[Hearthstone] Knights of the Frozen Throne Review 6

hey guys had to go and Crane him so we finally got the card dump the remaining 40-ish or whatever cards out of the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion and well they’re pretty cool there’s some really cool cards I think more so than any expansion I’ve seen so far there are a lot more cards that are like maybe good and then maybe good cards are what creates the adventure the discovery the deck testing and deck building and all that but I really love kind of why I enjoy these releases and also there’s like the fewest dumpster tear text lifts cards that we’ve had an expansion so far certainly a few bad ones but they’re very few all right I’ll kick it off get a lot of cards to go over first off web we’ve 5 cots one two one two poisonous spiders well that’s pretty okay they were saying how at for cost this card was one of the best cards in Druid so at five is probably balanced well probably but balanced card don’t usually leave the meta so I’d have to say it’s a good arena card and likely about that’s all it’s going to do Saturday night chain-gang for cost to three battle cries I’m going to copy this minion this is a pretty powerful card if you think about it shaman runs the Strasse wolves for a three cost overload – this is four which in my opinion is about the same but this has two advantages first off if you bust it you get you know twice the effect of that bus like the hand buff mechanics that is and if you’re playing evolutions it costs two more mana than the Frostwolf so even in shaman if you’re planning evolution the shaman this might be better than for all schools so that’s actually very good this is quite a powerful card happy ghoul three cost three three cost zero if your hero was healed this turn so yeah i’ll pad I mean if you’re playing priest you just heal your hero if you took some damage on turn one or turn two there may be wet first against you to mana three three pretty good tempest a little bit later pretty good it’s a pretty good card pretty good cards are notoriously not included in most constructed decks but who knows maybe there’s going to be a lot of decks that heal a lot you’ll see as the card to get revealed here that there are a lot of control cards but the only real control mechanic that’s new and powerful in this set is the life skill mechanic so that might be more widespread than we think despicable dreadlord 5 comma 4 5 demon the end of your eternity oh one damage to all enemy minions so I think just when you play this on 5 it is about as good as dread infernal slam on 6 but it has an end of turn effect so it’s repetitive and the repetitive effect is probably going to push this card / dread infernal level dreadful is near the top of arena 4 warlock so this is going to be one of the best warlock arena cards and if it’s one of the best warlock arena cards and it’s a demon we have some demon synergy and it’s a repetitive effect to counter aggro well it might actually be constructed level of power forge of souls to cost draw two weapons from your deck well as you know with the new warrior hero that has absolutely nothing to do with this card well it’s interesting there are a few weapons synergies it’s difficult to make a deck solely based on weapons but if you’re playing like a faced warrior deck this is going to give you a lot of face damage snow fury giant 11 cost 8/8 first giant bat we’re seeing here that is a shaman card now I actually thought this was an elemental but you know I guess not this is an official image from Blizzard so guess it’s not an elemental what is interesting is yet once again it’s shaman giant haven’t had a class giant before the overload mechanic is really interesting there are some cards that have extreme overload numbers we’re talking like elemental destruction which is a three cause of overload five you can really cheat out this minion in some situation and you know in if you don’t in mid to late game a zero cost eight eight is usually what wins games so it’s I feel it’s maybe a little bit clunkier than arcane giant but depending on what works and were and in Xiamen maybe not rattling rascal for cost to to battlecry some into five five death rattle some is on for your opponent so I thought this car to Mike yes alright you know you get a four man oh seven seven but you know then your opponent gets five five so it’s really a four minute to two but you get the tempo lead which kind of makes a little better than that so a little better than four Manitou to you know when you look at it that way it’s probably not that good but it was including a lot of decks they played on stream when they were reviewing the cards and I have to say that it’s actually seemingly good there’s a lot of effects that can manipulate the death rattle and in a lot of cases you can just push for the board and it’s difficult to punish this card without punishing others as well as you’ll see we have it the warrior hero card scourge Lord Garrosh it cost game five armor just like all the other hero cards and you equip a 4/3 shadow morn that also damages adjacent minions the here power that you get is one damage to everything and there’s some positive synergy on your side if you build a deck around it and it generally is pretty decent to keep doing that effect against your opponent so you know it’s it’s pretty good my main concern with this card is so we know control warrior as the all-time dominant warrior deck now I know recently it’s kind of lost his crown to like pirate where and all that but agri decks come and go control warrior has generally stayed since the beginning of hearthstone so I look at this card I don’t see it as a nag record I see it like a control type of card losing the armor up is a really big deal you also to keep in mind that the control warrior deck at least traditionally runs your opponent