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Freeze Shaman Decksperiment – Hearthstone

make money what’s this hello hello Regis Philbin is the name and hearthstone is the game and this is yet another Knights of the Frozen Throne decks pyramids where I take all the crazy and fun new ideas from frozen throne and then filled them live on the spot and test that deck out on the ranked ladder in this time around I’ll be testing out freeze shaman because shaman got a ton of new freeze cards in this expansion and I’m curious how they’re all going to work including the legendary mu Robby of course so let’s go ahead and jump into this deck creation process as it was recorded live on my twitch stream let’s go on a Frozen Throne oh definitely getting some verlox golden burlock aah crowd stasis for sure I don’t even know I want to run ice breaker which might sound crazy because it’s a freeze shaman deck and it’s obviously a freeze card but it’s actually good but well oh I got a golden boot actually let’s run her for the first week here before I doesn’t chance all these Golden’s because you guys know what’s coming just get ready for it it’s going to happen does this have to bite the bullet frost rider sure any other good freeze cards here guys mmm no no no I mean yeah you just gotta run them right I think Amy Dex is going to be a little bit control Orion since you just got to run them today it’s like you just toss them at everything it doesn’t matter just toss them in everything um freeze make sure we didn’t miss anything okay and then standard cards too we don’t just want frozen to roam carts like glacial shard has to be included frost elemental has to be included do we want to run a frozen crusher I don’t think so I don’t think so I think I know what like targeted freezes and stuff targeted freezes mostly targeted freezes oh you guys want to priests I’m sorry we’ll do free snacks let me move freeze to the list next let’s see free shaman and then definite priests hold up just one second you guys can’t see what I’m doing I realize but doing something important okay all right so this is a really good fries core like no Robbie freeze values nice just tempo freeze values nice I guess we do need to keep the ice breaker for removal that’s fine ah okay what else since what else energizing look freeze anything frozen literally just rings up every foes enthroned garden okay so standard cards why are we only seeing the Soaker a giant oka so what else might we want with this freeze shaman deck I think we need like you know just standard good shaman cards those are always helpful so hex is a sort of thing Maelstrom portal uh hex probably need a lightning storm just control the shaman pieces right I don’t think we want to think of room for the Jade stuff here I think you have to go elsewhere in our deck right now we actually do have quite a few elemental cards as well right is it possible to sort of build an elemental Jade shaman or freeze shaman Susie so like you know earth alleys maybe a Calibos sort of go freeze elemental because you know glacial shard and frost elemental sort of combine those worlds and this is just all big stole stuff if we do that do we want to abandon anything else is this enough of an elemental synergy card to make these other ones worth it I don’t think ours elementals worth it what other elemental cards we have to see if elemental freeze the right way to go guys does anybody else so anybody else tried this out yet if you guys seen any other of like you know pros or bladder warriors make it making it freeze elemental deck a thing I’m really curious their engagements pretty bad in shaman I don’t think we want that fireflies are good in general but I don’t think they’re strong enough for what our deck is trying to do I think we need bigger cards value cards actually servants of cala MOS is going to be really good for us because it will generate a lot of late-game value so we have a ton of taunts a lot of big bodies some link gain value generation curve looks all kinds of three drops right now that’s a concern four drops would be helpful cheat lightning no no any four drop elementals that are good fire plume phoenix i guess it’s not bad i mean what how are you going to utilize the frees portion of our deck other than icebreaker and move robbie and just stalling like i guess i like the idea of stalling out a board with freeze and then hitting it with lightning storms and maelstrom portals so maybe we need like one volcano you know maybe a volcano would help a lot I think maybe we cut the Hilton our frost writer like yeah I know it has freeze it’s good at the move Robbie but doesn’t really suit exactly what the decks trying to accomplish right so maybe we tossed in a volcano and then what’s our wind condition just like in control and value to stick in big bodies and Robbie card generation that sort of stuff I wouldn’t mind something like analyse you know or white-eyes some kind of card that just you know gives us extra gives this stuff to work with like the Sevi combo says that the Robbie does that Elise gives us even more so our wind conditions just out valuing our opponent it’s winning the long game is there any um any other frozen throne cards that really fit our needs or fill in our curve or still light on four drops none of these look certain chain gangs okay probably aren’t this maybe not terrible shallow grave diggers of three drop but it wouldn’t be the worst corpse taker would be pretty good if we added in Alec here Alec here isn’t Elemental guys but you know Alec is Alec you’re good enough to run in your deck