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(Hearthstone) Knights of the Frozen Throne: Card Review Part 1 – Druid, Hunter and Mage

hello everyone Brian Kibler here and that’s right it is time for my night to the Frozen Throne card review those of you who may have followed my channel for a while probably known that I typically done a week-by-week review of the cards added they’re revealed but with the difference or cadence of the released season as well as the fact that I was doing something very similar on Omni stone with fire baton for an each week I decided to instead wait and do is to review pretty much all of the cards now that they have all been revealed let’s go ahead and take a look at the first druid card these are by the way alphabetical by class you’re looking for a specific card about Talia Fineman so Crypt Lord this is interesting sort of defensive minion that’s an option for for druid decks but the weird thing about this is that it’s low attack I think makes it difficult to really justify putting in your deck over some of the other options that exist there’s a lot of health and get a lot more health but if you’re playing it back with a lot of minions are you really looking for just like more health on a ton minion rather than more attack to kill your opponent that’s usually with the sort of swarming style druid deck typically end up wanting and only one attack means that lots of things from attack intents and survive unless it’s buffed if you compare it to say tar creeper it’s similar you’re going to have to do a lot of work to get this to be more viable as a legitimate defensive tool than tar creeper already starts off so I’m not super impressed by crypt Lord in terms of what options it really offers they don’t already have but do want more things like that in the three slot I could do this card seeing play next up we have druid of the swarm this is a more attractive option in my mind if you’re looking for a talk for your druid deck in part because it’s a 1:5 talk for to potentially it can be either a 1:5 talk or one to poisonous and that’s pretty powerful 1/5 taunt is a lot of steps forward for just 2 mana to compare it to the previous one 6-4-3 it’s like okay well yes the other one can get can get buffs further but the dirt of the swarm has both you know a lot of stats for even less mana as well as the option of going one two poisonous if your port has larger minions that you want to kill I think this is one of the cards been injured in this expansion that’s likely to be kind of underrated is my guess simply because I think the one two poisonous minions are likely to be somewhat underrated I think that druid typically has a lot of difficulty killing larger minions mid-range and big minions and this gives them a way they can do that more readily it is really scary if you’re playing as one as potion of madness though and seeing as a as priest is one of the classes where you most want the oiz in to kill their fake minions that can be kind of dangerous so I think this is definitely a a pretty strong card that will likely see quite a bit of play in druid decks alright next up we have faith spinner this is one of the weirdest cards in the entire expansion here thanks there you have a 5 3 4 5 which is kind of odd that line for really anything like this that has a secret death rattle you choose to either deal three to all minions or give all millions plus two plus two and I actually play this under reveal stream with Fandral which is pretty funny because there was all the minions get damaged and grow which is nice but this look of it it feels like a secret element of this is a little strange because each of these effects a something you want a very different set of circumstances if your opponent has a lot of minions you’re probably not going to give this death rattle of pomp everything on the board so you’re putting in very often just kind of figure out okay well I can trade into this way and you don’t have minions you would likely want to do damage so you want a like trades visit way there is a lot of chance to really get blown out if you do guess wrong in there so some level of mind games going in there but it’s still hard to me to believe that you’re really going to want to put that choice to your opponent if they can in many cases describe figure out okay well you have stuff you’re like you’re going to a bus stop resident you have no stuff you want to kill my stuff got it so I think this part is neat and I like the design space that creates but I don’t think it’s likely to be a high level competitive card next up we have Nash which kind of sounds like bash which is kind of what this card reminds me of a free cost for three damage and free armor not necessarily all in one you know with batch you obviously could kill something and not take the damage back this is sort of just another armored plus attack modality or articles attack combo in in Druid we see claw and bite and now Nash of course and by guessing then chily ba5 cost one the six cost one or something like that I don’t know but it’s just kind of another pretty simple tool for Druids I don’t know this is likely to be a card that will see a ton of play well feral rage is still around because usually getting a lot of one or the other is stronger than getting a little of each in the case of this particular effect but it could give you just more tools for removal if that’s what they’re looking for that could also get kind of out of range and burn decks as well so just a pretty straightforward card I don’t think it likely has a home while fair wages around but could be could be a highlight in the future next up we have Hydra docks and this is a really weird card to evaluate when this was first revealed when we first saw this card I was like oh how can you possibly get enough you know value from had knocks in order to justify the fact that it is a nine cost three seven that doesn’t do anything you play and well it turns out some pretty good taunt minions in this set including the Lich King that we’ll get to eventually and this cannon is give you a huge amount of as long game value long game stability in any kind of matchup that is likely to go to attrition and the fact that it brings back taunts means that it actually keep you alive but the problem is of course spending that nine-minute upfront and just getting a three seven on the board that turn that is kind of tough to justify against aggressive decks so it’s got really cool animations I got to see on the reveal stream and does have a huge upside especially when you keep in mind that there are powerful minions like the Lich can give you huge value can bring back at this the problem though can you really afford to spend all that mana and not really do anything immediately I mean maybe you can play with spear sing or uber but that’s asking a lot because you have to have a spiritual number lived through you know your turn eight or nine or ten or whatever and then get to play this and then get the effect immediately I’m not really buying it I think this is more of a cool highlight-reel type card than any card that is likely to see a lot of high-level competitive play but the animations are sweet the spider is sort of spawning everything is really neat and you know I hope to see it on some videos at least because it’s very cool all right next up we have the death knight for druid which is mal Furion the pestilent and when I first saw this car I first saw this death knight revealed I was kind of unimpressed I was thinking okay you know you get some spiders you get some scarabs and you get a pretty powerful