market is and the best way to get its attention:

Break It Down

You can break your marketing campaigns into groups, such as identifying the target demographic, geographic, psychographic details and even behavioral specifics.

Consider where people who might be interested in your product live. How do they live their lives? How old are they, and what gender are they? What do they do for a living, and what might their general attitude be? Narrow your target audience down as much as possible to reach your target audience more easily.

Personalize Your Marketing Campaign

When you have narrowed down your target audience, it is easier to construct a consistent yet personalized and intuitive email that suits them.

Suppose your target audience identifies as middle-aged women who have children and want to be more active. Your marketing campaign should start with something women-focused with a touch of femininity. It should also show an understanding of mothers’ valuable time and the need to care for their children.

Research shows that businesses that personalize their marketing strategies could see a revenue increase of up to 25%.

Develop a Consistent Message

Keep the message consistent and clear. Confusing your audience will not do your business any favors. An unclear message leads audiences to ask too many questions that take the focus away from the product or services.

Consistency builds trust and loyalty within your target audience and connects relevant audiences with your brand. Social media ads in digital marketing strategies are the perfect examples of this. Your message needs to add value and be consistent for your social media platforms to gain an organic following of loyal customers who have a genuine interest in your brand.

Targeted ads are great ways to get through to your intended audience. Keep in mind that your tone of voice, message, quality, and values must align whenever you post content on social media sites.

Take Advantage of Promotional Products

Choose a promotional product targeted toward your perfect client. Once you have found your target audience, you can use promotional products to entice, attract, and promote your brand to prospective customers who have interest in your brand.

Promotional products improve client retention, awareness, and loyalty. Choose a product your audience will find useful and include this in your marketing strategy to see the benefits for yourself.

It Helps to Know Your Target Audience

Businesses can thrive and see quicker growth when they know their target audience. Identifying and understanding the people who want to buy your products allows your business to focus on a more affordable marketing strategy with quick and efficient results.

If you have not figured out who your target consumers are yet, use the steps above as a starting point. Get ready to see a steady improvement in your KPIs and your ROI when you put them into practice.

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5 massive SEO and content shifts you need to master right now

Google’s focus on optimizing for the user never goes away, which is why its continual updates are always targeted at both SEO and content best practices. 

These can range from core algorithmic changes and new features and products. For example, this can include SERP format changes and new ranking signals to avoid low-quality content to understand consumer behavior better. With Google’s focus on user experience, it is no surprise that they have been rolling out updates to improve search and site experiences.

Some of the most recent changes were aimed at improving page speed and Core Web Vitals, as well as product reviews which shows how much importance Google places upon providing quality content. The helpful content update (HCU) focuses on content for human users, rather than just for ranking (over-optimizing) and not really giving people anything useful when looking for information!

Some marketers have struggled to keep up with and adapt to these changes. Meanwhile, other brands are thriving.


Because they have learned to stay ahead of Google’s ever-evolving algorithms by focusing on quality content.

Savvy marketers know that they must have similar goals to Google. That means providing content that resonates, engages and converts – wherever, whenever and however consumers discover it.

It’s essential to not just look at where Google is today but where Google is heading over the next six months, next year and beyond. If you can keep pace with these momentous shifts, you can stay ahead of Google and your competition to dominate online in your industry.

Home Business

The best way to stay ahead is to focus your efforts on content and optimization for the user, not the algorithm.

It’s time to start thinking forward – and fast! Below are five SEO shifts you need to master as we head into the latter part of this year.

1. From SEO just to rank to ‘SEO for content convergence and performance’

Just as content alone isn’t enough to guarantee SEO success, SEO alone isn’t enough to ensure that people will find and engage with your content. 

As Danny Goodwin highlights in a recent article, content needs to:

  • Be created for a specific audience.
  • Feature expertise.
  • Be trustworthy and credible.
  • Meet the searcher’s want(s) or need(s).

The old days of irrelevant content and over-optimizing just for rank means that good SEO and content marketers have a unique opportunity. Those who use good SEO practices and align better with their content partners and writers stand to win in the long term.

