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Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne Card Reveals!

[Music] little bit my name is ben brode and I’m here with freakin Brian Kuebler well welcome it’s the it’s the final livestream for night to the Frozen Throne we’re going to reveal as many cards we possibly can and six games in addition to ice out which you revealed a minute okay after some reflection about the time right now hotel so this is the first time we’re really playing live games of the new sense for people to see yeah I am really excited actually like we’ve kind of got kids a night for Christmas last night I couldn’t sleep I’m kind of like zombie ish myself right now you automatic I suppose for the explained yeah right exactly and i’m super hyped to actually get to play games with these new cards I had trouble sleeping after watching Game of Thrones last night no spoilers okay so we haven’t we have exciting things here oh yes so both things up we should kick things off with a cardio real I think so why don’t we just start actually we had this we had just print it out here and I wanted to show you first and then show the screen so here’s this new check it out here’s the news the start is very exciting of it I think you’ll like this I think you’ll like this one so uh that’s it we’re done product watch it just come and that’s what we’ve revealed yeah you’re there subscribe this is good we have real cars to the Caribbean it should be good alright that’s just a sense what’s the say stuff about Oh set just to remind you this is the set comes out Thursday yeah very exciting and we’re going to play for matches today and we’re gonna play against Steven Chang also known as puffing in case you are in the scene and Street hearthstone he also won a came in second place in our first ever first ona tournament eternally way back in the day okay all right Kamin sec he’s a cool guy he did play awesome guy and a good player so good luck cuz we’re playing against him so all right I’m right I’ve been told he’s gonna try really all ready explain my Mulligan strategy see right was that I’m gonna Mulligan every card I’ve seen before the death knight oh whatever like all right all right all right well let’s do it let’s get in there all right let’s see first match uh warrior verse shamans alright so I gotta wear permi it’s good that the friendslist are and he’s there we go fine John yeah yeah so boom we’re Brugler thanks alright yeah that’s the we’re gonna be war alright alright just some tips for this warrior deck this is a heavy whirlwind synergy deck okay so lots of whirlwind type effects the notes here from our crack deck builder team this deck is pretty straightforward Slayer dudes and damage that the cool effects what are we gonna do well I guess it decides I can hear you stuff I’ve seen all of these cards before so I’m gonna mulligan all of them okay well weapons there so that’s a key one thing that I saw with a lot of the the warrior cards in the side there is a lot of new sort of whirlwind tripes energy things and simply that the new deaths – weapon I forget the name exactly did took there’s a lot of things that you know you kind of take warrior in a different direction you’re like the agro pirate warrior not like division of control warrior more sort of synergy based with the world whatever effects and this is definitely one of them but uh this one we have seen before that one’s pretty good with the dad coin into a credit may what’s this whenever this minion takes damage gained +2 attack I do want to say I like that they’re not all gold cards this time you can actually tell a class there it is and I look the animations official Jana so alright alright we needed to clear this I would say so I think this is a key field on the other side because though that’s I now you please like could use made of energy does actually have anything is like a and it’s an armored animated ghost Controlman perfect cape of area firework that seen that before my Mulligan it why we’ll we’ll just go ahead and we’ll play a fiery war axe what are you saying well I would be alright so and this this uh shaman deck is part like a free shaman sort of Jeff yeah all right we’ll be right I do now adjourn it freeze your other minions a the four four four three I’ll try to read your other main writers so there’s a three is not bad yeah that’s like just good stat why I don’t know much but I know that that’s more than you would normally map checks out yeah Chad and also like this is usually not a figured this out but you can like not have other minions and it’s like basically no drawback we’re gonna kill this guy here I literally just said wall in then he said well let me just war alright well we’ll play mmm I’m going to draw a card does it makes me more likely to draw my death right if I can feature on your car that is that’s my strategy they’re really just goes yeah oh that’s not it that night you have to keep pointed negative but his strategy here mostly frost synergies that a few token buffing and evolved synergies as well a so it’s probably got Robbie actually seems pretty good and Rob it does yeah you obviously freeze your other minions and then just get a bunch of them yeah it’s kind of cool yeah cool and I didn’t [Laughter] hit it cool yes does one have any kind of like a grew by shivers ahead but said your freeze the minion until three damage to adjacent ones okay a little bitter stick goes on don’t kill the one that you target right yeah it’s kind of a code of cold that can kill like some of the other stuff it definitely freezes a big thing yeah interesting we just think this can drop me deaf nights true yeah alright I’m just going to this to mana not bad that’s not that I know if you thought if you shuffle your hand in your deck your beautifully mission Lex likely to draw a death knight I like this car by the way I think this guy is really cool if it’s your opponent’s turn Game six armor so if you’re playing and someone who is like trying to kill your stuff so you can’t attack their guys like well it helps you stay alive I think some interesting decision making there from yeah from both players don’t you know it would put them on minions in general to have higher attack the health so generally like bad trade like that for 443 normally but didn’t like the keep if you if you let your opponent make the attacking decisions that’s bad for you right so you set the growls you want it looking pretty good by the way know this yeah this kind this we’d seen before but that two sevens on freeze anything damage by new card wait what are fess this is the puppy this is the oh my god that’s right I’ll add a random death knight cut well this makes me more like you guys up right so this on a deadline here oh that’s a that’s a new together oh my god that’s credit that’s gotta be the best motivation of a expansion I’m sure all right well this is I’m just go say go so that’s like nothing that’s a new category of card the death knight guard yeah okay so there’s a guy there’s 8 different death knight cards you could get smile we’re going to get hopefully only haven’t seen before you come seen any of them look I guess I mean I’ve seen themselves on other videos I’ve personally seen them yet oh no it’s this oh it’s definite like a spell I’m just giving you a okay yeah I did my hero at the right all right all right interesting and they’re pretty powerful is the configurator yeah and that’s that is pretty strong great for Solomon now we both can have one got a chip mm let’s this discard all weapons from your hand and gain their stats what so like if you have our can i Reaper in your hand we have two of its own and you gain it gets left to attack