out of resources your parents not going to play a whole bunch of stuff all at once because if they do they’re going to lose your brawl so if you’re not playing a whole bunch of stuff war wildung is board is not that efficient you know if your phone is playing one card at a time your your power is just pretty bad hero power like I would say the worse than armor your upon playing one minion at a time you generally don’t have that one synergy with your own minions is a bad hero power so how good is eight cost for three shadow mourn with AoE attacks and five armor that’s okay but I mean are we talking about an eight cos okay card well I don’t know about that obviously it could just bring out a whole new self damaging back there’s a lot of cards that do that so maybe that’s really good but it looks like a sintered synergy required like late game tempo deck forward I just don’t see it but who knows Drakkar e enchanter three cost one five your end of turn effects triggered twice well that’s pretty insane there’s some of the most powerful effects the entire game or end of turn effects now a lot of them are in the wild format with Emperor and Ragnaros and all that so you know maybe this card won’t be that big of a deal right now and standard but you know even then it might be there’s still some very powerful in turn effects but it’s really going to shine wild so there get bored of standard playing the expansion head over to wild and try some drew carey enchanting should be pretty good doomerang wrote cards throw your weapon at a minion that deals it’s damaged and returns to your hand so I think some people didn’t really understand this card I think the main way that you use this card is if you have a weapon that’s a high durability weapon you can basically extend its durability and use all one mana removal so just let’s talk about assassin’s blade three damage for durability card you can attack three times before attacking the last time you do Morang one mana hit something for three and the fact that you returned that weapon to your hand is a positive effect then this card is really powerful now I actually Twitter tweeted about this card you know I’m not sure if it’s good or not if we see this many rogue cards that are weapon centered so like it’s just so easy to counter weapon based decks that I just don’t feel they’re ever going to topple the meta just face decks with crazy early game but you don’t see the rogue deck doing so yeah it’s a good card in a long chain of pretty good weapon manipulative rogue cards but I just saw for nothing night howler so this is probably as as no text as it gets in this expansion for cross three for when this main takes damage game to attack so like okay so let’s see it gets hit once and survives then it’s like a four mana 5/4 and yet in in fairytale magical land where it gets hit twice and is still alive it’s just it’s a seven whatever is left on its health Wow you know give me a break is terrible all right skeleton however is really interesting so five cost to to death rattle if it’s your opponent’s turn summon an eight eight skeleton holy moly so this is a card like a few others that not only punishes your opponent clearing the board which i think is the main thing that it does like if your opponent has like in a volcanic potion or Blizzard is just not able to play it that is huge but again that kind of favors mid range or aggressive deck control decks kind of need you board clears effectively and they’re not going to be able to if people are playing this card now in terms of constructed it might even be good enough but in terms of arena it’s just going to be insane this is this is going to be one of the biggest anti mage cards that I’ve ever seen it’s so ridiculous it’s also pretty good if you can grant them tot if you’re playing like argus or sunfury again a lot of those kids are playing like a zoo kind of aggressive deck it’s a really really powerful new card wicked skeleton for cost 1:1 battle cry gain plus on post one for each minion that died this turn overall not bad i mean again if your family kazoo acted replying arena it can be okay it’s pretty easy to drop three minions or like all at once and yeah if you do that it’s fine you can do more than that better than fine it’s alright as an Iranian card ya dead scale knight one cost 1/1 merlok with lifesteal yeah not much to say about that sure wretched tiller one cost to one one when this minion attacks look to damage to the enemy hero so it’s kind of like a 1 mana 3:1 except the trades worse is that good now really we have spectral pillager 6 cost 5 fine the combo deals damage equal to the number of cards you’ve played this turn now I am not sure I think it’s a combo effect the combo fact I think triggers before the minion actually gets technically played so I think it would not include this card so if you played one other card then you play this it deals 1 damage not 2 so that’s kind of weak it’s on the weak side but there’s probably going to be some BEC that finds a way to play just insane number of cards in one turn and do a massive spectral villager you know what I might be the kind of person to try out that deck so I’ll keep you guys up to date tell scar fisherman to cost 2 3 battle cry as a friend the minions bill damage + 1 this is a superb arena to drop in terms of constructive spell damage has been a pretty big deal in the past but we’re starting to see some next level on the power scale of endgame so I’m not sure if buffing your spell by a little bit I don’t think I don’t think that counts as liking anymore so I think if this card came out like two expansions ago might actually be constructed quality but I have my doubts about the future of that and constructed but again as far as rain is concerned really solid and we have 3 cost for for the bow chronic freezes all of your other minions that’s not a