hero powers he played Lord you choose one either get +3 attack or 3 armor which is either of those a pretty powerful thing and obviously having the ability to decide the 21 each turn is super strong if there’s something you want to attack ok + attack if you’re just looking to stabilize and and have more time in the game to do more powerful things than you know sweet hang out and some armor you kind of have tank up or punch you in the face either which is quite strong but nothing about this sort of screams like oh my god this is crazy I think was just like a combination of ability and hero power that is is just solid you know this isn’t like one of the the Paladin death knight or whatever that screams like literally says win the game you’re killed opposing hero because it doesn’t really stand out as being this is outrageously good but you’ve got a little bit of value when you play it and it has this very strong long-term value from the hero power and the fact that it gives you the armor which is kind of hidden behind the hero power now they all give you five armors so don’t worry it’s not if you don’t need to worry about that they’re all the same in that in that regard but it also gives you the poison spiders or scarabs depending on what you need which can also help keep you alive and all these sort of survivability things on one of the cheaper death Knights this one only costs seven whereas many of them cost you know eight nine even ten this means that you can get this down faster which means that you can get more activations of the plague lore hero power to give you significant value and advantage over time and that’s sort of where the strength of this card feel that comes in which is that you’re you know it also played drew if you have ramp effects that can allow you to get this out even earlier so if you can get some about a board present from the battle cry which by the way is a choose one and thus also works with Fandral tested that way on the screen and you’re here positive if you have and roleplay you are punching your opponent really hard tagging up and getting spiders and scarabs so lots of powerful combos there with choosing to but yeah I think this is is not the flashiest of definites but I think it’s likely to be one of the better ones simply because it is cheap and does a lot of things that you want out of something that is going to naturally lend you to wanting to play a bit of a longer game so I think this cars quite strong and I think we will be seeing a good amount of it in raptor decks alright except we have spreading plague or unleash the scarabs which hilariously is not actually at least the scarabs as ben brode and i discovered and he reveals cube when i played it when i went ahead one more minion than me and got one scare when I was a oh that’s not not what I was hoping that would do at all I’m kind of unimpressed by discard overall in part because well unleashing the scarab have been a lot more powerful excited visited but it’s hard for me to envision wanting to have this in my deck instead of say something like Star fault instead of something that’s actually going to kill my pony’s minions when I play this yes I can play spreading plague and get three or four one five times but is that better than actually having a card that could kill the opposing minions that are then going to either be attacking my Todd’s or you know are enabling bloodlust or enabling evolve or enabling the inflame tongue totem any number of things that could cause serious problems but just trying to hide behind these these pumpkins and yes there are tools which we’ll get to that you care about taunt and druid obviously has an ox as well as I call it bolster there I think major is a bear but it’s kind of literation in it so it’s good that could be a combo with this and have it be more powerful than just one five times and I think people say oh you can plant it to the deck with marker the Lotus or mark with a while on top mark the wild powerful on that one and then obviously gives you more than just the one five times but if you’re playing those cards in your deck usually when I’m flying a lot of minions that are cheap that you can easily buff like the top of that token druid decks that we we tend to see these days and their finds of fireflies and you know tar creepers and whatever else all just cheap things are funny bored that you can easily proactively buff rather than try to react what your opponent’s doing which is kind of a spraying plain does so I’m not really sold in the start I think you better off actually killing your opponent’s minions but you know again could be cool if you have the right support but probably not a top-tier card all right here is this is bolster very kind let’s compare I don’t need a strong shell scavenger like a giddy ish no but anyway hey battle cry give your top minions plus C plus – literally exactly what bolster was when I was card that it was a warrior card kind of kind of weird to see druid getting essentially the same sort of stuff and took okay well warriors taunting me and now George do this too and have the same kind of support I’m kind of at least like to see them doing different ways rather than this being well the same faithful for kiss on a minion it’s kind of weird to me but I think that this is you know a powerful card obviously in the right circumstances of the right-click but feels like requires a lot of work you need to obviously have probably multiple minions there was a neutral minute make two copies with two three a top minion that you could obviously fly this alongside and get you know hey look these these two very powerful taught me that’s a lot of setup in a number of cards that are probably not that powerful on their own so I’m not really sold on the the bolster bear here but obviously in a pink can go in certain decks tante decks and it looked powerful in a highlight reel moments just don’t think it’s consistent enough to be a top tier competitive card and next up we have occurred that Trump revealed so appropriately because this is the the ultimate value card which is ultimate infestation which is deal 5 damage drop five cards game five armor semana 5/5 cool so first of all you know this would cost 10-minute n is a lot of mana then people saying well you’re playing it in rapture than that means you can you can cast it earlier it’s like yes but how many others X play any 10 cards that aren’t ranked terms like maybe you see a death wing or something like that in the very top end of some number of decks and that’s a card that that can totally swing the game by itself without what needing to be provided with value over time which is a big part of the draw of this is the draw five cards and I feel like for ten mana you have to be getting a lot you have to be getting something that is you know old God level of game swing eNOS and in particular or something that can can easily get you back into a game when you are behind and I’m not sure this quite does it you know I think that you’re going to want to play yogg-saron rather than ultimate infestation a lot of versions of ramp dude you’re going to want to play maybe even Deathwing itself or you look at big dirt that typically has yes it has a bunch of ten cost things but those are ten cause things you’re also kind of cheating with you know there’s the death wing that you can put out the other decimal you can get with bars or whatever else all these various ways that you’re just getting you know it’s not a power from that and it is true though that I could maybe see this being as a one of in raptor index they’re looking to go really