and plus for health because they’re for durability so you just take the numbers and it’s okay you just eat your weapon feed your weapons good and not have any why do this and they just both disengage because of the choke yeah yeah alright well if this is actually killer you know that’s actually exactly pretty horrible all right well I’m gonna I’m gonna play this guy yes you are to try and draw move to back away I could go wait now I’m gonna hang out we’re gonna do would I like it frozen by this guy oh yeah right show man that’s a surprising development yeah new card are you I’m basically at all I love that when that happens just shade is the whole game yeah I go a so different now what’s one of my things when you release new cards and expansions even if they’re not cards that people actively put into their constructive X yeah they can influence the outcome of Gator right like Cho is a card that people don’t generally put into their deck you know but here Joe is having a you know theoretically massive impact on the other scams gonna play out yeah you got some spells I do just don’t give a dead man’s hands yeah he look half dead without it so bad get so many cars okay yeah presently history other benevolent yeah now I have on a Jew and now my gold cuz a chalice goal that’s coordination actually I see oh I still haven’t dried that Lulu okay well I have done nothing with this weapon and I was sure another weapon yes I could eat it though I want to see his animation I just gotta eat it he’s not kind of close you wanna play the one man okay yeah he’ll just die he will just die like it I can combo that was why you’re the good player and I’m just I mean my strategies like I said this game is just to try and find you know I don’t know if it totally fair to say anything about being a good player but there always is pretty good he is really creepy looking yeah there’s my balls in places there shouldn’t be rival yet that’s not okay yeah I named Asteria is eyeballs in the places where there should be eyeball fee I can’t really tell I know I don’t even see eyes he just has like a sort of person should be socket ish looking thing it’s pretty horrifying well he’s almost deadly so you’re left I literally had any swung a weapon but I’m really beating him down oh I already got here woo I’ve seen this but wherever it’s arrived damage summon a tutu ghoul I have combos you do have combos look at this look at this though though though [Music] Macaulay’s combo didn’t even have to give you chill so I think I’m good about it yeah you do with your weapon or you I think I think I’m finally gonna actually kill this time all right you’re back in the game yeah I mean I’m still just trying to find I definitely so well you have a 1 in 14 chance of the additional charge Maddow now I’d remove this one this is still there I can kill this first and then they may be done what what at the end of your turn at a random death knight card so every turn yeah use of an 8 8 taught for 8 you know and just keep getting these totally busted cards every turn it’s totally busted yeah huh hey listen I recommend you kill that guy I’ve ever seen ice this is looking two ways you can get des my cards artist and his loyal hound orcas are we that’s I see did it yeah right yeah and there’s eight of them like I said they’re all very powerful so you get to play with a little bit well good night it’s prefix-free yeah I kind of got any well I kind of got to kill that yeah I’m gonna play actually it’s Friedman deal freedom to the adjacent ones so alright we’ll play this now you can give it for that right now yeah who did you kill Joe give no felt and I probably shouldn’t kill it there actually cuz I did just give me two bucks to do that baby’s got another does my card is hands yeah detailed like winning even before I have getting that that’s out of your deck yes lets me draw cards which gets me closer to my death that’s true yeah right exactly so I don’t want him to then draw cards again is that night red boom hey when I was serious good draw definitely no well I am kind of glad the chest day by the way just a point things that you definitely would not be able to go for this point with the for $6 oldest hmm well this could be going better and put this out again all right now I’m it back here is exactly where I would go 100% I do come wanna play rock bass too but I am coming to you to the animations in the sternum and auto damaged in with the one program yeah I couldn’t everybody but I was trying to draw cards drawn again we we’ve been talking on a fundamental stress that entire game before turn one since the intro I told you I was doing alright as soon as icebreaker whoa created flexes what what this is remove the top rocker did I summon any minions removed this isn’t one of that’s my car there’s a wreck and he just summoned a tea oh this is not not there’s not good for you maybe better I mean I do have but we’re still kind of a bad funny looking like this could be going better he didn’t burn it death knight now yes you did so that was the one saving grace there and there really is on the same race day that no trial oh he’s an artist too yeah I think we put marble is bigger every day that’s great if you wanted for this is hilarious I love it it’s art but all right well you have a possible for each damaged minion interesting well I can I can Grom this so I yeah cuz I really I really can’t wait much longer look if I’m gonna die I actually have not I don’t think I’ve dealt damage to it I think that he’s pretty difficult all my stuff constantly hopefully goes the attacks your drama face ice again another death knight card here he just said a poor puppy enforce Timaeus right there yeah two different girls who’s just definitely care right I think this is going very well for me this year dead scale night a 1-1 lifesteal firlock ooh oh there is my whole strategy has come to this moment what is this quit a 4-3 shadow warn that also damages adjacent minions hero power is deal one damage to all minions pretty good okay that was cool doesn’t world and I believe you kneel before me I get some bug’s around here whatever you do will okay throughout man hold it all right like a rascal I’ll cry some a slice I’ve death metal someone for your opponent okay so you just basically a four minute seven seven but this won’t identify this is more important antenna so that’s right that’s right checks out very well I said now you could rock this into your hero power alright and start doing stuff did he say daddy make toys out of you that’s weird I got a muscle oh boy I always present nothing I know that’s wrong yesterday that’s wrong yeah alright alright you can get a 5/5 did you kill his rambling rascal and you’re probably I think I can do that you have a lot of girl power it’s a total that’s messing up your bladestorm there it is yeah just fortunate do you have – Lea – like you’ve got there’s a horrible grade [Laughter] for like probably a couple Legendary’s yeah they’re going tomorrow damn it says you couldn’t even treat it override all right well maybe we can get another legend that we haven’t seen before possible all right so I tack this it’ll damage all of these and the sky thing was a break free also damages next to where here’s an X okay well I’ll take that we’re just all the old for Keowee and we are we are really fitting for the mess of old news let’s play here we go hold it up a bit yeah – oh yeah this is pretty good what I get professor teacher sighs John look it looks pretty much i’m italy said oh sorry this is pretty good yeah your words this seems okay now turn the dimmer now that I’m a deaf night yeah it’s better for you it is better life is better when you’re done oh well maybe life is