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VoidObject’s Hollow Miracle (Hearthstone Deck Showcase)

[Music] hey what up legends how’s it going you in bacon here today for the next showcase I got a pretty sweet rogue debt night deck to show you it was made by void creator of the warrior deck that we just played yesterday pretty cool deck to be honest but today we’re playing the miracle rogue what does that night in it before we do anything though again just want to reiterate tomorrow is giveaway day since we’ve reached 5000 subs and I hope to reach many many more until until tomorrow however giveaway tomorrow it’s on stream if you can’t make it again there’s instruction in the description of this video to show you how to participate but that’s pretty much it so thank you for being here if you want to see more content like this make sure to subscribe to the channel and let me just get into a game here and try to have some fun with this beautiful rogue deck doesn’t look like it all right so elements of the old you know miracle rogue still present still works extremely well I am so so sorry oh no oh no that’s not what we’re here for I don’t seem to have too much of an issue with what um that’s a great opening that’s actually a really good opening hand I like this I am prepared for this matchup unless he’s playing pirate which would really suck Oh No even if he’s playing pirates Wow okay yes please no Zotz first mate pirate pirate rogue all right I’m gonna be plain huckster with my ax it’s going to be playing my stuff on their hair I think that’s fine and now we will try to play the Lyra also I think you can steal actual that night from your opponents class so I think that’s a thing I’m not a hundred percent sure but I’m quite sure you can steal their heroes that would be really fun like using Garrosh one turn on turn eight attacking with garish again I’m turn nine to next turn and playing le resto thee it would be amazing I don’t think that’s going to ever happen but okay giving us anything else at all I know a guy I think psychotron is fine I think I can also play the first mate um I mean we don’t have that much aggression on the board currently so slam okay that’s probably going to be cool right here ghoul or not okay um that’s fine with me here comes the lira so we’ll be able to play her fantastic just keep smacking our opponent in the face with her hook and eventually we’ll get the lira and we’ll get combos going and I like that so that’s that’s great that’s awesome all right cool yeah yeah okay cause the card sounds like he’s playing some sort of a combo deck don’t really have much to play here I mean I’ve got reactive cards I can draw with a fan of knives which and I think I’ll do aha auctioneer is here okay cool does he have wrong II might have raw do the question is does he brawl before we play auctioneer or after hmm that’s a good question I collide and to occur to whirlwind right what is that guy doing he has to have a cocky world wins gear okay I was gonna say that’s a little ridiculous okay we are going to play auctioneer first trade oh yes okay counterfeit coin wait no no no no no prep dead man’s hand yes okay we got this into counterfeit coin counterfeit coin into swashb burglar into backstab free here or make him burn one card in to eviscerate on his face how cool we got gore how I almost forgot to exact here poof sorry 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 I’m at 9 cards we’re good we’re good dead man’s hand in a rogue deck oh here comes this gorgeous Lord okay these tags okay I’m gonna check this I’m going to affect this he’s at seven now so I don’t think I’m that scared anymore we’re player to play huckster you want my I’m okay we’re gonna play Lasher or if they laugh or again and we’re gonna pedal three four five six seven eight I think we’re good alright cool he’s at he’s at six a messy armors up oh there’s a talk I can SAP okay he’s gonna get someone there I can’t kill it wait no I still have no I said I don’t have anything I don’t think I do depending on what he plays of course I might or might not have lethal just kill that you got six okay I know we have lethal but you guys can hate me all you want I know I have lethal I can kill him multiple ways the easiest way is to SAP into of course gore how however we’re not here for that we’re here for valeera I’m an asshole all right it’s okay it’s okay dead man’s hand there it is all right he puts his cards back in his deck I just want to finish him off with in the viscera combo you know it’s fine nor actually probably won’t work because we’ll draw a card and then we won’t have place in her hand for death shadow so it’s okay he can’t attack me he can’t do much he technically can gain some armor actually he definitely can get some armor I have no problem with that I just wanted to play valeera it’s so cool you gain armor and he can’t attack you because you’re invisible so nice I recommend gaining some armor my friend all right here comes the shuttle reflection okay so we go razor petal in to eviscerate into the Visser eight there we go I just wanted to do that I knew I was going to be able to do it I just wanted to try it was so fun it’s so nice to play with anyway the deck is extremely strong I’m quite sure you guys see it now and you know it’s just the change of one card but in enables a whole different deck and I really really enjoyed that so leave a like if you enjoyed or at least you know you enjoyed DMing people like me I’m such an asshole leave a like if you enjoyed the video if you did there’s that you can also subscribe to the channel because I make videos like these every day and apart from that we have to stream tomorrow for the giveaway so be sure to be there and it’s not really description about how to enter the giveaway that’s pretty much it for me today thanks a lot and [Music] you [Music]

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