[Hearthstone] Knights of the Frozen Throne Review 5

hey guys how’s it going Corinne here coming at you with review number five of the upcoming expansions cards nice of the Frozen Throne is launching on the 10th that’s really soon and actually realized how many cards I hadn’t reviewed on YouTube I review them every night on stream when I start up at 11:00 EST and you know I kind of just forget sometimes that I’m behind like I don’t like 30 cards or something and we’re going to get like 50 some more in a couple of days there’s going to be lots of card reviewing which is good because right now the current state of hearthstone is well kind of played out anyway kicking it off we have the shaman death knight card through all the deaths here cost 5 which is really the most striking thing in terms of the hero cards it is the cheapest that we’ve seen and it transforms your minions I ran and one of the cost – more so like a double evolution effect not as good as double evolution because double evolving you can often get use out of charging minions in the intermediary between the first and second evolve but it’s pretty close and you get five health so like double evolve and five health for five that worth it yeah I think it is so I think just by itself is a good card and you have to keep in mind that with every death night hero card you also change your hero power and in this case it becomes transmute spirit and you basically get two single target evolve something this is a really big deal of course it’s going to have some extremely high variance games constructed is okay with high variance games though I mean typically most of the decks out there that do well are extremely high variance the reasons good is if you have a medium to big minion you hit something it’s an injured medium to big minion when you transform it you essentially heal it up into a bigger minions even though you might not get a more powerful minion it’ll be more powerful eventually because we’ll keep going up and up and up in meta cost and each time it does that it’s getting healed so I would say this is approximately at least a slightly better priests hero power so overall it’s a very solid your card tomb lurker five four five three absolutely abysmal stats this is like bad for three man orthostats and as a detriment died this game to your hand so it’s a random death rattle it’s not discovered or anything so it can be really bad like if there’s aggressive decks playing and aggressive decks running death rattle minions you typically are it can really screw over your strategy even though you might design a deck around this card it just might not work it just seems like it cost too much but who knows if the only people running death around other control decks and you’re playing a control deck rolling around this card I imagine it’s pretty damn powerful it just seems very situational righteous protector and this is probably the card that I think annoys me the most out of the upcoming expansion so Arjun Squires basically a neutral version doesn’t have taught and that have seen play and every medicines the game came out it’s an extremely powerful one drops and extremely powerful one drops basically ruin the game so this is an extremely powerful one drop on top of the existing extremely powerful one drops so it’s just a mind-blowing ly insane game swinging early game card for paladin basically this is what they needed to have the divine shield swarm aggro minion deck work so just because this card I imagine that type of work this cards obviously insane I think it will be playing a lot of decks the only kind of like good thing I guess it kind of ruins the Stonehill defender discover options because there’s another taunt paladin class card discovered getting 400 percent boost you’re not going to see as many Tyrians and ship but you’re still going to see a lot and this card honestly is is so good for tempo on one you’re not even going to feel bad when you see it as one of your options with discovers rune forge hunter for cost 5/3 during your turn your weapon doesn’t lose durability yeah it’s just it just feels like it’s not powerful enough it’s obviously some weapons that you might want to just extend the turn or two but as long as it exists cards like these are just not going to be great they might be good but they’re never going to be great corpse raiser 5 cost for a 3/3 the battle card gives a friendly minion death travel brief some in this as a really powerful effect some people said it’s worse than ancestral spirit just be shaman to cast spell the same effect and I buy that I think it is likely worse than that but you have to keep in mind that was a shaman only card and shaman revival mechanics or overall pretty weak digit just kind of hard to make them work given the class relies so much on board control you go all-in on the menu a death penalty and just give Texas over right so I think there’s probably some potential for this card to work really well in other classes and other just crazy combo decks and you also have to keep in mind that with ancestral spirit it’s just like a totally dead card if you’re in top deck mode it’s really bad if you don’t get be specific card you’re looking for because it doesn’t have any value by itself this is still a 3/3 body which I would say if I obviously not strong but it’s not irrelevant okay so card for card even if this is about a dozen trigger if you’re playing like a major in arena it will trade with most for drops with your hero power it’s that’s big advantage over ancestral spirit and I think in terms at least at arena it’ll actually be a more powerful card corpse Widow five or six beast your debt rental cards cost too less this is a really powerful card you can do this and then play a form and a high main basically the way I have to look at it is if you have detrimental