your friend it doesn’t matter you know he really does have the crazy oh yeah Oh another one more drivers oh but he’s actually is going to fatigue ago Wow he gets a full five there and he even see keep drawing cards oh yeah that’s bad enough I went through couple Robbie now so any kind of really done a guy he’s gonna get a cop okay I just think he’s gonna attack my nat pagle because he wants a nat pagle clearly yes that was good so you sit isn’t it but I got a 5/5 now so I’m not gonna get my spawn Oh rude oh oh we got guards what what’s this deal because uh yeah okay so what hundred is so don’t kill them inside oh just my advice thanks what I would do I think it is tell him yeah you know I probably could be the designer you know if he adjacent to anyone because attack him well that oh well done and I got I do Matt they’re like my goal the entire game credible efficient rabbi definite Oh hey grant man drop the misty that’s just adorable every player gets me another three wins like yeah okay it was so long ago for just like like what was it in did you get a World of Warcraft now yeah this account just have a pretty good let’s get me the first serious only yeah that doesn’t it is sweet uh yeah man it’s just like Rex they’re bored yeah and like every turn from then on you’re just like yeah you just you just like jump in and display your slashing everything done alright here’s uh there it is scorch Lord Garrosh just cleave their guys down and then you have a blade storm obviously you know I read the notes you know whirlwind your stuff yeah maybe we did it it’s great with rough a sexy because if you have an arcade trigger on turn ten with the blade storm which is this is great there’s a lot of handsome sweet emotes tip be well you know it’s funny because we we knew that you weren’t going to use the greetings of moat like at the normal time you know like oh hey welcome to the new game hello because it’s like turn eight with your button yeah so greetings is not the same meeting so we basically tried to different everyone but we tried to line it up so that the heroes had a badass like battle cry I yell and then when you agree it’s like the extension of that so if I have super long speeds that they’re giving as they get to the battlefield start doing stuff maybe the priests 2010 the best emotes because that’s pretty the imodium class that’s right there’s out there that’s a superpower yeah okay alright so we do another game well I did that the the one thing we’re going to highlight there or okay all right well now the next class we haven’t seen the death knight for whirl or a lot let’s do it world cold dangerous right here there was a homeless it was almost the name yeah we’re like you because you’re configured about they’re almost like superheroes yeah guys right now what would you name superheroes who band Maskull dangerous but we can eliminate maybe I was just using me but randomly for less than before criteria you can do clickable onyx on yes there it is you’re like cool secret stuff volcano ah baby maybe alright they don’t even – I didn’t on door um okay so I’m gonna mold in them all well we are to tell you how to how to Domas guy who drain soul lifesteal go to mist Romania no it’s strain life except it gots to and can’t it therefore the bonus thing right very similar yeah but also gets buffed with yeah I’ll go about that right – yeah okay cool cool well I think I can make myself more likely to draw my death knight by using this every time that’s right in the drink role will increase your ability to do that alright well I’m ready to go up spelled bro I do give a lot of the water let me tell you how to how to win this game that’s pretty reduced my opponents life Hilton see that’s correct right I’m a top the top of that so this is the deck all that self-sacrifice it’s except sacrifice deck with a new dragons treachery and dusted beam into the okay what a dramatic well I’m going to do this your end of turn effects triggered twice I didn’t I’m in trying to process what all those are uh well this is not the Lich King for example for this video your turn so you can double the okay the death Knights cards is lots of times that have end of turning I guess there’s the others there’s cabal trafficker there hey I’m just appalled trafficker okay I would I would I would see this thing in action oh yeah boom and then the dread she comes back and there’s an insane we want to one of the reason we had a hit dressing what will life tasks go if you play nice dressed it off for you probably can’t get rid of it and then you go knife juggler and then the guy that makes one of your minion you go and then to file you make a knife juggler immune in the defiled store like this you gets to dodge a new guy that’s probably to your opponent’s turn some of the to to ghoul okay so it’s kind of like the water cuttings you armor yep so this is it so they meant stat-wise you’re going to kind of want to trade into this guy too but if they do there there little bit punished for it I’m interesting but this this doesn’t end up being a 4 – 7 7 it’s such a format like 7 chords but a glassy – it’s for 7 for just a different company yeah right we’re really hard to beat this all the way alright well that is I mean I could like skill that long as you can find so baby – dude I just going to do that’s your alright we’ll pay to do that 6 maybe it’s a new Tina you read it kind of a new demon well I did you kind of like do not think I like the show the classic legendary things writers they are mixing it I hear this is just a new card reveal stream where we see it’s hard to hear 200 anyway yeah time to the immune I figure with his file and the good views insecure mother there’s nothing like a good I don’t play this demos too many cards and I definitely don’t want to burn my night out I feel like I would do serious oh I’m pretty good come on I was right you have only sacrifice it’s pretty good with the position together so lots of like warlock cards that you know want you do you want to play with things with various users you know that’s I don’t know that this part is good night I love it by the way what is this figure out the full sweep they’re also going to make sure this is set of minions attack and help 2 3 ok so this is like a keeper of Oldham on slash yeah son keeper 1 yeah in a spell form so you just get to do for keeper I love this guy I’m gonna hand buff this card so many times now oh so sorry woo I look cool in a major given maybe I should’ve done with like this card inside this one but all right we’ll get my girl a four minute 7 7 yeah this is regular enhance is just a little bit for you really good to play trust me on that guy oh yeah uh-huh mondo combo yeah then you dream so lid or whatever I mean I’m picking up a cup and down yeah I not as good shoes that’s really cool I did fine all right lots of oh he actually does just a life skill now who does it update it says the little heart campaign get the new tic all right well yeah so this is a little bit tricky because normally you have to like pop that first right yeah but you get the idea of a site is some dude writing Oh real life’s at first cause it’ll get close right after miles – it’s not at that tonight I’m just going sighs install like this last active site i loved-ed you my skill is surprisingly good it’s weird because it scales dramatically like a for for life feels a lot better than a two to live scanning or one with my still that checked out once again passenger which catches a great whatever one of your other minions eyes but a to tube cool yeah right this doesn’t quite work like this oh you’re gonna kick for the one when I have to attack it you could treachery to Yeti we’re going to do that in