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Three Tips to Speak Up for Your Business

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You can have the best strategy and killer offers in your business, but if you can’t confidently get out there and SPEAK, they’re unlikely to fly.

Whether it be jumping on podcasts, social media videos, speaking at small events or on big stages — your VOICE is the key to crack the confidence code and is crucial in the success of any business.

Not only does it help you effectively communicate your vision, it builds trust and credibility with your audience and amplifies your impact.

So, here are my three top tips to shake the fears and speak up for your business!

1. Just Start

Post that video, record that podcast, pitch to speak at that event. The best way to beat fear and improve your skills is to take action.

I didn’t wake up with 340 thousand TikTok followers; it started with one video (and it was pretty bad! Haha)

Don’t dwell on one video and let perfectionism take over. Done is better than perfect. Consistently taking imperfect action will not only get your message to a larger audience, it will improve your skills and grow your confidence.

2. Love Your Voice

I get it, hearing your voice played back can be a little cringe. But if you don’t feel like your voice sounds good, how can you expect your audience to be drawn to it?

Your voice is as unique as your fingerprint, so own your vocal you-ness! It’s like a pet — if you treat it with affection and kindness it will love you back. If you neglect your voice, it will abandon you when you need it most or bite you in the butt!

Two great ways to learn to love your voice include:

  1. Recording yourself often (audio and video) – this will help you form a bond with your voice.
  2. Do a daily voice warm-up – this will help your voice sound attractive and keep it healthy for many years to come. Simple humming is a great place to start.

3. Build a Story Journal

When you hear an amazing business story, chances are, it’s not the first time that founder has shared that story. Stories need to be crafted, practised and refined by speaking out loud to have maximum impact.

Create a story journal, where you jot down key moments in your business journey and the corresponding lesson or point of the story. Then talk these aloud at any chance — from in the shower to lunch with friends — so when it’s crunch time on a panel or podcast you have compelling stories to share.

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