Hearthstone – Matt Place & Day9 – Knights of the Frozen Throne Card Reveals

ladies and gentlemen boys and girls oh my goodness it is time for the very first nights of the Frozen Throne card reveal discussion and we’re not going to the card yet we’re going to start with the discussion i’m sean plott AKA day and I’m joined by Matt place hey Matt how’s it go every going on excited yeah I’m vibrating with excitement I can feel yeah but the thing is like I I don’t see the cards before we do the show so this is the first time I will get the chance to see them and how many cards we’re gonna be looking at today I think it’s a just a dozen yeah about 10 yeah but I’m saying his last time yeah they’ll be fun well Matt first of all I just got to ask who are you what do you do here it is a metal a senior designer on hearthstone and I’m on the initial design team and I was believe four nights of resin from so what is what is initial design team me right so we at the initial design team we start the sets off like okay where are we going what is the same gonna be about and we take it to like what mechanics do we want to do which characters are gonna introduce we get to do a lot of the voice-acting stuff we get to write that yeah what’s up yeah well you actually do some of the dialogue lines yeah we get to do that as well yeah into the studio and have a pose awesome voice actors a chordate which is super fun and you know when I was here last time talking to Peter Whelan about your journey to un’goro it was about dinosaurs right the theme was to create this sort of new place that you are going to journey to right but with this expansion it’s actually based on existing story stuffs on Wrath of the Lich King right it’s interesting yeah I’m like mean streets are un’goro where we kind of took more liberties and we’re like hey where are we going what are we going to do with the set was up to us more here we’re pulling from yeah kind of lore from World of Warcraft and it introduced some interesting challenges right because we want to tell that epic story its but in a horse don’t set it right the story’s a little darker okay hearthstone I’d say right right kind of goofy and cheerful and colorful right which create a huge challenge right you know aren’t this poisons the grain of all the villagers and kills them all off that’s pretty dark the hearthstone right so yeah so taking that yet first was a was a challenge but a lot of fun and so the missions is where we really explore his story in hearthstone yeah and a lot of his writing and Dave Kozak who’s the lead for missions did a wonderful job of keep that character the Lich King will also become hilarious he was also the writer on the original oh he did a lot of writing for whatever occurred yeah yeah yeah we’re just going to headland arsons that’s all yeah it’s the same authorial voice in both places yeah you know and you mention a little bit about the single-player missions there right and I know that in previous sets that were released you had your individual like Blackrock Mountain was very venture focused right and yet other sets were not they were just the raw cards how does that look in terms of like I’m a player I’m sitting down how do I experience it right so in the past we’ve done either the full expansion or the missions and now we’re combining both and so this was the perfect time to do an epic story like rapid licking right Knight to the Frozen Throne because we get to tell that story in both the missions and on the cards nights we have plenty of tempest to tell that story so yeah the timing worked out perfectly so I want to talk a little bit about what has been discussed what has been released to the public in terms of the mechanics what’s in the expansion talking about the new mechanics first yes we’ve got a life Steel is the new keyword right unions the deal damage that have life steal restore that much health to your hero yeah which is great right we’ve got a lot of you know different types of angles we want to push this really helps the mid speed in the control decks I was going to say there’s been a lot of burst heals like I think to antique healbot reverie no Jackson where you feel so close to killing your opponent and they’re just boom up one value for you Bryan an antique Eli I mean it feels like life steel kind of evens it out a little more yeah like stills interesting that you the potential is there right if you keep a four for life steel around for you know three turns that’s 12 more health for you but it’s also got the counter play right if your opponent kills it before it could fight well that’s no healing right right so it’s pretty interesting that it’s got kind of upside on both sides right your opponent’s better counter play and you have the potential to you know go back to pull with these minions now I have to ask about the death Knights yeah and their theme yeah and I’ve even seen the you know the the priest that appears to be holding shadow form right and in case you don’t know anything about me I’m fairly one-dimensional I asked every card does this work for Shadow Priests does this work for RAM druid or will this make an incredibly stupid combo and this I started that list with a shadow priest I don’t know get to tell me anything but the death knight who are they right so to not get in trouble with too many spoils but if you’re a Shadow Priests fan you’re going to love handling set my version so yes you’ll be a fan and that actually told me