Now, more than ever, data can help marketers understand consumer intent to create quality content that aligns with the customer journey and satisfy the human user.

Here’s how marketers can master this shift.

Ensure your content creation is based on intent-led data

Content marketing without data lacks purpose. Data is becoming a key source of business and content intelligence.

Utilize SEO data to understand user intent, define correct audiences, and provide relevant topics people want to read and engage with.

Track and measure these to gain the insights you need to create meaningful content that people want to consume and improve future content marketing efforts.

Foster search, social and content synergy

In combination, organic search, social and content help brands achieve their goals and objectives. Creating high-quality content with SEO in mind from the beginning boosts search visibility.

That great content can then be further amplified via social media, creating demand you can harvest later via search.

Maximize your search engine results page (SERP) footprint

Create and optimize high-ROI content like articles and videos to help people (by answering important or popular questions or providing practical information) or capitalize on trendy topics.

Then help your brand further stand out in the SERPs by winning real estate with featured snippets, site links, related questions, images, videos and tweets.

2. From mobile-first to ‘the need for mobile speed’

For years, Google told marketers about the coming shift to mobile-first – and it finally arrived. Today, optimizing for mobile search, devices, and usability is no longer optional. It’s mandatory.

This is especially true with Core Web Vitals, where the initial focus was on mobile rather than desktop. 

While many brands have become mobile-ready, many forget that mobile speed matters the most. Google has begun to factor mobile loading times into its ranking algorithm, which means increasing site speed can help your website gain in the SERPs.

Here’s how marketers can master this shift.

Make your mobile SEO fast and furious

In addition to being attractive and easy to navigate, mobile websites must be fast. About 53% of mobile users leave sites that take more than three seconds to load, according to Google research.

Therefore, following technical mobile SEO best practices (e.g., image optimization, redirects, JavaScript, and CSS) is a necessary barrier to entry in today’s digital world.

Consider contextual mobile content

Focus on creating content that mobile users want and will find valuable. Typically, mobile users are in research mode – searching for information they need or need some inspiration.

Make sure your brand is there and influences that decision when they’re ready to convert, which is more likely to be on a desktop or in-store than on a smartphone.

Design for mobile

CDNs can be a great way to make your media load faster.

One way of doing this is by consulting Google’s latest developer documentation on image optimization and adhering to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Working with front-end developers ensures that lightweight crafted HTML5/CSS will help you stay within industry standards while focusing primarily on “is the user getting what they came for.” Ensure your design works well enough so as not to hinder their experience.

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3. From local and hyperlocal to ‘shopping online and in-store’

The hyperlocal opportunity has never been greater for marketers. Hyperlocal targeting lets you reach people based on their location. This is an excellent way for brands to capitalize on “near me” searches and “I-want-to-go” micro-moments and become hyper-relevant and valuable.

It’s worth noting that the COVID-19 pandemic caused many shoppers to choose between online shopping vs. in-store. There’s been a steady increase of people buying from websites on their phones with just one click, according to a Digital Commerce 360 ecommerce study. 

Here’s how marketers can master this shift.

Make sure critical contact information that people search for is prominent or easy to find. This includes name, address, phone, hours and directions.

Hyperlocal optimization = hyper important

Google’s personalized hyperlocal results give more visibility to smaller geographic locations.

Optimize your Google Business Profile, create localized content and landing pages, use local business Schema markup and monitor the performance of your local keyword rankings.

Build on the intersection of local and mobile

People who do local searches on smartphones have higher intent.

Optimizing for local also means optimizing for users who are on the go. These people have different needs and expectations than those doing local searches on other devices.

Understand and adapt

Some people still prefer visiting brick-and-mortar stores when they need something.

However, most consumers now search for products first through Google or other platforms before making purchases at physical locations as well. Monitor how these trends change over time by tracking ranking fluctuations across industries. 

4. From text to voice to ‘multiple search entry points’

To be successful in today’s competitive market, marketers need to build comprehensive strategies that drive interactions at every search entry point. This includes TV sets and smartphones and extends to IoT devices like smart plugs or lightbulbs. 

