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Report: Insights into the Tik Tok Audience by Digital Marketing Depot


Five years after it first launched, the video sharing-focused social network TikTok has taken the world by storm.

Downloaded more than 2 billion times by users in 150 countries, people have flocked to the mobile app which presents them with a stream of algorithmically selected short videos filled with music, dancing, cooking demos, and other short bits of user-created entertainment.

For this report, DISQO surveyed 39,452 adult consumers in the United States with the goal of better understanding TikTok usage and consumer attitudes, particularly about brand advertising on the social media platform, including:

  • How does TikTok usage vary across demographic cohorts?
  • What do TikTok users think about efforts to market to them on the platform?
  • What actions do TikTok users take after watching brand videos, and how does that map to the consumer marketing funnel?

Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download TikTok is all that… and a bag of clips. Insights into the TikTok audience from DISQO.

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