long against other controlling type sex because obviously a single big minion against control is often not enough because they have their elder peacekeepers they have their koalas that have whatever it’s going to to help deal with an individual large threat whereas this not only is an okay threat right now the immediate impact of this is you know you you probably kill a mid sized minion which isn’t that big a deal altering time necessarily and then gain game five armor and and some two five five that’s not a huge onboard swing so the real value of this is of course to draw five cards and that’s kind of reminiscent of sailing lay on hands actually an example that Mike donate and we discussed this card on an omni stone during our reveal stream and I think this is a clearly a very analogous to that in that you are not going to be looking to play in a deck that that isn’t really fundamentally focused on playing at the very long game which most revered X I feel like that they’re they’re not really about trying to grind your opponent out with value maybe they can be now because if they does involves an infestation maybe that sort of creates a totally new dynamic but you can also very easily imagine yourself fatiguing if you play you know this or especially multiple copies of this in a game in fact I nearly did coming to here other revealed stupid bed bread but of course you know if you are playing say mouth carrying the pestle in that deck that can give you a lot of the ability to to win those longer games as well so is the card that I’m not totally sold on but I can definitely see it being being like a one and ramp trip but I’m not convinced that it’s like the second coming of yog or whatever some people have been have been discussing about it’s certainly a great card to get off of yog and I’m excited for that possibility in all of my decks because hey you don’t need to be a druid to play a 10 cos druid spell if you get this play dog sir and last up for druid is the credits seems kind of unassuming to me web we’ve again sort of going in the table druids in this set are about sort of poisonous spiders and the scarabs the one five-ton to the one two points is and this current surface doesn’t really look that good because you’re paying five men in two one two well sure but they’re poisonous which is a huge deal in terms of as a druid having the capability to deal with your opponent to water minions which again as I mentioned earlier drew can typically struggle with and I do think that this is a card that could be a reasonable utility card in say those records now next we’re talking about because being able to actually kill large minions in the mid to late game is a place that those decks can can often struggle that said you know oftentimes you would rather just be ramping and doing more powerful things in your opponent’s so their big thing isn’t the biggest thing in town so this kind of low utility in that kind of strategy and I’m not really sure that it’s going to do enough in that type of deck also again much like the what drew to the Scarab or whatever it was that made the you know one two poisonous really bad enough potion of madness and that can be assuming priests make a comeback which I think they might I think priests have some sweet new stuff from this set is a very real concern and having your minions potentially thrown away to that when you’re playing around style deck against the card that would otherwise often just be stranded in their hand I think is a very very real issue so I’m not totally sold on this but I think it has more utility and it looks like on the surface simply because those poisonous spiders are pretty strong for some of Druids weaknesses all right let’s move on to Hunter and we’ll start with the hilariously named abominable bow man we get a nice way to try and keep pronouncing eventually I don’t think I’ll have to do that on broadcast cuz I don’t think the carbons going to see a whole lot of play Hunter’s in a weird spot where obviously it’s a pretty weak class right now but there seems to be a desire and I think an understandable one to push a lot of the the hunter cards that are coming out toward building different types of hundred decks rather than just the you know you’re playing an aggressive hunter deck that’s trying to smoke your opponent down with wolf fryers and things and just finish off your hero power that’s kind of what the hunter class naturally wants to do based on its hero power but that’s not necessarily that interesting a style of play so it seems like Blizzard is trying to create a bunch of cards that can support different styles of under play like this one where you want to think about okay do I wanna just play a bunch of cheap things and rush you with them or maybe just play you know big high-value beasts and thus have an extremely effective death rattle from above oh man and I’m not buying it I’m not sure that’s something that’s going to be effective enough to really justify building your deck in that way and frankly playing hunter at all because I think hunter is still looking like it’s likely to suffer after this expansion because these types of cards just I don’t think are quite powerful enough to really move the needle as far as as Rex our placement of meta game so it’s definitely a neat card you know certainly something that can be very powerful if you’re building the soft hunter deck because obviously there are powerful beasts that you could then use off this back and they clear this off board you get even more beasts and whatnot you know especially those beasts or high Mane’s but I don’t think you’re gonna be able to live that long it’s just not how the meta game is shaped out so I’m not really seeing a bottom abundant little bow man sing much play it’s a good thing because I don’t wanna keep saying that name alright next up we have bear shark which is hilarious because the bear just staple to a shark or whatever it is and I yeah it’s it’s a credit more it’s more likely to fit into the you know beat your opponent up rush them down the kind of deck that we’ve come to know hunter wanting to to really lean on but I think it’s just too vulnerable against the the aggressive classes against the aggressive decks this dies to fire war axe to three cost beats the just straight-up die still works and yes it’s good to get it’s a mage this is a very strong card if your opponent is playing a deck that’s going to rely on spells to kill your minions it’s a four attack menu to start with so it can’t really be touched by any priests spells and then well it can’t be hit by self so it’s going to be difficult for for those three active classes to deal with it outside of minions of their own or AoE the problem of course being it’s pretty vulnerable to those minions and it’s vulnerable to most of the forms of AoE and there aren’t really that many just spell heavy control decks that don’t also have minions that can help you clean things up with you know just described evening of the mage like okay well you play this but there is a man one can play or they have you know an archaeologist in a babbling book and it’s difficult to really get the value that you you need out of the bear chakra justified conclusions there’s just a lot of good three costs spells and and and minions in hunter you’re competing with things like equal or bow or animal companion or Rat Pack and I think that what hunter is mostly looking for are things to get them aboard faster cheaper things rather things that okay well if I’ve gotten to this point and I’m not getting beat up and then I have something that’s good in this relatively