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(Hearthstone) Knights of the Frozen Throne: Card Review Part 2 – Paladin, Priest and Rogue

hello everyone and welcome back to my continuing review of nice the Frozen Throne in this video we looking at paladin priest and rogue so let’s just jump right into the first card and reminders you all be an alphabetical order by the cards in the classes or something you’re looking for you can find it in that order so let’s start with arrogant Crusader starts the night so see for cost five two with the death rattle if it’s your opponent’s turn some of the two to ghoul and you know obviously I would surface a for cost five to is not terribly impressive but the fact that you are very likely to either get a profitable trade with it on your turn you know five attack minion either goes face really hard or trades up with an opposing minion it’s a little bit more attractive if your opponent does decide okay well I don’t want to get it for five in the face I don’t want to offer a trade on you maybe my five drop they’re going to have to trade into this with something and then give you a tutu on their own turret the problem of course is that they don’t have to trade into it with very much it only has two health so if they just have a to drop laying around if they have you know a little impact weapon or something like that they can at least trade into the primary threat of the the Ergun crusade which is the upfront five tbody if you can sort think of this is like a pseudo piloted shredder piloted shredder was a 4-3 that always left behind about a tutu or two three but this is you know more heavy hitting minion but you don’t get to make that profitable tray in your own term which I do think it works I don’t think this is good as pile and shattered by any means but if you’re looking for a you know reasonably stable minion that can you know enforce your foot straight into it potentially or give you a profitable trade in your turn it may be it’s something that’s relatively attractive it’s not a card that I want to play and say a buff deck because in either hand buff you you’re not really getting tremendous value when you’re only hand buffing like the fragile portion of the body which is the upfront five two or in and click alvin on deck because at four costs it’s actually round we’re in the curves you’ll be playing all of your buffs the only planning like the silver importance or the blessing of kings and it’s not a particularly stable minion to buff but it is a reasonably stable minion to expect to have something left over so say this cost you know three mana and was a bit smaller but still the same kind of effect might be I might be something will be compelling for those types of decks as it is it’s hard for me to imagine this really finding a home in a constructed deck outside of arena just because the actual impact in many games is not going to be that high all right next up we have blackguard it’s a really interesting card this is a three nine so it’s a very tough minion to kill for 6 min and whenever your hero is healed deal too much damage to a random any minion so a couple of important notes here this scales per the healing so if you kill your hero for 20 with forbidden healing you are hitting something your opponent controls for 20 and paladin’s have a lot of kind of incremental bits of healing like true sort of champion they have big heals like forbidden healing or lay on hands they have some even big repeatable heals like Wagner is light Lord and this is a card that is difficult your opponent to remove and can provide you with just added value on more or less all of your healing effects at least the ones that affect your hero and that’s if are controlling paladin deck you’re getting a lot of what you want out of a single-car getting like a reasonably big body like for instance this is a great minion for your you need to play and have your opponent try to kill for you not filled spiked receipt it’s a great thing to play yes a coin out on turn on turn 5 and then follow up with ivory night and you can pick you know dino-sized so whatever is and blow up your opponent stuff that’s giving you a lot of swinging value to something that already has value in the long term with the healing also terms that is pretty good with the Paladin death knight which we’ll get to in a bit thanks to that big lifestyle weapon so I think this is a card that has a lot of potential I think this is a not a crime it’s obviously great but I think just gives you a lot of additional impact on some of the cards you’re already looking to play any control and power of the deck I think it’s a strong card alright next up we have a Bulevar fighter blood this is one of my picks for one of the most underrated cards in the set and it’s simply because people look at this and they only look at how unlikely you are to get the sword REME scenarios I think the the video that is revealed in shows like a London I coming down and removing a whole Board of divine shield and Bulevar becoming enormous is killing the opponent that’s not going to happen it’s not a reasonable expectation to have when you put this card your deck but this is a very durable menu as its seven health and divine shield for by mana it’s really difficult to kill and having a very difficult to kill minion in a deck with spy courage Steve on five and then six it’s very valuable for just really making one of your best cards even better and more likely to actually come into play I’ve seen people say well if you really just want to maximise piperj speed you could always play like strangles or tiger and that’s true you know you’re not necessarily just looking for things you can combine with with with Spiker exceed it’s not like you know just having something something like with a lot of health is just all spike routes to equals but this is also you know carpet you’re going to get value out of from its ability on occasion obviously a one hit makes it a three seven just losing its own divine shield and then if you play this in the same turn that you have any other divine shield minion of which there are now quite a few that are quite strong I think in paladin and also ways to find them I think that you’re going to get like a 5 7 million potentially you know something really really impactful and difficult to remove that has this very big upside and I think that you know yes you don’t have the absolute dream scenarios that it was revealed with but I think just the the baseline situation is is actually pretty strong and the upside to being both modes ability is very real and I think this is a strong card that we’ll see a significant out of play next up we have a chilled laid champion this is a card that hand buff lovers everywhere excited about so that means me as far as I know hands up is the sort of strategy or really a strategy thing that would have peasants tried to do in these gadgets and it didn’t really ever quite pan out but two of the things that are extremely strong with buffs are charge and lifesteal you know lifesteal scales because obviously you get one hit with something and you’re gaining that much life you get to its or something you’re gaining that much more like tada like obviously something that two two is more than just a little bit better than this one one of life’s just because the the additional value of the other life it goes up significantly so buffing like saying with your Flint burn bristle or this is much more powerful than buffing the average minion because the repeated hits from the additional survivability of the minion as well as the actual additional damage deals are really