As marketers collect this data, we become a virtual user group, gathering information and understanding where what and why people search. 

Here’s how marketers can master this shift.

Understand the customer experience

From product development, customer acquisition, and sales through to service, post-sales support, and loyalty, consumers are searching at every stage to find just what they need at any particular moment.

Search is a window into the user experience every step of the way, so utilize it. 

Ensure consumers have an enjoyable experience from start to finish

You must provide them with what they desire: seamless experiences across all channels without any unnecessary hassle or hindrance. 

Get smart about intelligent agents

Many voice searches happen at home, in the car, or on the go, resulting in a more connected world. These intelligent agents use semantics, search history, and user interests and behaviors to provide the best results.

So, make sure content is aligned with the intent and interests of customers at the right moment of the decision journey. Be the best answer.

5. From data to machine learning to ‘intelligent automation’

Google relies on machine learning, in the form of RankBrain, MUM, and its core technologies, to make sense of the massive amounts of data and deliver the best possible search results for users.

We know that the pandemic helped accelerate every organization’s journey to digital transformation. The next step in that process is evolution and who can progress with ease, speed and efficiency. 

As marketers, we, too, must turn to data science and machine learning to understand our audience’s intent, interests, and behavior so we can deliver and personalize the content they want.

Here’s how marketers can master this shift.

View data as a source of truth

Martech stacks are being built around data integrations and performance because we simply have too much data and not enough analysts or hours in the day to make sense of it all.

To capitalize on demand, spot patterns, and stay ahead of the competition, marketers need to go beyond the “what” of data to understand the “when” and “why” of analytics.

Utilize AI and machine learning

Machine learning helps marketers spend less time analyzing data and more time creating content that will engage and influence prospects and customers.

Let AI and machine learning deliver actionable insights about your audience and content performance. Do not let it write content for you

Define metrics and measurement

Data allows marketers to make better and more accurate decisions more quickly. Define the metrics that matter to your brand, and monitor your search and content data.

This will allow you to track your progress, iterate and improve your content production and organic search optimization for greater visibility and a greater share of voice.


SEO and data are essential for a successful integrated digital strategy with tangible ROI.

By understanding the five points above and consistently measuring your results, you will demonstrate that creating compelling, engaging, thoughtful content is the path to revenue and genuinely worth the investment.

SEO plays a vital role in providing insights, optimizing and measuring content – content has become the cornerstone of any good SEO campaign. 

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GA4 now has an enhanced measurement option for Form interactions

Google has added an enhanced measurement option for Form interactions. Now you can not only see when a form has been submitted, but you can also see when one has been started by a new user.

Lead gen marketers rejoice!

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Enable enhanced measurement. Enhanced measurement should be enabled automatically if you already have a web data stream created. If not, check your analytics account and turn this on.

Dig deeper. You can read the announcement from Google here.

Why we care. With so many new shopping products being released lately, it’s nice to see one for lead gen. The new enhanced measurement feature will let you see visitors to your website who started filling out forms but did not complete them for some reason. With that information, advertisers can create remarketing campaigns with unique messages to entice visitors to come back and complete the form.

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Millions Have Turned to Getting a Second Job in Cost of Living Crisis

Reading Time: 3 mins

New research from Royal London has shown that millions of UK workers have either had to take on a second job to cover the Cost of Living Crisis, or greatly increase their working hours in their existing jobs due to worries about rising bills. 

Second Job and long hours

According to the research, more than five million workers have already taken on extra employment to deal with their outgoings, and ten million more are making steps toward or planning this seemingly drastic approach. 

Royal London discovered that millions of UK employees are working extremely long hours, with over a quarter of full-timers staying at work for over 48 hours a week, which is the recommended maximum time: some have said they work 56 hours every week, which equates to over 11 hours each day in a five-day working week. 

Research also shows that only 10 percent of UK adults are confident they’ll be able to cope with the current rising costs and aren’t earning enough currently; two fifths working the longest hours are saying they are struggling to meet their basic outgoing costs. 

