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MONEY GIVEAWAY: Get Your Hands on Some Free Money

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Money Giveaway: The Cost of Living Crisis is really getting people down now. With a record number of people taking on second jobs and people frantically googling “quick ways to make cash” MoneyMagpie have decided to put their hand in their own pocket and offer some help to their readers. 

MoneyMagpie asked their readers on Instagram, “would a fiver make any difference to your monthly income” and 78 per cent said that, “yes”, it would. 

Therefore we are offering twenty readers £5. There are no strings attached at all. Simply comment on the article with what you would spend the fiver on, and then in two weeks, twenty people will be selected to win the money. 

MoneyMagpie founder Jasmine Birtles says, “It really doesn’t feel much in the greater scheme of things, but if it helps a few people then we are more than happy to step in. We have had a record number of people writing in and asking us how to access quick cash, and in reality there aren’t many ways that are safe to the consumer. Therefore we just wanted to offer them a chance. We are strongly against gambling so didn’t want our readers to go there, therefore it’s simply cash.”

So, as stated above, for your chance to get your hands on a fiver, just answer “what would you spend an extra fiver on this month?” in the comments below. The comments will close on Oct 19 at 6pm. 

We will notify the winners on Oct 21 and add the names to the article. 

Good luck. We look forward to hearing your answers. 


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