before we went on air that you know he knows all the cards in the set and hasn’t been keeping strict track of what’s been released and what hasn’t so we’re going to try to cause him to mess up and real things that he’s not supposed to because I’m very selfish and I want to know what’s gonna be happening in the cards yeah and if I’m fired in a couple days we’ll know you succeeded at that Matt’s Lee has a job on Saturday Sean will be streaming on Monday right so um death Knights yeah how they come about so we we started going down this path one of things is how do we put death knight into hearthstone and so we explored the what if the heroes of Warcraft which we had to focus on a ton right Jaina and gold and these characters what if they became the main characters of the set and what if we killed them as heroes raised them as death Knights and as we’re just learning that we said maybe they could be legendary minions right that makes sense make them badasses and and as we explore that we’re like let’s kind of we have a blue band to play ghoul and what’s that over make it life ends so when the cinematics team started exploring it they came up with a lot of the visuals that you see in the final cinematic yeah and it became clear to us okay this is the major piece of the set these heroes dying and being risen it’s that night so let’s just something even beyond just legendary minion and we start exploring the hero cards for each of those that night that’s awesome yeah yeah I mean I think thus far there’s the hunters on beasts that piqued a lot of people light interest and in terms of that car that kind of shifts the hunter identity a lot because I feel like historically right you’re kind of leaning hard in certain directions just by virtue of the hero pal right the hero power a lot of the cars have been made push towards that aggressive base hunter right is right the class probably most associated with that and can yeah this I’ll see you at legend dragging face on earth and that’s a big piece of knights of the present throne is kind of like on Goro succeeded so well with quests and all the different build around elementals giving each class a lot of new decks to build that’s a big focus for light to the Frozen Throne as well so you see Rex are Deathstalker Rex are giving mid speed control hunter something to look at right yeah you’re building a beast of return tons a card advantage from that there’s a lot of there’s new beast of the set maybe maybe one has lifesteal right so you can get some life back in your maybe one I think I feel I’m wrong everybody how do you say that baby but uh yes and that’sthat’s a lot of fun right we’re seeing that succeed really well with angora right now join the ladder you got a lot of options that you can play they’re viable and your opponents have a lot of variety which makes a lot more fun to play back so I’m sort of curious when you when you say build around so yeah I think – you know the cocoon decks where you had to have a pretty substantial amount of cocoon cards in there and then c’thun right so a lot of your deck was skewed in that direction or a Mar freeze needs at least seven death rattles right which can be a pretty dramatic shift for a lot of priest players how are you thinking of those types of build around is it something like curator style build around where you get one or two cards that have synergy or like Reno that shapes your whole deck right yeah our goal is to build around cards that make your deck kind of shift in a different way to get their power in lots of different spots so a lot of the death knight heroes actually do that in a way where you’re like yeah maybe I want to control the game a bit more play a slower game so I could take advantage of the tier of power over turns but not to a level of something like a spoon where I need to combine every card to work with it right okay all the pieces elemental is kind of a good example for an görlitz in-between that yeah the prince is the the blood print council we’ve shown some of those they say they’re costs right so the two costs prince is the only two cost you can have in your deck that’s one it’s also kind of a build around you can you still do elementals you can do anything you want but it says puts a restriction there you know it’s like a Reno light in the sense right yeah yeah you can’t do so we try to do them in all different types of levels dominant – like yeah there was a neutral card that was released that was saying like if you have Wynn fury or taunt or divine shield in your deck than me the neutral I’m going to get those properties that’s like a very light build around element yeah cliffs taker a lot of fun it’s in neutral I love this car this is actually when I tweeted about them I can’t wait for people to see this I love this card it’s a great example of a card where you you play with it for a bit you know maybe I should have to win pure because when you draw the first win jury the way Corp sticker works is anything left in your deck with wind pure will give it limitary so having two helps increase your on the table are 3-1 win fee right card one way to get it right and then also exploring different classes right Alec here in shaman who has I think three of the things the court sticker wants right divine shield wind fury and taunt yeah pretty perfect for it right so it has different me based on the class you’re playing B I love those types of go arounds well I’m very eager to begin to step