bad ring card if you can find a way to take advantage of freezing your own stuff and we’ve seen a few cards but they seem a bit clunky to me so again I kind of doubt the constructed viability of this card but it’s a solid arena card is kind of a funny one grim necromancer to cost to for summons to one one skeletons so again a pretty low power level for drop but it’s different you know if you’re running a deck that you really just want to fill the board constantly churning an arena deck we just want to get some kind of face damage this is a pretty good card so I very much prefer cards like these to text with garbage so this this is good this is situationally interesting arrogant crusader for cost five two and when it dies on your opponent’s turn it gets a 2/2 ghoul so two tables not that big of a deal but a four cost five two is relatively powerful I don’t consider it that strong of an arena card because it’s so easy to kill and palin’s most about having a board not not so much you know pushing for damage but in constructed that can be very different you have a lot of divine shield effect I can see this being pretty powerful you have what a hand bus I can see this being pretty powerful as well so we’ll have to see but it looks like a little bit underpowered death axe Punisher for cost three three gives a random light steel minion in your hand plus two plus two so let’s say that it does that it’s like a four cost five five with like negative tempo because you get the tempo in a later turn just kind of bad so I don’t see this card being good unless we’re talking about some like serious combo wombo actions that I haven’t imagined yet grape Chandler for cost for for when your weapon is destroyed gain plus one plus one it’s an elemental which makes the elemental synergy kind of keep up with the prior expansion which is really good I think this is a solid shaman and rogue card as far as arena is concerned but everything else probably on the weak side bone baron v cost five five the death row adds to one one’s going through your hand the rogue card and the reasons to row card is there is a little bit of the expansion focusing on playing a whole bunch of stuff in one turn and this helps you get there but yeah five cost five five that’s pretty hard to see that being played exploding bloat that so a really cool-looking card but again power little seems on the weak side for cost to one beast and FL deals two damage to enemy minions it’s going to be a delayed effect unless your opponent is playing like a grow or zoo they’re going to be able to play around this but again there’s just a ton of Agra and zoo decks and I guess this is really good so who knows now we have a card very much like egg Napper three cost three one the death rattle if it’s your opponent’s turn which again they’re generally going to have a bit of an issue the three cost three drop you get a 2/2 Ghul so fine it’s very similar to a previous card but it makes use of a new mechanics oh sure why not this is an interesting one six caustic six not what you want but it discards all weapons from your hand and gains their stats yeah I don’t see this card being that good because it doesn’t have any other ability to really push the fact that it’s a big minion like if it has cannot be targeted or hopefully not like you know stealth or charge or something like that but you know it just it just needed a little bit extra and it doesn’t have that and just big Binion’s that do nothing else I’m never really going to work in constructive unless to cost the river less mana so yeah it’s an arena card six – six six for a class without weapons is fine and possibly for a class even with weapons sometimes you get stuck on too many and it’s actually pretty decent so it’s probably a like good arena card toxic arrow I really love this card – cos honor spell deals two damage Dominion but you can hit your own and if it survives you give poisonous and you can kill an even bigger minion so really cool a flexible remove I mean this is this is basically how control decks work but again my my issue that is most of the classes already has cards that kind of follow that that theme and hunter is is pretty behind this might this is probably going to go a long way but I’m still not so sure about control hunter keening Banshee for Cox 5/5 when you play a card remove the top three cards from your deck so again that’s that’s really not a big deal especially your playing arena you don’t really care about losing cards from your deck because you’re just never really going to go to fatigue and you’re in control of that ability so actually it’s a pretty good card arena for mattify 5 is strong and constructed not that strong so the reading card death revenant 5 cost 3/3 the battlecry gives it plus one plus one for each damaged minion so I saw this in the in the demo game earlier today and I’m like wow that card kind of sucks but then they set up a board they played it and it was like a five cost eight eight and didn’t seem like that spectacular of a board so it seems like if you’re playing like that warrior deck where it just does small damage constantly to stuff it’s actually a pretty good card but I don’t know how consistently you can set this up for it to be a good card because if you’re just top deck moding and there’s like nothing on the board that it triggers off with it’s really terrible venomancer i cross to five poisonous so it’s pretty strong card you might not think so but we had the legendary two eight four six my eczema all that time ago and that was pretty good card that cart is really annoying to deal with this card is decent bit worse than that but it’s an int in the common slot you know again five mana card doesn’t be very much for constructed it’s not saying played but in terms of arena i think i think we’re going to see a lot of this card this card is going to often