impactful in terms of your ability to stay alive and this card ensures that you always get at least one hit with that life skill sometimes you know you’re put it would like ping and then frost bolt or fireball whenever your wicker form you didn’t get any life gained or they have some other way of dealing with it that didn’t give you life whereas this you’re always going to get the charge attack with the chilblains ampion and if you buff in any way whether it’s hand buffs or you you know Blessing of Kings this or whatnot and that’s a huge swing in terms of life total because if your opponent then has to attack into it and kill it you know you’re getting quite so much life and that really adds up pretty quickly so I think this card is actually pretty strong I think it’s deceptively powerful because you look at it here like I was a 3-2 charge minion 4/4 and well you know this coral leave is wolf Ronaldo’s but life steal I think is is very underrated in the expansion general and specifically quite underrated on minions that are in the classic and they can be buffed regularly I think that a lot of paladin’s strike boosting with Spiker diseases just talk about bolívar is in the ability to enhance its minions these days and that pairs so well of both of what’s going on here that I think this car is a lot of potential all right that we have dark conviction this is in fact the the keepers Altamonte having their secrets stolen apparently I people up in Northrend or whatever this is kind of a weird card obviously keeper mold Amon was powerful in part because it was a minion that had a body that came with the ability to neutralize one of your opponent’s minions or cube of one of your own minions but this is a spat which means that it potentially pairs with that Center da Gallivan on and that’s actually not a thing in terms of the kind of things you’d be looking for in that store deck this obviously works extremely well with divine shield minions because much like lifesteal divine shield is an ability that scales better than linearly you rather have a lot of attack on a divine shield engine so you can connect with something big and then okay well my one one divine shield being a 3/3 is huge the difference the reason you have like you know literally one one divine shield costs one mana three three divine shield costs four minutes like that’s a huge gap between just what one one and three three costs so this is a powerful card specifically with the divine shield minions and those my children yinz go potentially very well into a buff focused deck like the last class or like Calvin on so as when this actually enough to make that legend a competitive probably not but it is an extra tool for whether their divine shield decks or buff decks to both increase their own ability to put on pressure and clock their opponent as well as occasionally I think most this is going to be used for buffing around things your own small things but occasionally your your point play a lich king you’re like all right got to get rid of that two three three now so I think this is going to be sort of utility card education excuse apply it but certainly not stable I said we have desperate stand another card for divine shield buff decks you know this is this is I think a lot of cards in this set go very well with what some of these they have things we’re looking at right now are doing I think that divine shield is obviously mechanic in paladin that’s gotten a lot of a lot of tension in the set and this is the card that isn’t necessarily a divine Shield card but this obviously works particularly well with divine shield minions because divine shielding is that come back with what health are much dirtier than any other minion that could just be killed by any other damage obviously desperate stand on your Tyrion is pretty powerful because well not only do you get the death rattle of I get my aspirin here but you get a 6-1 divine shield back your point has to fight through once again yeah I don’t think this card is going to be something that sees tons of light but I do think that if there are divine shield buffs pipe decks this does have a home in those and I think that there may be enough tools in this set to really create that as more of a sort of mini strategy at least within paladin next up we have howling commander this is a three minute to two that draws you a divine shield minion from your deck so another card that can go into sort of a mini divine shield theme not necessarily a card that has to go to a deck with tons of divine shield minions this could very easily go to deck that has a microphone interior and half the time wicker phlegm halftime cafeteria and that’s that’s fun you know that is potentially like good enough for the justification of playing this card give you a little bit of card advantage obviously the tutu body for three isn’t really that exciting but does give you access to specific cards in your deck if you want to find them more often and obviously Tyrion is usually a card you want to find in most of your games I don’t think you’ll generally want to play like two of these interacted like just as a Tyrian because this is going to be really low impact once you’ve drawn your Tyrion you will do anything but maybe if you’re playing on his off deck you really want to make sure you always have your Tyrion you’re basically playing effectively three periods in your deck so you just know that it’s going to be a card that you you get in time for your you’re linking power so I think this is a really nice card I think there’s a lot of cards like this in the set that are kind of build around ish but not necessarily like purely like linear or parasitic size build around so you know this can go into any deck that cares about divine shielding’s anyway whether it’s because I want to play a lot of them are whether because it wants to play a couple of specific ones I think that’s that’s a really cool kind of design and I hope you see more of it next up we have lights sorrow this is more of a card that wants to go into your your divine shield deck obviously this is a weapon that’s not particularly powerful unless you have a significant number of divine shield minions already if you just have a one or two it’s like okay well you’re playing a two-for weapon for four or you know three form before starting to sound really good but if you get this higher if you get this tsukkomi wait for four or five or six for whatever that’s super storm obviously those are those are kind of pie-in-the-sky numbers but I think where this really starts to be attractive is what sort of that three power that’s about the amount that you feel if you could you could pay for that kind of weapon you’re getting four swings of the weapon that has you know two or three or four power is pretty strong that’s a powerful card but obviously you get the weakest swings up front so the power that you’re actually getting for like initial board clear unless you’re immediately getting divine shield trades off the turns you play it it’s going to be at its lowest so it can be difficult to really justify playing this like over say truesilver champion and you’re also very likely going to find rallying blade your divine shield that’s a very powerful effect when you do a divine show it’s kind of funny that this and Rowling’s late how many do different things rattling blade is like preserve your your divine shields and then play around play it I guess this probably do the same thing preserve your divine shields player like Shiro and then try them off so it’s not really that different it’s kind of it carries that that they are now interacting rather than