I don’t think it is I don’t think it is it’s burlock a good enough for to run right now I don’t even know that is good enough I don’t know let’s play it you know I’m curious like I said I don’t think this is going to work necessarily well but I do want to test it to see how it feels just to see what’s going on you know like is this is just going to make any sort of sense can use the decay his power is good in control decks yeah I guess it’s not terrible do we have enough minions to really make that work as l+ I don’t want to kind of just build it I don’t want to just toss the DK into every deck today just because they’re there you know all stone hills a good idea stone he’ll defenders always forget about stone l it’s just such a good guard crazy should not be this good what can I cut for stone hills I mean I really don’t think some of these free cards are good necessarily but they’re there so we’re going to run them what do I cut for stone Elma star creepers breaks up my elementals a little it I have fire plume servants frost Ellie’s glacial shards maybe one tar paper I don’t want to give up the avalanche think that’s really important icebreaker is important for value we don’t really have any healing though for this icebreaker can we afford to take a ton of damage let’s cut an icebreaker guess I really don’t think it’s going to be that good even in a free thick okay let’s take a look at that list one left I buy I think I think I like this stone hells we’re good multiple freeze effects I like this we’re going to do some work with me Robbie guys me Robbie’s going to be good take out the burger lock I do think verlox fairly weak but it’s important to test the deck right like part of this is just learning more than trying to build the best necessary deck but Beth deck necessarily at any given point let’s see if this works or not nope still bugged it’s really annoying more time yeah work I don’t know why this is acting so weird today there we go alright sure crystal shards cheap will keep it can you fly please try a priest quest deck yet I will after this one we’ll do it next we’ll do it next for sure add hot spring for healing oh that’s actually good idea that would have been a good example of a good healing elemental card that ties it together yeah I like hot I like hot spring a lot we can still get them off stone nails and everything so we’ll probably be fine either way cryostasis with the totems is actually really intriguing because you know the totems aren’t attacking anyway so it’s like yeah okay make it way to turn that’s fine you know what I mean it’s kind of cool that it chills out chills chills out guys I did it I said chills out why is it gone paced the stream don’t freak out it’s pink don’t bring out I think I’m fine to throw this body away just for the just for the mana utilization get some big cards incoming maybe we can bait out a death or two before we play the dalish King here where’s my mu Robbie that’s all I really wants to Robbie there must always be a Lich King yeah bolívar nowadays do you think alder or FX plus freeze would be too oaky for shaman you mean freeze something and give it one attack yeah that’d be I mean those things kind of go in odds with each other right like it has one attack why do you care if it’s frozen but yeah it would be good I would put in fire flies evolved in decay well then you kind of got a you know token shaman deck but we already know and love so I’m sure you know I don’t know if it’s a freeze deck necessarily like I said I’m mostly just trying to play a freeze deck not necessarily play the best list because I don’t really think ice breaker is good I don’t really think burlock will cryostasis or great cards I think oh boy this this seems like it’s going to be bad yeah of course that makes a lot of sounds let’s let the card you that [Music] there we go guys we throw something we did it that’s our whole goal right there we froze the minion we are ballers screw you did don’t heal my stuff back up no I need a lift you can live here you’re going to use a bath he’s only you know 11 cards speed the decent shot we get to stick a lich king here okay Death Grips probably very very good mood enhancer + cryostasis yes cool combo get a huge dude huge talk dude it’s not raid against priests necessarily but if he uses another death he did it he took this black guy what a baller countered absolutely countered boys we just got rekt give me something good huh sure I’ll take this ice to meet you you what mate you what mate I thought that means good so there are obviously too many good cards available to bring straight dragon really dragon anybody we have a dragon anybody somebody get me a dragon stab please I don’t think we have a way to kill that Lyra hex I guess off the top maybe is there any sort of Callum Mo’s play that gives me an answer to a Lyra any elementals I don’t think so I guess we just gonna have to let it go I don’t know what else to do we can try to Hyrule these with a spell damage but disaster I don’t get to play double calamus right yeah I guess we have to try we probably just leaves the game outright if we don’t yay yay I don’t think that’s ever going to get cheap in our neck sighs I don’t know what to do sure I don’t know skinniest priest right um Anna Venus is Bill Davis we’d be fine he has a full hand is the only upside against this liar but he also tinman oh so you probably very easily still play stuff and like just one minion put some ad for the wire of the whole time oh wow that’s actually really gonna help me probably maybe most likely oh my god he doesn’t care about Lyra