Four in five people in the UK say they’re prepared for the financial crisis, having made preparations, but still a third of people have to take out loans or use overdrafts well before pay day. The main problem is that the outgoings of many greatly exceeds their income, despite taking measures to reduce their spending. As such, millions are being forced to take out loans or other borrowing services unexpectedly. 



Nearly a quarter of UK workers say they have planned to use their savings, but a fifth of people said that they could only fund a small unplanned cost from their savings. This is affecting people’s mental health, which in turn can affect their physical health and well-being, as well as (from a majority of men) an inability to accept or discuss their financial situation and (from a majority of women) feelings of despair and anxiety. 

In fact nearly three quarters of UK adults have not approached anyone for help or advice with the Cost of Living crisis.  

If you’re finding it hard to pay your energy bills, we advise first of all contacting your energy provider – most are friendly and eager to sort out how much you can afford to pay them from your current income. If not, Citizens Advice are always there to help out. 

Sarah Pennells, consumer finance specialist at Royal London, says, “We know that many households started reining in their spending six months ago as costs first started to rise, but with bills continuing to climb, it could be an incredibly tough winter ahead. While many have resorted to making significant spending adjustments, others, despite working all the hours they can, just can’t keep their heads above water. 

 “While the Government’s energy price freeze announcement will have brought relief, escalating costs across the board are deeply worrying, with only one in ten adults confident they’ll be able to cope financially. It’s not just the impact on people’s finances, rising costs are having a detrimental emotional impact, with over three-fifths saying they are suffering from emotional stress.” 

Sara Willcocks, Head of External Affairs at national poverty charity Turn2us, says, “If you are worried about money, we urge you to seek advice as soon as possible. You can do a practical financial health check, which means checking what benefits you are entitled to via the Turn2us Benefits Calculator or, if you have debt concerns, speaking to a specialist debt organisation. You can also find out if you are eligible for any grants towards these costs for energy, furniture and other household essentials via our Grants Search, as well as finding where you may be able to reduce expenditure.” 

MoneyMagpie have hundreds (in not thousands) of ideas to get a second income here.  




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Mortgage deals halted by lenders

Reading Time: 2 mins

Some mortgage deals have been halted or withdrawn by various banks and building societies. This comes after the pound fell to a 37-year low against the US dollar. Virgin Money is just one of the lenders who have halted their mortgage offers for new customers.  

Skipton Building Society have done the same as Virgin Money. Both lenders have said that submitted applications would still be processed based on previous deals. They have said new deals will be announced in the coming weeks, based on the changes within the market. 

On the other hand, Halifax have said it will stop mortgages with product fees from Wednesday (28th September). The bank has said this is the result of significant changes within the mortgage market in recent weeks. However, they have said mortgage rates themselves have not been changed. They will continue to offer fee-free options for customers. 

Other firms such as HSBC have said there are currently no plans to change any mortgage offers. NatWest have not yet changed any of their current mortgage offers, but have said they are continually reviewing their deals in line with the currently market conditions. 

Why has this happened?

The pound tumbled against the US dollar after the mini-budget was announced by Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng on Friday. The huge increase in the amount of government borrowing announced by the Chancellor has caused concern amongst investors about the country’s ability to meet the debt. 

The Bank of England have since stated they will not hesitate to further increase interest rates due to these record lows. 

A rise in the cost of borrowing in the long term has meant the cost of offering new mortgage deals is more expensive for providers. This, along with concerns of people rushing to get the best deals, has led to the decision to halt deals. 

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The latest jobs in search marketing

Looking to take the next step in your next search marketing career?

Below, you’ll find the newest jobs at brands and agencies in SEO, PPC and digital marketing – as well as positions we’ve shared in previous weeks that are still open.

Are you looking to hire? Submit your job listing here for free. Please include:

  • Job title.
  • Company.
  • Job listing URL.
  • Date when the job listing closes.
  • Where the position is located (e.g., remote, city, country).
  • Salary range (we will not include job listings in this article unless they include this).

Note: We update this post weekly, on Fridays. So make sure to bookmark this page and check back.