trade with the three or four drops survive and treat them to another thing and that other thing might mean that your opponent doesn’t play they’re good six drop on twenty six so it has really high power level in arena spell weaver sticks off four four plus to spell damage so that’s pretty interesting but it caustics mana I don’t know no no yeah I talked about spell damage I don’t I don’t know if spell damage is the future of late-game yeah it’s on the weak side you really need to spell damage use evolve kobold if you really need like a big minion you play another big minion this is kind of a compromise but it doesn’t really fit any extreme role and construct it is generally about pushing the extremes Nach three cost Drude card give you a three attack and three armor things pretty pretty bad but whatever in arena removal is premium that’s your mobile dark conviction to cost paladin cards to the minions attack and helped three so it’s not bad often i mean we played with keeper room on in the past does a really good job of dealing with big minions gonna see a lot of big minions in this expansion particularly in arena because so many of them are common so it’s probably a pretty high power level card it’s just buffing your own stuff using a card to do that so imagine me how to one one with good abilities would you include this or would you include other buffs like the trade-off flexibility with this card for a lower power level but i don’t know how much flexibility counts if you’re playing a one-dimensional paladin deck difficult to say tainted to zealot to cost one one divine shield spell damage +1 so yeah people played really janky spell damage meetings in the past and this is definitely better than cobalt if you’re playing cobalt to cost to to spell damage plus one this is straight-up better blanco bold you are playing it for the spell damage effect not for its stats you want to stick around the board as long as you can and sometimes you need a combo it for two mana this does the two mana combo part and it does the sticking around part better because it has at least two health so divine shield is at least one health and it has the one health as well so i think is actually a pretty strong card well if spell damage kind of is required in that at least bloodworm podcast for for beasts with lifesteal interesting card again I don’t know how prevent life still going to be but if life skill is not used I don’t see how control decks going to stop Agra decks so I imagine life scale is probably stronger than we realize so this card might just very well be a lot stronger than we realize and it’s in the comments lot so maybe makes a big impact in arena it is an interesting one just one cop21 and it gives a friendly minion one attack so if you guys remember abusive sergeant uh it’s kind of like that right it’s better to play on turn one because a to one rather than a one one I’ll often deny your opponents to drop which is actually very powerful and the effect is permanent so if you’re playing like life skill stuff if you’re playing cards that really are much better if they’re bust so like the new shaman taunt a to a taunt you just make that three eight time something that’s a really good card for that mana cost that’s just perfect follow-up because you’ll be overloaded for three on turn four on that so you know I think this card might see quite a lot of play cards that are considered good one drops always make their way into some kind of aggro deck and I do believe this is one of those cars and even that he’s good enough to see play in arena arena people are worried about one drop they really take only the premium ones but I believe this is close or is a premium one drop office for cost to tube beast and death rattle adds a random death knight card to your hand so when I first saw this I’m like oh my god you couldn’t get another deck not you’re going to get a hero card no it’s not what you get you get one of these eight puppies yeah Frostmourne which is absolutely insane yep I get army of the Dead which is not really that insane most of the time you get doom pact which yeah and if you plan to control battle maybe not that insane most of the time you get death grip which literally takes the minion out of your opponent’s deck which can honestly nullify a control Beck’s or a combo decks win condition that’s like dirty rat level right yeah death coil which is extremely high power level 4 – given its flexibility you have a obliterate which is pretty pretty high tempo removals not bad you have anti magic shell which is absolutely game-winning if your opponent doesn’t have a board credential playing cards that you know void some board clear as well that’s a big problem death and decay also very strong you can tell a death knight cards are on average extremely high power level my main issue that is they do such different things and some of them are pretty damn awful some others are just absolutely insane it feels like you know cabal chemist level stuff if you get like the 1 in 10 or in this case 1 in 8 that wins the game it’s kind of a cheesy way to win but who knows I don’t know how good these cards are going to be because I think silence might rise up again and I think priests are going to be pretty viable and I think every priests going to do like double potion of madness so arthas’s is going to have a new owner a lot of the time I imagine I think it’s going to get a bit countered but it’s a really cool card and I’ll certainly be playing it anyway and then the other way you get death knight cards the Lich King so which King has it pretty insane entrance he like freezes up the board and has like all these cool effects and they did him justice alright I I thought that her stone would like cartoon if I the Lich King I’d be really pissed off about that because that really was the highlight for me playing the Warcraft games