into these carbs who’s gotten a chance to talk about where the sets coming from what’s in the set and now I just want to see some damn cards let’s go into the very first one this is the very first time I’m going to look over and my card monitor let’s see if it happens okay hello you’re going to hit me with a zero man 1/1 neutral I mean let’s just note Rice’s I’m sure the cutest art in a set it’s got to be I think you’re right will we see any snow flipper penguins die in videos today you know I what I I won’t spoil anything what we realize monster who’s running production put a video of snow flipper pegwood tank one after the other it would my god that would be appalling tipping at that sounds a little brutal so tell me a little bit about the zero man of 1:1 basis reminds me of obviously of the 0 mana 1/1 merlok which can actually have some interesting synergies when combined with you know stewart of dark shire give you a little extra momentum for your war leader right tell me about the design of this particular one yeah it’s yeah so the tag beast right the minion type beasts can do a lot of things like the merlok did for the zero cost one former Locke yet mister is also interesting cuz it it can actually improve hunter without even being in your deck what are the times that I’m happiest to see this is with Deathstalker wreck stars hero power when you’re doing build a beasts when you’re making your zombies oh it shows up a lot right exactly and when you say we have four mana left over which is the cost though maybe the other beast that you picked this means you’ll be able to pay that beast this turn and get plus one plus one so it’s yeah it’s almost like a buff to hunter without even needing to arm on it which is kind of weird well I mean I feel like this has been increasingly emerging I think back to you know the hydrologist there’s only five secrets in paladin right and therefore in standard Stanford Evening Standard sorry wild player with only those five and standard that you need to worry about right and so even though repentance is not a hard run card or direct is not really a hard run card you can get situations where these are actually valuable we’ve seen I for an IV instrumental right against mages in order to have then pop their own gets ice block yeah yeah go right through it so I mean is this more so geared toward that type of logic having more discover options yeah it’s interesting to be part of discover but it also can do kind of what the merlok did right there’s a lot of beach matters obviously and rib mostly in hunter we’re having a beast out early can you know your your hyena can grow faster all these types of things can matter earlier which all yeah yeah salsa can help yeah I mean I’m interested to see how this one plays out as well because I mean alley cat looks relatively innocuous with new one ones right but that is like white gold ample yeah first to turn right or a hunter that immediately goes straight into the scavenging high unit it just goes out of control from there exactly yeah and I love the golden on this he’s surfing down the slopes what kind of legacy that or just another it’s another matter just like to tease I guess I said then – that’s – that’s far all right let’s head into card number two yeah rope real weapon I shadow blade ah adding in more and more rogue weapons I see because I mean a lot of people been talking about like where the rogue weapons yeah ever since the blade flurry nerve happened and this I mean rogue has a really hard time healing at all right yeah yeah there’s still some holes for rogue right it’s time to compete with the rogue hero power actually making a weapon you need a very good weapon to justify it in your deck right and I’m excited about this I think this does that we’ve seen three cost 3/2 weapons in the past be good enough to run when they have you have powers this is quite good right not take any damage when you’re finishing off a bigger minion right finishing off at 7-7 that you may be send your minion into first yeah big deal right that’s seven points as health and it’s kind of interesting too if you’re facing things like the leper gnome because it’s for the turn so you don’t take their death rattle damage so there’s it comes up everyone’s Wow to kind of plan your turn really I’m actually not going to get hit by that death rattle so yeah kind of neat Wow yeah I can also imagine this is going to be really nice I feel like a lot of the this style of Row is just big swing turns or you have nothing on the board and I can imagine how you play the shadow blade you play the si7 agent too and then hit five health minion to kill it to clear I order and you still haven’t taken any damn right you still have your weapons with your agent and yeah I manage a pretty good how does this wind up fairing in some of the existing archetypes that we’ve seen like your traditional miracle rogue right running you know with your share is ins your arcane Giants trying to get to that big delay I’m curious if it’ll fit into there I don’t know that it does it would you do some things that maybe miracle rogue we might want to do but yeah I’m not sure it’s always fun when we release new cars to see because we have our predictions and then we feel what the players doing it often is surprising well okay so so you’re hinting at something right because I think that when everybody thinks rogue they think miracle Road they think gadgets an auctioneer I’ve got this was a