Newest jobs in SEO, PPC and digital marketing

Sr. SEO Manager, Dropbox (Remote)

  • Salary: $139,000+
  • Spearhead development and implementation of search strategies re: keyword selection, SEO content, site architecture, link-building and optimized SERP for video/social/review sites to increase brand search visibility, and drive high-volume organic search traffic and attributed revenue
  • Collaborate with Paid Search and Content in aligning keyword targeting and content creation, and driving overall search efficiencies

Senior SEO Manager, Handshake (Remote)

  • Salary: $124,000 to $185,000 (annual)
  • Lead SEO strategy and key cross-functional initiatives inclusive of technical SEO, content SEO, PR, and product
  • Contribute to Handshake’s overall content strategy, including blogs, user-generated content, editorial content, and content created in-product such as job postings and events

Senior SEO Strategist, The SEO Department (Remote)

  • Salary: $90,000 to $110,000 (annual)
  • Developing, articulating, and implementing a comprehensive SEO strategic plan for clients which is consistent with their broader client goals & objectives.
  • Understanding the complete digital marketing and general marketing objectives of the clients, as well as ensuring all SEO initiatives are fully supportive of and consistent with these client goals.

SEO Manager, Ultra Mobile (Remote)

  • Salary: $85,000 to $100,000 (annual)
  • Developing and executing SEO strategies to drive organic growth, with a keen understanding of intent across the customer journey.
  • Performing SEO audits, providing performance improvement recommendations and working with internal teams to implement (Ex. page speed, site architecture, metadata, tagging etc.).

SEO Manager, Green Line Digital (Remote, U.S.)

  • Salary: $85,000
  • Identify opportunities and develop strategies to improve organic performance by using strong analytical, technical, research, and content marketing skills
  • Collaborate with digital media planners, web developers & creatives to apply SEO best practices to all elements of client sites & social platforms

Search Engine Optimization Senior Marketing Consultant, Wells Fargo (Various locations, U.S.)

  • Salary: $73,000 to $130,000 (annual)
  • Use SEO tools, data and analytics, customer research, perform competitive analysis, and leverage SEO best practices extensively to create insights and data driven recommendations.
  • Conduct keyword research, search behavior analysis, technical audits and content gap analysis.

SEO Strategist, Insider Inc (Remote)

  • Salary: $72,000 to $76,000 (annual)
  • Work closely with a team of search-focused strategists to deliver on our search strategy and monitor metrics for success in organic search performance.
  • Review and analyze SEO performance and make recommendations for improvements on both

SEO Senior Analyst, American Red Cross (Remote)

  • Salary: $67,000 to $78,000 (annual)
  • Work with internal and external counterparts, plan, develop and implement our SEO strategy
  • Being able to manage content from an SEO perspective

Sr. Analyst, Technical SEO, The Home Depot (Remote)

  • Salary: $65,000 to $100,000
  • Perform continuous site auditing, and recommend scalable on-page optimization based on business objectives for both existing functionality and new opportunities
  • Provide SEO best practices in alignment with current technical principles and homedepot.com systems

SEO Manager, The Stable (Remote)

  • Salary: $60,000 to $70,000 (annual)
  • Drive and execute projects such as site audits, migrations and other SEO specific initiatives
  • Manage multiple client accounts seamlessly with tight timelines

Paid Search (SEM) Manager, dentsu International (Remote)

  • Salary: $59,000 to $92,000 (annual)
  • Perform daily campaign activities for enterprise level Paid Search (PPC) campaigns, including: bid management, budget allocation, forecasting, performance monitoring, strategic testing, and campaign expansion
  • Be the main contact for your client, internal departments, and third-party providers

small-scale and wide-ranging efforts.

Senior Digital Strategist, Moore Digital, (Remote)

  • Salary: $85,000 to $100,000 (annual)
  • Develops and presents strategic plans covering digital fundraising efforts across multiple digital tactics.
  • Provides strategic direction for email marketing campaigns, digital media including programmatic, paid social and paid search efforts, social media strategy, and other digital marketing tactics.