that they you know still have in mind show them in living upon them this one does have the the benefit that you can then play a thing with the divine shield after you’ve played like sorrow and then have that divine shield pop which is obviously not true in the case of buffing with rotting wood so that’s a bit of a benefit there but anyway it’s hard for me to imagine you wanting to put like two of these into a deck and it’s hard to imagine money but one of them over true so we’re captain justice true sort of campaign is so good but maybe there’s a deck that has enough divine shield that it’s naturally playing this ends up being more powerful than other one of those but I’m not super confident that will happen all right next up we have righteous protectors actually cause on my favorite person is that super simple obviously a 1/1 divine shield for one what’s on and the the fact that it has taunt it is huge because divine shield is a really powerful combination we saw annoy-o-tron back in gamma Burgess gnomes that would somehow just prevent tons of damage in the mid game against like mid-range decks and such you imagine this into the middle terms of the game against higher warrior they very often I don’t have just individual big things they can swing through the document Reapers they have frothing berserkers and whatever else heroic strikes having to have it sent two of those indirect protector is tremendously costly to them and it’s possible that you know rather than okay I’m going to try and fight all of your minions like sort of on a level playing field it’s like I’m going to make it really difficult for you to fight through my minions and then maybe I can use buffs or whatever else to to help fight against your bigger stuff regardless I realized that this is giving sort of a additional Archer Squire to Paladin which kind of wants to have the divine shield stuff going on it’s also just obviously a little bit better because the taunt really is very relevant in the middle to late terms of the game even on its momentum so I’m really excited bout this car and I think we’ll see a lot of play and last but certainly not least is ether of the ebon blade se9 cost Hiro that obviously gives you five armor with battlecry equip a 5/3 light steel weapon and that by itself yeah you basically immediately have a 10-point life swing once you play it they’re like think about comparing ether with like lay on hands okay why do we will play lay on hands in a lot of control palette of X and in art it’s because of the card advantage that you gain by actually drawing three cards but a big part of it is the life swing and loser is for one more man turning that life swing into also a weapon attack it’s available to same turn and additional up attack that also will heal you and by the way an upgraded hero power and that euro power Horsemen of the Apocalypse is awesome to me the primary value in this hero power is going to be that it gives you two twos you’re here hard and makes two twos instead of one ones two twos are dramatically more powerful two more ones it sounds weird to say but because they are killed by pings they are killed by you know just incidental damage nearly as often as as one ones are two twos are much more likely to survive and obviously the fact that well they do survive oh you just win the game now you get all four of the horses of the Apocalypse to play and you win the game and that’s super awesome like I said I don’t think that’s going to be the primary way that’s powerful most give you powerful because you’re just making minions that are difficult your opponent to kill and also you have this like really swingy you know like steel weapon etc but it’s all just cool so this guy’s I think is very good I think this part is very powerful in any kind of controlling or even like mid-range paladin I think there’s a car they just go into a deck a lot of it doesn’t here is it feels like you really need to build around them in like a pretty meaningful way you know you you want you or your neck to really support what the death knight is doing though there really isn’t one of those Luther just makes your hero better and gives you a weapon and armor and this upgraded hero power everything you’re doing is the same except better so and that that’s pretty great and can really feel like it has a home in just about any any paladin deck so I think this card is very powerful I think it will see a significant amount play alright next up we have the priests cards and we will start with acolyte of Ag now a Kalev agony is a life skill minion and I talked up quite a bit how I think like so the power of mechanic but I think it’s at what its weakest points increased I think that life steel is great when either life gained for your classic healing for your class is scarce it like perhaps in in warlock or hunter or rogue those are all classes where I think life steals very powerful but I think in pretty straight of lots of tools to keep yourself alive including your hero power so all the cards like priests the feast and whatever else it’s a lot less impressive of a tool also priests isn’t really have ways to buff the attack of its minions it only really buff help and while that can lead to having a sort of sticky lifestyle minion hanging out for a while and healing you multiple times and that can be powerful it doesn’t have the same hoops as like buffing up a light steel minion with like Plessy of kings or you know hand buff stick to connect for for big heals initially and not to worry about keeping the minion around in order to preserve your life because you know spending your resources that your hero power healing your life steel guy well you could just be healing yourself instead in a lot of cases and yes it could add up over time to be to be stronger but you’d rather just get that individual big hit and not have to work on keeping that guy around at least that’s sort of my thought on a light-filled brief so don’t really think this part is super exciting to me you need to do a lot of work to make it better than just an hour three Farseer basically and yeah well sometimes it could be I’m not really sure it’s worth it given the other options available to the class next up we have one of the craziest cards really in hearthstone history which is Archbishop Benedict is I think Mike today and described this as this was like a designed something throughout it’s like we actually do this like well yeah I guess we can do this and this is this is I think pretty clearly a car that just exists to do them crazy just exist to think while to show yes we can do this if you want to do totally outrageous and wacky things in hearthstone the possibilities effect I don’t think arch Benedictus is a good card I think that maybe there’s a world where you’re playing and super fatigue oriented games and other people are playing cards that add cards to their deck so alright you feel the need to go and play our expansion Nexxus but there’s a lot better ways you can end games rather than just trying to fatigue your opponent I think that fatigue is really kind of an overrated component of the way that most hard Poston games play out there’s certainly been times and decks that had matchups where fatigue is a major component like old-school control warrior Muir’s where you know people didn’t actually waste endgame but that it’s come a long way since then that’s not really the way that a lot of those games play out you know now you have either Nezhat control warrior or quest control warrior or you know whatever basically decks that are actually doing things that proactively in the game rather just wanna kill every single