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Disgusting Rotface Turn!! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep. 503

guys yes yes it’s out next rammus is live okay it’s live this kids next turn he’s done done this this double innovation for Legendary’s [Music] that’s a–that’s nice one Oh oh I’m fuckin commie hi [Music] [Music] you sir I’m dead you are dead Cynthia how many talking your fire jacha-chacha-chacha-chow okay one shot felon to shot coin three shot silence poor shot silence five shot ruin six jobs that it was death [Music] big this is gonna be big chat are you ready for this are we ready for the otk chat are we ready for the otk are you ready for the otk and we ready to do 33 damage in one turn chat I’m ready for a chat actually I don’t know we can do 33 damage in one turn yet so that would be two to six six three and it looks pretty good I don’t know I’m doing it because it’s cool calculated calculated can we get a calculated in the chat we get a calculated in the chat calculated calculated from turn to like this just hold one hand much mother there’s one a higher chance for my placement there to be discarded but actually I can’t just park my fluffy girl Eliza please looks like so much it’s nice actually [Music] all right we just need Doom guard not to discard out to lean on discardable card that’s it oh please please shit [Music] yeah be freakin debating me that’s ridiculous I howling fiend come on buddy [Music] all right so random buff fat in this position is important because we want the flexibility to buff either that or that with the Argos next turn so the only real counter here is a Hellfire other than that I don’t really see what would really punish me even like even something really bad like dark I’m obviously really bad but you can recover from that [Music] oh my god [Music] well that’s really bad [Music] welcome back [Music] cheering okay [Music] interesting 3 3 cos spell [Music] the treachery [Music] the three cup we need rain like this there’s brain life there’s treachery there’s unknown sacrifice okay interstate [Music] all right Evan okay so we go it god I love to file this is such a cool like thinking man’s car that’s super badass oh no we give up Legendary’s what I do that okay I didn’t think about that well about chest it is a thinking man’s card but I probably should – well they’re about the base [Music] [Applause] [Music] turns out there’s something up there much on luckier than me Oh [Music] [Music] but you lose beautiful all right okay [Music] or Angelus more endurance [Music] what’s it gonna be give me your golden which that’s reasonable right [Music] [Music] that’s pretty good pretty good we just launched a new channel PU BG spark TV we are also doing a giveaway for it please check it out [Music]

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