he says through it this is seven time I think this is fine I get another Rafael a year let’s white eyes also actually I think I think the thing from below is going to be better here on average because it’s like a high-tempo play of the hopeless wing the board at some point although Dragon Fire potions a possibility he’s like a Raza Dex only has one Dragon Fire but he can also get it off of shadow visions um you really have to play that many totems yet either so like this will take the way that myra is too good for a nose she just leave him she’s no Elise that’s for sure regis can you bless my facture saying i’m in your packs have hereby been blessed go out there and open some legendaries dude you got this I have a golden hat door knocks yep the truth legend er do you think it will get played I don’t know I can’t say it too early to say hmm oh god oh god rats crawler aha that’s a good place jeez Louise this is broken this is absolutely broken which is exactly why I gave it five stars and named it my third best card in the game third best car today well everything I do is just going to die down hero power anyway so what what difference does any of it make right now what difference does it make you need to play sir McCallum most now we’re fine we don’t have to because we’re going to end up stalling and freezing before this ever matters brutal we are so screwed maybe just Elise in the hexer I don’t let that potion goodness that’s broken it’s absolutely broken that’s all I know legitimately broken as I feared it would be maybe somebody will sort it out it will be that bad but I opened a golden snow flipper penguin it’s my favorite golden card well obviously I mean any time we didn’t no no that’s awesome dude snow flippers pretty funny I just did my first twister you today and you’re my inspiration start watching you start off thanks man says attics are they’re nice dude good luck with it hope you enjoy it and find lots of success so guess what we’re just dead right man that feels bad to lose two feels really bad to lose ooh whoo that was rough his rock face any good at all I don’t know yes all rough I haven’t tested it I mean I think it’s okay probably in the temple where your list if temple worries good it can be good if simple Warriors not great then I don’t know it’s gonna be tough it’s gonna be tough oh great another priest we’re living the dream guys so I’m two triangular fries I gotta test this deck first but yeah I don’t expect to spend a whole lot of time on this deck because I think it’s going to be tough to make this one a success I really do want to see move robbing an action that I’ll say that much I want to see if my Robby can ever do something cool whoa its quest freezed awesome that’s the change dayeon did not go to bed the Scourge just called his name that’s pretty funny all right I’m just actually going to icebreaker that you know good old three mana lights justice here not even less justice the rusty hook the three mana rusty hook great play Georgie Smurfs thanks to follow the nitro melon also thank you for the follow-up appreciate it guys if you’re watching on YouTube guys who still haven’t followed on Twitch can hop on over and follow on Twitch hang out with Chad over here probably a little more chat happening on Twitch I would guess and also you can of course get your name read which is cool I can I kill it of it but message of that was safe if you should back face they’re dead innocent kill just destroy any frozen it’ll be damaged by this do you think I should buy the one Nitin cares on expansion I really can’t make recommendations about stuff right now I’d love to it’s just I don’t I don’t know what’s going to be good it’s really really hard to say it’s very very challenging to know what’s going to be good stuff always changes so rapidly things you think are going to be good and it being terrible vice versa it all changes over the course of an expansion let’s kill our own spell damage totem so did that this ok it does get to attack next turn that’s going to say because it lost its attack phase that turn because it once it got the bucket was able to attack so that’s a really important distinction that makes cryostasis considerably better who exercises just opened an to it have fun rocketing up the ladder pretty sure hunter is still going to be a tier 5 plus class just a toe claw i’ll even okay with it tonight I felt like we were struggling a little bit I felt like we were playing from behind a lot I’ll say that much but aha I didn’t think it was absolutely awful whoa that’s my Apuleius dude that is completely unchilled ha of you well we’re gonna play around Abhilash I can tell you that flaming out avalanche is the opposite of meteor kind of hard to play out a little bit though because you don’t want your big thing frozen either oh well you can’t build a deck go to hearthpwn says IG gaming zone with a lot of oh wait guys wait wait wait I can’t tell the deck guys wait wait wait wait wait wait sick bird do that’s such a sick bird Wow I can’t build a deck oh my god I guess I’m just going to sit here all night like this then because that was a sick burn dude great job well done dude you nailed me dude you got me how can I ever keep laying how oh shoot I coulda killed it I forgot oh crap that’s what you should be making fun of not the deck building Regis has Crim’s yeah like that was an intentional cringe it off let me tell you super super not intentional cringe it’s not self-aware at all 100% unsellable where yeah we screwed up we could have killed that I’ll say I don’t want to take six damage to the face but