thing their opponent plays and a priest I feel like those games typically known as this anymore either even even like priests control mirrors it’s usually like okay some crazy lie returned or some unanswered you know inner fire threat or something like that rather than just draw you know dragging out to both players totally be exhausted resource and frankly I think Hart so it’s better this way I think just whoever can somehow get most cards in their deck is kind of a silly way for for games to be decided but if there are matchups that do seem to be coming down to that you know playing one Archbishop Benedict is in your deck is something that can just win you those games so it’s an interesting option how available if things go that way but I don’t think things are going to go that way in hearthstone because I think sort of the equilibrium is moving in the other direction toward more interactive and inclusive game winning cards rather than fatigue being with the sides even control match up next we have devourer mind this is another car head if you’re looking for ways to in long control games it’s a powerful one I think this is an interesting card in like a tool box deck with shadow visions it’s obviously something that can generate a lot of resources and one of the things that is often found when I’m playing shadow vision X especially kazakh shadow visions X that aren’t necessarily like a inner fire deck that you don’t necessarily have things that you’re like looking for sort of in general you know like oftentimes you find that you’re going to okay I’m going to wait and maybe I try in Chatham visions for free from amber where I wait I’ll get my Elise and world pack shuffle into my deck but if you just had something in these kind of like semi controlling mid-ranges priests decks so you could more consistently just find the shadow visions for value I think that that is a powerful tool in some of these mid range controlled matchups and devour mine it’s certainly very powerful in those instances thought Steel’s been a card that has has had a pretty big impact at least early in Hurston’s history on control matchups because it gave you additional resources without actually driving you further into fatigue it’s funny that I’m talking with that just under Daigo how fatigue is a big deal these days nearly as much but this you know this can be a value generation tool that maybe play one copy of divisions for maybe just really want to play a crazy you know steal your stuff deck and can play this and thoughts deal and shifting shade and crystalline oracle whatever but obviously using one card to generate three cards from your opponent’s deck rather than two cards makes this a stronger card in long games and thoughts deal and generally when you’re looking for an effect that is essentially about generating value in long games the the cost of it being five versus three isn’t nearly as as impactful in terms of how much you want it compared to the overall result you know I’d rather get three cards than two cards because the extra two mana in that kind of game is rarely that big a deal so I think that this may sort of replace thoughts deals in people’s ex who are looking to get that effect in those controlling matchups next we have embrace darkness it’s a really interesting card because obviously it kinda like a mind control except you know your opponent can can do something about it one of the big things with migratory photoplay is a big thing and then you take it and then if it’s going to do anything with it and say oh well you know this this sucks but with embrace darkness it costs way less than mine because 6 min but your opponent has a turn to do something about the fact that you’re going to steal it and obviously this is a card that’s much more powerful if you’re playing a more reactive version of priests you’re playing a very spell heavy controlling version of priests this is going to be much more likely to be a good card when you play it then if you’re applying the a minion focus version because your opponent could then just attack their minion into you’re trying to steal into your minions and you’re much less likely to get it or at least get it in an undamaged and pristine form it obviously also lets them potentially use their removal spells on their own minion and even get death rattles and such under your opponent can somehow kill their own Tyrion noted the ashbringer you won’t get it like the mind control essentially guarantees it’s obviously a huge difference as well but most significantly and I think that this is just another tool for those those shadow vision sized decks you know and in many cases it felt like when I was fighting those style decks that mind control is kind of too too expensive for a lot of what I wanted but I did that tons of tools for like keeping myself alive and I feel like you could use your life total as a resource to let your opponent you know hit you with a big minion and then steal it with embrace darkness and you know having something that you can you can take say your opponent’s promoted drink you know from order break is a big problem for a lot of respects because also for attack minions you can’t use any of your shadow words on that eight helps to locks trying to up anything its immune of dragon fire potion and this is a great way to potentially deal with it cuz it’s not like it’s hitting you very hard but you just don’t hair Lee have great way to actually get off the board and embrace darkness you know you’re a power yourself alright that’s now yours and the game can change pretty significantly so I do think the card that’s pretty attractive and I’m certainly experimenting with it quite a bit in my controls and pre specs next up we have eternal servitude this is basically a resurrect that you can play in the same deck as Northshire cleric one of the big issues with resurrect mechanics you know both resurrect and onyx Bishop has always been that it really impedes your ability to put lower impact menus in your deck because if you do have those cheat minions it can really ruin that your ability to get value off of you resurrect effects obvious cost a lot more than the venomous resurrect effects but it’s a lot more consistently able to do what you want resurrect for instance with Barnes the number of times you Barnes out you Sarah you’re just Sarah died and your arms add I need resurrect Barnes like Barnes stop hogging the spotlight is show us about you Sarah tonight the tale of dragons deny that’s what this is but turtle certitude no if you’re you Sarah and your barn thigh you going to turn assaults with you then you’re guaranteed to get back your Sarah because it’s going to be among those discovered cards at that stage of the game obviously if the game goes on longer and more things die it gets more money but this is a very powerful card to think and there’s both bars and another card I think we’re going to talk about momentarily that really kind of make that style of pre spec feel like it has more power to it and I’m really excited about this car and I also think it’s another card it’s great the shadow business tactic because this is effectively a threat you can ChatterBait this for and that’s something you often want in controlling matchups is you know you shot visions like okay well your options are you know wholly know of a shadow word pain chat or death you don’t want any of those you want to be able to actually have something which is generating value you are putting pressure on your opponent and something which can potentially bring back to you Sarah or a lich king or whatever is definitely definitely that and I think a turn-on