[Hearthstone] 5 Important CHANGES in Knights of the Frozen Throne (Fandral, Hallazeal, Kalimos)

Seth this guy’s toast so with the new Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion coming right around the corner Blizzard has gone ahead and dropped a big update in preparation for it and with it came quite a few significant changes to existing gameplay interactions there are quite a few cards that work a bit differently from how they used to and this video is to simply keep you guys informed of these changes so you’re not caught by surprise number one we have no more infinity with all can I show priests in the past if you had an off night show priests on board and give yourself with either mistress of pain or with the flame bumble bristle you will be caught in an infinite damage loop and die this is no longer the case okay so in the past whenever you had optimized so priests on the board and you attack with your mistress of pain what happens is it calls like a feedback loop and instantly kill you since then Blizzard has changed this interaction so it no longer happens you just take the one damage and the dents there so no more killing yourself if you have a keen eye on the board plus the live schedule manually with the introduction of a whole bunch of life new minions in the Frozen Throne the possibility for this to happen would have dramatically increased which is why Blizzard had to disable this interaction which I agree with because it would cause a lot of confusion for new players who are wondering why they suddenly just died for no reason this change was noted in the patch notes number two we have you can’t attack again after switching heroes in the past if you transformed into another hero like jaraxxus of Ragnaros you were able to attack them with a weapon even if you already attack that turn as another hero this is no longer the case but what the latest patch that’s no longer possible because of the new death knight bureaus right head learning transform this change was again in the patch notes third we have poisonous now works with death rattle so in the past if you gave a explosive sheep the poisonous affect the death rattle would do the damage and do nothing else the new hearthstone patch poisonous will now work with death rattle even if the minion dies so if we give sergeant Sally whose death rattle says deal damage equal to this minions attack all enemy minions and we give her poisonous and we trade their end the death rattle would you damage to all minions and apply two poisonous effect now oh well actually what and this doesn’t just work with minions either and now we’re going to test if poisonous works with death-rattle weapons so we a plot and venom weapon to our deaths bite and we see is the one damage early actually ends up killing everything this is a pretty cool change and it might make new cards I talked to Garrow and plague scientists a little bit more interesting however this change was not in the patch note number four we have Hilal vo and Callum elves no longer working together so in the past if you dealt damage with Kali Moses battle cry while you had a lousy on board you would get healed for the damage dealt even though halal vo is supposed to work with spells only so it has fixed this so this doesn’t happen anymore and this was a pretty straightforward bug fix but again not noted in the patch notes either do not work which i think is the right interaction as you can see and no longer use you as it was intended but again nowhere to be found in the patch notes finally we have the big one Fandral stat helms new interactions sandro no longer combines to choose one effects into a brand new effect now he applied the two effects separately which allow you to do things that you couldn’t do before like killing an argent squire with a divine shield elves are separated into two separate portions then something like a divine shield minion can be killed with new Fandral wrath then not to mention the fact that Sandra will now get double the spell power bonus instead of doing five damage with wrath and will now do overall six damage it also means triggering certain minions ability twice such as acolyte of pain frothing berserker bitter tide Hydra and much more alright the first one is yes and the second one is from the wrath draw and then the third one is from the act like taking damage well it’s dead so we get three draws due to the new changes to fan drill overall I like this change a lot to make things easier to understand and it’s more consistent so during my testing I had to reach out to ben brode the hearthstone game director to ask him if this new interaction was intended which he confirmed but I should have to ask Ben each time an interaction was changed Ben shouldn’t have to take time from a schedule to answer these questions a change like that should have been documented in the patch notes in the first place more than half the interactions changing this update was missing from the patch notes and I talked about this in my patch notes video but I just want to say it again in order for everyone to know what is a bug and what is intended lizard needs to communicate to us what they changed so we know what’s report if we find something wrong all right guys that’s going to do for me hope you are all super excited for your expansion coming soon there’s a lot crazy effects and interactions I can’t wait to try out definitely keep an eye out for those new videos on the channel this week thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys soon take care [Music] hey lights out

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