your right attack here a bit then we’re gonna wait quick that was very back yeah you don’t a two to health guiding chain into the three health guy I get that oh no cuz he’s going to get the tutu from way to go ahead and then yeah now I can but I can play this well that does not work I guess it won’t work right now can attack here and then put my bio there go we’re doing it but this will this trigger and give you my guy in that point I guess I guess swisco care everything we run all right well I want to I’m gonna fit my devil story interview you boom this was reducing pants yeah triggers and then with a dentist I’ll be damage to another gonna kill all my stuff cuz I put the devil’s rag oh god what have I done another eight we’re good okay you’re not wrong with the file again I think I get hold on gonna figure that is manageable well I love I love them I get agree he’ll bring me back there was only my justice nah well pretty good can tell up at the doggy good Wow alright rude through there come on well I want to own a had this trigger twice ok hellooo de filma Dada oh yeah oh boy oh yeah that’s great juicy I guess your crews back in a trigger bro okay I keep like that until does look through eventually I kind of just like let him do this just to see it it’s pretty good but I first have to find my nest mate yeah these are our priority that last was Tyrion he’s probably playing with – all right I want to look more of me you are so sound not mine that works right even though they make Libya Hey Oh fancy it’s on a divine shield continent is experienced right well I want to do hmm I can’t just play tack this don’t you attend a before yeah this is actually super enough I also don’t really want to kill this because I want to see what happens but then I may just die yeah so maybe I do need to dope you down we’re like a hero man yeah we’ll start that yeah well you know got a better idea all right good we got there we got all the way through that doesn’t break off we did it only one pretty I said four for life steel beats yes okay that’s interesting I’ll be just regal for fair life CDL has its own kind of implication but being a beast – it’s like a hunter where you you can maybe you know how and master this or otherwise yeah no master on that more like the really cool you know that oh thanks all right well let’s kill this guy you are you like that tap last my dress actually show oh my god I think arts known I hear what you what did they get death grip he’ll make your bonus take it adds her hand okay so they’re the maybe leave their neck yeah it’s actually a steel does not like got steel right it actually oh wow straight up dick they they no longer haven’t you do okay that’s a kid yeah okay so uh no more divine shield Oh at least used to hang out with other turn though you know it’s true the NB a– term deal one image to all the minions well ready here let’s trade set we’re gonna try to protect the lich king yeah that’s kind of our mo right oh not that you need a lots of other cards in your hands but yeah yeah I guess want to see more right you know obviously you know I’m just gonna play Doom guard before I like tap because I don’t want to possibly discard my my deafness yeah I don’t now middle I have to have the own your commie cars in your deck oh now lemon and I got an are very nice all right so these are these are two of the we’re gonna kill them and more definite cards we do all right that wasn’t it that’s pretty good against trying to get a bunch of teachers yeah it is it’s also better when your opponent does not have lower Walker check no rest it will look darion mograine long Robert all right or treachery combos bump squad yeah well first we’re gonna play this love it and then fool it where is Mike my deaf night you’re gonna draw yeah but it’s gonna burn like here I can’t play something with a desperado card man I don’t want to kind of a friend I guess I’ll just play this no question I am gonna burn it cuz it cuz of that oh you’re right I might learn my husband the internet will never forgive you my god Troy all minions remove the top quarter deck for each minion destroy god wow I needed I needed to play other things they just delivered it to me Kirkland look if you’ve drawn I think it’s not going to happen oh you control the code George you know everyone always always you know asks you for your when they need these moments the perfect drive the hell works that’s how there’s no no no I can’t look six cards up a huge success and John was weird Oh drew that’s dramatic well man I blame the lich king will never be able to see that car you know it’s that was the word our finish this fool up look at you consider litigate doin tonight not have here no I don’t have damage what I have and the bane of doom I can be a dupe him you could like bomb squad I guess when I saw him slut okay could you put and then get rid of it with a banner order low I can’t believe I burned it that’s incredible except that Oh what Frostmourne what Deborah helps summon every minion killed by this weapon yeah well if I’d like drawn the death knight then maybe I would have like won the game there and then I wouldn’t have had brought for its kind like a balance or sound I agree again he’s wiped your group yellow have a frost ago frost words yeah it’s pretty good so you’ll I summon him when I kill him on it’s only every minion is it a courtesy we can our it is this woman we’re shy frost away do it alright I can’t I can’t open it can’t we be friends about that it’s the Lich Kings fault let’s do a virus criminals yeah I like the drove all right to receive healthy now we have to actually serve in Rio reveal here soon almost completely i three dick you’re gonna get sued battlecry summon all friendly demons that died this game cost 10 you alright alright and psyched and like you’re a part like whoa that’s a sick points where hey that that’s a serious card Wow yeah presumably you got some demons yep and then it’s like gonna fill your board with demons and then slowly enjoy every minute irreparably obviously obviously for for warlocks specifically there’s already jaraxxus and they already had this thing that they could transform into it along games it’s like okay well this you want it to be so different than kind of just with directions already done there for the class and this obviously goes into a more sort of streamlined F of I would it be a demon deck because obviously this is super-powerful if you’ve had a bunch of big demons yeah we know how good news off can be right like and this is really similar in a completely different axis well it’s also an adopts they can’t be like dirty ratted right just a really big deal and if you you know in those matchups like they generate is up and everything is very different and it gives you fire armor and the ability to get realized my turn further up the game and ping off any midget later and it doesn’t have the threat of major axis of you have the maximum of 15 life this actually is getting out of range of getting part exact as opposed to put you in rage yeah you can play this video if you manage to play a good game and you’re still the 30 health you can go for five episodes and then and then keep going up and up is right yeah very recycling virus that is a very powerful card it would’ve been cool to not burn it it’s been okay what definitely try to drawers they do the worst tile are all right okay all right that was that was good we got through almost every card in the deck so student of the game here you want the female furious video clip no fears all right we’ll play Mel furious okay alright no serious and goal dangerous they’re probably from like a group there seems like they like probably and have their own like