Outreach Specialist, Paradise Media (Remote, San Juan, Puerto Rico)

  • Salary: $15-$20 (hourly)
  • Develop innovative, creative, and unique approaches to journalists, bloggers, and influencers
  • Create Outreach campaigns using software like Muck Rack, Respova, and Prowly.

SEO jobs

SEO Specialist, Disruptive Advertising (Remote [except S.C. or N.Y.] or Salt Lake City)

  • Salary: $70,000 – $90,000 (annual)
  • Perform comprehensive client SEO audits
  • Identify KPIs to measure organic success with clients

Search Engine Optimization Manager, Adtaxi (Remote)

  • Salary: $60,000 to $65,000 (annual)
  • Develop strategic plan for clients looking to set up SEO and analytics on new sites
  • Review and audit client sites for areas that can be optimized or improved

Senior SEO Strategy Lead, Airbnb (Remote)

  • Salary: $185,000 to $230,000 (annual)
  • SEO Strategy: Align with SEO experts across the company to establish the short and long term strategy for the channel that aligns with the broader marketing vision
  • Global Content development: Build the content strategy by country to drive SEO channel expansion in all key geos and languages. Partner with editorial teams to curate highly differentiated content and refresh this content on ongoing basis

SEO Manager, NBC Sports (New York City)

  • Salary: $90,000 to $110,000
  • Website migration – end-to-end support from design to launch to reporting (URL architecture, redirect mapping, content optimization, QA, etc).
  • Ensure articles and landing pages do not have structural errors and are properly crawled and indexed by search engines.

SEO Manager. MyAdvice (Remote)

  • Salary: $75,000 to $85,000 (annual)
  • Curate and lead an elite team of dynamic SEO professionals to plan, manage, and implement high-value SEO campaigns for our clients in the medical and legal industries
  • Own the overall success and ensure the strategic efficacy of MyAdvice’s SEO service offerings

Search Engine Optimization Manager, Sosemo (New York City, Hybrid)

  • Salary: $85,000 to $97,500
  • Conduct keyword research and analysis
  • Provides search engine accessibility consulting

Director of SEO, Workshop Digital (Remote, U.S.)

  • Salary: $120,000+ (annual)
  • Develop and implement a strategic vision for the SEO team
  • Maintain standards of performance and ensure successful SOW execution across an evolving and expanding set of SEO services 

Sr SEO Manager, deeproots partners (Remote, U.S. hours)

  • Salary: $75,000 to $96,000 (annual)
  • Staying constantly up-to-date on new onsite strategies for local SEO (with an emphasis on Google My Business) and national campaigns and working with the COO to create SOPs to implement within the agency.
  • Ensuring that we reach our partners’ KPIs in the desired timeline by managing existing and new strategies with the SEO team (Chief SEO Strategist and SEO Analyst).

SEO Specialist, Blennd (Denver, Colo., Hybrid / Remote)

  • Salary: $55,000 to $65,000 (annual)
  • Develop a strong understanding of branding requirements for clients as it relates to SEO initiatives.
  • Perform technical site health audits to provide insights, itemize issues, and implement fixes.

SEO Strategist, Inflow (Remote)

  • Salary: $67,000 to $86,000 (annual)
  • Serve a small set of accounts as the lead SEO Strategist/Client Advocate
  • Collaborate with Sr. SEO Strategists to assist with execution of SEO deliverables

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analyst (Senior and Expert), Bruce Clay (Remote)

  • Salary: $5,000 to $10,000 (monthly)
  • Technical deep-dive deliverables with extraordinary mentoring and client communication skills required.
  • Increase keyword rankings and search engine traffic and ultimately conversions for client websites within exceptionally competitive search engine results pages.

Senior SEO + Digital Strategy Analyst, Momentic (Remote or Milwaukee)

  • Salary: $65,000 to $85,000 (annual)
  • Developing, executing, and reporting on comprehensive SEO strategies.
  • Identifying key SEO opportunities, tracking website traffic and KPIs, and analyzing competitor strategies. 