narrow case well you need things to stay alive and bear shark is not one of those but it could be sort of a killer card in the right matchups again getting its control mage style decks this could be very strong but I’m not really seeing this building any of the holes or picking the problems that hunter has right now alright next up we have a corpse Widow which is a pretty strong card the end of this is a four six four five which is not amazing stats but but pretty solid especially considering two beasts so it does have synergy with a lot of what funder wants to do I don’t really know what’s beastly about that that seems like I guess it’s a spider fish thing I don’t know if it’s beast oh your dental cards costs us unlike the a bottle bow man abondon mobile boat whatever the thing is this the thing is that is a more powerful tool for those deaths riding style decks because it is something that can actually ramp you out to do powerful things in itself like playing this they fire about was saying on Omni stone last week that you cornered a corpse widow on four and then you just play a I’m it the next time I go well that’s really hard to beat or you can play this and play a high made and a traffic going first you know there’s a lot of powerful death-rattle minions in Hunter and in many cases they’re powerful especially in combination with one another or other similar sort of things like playing this one five then in turn six you can fly like tundra Rhino and if kindly grandmother and Rat Pack and all these things which are insane when they have charged because of these death rattle minions that you you can trade in and whatnot and I think this is definitely one of the more exciting cards for for hunter in the set it has a lot of potential upside so I’m not totally sold on it because by itself it’s not really necessarily that impressive but six helped us a lot it’s hard for people to kill a six health minion on turn five without expending significant resources if it does survive it can give you serious value with things like the highway situation and then even if it doesn’t you can just play this and then you can play you know three to cause death runs from your hand that’s a pretty huge tempo swing in one turn it’s whether that’s enough to really justify that you know it’s inclusion in a deck built this way that’s unclear but it’s not really a card that has significant potential all right next up we have debt stocker wrecks are who is one of the very first cards we ever saw revealed in nice present during the course get the fire armor and then a dot new here a power build a beast which is hilarious name and hilarious effect we have crafting of custom zombies but this is I think it again kind of like the the bow man which I’m not going to try and pronounce the full name anymore it’s not gonna happen is you know the kind of card that’s trying to push hunter in a direction it’s not just tempo kill you it’s doing it’s a more value oriented interactive game and obviously replacing your hero power with something which gives you that sort of value opportunity and not just press this button shoot you present button shoot you overturns I think is obviously very important to that but also the battle cry is it’s reasonably solid here it’s still too damage to all enemy minions at six mana which is kind of I am not quite enough but in terms of how much damage is doing or and what when it comes down against the lines egress and exit do with this now so you have to do a lot of interaction before that which is as you sort of been saying one of the things that hunter really struggles with right now so I’m not sold really undef soccer Rex ours plays the men again I wanted to be good because I want there to be in a way to play hunter in this sort of interesting way that is is more controlling is more of mid-range focus but I do think this is likely one of the weaker death Knights in the set which is just sad because build a beast is adorable in hilarious it’s also interesting that the build of beast zero power does sort of create additional context for any beast minions in the game obviously the fact that for instance the office which I will get to eventually but it’s a beast it’s a go people that something you couldn’t get with death starter XR or you can you know get stealth things elf beast is a huge deal you know it spells poison I wast like that combined something I think well this is actually potentially really scary but I want this card to be good and I definitely going to try and build decks and play with it I’m not convinced it is enough with the context of the other hundred cards it exists to really put that style of control and hunter deck on the map that kind of that does exist though this might be a part of it but I’m still leaning in the direction that I think you’re more likely to see like noise off mid range style Hydra decks rather than going the desktop or Excel route next up we have exploding below to bat which is a very good card it’s just a kind of a spell attached to a minion you have to forecast in cop21 that’s right it’ll deal two damage to all enemy minions and this this is a card that I think you’re likely going to see if you’re trying to build a deck that this you know that’s rattle inch combo deck or that’s trying to play a more controlling game that you know you’re putting this in your desk soccer Rexxar neck maybe you’re putting this into your nose off deck maybe you’re you’re trying to do those sort of things by having this is a beast spell slash minion obviously the body of this is quite poor you’re paying for for a 2-1 but you’re really looking to get the death rattle from this and maybe you’re playing with death there after all neighbors to get multiple triggers of it maybe you’re playing it with buffs that you’re going to have to attack into you have master this that’s attacking too so they lose a lot of their board it’s tough though because you know if you were just to pay for minute to do to damage to all any minions that would probably be good you know but of course a ton of work to get that effect out of this and you know is all of that sort of piecing together of those kinds of those kind of effects really worthwhile you’re ultimately getting not clear it’s not clear it’s enough if again just getting to turn four you probably have taken a lot of damage at that point and lots of the aggressive decks have high health minions or even things that increase their minions health so this will often just not be quite enough to kill everything and without an interactive hero power because hunters just smorc it can be tough to really leverage that incremental damage to actually get back in the board when there’s the Selective four bodies after you’ve used your AOE well next up we have a very amusing art piece burr car that you might want to play with your exploding blow pad which is play dead this is yet another feign death kind of terror scale stalker kind of kind of pushing pretty heavily hunter is having the kind of death rattle mini theme that they’re trying to get the most of their death throes I necessarily killing the minions this obviously the the cheapest and simplest version but just won’t cost Riggle what trigger one minions death rattle and this is obviously a car that you want to play with stuff like exploding blogbeast because our bloke bat or whatever it is – beast – that blows it because you you want most of the power of the minion to be in its death rattle in order to justify playing this card because we’re spending a card this isn’t like savannah highmane you play dead on savannah highmane here you’re