no no squad yeah definitely yeah there we go so this is a top synergy good there’s a OPSEC energy deck has got poisonous subsea okay so just let that sink in poisonous Contech alright put poisonous guys behind CONICET and make you look very mad and pleasant city getting a crease because priests is you know generally relies on like having big health minions that you actually yeah keep around because if we showing that i guy and i think so new card so what mulligan it that’ll try give your taunt minions plus two plus two so this is bolster bear yeah basically it’s interesting that now there’s well now we’ve seen this I don’t know mate I guess I’ll hold on to it because it’s still new own to the animation honeycomb in yet but you don’t problem Lou Trump’s favorite card the current value overwhelming her here’s this is a hydro I want to see that the animation for this because it seems like a be sweet it like a web they all better or something we’re going to front we will find out web we’ve seven two one two poisonous spiders the poisonous a sort of theme is interesting because typically druid it’s been pretty bad and just a figment you know through it you have a leather removal damage based they have trouble had it restored all right we’re inviting poison we’re greatest fighter open and now you have a synergy this guy but again against priests I want to plug in the spider yeah like so generally killing big minions is tough but if you had to poison spiders around said okay I can kill the difference so I was your distinct opening part give a friendly minion spell damage plus one interesting yeah it looks better than than kobold it might because stats just a better state and also you can give it to a minion with was more survivable so that Skeletor sure spoke down that’s pretty cool when we’ve we tested at four mana and it was like super freakin good that Korea does not seem like we’re easy the ban on forgetting to one-twos right like it’s just the map doesn’t seem out up but it’s not it is I’m gonna fighting this guy OOP I would hear about you all right you’re the professional yes but spell damage cards are real interesting because obviously the more spell damage cards there are and you can put your deck like the little powerful things like milk and protein maybe so funny like last year the World Championships and reject displayed the the the goals yeah there’s like good just because the spell powers so good and now might Meister they’re not really together we’re going to trees nominal favorites dang sure to rise my skin snooze guard on the bright side next turn you could wait to what this package limit this reef summons this hmm like Drew distance I go okay kombu just we’ve seen this Jason Lee is clutching health okay well I’m gonna make some spider just that’s not actually not bad and this is a thing like yeah so all my situations you end up in life huh I guess that’s pretty good right now I hope I don’t have to have madness but Oh everybody done yeah is not great to get that guy but so yeah and then but then I buffed their help they can kill the whole thing Omar it’s almost like he’s going to let my synergy manifest well it is a little bit of a delay that’s probably what’s going on here and they didn’t know we had just it on that cart or maybe he’s just allowing us to go out here get to turn 10 that’s my god I gotta say animated on this one too it’s just so many things yeah must consider very well we’re gonna we’re gonna get these nice tough spiders Oh thankfully I have these poisonous scooters so oh oh my name is from Lyra that you’ve had it this is a good way I want to see you soon but I I really want to for the legend here what I there’s a liar on the board I guess I can still do in this trade here I mean yeah good I just uh listening use that animation it I’ll just keep it there it is definitely too much in the box ooh deal financially me or store five helps with friendly character okay so interesting like the the cards that give you the death knight cards get out got it was he doing oh okay well that’s not good my Lich King good night I’m gonna get to it’s also it’s done enemy yet okay I can’t go desk oil it pretty bad because you can’t if he takes the joining everyone I will get it back with if you can please ruining all my car officer to Buffy I can play arson yeah oh good pretty good replayed our fish yeah you got wreck I kind of need those spiders back in at least leg attack adore three-fourths that you’re set up to yeah but he also gets really unfortunately but oh yeah maybe you’re protected it with two tunics yeah we’re setting up we suck another DEATH night car to that so that’s true look another definite card the fur goes away and would obliterate destroy a minion your hero takes damage cool all right we have to have a trouble now good boy very much scared but I think these these cards that give you the death knight cards are an interesting way of actually getting like the death knight iconic abilities death grip and stuff into the game yeah oh and come with my card the road it’s pretty good and he’s like an overt audition you this dude what all right well we can we can obliterate it which also just trade in and then death coil it okay hmm listen he’s playing acharya enchanter he’s probably got other cards with him internet strip that’s true so i probably do and i know we don’t want to kill i can kill both of them it’s true so i think i’m going to kill those two them so I’d rather do it like I guess I wanted to do it again first that’s true Oh Oh glad that’s that’s alright I mean I guess I can just kill them anyway and to this we’re waiting over yeah and now I’ll make a conman all set the two miles yeah you could put your boys guys behind a wall of tops that would be you’re eventually gonna play me I’m just going to play this to lose my lose another net night you’re gonna happen just feel like that’s rule what’s going to happen to me I mean we’re getting to the point we can cast ultimate infestations oh we got we got value actually to get some cargo to your hand because drawing five is going to be its trip I do good things you’re an expensive guard a little free from America if you get a letch cane it’s definitely in this game it’s interesting uh the booster don’t have a Fender you go let’s go god yeah that’s kind of crazy gonna happen what’s done alright um well I kind of like it wet but yeah but copy of it was that well this gives me two tons and then maybe we may we set up and get our higher head Rex going even if it makes a not won the Kentucky true that’s true and we want to give ourselves the least chance of burning cocks right at night yeah here we go here we go yeah Oh we’re just gonna go look at that’s bill doesn’t play alright okay that seems pretty strong it does seem pretty strong and then we’re going to get our our Hydra knocks going it’s very strong and then ultimate to the station or you can do that it really is yes this is five damage drop I’ve gained five seven two five five boom drink all right I like Fairley does yeah once more car to be more okay so state spinner weird is car dealer Ricky yeah but this is the only like she cooked that throttle yes okay I it’s totally bizarre so for people would understand this car gives us all talk like civilized not within several people we showed this card to before we longitude honored standard you use it’s a choose one which def Rose do you want do you want the other day I saw minions or do you want death-rattle give up maidens plus two plus two but we just don’t tell your opponent where you chose that so you could see for you chose your opponent note is one of those things to things but they don’t know which this treatise did well our cards