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Easiest Turn 4 Lethal!! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep. 498

[Music] it’s funny [Music] [Music] [Music] hey guys we just launched our new player unknown battlegrounds YouTube channel feel free to check it out also we’re doing a giveaway of two steam gift cards worth fifty dollars each and two battlenet gift cards $20 each there will be 4 winners picked and anyone can participate all you need to do is subscribe to our new YouTube channel and comment on any video on that channel all info is in the description thank you 13 you can’t walk into my cell and drop I guess that sucks either way maybe flamestrike and get boring Gian is my best pal not even joking here [Music] I read it [Music] I like being there everything face with face bosavi otto the boss only Papa could solve apologists there is washing the optimum nesting hogs a blessing bindiya Swearengen capital offered at aqua from what but the fact [Music] cheeky dishonesty watch this Bell shadow favorites rights [Music] so far those subtle don’t need to have much taste here – right [Music] but [Music] so I’m gonna show you guys what it means to know exactly what’s in the prior war is that right because people don’t innovate they always run the same shit over and so you know exactly what they’re capable of so if I alexstrasza him and says you can I’m guaranteed to win every single time because they don’t run anything defensive and they don’t run either so we always want [Music] no I did not leave a 17 wait I did mess up I near the heel yeah I need do I need to heal Oh God looks like if I oh no I fucked up guys I needed a Hale oh now – possum [Music] easy [Music] [Music] like oh no but oh yes [Music] oh here let me play like a small and medium just I get that they change I mean telling us would still kill me over two terms but I only have more time don’t be stubborn [Music] Nastasia time bumbum from it’s man you know [Music] [Music] well [Music] [Applause] by properly this sir [Music] if I do once I’m dead okay oh my god perfectly new tracking and two sprints well that’s just seven cars right there sniffing not Bo me pray for no Yamcha pray for it everyone [Music] professor Nigel Rockefeller cinta de la musica to reside winner pace pace pace pace pace pace pace is just guru sorry after you decide again [Music] really really what’s that [Music] no I mean what the fuck me your stream has helped refuel my love for game no problem sure thank you for the donation and shout out to all my German fans I mean shout out to all my German fans who watches this view I call it the more aggressive guys because I just want to make sure I don’t lose and do you know that if you just don’t lose you win just make sure you don’t even if you lose we just launched a new channel PU BG spark TV we are also doing it giveaway for it please check it out [Music]

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