neutral card I thought it was a rogue card right right are there non miracle archetypes that you’ve found in your play testing with this new set without spoiling anything that was your job right everything going through my head is oh maybe I should spoil the cars no no no yes there is valeera is a is the dude that night obviously for the rogue and she is quite good at making a new style of rogue she’s also good potentially murkrow but I think she’s she’s got enough potent oh I want to know so badly I can’t wait I can’t wait for the we’re we are going to get to see a death knight today I’ve been promised one death knight that’s all I know alright hit me with card three hit me with it production let’s go another layer it is defiled warlock one damage to all minions if any die cast us again yes oh oh this car yes okay tell me about this card and then I want to react to this card because I have some strong opinions okay cool the so this cards interesting it’s one of the things that we explored kind of when doing the by the story of the set is we’re killing the heroes of Warcraft right so cool dan has his detonate version this is a warlike art by the way yeah and they’re also getting some of the death knight spells and minions in their classes right so this is a conic Lich King spell to file and I absolutely love this card it’s incredibly skilled testing so you want to set up basically a domino effect right you want to have a 1/2 a to health of three health for health upon those what however high you Oh totally wipe out your opponents board so it becomes this puzzle of like what spells you have in your hand that can set that perfect down low up do you trade your tutu into their five five you now have a three help minion in plate and then start it going and it’s a little mini fame as well this if your conditions met cast me against calls but we haven’t in Knights of the Frozen Throne I got love this card to mana wipe your opponents board sometimes yeah this is okay so I want to tell the very tragic story of me trying to get Licari sacrifice next to work okay so what card sacrifices a quest that says don’t win right that’s my experience when I’m playing it I can’t kill anyone I don’t know how to build the exact archetype but I’m starting to get there I’m starting to get there no Brian Kuebler right and I get my or 50% win rate but what I’ve found is that it is really a big struggle to try to stay alive in the first few turns before you spent that very first turn on the card sacrifice right and you lose so much momentum with row lock and I can imagine that this would fit very nicely in that two drops lot I mean a lot of pirate warriors will have one too and great cost minions in order on the board right I mean discards awesome yeah I think it I predict when they can be impact for exactly what you’re talking about it’s early game diva how it can also be late-game defense as well wait a minute yeah wait a minute okay I’ve just had an epiphany and it’s not because someone in production just held up the words threads hahaha this this just does this break the game if you just write Dredd feed it cap infinitely it the answer is yes it does break the game so we’ve we’ve made a change to dread Steve real wild because it indicate creates a never-ending turn so Dresden now reads death rattle at the end of the turn summon a dread Steve so you will no longer though infinite with cars like this with dread steed we we had to make a tough decision doing like the gay ash do we not ship to file or do we fix turns do that that would have been cool dough because then warlocks would only win or draw yeah well it was funny when somebody was showing I’m standing over computer and they’re showing me the files ready and it just never ends I’m like no I think we need to fix this this is an issue yeah yeah yeah yeah that’s also super interesting all right cool let’s let’s go to card number we’ve done neutral rogue and warlock science stasis give a minion plus three plus three and freeze it oh that’s really interesting this seems like one of those you know Swiss Army knife style right well yeah exactly it’s a it’s shaman by the way yeah there’s a lot of spells in hearthstone where you can target either side of the board right usually there’s an obvious I want to fire about motives minions about my own man cards actually very interesting you it actually comes up where you want to do both sides right atop minion on your side getting plus your pastori it might be fine that it can’t attack but the fact that it’s a lot bigger to take down their minions could be a great play or you need to slow your opponent down right freeze their five live because you know you can hex it or do something to it later and it also synergizes people have seen icebreaker the new weapon for shaman when you take out frozen minions yeah I was going to say like so pretty to dono ice breaker it’s a one three shaman weapon is a two mana one management two mana okay so it’s a two-man a13 weapon and it says any minion damaged by this weapon if it’s frozen kill it right and so there’s only frost shock right I think yeah only way to free right and there’s some neutral from un’goro we get a one drop that does it right so shaman had just a few tools so this is one of a few examples of shaman getting in more ways to do in trees and this is a great example of how when we approach this up we said okay they’re becoming death knight how do we what does that mean for each class