we’re gonna we’re gonna shoot that boom makes us more likely to dart at that’s true that’s the way it was another one exactly you need he did become super coming all right choose boat load area what’s up didn’t burn if not burn it during the right oh yes I really already killed it how much do you have well I’m gonna I’m gonna make him make him burn a card chats gonna love it pretty boom handed to full ha got him Donna that was not a good card for him right now yeah but yeah we’ve got it now and now you burned it I probably could trade it better there I wasn’t really good good but now I can be a death knight yeah this is a crazy def knife by the way you so it was that cool is so happy whoa it cuts up about Drake although as a priest is much harder to actually deal with the the frozen champion you’re like as a mage you could ping them off yourself and as Jaina Frost Lynch you can pay month or something get water here those are deal with life steel can we so this is Creek like it just meant a big impact on the board we played can I you can’t like get Fandral disc you can we gotta do that oh man good Laramie that was sweet it was right now what I do I only care about doing maca that was sweet oh sweet you will with her hey Charlotte oh my thanks to you master home hey guys got ten armor from that I did crazy there’s enough they may not be correct what happen similarly when we copy over their collection which is anti magic shell what you mean as flex equal to it can’t be targeted happy protege pizza commanded my goodness he is regular well on the bright side here bars also knew my here if I was really good good so protected but and I can yeah I get it with sandal to so and this is not a particularly good one to necessarily get cheese both no no it’s definitely not I wanted to use my hair power because I get both sprinkling on every awesome yeah okay so did I good wait ouuuu are doing then you dupe to be nobody’s like you’re definitely some scarab and I was like yeah it is you’re right it’s a my mind I’m like yo gift put to floor looks like I got Duke and now I’m going to put this after the fact that 90 at the bottom on you I wouldn’t have gotten a probably really badly that every year we thing about that was terrible everything we do that hotel everything so that you even be used like energy really good like okay I really do you should get trustworthy guy but we’re like you’re like in charge of this game yeah it’s really not unleash the steering yeah okay that’s good Van Cleef from the frozen gender they created by oh yeah alright well I want to play this cuz I want to see the animation but I still want to keep using this what I choose to it’s pretty good to choose in yeah it’s actually kind of insane but then I won’t play this ever because because you will always will eventually presumably or in sled but actually I don’t know hey Roxas pretty grades my sauce I’m plagued just good you will winter hey I definitely should use this last turn who wins what is this this is the like kind of buff our stuff here oh yeah I don’t really want to do it this is like kind of mediocre I’ll just like both these just to see what they are oh you don’t even write because it’s just yeah just do those but it’s alright well these are pair will have a place I don’t even know is going to happen anymore yeah no one no one knows it’s just five three if I think we’re at war exactly well thank that feel like you want some good news game oh wait did I already some to chat a bit that I had five minutes all times good yeah thanks Chad it’s helpful where we do that that makes it yeah it’s really white choose what what’s even happening we’re not paying attention we’re just trying to get definite well I’m not going to win in fatigue that said I really sure he’s lock that down yeah he’s got who’s got abandoned before winter control so he’s gonna be returns Paulo that was actually your deck yeah and now it’s a hit now it’s a new book now okay so this is going to give all minions plus T plus two identity that people doing up early now all right um well I guess I want to play this sure yeah I think so think so good job it’s better than not it’s I’d rather have them have damage and be baker and I think that’s right let’s excuse we’re on the right track there what’s gonna happen no one knows you know it’s gonna be if something will happen all right here we go here we go that happens now these guys are going to die they will die so here on the tack face of these and then we’ll trade the past without actually problem just a bunch of stuff just lots of things are going on now so if drew now I don’t have to choose both yeah why not actually choose or you buy hitter knocks we can just go back yellow king crush run that was also from the French and it wasn’t early today okay well now it’s fully time to play hate recurrence we’ve got your easel I mean maybe but I don’t want it I want to play a turn okay right hmm that was pretty cool all right we’re a trade with King Graham does I want to see this animation here it goes towards you know like excuse me yes I was going to get myself an alternate infestation oh it’s definitely don’t steal it I’m reeling it oh my goodness or you can kill it I can’t kill it put it I don’t know any better all right well I actually meant I don’t want to get more cargo my decks we’re gonna kill our fists first and then we’ll play [Music] my brief oh okay going crazy all right look at that coming I like others coming out of the spider things like they’re totally in the Hydra Knox’s web or whatever okay I accept to choose I’ll choose spider-man really call well punch in the face I would not bring over that’s it the call well I can play well girls but just not XS man that would have been a bit maybe what kind of spell triggers you have to dick I need that I need that buff all my tones but I don’t I already played those okay all right you have no meaning oh no there it is oh well you’re gonna 111 yeah did you really get I got pleased to subject this particular okay I was a good drawn I guess like up there on the list abroad Kaiba haha and furnace cards chat so happy really cool yes it can we were to go home yeah kill a man we burn disguise go back in from both angles victory and you put your plant oh and yeah we can clear quest are you right now where was I wait or next quest we won’t we won’t completed yet though because we’re gonna be playing rose now because it was a card written by air from from okay good we nearly decked ourselves I think we got there alright so we have one more exciting matchup here alright so this is a vial your verses Rex are so let me give you a little little beats on this kind of deck here so this is a deck with weapon and death rattle synergies okay right and it’s like a kind of tempo we’re in a deck and you want get a lot of value out of your weapons and death metal reactions and then use your definitely hero and I do want to use a death knight here there’s a late game simply game as I love the Rope that’s not here it’s a so your hero gets spelt is like so elegant and cool and we’re talking about a little bit earlier I love the rogue sort of active defense that we’ve seen yeah like you get immune this term with the weapon the life steal from the other weapon or the spell you put any weapon yeah they feel so much more rogue you want rogue to be able to go to the tailor’s I kill them right but you don’t want them to be doing in the way that feels like other class windows I steal yourself or taunt or gain armor look I make you unable to damage me to come to me yeah I think that’s cool I agree I was doing the big exit outs go hit up while you’re oh yeah the the hero power with the rogue being a passive here Bowers