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Hearthstone – Amaz The Lower Citadel – Amaz The Lower Citadel

beware the listings – may be more difficult in previous foes Icecrown Citadel a collection of my most hideous minions crafted not with dust but with hate okay if I built this hideous bone amalgamation from the Bruce Lee remains of my luggage oh we can actually play this or it ready oh it’s what this opens we – I see and then this opens week week three okay I see I see we started here at the full health Wow okay alright so that’s prologue that’s pretty cool I think um I think we’re gonna say that for some time off the ball store was going to which exposed objects right now because we have to scrimp some streamers oh yeah all right so let’s see I think we’ve got most of the cards and we’ll do this sometime sometimes we’re scripts furniture and then when people don’t want to scream anymore they will go back and do the solo pictures wait you guys want to do it you guys want me to play you guys want me to play play the single machine Clara mission L all right fine fine I’ll play it all right all right all right let’s use Anduin school with new new things awakening summer for a glorious cause of death rattle minions to receive the lights ultimate boom and resolve the corruptor of sitting statue okay cool what about shadow with revenge the voice shall burn you use the pot lights to accumulate Feildel IRA the Sun shard then leash the dark power of shadow river Anduin and your army astral damaged minion cells with snow damage minions what why couldn’t our arm oh my god see I knew this goes good double mine black what really it’s very good what the use inner for yourself oh I guess looking charges this guy’s this is art visitor so that’s pretty cool right oh yeah let’s just awaken the makers Amaro warden a pope shadow gravedigger and resolve the corruptor shadow essence alright feel like that we should remove some of these bad cards we’re seeing a number it’s pretty good though alright that’s like a death rattle that’s like a death rattle um priest first a lot I can copy your deck Linnell wow these the technology is getting there oh baby let’s see what we have here quick death rattles what is real where’s what is real I feel like we hit that card what is real Hey ah like I kind of want to steal my opponents bosses cards you know that’d be fine Chris fine Oracle yam is just some mixtures the greatest virtue its patient this is a shallow grave to your garage car is there anymore two jobs wait what are the new cards again all the shadow ascendant oh there’s not a lot to drop so new Oh your ex do this here try use Android not to run they are fine let you down I won’t let you down no hmm actually you know what I learned I kind of want to do the Ock deck anyways alright let’s just fill the dentin we’re going to use against the other streamers anyway so cane classic crease L u L why why do you have to crease one light spot and one cobalt let’s look it like No okay I should do this okay I actually want to actually do want to do the OT k actually the o TK deck is really similar to UM to the recipe that this one has but it’s not exactly the one I’m looking at for okay so we want eternal servitors run live yeah these are over I don’t want mine blast I don’t want circles I don’t want tankers Ella’s I think I actually want out around because there’s no good three drops and I do want an extra copy of suffer eternal serves your holy Nova holy Nova holy Nova I want double dragon fire for sure [Music] shadow essence SF a shadow Reaper Anduin I want doomsayer for soup there I don’t think I need do I want girl don’t want shadow recruit and do in this first I guess I do it yeah there’s just put all the combo pieces together what else am I missing and I think I do want Lich King don’t want arses I don’t BR what archers you can see what Lich King probably Len anything either like some sort of discover pre spell or for damage spells like something like that looks lights or something out huh no rasa no I don’t want rasa understood now if I don’t rather then this doesn’t work her I should just give the cat on my face for now um yeah maybe a smite would be fine maybe two strikes maybe I do need a Pyro’s that’s annoying man huh so you know how to make an eternal servitor working mass dispel shadow madness flying games the bar line oh holy Nova very darkness holy fire f f/a maybe FFA is the choice soon combo breaker now chart okay life cell rings Victor all right Laura mehrgarh what you want to do what you can I do so I have to OC can write restore your hero to full health so yeah I have the OTA and deaf charger barbs that charge Deborah deals three damage to hero okay wait yo three damage during your own what okay dragon fire shadow visions whole display ok I want a fire but is it we can’t Skeletor construction I’ll show you Wow nice order wow I’m impressed oh it’s good-looking drive by next time well nice animation flip coin coin cars sure you only mind you wanna buy a funnel cake oh wow but I’ll think so day one just clothes again hey gonna pay now true boom barren I mean Kelly ten what Oh Rosa bones oh my god add a nice of the frozen throne car to your opponent’s hand oh thank you how nice if you should FFA here right that’s pretty good thank