subacute is a card that like every other free scripture I’m going to say I’m going to be experimenting with and I think is getting pretty powerful next up we have one of the great minions to server feedback which is obsidian that’s you this is not only to say a really impactful immediate big minions it has not only taunt not only life’s field but death rattle destroy a random enemy minion this is this is a really powerful defensive minion obviously got nine men but it is likely to really help you stabilize your board quite readily it also because it does have taught makes a little bit more attractiveness to playing say so Neal defender increased because now you know there’s basically Portola and this I think there might be one other priest um but I don’t think so at least not jumping to my mind right now but potentially a very high impact maybe you can get off of Steudle defender in the class in fact it is a death rattle minion also is another tool for the priests quest deck which up until now I feel like has lacked good big impactful things this also is very good Anna’s off you know those off bringing back things that immediately have an impact and obviously a taunt lifesteal debts or I’ll kill your stuff minion the pretty big impact we can bring it back from this off just very very powerful and you know lots of ways whether it’s with barns or with some of the other cheat you’re bringing to play cards you can get this into play quickly and then start resurrecting it I can really make life tough for your opponent so I’m really sort of discard it is very expensive you know nine is a lot to pay but I think that this is actually a minutes worth the nine mana especially of the right support for it so I’m really excited to this card next we have a shadow ascendant this is very different than most pretty stuff we’ve seen most pre stuff that we’ve seen in terms of like minion based priests cards tend to be built around having a minion that you’re you’re making powerful whether it’s you know buffing up your makings health with the Empowered shields of all talent freeze over else a buff against attack with air or fire whatever healing a minion it’s usually focused on like making a relatively powerful minion shadow but then it is obviously something which you are spreading out the love you play your shadow ascended potentially on tour into after a Northshire cleric say and that’s pretty powerful you’re making it to four Northshire cleric which makes it much more threatening much harder people to remove obviously much better able to trade and hero power to use your hero power to heal it and draw cards but the shadow attendant itself is just kind of this facilitator minion which is not really mostly what we’ve seen you know it’s I guess it’s kind of somewhere in the realm of like a cabal town Breeze in that way mostly priests of typically buffed its minions attack this makes this very much an outlier in terms of that kind of effect priests buffing their minions attack is actually quite powerful I remember velen’s chosen was one of the best cards in priests for a long time it’s kind of quietly one of the best cards to because it allowed you plant a dragon priest or any kind of fruit deck really to have a small minion that remained a threat for the early to middle terms of the game because at any point you could just buff it and trade into your opponent’s bigger things and eat them in most cases this doesn’t quite give you the trading potential but it will be close to a felon shows you know get the immediate buff you can immediately attack and heal but it does potentially the kind of snowball those sort of early starts in a different way my guess is this card probably won’t be that good I don’t feel like there’s enough support for like the early game minions strategy priest unless you know maybe you have this with more cards similar to like zombie Chow or whatever else you really want like just high health minions to to get the buff on because obviously the attack buff and the health spa are more valuable on things that are more like to stay alive be high health minions police wants anyway so but yeah I’m unconvinced that this card has enough support to really make a minion based priests tech work but I’m interested in what other kind of support that strategy gets going forward all right next up we have shadow essence this kind of the other Barnes type card that I talked about earlier this is really interesting because you swim the five five copy of a random minion in your deck my understanding and I could be wrong I’m standing is that this minion will then behave as if it were like a Barnes copy if it does die and it’s you can potentially resurrect it earlier on so this is multiple things including multiple non legendary versions of the Barnes effect that you can use to including your deck to get high powered minions with say and the turn effect like the Lich King or your Sara or death rattle effects in your deck and you know it’s another threat that you can shadow visions for this is kind of like in say a priest quest deck a that’s Riedel minion in many ways you can shadow beads for and that I think is very strong because you you give yourself you know more more access to those definite minions more flexibility in general and also potentially the ability to put out like a you know five five powerful death-rattle mininum is normally very small so I think this card is quite good I think it’s obviously by itself it’s not really efficient a five five four six isn’t really great but if you’re getting a five five that’s connected to an ability that’s you know you’re getting earlier in the game that you normally might with something like the Lich King or Sarah or that’s attached to say a Northshire cleric obviously a pretty powerful thing to have being a five five in your deck so I’m really excited to explore this card and I think it’s quite good next up we have one of my favorite person is that of course which is shadow Reaper Anduin it’s eight cost with a battle cry of destroyed all minions it’s five or more attack kind of like a light bomb dragon fire potion effect though it does affect dragons but it doesn’t affect Twilight drinks those are still the the great nemesis of the priests despite shadow River and wins best efforts obviously gives you five armor like all the other ones it then gives you the hero power void form which is kind of like shadow form except with a little bit of twist you could deal two damage whenever you play a card you refresh the ability and if there’s ever been a card that screams out play me with Raza play me with Raza it’s this obviously having to spend Humana on two damaged basically a shadow form but the resetting aspect of this is what makes that hero power powerful which is way better if you’re here power cost zero so I am kind of a little bit disappointed that this is a carbon you actually wanna play an index that already had shadow form because your shadow form that you switch to isn’t really do anything and playing shadow from after the fact is well frankly just silly um but it is obviously sort of embracing me just like Shadow Priests fantasy though I get to like blast things with dark magic or whatever and I think the the front part the battle cry of Angelyn is very good for like catching up in games you might be very far behind which is something that priest sometimes finds itself in especially without actual light bomb if you’re playing a jade room they have a bunch of big guys in play you can just play your death knight blow up their entire board and then you know get to work on their life total with your hero power assuming of