in reality we just forgot we just forgot where’s the Ole Miss play face yeah yeah we do deserve that hold up hold up hold up this place everybody excited miss play not only is the Miss places now we get this sick lightning storm Oh actually Kalos is just objectively better talus is strictly better regis that was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life sick burn LOL thanks dude appreciate it there you go guys get the Miss plays in there get them in there yes I miss my skillet the Miss play face I hope we get a new Miss Lee face every expansion right I got the goal finally dumbest goofy’s look a dude in the expansion and make it a misplaced boo do hexa right off the top no big deal that’s actually a pretty good target to destroy in the scheme of things what actually killed our elite obliterated obviously yes yes okay and the scheme of things I kind of think we made the right call with the not attacking that dragon dude we saved a lot of help we still killed it easily in a future turn I don’t know why are you running the shaman DK I just didn’t want to throw a DK and every deck just because I don’t think it really necessarily fit our jihad like it would’ve been fun don’t get me wrong I wish I was playing it but I want it I want to serve justice to the previous I’m afraid that you’ve been destroyed delete you channel and quit our zone forever right right that’s how I feel destroyed helpless lost and alone oh we hit it good for heaven most of the one he already saw uh I kind of want a hack but how Calibos is not terrible we can do eight damage to his face not that helps a lot like tree volcano also most of the time works out for us technically there’d be sixteen health on board so he could keep that drink alive I’d be bad a delay it also makes some sense for now but I don’t get to play an elemental if I do that so that doesn’t really help me I’m just kind of like elbows guys we’re not going to be able to trigger it again for a while the question is do i what do i do right like I there’s a couple options going face probably doesn’t help us much because I don’t really have a ton a ton of waste did you damage directly so I think we’ll just kill that glimmer root and go face here see it about wrap to you thanks for hanging out tonight put them in slow slice up each time you miss play that’s the goal that’s the plan when you needed a boat with miss play bass yeah I think we can arrange that someday oh shoot right now we don’t have a face at all there we go that’s the plan right every time we miss play just make light of it put the face up so I can hide my shame behind the ticking abomination that is the miss plays all right save 9 damage my nice arms looking way better I feel like there’s probably a good avalanche play here too but oh there is just I have a lightning storm in an avalanche space oh great that’ll be just fine here in situ clear and we get to freeze the idiot here who freaks the idiot he’s still not the classic West yet I mean he’s probably gonna headed amara and we’re not going to be able to kill him rights a lot of his face damages is valuable but until he is like we got a try just in case like maybe he doesn’t have the mana right so maybe we killed this turn so he adds the mana unfortunately here comes Amaro we can hack there and trade into the dude or we can’t do that we can hex her look fiction up legends angular gonna be tough to win from here we need to set off an elemental chain we need card draw that’s one thing we didn’t put in the stack they didn’t we didn’t run nearly enough card draw we’ll have hardly any cards on the stack so that’s an issue right on Simon Robby made a huge just in time ah so there’s a chance that we don’t kill the egg right like there’s actually a slim chance here in fact maybe we should play this instead do this first just for fun guys I don’t think it matters we’re probably going to end up killing the egg and P absolutely wrecked Oh God I don’t even see what total we ended up with healing totem great it was all of this at one didn’t heal one first though so maybe we had a maelstrom portal and still be bad now because of this guy I think we’re just doomed Stanley does actually find me a window here finds me a little bit of a window maybe we’re probably still dead because of the zero power and it’s insane but I got it I got a shot I got a window we’re gonna have to have a robbery value so just one name is spells guaranteed lethal you just has to take one minute fill every time guaranteed lethal oh no it’s not because he doesn’t have Raza yet never mind about at Raza but it’s not Ganges people no Raza yet so we’re technically alive okay so we could actually copy that kazakh but we have a to Stonehill defenders in hand so that doesn’t help us any you have to heal out of the reins of the hero power somehow seems impossible or maybe not well I mean we’re technically alive I guess no he see I didn’t break right yeah how’s an expensive equality Shadow Claudia right technically alive that’s the problem technically still alive oh right dead technically done God voidform guys it’s crazy it’s so much the image it’s actually bonkers how crazy voidform seems to be okay guys I need a FK for like 43 seconds I’ll be right back though we’re gonna play some more free shaman alright boys straight to the bottom with free shaman here we come straight to the bottom all the way to 10 let’s bottom out oh okay I don’t think we’ve played against a road at all I think this is legitimately the first road we’ve played quest Rogen coming but that wouldn’t that be something you’ll be actually ready to