you do you want – the whole enemy stroke our han hyojoo surfer support of course that’s what it does oh thank you oh yeah wild white wild game tinkle sugar or Ragnaros or cities are these something pretty good kisser argh the only problem right is that dealing damage is a really matter right now yeah so I call them home Oh pilchard why is he healing or did you don’t dummy oh my god this guy is so sure maybe see the shadows better since I can actually kill it who’s there it’s not really relevant doing oh good job rag you really like to catch a death neck of the frozen to them how I haven’t killed us and don’t storm again yes your phone storm that little star that another Doozer got Janet upstairs I’m pretty bad in a wife just unwilling sacrifice oh I guess my dream stairs do do something I guess they’re not completely useless I just started to turn heel 15 damage to the enemy hero all I remember these things I remember oh good okay I get it Jesus Christ emo champ ow that’s be cool flash again Wow right is poisonous then he’s use infinite damage right followed them no I have no car charger stack this is problematic oh my god there’s no card draw sorry dude there should be car driving this okay oh my god are these books like and I actually get it to take him yeah I’m actually gonna to take this good I said mind control on the circus oh my god oh no okay gosh our pianist oh my god are we losing me Jensen you peel away before my guru came here now oh no never can control my Hopi cards man it’s not my fault all right damn stairs get out of here wait actually embrace darkness is really good against this cause spirit lash it’s useless excuse me my cajoling actually tryharding now oh no Eli we lost the first class your sacrum kibosh ow oh come on Shadow Priests yeah you’re the right oh my god why are you so smart why are you guys so intelligence all right miss miss miss click miss quick okay okay okay okay nice click guys miss Paik okay okay okay well did we miss clicks we do now just change it decorate outside it’s okay it is okay Oh Oh ask that now that’s pretty cool so I guess foolish light doesn’t work but then like proper balance that what my problem balancing is not gonna work anymore all right screw the power smart man Israel okay how long as you see cannot use here a pirate card oh yeah that’s the thing too huh this is to amaz you know what they said in the words of the wife of the looking times no gar is the new filter shut up brings yourself okay we’re fine we can kill bones legs whoa embrace sorry wait what and another card for me okay I’m okay with that I think I can get behind that oh my god oh my god I shouldn’t play this man I put you in Toronto services this is bad oh wait why I’m attacking him all right that’s ridiculous what am i doing hey hey Oh dick okay thank you you ball Berkley oh my god he does that wait is this is a car who’s the pole master now you get easy life first try guys first try with this deck was my first legendary medium I this whole adventure oh oh my god let’s go so me me part of your heart can only take damage from weapons what oh my god I’m about to play pirate warrior oh my god can only take damage from weapons god dammit okay well um oh man we have to play we have to play warrior no pain no gain starting the shard well I mean wait why is pirate warrior not an option that’s kind of weird alright well the power or days why did you do that okay we need upgrades and patches and flux generator haha Google’s our self sea-captains free blow this is good upgrades our weapon not got course there it’s very good upgrades are freaking weapons all right now I need some weapons are we need most inflate get in here war axe Forge of souls yes give a random mini weapon you had for some plus one a clue that’s fine she’ll block define our weapons who the new blood razor oh okay Arcana Reaper the core how Malka rock fine is a boy clear sorry I’m actually no I don’t it’s pie warrior what I’ve been doing let’s go face it wild oh yeah it is wild oh yeah with so many options then you’re moaning take damage from weapon to access by this is it better I can i Reaper flurries is not a good then wait while does it really oh that me simply stuff like dr. boom and stuff lol man alright get in here there’s a lot it’s been awhile before I played you or anything a pulse weapon British my rope is destroyed Harrison Jones I feel like my opponents gonna have weapons that means it just makes sense right Nixon withdraw parents don’t draw that much i acolyte pain well I think small-time Buccaneers actually do not make the code I think I want the echo if pains what other what other insane Legendary’s on that and wild again I don’t remember it’s been so long all right this and now just put in the Lich King because why not kind of thing not all turret moves I guess out of of Harrison Jones free for a Lich King it’s kind of weird that I playing Lich King in the frozen sounding alright sure this man upgrade oh yeah I mean upgrade L u L forgot about that chat chat smart chat why are guys so smart was my upgrade I’ll have upgrade possible ah just a moving Naga Corsair then I say I mean artifice life is get out my face yeah grant you found in your own sister alright guys we don’t need York strike it’s not a definite pyro water it’s just