and already it just a bunch of options correctly I rigged up anything alright look Sony there everything that one banner ad to one more skeletons your hand interesting alright um I want to see what that looks like so I’m going to keep it even though it’s really bad cards we keep return yeah just it just real back you early but we’re going to try I wanna see it too loop roll the bonus I see with a bone theme it is a VI it’s definitely goes with the theme you know try I want to see so many hunter cards you need some say there’s still a few hundred cards that have been revealed through three it’s that a great card it looks super powerful well especially in a matchup like this against hunter where normally you use your your weapon to remove anything that comes to die there’s a guy up any shot no but if you get like just the one swing I mean good talking to some huge thing yeah yes they have the Lich King you like I’ll go punch the Lich King in them now it’s no big deal alright let’s roll the bones come on not good on I could have been better because we save it turns we played it to report later five-way and this with this up and go on oh you’re right that is but now I don’t really know whether guard blue new card leave your weapons opinion it deals its damage that what do meringue okay that’s cool so this like allows you to use you know sort of weapons to remove things not taking damage back yep basically and then even reset a weapon you are using the durability that’s right with this you can use your shadow blade kill something then replay the shadow blade that’s my own again that’s right that’s really cool yeah I definitely get to that also it’s called do meringue yeah and that’s just cool but this is weird things usually it’s like okay get spend three minutes on a weapon it’s like well but so much of the value of this weapon is this battle cry oh but I can do meringue it now I’m just going to play it I want to get doubled up there we go should we uh try and play let’s see what this glow soon it was an explosive trap yeah alright that’s good we’re clear now they can throw our weapon also you can play the room for counter and just keep it down yeah that’s true that is true yeah this is a cool card to you know actually because naturally you’re going to have weapons with your hero power but giving you more value from things like your shadow blade or other you know Road weapons that you actually put into that because historically because the hero power froze things so good you haven’t necessarily played that many have a every weapon mmm okay so this is kind of interesting but I can microwave yeah you could to bring it in a little bit of that again right uh and I don’t know about you but like just leaving experiencing Umbra on the board seems like that is we’re going to do meringue yeah and then it didn’t smack it again alright that’s cool like there sure Oh incredible yeah thanks tell me how good that is that was pretty cool and in particular with weapons like such a beautiful area who is everyone watch I can’t kill him right now that’s bad news everyone that’s bad news I will play a bone baron you just know it’s not kind of anyone will you sitting there for a couple turns now this is this is magic for me maybe he’s out of secrets well that’s probably not true see ya dreams dashed videos a lot of these free swelling are free okay okay yeah so it’s a little bit like tracking the spell from old school but I it’s been is only I can drop a bunch of cards on your deck preparation this goes very well with my handedness tiles it’s pretty good well what’s the beauty traps okay well that’s not good for that is the worst well I can play this and then hit this my big return to show people that you could see button oh there it is it turns green usually you just slide the secret okay okay well I’m not gonna lose durability of my weapon and plenty of that good mist hero power I think of a great place okay how many definitely how many we do lots of different yet have you so this Rob is not looking okay we got bounced the bone they’re a pretty big big big big batteries on for you swell now crumbled all right who’s going all going up I’m gonna keep getting more of those infinite beasts it’s not a beast himself no he’s wearing a beast oh yeah it’s that seems uncomfortable it’s a thing that stitched truckers do do they wear make sense be dry ghoul is your opponent’s turn someone a to two bulls this is a neutral card yep okay so makes difficult from the trait into it yep medium on stats for a three mana card it’s all forget Deborah also can help you out with those death row synergies true it’s true all right well we’re looking to play Lich King next turn I like that I’m on board killed basically anything else you could say I would go I think I think I just replayed bone there and though they definitely expensive but bear any duties but I get out of hand yeah I will do that there you go prep there too hmm I could prep yeah prep into the new concede but a lot of players would go to adjust the volume well I’ve done that laptop more times than I care to know so we got your back very well Oh see alright that tag [Music] incredible yet I can prep this out that’s true death coil alright pretty good especially if he doesn’t fully kill your list King Mysterio to keep him around okay pretty good this coil was one of the spells that the DEF night heroes almost like three mad okay and it was like it was this kind Cup play dead what cost – and beast that’s why whoa whoa why watch this Chris go that was Mike that was my Lich King and now he was killed by an exploding bloat bat yep alright bleaching poison it’s pretty good assassins play pretty good back yes Oh guys oh are you well I am turns out yeah you are okay nice skeleton which I need to place it over draw my death knight so that was a new logo new secret right yeah it was yeah the venom strike trav you so you got an emperor Cobra but I’m gonna kill that I’m gonna play this assassin’s blade and then no leaching hey boom oh yeah cat trick oh no all right not too bad though cuz I’m going to life steel back up yeah and I think I’m just going to play well that’s hot this make you not really want to play a bunch of small things maybe we should heal myself or five let me have a look to these and many lives over five I can prep it out and all that is a combo it doesn’t see if you don’t play the skeletons in this book Bible died its trail interest is gonna kill your own stuff yeah we should play skills yeah I don’t think I need to prep this turn I think it can wait alright Bowl yeah this this effectively we feel with like a bigger weapon like assassin’s blade yeah this is 12 feeling tax which is pretty huge for two minutes better than Bri will not bring on with a downside take a little time it does take some time so it’s my skeleton I dad tragically one death refugee there’s nothing with dog yeah oh you’re sorry could euro whisking guy no way that’s not because I got excited I always do – ooh alright well I can prep vanish go on oh that’s true and in boom Barron alright we’ll put both those three Gospels well I want to get some light snacks I love it that way and then yeah where’s my buddies they also make mine is off bag also that shallow grave digger gives you a death rattle minion yeah they can also make a lot better synergy alright you keep your tracking feel like you played a free market yeah a couple times it another all right give def Boyle for their guy Sharleen that’s pretty good – aw it’s also good with the rogue death like hero power yeah this keeps giving you copy yeah well you could play for credit or a really easily or you could buy sushi let’s just say we go hmm that’s harder to make work