SEO Testing Consultant, Search Pilot (Seattle, hybrid)

  • Salary: $65,000 to $90,000 (annual)
  • Managing the customer relationship, including onboarding of new customers and keeping them updated on test planning and results
  • Coming up with SEO and CRO test hypotheses and working with customers to prioritize them

Senior SEO Specialist ~ Pure Visibility (Remote or Ann Arbor, Mich.)

  • Salary: $58,000 to $65,000 (annual)
  • Work with the SEO director to perform in-depth visibility audits for new clients and compile the results along with prioritized recommendations.
  • Work with the SEO director to analyze and create action plans around common technical SEO components (canonicalization, sitemaps, crawl budget, schema, hreflang)

PPC jobs

Director of Paid Search, Next Level SEM (Miami, Fla.)

  • Salary: $80,000 to $115,000
  • Implement and manage PPC/Google Ads (Search, Display, Shopping, Video) campaigns.
  • Complete daily maintenance tasks for assigned clients.

Manager, Google Ads, Lionhurst (Remote)

  • Salary: $65,000 – $70,000 (annual)
  • Build, manage and optimize campaigns on Google Ads and Microsoft Ads for B2B SaaS companies.
  • Assist with client communication and project management

Paid Search Senior Strategist, Socium Media (Remote, U.S.)

  • Salary: $70,000 – $85,000
  • Run day-to-day paid search operations for clients that could span across multiple verticals
  • Will likely be fully managing and be the sole “owner” of at least one client within the first two months, depending on business needs

Paid Acquisition Account Manager, Jordan Digital Marketing (Remote)

  • Salary: $75,000 to $95,000 (annual)
  • Executing paid search and paid social strategy for clients
  • Conducting strategic planning and optimization efforts

Senior Paid Search Strategist, Inflow (Remote, U.S. only)

  • Salary: $74,000 to $97,000 (annual)
  • Manage and serve as the primary point of contact for 5–10 paid advertising clients. Be responsible for the strategy, prioritization, planning, and execution for client PPC strategies in Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and other relevant platforms. 
  • Build highly effective Shopping, Search, Display, and Remarketing campaigns for eCommerce clients.

Paid Ads Team Manager, Inflow (Remote, U.S. only)

  • Salary: $80,000 to $118,000 (annual)
  • Lead strategic planning sessions and team meetings
  • Review deliverables and provide feedback to other team members

Other SEM and digital marketing jobs

Senior Content Strategist, Northstar (Remote)

  • Salary: $55,000 to $65,000 (annual)
  • Conduct keyword research to inform client strategy
  • Ideate creative content ideas based on research of industry trends, keywords, competitor analysis, and trending topics.

Director of Digital Marketing, PCF Insurance Services (Lehi, Utah)

  • Salary: $100,000 to $130,000 (annual)
  • Develop digital marketing strategy, execute on cross-channel digital campaigns and oversee the digital ecosystem including
  • Site management: PCF Insurance website, Agency Partners’ websites (100+) and intranet site

Content Marketing Manager, Auxis (Plantation, Fla. / Hybrid)

  • Salary: $100,000 (annual)
  • Become an expert on Auxis’ Finance Transformation & BPO Outsourcing Services and market trends in order to effectively position Auxis capabilities and thought leadership while proposing content topics (and formats) that increase our website traffic and lead generation among our targeted buyers
  • Create, maintain and manage the content calendar for the assigned service lines

Content Writer – Senior Manager, CVS Health, (Remote)

  • Salary: $75,400 to $158,300 (annual)
  • Research, create, edit, and revise content to support strategic marketing needs
  • Participate in the versioning of their work into other digital and multimedia formats in partnership with design and agency partners

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Why Is iMind One of the Best Platforms for Video Meetings in 2022?

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People prefer choosing the platforms which are convenient to their requirements concerning the comfort of work. However, these requirements should also correlate with the relevant needs of a team or organization. Finding a tool that would comply with all these criteria can become a problem. Fortunately, we have a chance to use the iMind video meetings software ― the most convenient solution in 2022.

Why Pay Attention to iMind?