getting two tutus for for 1 mana effectively but you also have obviously invested in the savannah highmane and then your state of the game are those tutus that powerful we’re something like exploding blow fight it’s like okay well you know getting that trigger potentially twice if you’re you know plating it and then getting to attack with it that could be pretty strong but it’s not clear that’s again really going to be put enough in a lot of cases to just wing work back to you fast enough to get over your early game disadvantage you typically have but this discard is I think worth looking out for because fame does kind of had a home some play in some places the punter what it did exist but I think we’re seeing more cards that have more of their power actually in their death rattle effect rather than a combination of their death rhotic plus their body and that makes this a curve it’s much more much more significant much more powerful in terms of the now you’re going to getting from it and obviously one is half of two and a lot of people don’t really I think respect how much easier it is to combo something with spell or minion or whatever else it just cost one it really makes the possibilities of getting those things off over the course of a game especially potentially multiple times much more realistic so I think this kind of potential I’m not sure it’s going to find a home right now but I do think this is a card look out for all right well good news everyone on my care elitism was nearly well enough but this credit is definitely quite strong professor Kreuger side whenever you play a secret put a random hunter secret of the battlefield I really like this card both in terms of I think it’s likely be a pretty powerful card but I also think it’s cool and that you actually have secret secrets now in many cases you know you play games where you pretty much can figure out what the range of two or three seekers what it might have and actually ending up in front of for people to play around the possibilities any of the potential hunter secrets I think is quite strong this guy’s weird tensions though obviously feels like it once he played the deck with cloaked Huntress where you can play closures on three and then place your side and 4-ply a bunch of secrets going to put your free secrets the problem with that is that it means you’re you’re applying your clip vectors on three and then exposing it to potential removal by not playing your secrets right away and your opponent just kills if it’s a clip that we lost a ton of value from the clip Huntress trying to set up the future side turn as well and a lot of 100 secrets I think are actually pretty poor right now that’s actually I feel like been a big element in hunter being relatively ineffective in the meta game is just how bad freezing trap is right now if reading charts basically bad because of patches and you know not being able to reliably strand a minion getvalue tempo eyes off of your freezing trap has made a lot of sort of hunter tempo plans that were built around that card much much weaker you saw hunter was good against other mid-range decks because of freezing trap but that’s not really the case anymore which makes try to play a secret base hunter deck Wow patches exists very challenging and I’m not sure that Professor future side will be quite enough to overcome that though he does have some more new support which i think is actually good in the world of patches which we’ll get to momentarily momentarily me right now I actually skipped around in the alphabetical order here to go to venom and strike trap immediately I think this card is quite good one of the big problems that hunters had is it’s not good at being able to establish a board against opposing decks that have that have lots of aggressive minions and weapons and one of the problems with that is again that sort of problems with freezing traffic in the world of patches as well as the unreliability of a lot of you or your secrets and if your opponent is trying to kill your minions well you know that that makes getting it to costs to three poisonous Cobra so it says right there it makes it a lot easier to to actually establish support if you can you know get like your venom strike trap online and previously you had access a snake trap but I feel like snake trap never really was that good in a world where you know there’s milfs from portals around there’s various whirlwind effects it’s much less reliable and often would just get kind of freak weird you know you’re going to taxi into it and they’re like okay well my triggers nature have now is ravaging Google they can’t do that with a venom strike trap if they’re trying to cut down your board and they need to be aware okay well you know if I attack this minion to that I’m potentially running the risk of Mike in my next minion where my best minion is just dying to poisons Cobra and that’s like a real decision point whereas often snake trap because there were so many reasonable ways you could clear those minions for effectively free it was not nearly as good in a lot of those matchups where you’re trying to protect your board and similarly the fact that you get a three health beast off of this is much better at with hound master it’s much better with your other sort of beasts energy head cards in terms of just actually having those online as well so I think this part is quite good and I think that this is a card that you know may be of the things that a hunter needs for a sort of revitalization I think this is this is a good start all right next up we have stitched tracker which is an interesting card and this is a three cops to tooth so not particularly but that’ll try to discover a copy of a minion in your deck this can give you access to lots of utility minions you can give you access to specific power minions you have say your deck is nothing but stitch trackers savannah highmane zanna’s offs in a few literally every single time have a chance of getting either another sis tracker I made or an adoptee I’m here in Israel obviously have to adjust those but you could have a limited a pool of minions that you know this can get you jobs to roam on almost every time if you’re playing Chi spell heavy both of you back you going to be playing you know just combinations that are going to allow you to to have pretty much all always powerful powerful discover options for your tracker and that’s in a pretty solid value tool in in a hundred deck that again is looking to try and play a valuable game as to whether hunter can afford to try and play value style game given kind of the nature of the class and the tools it has available not totally clear but being able to access say you know more problems to Professor future side in a game where you’re playing a secret base bag you’re able to access more copies of like I said is off or yacht that can be incredibly game swing if you’re playing it’s very much up in fact it’s a discover effect obviously it can give you access to what you want in particular circumstance you know obviously get the control deck yet more savannah highmane to go for it if you’re playing against you know an aggressive deck maybe you you have like one copy of blood disease and you can access a bunch of different eleven Souza’s in a game against pirate warrior or nesting rock you know you you have can build this interesting toolbox with six tracker that obvious you don’t necessarily have access to specifically the card you want at any given time but it gives you much higher access to the variety of potential potential cards as you put into your deck over the course