in actively bandwidth up I’m going to keep gated life with this weapons in snow of it and then I mean we’ll play it really well I guess you’ve already gone through to freezing traps but or I meant the marshal was just going to take away your spots but I don’t I haven’t had that many definitely inside anyway so just it’s just one more at this plant talking on the phone for you Oh God just trapped up for which cake well thankfully I can kill the Sun one is like looking this way found out is an orphan all 100 combo good oh we found a use of perfectly master to mean boom you see I haven’t I haven’t gone my death night now so you’re gonna kill I don’t want to kill him I wonder I’m a death knight well you’re looking good for the killers but I need to keep hitting him to gain life so not my fault it’s not something oh yeah this is I can’t imagine a scenario in which pumpkin comes back and well I could just stop attacking that is okay like oh my god you’re more imaginative than I can imagine that if I just do it oh that’s pretty like that feel – I can just foolishly attack into this get all my minions killed yeah okay does this poison book the lifesteal thing is pretty good it is that your combo ruined so how can I get all my guys killed well they don’t kill me why are you seeing the rogue hero power that is a raid I haven’t heard the emotes though oh and they are good they are good bye good game pumpkin I think it was four oh yeah I get right clapping that was nothing I was a surprising I was not expecting that he’s a he’s a world-class player as I mentioned came in second in that tournament but the internal yes kind of yeah I’m not first okay so that’s it we’ve covered all oh so we should ghosts show some of the stuff that to recap all of the cool card you see about all will show all the death my cards here a little bit harpus is fun I love the name it’s just hilarious he’s like playing fetch with a cool hand you know whatever it is there that’s that’s cool I like it adorable a great potion of madness target to who a lot exciting you know this dude the Lich King that is a serious card it is that is it’s an eight eight time for eight so you know poor iron bar protector like what if you share a cost one left had taught and give you super ridiculous cards every no here’s all of the Alden ethnic art so I think we actually did see all of them those are all yeah so yeah I mean really kind of crazy very of the dead and just being able to we saw that in one of the early games yeah with puppet is able to very efficiently get himself a fatigue with pretty much back card alone yeah especially something they haven’t I totally thought Mort is super cool and it’s keep killing things and raising them is undead for yourself yeah and that’s interesting because these are all first well a weapon in a bunch of spells but they like do a really wide variety of different things yeah yeah you can’t really count on one specific thing happening here right like every magic show versus doom packed obviously a very different when you compare to you Sarah forget Sarah a lot of that the results are you know pretty pretty similar with a couple of minions a couple spells that do relatively similar things but this just there’s so many crazy things can happen from which get yeah this guy we did briefly before um say that is an idea great yeah that your power definitely seems kind of crazy it’s both sort of bored control and sustain keeping your life up obviously more like as tons of ways to use their life as a resource and you know not only getting the armor from this getting a huge board from it but also just like be able to either to kill your opponent a play at their board is super strong yeah but if an hour matters yeah actually doesn’t think yeah scurry slurred Garrosh with the bladestorm I think I feel like this is good wait they’re here like your phone’s never gonna play minions ever just a bother dead anyway so we’re back okay that was that again all right well you know there’s a couple last-minute just reminders for folks who maybe this is the first time you’re hearing about like this wasn’t really it goes where you wouldn’t even do with your life there I’m so excited the this is this has been one of the most fun sets to work on because the theme the vibe is one of the most iconic is beloved themes from Warcraft history yeah and there’s so much just really cool things like the death Knights give every single class some really interesting long game sort of build around type card that can really change up how you look at death all right so I’m super dead you’re free won a free let’s do the time hero for being a prologue in the prologue in the first three missions come out the data expansion launches the next week three more missions come out and then we get that the last fight against blitz can comes out and he’s not easy oh you were saying that that’s one mission but it’s kind of such a different 29 mission yet yeah because every class has a different completely different experience playing against the Lich King and some some of them are quite rude alright but we had fun thinking of ways to troll players in that in that site but if you have you you beat the prologue which is not easy because the prologue is also against the Lich King oh really so you punch King at the very beginning and then go back to finally here you’re actually kinda later probably lose to list it but if you can beat the first mission the prologue will give you a free legendary death knight hero so basically anyone can just for free get one of the coolest cars in the sense yes uh yes you can beat it I think you did indeed I think you gonna do but but he’s definitely yeah quite rude these are this King and you get the free legendary death knight hero also this is the first time that we’ve wants to sit with our new pack rolls so you’re guaranteed to legendary cards your first 10 packs with sets hopefully you’ve been earning those thanks to the Frozen Throne packs through my girls will be running and dominating the arena with that and just say there’s a big number in the corner of the screen I want to open those but I can’t soon you go get a duplicate legendary to that one soon TM it’s actually an actual suit real a real soon so there I don’t know if we revealed every single car but after like tons of them through the leg but everything we rip all the cards up on the car gallery on the Frozen Throne calm the website this set is super cool and like a fool so we’re going to put everything up on the website also if you want there on our Facebook card gallery so check them all out there I think we hit most of everything now in the reveal screen oh this is your last chance to pre-purchase snag the Frozen Throne the like the patch that starts getting kicked off comes out I think tomorrow when that patch goes why or is when the seconds out is the final time so when the seconds out that said no more free purges it’s the best deal you can get unpacked at 50 packs or 50 bucks and you get the Frostmourne card back so if you have achill it’s awesome it’s if you if you wanted that deal unpacked and the Frostmourne card back this is your last chance to go do that just wanted people to not feel bad forget google tweet me every time and say hey guys but everybody thanks and this is it because you’ll miss it this is the last chance if you want to go do it oh that’s it no don’ts freaking great man yeah I had a lot of fun you know even if I did burn the death only thing I strive to do it onto that site at least you drill it u14 oh is it’s a it’s not easy puff is good cool alright well thanks for joining us everybody see you online Thursday

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