in your deck anyway you might consider playing this card if you think your deck should excel in the mid to late game now as a hunter you generally want to excel in the early the mid game which is the only complication of this card but you really have to think of the advantages so if you’re playing just one death-rattle card so this and one deathrattle card while this effect is happening and you can probably do it on the same turn it pretty easily I imagine so that’s basically like a three cost for six beast which is crazy so it’s a crazy card if you can play that style of a hunter but time will tell that devourer mind copy three cards in your opponent’s deck and add them to your hand so it’s like pasta plus one it’s in line with card drama Kanaks the way card draw is valued on cards is the first card that you draw is worth one mana every card after that is worth two mana that’s why you have like cycle effects are like nothing and then arcane collected like one plus two and a nurse is plus another two then sprint plus another two so this is kind of like the nourish just as arcane intellect this pot steal devourer mind is nourished so it’s it’s good it’s fine usually when you’re playing thoughtful as a priest it is fairly late in the game anyway so getting even more value out of it I imagine would actually be even better in some cases so I imagine this card probably see some play at some point glacial mysteries it cost mage spell put one of each secret from your deck into the battlefield now the issue that I have with this card is it costs a lot for what it does in the end so for this card to be really powerful you need to be playing at least five decent secrets for mage that’s where the problem is a lot of Secrets cancel each other out like you know you have you have like copy effects and potion of polymorph but they’re both nullified by your opponent playing a bad minion there’s a lot of just clunkiness and do you really want these supers in your deck normally it’s not exactly secret paladin you’re playing a very different type of deck if you’re including this it’s obviously you know if you pull five cards and play them all it’s in the same value but because there’s so much cancellation and because a lot of the mage secrets just absolutely blow this is probably a little bit worse than it looks but who knows a few good secrets and this card is suddenly the meta right we’ll see in the future but for now I’m not so sure simulacrum 3 cos mage spell copy lowest-cost minion in your hand so this card becomes a copy of the minion I imagine that’s okay I think in terms of like otk combos and some cool stuff like that that is something that you can do it’s just a little clunky and obviously built only for that reason villian boss Lilian boss sorry at the rogue legendary minion for cost for five decent stats replaced bells in a hand with random spells from your opponent’s class so this is obviously a really bad card when when you consider the current and past versions of rogue decks that basically rely on having very specific spells to burst the opponent before running out of cards and health which adds a rogue usually happens faster than you’d expect so obviously this is a really powerful card it just has no place in any type of rogue deck that we’ve ever seen but doesn’t mean it’s not going to see any play with each expansion there’s a lot of potential for new decks to rise and cards like these might make that happen I have my doubts but it is not a bad card by itself like this is a great arena card standalone it’s pretty good but yeah it might screw over your combos and that would make a terrible constructed card but you know if you can design a deck that can do relatively well just by itself you don’t happen to draw this card would like rose petals and shit but then you do draw this card you make your rose petals into like actual cards and get out of control yeah it’s okay you know that’s okay I have my doubts though unwilling sacrifice three cost warlocks spell choose a friendly minion destroy it and a random enemy minion so it’s like deadly shot – but sometimes it’s good to destroy friendly minions just very rarely yeah yeah I don’t know it seems pretty bad burlock – cost 2 – battle cry freeze enemy warlock alright I guess I mean some constructive ex played the Glacial elemental whatever it is and that’s I’m just slightly better car than this you have to weigh the fact that merlok tags are really big and the merlok wind condition is getting more minions than your opponent and this effect helps you much more than it does as an elemental deck so it’s okay I think I think this might be good I just kind of think the whole monologue shaman thing as a whole is kind of dead but we still have a bunch of cards to see so maybe not treachery 3 cost user friendly mean and give it to your opponent so I have been waiting for an effect like this since since we started talking about custom cards like three years ago this is a really cool effect the is a few issues here though so the main issue is it’s a control effect you don’t you’re not going to place in an aggregate I can play this in the mid-range attack you’re going to play this in a control deck and it’s sadly balanced around dooms there so you play dooms there you give it to your opponent it goes off before he can do anything and that’s a 5-man of two card clear any board that you want and that’s a really good combo right but I couldn’t actually think of any other card this would be great with given the card and mana investment of those plays so basically the sad case is because doom seer is a thing and this card is not worded to exclude dooms there it’s otherwise really terrible so I don’t know might see some play but I think control warlock still needs more help than we’ve seen so far from this expansion and we have the rogue