of the game more much more likely than you would by just naturally drawn in them and i think that’s a very interesting deck building challenge so this is the kind that i think it’s easy to overlook but i think in a lot of potential all right last and possibly least of the hundred cards is toxic air out the various race card to made a deal to differs to a minion which usually isn’t quite enough to kill most of the minions that you you want to kill at around the to Pentecost but it survives the poisonous if you want to kill a big minion then you can play this on a slick not a small minion because you can just kill the small minion if it was you know if it’s a actual smaller it probably dies too damn it’s just not gonna get poisonous so what is this good at I’m you know I get this or thematics of what’s going on here it’s like okay this is the top down designs with poisoned arrow or whatever it’s like sure I get it but it’s hard from you imagine like what you want to do to this card we want to do with this card because it’s not going to get big minions not going to get a small minions but really good with small minions you basically just really want to shoot a three health guy with this and then trade it into your opponent’s biggest guy and you know yes of course you can use it to just kill your you know your opponent’s small guy but this is really inefficient way to do that and I just I I don’t know what you want to do with tox arrow in a deck effort I don’t know why you’re putting this in your deck really so it’s hard for me to really wrap my head around exactly what the plan is with this card which I usually feel like you know okay I can at least envision why you might put this card in a deck I’m kind of struggling on this one because it doesn’t seem like it’s particularly good against anything and that’s kind of hunter not particularly it against anything these days but that’s kind of why I’m having this more than I otherwise might because this field is so like such a strange design to give a class that is kind of struggling it’s like you know it’s not I mean I wanna say it’s like not purify the purify action of the card that did it interesting thing you can imagine a context in which you wanted to purify your deck at least I could even if even if no one else there seems it seemed to be able to they want to rage about it okay photographer Garrow I just I don’t really get it and and that’s that’s kind of a bummer for a class that really needs all the help it can get so if you have a brilliant use for Toxocara there I mean maybe you’re playing this on your your divine shield minions but you’re playing a hunter deck so what are you doing with that I guess you can you know Archie Squire Toxocara with haha now I have a 1/1 that can kill your guy that I spent two cards on I’m not buying I don’t I don’t know I don’t I don’t really really get this card I am at a loss so yeah kind of I feel fine hunter sometimes I’m at a loss and with that let’s move on Vermonter alright moving along to mage which I would actually want to courage that was not revealed and until the very end I simply the face book dump which is brent of sindragosa is a very strange card it’s one mana deal to do random enemy minion and freeze it they having to go random any minion at most age of the game is going to be not particularly useful simply because well you don’t necessarily hit what you want but this cost one so the fact that you can have it is essentially a cane blast type card and the early stage is a game to kill opposing cheap minions can be pretty effective I think if your aim find a way to help deal with with necks that are sort of putting out significant threats early on that said it’s you know it’s going to be difficult to justify including this in a world where there’s lots of things like fireflies or patches and whatnot where your opponent is you know pretty likely to have a number of small things on the board manic time if you have like a totem with this it’s like that’s pretty bad in a patch of this like that’s also pretty bad because it does freeze the many other hits it does mean that you get still get some value if you do hit a larger minion that it doesn’t kill you’re at least delaying your opponent’s you know big threat from hitting in the face but a lot of time you’re gonna hit something small or you’re not really going to be able to control how this is working out and I don’t think it’s likely to to really see play in competitive environment all right next up we have cold race with a three cost three four with a battle cry of the enemies frozen draw card I think this card is very good I for a long time was kind of trying to find controlling style mage cards that from a minion perspective if you want to to play kind of proactively if you want to play the board there weren’t really all that many good mage minions until I flamed Waker basically but flamewaker still didn’t really play a minion based decks don’t have something spells cold rates is is really interesting because it’s a three for three which is a pretty decent body already but has the the possibility that you just effectively can’t rip off that you draw cards if any frozen and there’s a lots of good things that can freeze your opponent’s minions or freeze your opponent you know obviously frost bolt is a card that pretty much goes in every major deck water elemental is a imaging that comes down right after cold race on curve and you can very easily imagine you can put the water elemental play cold rate draw card ping something or you know play a frost bolt or whatever and there’s also a reasonable number of other free synergy things cryo mansur and whatnot I don’t think we’re necessarily just going to be looking to make a freeze deck and this is a you know an all-star of but it’s just a reasonably studded minion with upside for a deck that can sometimes it’s not playing all of the sort of act like pains and things like that from a mate respective can sometimes run a little bit late on cards so I think this is a car that has a ton of potential and I would expect to see a lot of competitive play all right next up we have doomed apprentice this is a card that I don’t think I very much potential I think this is a car that was designed more to be sort of an homage to Sorcerer’s Apprentice to kind of reflect the sort of dark twisted nature of the Knights of frozen throne and creating and these these new versions of you know both the characters as well as the minions in some cases we’re familiar with and this is obviously just meant to be a dark reflection it’s sort of the premise but as actually mike said I said on our Omni Stone stream is this sort of sort of effect that you don’t necessarily want to make good because it’s very frustrating to play against so this is clearly not just a mirror of sort of apprentice it’s a worse version of that and I think that yes maybe you play against a spell based combo deck and in effect like this could be good but I think it’s difficult for that effect to be good on a minion that this fragile if you’re playing against a virile rogue they can just backstab this for one minute it’s a to health minion so I don’t really think this is a card that even in the matchups where you might think odes the sort of effect it could be good I think the combination of the cost and the effect end of the body specifically the the two health makes it hard for this card to really ever find out but that can be fine you know it’s good parent we got cool voice lines and definitely has a very dark reflection type feel to it so I like the card exists but I don’t think you’ll see