a quest Road right now that would be nuts the zach man says you’re afk makes me mad I don’t know what that means does that stand for something but does that mean mad AF that what you’re trying to say either way I’m curious why does AG man why does it make you mad first of what is math and what does why does it make it that way but let’s dive into this that was 1 minute and 33 seconds yeah I decided to take a quick pee I extended my my away time hey Alex Moo how’s it going dude wow that’s the best card he got off hallucination geez that sucks he just got a raptor and a half it’s two plus three equals six uh-huh see what’s the worst legendary of this expansion sindragosa I think sindragosa personally I don’t know I mean it who knows mas dancer manly as Frank who’s very manly now that makes sense mass equals nap so I’m bad at it then all right that’s pretty good Phoenix kaboom Road at least we know what what he’s about now like that helps soon we were to use a hex so we’re going to have to save that second hikes for c’thun share isn’t felt like a good hex it feels a little worse now I feel like Cheers in Anika tuned act like you have enough low cost guards and it gets in Dec to activate chairs and consistently he knows this list better than ideas I knows but so really good mails from portal but then I lose my elemental activation right that kind of sucks maybe we just freeze a lot of trade the other two gets to get the elementals rolling next turn weaken servants and maelstrom portal the heel here means that you know it feels like a bit of it it’s pronounced Leviosa the piazza seaman is powerful again I guess we’ll find out I don’t know well you need that we need to worry about bleed if Athenian it’s a cool card it gets big stuff so Jade lightning okay that’s great for a minstrel world so I don’t mind any of the things 5 it’s pretty good for us I think ooh interesting betrayal blockage whoo Kelly moves good next turn to six we’re gonna hammer this guy got to do six to the face probably we’ll see what he plays of course a lot of board clears though voodoo Hector’s never really felt like a great turn yet I’m sure there are going to be great turns for who the heck sir I just don’t feel like at all that component Farsight maybe fun or maybe a prep into Farsight that is crazy that’s the first for me I might actually just go one once here think I’m going to go for one one the six attack doesn’t seem to help much there six to face doesn’t how much to either the board doesn’t help much let’s just uh let’s go one one you might have Fannin eyes I don’t know but we’ll try six ones ones pretty good on Nick Xia here or do you thought to the rogue DK I haven’t really seen it used much yet but it seems cool I like it it’s really neat design I don’t know if it’s good or not but neat design to say the very least ultimate infestation off crystal in the work Wow that is good oh man he’s clearing these the hard way that’s a good side so really really good sign so these two together next turn looks okay it’s a nice and weapon value just build the board ooh-rah b-plus burlock interesting huh I think we wait on Lou Robby though right like make sure we can guarantee an avalanche and probably a voodoo hex err but do we want to save the burger lock oh yeah let’s save the bar lock that’s pretty good for me Robby I think it might be able to freeze two things here pretty easily maybe I’ll regret that with the Avalanche but mu Robby’s give me cocoon this is not very good for coming up though it’s only eighty so freeze move Robby can you freeze notices other minions you can’t freeze me Robby that’s amazing though infinite mu Robby’s he looks cool mu Robby you’ll get there Fire Lord hey Duke always a big dude it’s good to freeze I don’t really need one but I’ll take it ah man our board is too full crap crap crap crap shoot I guess we could add Vilanch it but the burlock is so much better I do not think it matters where I play this but ah mica foods going to get huge being hilarious to be actually planning a suit and I froze the kaput copy tickets dude play nigga sued like a super guy and I gave myself another c’thun that would be the dream what was that gonna be Sapp backstab probably looks like I don’t know yeah he’s gonna back that me Robbie double fan of knives just kazoo to get a home oh my god please let me get a kazoo King oh my god haha opens the right place but I don’t care get this insanely bud holy crap oh dude that’s great that’s so great oh oh I love it does rhiness go to the bathroom really like a ginger kick kim jeong-hoon I was I’ve got a bathroom fight tonight I can usually go for a three-hour stream without peeing but if I know I’m gonna have like you know more than three hours I’ll definitely oh no no she’s still dead though that’s quite a bit of damage on board yeah I think he still does turn at me and I repeat we wanted to combo I thought he was going to freeze that one too so that we could like you multiple cathedra subs and what did that gave the last longer just for this shenanigans for that anything else I just got to do one a game with my free shaman that’s the first there are so many highlight lifts guys I’d probably not going to be able to do how that clips on YouTube for a while because basically like the deck videos has to have enough time to get views and stuff and if you both new videos on YouTube and they kind of like take over the momentum of the old video it can be a lot of problems oh all right good hand there really good hand Mulligan at all that’s a little better oh man all these cryostasis it seems like the worst card