a weapon warrior if you man it’s just a weapon were smiley face what about that now to upgrades every weapon in my deck what hey Mon hora buzzer got upgrades every weapon your deck Oh Hobart it’s not that good at it attacks versus yes bring us our thing your dirt common face not my concern fine we got each of the camel oh yeah 20 hell Wow he was she is hell I knew he had weapons I knew it I knew it charge hammer Wow animation budget not here and the star return we start three healthy hero oh my god I remember these two oh my god I remember these cards I remember these oh they’re in a changing lights or Oh I don’t remember fashion I’m pretty happy of Sherlock at least oh wow this motion please sucks oh sorry I can’t in time hey thank you oh how nice of him oh nice you can emote while you’re attacking that’s actually cheating wait wait a minute whoa it was really good ah is just fine it’s fine let’s drink Lysol yeah six what are you doing here oh my god that’s awesome don’t worry oh how do I kill this oh I can kill this buddy we’re creeping huh oh it’s doing the same thing oh okay just like the right man you killed these things any useful to boss oh man I’m happy nice good memories you know connacher killed this turn I don’t mean I can but even if I bought this ooh that’s right it’s pretty okay oh my god Oh okay my Rangers made brass and it comes music game easy game boom is lady deathwhisper and before she got nerves before she got nerves I remember whispers Dez ela power damage all enemy minutes until they have one health damage all enemy minions until they have one health that’s such a weird here what does that mean so like the deal one damage or something why not just play freeze mission if you make a wild deck you can only use it now just a free mesh are technologists still photos good um [Music] freeze Mitch freeze bitch but but thought about the latest research resources ones I don’t remember man huh i stock ice fairy Oh max is oh my pogchamp okay this is good do do while it’s like solty now you have so many cars to choose from okay what are your fireballs who at night is what Emperor Thor’s on oh my god I don’t see what could go wrong here I guess we need to lizard and no I don’t want that we want what we want at the night is send your götze you know its simplicity go sit in because you can and then empress or it’s on and then we have fox nova doom share or like i don’t see how you losers don’t see ya ah gastly Haunter is actually pretty good I actually like Gatsby come here let’s try that out do it good I’ve won archaeologist why should I believe in you that max Isis or is there a ways I can draw more spells cuz I mean I can select three right oh let’s just get a couple of stone in there okay all right easy easy soon that lunch one shot this easy oh no I forgot alexstrasza what the hell’s that knowledge hold on a dirty wine is not complete just kick that ball doomsayers it is how do I have that can’t attack or be attacked while damaged wait can’t attack or be attached about – champion what yep you can’t come by – you can’t combine – loss and counters into one that’s cheating I told you to finish off that dragon or the leader of a death cult you are taking your sweet time he’s combine two things in the one and [Music] wait does this even work oh that’s how it works how’s work stand ready fall I missed a little bath lettuce I get it Liga prefer oh my god wasn’t this it was in the agents and sewers she’s so talkative oh my god it’s one health lol oh the bum-bum-bum-bum protect me no customer first of a nice easy game ez life I gotta be a little different oh okay what do we get alright play this now we need a stupid dragon your opponents are you fine ladies them with route 25 confirmed oh my god I remember these cards this is ice loss by Kate ice-barrier now oh I have to kill these though that’s annoying I mean I couldn’t just SPG it gives but I kind of want the a sense to live but that’s like my wind condition so I guess I’ll fireball one of these ah yes remember one shouldn’t watch shadow riders prick I’m slowly getting her down flesh-eating ghoul well if blizzards are not going to do anything anymore so nice we use them if I remember correctly the blog’s changed the face too in the actual game involved so I’m assuming that she’s going to change form as well now finish this deathwhisper why isn’t our kx1 I told you guys I told you guys guys one shot middle one shot dead we don’t respond we contend that your defeat was quick told you guys it was going to be a one shot one kill moment easy what did I get what did I get give me something I just got a pack now you meet the lich king angry really angry hold fast while I met Dex something that will forever throw this world in darkness well the lich king is so me me okay let’s go ahead and let’s go ahead and open the pack here Oh a rare pack okay okay all right easy is this your work mode I don’t think so this time right I remember them saying that they’re not going to make your work mode anymore yeah there is it because in Kara’s on just like Sofia heroic and clop normal but then in frozen zones it’s only normal yeah so all right well the way to witches can see you this frozen building all right and now I think it’s time

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