in the past but III think I think he is well represented in hearthstone and I think it is a pretty damn strong card so you get the iron bark 8.88 tot not bad right we also get the end of turn effect to give you death knight cards so even if it only gave you just one death knight card I think some decks would play that but it gives you repetitive death knight cards this is insane you know the little king is super-powerful card it’s really good in a control deck because it also has taught so it does well again Agra decks so like basically the Lich King is going to see play unless a Grove just completely demolishes every other deck that’s about it other than that Lich King is going to see play so if you like the card give it a try warlock hero ten cost battle cry summon all friendly demons that died this game so it’s kind of like ghouls off I like it I like it a lot I wonder if it is actually a way to combine the zoth with ghouls ah so you could have the doubles up counter you get the idea it’s a really cool card I mean if you have like one like eight cost beam and then you play this card you get five armor you get the eight cost demon back and it changes your hero power into deal three damage game three life right so like this card is crazy so like anything but an aggro warlock would include this card any other warlock now as we’ve seen in this expansion that might not mean much there might be the case that no warlock is viable and that would be sad but I’m going to be playing it anyway we have it via druid hero it looks relatively weak but again it seems like these are just good cards it seems we compared the other hero cards but what does that really matter it’s seven cost which is kind of a weird number you get to choose if you want to poisonous guys or to taunt guys poisons guys are one to talk either one fives I believe you get the five armor and your hero power is okay you get three attack or you get three armor choosing between the two of kind of lame because on average like 1.5 attack 1.5 armor there’s like not even just a card level of a buffer your hero power so on the weak side but Blizzard said how some of the druid cards and to be tuned so I imagine drew it as a whole kind of works in some way we’ll have to see what that way is Luthor the even blade man this is insane so you get a 5-3 life’s your weapon you get the five armor so right away you can gain 10 health for nine you still have your five to life still you just hit your opponent in the face and you’re here power is bust to something to two guys so it’s like just the car effect I mean this is a really powerful card if if those two tubes make it you just win the game I mean that’s pretty ridiculous right your opponent has to constantly put pressure on your board kind of what they have to doing out the palem anyway but this is like next-level stuff I feel this is an extremely powerful card and it solidifies paladin as a control deck so keep that in mind we have paladin control decks we have paladin mid range next we have paladin tempo decks I believe we actually have paladin combo aggro decks with divine shield bullcrap so paladin’s going to be good alright people someone going to play palette on the ladder next expansion blackguard six cost three nine when your hero is healed without much damage to your random enemy minion pretty powerful card if you’re using a lot of heals wildlife steal stuff it’ll trigger a lot which make it very powerful stat wise it’s actually pretty strong three nine is a lot better than six six if you balance out the stats against aggro mid range or tempo which is usually most of the latter so it’s actually pretty damn good stats about boulderfist level stats with a really potentially really powerful ability drew the swarm to cost one too can become poisonous or it can just gain a bunch of health and be taught pretty staple druid card I imagine but we’ll see a lot of drew cards spawn a whole bunch of stuff so maybe the bigger game swinging card is going to take over the small ones like this one strong shell scavenger for cost you three battle crown gives you Tommy s plus two plus two remember druid it does a pretty good job of swarming the board with all low attack high health top minions so if to to buff might be extreme we powerful but yeah cute is buffing one thing it’s on the weak side I mean you need to do better than how a master level of power for this to be worth it because it’s a two three with nothing else going for it avalanche shaman cart freezes the minion and deal three two adjacent ones love any card that focuses people on the positioning of their minions are you care subscribes gonna be good I imagine it is going to be quite good but regardless I love these cards and I really appreciate that Blizzard keeps making them now and then finally we have drain soul to cost warlock card to damage to a menu with life steel so this is better than deal to gain tube because if you have any spell damage effects you can gain more than two so if you have like three spell damage its deals I’ve gained five it’s not like bumping up a drain life which is then deal five still gain two so it is a pretty damn high power level card its removal and warlock really needs those heels so I think this is very strong and probably a staple to anything but a zoo deck overall we’ve seen an insane number of very interesting cards again as I said at the start of the video more so than any other expansion so it’s going to be a lot of exploration there’s going to be a lot of fun hope you guys join me on expansion launch day all beyond ready expansion comes up opening I don’t know thousand plus of Amazon coin packs and all that so I hope you guys join me in seeing these cards and I eagerly await your opinion on your favorites have you guys enjoyed my review and all [Music]

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