play alright well next up we have what is possibly my favorite card in the entire expansion which is frost glitch Jaina who tossed nine but she’s worth it battle cry of summon eight three six water elemental your elementals have a life steal this game 5 armor like all the death Knights and then the new hero power of icy touch which deals one damage and if it killed a minion you summon a water elemental so however went a sindragosa it was first revealed and I was like oh you know I want to light this card but it’s difficult to to get excited about sort of attrition control style mage cards because it’s a tough for mages of class to really play a control game that doesn’t really just revolve around burn your opponent out with pyroblast or Alexstrasza and you know all that sort of basically freeze mage type stuff because mages it really have great ways to actually sustain itself which is you know it’s fine mage being a different type of control class and you know not having the same just armor and healing and all the other control classes that’s totally cool but I loved playing those this one controlling style mage Dex and frost lich Jana is a card that can make that very much possible obviously your element having lifesteal really redefines you know you the way that you actually can interact with aggressive decks instead of just kind of having to hide behind freezing all your opponent’s stuff and ice blocking though ice block of courses is obviously very good with Russell’s Jaina to buy you some time to play this 9 drug but you can still actually have this like interactive gameplay where you don’t just have to be afraid of your opponent blowing up at any time unless you have an ice block up and and I really like this I think this is a card that will really create opportunities for controlling style mage decks to have a very different feel than they’ve had for instance I loved playing illuminator before back in as gbg I think you know you’d heal every every time the end of your turn when I got a secret because it let you play is there even way of not just being about burster opponent down which is mostly what you tend to see the controlling style freeze image style mage decks do and I think frost is Janna has very similar sort of place higher into the illuminator flight pattern which is you guys sub grind your opponent out all hiding behind and being supported by your ice block it’s not just all about ice block create a winner to kill you kill you which also means that you can ply a controlling mage deck that is less vulnerable to things like armor gain you know in many cases you see mage decks really struggle to beat everything scales feral rage decks because they are totally in on the Alexstrasza you know bring you out planned in many cases and this can’t overcome Epona – who come prepared in that way well if you know now you are able to just keep so many water elementals and keep gaining life back you can play very differently against people who are just trying to out armor you and I think that’s that’s super cool also really changes the context for a lot of cards that already exist with pirates for instance was a card that kind of had some fanfare coming into un’goro but has mostly kind of fallen by the wayside in terms of one on extend to play and in part because it was just kind of a big dopey minion as you got into later shades of the game it wasn’t really quite powerful enough to justify especially a control back that already had expensive things to do with the late stage of the game but now if you have pirates and you get life steal and you know six six or ten ten your life stealing and connecting it’s like that’s that’s it pretty incredibly powerful and that’s pretty awesome similarly they carpet berry get in anomalous there’s all kinds of things you can combine the the lifesteal power to give them very different very different context with this this new main set I love this card I’m showing a building tons of decks including this card I wouldn’t be surprised there’s crap in golden one day one because that’s how much I like this card is one of the best cards in the set alright next up we have frozen clone which is a bit of wordplay that a lot of that going on this set you know thumbs up from me for for frozen clone but it’s a secret one of your two played the minion add two copies of to your hand this is an interesting cart because it creates a different dynamic in terms of like how you want to play against secrets depending what they might be you know we’ve seen obviously the secrets that are like I’ve given with the anti spell secrets there you know there’s the the anti minion secrets but you generally want to do kind of the same thing as each of them is like okay well guess the end it’s all secret you don’t play your cheapest spell first you wanna play your least impactful spell first similarly against the anti million secrets in a mirror and push the bottom or there’s a small thing to those so your phone doesn’t either neutralize one of your biggest threats or get a copy of one of the biggest threats against frozen kun is not totally clear maybe you want to play a big thing into frozen clone because you make your opponent’s head clunky because now they have you know two copies system that’s expensive in their hand versus you know people he played like a novice engineer into this your opponent has a cheap ways to draw cards and that can really change the way their hand plays out I find it interesting and it just it just creates a new way to think about what the implications of different secrets can be and I don’t know that it’s like good enough it probably probably isn’t is my guess I don’t think this card is likely to to have a real competitive home at least outside of Exodus trying to put all those you can apply which we’ll get to I think maybe in the next card but it’s hard to imagine a world in which you want this card instead of like a mirror entity and maybe you’re playing this against other control decks and you know there you get a copy of Kazakh s or something that’s obviously pretty decent you want like you know not necessarily just a big body one things that battle cry and have value because you’re getting two copies of it so I just like that it breaks up the dynamic of how you want to play against different secrets and I think that makes the game play against secrets much more interesting all right next we have ghastly conjurer not quite the the every secret just yet but battle cry at a mirror image spell your hand two six four four this is I think actually a pretty interesting card for quest mage decks quest mage decks mostly want time they mostly want time and they want generated spells and this is generating a spell that buys you time yeah you if you’re playing it’s an aggressive deck this is a two six four four which means that it can possibly especially once on your hero power trade into a few of your opponent’s smaller minions as well as obviously buy you time to survive to get the quest online as well as you know actually increase your ability to complete the quest by generating cards most on your deck so I think this is a card that has some potential specifically in that space I’m not necessarily as convinced and just sort of a traditional nature control that maybe this could find a home and say it kazakh three spec kazakh sprays like it’s mage that probably nothing cuz I was pretty sick go be tough where you’re just trying to buy time to say get to frost l’chaim because you know again it’s not that easy for your funder to remove in fact it has to attack it doesn’t let it actually win many fights