death knight 9 cost 5 armor battle crown gives stealth until your next turn that’s a pretty big deal so you can’t be targeted when you have stealth of course you can still get hit with like AoE damage effects now if you even even get like one health gaining the 5 armour there’s there’s almost nothing that would kill you very very fringe cases where you could actually die like the filter potion + hellfire something like really rare so typically this is going to mean you get an extra turn but you kind of used up your whole turn playing the card so the main way are actually going to gain an advantage is if you have a gigantic weapon so you have a gigantic weapon you your phone in the face then you get an extra turn any extra turn gives you the advantage of getting the extra weapon attack in the face so that good yeah that’s all right I don’t know how realistic it is to get to turn nine and rogue because rogues usually cycle out their hand with cheap spells and stop there’s going to be a dead card for a long time in the rogue deck that I’m imagining but who knows you also change your hero power to deaths shadow as a passive hero power and during your turn to get a shadow reflection to your hand with the shadow reflection that’s a shadow reflection so each time you play a card this shadow reflection card turns into a copy of that card so let’s say you ply like a minion this becomes that minion say playing another one of the minions you don’t to do that maybe you eviscerate your opponent’s face this becomes an eviscerates okay yeah I want to destroy my opponent of the face again and you get this it was started every turn so it’s it’s overall a really powerful effect the main drawbacks are the main synergy is gigantic weapons which get savagely countered in hearthstone and 9 mana which is not something roads are familiar with speaking of high mana cards we have the druid crazy high mana card 10 cos ultimate infestation deal 5 damage draw five cards gain five armor and summon a 5/5 ghouls so this cars is ridiculous remember early in the video how I talked about the value in card draw sprint is draw four so if you want to draw five cards balanced around the old you know card draw mechanics it would be a nine cost card that would draw you five cards there’s a ten cost card that draws you five cards but it does five damage gives you five armor just kind of like a holy fire and puts a 5/5 ghoul and play which is in my opinion about let’s say three and a half to four mana by constructive standards at least so you basically do 18 mana worth of stuff and it’s all on one card so it’s kind of in terms of value and all that you’re doing about 20 to 22 mana worth of stuff that’s absolutely insane now the drawbacks are it’s all on one card it’s druid the druid late-game one condition are not as well defined what I’m saying is a lot of the other classes have some really broken as extremely powerful combos and control cards right now and while this is extremely powerful and way off the power curve drew it’s kind of struggle to be that control class and now they have much higher competition this might be blizzards attempt to kind of balance druids Clifford J druids of course with the other control elements of the other classes but basically what I’m saying is I don’t think it would lead the meta I think it might kind of match some of the other control decks because again it seems like control late-game cards or getting the power creep they basically have deserved for the last few years and we have the desperate stand to cost paladin spell gives the minion deathrattle return this to life with one health so this is basically what Redemption did when secrets could trigger on your own turn like three years ago and that was an extremely powerful effect when considering mid to late game divine shield minions especially things like argent commander where you’d play it attack something it’d still be there the next turn you’d play Redemption or this card now I guess on your argent commander attack into something kill off your arch commander to come back right away you’ll have the divine shield charge again attack again and you know you get the idea it’s really really good effect I don’t know if it’s good enough to meet the divine shield swarm aggro paladin which I’m pretty sure is going to be a deck it’s just this is still kind of borderline in that deck I feel it can be very powerful but I don’t know if that deck will include mid-late game divine shield minions I suspect it’s largely going to be small ones which would make this card a lot worse shadow ascendant to cost priest card whoa how about that and it kind of sucks so two mana tutu is pretty damn bad it buffs other friendly minions so you need other friendly minions just kind of the problem playing priest if you play a priest one drop it’s probably not going to compete with opponents one drops on or this card’s good but if it’s not this card sucks and to card early game combo is a little optimistic when playing priest I think the best use for this card is it’s okay and arena and probably best off playing two of them or just with another to drop on turn four which again is not great it’s just an okay card skulking beast so this card has been the talk of the town on reddit six costs were six boat ride destroy all one cost spells in both hands and decks so this obviously completely destroys J druid and I think it’s really stupid to actually counter a card this way I have to keep in mind Blizzard designs expansions two expansions in advance so we’re getting this card to counter J Drew’s with problem two expansions ago much like pirate warriors or a problem two expansions before that when we got Galaga crawler so I don’t like this form of rebalancing those cards are obviously broken they create not fun gaming environment within the game that we