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Choosing a Qualified Medical Negligence Solicitor

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Choosing a qualified medical negligence solicitor can be very difficult. If you’ve suffered from any medical negligence, it’s likely that you’re going to need to contact a qualified medical negligence solicitor. In which way can you actually tell if a potential medical negligence solicitor is going to be able to give you the very best possible legal representation and success? Here are some helpful guidelines to help you in choosing a qualified medical negligence solicitor.

Check Their Expertise and How Experienced the Solicitor Is

It would be best if you really ensured that the medical negligence solicitor has experience in handling similar cases. You can do this by going to check their website or speaking directly with them. Ask about the number of cases they have handled and how many were successful.

A good medical negligence solicitor can clearly explain how they work and how they will approach your case. They should be able to show you fantastic examples of their work and explain why they think they can succeed in winning compensation for you.

Look at Their Track Record of Past Cases

If they have won many cases and never lost one, this can be a good sign that they are experienced and effective. However, if their track record is not so good, it could mean that they have not been able to win medical negligence cases before or they do not know what they are doing.

Check Their Online Reviews and Feedback

Check online reviews of medical negligence solicitors on different websites. This will give you an excellent and broad idea of how other people have rated them and whether they have experienced any problems with their services. Look up the medical negligence solicitor on the Law Society website to see if there have been any complaints against them. If there are any concerns about their competence or conduct, it might be worth avoiding them altogether.

What Does the Rest of the Medical Negligence Law Industry Think of Them?

The medical negligence solicitor should have an excellent reputation in their field. If they have been doing it for years, they must know what they are doing. Well, not necessarily. Some medical negligence solicitors just have a name due to their age or because they have been around for so long but do not do much work anymore.

Many solicitors are excellent at what they do, but some are not quite as good as others when it comes down to it. The ones that normally stand out from the crowd usually have a good reputation within their industry because they do excellent work and deliver results on time every time.

Get References from Other People Who Have Used Them

You may want to ask around at work, friends, family, or even neighbours to see if they’ve used their services before and whether they were happy with their experience.

Have a Face-to-Face Meeting with Your Medical Negligence Solicitor

When choosing a medical negligence solicitor, it is essential to meet them face-to-face. This allows you to understand better how they work and whether they are willing to discuss your case with you. If they don’t offer this option, then look elsewhere. A good medical negligence solicitor should be ready to meet with you in person or at least over the phone so that you can get an idea of their character and approach.

Ensure That You Feel Comfortable Around Them

A good medical negligence solicitor will always consult with you before making any decisions about your case, so it is vital that you feel comfortable speaking to them. Suppose there is anything that makes you feel uncomfortable during the consultation. In that case, asking for another medical negligence lawyer who may be more suitable for your medical negligence case is okay.

Ask About Their Payment Structure and the Cost of Their Services

You can ask whether they offer a no-win, no-fee service or whether they will take a percentage of any compensation awarded. Ask about their payment structure and whether you have any other out-of-pocket costs if your claim is successful. Some firms usually take a percentage of your compensation as their fee, and others may charge a fixed amount up front or charge fees hourly. You may also need to pay for medical reports and investigations into your medical negligence claim.

Be Wary About Solicitors Who Ask for Money Up Front Before Any Work

Medical negligence solicitors must act in their client’s best interests and should never demand payment before working. If they insist on payment before taking any action, then this could suggest that they are not reputable professionals with whom it would not be wise to continue working.

If the medical negligence solicitor is unwilling to offer a no-win no fee agreement with no hidden costs or charges, they may not be totally committed to your case.


Nobody wants to be involved in a medical negligence lawsuit, but if it does happen, you will want to choose someone who knows how to handle these cases. Finding a solicitor is not as easy as it could be. While there are many local law firms’ advertisements, all of which claim to be qualified for medical negligence cases and all your legal needs, the process of choosing the right medical negligence solicitor can lead to further complications. To help you make an excellent informed choice, the guidelines above have excellently discussed choosing the best medical negligence solicitor and defining what makes a good medical negligence solicitor.

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