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Meta advertisers will soon get access to generative AI tools

Meta has introduced the AI Sandbox, which will bring generative AI to its advertisers.

Meta’s three new generative AI features. Select Meta advertisers can now create text variations, generate images from prompts and adjust image sizes – all with the ultimate goal of making the ads more engaging.

Text variation. Simply enter your ad copy and Meta will suggest several ad copy variations to test. You can click decide whether the suggestions are “Not Great” or “Looks Good.”

What it looks like:

artificial intelligence

Background generation. You can use text prompts to describe the background appearance or style you want. This would allow you to test various images and test their impact on performance.


Image outcropping. This tool will let you adjust your assets to fit different aspect ratios across Facebook and Instagram surfaces (e.g., Stories, Reels).

Why we care. These generative AI tools could potentially improve the performance of your Facebook advertising and save you time. But, as with any tool, it will be important to test and monitor the outputs, as we all know generative AI is far from perfect.

More access in July. These new generative AI features are only available to a small group of advertisers. That will change in July, which is when Meta said it will expand access to more advertisers.

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