in the deck to me fives if I’m making a statement hmm sure okay how nice to to freeze the warlock because I’m worried about his weapons doppelganger off of evolve II I know right it’s the worst the opposite don’t let your dream to be means it’s always a good good word of advice honestly can’t go wrong with that one ah yeah let’s go for some Max synergies an entire hand to freeze dude is tapping like a madman so far now some portal here I’m sure medicine portals ever going to get much better than this whoa boots go least got like your ex guys we’ve got bodied by defile what’s your favorite class and Wow paladin that’s what I’ve been playing I started out in Legion with a warrior but then I switched to paladin and that became my favorite awesome now this actually is the perfect example of an avalanche turn alternatively we could burlock I kind of think avalanche is great icebreaker would be a cholesterol at this point honestly but we can freeze it up for a long time so we should be okay this I’m six this any other time Wow another one also frozen so that was going to be frozen for a while so let’s just freeze that one everything’s frozen freeze everything anyone have any idea on the better decks now I don’t know yeah best thing we played following our paladin’s still but I don’t even know if it was the hero so much it’s just paladins good colleges good cards after 15 years of wow I finally tried a warrior so fun I was missing out sorry to hear that not sorry to hear that you tried one I’m sorry to hear that you were missing the house should specify spell damage Healey great so I think will lightning storm just to kill this maybe efficiently the hits were three I don’t know basically what one of the mountain giants and Vista hit for three that way we can trade trade and burlock the other mountain giant I think is what we want to do alternatively we could just trade here trade here and place or mikelis but that’s to 8/8 that makes me really nervous so let’s try those okay so that actually worked out solid let’s do it this way okay should be fine the cold never bothered me anyway that sounds familiar when I read that before it’s almost this isn’t we’re song almost as if and if anyone’s got a prince I’m so sorry I was literally scared I’d get one I got to I got calluses and fouled there um I think I don’t even remember is that you what a jerk dude it’s really rude oh all he plays about in joining us I guess we know what this guy’s texts about here’s good it’s good I don’t think I want to cryostasis anything yet it’s all away Joe legends got two princes as well not socks dude I got valemar and I’m so sad it just blows my mind how bad they seemed to be I just can’t understand it they seem so bad like like to the point where I just it it doesn’t make sense how bad they seem all right we can do this guys we’re going to get there we can Calibos next to maybe after cities like clean up the trains a little bit here I know to be soft we’re you know we’re stalling out these Mountain Giants really nicely Phil record but that’s the problem we kind of needed that to take a trade that load them up play three more I don’t care low vol yeah keep going please I love it so trade here trade here and kill us looks pretty in keep going I’m gonna I’m on a train here because of Bob I might actually cry oh stasis this by the way just to prevent this train but I don’t want to get a good mortal coil you think he runs mortal coil he may not he’s only got void walkers and mistresses maybe we’ll just cryostasis that and call today can we afford to take six to the face alternatively or do we not want to leave him the ability to kill a calamus as a next question like I hate making his minions stronger but we might just have to now I think I’d rather take six than just make it stronger oh that’s perfect perfect it’s exactly what we needed James I forgot and Irwin rec Sarge animu Robby and golden Roffe a switch King the three mana prints and sindragosa that’s a lot dude that’s a haul all done maybe put in blood loss for burst damage and everything’s frozen I hope my whole boards frozen and then we’ll cool bloodlust whoa I don’t even care that’s fine gives me all the initiatives give me that initiative baby he’s clearly going to hit gold an at some point very soon uh howls eels really the only good option there the rest honestly sucked we do have like a volcano and lightning storms and stop so we can get some value out of this maybe he’s a tin cards man I woulda been cool be burned gold in now he’s not running gold Dan is he maybe enforcer Boyd walkers he doesn’t really have that much in the way of um we just used his second size and soul isn’t this the best time to use Lich King truly it is I kind of wanted to freeze right but what’s gangs always always Trump’s the freeze that might be good and the four cards I beat Marik Merrill gar with an aggro more luck paladin I haven’t even tried it yet don’t spoil it for me I want to try it on Wednesday it’s going to be a while before I get to play it so I want to see what I’m up against oh man double faceless manipulator in this Tuesday that is not cool in my opinion 100% uncool actually we can’t afford those uniform across station I think I’m a mountain of damage I think we just have to frost le ice break go face 412 its you’re a better line I don’t think we can get lethal or anything and this is even pretty risky as is we get a second spell Lich King card put him on a site classier for lethal the heal negates this guy pretty well death coils great perfect okay we can even heal off of it like super with towel deal so