course that you have rod that I can just start doing for free but one of the problems that free stuff it has is actually ending the game yeah you can often find yourself in positions where if you’re not playing a shadow priest style deck that you you need to establish you know minions for too long to actually get the damage that you need both voidform your partner isn’t going to be sitting there at for over the course of a game and you have no way to burn them out every single card is now burn spell at their face especially again if you have Raza so I love Raza kazakh a style priest decks so much I love the you know variants and gameplay of you know you’ve so different cards needed I get to find uses for all the different times which obviously makes this card so much more attractive me because it works so specifically well with that style deck so I’m sure this is one of the the partly a crafting probably in gold on day one and the expansion I’m not convinced that it’s going to be as good for other people but it certainly in cards that I am very much looking forward to because I have a lot of fun with it and lastly we have spirit lash is actually one of the first cards revealed from the Frozen Throne lifesteal deal one damage to all minions for to this is an interesting card because priest has kind of suffered for good cheap AoE generally priest has relied on wild pyromancer for a we effects earlier in the game to kill and Bo bed had to wait until like five minutes or holy Nova or executed evil or six-minute for light bomb or dragon fire potion so having a cheap AOE especially a cheap a way that heals you in a world where there’s lots of decks that have a bunch of aggressive minions is very valuable and I think that this is a card that could really help pre-sex against some of the aggressive decks where can somewhat struggle to you know actually keep up this is obviously a very powerful tool if you combine it with spell power and there’s actually some interesting inclusions for possible spell power options in knights the Frozen Throne as well on top of just obviously the blood mage spell notice which you see in so many decks that are looking for just a little bit of spell power on this scale so well with spell power because your opponent has a board full of living Manas and you’re like okay I’ll spirit latch them with bouillabaisse mellitus and suddenly everything is dead you get a ton of life and doesn’t matter your opponent establisher two left turns they you know are now totally out of reach be able to kill you that said you know one damage by itself isn’t really enough to kill those things yeah you you can kill like a patches and Dana’s off first mate and kill yourself back up and that’s nice for getting the breathing room against those progressive decks we really need to pair it with things because you know generally you’re going to need to do like two damage to kill a board full of totem or even like three damage to kill in a board full of buff fireflies or whatever out of a group so I think that you know this may not quite have the impact that people have wanted to have but it is a great card obviously if you’re looking to pair it with wild pyromancer to increase those potential ceilings you have in your burn just need be careful you don’t just kill your power bands so then not get the future triggers so I think this is a definitely a card that has a potential home if the meta game remains aggressive and when has the hearts of a game not remained aggressive so that would lead me to think that spear lash is likely to see a lot of blood alright next up we have rogues and we are starting off with probably the least impressive Road cards from my evaluation just bone baron it’s five five five with death rattle add to one one skeletons to your hand and this just isn’t a particularly impressive card to me you know 5 cross 5 5 is not super exciting first apps and the death rattle and you’re getting you’re getting a couple of cheap cars yet one cost one ones which is useful in rogue four combo and things like that but if this or even just like that’s right I’ll put two one one skeletons in play I’m not convinced it would necessarily be like that good would probably get pretty good in some spots but you know you have to spend amana to refund them later it’s kind of just I think reham ffice izing the bit of a death rattle theme that they’re looking for rogue to have obviously with stuff like unearth raptor in previous sets and roll the bones which is in the set will get you but yeah i just just don’t think this card is really up to snuff in terms of what you’re looking for maybe if you just want a lot of death metal in here deck this can be one of them but i’m not impressed i think that we do have a card that i think is awesome which is well the best name in this set they’ve made it the best so it’s got to be our fish I think but doomerang it’s one of the best one of the best for sure which is one cost throw your weapon at a minion it deals damage then returns your hand so first of all I think it’s just really funny that because hearthstone is a digital game you can just have the words throw your weapon at a minion rather than saying like your weapon deals its damage to you know targets minions then put your weapon in whatever that sort of incredibly long and complicated the exact rules text that people seem to want every hearthstone card to have I always think this card is super sweet and on top of just being super sweet I think is actually good I think that that being able to enable more ways to utilize your weapons both in terms of not having to like take damage when you attack at them which is one of the problems that rogue has because it doesn’t have a armor or healing or like you know big tongs or anything and it’s kind of class cool stuff that it does have a kind of active defense that you know I can use my weapon to hit that without hitting do it because I throw it that’s just cool you know and there’s also the weapons like shadow blades which we’ll get to in a bit that have effects that you want to replay them so being able to like reset your weapons with their their durability like a you know an assassin’s blade or whatever being able to reset a shadow point get another immune swing those are just like upside to do this and I think that’s really cool I love all of us or pieces of this Hill just a one costs pet which can be quite relevant in in red as well if you need to you know acne combo come with auctioneer whatever else I think this card is just great like everything about it you know the name the effect the ways it’s vintage Rises with other things that road has going on what I love it as if we have another rogue weapon type card and I like by the way that they’re going in kind of direction with rogue giving them reasons to actually play web visitor Baxter just leaching poison in so many cases rogues have had like a number of weapon cars not a ton but number open cards it just never really saw play because well you just had your dagger as a weapon and replacing your dagger you know you’re not daggering up what was kind of not really necessarily the most efficient thing to be doing resource wise and leaching poison that obviously gives you reason to play weapons that hit harder than your dagger I mean it also just changes the incentives for how you want to manage weapon now obviously this is particularly good if you can get a high durability weapon in play and buff it and then give it life steals like this could be erratically like say an assassin’s play with deadly poison this could be two Bennifer for twenty life and that’s just that’s obviously