and yes shaman we said okay they’re going to embrace the frost rune the frost side of death knight so yeah you’ll see a few more frost matters frost build around for some I can completely imagine this also there’s so many shaman decks right now that are just trying to do any technique to get the board built and then blow you off of TV rebel you away right with bloodlust Matt yes and so you know with those style of archetypes it makes me think that this could be a very nice way to just delay for one yeah and make sure that you can set up that blood loss round oh yeah yeah awesome yeah I love this card it is like you said Swiss Army knife got a lot of use yeah very cool we’re about to see some use of sex okay what’s our next card yeah what’s it gonna be Robbie whenever another minion is frozen how to copy of it to your hand yeah so let me run the spot by you all right all right ready let me just throw this out there so if you cryostasis an enemy creature it’s frozen now it’s a little bigger all right we’re going to take some damages shaman no big deal all right we get good rng on healing wave every time and then I run into them with the weapon to kill it before I’ve even killed them it’s in my hand to guess right yeah we’ve got the copy and you can do either side of the board so anybody other than maratti on either side will get the you get to copy ha right that is well does that create any sort of weirdness where there’s a lot of wish to self freeze your side of the board it does actually yeah it does because you ready to copy that yeah you’re right but is it worth it right is it we have to freeze your guide to get multiples and like I was saying sometimes it is like with top minions or and said having ecstatic powers that you want more of yeah you know I’m interesting play yeah so we’ve seen you know about half the cards at this point I actually got to take a moment to ask a little bit about how you’re thinking of the current metagame right there’s there’s on the aggro side you know we have obviously pirate warriors very aggressive the hunter decks are starting to get more popularity with the rogue nerve mages also seem to be out of control these days with secret variants and control miracle rogues doing all right I mean with all these different archetypes un’goro has been one of the richest mess that I think is maybe the richest matter that we’ve seen so I think you’re right our stone I mean like when I’m looking at this I’m thinking about the bloodlust shamans I’m thinking about evolved shamans and thinking about elemental shamans and this just seems different from all of those yeah exactly and that’s one of the tough things to write because you when you know a meta and you see a new card it’s really hard to go okay could this create a new archetype that I haven’t seen before yeah yeah and that’s my hope that’s what I think is going to happen is this frost mage could be something that you know a new style that were not currently it’s not currently part of the meta yes what is it one of the huge goals with any set and I’m really excited about it happening for shaman with Frozen Throne right all the Deaf night heroes doing that for new archetypes too so yeah it probably is great and like you said I’m Laura has done a phenomenal job that is add to that in really cool ways back to the Frozen Throne you let’s go ahead and take a look at our next piece here I understand it’s going to be a little more Robbie gameplay yeah for our faces oh oh yeah so this is a big guy she spoiled her earlier whenever she damages a minion she freezes them Schama deck hats and tinnitus all about freezing your own top minion right can be a good plan right guard me rosin Ann tonight’s again if you wanted to copy mm-hmm okay yeah it double-decker yeah yeah double stacking will actually work with murabbi okay oh yeah yeah okay yeah all right all right nominations are now possible yeah I mean yeah there’s an increasingly large number of just take from the other person you know rogues obviously snatching a whole lot of cards from the opponent right priests always has yeah now now shaman gets a little access to it too yeah yeah wait it’s like very controlled for both sides there very much so see what the risks are right yeah yeah much more control you’re right and and without spoiling it you know Shama might be getting another free skirt too in the set purple except they might they might not but they might all right look go on to our next card colonel servitude Foreman discover friendly minion that died this game summon it oh that’s nice oh that’s lovely yeah yeah so this is priest by the way yes that’s the bat because again we always ask does this work for Shadow Priests does this work for ramp through it I do a crazy combo with it this feels nice yes rhythm nice card one of my favorite art designs especially for priests is the resurrect and of course you know Barnes learning a lot of fun centers you suppose yeah but you get a random minion from that and sometimes you have two or three names that have died so you don’t always get the men you want turtles servitude is perfect for that because now you can yeah scroll it in a way you can get that perfect minion back in terms of this set yeah what are the resurrect effects that are still in the game onyx bishop right still there and I don’t think out reservoir good old yeah man are resurrected right yeah so now you can run thank you look for in the deck to these nice two bishops yet