love honestly those cards should just get nerfed and this is a really crappy way to change those cards specifically this one I don’t think this card is going to be as useful as you might imagine unless you can create a deck where it’s good if you remove your one cost spells from your own deck and also if people are playing combo decks with one cost spell which they might be and then this card might be okay but because the six cost card with poor stats for that mana cost it is just on a very low power level so if the effect isn’t very good then well it’s a huge weight to your deck now people talked about well you know you can just if you just discard any one card from your opponent’s hand that’s like removing a draw which is kind of puts this card in the balance but you have to keep in mind if your phone is just playing like whatever for one cost spell let’s say they doesn’t actually need to win the game whatever cards let’s say you discard one from his hand which it has one less card in his hand that’s pretty good right but then the other three not going to drawn to them and generally you don’t want to draw into one mana spells in the late game so you’re kind of doing them a favor as well I think that actually kind of balances that so again I think the main way you’re going to use this card one if J dude complete out of control they won’t be because this card exists so I guess kind of mission accomplished I guess but the main way you’re going to use this card in a normal circumstance where you can use card and feel good about it rather than just a stupid way to counter a stupid deck is if you are playing a deck you do not want to draw your one drops in the late game so for example you can be playing priest power work shields holy smites and let’s say potion two madnesses all really good cards in the early game but all very poor cards in the late game and cards you don’t want to draw so what you do is you play two of these you play two copies of each of those you use up all your one cost spells from your hand and then you remove the crappy one drops from your deck so you can only draw good cards we have that’s kind of the idea and I think that can work I just don’t know how yet or if it really will for sure you have ice fishing to cast drop to murlocs from your deck that seems pretty good several ways to play this card you can just play like a Murloc shaman or you can play with very specific murlocs and try to have some kind of like combo wombo like if you just have charge murlocs and buff murlocs maybe you can get like a blood left combo that’s obviously a bad idea but you just to illustrate how you might want to use it differently I like I like this card because it’s fairly open while still targeting a specific card that generally don’t see a lot of play roll bones to Castro card draw card if it has death metal cast this again so I played in his off road obviously as I play every mazhab deck they’ll play death rattle packs decks definitely packed rogues specifically in this case and they don’t have that many death rattle minions so I mean for this to be a good card you’re going to have to draw at least one and a half on average right yeah so free to draw one and a half on average half your deck needs to be death rattles at your neck is not going to be death rattles maybe there’s some redemption for this card if you’re playing close to that and auctioneers but then auctioneers don’t really work it’s kind of a mess acolyte of agony priest early game card and it sucks again so it’s a three men a 3/3 which in arena is pretty good because it gives you consistency when drafting because it’s going to have a massive occurrence bonus it’s a class card it’s a common you’re going to see it so frequently that you are rarely going to be lacking three drops playing priest in arena which is a good thing but the coordinate self is not not really that good life skills is a pretty good mechanic but it’s not going to turn three because I’m turned three you’re usually not missing that much or really any health three threes not going to make a big impact in the late game so it kind of sucks they’re basically think about it when is this going to be better than earthing farce here so if you play it and it gives you six health so if it attacks and then attack second timer gets attack that’s just so rare it’s so rarely better than or the ring Farseer and Farseer is flexible and still not really include in any pre specs I can recall require a defender 3 cross 2 8 pot overload 3 oh that’s a huge cost so if this had like one more attack it basically be the I don’t know it’s called a tree thing six costs 3/8 taunt which is a pretty solid arena card now if you compare it to like MOBA Sean – one – one for four it obviously looks really bad but I think shaman doesn’t struggle too much to buff the attack of its minions it kind of focuses on that actually so I think if you can make a deck that regularly busby attack of your minions this is actually a really good card the downside of that is if the meta is a mid-range to control that still won’t matter because if this is like a four eight control still won’t care so there’s a few challenges there but it’s possible this card can overcome all and actually rule the matter like if the meta is fairly aggressive decks have rarely over for health minions this card is insane so we’ll have to see follow us on cleric to cop21 friendly minion plus one plus one current the shadow son effect but you can’t have as many one drops as you can have two drops particularly marina with this kind of a played it’s a little bit worse even though it’s on a slightly higher power level it just doesn’t work with what you’re typically going to get in an arena deck priest that night this is an interesting one so it’s eight cost it cost this fine you can usually do something with