just super strong right obviously it’s kind of at the top end that you can really expect but if you even just played this with you know a just shadow blade you know it’s too two-man of her for six life which is a great a holy light or whatever but that’s the sort of the not the floor because the floor is obviously like yeah you have to use your power but that’s you know a pretty nice heal option in a class that previously had struggled quite a bit with it I don’t know how many leaching poisons you can play for how many weapons you’re playing and things like that yet you want to be playing with deadly poison to you know increase the seals are getting from this or whatever like there’s lots of moving parts there I think that’s interesting from a deck building perspective trying to figure out you know how many weapons you need per you know do meringue and leeching poison and what weapon bucks you want and things like that so I’m really excited to this card because I love playing with sort of mid-range controlling style rogue decks rather than just like you know tempo combo types and this is the sort of card that can help enable them because we have Lilian Voss just very funny because it’s literally just a wild character it was a play on a mad card named Lily on the best the planeswalker the black planeswalker and now it’s actually a card in her phone which is kind of a game based on that it’s like different riffs and different things but nothing to do with Lily on invest in magic who’s that kind of necromancer this Lily involved apparently feet and battlecry replace spells in your hand with random spell sure influence class so there’s a couple things that are interesting about this one is aim like a thief rogue deck you can very often end up with you know you swash burglar or you know Shaku or whatever else getting new cards that are particularly effective you know maybe you pick up a shatter maybe you pick up you know some removal spell against a control deck that you’re not really likely to use be able to transform those cards into new cards with lily and bosses pretty pretty sweet there’s also just the fact that it’s just a regular rogue deck in the late game cards like backstab or preparation or you know even clinks or whatever may not be valuable you know in the in the absence of auctioneer of course huh and you would rather replace them with with something new you know you can very often find yourself or I very own phenomena itself by like Jade rogue-like mimic pod late in the game and my mimic pod would hit back step back step like well I lost because you know now I have these super low impact tempo cards at the stage of the game where that’s not what’s going on is that what the game is about when Lillian Voss can be great actually replacing those obviously works Walter like Burghley bully you you pick up a bunch of coins up early bully maybe you’re still better off just transferring them into actual spells from your own deck with auctioneer but the ability to like curve Lilian Voss even with your own spells your neck look this is you know if you can currently involved without having played your own rogue spells into a cereal peddler and you know suddenly you turn all of your rogue spells that were in your hand into discounted versions of your opponent’s class spells like just on turn four and five and that’s very often gonna be pretty powerful so I’m excited to this cart I think it’s likely going to be at least very fun I don’t know if it’s really going to show up in top tier Road competitive decks because I think those are still likely to be built around guys an auctioneer and is it clearly Carrefour than that deck but I’m certainly to play with it and it can be sweet I said we have a plague scientist which is this is a card that was revealed fairly early on and I talked about it they’re an omni stone where it’s hard for me to think of this going into a deck that doesn’t already run and want vial spawn players and yes maybe you can play this in addition to violence – layers you’re playing as a lot of like a mid-range minions elves it’s pretty powerful effect if you have I mean you’re just kind of sitting around like specifically I think this is a card that you know may be good in Jade rogue Jade rogue has the Jade swarmers that are often just sitting around stealth which makes plague scientists have pretty easy targets to bump into your opponent’s you know Jade means the mid-game or whatever to kill them and yeah I can certainly see that being a powerful tool in that deck if mid range decks are kind of the next to beat but you know I don’t know that you’re necessarily going to have room for you know this and valve on Slayer and the rest of the Jade package and whatever else and I don’t know that there’s gonna be a world we want that many things is killed mid range minions especially that require various setup like this is not only combo but combo has a friendly minion that can attack this turn most of the time and your opponent have a target for it a lot of setup there and but that said Val fight Slayer is a super powerful card this being kind of an analog of I’ll find Slayer in those matchups where you’re both coming to likely be sitting around with minions can be very strong so I think this card has potential but I think it’s kind of overrated when it’s first revealed I do be gross in arenas oh because vows by Slayer is probably like just the most powerful card from Kareena and this even being a poor analog of that makes it very strong if we have roll the bones which is it draw a card it says desperado cast this again for two mana I think when did some math in this and you need to play like at least I got a dozen or Plus that startles before you’re you know likely to draw like principle a profitable thing over that shift and obviously ship is two minute deal of damage to a card and this a you have to have your dad has to be has we definitely do like having a better than 50% chance of drawing a DES Arnold from the first effect then of course you do have the chances to draw again which does sort of change the average is more than just people have them have to be something like a dozen I have an average of two drawers purpose and that’s a lot and you know rib does have this kind of mini death rattle theme going on but ever no there’s necessarily that many death row cards you wanna be playing your deck I mean maybe you’re playing with under-seat huckster and jade swarmer and then there’s a few more things I haven’t really impressed by like a bit like bone bear and not a card that we’re going to be looking to play an order to justify including roll the bones because I think you’re sort of neutering the rest of the power of your deck too much to get sort of card drop but that said rogue non like combo style rogue decks do kind of suffer from card draw there is a mimic pod but let me pause a weird card because rogues are often a class and decks that have kind of polarized cards something like the backside I mentioned earlier and that’s a card that if you drawing the early game is great if you drive in the late game is like pretty poor so mimic pot into that is like particularly bad because you’ve now spent a bunch of mana getting something and two copies of the thing that’s not really very impactful whereas this you know you’re you’re obviously not really having the same sort of polarization issue with yet duplicating a low impact thing obviously polarized in terms of the actual results of whether you hit a death rattle minion or not but I do think that you know maybe you can be plot you know be playing a death rattle deck in rogue that does want this if