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Pedestrian Safety Measures That Can Help You Avoid Fatal Accidents

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Did you know that states like Las Vegas have the highest rates of pedestrian accidents in the US? It is alarming to know that these places have more than 650 pedestrian accidents every year. Since they don’t have seatbelts or a vehicle to protect them, pedestrian accidents can get severe and at times, even fatal.

It is vital to remember that there are numerous people who use the roads and hence we should work together and put in our best efforts to keep the roads safe for all. When you are aware of the steps that you need to take in order to avoid pedestrian accidents, you can protect yourself and others. Here are the tips shared by the best Pedestrian Accident lawyers to guarantee safety.

Everyone is a pedestrian at some point in time

We can’t forget the fact that the person who is sitting behind the driving wheel in the morning is a pedestrian by evening. Still, it is shocking to note that a pedestrian gets killed every 81 minutes in traffic accidents in the year 2021.

Whenever drivers maintain the safe speed level and also follow a few other safe driving measures that are created for pedestrians, this reduces the chances of accidents.

Basic safety tips for drivers

  • While driving your car, always watch out for pedestrians everywhere.
  • In case you are driving in a hard-to-see condition or a poor weather condition, be extra cautious about pedestrians.
  • Be ready to stop or slow down your vehicle while turning or approaching a crosswalk.
  • When there is a crosswalk in front of you, stop at a well-maintained distance so that you can let other vehicles do the same too.
  • Don’t ever try to cross vehicles or other people at a crosswalk. There might be people around you who are trying to cross the road.
  • Don’t drive when you are drunk.
  • Be extra careful when your backing your car and watch out for pedestrians.
  • Make sure you follow the speed limit when you drive in school zones and neighborhood areas where there are children running around.

Safety walking tips for pedestrians

  • Obey the rules, signs, and signals on the road.
  • Whenever you find sidewalks, walk on them.
  • In case there is no sidewalk, make sure you walk facing the traffic and as far from traffic as you can.
  • When you find no intersection or crosswalk, try to look for a well-lit area from where you can get the best view of the traffic. Wait for some time for the traffic to move so that you can cross the road safely.
  • Stay away from drugs and alcohol while walking as that can impair your sense of judgment and your abilities.
  • Considered walking the healthiest form of transportation. Get up and get walking.

So, now that you know how to avoid pedestrian accidents, follow the steps mentioned above. In case of an accident, don’t hesitate to seek the help of a personal injury lawyer.

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