so we’ve got once again to tease something I think we have one of the best resurrect targets of all time priests as well and I suppose it’ll take a lot of people who read that I’m very excited don’t get to spoil it today but okay yeah but soon to come see I gotta say there there there this has been a slightly unusual card reveal cycle because of the fact that there have been so many cards that have been released in the last week like so many yeah um so I’m excited to go back to you know my little streaming computer after this and kind of do the mix and match and put call cars next to each other I’ll see what’s up alright next card let’s do it apprentice your opponent spells cost one more oh this is like a very interesting least added and costed card yeah yeah she’s interesting she’s basically the reverse of Sorcerer’s Apprentice yeah I actually love the video on her and if you remember Sorcerer’s Apprentice someday I want to be just like you yeah her Bo is uh someday you’re gonna be just like me she means she’s going to kill you in turn her definitely pretty fun howdy tire she’s up in a super creepy way pretty cool she’s she’s very interesting for people who play Sorcerer’s Apprentice right it’s often best when you’re playing a lot of spells all at once right and the reverse is true here against miracle rogue Dex that want to play coin or lots of cheese spells late she stacks up and creates a lot of value in addition to hey I know you have brawl so I’m going to throw her out so you can’t do a turn by brawl right then also strategic but she’s very good against the spell based sex you know I’m curious I mean a lot of the mage decks right now are built around burn you know doing miracle work with primordial glyphs there’s also the secret decks are trying to give a tempo turns but there hasn’t really been a lot of just tempo mage that’s not secret based is this a sort of car that you’ve been seeing crop up I’ve even seen some other cards that feel like they’d be really nice for tempo decks I don’t remember the name of it but the mage card that puts a mirror image into your hand and it’s a two six oh yeah yeah yeah we’ll see I don’t I don’t know I’ve always curious to see how the players do it yeah yeah I’m crazy yeah because dude apprentice also seems very fragile at 3 to 4 3 right yeah I think it is yeah it’s more of a kind of a what you know sometimes called tech card right is the meta right for this right now miracle Road was super popular yeah you know her odds of being part of the meta go way up yeah and I mean this isn’t you know it’s not like a blunt tool if your opponent can’t have zero or one man right right it’s like a very soft light just creates a new problem I need a really interesting card all right yeah I’m ready for the next one do the cards man hit me with them card Valon our ha if your deck contains no forecast cards again lifesteal and taunt yes this is one of the most chill legendaries this just seems like a really nice value sharing a lot of decks yeah putting pennies worth uh yes dis complete via the blood prince council so we’ve got three blood princes one at two only three one it for that all have this first part of their text you cannot run any cards of their cost in the back to get their benefit it’s a phenomenal right minion if you meet its requirements to get both taunt and lifesteal to get that for cost for for right it’s perfect cuz lifestyle hey to force them they have to attack it so you’re more guaranteeing that you get the light still to go off very good but is it worth it and that misses the type of card I love where it’s a pretty big restriction it’s not RINO level but it is an impact on your deck right right what does it cost you know hunter versus what does it cost druid right here can’t run swiped that’s pretty big deal right maybe paladin has a yet a lot of for kite cards yeah so yeah and this completes the these are all three of the princes so what I’m hoping to see is can somebody actually run all finish Prince I’m nodding that’s right at Rio two three or four cost sounds insane sounds impossible but yeah I’m somebody with all you do is win the one game all I have a knack for trying to come up with the worst possible ideas and then just not letting them go yeah it’s alright off early but you know this the thing that’s interesting about this is this is just not an extreme or crazy effect this just to me says if there are token druids if there are pirate warriors that are they’re getting a lot of small creatures on the board grand you don’t need to run a lot of four slot cards you can put this in it and it’s pretty reliable that’s what um you know we haven’t talked a lot about arena yet I mean is this this seems like a little bit maybe of a dangerous choice early on an arena draft but you guys are really tough and arena actually yeah because if you get them early can you still avoid four and obviously if you get them late you already in force but yeah somebody did this in arena yeah yeah this seems like a yeah a nice card maybe maybe one little more stats in arena I don’t know I’m not the asset arena either way let’s do the next one to the next chord is dead man’s hand whoa oh fatigue warrior welcome to the show oh my goodness oh man oh this icon that thank you this card is awesome yeah this is currently Wow it’s reminiscent of gang up right in the terms of hey these cards it kind of cheating in the way I get more copies than I’m supposed to have uh stuff yeah when