Talking about iMind, it’s necessary to mention that this video conferencing platform has several peculiarities, distinguishing it from all the other similar tools. One of the main items is simplicity. For example, it does not take much time or effort to handle work in the tool. This is provided by several factors:

  • understandable interface;
  • easy room creation and conference joining; and
  • minimalistic design.

Except for these characteristics, many other helpful features are making iMind.com different.

Core Features of the Platform

The tool is ready to offer ample room for your comfortable remote communication. It includes the set of characteristics that go as core functions. Moreover, it includes some changeable features that depend on the subscription plan.

Core features include:

  • the ability to join the call using a link with the room name (respectively, to create a room, you have to write it in your account);
  • top quality of the video and sound, where you can manipulate the sound settings so that communication is the most comfortable possible (volume-setting for the attendees, elimination of background noise, etc.);
  • opportunities for information exchange (screen sharing concurrently with the other participants, recording the calls);
  • availability for browsers and smartphones to use through;
  • monitoring of connection quality with the statistics display; and
  • free usage that is not limited in time and provides most features a professional could need during his occupation.

These points are things that cannot be changed by any plan or circumstance.

Start Working in iMind

To start your work with iMind, you need to:

  1. Visit com.
  2. Pass by the link that the Login button contains.
  3. Choose a comfortable way to enter the platform.
  4. Decide which plan suits you the best and select a relevant option.
  5. To talk to your workmates, you need to create your first room for conferencing. Click the corresponding button.
  6. Come up with the name of your room, and click Create.
  7. Copy the link and share.

Using the tool for no charge, you can create no more than 10 rooms and invite up to a hundred colleagues. The time for one conference is limited to 24 hours without interruptions, so you have a great time holding online discussions. More advanced features like chat for business become available only after buying a subscription.

Final Comments

The more people care about how their remote communication will look like, the more accurately they look for a good video conferencing platform that would allow for the maximum opportunities requiring the minimum resources. The iMind tool is a solution that combines these qualities. Moreover, it represents the golden mean of features characteristic of platforms for online meetings.

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Easy money-making ideas for everyday people

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2022 is going to be a difficult year for many people in the UK to make ends meet. Inflation has reached a 40-year high, creating a cost-of-living crisis that’ll make it harder for anyone to stick to their usual monthly budget. And these worries have only been heightened by the looming threat of a recession later this year. Like many people, you might be considering extra ways to make money outside of your job. Below, we explore some potential money-making ideas you can try.

Start a gardening business

One option you could explore, for a start, is beginning a gardening business. Gardening is an industry that remains steady, even in precarious economic times: people will always need maintenance for their gardens. On top of this, you’ll be able to earn a competitive wage while enjoying rewarding work outdoors with friendly clients to chat to. But how can you begin? There’s no minimum standard you need to have reached to become a gardener but having any nationally recognised horticultural qualification will help. Plus, you’ll need to invest in a variety of tools, such as a cordless self-propelled lawn mower, trimmers and clippers etc, there is a wide range of tools you’ll need as a gardener. But with enthusiasm and the right tools, you’ll get off to a good start.

Private chef

If you’re an excellent cook, you could consider taking your skills and using them to become a private chef. This will allow you to explore your passion further and use it to earn some extra money on the side. The key to becoming a private chef is to market yourself well. Do you have a specific niche that can help you stand out from the rest of the chefs on the market? By using your special skills to your advantage, you can create a compelling brand that spreads naturally through word of mouth. Becoming a private chef can be stressful but also rewarding.

Buy and sell furniture

Upcycling furniture is another option you could consider. This is where you buy old, worn-down furniture and upgrade it to create something people will want to purchase for a higher value. You’ll need to have solid woodworking skills and a creative eye for the type of furniture that customers will be interested in. But if you have these skills, buying and selling furniture could become a profitable side hustle or even a new business venture for yourself.

2022 will be difficult financially for people and it’s natural for many to search for a side hustle to generate some extra income. And by consulting the guide above, you may just find inspiration for you to make more money.

DisclaimerMoneyMagpie is not a licensed financial advisor and therefore information found here including opinions, commentary, suggestions or strategies are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only. This should not be considered as financial advice. Anyone thinking of investing should conduct their own due diligence 

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