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640 DMG Minion!! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep. 494

[Music] [Music] [Music] so far both my losses are two pretty weak players we’ve got a top deck after topic after topic all right that one I don’t mind I went to 640 that’s that’s about it because I’ve seen it that’s an all right topic but seriously like that like we know he could have played better I couldn’t draw anything good and he drew a good card after good card after good part after good card and he was already one he draws a good like oh my god [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] well deserved if you think about it basically I’m crip so I deserve to win [Music] come on [Music] Oh [Music] semester off wretched the one time I get a pirate killing hand no no what are you from no I didn’t keep that card money to spell with you when we don’t eat – yes [Music] okay [Music] but think I have it next eight plus eight plus yeah we win the guys we actually win this [Music] are you just going into the face are you making an error young man this was a close one you almost lost the game that they had the greatest player boom the flicka t flow [Music] oh fuck its hex proof from my own shit I hate this game oh okay I still it’s a shitty game oh my god why does that not work like it doesn’t magic in magic hex proof means that you can target it but he can’t fucking drooling I can’t stand that fucking thing man oh my god are you kidding me I can’t help him out he’s just the last kaleidos or to look day dies again spewing all sorts of saliva everywhere man Allah Allah Allah [Music] I’m often see one [Music] yeah [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right so I’m not going to start with loose nation because I can still draw my double coin you I want to stop that I do have vials fine I want them to damage the basis my invisibility I can still get a double coin here there’s one point this [Music] well it turns our playing against a pirate warrior now I do not know any parrot lawyers in fact I do like the deck but I will say one thing about the people who play it I have what humans typically refer to as dignity and I dare say that when you are playing at rank 21 although this may be lost on you because dignity really is a concept for the higher of mind well you do not play pirate ward I will pin the best comment when this video is 15 hours old edited at an empty [Music]

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