you mention fatigue one of the interesting things this does is if you have two in your hand you play one one gets put back in your deck you slip on your hand you draw the next one you play it again so kind like druid can do a Jade really you can go infinite so oh yeah it’s pretty arresting those high cost legendaries or you know arm up card so I adore gold yeah oh yes you’ve already got a deck in mind something yeah yeah yeah I think the way that I’ll build the decks I’ll put in two dead man’s hands I’ll put into cold light Oracle’s and then I’ll automatically yeah that’s the build so we I think we’ve covered every class except for druid at this point and paladin I want to say okay yeah so I think I think we’re going to see either drew it or paladin card next okay I think I’ve got that reaction yeah have we seen a hunter maybe we haven’t seen hunter I don’t remember let’s go to the next card I shouldn’t make these kinds of like so in a 1:5 scare but pumped your opponent has more minions another cast again if you meet the condition curtain yeah oh my god mad place yes so yeah this is interesting this is a ever there’s a comeback card right this is it it’s it’s unleash the scarabs it’s like it’s exactly yeah and and there was the druid legendary that says the death rattle summoned the taunt minions that died this game right yeah Pedro docks very good with this Oh what’s actually interesting you you in the building the deck do you run those spreading plagues because you don’t want to only get one flies because you have some other amazing top minions you can bring back but you want some to make sure you’re getting seven guys back with heterodox so it’s quite interesting and how you how you manage all that out and in druid yeah man that is that is potent I mean we’ve already seen how nice it is to have tar creepers and control decks I mean obviously the fact that it’s a 3/5 with taunt 4/3 is great but just 5 health was annoying right up through right and there’s many five Health’s right this is up to seven 5s through 35 I’m amazing yeah alright I understand with some gameplay footage of the scarabs oh no don’t you’re you are we are we going to kill this no glitter penguin don’t tell me there’s more than that is it going to end or is it going to cut off cuz if it does that’s like what local moved up right show the two cards coming to each other and they go Boris tic contusions to brood over showed up in oh my gosh and then what’s going to happen this is so awful oh wow look at that Oh hidden was a wow oh my gosh became blue that sort of behaviour being encouraged on there right let’s spread it let’s spread the Scarab it’s a kind of the perfect scenario for the guard here yes the runs of poppy sure accept assembly druid they’re going to ended their period has embraced neighbors whom rise of Jim what cars would do this as well oh my gosh Wow next better and no okay penguin yeah they all afterwards ill hung out how to party yeah each penguin fell in love with the scarab opposite it right they all got miss and I kinda dated yeah yeah like you said 35 health worth of time pretty good for fun wow yeah gosh I really really love the mechanic of if your opponent has more minions test this again cool or if it trigger happens cast us again yeah yeah it’s not fun I set it up right how do you who do you trade off right well yeah yeah you skip a turn of playing minions to set it up better right what is the right time to play a card right skipping play millions is a tough choice but sometimes correctly and those are some of my favorite cards always call I mean there’s there’s you know cars like a piloted shredder if it’s turned four you play a pilot shredder or if we always have times of your the chill wind Yeti right when people thought the most Opie thing in the universe turn one chill wind Yeti I mean those are just great on curves call right milder important in any card game but this is the sort of thing that I just love those really interesting choice things yeah yeah yeah it’s also I love the kind of what we’ve explored here with the different like what does it mean to be a death knight mount version mmm fury right so the inside stuff kind of a funny story when we’re exploring the naming for this the destacar XR was the name yet for XR which is a ton of fun we were named a were in a group with brode and some of the names for he pitched were for gold and we’re like okay what would be a good name he’s like oh how about cool dangerous and I was like does he mean that he would seriously not burst in a lot right here did that verson laughs driver so I’m like trying to figure out like wait so he says halide Remi and then sit still not laughing right and so we didn’t say now hearing this but his name from Algeria I think was him mouth furious which I love but oh yeah all sounds like it’s like hot blazing but right a good night let me go but yeah all right well I understand now we are about to hop into the next chord might be the last one don’t really know get old si hero licious Jana yeah she’s am mega powerful all elementals for the rest of the game anyway you’ve already played on board and in your deck all have lifesteal but Wow yes which comes with the three elemental is one yeah what’swhat’s the hero power so the hero power also going to get to see actually generates more elementals perfect alright oh look at me with the setup quest all right let’s see it frost lit Jana do you wonder if this kills me what Matt oh