we need any minions to survive here and him not to heal up a tonne gold Dan would be bad because of the double voidwalker deaths like that’s too many taunts you can kill Arthas straight up or Lich King excuse me what I’m not sure I’d have lethal I probably would with cryostasis trade death coil minion if he plays golden know he gets five armor to so I still be short and be like three damage off I think I’d be three damage off if he plays gold am enforcer that’s all you’re crying what’s going to happen next death coil or I mean add the file titles pretty sick actually shoot he’s dead though defeat the files which is good mortal coil that breaks his defile chain so that’s not it he’s dead to the board right now emily has a desk oil on the end let’s get it off and if I like a good win I think we really got some freeze value that game guys how we felt better we’ve won two in a row we’re on an upswing on the freeze shaman here will you get throught the morning today we already got at once we played it in a warlock didn’t Lee yeah yeah because all we summoned was a totem we killed a 0-2 totem and that’s it after he got destroyed we got like 10 face damage out of it though it was really good James dude was going to win that gift card good luck dude there’s 133 subs right now so you got a 1 in 1 3 3 chance but that I think that means I’ve gotten like a ton of new subs today’s 10 or 12 or something crazy yeah Cracker Jack man go out there and open a good pac-man you got this I got faith I believe do it Cracker Jack how long does old gods have until April of next year so like 8 months still probably about 8 months roughly April right I mean depends on the expansion release but that’s been the schedule thus far April 6 was the last rotation right that’s one girl came out did the rotation happened before the experiences are just right when the expansion came out I really can’t remember I’m gonna Firefly and hunter that makes me nervous probably just a more aggro hunter still makes me wonder a little bit well Robbie did my stuff show up on your side it’s actually weird on my side like a big time delight oh I thought you were already some James ooh welcome boys make some room by the hot water see yourselves RJ rajeesh yeah I don’t have to say your name magician but thank you for the sub RJ really appreciate it dude Logan welcome and stay tuned your whispers RJ I’ll send you some details on being a sub and what that means well cramp I mean avalanche sort of okay like I could pop this out first Emily ash would be sick can I think this was damaged though oh my god this curve dude Emily it’s just really really good make some room by the hospital think we have to try Saltz England ooh thank you for subbing salts England geez you guys are rolling tonight this has been a sub train day I mean not like oh it once but so many subsidies so salt England of course welcome thank you for support and as always stay tuned to your whispers I got a lot of whispers to send out to all the new subs on Twitch so James dude I’m not sure what you mean I thought you sucked a long time ago James ‘van am i insane I thought you did I don’t know maybe I’m great hard for me to remember like some of you guys who were have been supporting us for so long you know whether you’ve been subs or not never really mattered so when you solve like it’s not that I’m it’s not like I’m you know so this is great so like I’m forgetting all about you it’s just you know how this is even better though welcome boy make some room by the hot maxy maxy a MACD 360 king welcome MACD appreciate it man welcome welcome thanks for the sub and of course watch out you’re here whispers man I love how you guys show up in such a bright orange I made an orange cuz I figure subs are legendary they deserve like the legendary colors so I wanted to give you guys a lot of love with the pop-up god we’re getting close to 150 subs at 150 guys that’s when I do another giveaway we already figured the 125 and now we’re up to 136 that’s not so I have to avalanche you could just hex I want to hex the high mean though I have take a lot of damage Savile it’s successfully though if I do have a lance don’t I just avalanche the middle one because I’m going to end up attacking the future side anyway so why not just avalanche the middle one I was thinking I would avalanche the future side but then that would leave a one-one tabby cat if I violates the middle one I can still kill the future side and then he has a frozen minion instead of an active minion I think I kind of have to I kind of wish I have a lanced the previous turn and save my lightning storm because it put me on overload really hard like we had a beach of Aveline so I probably should have taken it I think that was a Miss play then we could have done are we just going to double kill commanded right now get out no double kill come in suck Mac D thanks the kind words dude really really appreciate it and thanks to the support of course it won’t let me do what you do the read is about James ooh oh no dude sometimes twitch subs are weird I’ve heard and no worries if it expired for a little while do you nobody cares it’s totally fine of course I forgive you you don’t need forgiveness though it’s not a problem needs more heal well I don’t think he’ll what made a difference in that game I don’t necessarily disagree with you on principle well we might need more healing we might need some heels the emotes look good to rub it in a little bit change of a chat spamming emotes at you man so guys I don’t don’t tell the people what’s on YouTube right now I don’t wanna make them