against things but if you’re playing mage you obviously have your hero power which can mean that this trades better than it looks on paper essentially and if you’re playing us a pirate warrior you know you can potentially soak up some really big hits with those those mirror-image tokens you can get your opponent to commit arcanite reaper sum to zero Deuce and that’s pretty powerful so I think is a card that has more potential than it really looks like on the surface and I’m definitely interested in supporting that next up we have glacial mysteries which is yeah of course I was alluding to before put one of each secret from your deck under the battlefield obviously this is a mysterious Challenger type throwback and a lot of ways but it’s known today’s challenger mage secrets are better there were powerful the Paladin secrets but I don’t know that there’s so much more powerful that you want to pay even more and not get a body attached to it it’s also because it’s cost eight and you know it obviously eight is more than six there you go there’s a math lesson for the day you’re going to be more likely to have drawn the secrets from your deck to make it so that when you play your glacial mysteries you’re not getting maximum value out of it so it also obviously having cards like archaeologists in your deck which if you’re playing a secret mage style deck you probably want to have in your deck it’s going to break up the value you’re getting from relational mysteries so I think this is more like a you know a highlight reel type card it’s more of a cool fun card that can have big dramatic moments more than is a really top tier competitive level card so because it has a lot of a lot of asks in terms of how you build your back to maximize it and it also asks you spend a lot of minute it’s a lot and I don’t think it’s quite worth it except we have ice Walker one three four to your superpower also freezes the target this is their kind of actually I think fire baton I kind of disagreed pretty significantly on me stone he thought it was kind of trash and I put the fact that an elemental so maybe you you play this in an elemental synergy kind of deck not really sure how much of that you’re necessarily going to have it looks like obviously you want to play elemental Jaina but I don’t know that you guys still wanna play full elemental deck that includes you know icewalker of your elemental chains is not really anything that this enables of them like Thunder lizard and it’s not really that big a deal but this this enables your hero power to deal with big minions in Missouri mid to linking obviously can also lock out your opponent’s weapons in the in the mid to late game water elemental is one of the strongest cards against a pirate warrior because you stop your opponent from ever being able to arcanite reaper view they often need to spend a bunch of damage really in officially removing a large elemental in order to unlock their beliefs to weapon and heroic strike and all that and I just hope we can kind of do that it’s you know maybe additional copies of that kind of effect maybe split one of these you probably don’t you know I don’t think that I want to go to bat too hard for this card but I do think that it is a card that in like say arena has essential to be super strong because you have being able to neutralize your prime is the biggest thing at any point is much more powerful there than is in the more sort of interactive and intricate constructed meta game so I think this is a card that that looks worse than it is I don’t think it’s that good but it has been potential all right next up we have simulacra which is a super interesting card this is obviously a card that could go into say a quest mage style deck to copy your sources of premises you don’t necessarily need to draw all of them and your mobile reflection you can sort of have redundant copies of your combo pieces with the simulacrum it can also just go into like a arena send in kazakh style deck giving you additional copies of some of your your key and powerful cards at very stage of the game is the fact that it can really go with anything is super cool this is a card that has a lot of a lot of potential you could potentially have extra Malygos as in a game not that you want multiple malla Jonases but you can have extra alexstrasza as extra whatever you know like say you’re playing against a edge and you draw your a year or so your take like you know what I could really use to eater of Secrets in the game against another mage and gives you access back I think this is a really really interesting card both in terms of the deck building implications as well as the actual gameplay that goes into trying to sculpt to your turns such that you get the simulacrum on the specific minion that you want this is going to open up a lot of cool combo possibilities and hopefully not make quest major Presley good control decks because I think that’s a real risk if that gets many more tools I’m not sure that this is quite what it needs but it’s definitely at something that can fit into that deck and a little concerned about that but we’ll see all right the last but certainly not least is sindragosa this is a the card that when it first was revealed I was kind of lukewarm in it I was well I want to love this card I want to be like okay was the giant dragon that provides long game cool value because the zero one frozen champions when they when they die they’d give you a random legendary minion in your hand like okay well that’s that can create all kinds of cool gameplay moments like tons of value in the lungs of attrition Tech game but I wasn’t convinced that like you could really build a deck where that was sort of a viable end game strategies it’s because you know mage typically had to play in the I’m going to burn you out of style gameplay because of the tools the fence it’s also has available the reveal of Lich King Jaina totally changed my tune on sindragosa because looking Jaina I think gives you that ability to try and blend more sustains battle game plan thanks to the lifesteal of mailmen tools and you don’t necessarily just have to play you know a bring you out ice block hide kind of kind of strategy as a control mage anymore and that makes it much more exciting the possibility that you can you can potentially play sindragosa in that cell deck also obviously for us this Jaina when you’re killing your frozen champions you get water elementals because there’s zero ones you ping them triggers icy touch so that you are beating yourself even better suited to to winning these long games and not just getting you know rushed down and burnout or whatever so I kind of want to make dragon mage with sindragosa because you’re so likely to discover it of another spread his story and that maybe a little bit too greedy it’s a lot too greedy but it’s going to be super cool so I am now excited to play with this card when there was a long time when I look ass I don’t think it can really justify it now this is like you know probably be paired with frost this Janna as a day one craft for me I’m really excited this card I don’t know this is really good enough to really see like top two your competitive play because that style of deck still has a lot to prove but I think Frost let’s Jana may make that possible so we’ll see all right well that is it for this series of reveals for the first three classes so let me know you think in the comments and I will get back to reviewing the other cards to get you my thoughts on the whole set very soon thanks for watching you

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