Jesus I used to be I’m agree and the zero power for her so a lot of potential yeah so you know in terms of you know arson re always has great UI referencing when you hover over Jana there there’s a all your helmet is up she does it as a out crash is not there anymore on someone hero by somebody exactly pretty crazy yeah so it’s very very different from a lot of the traditional control major archetypes because you know a lot of them are relying on just bursting down with spells right traditional freeze mage she’s you know wildfire blasts Alexstrasza to set their health to fifteen right a man tonight as fireballs go off but this is the finisher of just endless board building and just slowly tearing down you know I’m curious how it changes those control decks right because her by herself not only adds some control some board control she’s also a finisher right that that infinite potentially infinite amount of water liminal with life steel right and also creates lot of interesting situations and what do I run to make sure I’m going to trigger it right one one help minions of my own because it can the hero power can target your own minions I want to run maybe two polymorphs right that’s a guaranteed one health minion to generate more water elementals so it’s interesting how it changes the deck to play contraption Tibet alia vanity her because she on her she kind of on her own can finish the game these specific reveals are sort of like you know mind-bending because I you know I’m going to do what probably most people are going to do and say what deck was I playing yesterday does this car to help the device Brian yesterday and I mean I look at this and I’m I think it needs its own consideration you know it answered a totally new type of deck right yeah yeah something else that the that all of the death knight heroes come with it I’m pretty excited about is they all have their own new set of emotes as well oh pretty fun to get to show yes generate who you Lestrange here that you know can’t believe you put that in to the class that has nice fluffy flip you’re right every are you afraid and monster so your taunt yeah your food Wow it in a little bit while we got to here on out because I my frozen high why my frozen heart back I feel very neutral yeah that’s good a fatal mistake wooo ever knowing that no to your queen rowdy your queen Wow wait if you if you kill the enemy here it is it someone a water also what a mental it doesn’t oh that’s okay we can let you got some of that one water elemental make them watch it for a game in yes yeah absolutely yeah well I mean those emotes I mean you got something to go along with it ain’t ya yeah thanks for me yeah okay now is this was this last card assisted finishers at the end yes we finished I’m a definite hero pretty exciting okay wow that is that is a really interesting set of cards cool yeah that is I agree yeah Wow now I got to ask so we haven’t yet seen all of the cards there’s going to be more reveals or real streams and right sort of info and stuff you know the expansions coming out mid-august ish and I’m curious what are some of the things that haven’t been revealed that you’re really excited about not specifically right but just like right I the think can throw cific legendary yeah there one class was definite have been revealed that you’re really pumped about yeah I’m pumped about a bunch of them I so next week by the way is is definite hero week so seven more the remaining seven definite heroes are all going to be revealed super exciting I’m really excited about a bunch of bull dan is amazing I’m curious if he’s going to make it I love playing it probably the deck I’m gonna build first cool things really well danger is exactly yeah totally awesome yeah and we’ve also it’s really fun people may know this the prologue for the missions which are free is going to winning that is going to give you a free randoms at night legendary hero so every is going to get more for free this is a good politest yeah yeah I mean I love the recent Islanders that I’ve been going on with legendaries you know guaranteeing the repeats and now and Prolog is like just log in and play and it’s free bug and play free right you you’ll probably die off but you probably also went will see happens great that’s that’s part about the single-player style campaign happens that you have is that you can lose fifty time down win once and you there you go there you have it yeah well Matt is there anything else we need to know oh yeah just try uh yeah welcome back snow flip for penguin and he’s he was on his eyes thing hey this is the sleeper of the set how did this concept I know I’m having to build a weasel tunnel or snow flipper penguin deck it’s going to be sick cool man this was a ton of fun it wasn’t yeah I’d love to say thank you so much for sharing all this with us today and that’s it this is done we’re over what’s going to happen now is I’m going to run off to a streaming set up across the street and I’m going to be reviewing the cards reveal today as well as some of the previously revealed cards and try to just figure out how the hell the met is going to work which is I know my predictions are going to be wrong because the degree to which these are creating different experiences is pretty pretty exciting I gotta say yeah yeah well from us here at Blizzard I’m Sean Plott missus Matt place goodbye you’re great play more video games yes

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