there’s enough support in the desperate pool I haven’t seen that yet so not something I expect to see at least right of the gates all right next up we have room for hunter which is a five three four four with during your turn you’re up and doesn’t lose durability when I first saw this I was thinking okay you know this is a card that I would want to play in like my shadow blade deck or whatever that I want to use to kill my pawns minions and just keep using the weapon and I didn’t really like it because it felt like a kill this is not a particularly well spatted minion for a controlling deck with only three health for four mana that I mean was fire back you brought up well no this isn’t a cards you want to play in any kind of like a mid range of control erode this is AK regular play in the aggressive rogue deck it just plays a weapon punches your phone in the face with it and then place this kind of next turn gets another punch with it so effectively is just you know this is assuming you have saya Shadowblade employees and then does or deadly poison weapon or something an average of like to read a man just giving you another three DM to tak when is able to combine with that and then is actually like a very damaging mini if it does manage it your opponent so if you’re able to like protect this guy with weapon tooling maybe actually two five and you get the another swing of your weapon to kill another opposing minion so you know I think you need to have a sort of perspective it’s like an agro rope type cards an aggro a weapon rope type card and I think it’s powerful one in the right context I think that just giving you bonus swings with like a deadly poison weapon can be a really big deal and can ultimately do a lot of damage and I like the sort of during your turn thing being with the rogue not necessarily like a defensive thing but it is somewhat like I like that broke as like active defense in the set and also things that and this is clearly like oh I’m sneaking up on you and thus like I’m able to get a better attack and you doesn’t cost me something and I like that being kind of thing that rogue is doing kind of giving them more of that stealthy tricky feel all right next up we have shadow blade I mentioned the card a number of times already and I think this is one of the most important rogue cards in the entire set rogue has always suffered basically because it hasn’t been to heal itself and any other rope pretty much shouldn’t really heal itself assault rogues do they are sneaky they’re tricky they they’re stealthy and this I think is a great way of illustrating that you know you get to choose the sort of engagement on your turn as soon as you play your shadow blade you sneak up on someone you stabbed them they don’t attack you back cool you’re immune that’s that’s sweet and I think that this is not only a very cool thematic car but also just a very powerful card because giving rogue especially now that there’s sort of more weapon use tools weapon like this that can allow them to play that sort of mid-range e controlling game without just bleeding out from their life that will getting getting whittled down every time they do attack a minion it’s very powerful and definitely opens up a lot of space for what the class can do so this is definitely the road cards in the set if not be Road card in the set that I am the most excited about and I think it’s very good so except we have spectral pillager this is a 6 cup 5/5 with combo deal damage equal to the number of other cards you play this time there’s actually I think a car that wasn’t revealed prior to the final revealed stream and there wasn’t revealed on the final reveal what you think is kind of the way for lizards say we don’t think this is actually very good because usually the countries that are that they wait on it don’t reveal are like neutral cards or kind of Facebook dump type cards that don’t really have that much going on it’s pretty rare that you actually don’t see a class card until until that point and this one is not one that I’m excited about this is a card that you know costs a lot of mana for you know it’s six five five five that’s not a good deal and combo like you have to play like two cards before you play your sick scoffs five five to do like two damage for this to be like an SI agent I mean like maybe you know you can play like a ton of cheap spell and get a ton of damage off of this but if you’re fighting a ton of cheap spells like isn’t the six cost thing you’re playing that to an auctioneer or like whatever else like maybe there’s a world where this is like your big burst finisher like a big cheap combo train but I’m not really thinking that’s very likely and I’m not thinking this cards very good this card though this is really good alehrer the holo this sort of goes into the the pool of cards I talked about as being some active defense for rogue I love this battle cry gain stealth on to your next turn you know a hero game fell to something we just have a team in hearthstone before and it’s obviously the thing that you’re like super cool in terms of well you know how can i wrote defend themselves before they disappear they go stuff and you know that is a great way for rogues to have you know an answer against things they previously have been very vulnerable to I put a lot of like Jade rogue or thief reverse mid-range enon burst combo versions of rogue on my stream of the past month or so and one of the toughest matchup for them is always any mage deck basically because you don’t really kill them fast enough to like punch through their you know ice blocks and things before they can just run up and throw a burger face and you can often get to like a foot where you have like an awesome board that you can build and you maybe you’re going to kill them in a couple turns but they’re just like okay well I just fireball you the fireball you’re like oh I’m just going to die next time and valeera is is obviously super cool in that you know okay but if I put me Alexstrasza Lindbergh Yonex really like new not only do I gain five armor which helps me survive you’re like Alexstrasza in itself but also you just can’t argue me I’m gone and that does give your opponent you know a lot of time and ability to use their resources to instead clear off your minions and such so it’s not like you’re basically just like getting a free turn they spend a lot for this fit nightmare but then obviously the hero power of valeera the shadow reflect community turning which allows you to effectively combo to serve combo but allows you to effectively copy a card you play each turn it’s very powerful you know if you’re in a situation where say your opponent is about the outside of the bring you out and you’re like a healing cards like okay well actually now to healed cards I double the effectiveness of my ability to get myself out of range of this and you know that power just continues to just no Bowl each turn every turn you get to to duplicate something else and that’s that’s pretty awesome so I’m super excited this card I think this is a card that is going to go and prove it all of my rogue decks because it does so much of what I want from from rogue which is actually give me some kind of interact ability and survivability in these longer games and it’s also just super powerful super cool and I’m super excited for it because what is the best card set alright well that is it for this review video so thanks for watching eliminate think and I’ll come back with the next three classes then finally the neutral cards as I finish off my nice the Frozen Throne review you

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