mad this is they’re not going to hear but I think I’ve decided to move forward in the very near future with the think I’m going to move forward with the twitch partnership soon I’m not saying yet but essentially that means I won’t be able to stream on YouTube anymore of course I’ll still make a million videos like a ways YouTube’s never going to go away this YouTube is so my my primary drives but I may not stream on YouTube forever maybe moving to twitch I’m a loon by the hot water hmm is it working now there it is James uber you found it – that’s the trick whatever you did that did the trick so this is a great that’s a good menu – if I was a good turn thanks James do Batman appreciate it so as I was saying guys you’ll probably be getting more emotes and stuff as subs on Twitch before too long I have pretty clearly satisfied the numbers the twitch requests or suggests for for subs and stuff for a partnership I mean so we’ll see I haven’t decided yet will you get more money no not really I mean theoretically I’ll get some ad revenue off twitch but not necessarily not inherently so no yeah we do not have a term for at all are you serious I can karana stasis a totem I guess fine same gleam revolute this is not going to get to attack for a long time though for the record because it doesn’t have an attack phase yet so it’s going to be frozen next time into its attack phase right and then we’ll get to attack basically two turns from when we froze it with socks but it is spell damage so at least it has some passive benefits avalanche never good here kind of want to save it just because this spell damage makes the floor really really really meaningful can you play DK Rex our next yeah I already hit DK r XR the video will be on YouTube in the near future so if you want to catch that I’d be the best way to do so I strongly suggest and you build Highlander priest you put in the dragon package with bone drink but not scale Bane interesting a little curious as to why that is aa trade here avalanche this guy maybe it goes to one health oh that’s not not great turn of Li I could trade here and fire flu Phoenix in just trade a year save the Avalanche hero power maybe had a healing totem healing Tom healing self-healing total got it taught him loved it I think it’s going to custom cheer mo yeah I think there’s a lot of stuff that comes with it basically subs get a lot of cool benefits cheer moats and loyalty badges I think maybe am not sure how that works but some cool stuff we’re doing work with this guy absolutely doing work yeah well this actually looks like a decent Avalanche turned to me we don’t really resolve the elemental but we have time we’re just kind of buying time freeze it hang out seven more dudes it’s a little risky because we let itself get bigger but if it ever gets too big we just hex right I think we’re OK are you going to go to blitz cons no not not going to go to Blizzcon I really want to go to tell you the truth I’ve in my past in my career have had to go to a lot of columns and shows and stuff in the toy industry specifically and it’s just exhausting man going to Comic Cons and like Toy Fair it’s just when you have to go for work it’s really really exhausting it basically kills me I just hate it it’s hard to enjoy that stuff at that point and what’s going on would be super fun obviously because it’s free and Blizzcon right it would be great but it’d still be a lot of work and I need to be able to I need to be able to work I need to be able make videos and you know do reviews and stuff like that so I think at the end of the day I’d much just rather stay at home and do all the videos I want to do and make the content and stuff so you should play the role it’s super fun I have not done it yet it probably won’t have time today but Oh crossroads a lot of damage we’re getting close to kill this guy so it’s really good news in fact can we kill him now probably not yet oh man they just get frozen forever it’s great how long everything gets frozen is this gonna come back as a 44 with taunt no because it doesn’t have the keyword so no obviously gonna face this puts us on a really tight it puts them on a taut turn basically exactly that’s good that’s going to get through the taunts spell damage death and decay is broken crazy good his fiancee to get jealous of the girls doing cosplay plays God now she wouldn’t she’s a nerd she she would think they’re hot – probably I might a big thing I think I have the other concern my loser to the girls because we’ll it was come what happens what happens nothing good he said he tried who’s a good play he went for the death rattle he had to but he’s super dead we’re pretty good win guys so let’s do what let’s do no actually I think yeah I think that’s probably gonna be the last game we finally want some games I don’t the fries package seem kind of okay I didn’t hate it we started doing work there with fries guys and they have it that was it for my fries Xiamen it got to a rough start but actually won some games they’re late and it felt like the free stuff was actually making a really powerful impact so I’m definitely going to keep an eye on this mechanic throughout the course of this expansion I wouldn’t be surprised if free shaman become some sort of possible archetype er if there’s a little freeze package in there to finds its way into the meta but all that said if you guys have thoughts comments or questions on this deck of course leave them in the comments below but until then thank you so much for watching and until next time game on

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