two mana and battle print destroys all means is five or more attack so might be for this is priest if you play just a fairly controlling priests you kind of beat other control decks anyway so having that effect having like a third death or maybe fourth death if you can hit two of it is not really that big of a deal but again the meta is going to change so maybe it will be a big deal now the potential big deal is what your hero power becomes it becomes void form so it’s deal to damage but also after you play a card refresh your hero power so by itself it’s just pretty good but when it gets really insane is if you have played Raza so if you played Raza this is going to cost you zero so basically every time you apply any card you can deal to damage to whatever you want for free that’s when it gets completely batshit insane so just because of the hero power is this might actually be a really powerful card but we’re going to have to be looking at singleton priests and the consistency might be too big of a challenge this is something we’ll really have to test but I think it’ll be fun testing play dead trigger death death rattle for one it’s pretty good drop down to high main one mana to two twos pretty good just depends on how much of your deck is death rattles right now not very many after the expansion possibly enough good car but it needs a pretty strict requirement death speaker 3 cost two for battlecry give a friendly minion immune to this turn it’s quite as ridiculous this is slightly worse than argent protector Arjun protectors basically included almost every single deck and carry the hell out of Paulo in arena the reasons not quite as good as argent protector is because I can’t imagine where an immune effect is actually better than a divine shield effect when played proactively on your turn because except for like abomination hits or something it’s just it’s just the same thing but with divine shield you can stack it for a tempo play so if your opponent has no minions and you have a minion and you can aren’t your protector that minion having the divine shield carries over the following turns but this effect is only until end of turn so that’s why I don’t think it’s quite as good as argent protector but again being neutral really opens up what’s going to happen and what’s possible I can see this card being played anywhere and everywhere it’s just an extremely powerful card even in control decks mid range necks even Agra decks I think this is pretty good it’s not a high cost to play that maybe not like face decks but like scarily aggressive let’s say mid range neck I can see this being played into those we’ll have to see though this might be a bit of a problem rattling rascal for cost to to some of the 5:5 skelton death Bell sometimes one for your opponent so you can have two silences would get around that effect pretty powerful though I mean it’s for mana 7-7 just you have to be really ahead it’s definitely a wind more card and some decks really work off of that so that might be good enough how fiend 3 cost 36 demon when this minion takes damage discard or rent guard oh man that’s a ridiculously high cost but the really funny thing about this card is it works very well with the Warlock and works unbelievably well with the clutch from other legendary so if this card has taken like three four hits and every time its landing on the clutch holy crap that thing is going to get way out of control really fun card I think it’s I think it’s going to be a relatively weak but I can’t wait to try it out frozen clone new mage secret after your opponent plays a minion add two copies of it to your hand so in in just a standalone card that’s pretty good you gain value game cards you can’t hand-sized nice card but again this gets countered by applying a small minion mirin tea gives countered by your opponent playing small minion potion of polymorphs gets countered by your opponent playing a small minion so these cards have extreme negative synergy with one another seeker decks are still kind of struggling with that pretty hard at least as majors concerned if shadow essence six costs on a five five copy of a random minion in your deck this can get really crazy if you only have very few and very specific minions in your deck like if you’re running the new of a Lydian destroyer crazy-ass Priest card and Justin is off two out of three times you’re getting one of those the other time you’re getting in the sausage all right but yeah this can be very strong then we have rotface eight cost four six warrior legendary when this minion survives damage some other random legendary minion cost eight is pretty difficult to set this up if you play this and it gets one shot at it’s absolutely terrible so we are looking at extremely high requirements very very challenging to pull this off but who know that’s a powerful effect might be worth it breath of sindragosa for one mage spell deal two damage to a random enemy and freeze it is a really high power level card major survives off of these and I don’t know if it’s good enough to lead a new wave of tempo mages but who knows we’ve been surprised with cards like these in the past then lastly for today I have bone Drake 6 cost 4 6 5 dragon when it dies add a rain dragon to your hand so this card’s absolutely bonkers in arena and probably good enough in constructed I mean it’s a dragon crazed can probably run it and to death rattle so pretty good probably but it wouldn’t dissolve and a few other death rattle interactive cards overall pretty strong stuff expansion spice enough more card reveals gets me hyped up even more there are a few problematic cards that I see but time will tell and have to experiment and see when the expansion comes up for now hope you guys enjoyed my review [Music] you [Music]

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